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  • saralondon1986
    saralondon1986 3 months ago

    Jemma pleae make walnut or using any nuts cupcakes!!! ideal for christmas!!!:)))

  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson 3 months ago

    Hi Jemma. Do you have a recipe for a chocolate filing for a chocolate cake instead of using a fruit or jam filing. hope you can help.

  • somaia sami
    somaia sami 3 months ago

    Hey Jemma, i totally love your videos its really helpful, I want you advise which better to cupcakes buttercream or cheese cream or cream delight?

  • Dahlit Brin-Doron
    Dahlit Brin-Doron 3 months ago

    Hi Jemma, I actually come to London last weekend (I live abroad) and OF COURSE just HAD TO pay a visit to C+D and it was so worth it! We had the Corner shop Tiffin and Caramel crunch brownie. What great Halloween treats! And they were just SOOO GOOD!!!! Any chance you could post the recepies??? I love your videos - and in fact that's how I learned about C+D - and tried out a few. Everything always works. AMAZING. Thanks so much. Btw, the coffee was good, too. :)

  • 韦贤
    韦贤 3 months ago

    Hey Jemma, I love your videos very much and want to try your recipes. But I am in China and there is no self raising flour, only cake flour or all purpose flour. So how to adjust the ingredients to get the same results as in the videos? Please help me. Please please please ~~~~

  • Lic51
    Lic51 3 months ago

    Jemma, please make a glaze recipe for donuts. I want to start selling to make an extra cash and I want a professional recipe. Thanks!

  • Adry R
    Adry R 3 months ago

    Hi Jemma, I am trying to find out what is better cream cheese or buttercream as a frosting, would you have any suggestions/feedback for me?

  • Hailey Oh
    Hailey Oh 3 months ago


  • Monica Ramsey
    Monica Ramsey 4 months ago

    Hi Jemma, I see you use self-raising flour for cakes. Any particular reason? In the USA would that work well too?

  • John Thierry
    John Thierry 5 months ago

    Hello Jemma, could you tell me how to prevent the meringue from getting sticky and how to store it? The meringue is nice when its fresh from the oven but it gets really sticky after cooling down to room temperature.

  • rhinda larsen
    rhinda larsen 5 months ago

    Good Morning Cupcake Jemma! In your behind the scenes videos your team seam to cut off loads of cake.... May i ask what do you make from all the off cuts? Love your videos!

  • meab2513
    meab2513 5 months ago

    I am looking for a great basic vanilla cake recipe for a tiered cake. -watching & learning from good ol' Luling, Texas!Thanks a bunch-Elizabeth

  • Sylvie
    Sylvie 6 months ago

    Make a marshmallow/caramel candy. Marshmallow fluff in the inside, soft salted caramel crust surrounding it, then cut them in cubes.

  • Elizabeth Honeycutt
    Elizabeth Honeycutt 6 months ago

    Hi Jemma, I love watching your videos. I've made a few and am wondering if you've ever made fruitcake. I'm not a fan but my husband loves it and I was thinking of making one for him for Christmas. Can you help?

  • Joanna Rutter
    Joanna Rutter 6 months ago

    Hey Jemma, I was just watching your "Perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream" video and you talked about Italian Meringue Buttercream. And then I saw that you don't have a recipe for it and I was wondering if you could help a sister out. Its my moms birthday soon and I want to make her a decadent chocolate cake just like the one in "Matilda". Thanks for the awesome videos.

  • Star Jackson
    Star Jackson 6 months ago

    Hi, Jemma! can you make a vid for a macarons plleeaassee! p.s: I love your videos!! - Star

  • Lustrus
    Lustrus 6 months ago

    Dearest Jemma, I don't know whether this is the best way to contact you, but I was wondering whether you could share a recipe for lemon-poppy seed cake. I've had it when in England, and want to surprise a friend with an amazing recipe (which I'm sure you'll have). Thanks in advance!

  • Sarah Langley
    Sarah Langley 7 months ago

    Hi Jemma, my dad is making my sister a wedding cake, but he's having trouble with the icing. He is using ready roll regal icing with a buttercream icing crumb coat, but after a day or so the icing goes very sticky. Do you have any tips to stop this from happening?

