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  • Dean Allum
    Dean Allum 2 hours ago

    No thanks comrade corbynoff

  • Tricko
    Tricko 2 hours ago


  • Daisy Lam
    Daisy Lam 2 hours ago

    The Hong Kong government today is not responsible to Hong Kong people as the Chief executive is elected by a small group of people. The Government has been sacrificed most people for the benefit of few people. That's why one of the five demand is dual universal suffrage, meaning for both the Legislative Council and the Chief Executive.

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 2 hours ago

    Completely embarrassing, acting like two spoilt bitches

  • Stuart Taylor
    Stuart Taylor 2 hours ago

    Anyone know of a transmale smashing any Mens records? No, didn't think so.

  • Kevin Baxter
    Kevin Baxter 2 hours ago

    Thankfully our Students are well clued up too be fooled by Matalan Man and his 'Manifesto for Dopes'

    GANSA 2 hours ago

    I dont see any people wanting freedom i just see people using the protest as an excuse to vandalise, steal, and fight MY SUPPORT GOES TO HK POLICE

  • Tino ricky zagor
    Tino ricky zagor 2 hours ago

    This mess existed sense British rule, why connect it to democracy issue???

  • Kayuri
    Kayuri 2 hours ago

    Where are his lips?

  • Brianne C
    Brianne C 2 hours ago

    I'm Trans woman and I agree with her. Trans women have an advantage.

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor 2 hours ago

    Give them a DNA test to see if they are male or female. This woman is 100% right. Life sucks.

  • mr x
    mr x 2 hours ago

    The clueless will still vote for Corbyn to bankrupt the country. I actually remember the country in the ‘70s under Labour and the unions and it had a decidedly 3rd world feel to the country. Let’s hope the Diehard Labour supporters see just how hard-left and militant Corbyn has made labour and they switch allegiance and he’ll get the message and resign after defeat and someone with half a brain comes in and digs out the racists,communists,terrorist sympathisers,crackpots and gets someone who actually cares about issues plaguing our society

  • Dan S
    Dan S 2 hours ago

    Sad. Sad.... Leave in a rural area! Not like that. Come on.

  • M M
    M M 2 hours ago

    Und in China..............

  • N D
    N D 2 hours ago

    This makes me feel like living in a great house and neighbourhood..Thanks To God.

  • D T
    D T 2 hours ago

    Where are Joshua wong, joey siu, denise ho and nathan law ? They didnt join the riot ? Nathan law goes to Yale University while they, rioters go to prison. So stupid.

  • chris maplethorpe
    chris maplethorpe 2 hours ago

    Love hearing them sing

  • Peter Christie
    Peter Christie 2 hours ago

    Jo Swinson is like other remainer voters in a state of suffering due to the inability to accept the result of the 2016 referendum, this is a common enough problem, as once documented by the Buddah.

  • Alexander R
    Alexander R 2 hours ago

    Wow . . . He scared to support reparations . . . How much they pay him to sell out?

  • Hughs Li
    Hughs Li 3 hours ago

    In an interview by Simon Cheng, he asked the audience not to focus on his visit to prostitudes, although he had visited 3 times.

  • M Millsy
    M Millsy 3 hours ago

    The Casta Seymena is the the perfect example she is a woman with abnormal testosterone levels for a woman and yet they want her to take hormone repression drugs ie taking drugs not to be good this makes no sense

  • xx x
    xx x 3 hours ago

    Wait, what? We are not equal? Didn't feminism and made laws that we are all equal?? Now we are not? off!!! Let's be equal now.

  • lisa johnson
    lisa johnson 3 hours ago

    Sky has done a bad job they sound like the BBC.does anybody think she will be the next pm.i think she's the only one.she should move to a dictatorship

  • Joyce Jenkins
    Joyce Jenkins 3 hours ago

    These rioters are comical at this point 😂😂😂 Need to be brought down to real life and stop living in colonial fantasy ✌️

  • llamov
    llamov 3 hours ago

    I was 15 from a little town in northeast Ohio making sure I had my passport and everything i needed for my month long trip to the UK the day this happened. I left the following day. When i made it to Kings Cross from Edinburgh i do believe there had been some sort of bomb threat and they'd closed parts of the underground. Traffic was terrible to say the least. God bless the victims

  • Alexander Rutland
    Alexander Rutland 3 hours ago

    I implore all Lib Dem supporters to look into the voting history in their constituency and vote labour if that is the best chance of keeping the tories out

  • Scotty2Hotty 1
    Scotty2Hotty 1 3 hours ago

    Ed Balls losing at 5:45 that was so awesome, all the crap he talked 2010-2015, then couldn't even hold his seat the next time people got to vote.

