Living Big In A Tiny House
Living Big In A Tiny House
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  • The Living Free Family

    :) xx

  • Jessen Mitchelmore

    when do you reckon that you will update on your tiny home?

  • Katriina Kivinen

    I have been watching your videos and they make it really easy to start dreaming of building new homes! I actually also made a tiny home and I have a lot of projects here in Finland too! We are making tiny houses a movement here, but with the challenges of a really intense winter season. I would be super interested in winter houses, if you find some. Love your channel!

  • Una Patton
    Una Patton Year ago

    I love, love, love how you acknowlegde every house and their builders/ owners at the end of every video.

  • Green Kitty
    Green Kitty Year ago

    I found your channel not too long ago and wonder how your own tiny house build is going. Is it complete yet? I really enjoy watching your videos, what a great introduction to different ways of living. Thanks for making the videos : )

  • Cléodie Bleu
    Cléodie Bleu Year ago

    hello I please you to put a lot of fotos on because i want to make conférences on tiny houses. And I need beautifull pictures ! kisses from Switzerland

  • Paso Sustentable - Tiny House Chile

    Check the channel of my sustainable project in Chile

  • Japanese guy
    Japanese guy Year ago

    useful information!

  • Mikel Sims
    Mikel Sims Year ago

    Thanks Bryce, I've been watching your show for a few years or so mate and I want you to know it makes me feel good every time! Its amazing for you to have such a big effect on some of your viewers lives. Watching a presenter like yourself for so long kinda makes you feel like a friend, if you know what I mean. You have really nailed what you are doing, slick production terrific format, and well presented. Much respect for all the hard work bro. Love the videos from NZ.

    TAMIL PADAM Year ago

    your video makes me mad and adventure full fill my life ..thanks a lot

  • SuperTime2Change

    I did not subscribe to this channel, yet strangely TVclip subscribed me to this channel. Not cool.

  • racoonsister
    racoonsister Year ago

    Are you still making videos?

  • Dawn Wokson
    Dawn Wokson Year ago

    Hi from Minnesota USA,I've been following your channel for a couple of years now,finally subscribed to this,your newsletter, and FB.Thanks for sharing so many wonderful videos

  • JF Vargas
    JF Vargas Year ago

    This is the comfiest channel on TVclip

  • Himanshu Anand
    Himanshu Anand Year ago

    Just saw this video of yours: You should visit Delft, or any other Dutch city with an international university and see some of the student housing there, 8m2 is among the smallest sizes on the market, but by no means rare.

  • Ing Girl
    Ing Girl Year ago

    this channel makes me feel so inspired like on drugs. but I dont need those, I need hammer and wood. thanks for sharing!

  • Jayasree Sreenivasan

    Truly a remarkable series. I started considering how much I use and how many things I require after watching this channel. I don't have a tiny house (I'm a student in another country), but definitely would want to build one of my own in my hometown. What I like about your videos is that each one of your tiny houses has a personality, resembling the personality of the people living in that space. It's not about cramming everything into a tiny space, but giving yourself the opportunity to really think and create. I can't wait for more videos from you, or to click the like button ;). Great job guys!!

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House Year ago

      Thank-you so much! There is so much love and creativity that goes into these spaces, and we do our best to bring out both the homes as well as the stories of the people who live in them. Thank-you for watching and supporting the channel! :)

  • Felipe Pl
    Felipe Pl Year ago

    Por que alguns títulos são em português?

  • Barn Star
    Barn Star Year ago

    I'm so glad I found this channel! I dream of a small home lifestyle, but I am a coward!

  • Guritno Djanubudiman

    Hello guys, I wonder if there is someone using airplane toilet system unit or sort of toilet compact cabin design installed on their tiny house. If so, I would be more than happy to watch your video covering it. Thank you.