  • Emillie Schilling
    Emillie Schilling 7 months ago

    Hi Jemma I was wondering how long your chocolate cake recipe would last. I'm looking to make it a couple days ahead would it still be as yummy as it is when made the fresh?

  • Sool Chinniah
    Sool Chinniah 7 months ago

    Hello i hope you're doing great jemma so can you make coconut cake plzz

  • emilyMCbarry89
    emilyMCbarry89 7 months ago

    Hi, I was wondering what you think would be easier to do (for a first timer), cover a square or round cake with fondant icing? I have watched your tutorial for a round one, do you also have one for a square cake? Thanks

  • Ann a
    Ann a 7 months ago

    Greetings from Finland we love you! Can you bake something that has to do with Snoopy, Peanuts, Charlie Brown..? It would be awesome see also food recipes from you. Have nice summer you rock!

  • GoldNephilim LoveAble
    GoldNephilim LoveAble 8 months ago

    h..hi miss jemma cane you please poste a how to for unicorn marshmellow please

  • Sonja Sonne
    Sonja Sonne 8 months ago

    Hey Jemma, I really love your videos and I always make them too. But I have a problem I don't get rid of. It's your buttercream. I make everything the same and it's nice and fluffy. I put in the icing sugar in three up to four steps. I let it beat for about 5-10 minutes each step, but evertime I put in the last bit of icing sugar, the buttercream starts to get very runny an it starts to flake out. I made a tonne of your buttercream to get this problem fixed. But even when I let it beat for about an hour at least it gets runny. I tried out different butter temperatures but nothing happens. I can only imagine that the problem is the icing sugar. What do you think about?

  • Fiona Pellow-Jarman
    Fiona Pellow-Jarman 8 months ago

    Hi Jemma! I love you cakes and your wicked personality! :D I have two questions to ask ...first one is regarding the simple buttercream recipe you have, would I be able to add melted white chocolate to it? I have a request for a two tier cake with white chocolate buttercream icing, and was wondering if I could use your recipe? I am planning to use the scale/scallop/petal icing technique on one of the tiers, would this work with the white chocolate icing? Oh and if I'm doing a 9" and a 11" how much icing do you think I'd need?

  • emma l
    emma l 8 months ago

    hi jemma, i was wondering if you had just a really simple chocolate layer cake recipe for 4, 8 inch cake tins please. Thank you. Emma

  • Yayan Sulton Auliyaa
    Yayan Sulton Auliyaa 8 months ago

    Hey Jemma, I'am a beginner in making a cupcake and I really, really love & enjoy your videos, you such a amazing cupcakes maker. anyway i really love a lava cupcakes. Would you make a tutorial how to make it, for me :). a trademark recipe you always shows us. Its really lovely

  • beritobere82
    beritobere82 8 months ago

    Hello Jemma: I am a Mexican girl living in the US. I truly enjoy to watch your videos, you are so fantastic at it!! All of your recipes look not only precious but delicious too! Have you ever heard of the "3 milks Mexican cake" ? It would be very interesting to see you giving your touch to this cake!! Keep up the good work, big hug from this Mexican fan of yours.

  • 梦原琪
    梦原琪 8 months ago

    hey jemma,I have a question to ask you. I love baking ,and i find some body use baking spread to make a cake. I don't know what is baking spread. Can you help me?

  • Eliza Bassett-Wilson
    Eliza Bassett-Wilson 9 months ago

    Hi, Jemma, I love all these videos you make that teach us how to bake! I was wondering if you ever make ganache (or yummy buttercream) filled cupcakes- and, if you do, could you make a video?

  • CartoonJessie
    CartoonJessie 9 months ago

    Love your channel! Every time I make your vanilla cupcakes, people are like "omg best cupcakes ever!" I do have one question though, sometimes it happens that there is a little pit in the cupcake - so it's not flat, but it's a bit hollow in the middle, and I'm never quite sure why that happens. Underbaking, overbaking, too much mixing? A while back I made 6 cupcakes and all of them had it. (I think the oven was too hot. Mine is a little broken.) Today I made like 40 cupcakes and only one had it, which was weird cause... why would that one have it and none of the others? Ah well. Thanks for all the great cupcake and baking ideas!!!

