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  • SCsBack 1
    SCsBack 1 2 months ago

    How come not every game is uploaded from this past season like with other seasons?

  • Kevin Torres
    Kevin Torres 3 months ago

    . gfjggf

  • 柯瑞 S
    柯瑞 S 3 months ago

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  • Full Liens HD
    Full Liens HD 3 months ago

    Liens HD de sport et pour des demandes de streams:

  • 張祐齊
    張祐齊 3 months ago

    There were some games missing. "NLCS Game3" and "CIN AT LAN-June 12, 2017" couldn't be found.

  • Mrs Farida Stephen
    Mrs Farida Stephen 3 months ago

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  • Sumit Mahajan
    Sumit Mahajan 3 months ago


  • phoneAntics
    phoneAntics 3 months ago

    MLB has 100% rigged baseballs for more home runs. Someone please expose this bullshit somehow.

  • Luxury Wrist Watches
    Luxury Wrist Watches 3 months ago

    I love when there is a sportsmanship.

  • Manish Biswas
    Manish Biswas 3 months ago

    Watch World Series 2017 - Astros vs Dodgers MLB Live Stream Free Online::>>

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 3 months ago

    Where can I read the rules of baseball?

  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase 4 months ago

    Congratulations on getting almost 977,000,000 worldwide views!!

  • Christopher James Amposta

    MLB On TBS Pls No Music Now ?

  • samuel attias
    samuel attias 4 months ago

    NLDS and ALDS

  • ebuxo
    ebuxo 4 months ago

    These athletes are amazing.

  • dragon model
    dragon model 4 months ago

    Please dont try that kneeling nonsense at the world series.. MLB is the only game left for me that hasnt lost it yet.

  • Thrust Johnson
    Thrust Johnson 4 months ago

    You have welcomed poison in the MLB. Congratulations!

  • tegrovi
    tegrovi 5 months ago

    How about we get 60fps video? Live streams and other videos are just 30fps right now.

  • Gamernamed Tim
    Gamernamed Tim 5 months ago

    Can you post Kenny Lofton's 2007 Alcs homer? It's my favorite baseball moment of all time and I can't find it anywhere

  • Christopher James Amposta

    MLB On Fox Channels Pls No Music Now ?

  • dallasgoldbug
    dallasgoldbug 5 months ago

    Appears like you are on the right track. Take a look at my videos, I think you will find it useful.

  • trevor stewart
    trevor stewart 5 months ago

    @mlb is there a way to bypass this message when I try to watch the live games? (The uploader has not made this video available in your country.)

  • Amy Sullivan
    Amy Sullivan 6 months ago

    Hey mlb can you put up the cubs vs Toronto condensed game would love ya long time

  • 波田純
    波田純 6 months ago

    Not updated...

  • Jonathan Hu
    Jonathan Hu 6 months ago

    Just wanted to say I appreciated all the condensed game videos!

  • Sylvianna Briarwood
    Sylvianna Briarwood 6 months ago

    why is it that i cant watch this? Im in the US and the MLB is in US, how does this not work? This is so stupid that they are not letting american's watch american baseball in america when they stream it on youtube!

  • JFC
    JFC 6 months ago

    If you like baseball content subscribe to my channel

  • Mikhael Corley
    Mikhael Corley 6 months ago

    Every time I try to access the MLB feed for live games on TVclip, I get an error message that says the feed isnt available in my country. Im in Louisiana. Anybody else have this problem?

  • 波田純
    波田純 6 months ago

    make the same mistake. Not see the video.

  • Cedar Zobel-Williams
    Cedar Zobel-Williams 6 months ago

    Why does @mlb delete videos after posting them?

  • Kevin Bissinger
    Kevin Bissinger 7 months ago

    mlb change your settings. I live in the U.S. and cant watch vids because its blocked in our country. SMH!

  • King Chris A Beatleslover


  • Flyers Fan
    Flyers Fan 7 months ago


  • Richard Robles
    Richard Robles 7 months ago

    If Baltimore wants to play, They had to play outside Baltimore. #OutsideBaltimoreForNextGame

  • Gary Foster
    Gary Foster 8 months ago

    Does anyone know about a channel on youtube that steams live baseball? (eccept for USA Baseball, know about thi one)

  • S4LifeS
    S4LifeS 8 months ago

    Can you create a playlist for game reviews, please? It's really annoying to look them up among all other videos.