  • katherine ruiz
    katherine ruiz Year ago

    Hi Bryce, I was wondering if you can put me in contact with a tiny house owner in Chch or Blenheim? or anywhere close to Kaikoura. After the earthquake the house prices are over the roof (rent or buy) and my husband and I are seriously considering to build a tiny house but need some idas on where to start! Thanks!

  • Dane Abomasum
    Dane Abomasum Year ago

    Can't believe I only just discovered this channel. Very well made, presented and good host.

  • Oumaumau
    Oumaumau Year ago

    This Channel is so absorbing and inspiring!

  • Papa Bugg
    Papa Bugg Year ago

    If you are ever in Athens GA, I have a place you might want to check out

  • Zee MR JPG
    Zee MR JPG Year ago

    Did the older videos get removed. There was a tiny house with a bed on a garage door motor to lift it up and down and i cant find it anymore.Did it get removed or am i missing it??

  • mysteryese012
    mysteryese012 Year ago

    Hey dude love the videos, and these are great for designs and finding builder! Could you do a video that talks and covers people go about zoning laws or finding a place where they are of the grid? I live in Maryland and I'm in planning to build my own tiny home.

  • Tiny Budget Builder

    Hi Bryce, just wanted to say I am a huge fan of your channel! In fact it was one of your early videos with Brett Sutherland (I believe was his name), the bone carver from New Zealand, that inspired me to build my own tiny house on wheels. And now it is finally complete. I did a little walk through which is posted on my channel if you would like to check it out. I see that you are in the States for a while. I hope you are enjoying yourself. If you make your way to Richland, WA please let me know. I would LOVE to have a tour of my house on your channel. And my tiny house has a couple unique features that I think your viewership would really appreciate. Thanks again for all you do, and safe travels! Please keep the great videos coming!

  • Sisco Coon
    Sisco Coon Year ago

    First off, I VERY rarely comment or add my 2 cents in on things (I'm a very private individual). However I just found your channel by chance actually. I for the most part live "off the grid" because I like keeping my life simple. I never knew tiny/simple homes was a thing until not long ago. I've been living simple for some time now, and I would invite you to my tiny home but it's not actually unique. It just an only 17.5 foot (from the bumper to the ball hitch) 1978 trailer, and it's about 80% original. I wanted to say that I love your channel, it shows that people DON'T need much to live a happy life. I've always felt since I was young that working less and spending time with family was far more important. Thanks so much for showing visually that we as humans don't need a large home to be happy. Cheer's from one Brit to a half Brit :)

  • Semaphor Games
    Semaphor Games Year ago

    TY Bryce for your cool videos, I hope to one day do something like this. Good to see a fellow New Zealander making good content :^)

  • allen metcalf
    allen metcalf Year ago

    are there any apps or programs you can down load to help figure out a materials list

  • Blessed Be Lord of Majesty

    Blessed Be Name of God forever and ever

  • Cameron Alexander

    Wonderful channel! Really enjoyed all of your videos :)

  • Rj Riggs
    Rj Riggs Year ago

    Bryce you have it man!! Great channel with wonder fulled stories...Thx.

  • Beorn
    Beorn Year ago

    I wish they'd talk about prefab/off grid solutions. Water and sewage being the only "on site" resources. Is it possible to pay say $50K and live off grid with some creature comforts (e.g. showers, Internet, etc.) surrounded by an orchard and gardens? And maybe some beautiful locations and landscaping???

  • Nikenik2001
    Nikenik2001 Year ago

    How do you finance your videos? Do you have a day job and make the videos on the weekends or..?

  • Dante Macatantan

    Rarely post comments, but been watching for awhile and LOVE your channel! You are one of the best series hosts I've seen in awhile, on TV or on TVclip. Hope to be a tiny house owner here in the US sometime in the near future :)

  • Nebel Horst
    Nebel Horst Year ago

    I wanna see what you filmed while sailing la vaga! <3

  • Chantal Bossaer
    Chantal Bossaer Year ago

    I would love to see some tours of Canadian tiny houses!