    • Steve Morelli
      Steve Morelli 8 months ago

      Do you live at altitude. If so you may need to reduce the baking soda and sugar an add liquid. There are some tutorials on baking at altitude on youtube. If you are 1500feet or more above see level you will need to adjust for it.

  • Margarete Freund
    Margarete Freund 9 months ago

    How do you make whipped cream frosting??? A bakery by me does it and it's delicious!! Thanks!

  • Julie WooHooGirl
    Julie WooHooGirl 9 months ago

    Hello, Jemma! I Was surprised when tried wonderful Earl Greay Tea at Cumbs & Doilies. What tea do you, guys, serve there? If it is not a secret XD

  • Richard Mar
    Richard Mar 9 months ago

    Dear Jemma, we 💖 Your recipes and try to use all your Ingredients as presented 😇, so mostly we order stuff from UK via our friends 😅or visit LND occasionally 😍 Right now we try to bake the SALTED CHOCOLATE BROWNIE C🍪🍪KIES and we would like to ASK YOU: for how long can they last before going off ? THANK You 😘

  • denise shepherd
    denise shepherd 10 months ago

    Jemma, can you tell me where you buy your icing bags from please x

  • Garry Smith
    Garry Smith 10 months ago

    Hi jemma I wonder if you can help me! I am trying to find one of your cake cutters that you use to trim the edges of your cakes with, as I cant seem to find anything anywhere?please could you help?Thankyou

  • faty ongaro
    faty ongaro 10 months ago

    Hello Jemma. I just see your video i love it and i subscribe. It is possible you make a chocolate lovin spoon cake recipe? (Sorry for my bad English, i'm French :p.) Thank you for all your video :)

  • Darron Sharrock
    Darron Sharrock 10 months ago

    Hello Jemma, what is the best lemon & lime cheese cake recipe without over powering the lemon & lime mixture?

  • Susan Ricart
    Susan Ricart 10 months ago

    What brand of rings do you use to cut your ckes? I have found many get wacky shaped right away. Thank you.

  • En Ning
    En Ning 10 months ago

    Hi Jemma!! Is it possible for your recipes to be converted to US cups? I could - obviously - try to do the conversion but it would be so much more convenient if you could also add that into your recipes on here! Been dying to try making some recipes - especially the Brookies one but the conversion is kind of tough! thank you xx

  • Sofie Steenberger
    Sofie Steenberger 10 months ago

    Hi. Maybe my fellow bakers can help me out. I mad Jemmas shortbread donuts and they were great! But my problem is that I think the shortbread got a little soft and not so crumbly when I iced them. I don't think my icing was too wet. Anyone had the same problem?

  • Mitchell Grima
    Mitchell Grima 10 months ago

    Hello from Australia! Absolutely love your recipes and your personality is amazing! Definitely keeps me coming back for more! Your chocolate cupcake recipe is now my go to recipe for cupcakes and I've even modified it for white chocolate! Replaced the cocoa powder with malted milk powder and the coffee for dissolved white chocolate powder. Just wanted to know if you have a white chocolate cake recipe you use and are willing to share? Thanks so much and can't wait to try some more recipes!

  • Deanna Maria
    Deanna Maria 11 months ago

    Hi Jemma, I am a big fan! Can you do a tutorial on rainbow cupcakes with rainbow frosting and a rainbow garnish/topping? (BTW if you did not know I love rainbow!!!!!!)

  • Rithika J
    Rithika J 11 months ago

    Hello Jemma, I am a big fan of yours. I thought baking cup cakes was quite complicated. However going through your videos I have realized it is absolutely possible ! . I have tried carrot cup cake, caramel cup cake and vanilla cup cake in the last 3 weeks since subscribing to your channel. Carrot cup cake is definitely my favorite so far. The list on your page is tempting and motivating to try. Are there more options for "healthy recipes" available such as "healthy breakfast muffins" on your page?