  • Some Otaku
    Some Otaku 8 months ago

    Who is dodgerfilms?

  • Skylar Ely
    Skylar Ely 8 months ago

    are you streaming any live games this season?

  • D Udeh
    D Udeh 8 months ago

    Why are your highlight videos shorter this year?

  • Mark Trudel
    Mark Trudel 8 months ago

    Totally one sided coverage on Tor vs NY

  • muddro420
    muddro420 8 months ago

    I tried to follow you guys but I got tired of you blacking out even the shit that isn't even a goddamned game. Go fuck yourselves with rolls of dollar bills.

    WSI SPORTS 9 months ago

    Good luck to all the teams this year!

  • St. Chase
    St. Chase 9 months ago

    Hey, why are videos not allowed to be shown in Canada? You're aware that we do have a team, right? Fucking joke.

  • msilverz
    msilverz 9 months ago

    Any chance MLB could upload the July 2, 2016 game between the Mets and the Cubs? I found the other three games in the series, but the great matchup between Colon and Arrieta seems to be missing. Thanks!

  • drumnut001
    drumnut001 9 months ago

    Why are so many videos not view-able because it says that the video is not available in my country? I live in midwest USA.

  • Pikashu
    Pikashu 10 months ago


  • Pikashu
    Pikashu 10 months ago


  • Philip Paul
    Philip Paul 10 months ago

    I don't know if you read this but I am wondering if there is any footage of the 1988 season opener between the Rangers and Indians, it is one of the rare battle of the knuckleballers.

  • Michael Wayne
    Michael Wayne 10 months ago

    Why are so many of your videos--not just game--not available in my country, the US? Makes no sense.

  • musicsuxnowadays
    musicsuxnowadays 10 months ago

    have NO interest in 2 year old videos popping up on my feed. KEEP IT CURRENT

  • WannaBeANerd
    WannaBeANerd 10 months ago

    Hey MLB. Was wondering if you could dig up a crazy blooper/highlight from the Braves Bad Days where someone started arguing with the ump about a fielding call without calling for time first. Multiple runs scored. The year was 89 (I think). Braves were at bat Late in the game (I think). I seem to recall that Dale Murphy was involved.

  • T RTI
    T RTI 10 months ago

    Live streaming SF Giant's home opener?

  • Christopher James Amposta

    MLB On Fox Pls No Music Now ?

  • UniverseNerd
    UniverseNerd 10 months ago

    just joking, only 1 for now. So yeah! The Merrilville Allstars!

  • UniverseNerd
    UniverseNerd 10 months ago

    excuse me, but I want a league expansion to about 60 teams.

    ALEEEN AIEEE 10 months ago

    Will MLB stream some games here on youtube? We had that last year, cause right now there`s no any live games...

  • A.A. Hernández
    A.A. Hernández 11 months ago

    Where are the other games of the world class? Why did they delete them? Where are Israel vs China Taipei, and the other games? Why are not they already?

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 11 months ago

    Hello MLB you are the best

  • 胡家迪
    胡家迪 11 months ago

    Could you please upload 2017 WBC game show ?

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man 11 months ago

    Hey MLB, when are you going to upload the double play of Buck Martinez when he was a Blue Jays and did this play on July 9, 1985 at Kingdom against Seattle Mariners? I want to see it please and thank you.

  • Hayley Pennell
    Hayley Pennell 11 months ago

    Can you do live streaming on here with all of the teams. That would be amazing.

  • Davicho alexander Nuñez Echevarria

    When will they start to stream live games?

  • Supreme Panda
    Supreme Panda 11 months ago

    Upload the Braves and Blue Jays game please

  • Detroit_SteelHD
    Detroit_SteelHD Year ago


  • White Wolf
    White Wolf Year ago

    RANDY JOHNSON == "TRUE" STRIKEOUT KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DarioPinelli
    DarioPinelli Year ago

    Hello, sorry if I disturb you... take the chance to watch our rendition of Humans for acoustic guitars and marbles ;). Hope you will like it! Have a fantastic day!

