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Florence Pugh stories
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  • Shane B.
    Shane B. Day ago

    Ice water with lemon? Lol

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova Day ago

    i would kiss her idc

  • KTBEverlasting

    Oscar Nominated Florence Pugh!!! 0:08

  • A3
    A3 Day ago

    Weird flex, but okay.

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight Day ago

    Zabbadack caracacoraca

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight Day ago


    ALAN BROWN Day ago

    Hahaha! I'm just wondering when Flo is going to get her African Land Snail? I'm thinking the cactus saga will soon be replaced by the snail saga, looking forward to hearing that one!!!!

  • SuperNova
    SuperNova 2 days ago

    She’s cute

  • Adam J.
    Adam J. 2 days ago

    Florence, I wrote a song for you, kinda. I'd sing it to you, but I basically just took it from the 2000 box office smasher 'Bring It On' when Cliff writes that song for Torrance, and I just changed the names.... 🎶Florenceeee, can't stand your cheerleading squad...but I love your pom-poms. I feed you bon bons all niiiiiiight.🎶

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Why did the other person screaming sound like Tina Belcher? 🤣

  • Emaratilicious -
    Emaratilicious - 2 days ago

    Now I can't go to bed without having peanut butter ice cream

  • T C
    T C 2 days ago

    She looks like a Florence!!

  • T C
    T C 2 days ago

    I have never seen an actress so personable, holy crap!!

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. 2 days ago

    The cry at the end 😭.

  • Robert Knapp
    Robert Knapp 3 days ago

    Congratulations love all your movies you really kick ass looking forward to black widow, zach braff is one lucky man.

  • Walter Sunderland
    Walter Sunderland 3 days ago

    Está enamorada de su propia persona, no me sorprende, sería difícil no enamorarse de ella.

  • Diasmc Coelho
    Diasmc Coelho 3 days ago

    OMG! She is so funny LMAO! 😂

  • Duchess Archer
    Duchess Archer 3 days ago

    You go girl. Toast up, you deserve it. Congrats!

  • KoasterKing 205
    KoasterKing 205 3 days ago

    I'd love to celebrate with her!

  • KG James
    KG James 3 days ago

    Am I the only one noticing a trend of her gleefully holding knives?

  • Travis Young
    Travis Young 3 days ago

    congrats...go pugh

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 3 days ago

    Salutes from spain,🥰

  • Paulo Andre
    Paulo Andre 3 days ago

    May God continue to bless you in your projects! Congratulations on the Oscar nomination! His performances in his films are extremely talented!!👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • CheetoThief
    CheetoThief 3 days ago

    Can you say deserving? So proud of this beautiful lady!

  • J.A.S.
    J.A.S. 3 days ago

    Congratulations! Hope you win. Sooo... curious... what is your favorite drink?

  • aikighost
    aikighost 3 days ago

    Admitit its just an attempt to look like Billie Eilish :)

  • sevelatula
    sevelatula 3 days ago

    I hope she wins. A delight

  • hollywoodsinger13
    hollywoodsinger13 3 days ago

    So happy for her!!!!!! May more blessings and abundance be showered upon her!!!!!! 💖

  • Blank Space Provided

    What kind of a world do we live in where Florence Pugh isn’t nominated for the best actress Oscar for Midsommar? SMH

  • Katelin
    Katelin 4 days ago

    if anyone figures out what song is playing in the first clip lmk please

  • Will
    Will 5 days ago

    Lol thanks for uploading these! I fucking love her.

  • Nicold Evbgskizta
    Nicold Evbgskizta 5 days ago

    does anyone know the song playing in the background in the first and second clip of her

  • J's Watch
    J's Watch 5 days ago

    Silly? I believe u look great in your blue hair I mean it reminds me of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

  • J's Watch
    J's Watch 5 days ago

    I wish I can have a sample if your ice cream

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 5 days ago

    Love 😍😍

  • cliffedward
    cliffedward 5 days ago

    Now get your cactus!

  • Dean Hughes
    Dean Hughes 6 days ago

    I enjoyed your Ice Cream Journey.....your well advanced over me. Jelly's the best I can do😊

  • sevelatula
    sevelatula 6 days ago

    A delightful and talented young lady. Can't wait to see Black Widow.