  • Clara Tettey
    Clara Tettey 11 months ago

    Hi Jemma, love your channel. I was wondering if you could include a couple of good stockists? I'm keen to get a couple of small palette knives and a turn table to add to my collection but not sure where is best to look? Online if possible as I live in Nottingham. Thanks!

  • Mira OnTheWall
    Mira OnTheWall 11 months ago

    Hi Jemma! could you please do a tutorial for a chocolate creme patissiere? i keep adjusting mine but keeps coming out too bitter or not chocolatey enough. if you already did one, link please! Thanks!

  • Emma C
    Emma C 11 months ago

    Hi Jemma! I absolutely love your channel and seeing all the incredible cakes and bakes you make at Crumbs & Doilies! My brother is getting married this summer, and they really like the idea of me making their wedding cake. I have been baking for a few years now and my cakes are getting a more professional look every time I bake, though I'm not fully sure if I'm up for this challenge yet. If I decide to do it I'll need to practice it quite a bit I think haha :) Now my question: Do you have any tips for making a wedding cake? Like what kind of cake recipe I should use? When should I bake the cakes and how do I store them? When should I assemble? How do I move the cake to the wedding location? I hope you can give me some tips, as you are one of my baking heroes (together with Mary Berry)! Thanks! Love from The Netherlands, Emma

  • Gayane Navasardyan
    Gayane Navasardyan 11 months ago

    Hello Jemma. Thank you for the wonderful video. I'm your fan and I've already subscribed to your videos. I have a question about the cream. Whether it is possible to add butter in MARSHMALLOWY MERINGUE ICING, To get a cream for Russian tulips. Or could you advise me which cream to decorate the cake with Russian tulips. I tried to make them from the Italian meringue but I did not succeed. Thanks.

  • Zarah Mahmood
    Zarah Mahmood 11 months ago

    hi jemma could u please make a terry chocolate orange cheesecake

  • Janhvi Darji
    Janhvi Darji Year ago

    Hey Jemma, I am a die hard fan of yours and have been following you and learning from you since about a year now. I could convert my passion for baking into serious profession following your want to thank you for inspiring me and many others...I want to know which oven to buy for baking professionally say about 10-15 cakes a day...

  • Joyce Stewart
    Joyce Stewart Year ago

    Jemma, I have to tell you a little story. My 5 year old granddaughter, Ella Kate lives 800 miles away from me but we bond through Skype. I introduced her to you at our Christmas visit (we made Ella's version of the rainbow cake). Whenever she finds one of your videos she loves, she will call me and we will then set up Skype. After we sync our phones to the video of choice we hit start at the same time and watch it together while we talk on Skype. We have made watching your videos together a regular tradition. She feels like we are actually together. She and I both love you and your fun creations. By the way, she wants to do what you do when she grows up. Lots of Love from Nana and Ella Kate!

  • billybartell
    billybartell Year ago

    Hi Jemma, I am a young baker who is looking to start his own business in Newcastle making cupcakes and tiered cakes and was wondering if you knew anyone who could give me a hand opening the shop with donations or equipment.

  • Tom W
    Tom W Year ago

    I was wondering if you had any advice on getting bright vivid colors in buttercream icing. I am using a paste food color from Wilton and cant seem to get blues and reds dark enough to call them anything but pale blue and dark pink. Do i just use more color or would a different type of food color work better.

    • Carolyn Conlan
      Carolyn Conlan 7 months ago

      Hi Tom. Wilton have colour matching charts and videos on their website . Also Queen food colouring( an Australia brand) . along with lots of other tips on decorating and baking. Hope this helps-- cheers Carolyn

  • Mary Owens
    Mary Owens Year ago

    Hello,i have a question.i how many truffles would i have to make to feed 150 people and how many truffles do each person receive ?.what kind of wedding mini desserts would be appropriate by a lake side .Thank you!