  • pedro henrique
    pedro henrique Year ago

    Hi, I'm from Brazil and I wanted to know when the games start.

  • soyeah3
    soyeah3 Year ago

    this channel almost has 100k vids *claps*

  • The Till
    The Till Year ago

    I unsubbed but I am still getting raped in my sub box

  • gamerguys Djfmfjfnjx

    hello socer is the big thing so LOL

  • Jennifer Montgomery

    The 2016 World Series should be renamed the 2016 Miracle Series. It seems like a miracle happened for both teams to have even made it into the World Series.

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man Year ago

    Hey MLB, when are you going to upload Otto Velez's four home run in a game feat against the Cleveland Indians? He did as a Blue Jay on May 4, 1980 at the Exhibition Stadium. Also, when are going to upload the play made by Tippy Martinez of Baltimore Orioles against Toronto Blue Jays when, on August 24, 1983, pickoff three baserunners at first base in one inning? Please and thank you.

    • 8644mec
      8644mec Year ago

      Velez's 4 homers were in 2 separate games, it was a double header that day

  • ProRoRy27
    ProRoRy27 Year ago

    Unsubscribed. Adding 100+ clips everyday drowns the rest of my feed.

  • Rollin' Fingers
    Rollin' Fingers Year ago

    honestly you guys advertise free rest of the season and it never bloody works...

  • maine.ale
    maine.ale Year ago

    MLB why publish videos that can't be watched in the countries where your teams live? This is so stupid. Why would anyone in North America subscribe to this channel? Is something wrong with the people in your organization who manage this content?

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman Year ago

    Rip Jose.

  • Nathan Lunt
    Nathan Lunt Year ago

    We're in America. Why can't I watch clips of America's pastime? Get your crap together, MLB.

  • dmil421
    dmil421 Year ago

    Unsubscribing due to all the videos that I can't even watch... I'm not even referring to the live games... all the highlights. Hopefully that gets changed.

    CDNMOTO Year ago

    u post a jays vid and we cant even watch it from canada? fuck is that shit

  • Hannah Benenati
    Hannah Benenati Year ago

    Get your crap together MLB, if your going to upload stuff make it available where you have teams.

  • Lala
    Lala Year ago

    Why can't I view ANY of the videos if I am in NY??! Why the hell would you guys post a ton of videos that I can't even see? FIX THIS! ughhhh

  • R. Gon
    R. Gon Year ago

    Hi. Do you or anyone here have the link/clip where Hanley ramierz stares a long time at a called third strike in trying to dispute the call?

  • LeoL
    LeoL Year ago

    For God sake, if you wanna do highlights videos just put all the highlights of a game in one video not 100 videos spamming the subs feed. Unsubbing.

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Year ago


  • IchaoticsI
    IchaoticsI Year ago

    you have it on USA cannot watch your mlb clips, fix it or lose lots of subs..

  • stevenr482
    stevenr482 Year ago

    There is like 1000 videos popping up in my feed everyday by MLB. I am going to have to unsub.

  • Michel G
    Michel G Year ago

    Stop spamming my subscription feed

  • Einskaldir
    Einskaldir Year ago

    Spam, unsubbing

  • phoneAntics
    phoneAntics Year ago

    I love how my subscription feed will now be inundated with every trivial event to occur in the entire fucking league. My actual videos are few and far between, who's decision was this?

  • jmercer28
    jmercer28 Year ago

    Spamming my feed today with every possible mlb play. They're not even viewable in my country... Which is the US Please dont make me unsubscribe

    • jmercer28
      jmercer28 Year ago

      Okay. It's been another day. I am unsubscribing

  • runawayuniverse
    runawayuniverse Year ago

    Ok that's it. Because you're spamming my subscription feed tonight with a bunch of bullshit I can't even watch, I am forced to unsubscribe.

    • Eric Carter
      Eric Carter Year ago

      Just did the same. I hope this gets fixed before October baseball.

    • William Tyndale
      William Tyndale Year ago

      Same here. Unsubbed. Spammed feed and not a single video I can watch. I'm in the States which makes it all the more incomprehensible. Where exactly ARE these videos available to be seen? First Greg Gibson then this. Must be rocket scientists running this channel. Way to alienate your fanbase MLB.