    • J's Watch
      J's Watch 5 days ago

      Is she gonna be in black widow movie

  • Magnolia Demiri-Worman

    she’s literally a mood and i vibe w her so much i love her

  • Paulo Andre
    Paulo Andre 6 days ago

    Excelente jornada sobre como fazer um sorvete 🍦 🍦 🍦

  • joymint fest
    joymint fest 6 days ago

    did anyone know the song in the last story? :)

  • Paul Negrean
    Paul Negrean 6 days ago

    Happy birthday haha wow nice XD

  • Jedi/Kim
    Jedi/Kim 6 days ago

    Nice video😊

  • CheetoThief
    CheetoThief 7 days ago

    Watching a beautiful woman be goofy and do everyday things is one of the best pastimes lol

  • Mac Escalante
    Mac Escalante 7 days ago

    I loved watching this video!! This was so fantastic to see Florence’s cooking skills! Thanks for uploading these awesome videos 🙌🙌🙌

  • James Ferrans
    James Ferrans 7 days ago

    nuts lol

  • James Ferrans
    James Ferrans 7 days ago

    did you ad huts

  • hollywoodsinger13
    hollywoodsinger13 7 days ago

    Beautiful woman!

  • Magnitude Reviews
    Magnitude Reviews 7 days ago

    I was hoping you'd release this one.

  • Cribaby Lemons
    Cribaby Lemons 7 days ago

    First comment

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight 7 days ago

    Shez a huggable gangsta with feelings.

  • YaboyNotNut
    YaboyNotNut 7 days ago

    They should put her in a movie where a bunch of friends go to this summer tradition in an european country

    LOLFIELDANDLOVE 7 days ago

    After seeing Hereditary from Ari Aster 2 months ago I immediately viewed Midsommar (Director's Cut :) Both incredible pictures on a cinematic and emotional level. I make an video documentary series about somewhat of the same subject matter. All the best❤️


    one of my favorite actors ever, so brilliant and funny and real. yay to you, Florence Pugh!!!!

  • Chiko Chonny
    Chiko Chonny 8 days ago

    Excuse me miss, your costume is so amazing! You look so mu....BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! AHAHAHAHAAA, poor guy, now he's probably a roasted human-teddy bear XD

  • Darryl
    Darryl 8 days ago

    This girl. Yes this girl. I’d marry this girl 😤

  • Andy Chua
    Andy Chua 8 days ago

    damn i cant believe they let her leave the place.

  • Glass Chin Joshua
    Glass Chin Joshua 8 days ago

    She’s beyond amazing I hope Zach treats her well. I swear if his 50 year old ass dumps her

  • projetgaia1
    projetgaia1 8 days ago

    Is this your official youtube channel...if yes I'm in !

  • Bering Graza
    Bering Graza 8 days ago


  • PD Zombie
    PD Zombie 9 days ago

    I wonder who'll get the pube in their pumpkin spiced latte....

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas 9 days ago

    Why is she so adorable. Total gf material

  • Nicholas Kinsman
    Nicholas Kinsman 9 days ago


  • Ella M
    Ella M 9 days ago

    She's so real and funny. Makes JLaw look like a big try hard phony baloney (she is)

  • allettante
    allettante 9 days ago

    Pls cut your mustache

  • TaliilannguPlay
    TaliilannguPlay 9 days ago

    Oh my God you are adorable! *Sees last clip* Oh my God...

  • Aolady's Channel
    Aolady's Channel 9 days ago

    This is the best horror cosplay!! 🤣👌🏼

  • Dilen Music
    Dilen Music 9 days ago

    Фло, ам-няма 😉

  • omar garcia
    omar garcia 10 days ago


  • AdrenalineJunkiesTV
    AdrenalineJunkiesTV 10 days ago

    I loved your performance but if you don’t mind me asking, how did you make it and any advice on how to get where you are ?

  • Jorge Ordorica
    Jorge Ordorica 10 days ago

    And that is how you make your own Billie Eillish.

  • John Gibson
    John Gibson 10 days ago

    Just don't let her sister Terri dress like her character--too upsetting

    • Brody Penn
      Brody Penn 7 days ago

      John Gibson pretty much everyone sees this but in case you didn’t she’s behind Dani when she looks into the outhouse mirror on shrooms. Her face is also seen in snow flurries when Dani is crying on the couch after finding out about her families death and even in the opening scene made out of trees when the lady is singing and it shows all the snowy trees, took me a long long time to find it though. Terri is such an unsettling and cool character I wish she had more screen time.

    • John Gibson
      John Gibson 7 days ago

      @Brody Penn I think I found her. I never realized she saw her family just before Pele kissed her--I didn't even pick up on the fact that she says "mom" twice! Any more hidden Terri?