  • Nadia Mann
    Nadia Mann Year ago

    Hi cup cake Jemma I just started watching your videos and they were fantastic with the cooking and all. And if you can can u play a game called youtubers life which is really fun for everyone to play and makes u a bit more popular

    • Mikey Savelli
      Mikey Savelli Year ago


  • ilianacanada
    ilianacanada Year ago

    Hello jemma I would like to ask you a recommendation to make mini cupcakes in my baby shower, I will have a boy in February and I would like to make a table of sweets with cupcakes and mini cupcakes related to the birth of my baby. I myself will prepare everything, so I would like it to be very rich but sensible to perform and decorate and still festive .... you could recommend me some simple recipe and decoration for both cupcakes ... I would like them to be different, so that If you see the table varied, so that the minicupcakes differ from the normal size cupcakes. And if it were possible that I could leave them ready the day before to not be running that same day since I am pregnant and I will do everything alone. Thanks in advance if you have time to answer my question. Iliana from Canada.

    • Mikey Savelli
      Mikey Savelli Year ago


  • sss Ying
    sss Ying Year ago

    Hey Jemma , I hope you can make some crepe cakes(different flavours) and design it !

  • katie leah
    katie leah Year ago

    seen one video and subscribed i love u xx

  • Jade Collins
    Jade Collins Year ago

    hiya Gemma..i think you might be my fav food tuber....We live a self-sustainable life in the middle of no where and each month we buy things we cant grow, well im there buying ingredients to make your yummy cakes....thank you for you...oh do you have a quick cinnamon roll recipe please?

  • Louise Searby
    Louise Searby Year ago

    Hi Jemma, I'm wondering if you have ever make a Burlesque Fan shaped cake ?

  • A Childminding Mummy

    Hey just wondered if you had a recipe for an amazing mug cake? would love to see xx

  • Orlagh McCabe
    Orlagh McCabe Year ago

    HI Jemma, What stand mixer would you recommend?

    • Maarten Felix
      Maarten Felix Year ago

      exactly the question I have, there are so many choices !

  • Natalee Lemmerman

    Hi Jemma I was wondering, the chocolate orange cake recipe you use for the Halloween cake. Would it hold up under fondant?

  • jayne reeves
    jayne reeves Year ago


  • Miguel Balboa
    Miguel Balboa Year ago

    hi jemma! i'm miguel balboa, i'm a big fan of your channel. i always wait for your videos and watch 'em all. i really love baking i always watch your videos! co'z i want to be a successful baker like you. i'm 14 years old. i'm trying to save my allowance just to buy your book ugh! #bakingissick! i tried your red velvet cupcakes and turn them into mini red velvet cupcakes and shared it to my school mates and my schoolmates love it especially the cream cheese frosting! and also the peanut butter rocky road cookies! that was sick! i didn't expect that taste!!! so good! 2 thumbs up!! i hope you'll read my comment :)

    • Miguel Balboa
      Miguel Balboa Year ago

      and also i have a favor, what cake can i give for the birthday of my mom.?

  • Emma Sventelius
    Emma Sventelius Year ago

    Jemma, I need your help! I'm getting married next summer and can't decide what kind of cake to choose. I would love to order from Crumbs and Doilies but I live in Sweden, so transporting it would be next to impossible. If YOU were to bake you own wedding cake, what would YOU make (taking style, taste and possibility to bake a lot of it yourself in to account)!?

  • Ruth Ehoule
    Ruth Ehoule Year ago

    i have made 10 recipes

  • Kylie Sparreboom

    Hi Jemma, I just wanted to ask about your chocolate cupcake recipe.... can you use the same mixture to make a larger cake, or is the mixture too runny? I love this recipe.

  • Lewis Jerome
    Lewis Jerome Year ago

    Hi Jemma, I am a huge fan of your channel and I watch your new videos every week. Recently I have noticed in your videos that you seem to be using a different vanilla extract from what you used previously - is this your own? If so could you share the recipe because I'm really intrigued in making my own! Hope you can help, all the best!

  • Maya BRIEDJ
    Maya BRIEDJ Year ago

    Hi Jemma :) Could you please make a cake with coffee Buttercream frosting ? thanks a lot ! you are doing a great job !!!