  • Taryn White
    Taryn White Year ago

    Hi!I got a question about small homes: So when it comes to bad weather (more specifically high winds), how durable are homes like these? I just watched the tour of the Japanese small home and it only weighed about 600kg, so how well does that weight stand against say 70mph winds? I really enjoy this channel btw!!

  • Errolea brown
    Errolea brown Year ago

    how are you , Im hoping you can help me , lm coming over to New Zealand very soon and as your in the tiny house movment l thought you might know of a tiny place to rent or a cheap one to buy .

  • Eric Garnier
    Eric Garnier 2 years ago

    Hi Bryce. I'm currently planning to set up a glamping style accommodation in France using lotus bell tents and I was curious to know what model of gas boiler you used in yours that would allow you to have hot water in your shower and sink. Cheers

  • G Karthick
    G Karthick 2 years ago

    I love the way you speak to each and everyone and appreciate the effort they put to build those tiny house and making a beautiful home out of it. Wish to see and hear more updates about your tiny house and a lot more tiny houses. Love your channel and wish you happiness.

  • Georgie Pie
    Georgie Pie 2 years ago

    This is my favourite youtube channel.

  • 57Strudel
    57Strudel 2 years ago

    I just saw the news of the huge earthquake. Please let us know you're ok.

    • AjBro
      AjBro 2 years ago

      yeah it was h** in blenheim where i live.

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 2 years ago

      Hey there! Thanks so much for your concern. I'm absolutely fine. I'm in Auckland at the moment, which is unaffected by all the earthquakes. It's certainly a shock to see such big ones hitting both islands today though!

  • myastroflight
    myastroflight 2 years ago

    Hi Bryce. I wonder if you know about this family, and if so will you try an interview with them once they are on the road?

  • HG NK
    HG NK 2 years ago

    Good to see you are back on your feet again! I kinda missed your regular posts. You have a nose for what is new and interesting in the Tiny House world.

  • LethiaPage
    LethiaPage 2 years ago

    LOVE your channel Brice! I have been watching for about a year. I may never get one of my own but tiny houses are quite inspiring to me...the creativity and simplicity translates to all walks of life.

  • Servizzi Simulators
    Servizzi Simulators 2 years ago

    Awesome channel. Check me out here. Www.mindbehindthemoney.webs.comI would like to chat more

  • Marcia M
    Marcia M 2 years ago

    Is there a video of the completed home?

  • traveling47
    traveling47 2 years ago

    My girlfriend and i have learned so much and gotten so many different inspirations from your videos. Keep up the great work!

  • YouOriginal
    YouOriginal 2 years ago

    man loving your channel :) was great to meet you at TVclip

  • thomas hall
    thomas hall 2 years ago

    how ur tiny house doing

  • Nicola Jan Smith
    Nicola Jan Smith 2 years ago

    Hi, love the videos. I was was wondering if you could do one on connecting appliances to a solar panel. My daughter is going to buy one and we don't know how to attach these things.

  • ukpropaganda
    ukpropaganda 2 years ago

    Agenda 2030 promoting scumbags

  • hans mitt
    hans mitt 2 years ago

    Remember ,if you are planning a tiny house in NZ , there are few things to keep in mind so as to avoid legal issues with local and other authorities . So unless you build a house under 10m2 floor area and it has no plumbing drainage and power services that connect to the outside you almost always need a building consent .The main exploitable exception to this is building on a certified trailer so it is always possible to legally transport it on public roads.Many of those interested will know this fact but I thought it was worth a mention. Great tiny house living to everyone!

  • chandone90
    chandone90 2 years ago

    Hey really do enjoy the channel. Any chance you would consider doing a follow on your Lotus Belle Tent experience? I loved the idea so much I'm considering doing the same thing here in Oregon, but I'd like to hear if there were unexpected downsides, concerns, issues etc, or whether it was all positives. I live in a rather rainy environment, so I'm a bit concerned about molds. Also, is it possible to resell the tent once your done? Thanks so much!