    • Brody Penn
      Brody Penn 8 days ago

      John Gibson Terri wore the same thing in the May queen dance scene. You can see her next to Dani when they walk towards the dinner table, right before you can see her in the trees. But I doubt she still has the dress since she isn’t a main role in the movie.

  • xxsoundwave83xx
    xxsoundwave83xx 10 days ago

    OMG I'm in love with this woman

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight 10 days ago

    same voice this two kids. bass.

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight 10 days ago

    wild thing

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight 10 days ago

    hello adele

  • Ambilight
    Ambilight 10 days ago

    the voice wow.

  • Jade Nadales
    Jade Nadales 10 days ago

    All hail our may queen!!!!

  • Charlotte D
    Charlotte D 10 days ago

    She's such a cute lil meme I can't cope

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 10 days ago

    Her voice is so deep.

  • Adolfo Pena
    Adolfo Pena 10 days ago

    She looks like she has a mustache at 0:11.

  • micsquzzy106
    micsquzzy106 10 days ago

    Now we need a guy in a bear suit

  • Safina May
    Safina May 10 days ago

    this happened to me within two weeks of being at secondary school, running down my fore head 😩 oh and today but only on my leg lol

  • AJ Reyes
    AJ Reyes 10 days ago

    Your so awesome !! I love it !!

  • KG James
    KG James 10 days ago

    If you had a bear costume, it'd be a great couples thing. Although if he's watched the movie I suppose he might be a bit reluctant.

  • Ray Von
    Ray Von 10 days ago

    If you have Instagram Facebook or any of that crap your just an attention seeker. No one cares 🙄🖕

  • Frank Cruz
    Frank Cruz 11 days ago

    Thats fawken great. Thx for sharing, i shit in my pants

  • doom
    doom 11 days ago

    ew so many creepy older guys in the comments. find someone your own age you disgusting manchildren

    • Diasmc Coelho
      Diasmc Coelho 10 days ago

      Yes!! Like i have dennounced 4 times a gross man who is always saying so many gross things in every fucking video she is in! I think you know who is that man.

  • sidney collier
    sidney collier 11 days ago

    God she's so dammed beautiful!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Jake Mitchell
    Jake Mitchell 11 days ago

    At least the flowers aren’t breathing

  • Chroni
    Chroni 11 days ago

    ray ramano

  • White Man
    White Man 11 days ago

    I want some pube pie.

  • zirconviper
    zirconviper 11 days ago

    How would I look in the Horga Cult if I brought my Raiden costume?

  • Syd900
    Syd900 11 days ago

    Florence is perfect, cand do now wrong, lol... knew nothing of her until midsommar (managed to get in clean, w/ no trailers which will spoil a lot, , it was an Ari A.. Follow-up to hereditary-...all I needed to know (was F'in stoked) Ate a healthy dose of high purity crystaline molly, w/ extra to nibble on should I need them(which I didnt, holy s*$# purity!)- that aspect to this story actually gets way crazier,funnier, and creepier...if u wanna hear it let me know. This is about F.Pugh though at its heart. after +/- 20 min into film. I made the definitive decision that Florence Pugh is the sexiest woman that I'll ever see or hear...also there were few better ways to prep for a movie like that. Didnt realize just how CLOSE to home I was hitting w/psychedelics Sorry had to throw that bit in, cause she acted the part SO PERFECTLY for my state then, also perfect sober w/ all else I've seen her in..a wonderful actress she has proven herself to be!

  • Notmy Actualname
    Notmy Actualname 11 days ago

    Her cry at the end revived my ptsd. Give her all the awards

    • julia
      julia 2 days ago

      i'm so sorry about your ptsd.

  • Sotero Mares
    Sotero Mares 11 days ago

    After watching Scrubs forwards and backwards multiple times how could I not know that was Zach Braff at the end?!

  • xavier
    xavier 11 days ago


  • J's Watch
    J's Watch 11 days ago

    Wow and your cry sounds and look so real 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hallow33n
    Hallow33n 12 days ago

    Cosplaying as the character you play in a movie is ballsy

    • Giordanno Bruno
      Giordanno Bruno 10 days ago

      or titsy in her case eh?

    • Christpapi0
      Christpapi0 11 days ago

      Lupita cosplayed as her character from US for Halloween

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 11 days ago

      Is it really though

  • Noodleneck Bean
    Noodleneck Bean 12 days ago

    Giving me aquamarine vibes