  • Alice Wilson
    Alice Wilson Year ago

    could you please make a vegan section? :)

  • Karen Charbonneau

    Hi Jemma, I had a small question. I want to make the rainbow cake you showed us how to make in a video, but we don't have any castor sugar where I live, is there anything else I could you as a substitute? Thanks!

  • ForeverSabbathOfficial

    May I ask, how many videos do you have?

  • Keith Porter-Snell

    My friend Alexandra and I are going to be coming to Crumbs and Doilies on 4 August. Hope we glimpse you there!!! We are excited to taste the yummy cakes -- we are celebrating both of our birthdays that week :)))

  • Shane Curtin
    Shane Curtin Year ago

    Hi Jemma can you PLEASE make tobrelrone cupcakes

  • Fahad Fadi
    Fahad Fadi Year ago

    hi Jemma, can you sort my problem in baking double chocolate cookies? i never get that textured biscuits. kindly help me. thanks

  • Gokamau
    Gokamau Year ago

    Hi Jemma, I am from NZ, new to your channel and Love it, just wondering if there is a way I can get your super moist chocolate cake recipe - like the one you used in your Halloween cake?

  • Bryan Woo
    Bryan Woo Year ago

    Hi Jemma, i followed your recipe and all the cupcakes are so delicious!! i have a problem that i found everytime when i take out my cupcakes from refrigerator and it was so dry even i let it cool down at the room temperature. Can you teach me how to keep the cupcake more moist? Thanks for your suggestion and have a good day!

    • Tilly Bulldog
      Tilly Bulldog Year ago

      One of cupcake ladies recipes was wrong as in the amount oil by double lol I can tell you they were extra moist, my dogs needed a straw to eat them lol, I still make them but add a little extra oil and they are cool lasting days

    • Jade Collins
      Jade Collins Year ago

      or just stuff it in your gob?

    • Bryan Woo
      Bryan Woo Year ago

      +CupcakeJemma (Screaming) You're surprising me by replying me! Yup, i've kept all my cupcakes in an airtight container now so it keeps moist. Thanks for making my day so happy today and have the best everyday to u :)

    • CupcakeJemma
      CupcakeJemma Year ago

      I would never recommend that you keep your cakes in the fridge! Especially if it's a butter based recipe as the butter will make the cake go firm. Also fridges dry the cakes out. Unless you have lots of fresh cream or fruit in your cake, never put it in the fridge. Instead, keep it in an airtight container at a cool room temperature. x

    • Bryan Woo
      Bryan Woo Year ago

      hhmm.. thanks for your advice again. good day to you.

    BAROTIKI Year ago

    <b>Bonjour Jemma!</b>

  • april Seekumar
    april Seekumar Year ago

    Hi Jemma, I was just wondering if you have a recipe that makes one single cupcake and the butter cream icing to top it off?

  • Jude Murphy
    Jude Murphy Year ago

    Hey Jemma I really liked your 'How to Make a Pinata Cake' video, I am defo baking this cake for my birthday. Thank you. x from Jude, 10 yrs old.

  • Chloe Buzzy-Bee
    Chloe Buzzy-Bee Year ago

    Jemma! You are my inspiration! Your cakes are FAB!

  • AbCdEfG
    AbCdEfG Year ago

    Hi Jemma, love the cakes and channel, I was just wondering, how do you keep your cakes moist? Xxx

  • Sadie Trent
    Sadie Trent Year ago

    I discovered your channel after seeing the cake you made for Poppy Deyes. I am literally gonna go out of my way to visit your shop when im in London soon, though which is your nearest branch to Islington please?

    • josh king
      josh king Year ago

      Its Soho because i remember her mentioning it in one of her videos

  • Virginie Ly
    Virginie Ly Year ago

    Hello Jemma, i'm a big fan of your channel. Just discovered it one month ago. I was just looking for american recipies (i'm french, sorry pour the bad english) and i fell in love with all your recepies. More than that, I love your accent et the way you explain things. I learn a lot ! So thanks and i wish you the best !