  • Logiwonk
    Logiwonk 2 years ago

    Great channel. I was wondering if you could do a video specifically on water systems in tiny houses. Specifically what people do for potable water, greywater systems, and waste water disposal. Thanks very much!

  • Abel Feria
    Abel Feria 2 years ago

    Hi, I have a small pleace and do not know what to do whith it or any expirance. Can any body help me with ideas, please?

  • per sebra
    per sebra 2 years ago

    Hey dude! I hope you are working on your house now. Its summer where you are? fall will be back before you know it.

  • Penny On The Net
    Penny On The Net 3 years ago

    Love the channel. Thank you for the holiday greetings. We are planning big things in 2016 as well. We hope that you have the very best holiday and new year. Merry Christmas from the Butterworth family in AtlanticBeach, Florida! :D

  • Rory Horne
    Rory Horne 3 years ago

    Awesome that you're bringing the tiny house movement into the spotlight here in NZ. I was wondering about land though. In NZ what do people tend to do when it comes to finding somewhere to actually put their tiny house? Do most people own or rent land?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 years ago

    how is your tiny house going? what happened to that I want to see how it turns out. please

  • Julia Kilmer
    Julia Kilmer 3 years ago

    Bryce, thanks for getting back to me! What a unique ceiling, I fell in love! So the concrete is the form that holds the ceiling. Then you dig out the sand and cover with a live roof. I love it and what a conversation piece!! Have a great one! Peace, Julia

  • Gaz NZ
    Gaz NZ 3 years ago

    I just discovered your website and channel. The concepts are great, and it's definitely an ideal option to build small. I had a question though, and I haven't yet found the answer: what are the legal exemptions to allow shipping containers and such that aren't built onto a trailer to be exempt from council consent? And the same for building a trailer? Just wanna get the facts straight :) Thanks!

  • Peter Fitzgerald
    Peter Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    whats happening with your tiny house build

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      We had a few hold-ups, but now that I'm all finished with the Lotus Belle project I'll be able to kick off into everything again and there will be lots of new content and updates coming over the next months. :)

  • Julia Kilmer
    Julia Kilmer 3 years ago

    Hey Bryce! I just watched your video on the Hobbit Cave, Underhill. My question is how did he complete the ceiling? Rocks, sand, concrete and then dug out the sand. Not quite sure how it was done, perhaps you could tell me more! Peace, Julia

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Hey Julia - it's actually really similar to how they make a pizza oven. They dug out a hole, filled it with sand, placed the river stones on top to form the pattern they wanted, then poured concrete over the whole thing, careful to factor in proper drainage of the water. Once that was done, they put more soil on top and planted over the roof. It's a really unique way of doing it. It's the first time I've seen a home built like that.

  • Matt Favaro
    Matt Favaro 3 years ago

    love your channel bryce, cant wait to see your final product. i have a materials question for you... what kind of material is the exterior and interior siding panels on the "salvaged earthquake tiny house" in NZ? i like the smooth finish and modern aesthetic thanks!

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Hey Matt. Thanks for watching the videos! I'm pretty sure that he has actually just used marine ply for the external cladding. Keeping it nice and simple! :)

  • Al Churchill
    Al Churchill 3 years ago

    Really love your channel - thanks for all the amazing videos and inspiration..... Hope you've got that lotus bell up - looking forward to hearing all about that!

    • Al Churchill
      Al Churchill 3 years ago

      hey perfect - thanks for the heads up - just watched it looks great. Thanks so much!

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Thanks Al! Hope you enjoy the new video on the Lotus set-up! :)

  • Demir Gjokaj
    Demir Gjokaj 3 years ago

    Hey guys I miss your videos. When's the next ones coming out? It's been a while, right? No pressure - I know it's winter and these things take time. But as a fan, I'm awaiting with baited breath!

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Hey Demir! Sorry to keep you waiting mate. New video is up now, and I'm back in the swing of creating new content so won't keep you waiting this long again! :) Cheers for watching!