    • Hamden2010
      Hamden2010 Year ago

      Same. All they need to do is notify me for the best things that happen, not everything that happens

      JDOGFTW Year ago

      yep I"m unsubbing too.

    • Markis5150
      Markis5150 Year ago

      Same here. Don't wanna all this spam just to be told I cant view it in my country.

  • Anime Media
    Anime Media Year ago

    thanks for spamming my inbox

  • Beijing yank
    Beijing yank Year ago

    A simple hack to the blackout provisions is a VPN.

  • PeanutManGuy
    PeanutManGuy Year ago

    No streams are available in the USA Apparentely…


    blue jays world series champs!!!!!!!!!

  • myhat85
    myhat85 Year ago

    mlb can you upload full games of 2006 alds tigers yankees or 2006 alcs tigers vs oakland

  • Eric Lima
    Eric Lima Year ago

    Why do you bother uploading videos if you've made them not availible in "your country"? That's what I got for trying to view David Ortiz' homer today! Get it together!

  • Kevin Cribben
    Kevin Cribben Year ago

    Can you post the 2005 & 2006 All Star Games please.

  • aidmar11
    aidmar11 Year ago

    You Should Add The 19th Inning Game

  • Omar Bourdierd
    Omar Bourdierd Year ago

    How to find the live stream game of the day if there is one.. ? very difficult

  • Joe Zappy
    Joe Zappy Year ago

    "The Uploader Has Not Made This Video Available In Your Country" Get your shit together!

  • Brandon Angliss
    Brandon Angliss Year ago

    700,000 subs way to go

  • TexasActorsWorkshop

    when are you going to post the 2016 first year draft - or at least the opening video package featuring mike schmidt?

  • Christian Hamaguchi

    fuck mlb they shrink legs

  • Ms4mula1
    Ms4mula1 Year ago

    charities (SU2C) and, the historical failure of animal research (see my fb facts).

    • Ms4mula1
      Ms4mula1 7 months ago

      boycott SU2C, tell them. theirs a reason we go to the doctor, not the vet (over 100 years of failures and LIES!).

    • Ms4mula1
      Ms4mula1 Year ago


  • Gavin Haddox
    Gavin Haddox Year ago

    i know right

  • Luis
    Luis Year ago

    How can I know the games you are going to stream?

  • Luis
    Luis Year ago

    Are you going to stream Yankees-Athletics?

  • Mini Pepper
    Mini Pepper Year ago

    pls stream todays red sox game

    ALEEEN AIEEE Year ago

    Hello, I was wondering what happens to the MLB streamed matches, where do they go, how can I access them again ?

  • Agela Espinosa
    Agela Espinosa Year ago

    I love Bryce Harper !@.@

  • Saad Gazi
    Saad Gazi Year ago

    the yankees will burn Baltimore city down

  • WannaBeANerd
    WannaBeANerd Year ago

    I was wondering if you could dig up a really crazy play from a game that took place in the late 1980s. It was a Braves game but I don't recall who they were playing or what inning this was in. In fact I don't recall much about it at all except that the Braves were at bat and there were runners in scoring position. Then the Braves got a hit ... stuff happened .. and for some reason the infielder picked up the ball and started arguing with the ump about something WITHOUT CALLING FOR TIME OUT. Braves scored at least one run, possibly more, from his gaff. I think this was 1988 or 89. Could have been 87. The game would have been broadcast on TBS. It was a heck of a highlight and I would love to see it again.

  • zeeboy 12345
    zeeboy 12345 Year ago


  • Ashton
    Ashton Year ago

    No more full matches? Oh, and #savedodgerfilms

  • Ian Curtis
    Ian Curtis Year ago


  • Oliver-August Lützenich

    Where can I see the free Game of the day?

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones Year ago

    and what's the point of you having a discussion area if you never get involved in it, answer questions or reply to comments?

    • dinkus4727
      dinkus4727 Year ago

      +Terry Jones Greg Gibson the home plate umpire motioning to both palyers

  • Terry Jones
    Terry Jones Year ago

    what is the point of streaming live games if you can't view them?