  • Kjestine Grand
    Kjestine Grand Year ago

    Hi Jemma, Thank you these sunny awesome videos! I am often using your delicious recipes for larger events like weddings, and have only one issue: There is no such thing as self-rising flour where I live. I have tried substituting it for 1 1/2 tsp baking powder + 1/2 salt for every 225 grams regular flour (Google), but they raise just a little to much, and I have to spend additional time cutting tops of hundreds of cupcakes. What would you use?? Thank you loads

  • Charlize Kim
    Charlize Kim Year ago

    Hello +CupcakeJemma I just want to say that I'm a big fan of yours and I wanted to have your book but I cant afford it plus I live in the Philippines and I really love what you do. LOVE YOU SO MUCH keep up the good work keep making tutorials

  • Stephen Murray
    Stephen Murray Year ago

    Hello JemmaCan you suggest what is a reasonable cake mixing machine to buy. I have up until now just being using my hand mixer but it gets really hot, so I think its time to invest into a mixer that will cope better. Thanks Cindy

    • josh king
      josh king Year ago

      Personal I think you should get a kitchen aid. I know they may be expensive but they are worth it. I got a mixer for Christmas, it was Morphy Richards, its great but the bowl is too wide and the padel attachment doesn't reach everywhere. So when you search for mixers online look at reviews and youtube videos because you don't want to make the mistake I did.

  • Denice  Fielding
    Denice Fielding Year ago

    Hi Jemma I just saw a photo of your rainbow cake from your photo gallery on your crumbs and doilies website and it looked like it had a confetti icing on it. Can you tell me what you put into it to make it look that way.

  • Photini Georgiou

    Hi Jemma, I just try your Raspberry Sorbet and i really Love it. Do you have any other Sorbet recipes? I wiil like to make a lemon or orange Sorbet I am looking forward for new ice cream videos. Thanks ....

  • alice 21
    alice 21 Year ago

    hi jemma, could you make a video of: how you get inspired for new recipes and how you develop them? :)

  • Tirilchen
    Tirilchen Year ago

    Hello Jemma, You bake a lot of cakes and stuff... Who is going to eat this all? I`m wondering every time I watch your amazing videos. xxx Tiril

  • Ilona Maszkiewicz

    Hi Jemma, I was wondering if you could please show how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies? It would be great to learn from the best. Thank you!

  • Keith Porter-Snell

    Hi Jemma, I'm a big fan of your channel, and have just received the Cake Book. Love it. However, all your cupcake recipes make 24 cupcakes. I tend to really only need 12 cupcakes at a time. I'm not sure how to successfully cut your recipes in half, as they generally use three eggs. Can you make a suggestion? Thank an awful lot! All the best.

    • Tan B
      Tan B Year ago

      A good tip someone gave me was to round up an egg if the recipe calls for odd number eggs. So, if your recipe calls for 3 eggs use 2. If it calls for 5 use 3. It works for me. :}

    • Keith Porter-Snell
      Keith Porter-Snell Year ago

      +CupcakeJemma OMG I was just looking at another recipe of yours, Chocolate Tea Cake High Hat Cup Cake, and there is was! The chocolate cupcake recipe cut in half! Yay.

    • Keith Porter-Snell
      Keith Porter-Snell Year ago

      +CupcakeJemma Thanks! I'll give it a go. It was mainly the basic chocolate cupcake I was thinking of I guess.

    • CupcakeJemma
      CupcakeJemma Year ago

      +Keith Porter-Snell Hardly any use 3 eggs but if they do, use 1.5 eggs! Sounds weird right, but if you weigh one of the eggs then just use exactly half the weight of it it'll come out fine. The other alternative is to use 2 small eggs. It'll make for a very slightly 'wetter' cake but should be ok.

  • Avi's Kitchen
    Avi's Kitchen Year ago

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      +Kateřina Hejzlarová You should be using powdered sugar, also known as confectioners or icing sugar. This is a super fine sugar that has a consistency similar to flour or cornstarch. If you're using regular white sugar it won't dissolve.

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