  • mr democracy
    mr democracy 3 hours ago

    It's the nodding wee Krankie Undemocratic woman again who talks in riddles with forked tongue. SNP is not Scotland.

  • Max Zhou
    Max Zhou 3 hours ago

    Stupid hongkong young garbage

    LIM RAJ 3 hours ago

    Give them the maximum punishment. Don't forget they burned n killed people. Do not forget what they had done. Maximum sentence.

  • Max Zhou
    Max Zhou 3 hours ago


  • mr democracy
    mr democracy 3 hours ago

    She is awful and totally Undemocratic with a annoying irritating juvenile talking voice. Shameful lot. Should change their name definitely not democatic.

  • Queenly
    Queenly 3 hours ago


  • Jaden Hurtado
    Jaden Hurtado 3 hours ago

    Jew world order

  • steven161183
    steven161183 3 hours ago

    Yougov was founded and bankrolled by conservatives.

  • PeterC
    PeterC 3 hours ago

    Extinction Rebellion is just a demonstration of the clueless stupidity of people. There's no _real_ climate emergency, but these flat earthers - like all the doomsday prophets before them, believe there is one. So what? Nuisance is all.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    Ruskies at it again :)

    JON COV 3 hours ago

    Why are people slagging off the protesters? The Chinese government are disgusting and have diabolical human rights issues and now the Hong Kong police have shown how disgusting they are too. The western world should step in and stop this dictatorship and tyranny.....oh wait I forgot, there's no oil there !!!!

  • soldier paige
    soldier paige 3 hours ago

    what a joke

  • Noah R
    Noah R 3 hours ago

    Get over it. If u want the money work for it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    The best 'job' in the world... Whats better? The buzz must be indescribable..

  • JC mill
    JC mill 3 hours ago

    Hope??? Just ask the DUP about hope

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    Big up the UK

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 3 hours ago

    Slam dunk for the woman. Mrs. She hammered the dr.

  • Muazzam Hazmi
    Muazzam Hazmi 3 hours ago

    COD modern warfare in a nutshell

    LIDYAEIL 3 hours ago

    Is the uk gov behind this attempted framing of china?

  • Evelyn Carrillo
    Evelyn Carrillo 3 hours ago

    These poor women lack vitamin D.

  • MS SM
    MS SM 3 hours ago

    She is actually running a proxy campaign to make bojo re-elected.... silly women

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 3 hours ago

    DR vile.

  • byron elenica
    byron elenica 3 hours ago

    Look at the aggression from this doctor, the hate!! As if he alone can hold a strong view on a subject.

  • James Burke
    James Burke 3 hours ago

    helping to highlight what a burden to society Frankie Boyle is

  • Connor High
    Connor High 3 hours ago

    There is a BIG difference of BEING a woman and WANTING to be a woman.

  • Tony At Google
    Tony At Google 3 hours ago

    People of Hong Kong rise and fight for your freedom; fight these masked Black Shirt killers. Fight back now.

  • Evelyn Carrillo
    Evelyn Carrillo 3 hours ago

    I understand they have to cover their heads, but why not wear cute wigs. Your head is covered will be covered.Religion should not deprive a woman's natural beauty like her face and hair. Islam is using the cover up on woman as an excuse to control and dominate women. If I'm going to be covered from head to toe then my husband needs to be fully covered as well. What's the point of pretending to be a mummy if your blowing yourselves up? Non of it makes sense..

  • YKH Lee
    YKH Lee 3 hours ago

  • Andrew Gittings
    Andrew Gittings 3 hours ago

    Nice but dim

  • iang1066
    iang1066 3 hours ago


    LIDYAEIL 3 hours ago

    He was lying, so the british government was behind this scheme of framing china?

  • Robert
    Robert 3 hours ago

    Imagine that, I thought guns were banned in the UK 🤔

  • Cosmonauteable
    Cosmonauteable 3 hours ago

    That's how it's done my buoy.

  • graham johnson
    graham johnson 3 hours ago

    that's got to be a bad wig

  • Sergiy Rauschen
    Sergiy Rauschen 3 hours ago

    How many are there in Sweden like her?

  • Kathymac1542 Mac
    Kathymac1542 Mac 3 hours ago

    Baby mass murderers if left there. Some even if moved to a better place. Befriend and feed them .

  • Haribo 73
    Haribo 73 3 hours ago

    Yet another car crash TV interview from the lovely Diane we really want this incompetent lady in such a position of authority and power?? I certainly don't, I know that...🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🖕🖕🖕🖕🇪🇺.

  • Jus Chen
    Jus Chen 3 hours ago

    I am just curious? I understand they want to build the campus into a fortress. Buy why trash it. Can’t they build a fortress without trashing the campus?