  • Amy Roper
    Amy Roper 3 years ago

    Hey Bryce, I've been watching your videos and I was just wondering. Where do people normally park these things? I want to create my own tiny house but I don't want to rely on friend's gardens/driveways. Do you know much about freedom camping regulations in auckland?

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Hey Amy. Where to park a tiny house is a very common question. The majority of people I know come up with either rent agreements from people with land, or they volunteer on properties in exchange for the ability to park there.

  • crayzmarc
    crayzmarc 3 years ago

    Have you heard of Noel Clarke's amazing spaces? It's a television show we have here in the UK on Channel 4 that if you haven't heard I think you would love. You guys really should collaborate if you haven't already. Great TVclip channel.

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Cheers. I have seen that show - they do some fantastic work! Would love to colab with him one day! :)

  • Mike Kiddie
    Mike Kiddie 3 years ago

    Hi, love your tiny house build. And say hi to Brent. Check out this dude

  • Antonio Llor
    Antonio Llor 3 years ago

    nice informative channel, greetings from spain!

  • Cameron Coss
    Cameron Coss 3 years ago

    i'd like to build one when im older

  • Cameron Coss
    Cameron Coss 3 years ago

    all of these houses have been amazing and these pepole have been using the space very very well. my fav house is the shipping container

  • per sebra
    per sebra 3 years ago

    I just wanted to say you folks are doing a great job! okay, thats not what i really wanted to say. I think your front door is hideous! Okay its not "hideous", but its so cold and plain and sterile. it's uninviting and uninspiring. It looks like a lab door or submarine door. No window or interesting hinges. I absolutely hate that damn door! ...excuse me, had to get it off my

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Haha. Of course everyone has different opinions and taste, and that's what makes the world an interesting place to be. I actually really love the door! It would have been nice to go for something wooden and carved though - I love that look too, but it's also very heavy. This door is thermally broken, lightweight and adds a really great modern architectural profile to the home. Especially once the outside of the house is complete, with the awnings and the green walls, it's going to look killer I think. :)

  • James Evans
    James Evans 3 years ago

    How is it possible that this is the best NZ made TV in the last year with what looks like only two people making it? It just does not seem possible but it looks to be true. I am absolutely gob smacked by how good these videos are. I am not even an eco or tiny house type person but this is just such good tv. It is like grand design but tiny. Big call, but I am going to say Bryce is almost as good as Kevin (and a mile better than the guy who did the Australian version).

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Wow! Thanks James! That's so awesome of you to say. We are doing our best to produce high quality videos and it makes all the difference to know that it's appreciated. I'm doing my best and working my way up to Kevin McCloud's level. That guy does some amazing work!

  • Sticks, Stones and iron

    I have been watching your channel for inspiration to design and built my Tiny House on Wheels, its coming together just fine, thank you for all your videos

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Hey Joe! That's awesome. You're very welcome. Glad you're finding them useful! Best of luck with your own build and keep me posted on your progress. :)

  • Robert Nørgaard Rasmussen

    Hi saw your video with Connie and noticed you were talking about what to do with you drainage and there might be a danish with an idea just for this.

  • GoodReport
    GoodReport 3 years ago

    What's the tunnel / overpass clearance in New Zealand? :) I can't seem to find that information.

  • Kestrels Call
    Kestrels Call 3 years ago

    Have to ask, for the last year or so, I've been grinding and saving every penny I can. It's slow going, and I only have 1k of the 10 I'm trying to save. Does anyone know of any grants or such I might look into? I was fine with slowly saving up at first, but circumstances are such that I have less than 2 years to really do it. Before it gets even harder. Thanks very much!

  • KD Forrestal
    KD Forrestal 3 years ago

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you are doing. My husband and I have been on the road to going off the grid for about a year now. It is hard for people to understand where we are coming from. It's been channels like yours that helps us feel understood!