    • johnsont963
      johnsont963 Year ago

      I was getting ready to ask the same damn thing ........

    • faho0ody wbas
      faho0ody wbas Year ago

      You have to subscribe at mlb tv

  • TJ Mullin
    TJ Mullin Year ago

    I love how the Giants never get Videos, AWSOME!!

  • Mario Gómez
    Mario Gómez Year ago

    No more full matches??

  • IDIOTdella
    IDIOTdella Year ago

    Are you not going to be uploading full matches anymore?

  • Michael McWhinnie

    Can you make a playlist with just injury videos? I would be greatly appreciated from me.

  • M1brett
    M1brett Year ago

    Remember to thank yourself every time you think of me.. ;) :^*

  • M1brett
    M1brett Year ago

    Karma you bitches.

  • pigjubby1
    pigjubby1 Year ago

    Okay, this year, before every game, as public service announcement, play video of every fan that was ht by a bat or ball and show them that they were not paying attention and on their phones. The theme for MLB 2016: It's Free to Pay Attention.

  • The Human Alphabet
    The Human Alphabet 2 years ago

    BASEBALL IS BACK BITCHES!! Its been way too long

  • MLBPlays17
    MLBPlays17 2 years ago

    Can someone upload jason giambi's walk off homer vs pittsburgh and arods walk off homer vs atlanta?

  • baseball 4dayz
    baseball 4dayz 2 years ago


  • Ruby Nobles
    Ruby Nobles 2 years ago


  • Angels Bruh
    Angels Bruh 2 years ago

    Can you post more Angels highlights from the 2002 postseason please?

  • Aaron Jansen
    Aaron Jansen 2 years ago

    What's with the lack of uploads MLB?

  • Aaron Jansen
    Aaron Jansen 2 years ago


  • Matt Layden
    Matt Layden 2 years ago

    Could you please upload the Blue Jays winning the 1985, 1989 and 1992 AL East title?

  • Amanda Hahn
    Amanda Hahn 2 years ago


  • Amanda Hahn
    Amanda Hahn 2 years ago

    come on mlb he had great videos and people started to like him home run ball he had were awesome #SAVEDOGERFILMS

  • Amanda Hahn
    Amanda Hahn 2 years ago


  • Amanda Hahn
    Amanda Hahn 2 years ago


  • Go Italy noleggio auto se vuoi iscriviti al mio canale :)

  • candlewolff
    candlewolff 2 years ago


  • daniel bolaños
    daniel bolaños 2 years ago

    porque no trasmiten la serie mundial por este canaaaaaaaaaaal

  • Javier Bihouet
    Javier Bihouet 2 years ago

    lets go cubs

  • magic gaming
    magic gaming 2 years ago

    jays wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • BK Diamonds 17
    BK Diamonds 17 2 years ago


  • EURO
    EURO 2 years ago

    #Astros should have one that game today

  • EURO
    EURO 2 years ago

    #Astros #Hustletown

  • Dovid Halpert
    Dovid Halpert 2 years ago

    #let'sgoyankees! I want to see my 1st ever postseason game with the NY Yankees in it since becoming a fan of sports in 2013. Dovid Halpert

  • Eirhardt
    Eirhardt 2 years ago

    Why would you disable viewing in the United States? I'm very confused right now.

  • Alison Kelly
    Alison Kelly 2 years ago

    please MLB

  • Alison Kelly
    Alison Kelly 2 years ago

    save dodgerfilms but go giants dodfers suck ####

  • Jordan Hoffmann
    Jordan Hoffmann 2 years ago


  • Andy Jack
    Andy Jack 2 years ago


  • Mrsantyboots
    Mrsantyboots 2 years ago

    what r u talking about??????

  • Jason Ortbals
    Jason Ortbals 2 years ago

    when are the 2015 Playoffs hype commercials going to start airing?

  • DaddyLongLegs44
    DaddyLongLegs44 2 years ago

    Game today isn't allowed to play in the U.S. by you guys, why?

  • Dan Caverly
    Dan Caverly 2 years ago


  • jdestef
    jdestef 2 years ago

    First you stop showing challenge calls, now you liter the channel with statcast videos of old plays. Please.. enough already...