  • David Price
    David Price 3 hours ago

    Remember when slippery slope was just 'a fallacy'

  • Phantom Thief Irwin
    Phantom Thief Irwin 3 hours ago

    Hong Kong is just the most extreme example of whats going on in ALL major cities in the world. Sydney Vancouver London NYC, everywhere. Its a GLOBAL problem being perpetuated by international capitalists. To store their ill gotten gains in safety deposit boxes in the sky.

  • Dale Melson
    Dale Melson 4 hours ago

    Its fantasy get real. Ok make it equal no color changing at all lighter or darker oh and green people should be offended next.

  • Mark Hanks
    Mark Hanks 4 hours ago

    In time there will be no point in women taking up professional sport..

  • boyer6556
    boyer6556 4 hours ago

    imagine lowering yourself to work for the government

  • Joshua Boulton
    Joshua Boulton 4 hours ago

    There is no pay gap, it does not take into account the different types of jobs the 2 sexis have.

  • Brighton Hazel
    Brighton Hazel 4 hours ago

    That’s why they murdered that old gentleman. Shame on them.

    • Joyce Jenkins
      Joyce Jenkins 3 hours ago

      Shame on all of them and for people promoting/supporting this

    • Tony At Google
      Tony At Google 3 hours ago

      and burned another alive!!!

  • Anton Antonson
    Anton Antonson 4 hours ago

    Let these people stay there - we do NOT want them to get free so they can invade Europe again. And take all muslims in Europe and put them here, so they can meet their real neighbours!

  • youcandoworse
    youcandoworse 4 hours ago

    My heart breaks.. This so sad.. hang on there Australia... Lot's of love from Estonia

  • NinjaBoy137
    NinjaBoy137 4 hours ago

    What is it with this woman and the faces she's pulling all the way through this interview?

  • Naqash Khan
    Naqash Khan 4 hours ago

    Is this possible to tp get Suriname to Brazil by Amazon?

  • F7
    F7 4 hours ago

    Wow Those were the slowest security I've ever seen. It took them forever to get there

  • M. G.
    M. G. 4 hours ago

    Is it me or does Dr Hill look like John Travolta ?

  • Freaking Global
    Freaking Global 4 hours ago

    Why don’t they emigrate to USA?

  • Aka U ToTo7
    Aka U ToTo7 4 hours ago

    The Bitchtish sold their fortune to the triads before they left and took the money with them.

  • Dave N
    Dave N 4 hours ago

    "Trans women"? Come on, be honest. They're men, regardless of whatever disorder they have.

  • Devneek
    Devneek 4 hours ago

    "cosplay is for everyone", and they're literally shutting someone down let her do what she wants she earned it. The cosplay looks really nice.

  • Nigel S
    Nigel S 4 hours ago

    Hard Workers , Jews and our defences beware !!

  • ODD-one out n about
    ODD-one out n about 4 hours ago

    What's next? Microchip implant or biometric electronic tattoo mark of the beast system? Why does a cruel GOD allow so much fkg sufffering ? ive just answered my own question 😁 exactly, a CRUEL God

  • pouvei agu
    pouvei agu 4 hours ago

    If anyone get sick, how will they afford hospital bills?

  • Stephen Shaw
    Stephen Shaw 4 hours ago

    Why do these people still live in HK. Find another job in mainland china, especially in the third or second-level city, at least live in a bigger house. BTW, I think the final solution to solve this house problem will be proposed and taken into action by China. not the protester, the British government or the US government.

  • hw li
    hw li 4 hours ago


  • sysovat chanvirayuth

    This is just like the the old days when slavery was a thing instead of black people its men and women are the white people

  • GREEN boys
    GREEN boys 4 hours ago

    Good for China

  • James Vapour
    James Vapour 4 hours ago

    Middle class city w*****s trying to push communism under a diffrenet name.

  • Girl Girl
    Girl Girl 4 hours ago

    Why are they beating him?😢

  • Dylan Steven b
    Dylan Steven b 4 hours ago

    Lol sterling was in the right if anything

  • hw li
    hw li 4 hours ago


  • King Escobar
    King Escobar 4 hours ago

    He's just going to take cover, so proceeds to pull his scrotum over his head.

  • Ross City of Liverpool.

    A great offer from labour. Now vote for him. We need a change.

  • Tony Etchells
    Tony Etchells 4 hours ago

    She opens her mouth and rubbish comes out.

  • Sunquil Wooten
    Sunquil Wooten 4 hours ago

    Robbie De Niro Parker!

  • Alexia Is On Fire
    Alexia Is On Fire 4 hours ago

    When night falls She cloaks the world In impenetrable darkness

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 4 hours ago

    No wonder they're coffin with all that tear gas .

  • Dominator JA1
    Dominator JA1 4 hours ago

    As an independent Wales in the EU, this is more meaningful and better economic value than being in the UK/British ideology, etc.