  • Speed
    Speed 2 years ago


  • Nicci Alu
    Nicci Alu 2 years ago

    Can You Make It So US Viewers Can Watch Live Games?? Thx

    TK NATION10 2 years ago

    eveeryone go to my channel and watch bunch of funny baseball videos!!! and #savedodgerfilms

  • jdestef
    jdestef 2 years ago

    this channel is boring now that they never post challenge/review plays......

  • Timothy Wright
    Timothy Wright 2 years ago

    It would be nice to be able to watch the live streaming games!

  • Ben Meppen
    Ben Meppen 2 years ago

    SAVE Dodger films!!!

  • That Canadian Gamer
    That Canadian Gamer 2 years ago


  • Micah C.
    Micah C. 2 years ago


  • Nathanthefox
    Nathanthefox 2 years ago


  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin 2 years ago

    Show the reds pirates fight

  • MLB Player Highlights

    #Savedodgerfilms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bret Perkins
    Bret Perkins 2 years ago


  • Daniel Weiss
    Daniel Weiss 2 years ago


  • Augiestyle
    Augiestyle 2 years ago

    out of all the great homeruns on this page one is missing that always replays in my mind. sammy sosa's 63rd HR (9.16.98) which was a grand slam vs the padres in san diego. i vividly remember fans tumbling over rows of people/seats trying to get the ball. a no-doubter as soon as it hit the bat. is it posible you can add that to this page at some time to relive?

  • silverzz4
    silverzz4 2 years ago

    #savedodgerfilms nigga

  • Jett Oakleaf
    Jett Oakleaf 2 years ago


  • SK Turf
    SK Turf 2 years ago

    They just think that dodgerfilms is gonna get to popular

  • 949alison
    949alison 2 years ago


  • JackAttack12
    JackAttack12 2 years ago


  • JackAttack12
    JackAttack12 2 years ago


  • Linda Stephenson
    Linda Stephenson 2 years ago

    How about you all unsubscribe from MLB's channel if he doesn't #savedodgerfilms!

  • Linda Stephenson
    Linda Stephenson 2 years ago

    What is +MLB's first video ever? Also, #savedodgerfilms

    CHRISTIAN CLAYTON 2 years ago


  • Daniel Champeny
    Daniel Champeny 2 years ago


  • SK Turf
    SK Turf 2 years ago

    CALL all sports radio station and ask them about dodger films

    POOT TOOT 2 years ago


  • willman703
    willman703 2 years ago

    ymlb better #savedodgerfilms or im joining isis

  • Dylan Reddekopp
    Dylan Reddekopp 2 years ago

    #save #freaking #dodgerfilms

  • jack fitzsimons
    jack fitzsimons 2 years ago

    Come on mlb #savedodgerfilms all mlb fans want you guys to let dodgerfilms keep going so just do it. HE IS HELPING THE MLB GAIN FANS

  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller 2 years ago

    So do I, but you guys sure love Dodgerfilms! #Savedodgerfilms

  • Akward Majak
    Akward Majak 2 years ago

    Save DODGERFILMS!!!!!!!!

  • JC Alex
    JC Alex 2 years ago

    #FUCKDODGERFILMS. Y'all need to grow the fuck up and accept change. Bugging MLB about it won't help.

    • JC Alex
      JC Alex 2 years ago

      No fuck you because you guys are ruining the MLB.

    • Jim bob Cooter
      Jim bob Cooter 2 years ago

      fuck you jerk

  • MROvertGaming
    MROvertGaming 2 years ago


  • Jim bob Cooter
    Jim bob Cooter 2 years ago

    DODGERFILMS is a advertiser for the dodger organization and Major League Baseball and he spreads the game and he helps inspire young fans #SAVEDODGERFILMS

  • Rik Stokvis
    Rik Stokvis 2 years ago


  • Rik Stokvis
    Rik Stokvis 2 years ago

    #savedodgerfilms !!

  • Declan Exposito
    Declan Exposito 2 years ago


  • Steven Wallace
    Steven Wallace 2 years ago


  • Tommy Tattoo Fitness


  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller 2 years ago