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      You're welcome KD! Glad you're enjoying our videos. There are ever more people out there who are looking for alternative ways of living as the cracks in our current systems are really starting to show. Keep with it and you'll find a lot of other kindred spirits on your journey! :)

  • Carrie McNicol
    Carrie McNicol 3 years ago

    I just wanted to say I absolutely love watching your videos. This is about the only channel I keep an eye out for new postings. My husband and I want to eventually build our own tiny home and I love all the advice you guys put out there. I am thankful you two have the patients to do it so calculated and researched, I don't have that kind of self control ;-) So while we are in an area for the next few years for work where we aren't able to have space to live this lifestyle (Los Angeles, California - Concrete Jungle) I will use that time to do my research. Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to see the finished project!

  • Lego's Little Life
    Lego's Little Life 4 years ago

    Do you have any suggestions of books to pick up on tiny house DIY? Your videos have been the most helpful that I have found and I would like to learn some more specifics.

  • RCapricot
    RCapricot 4 years ago

    Just had a marathon watching all your videos in one day and I'm sad now because there are no more to watch :( But I'm really looking forward to the next one :) Inspiring stuff!! Makes me want to get on with my caravan build!

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 3 years ago

      Thanks mate! We're trying to get them out there as fast as possible! Thanks so much for watching and all the best for your caravan build! :)

  • Alex Boyle
    Alex Boyle 4 years ago

    Trying to join your forum on your website but having no luck? I am not receiving a email when I sign up?

  • Valas Darkholme
    Valas Darkholme 4 years ago

    I've been enjoying your channel the past couple days. Some really interesting stuff. Something I have not seen much of, is heating and cooling. How does one keep these tiny houses from getting really hot inside in the summer, or keep it from getting really cold in the winter? Particularly for the off-grid folks. A central air unit is quite large, as is a furnace; and you need regular access to gas or lots of electricity use to power them.

    • Valas Darkholme
      Valas Darkholme 4 years ago

      +Living Big In A Tiny House I look forward to seeing what you've come up with, when those videos are ready, because as you mention and as I suspected, the Tiny House concept looks like one which could turn into an unlivable (at least for me) oven of a building. When I look for a place these days, how I'm going to keep the house in a comfortable temperature range is my first concern aside from budget, and since that seems to be a lower range than for most people I know, it can be frustrating even when I'm look at conventional housing options. I'm particularly interested in any technicals if you are aware of exactly how much cooling you're able to manage. I don't expect I could get by on passive cooling alone on a hot summer day; but the less power I use to cool the place, the better. I'm not yet working on a tiny house project of my own, but its definitely something I want to do in the future.

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 4 years ago

      Hey Ray. Awesome question. In our design, this is something that has been given a lot of thought, and we have incorporated many elements of passive solar design into the house, that will both keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It's actually quite a big (and very important) topic, especially in Tiny House design where if it's not well designed can easily turn into a hot-house in the summer. We will be going into detail about this in up-coming videos. :)

  • Valas Darkholme
    Valas Darkholme 4 years ago

    @Diane Thompson: Some of them have conventional laundry, I'm sure, but I have seen some videos regarding other options. There's a bicycle powered spin washer that looked pretty easy to operate (though not as easy as put it in and walk away) How We Do Laundry Off Grid With a Bike Powered Washing Machine, and there's a solar clothes dryer that someone came up with that also takes no power here Solar Clothes Dryer - NOT a clothes line.

  • Dee T
    Dee T 4 years ago

    My only question is, most of these tiny houses never show a laundry. Where does that get done?

  • GodsIlluminatedOne
    GodsIlluminatedOne 4 years ago

    After seing tiny house i kinda dont want to live in a mansion anymore when i can have a home on wheels thats free from big bills and etc

  • Brian Kain
    Brian Kain 4 years ago

    Awesome channel, great info keep up the good work! :)

  • Living Free
    Living Free 4 years ago

    Hey I just found your channel. Looks like I've got a lot of videos to watch. I upload videos of living off the grid as well. I'm so glad more and more people are preparing. And downsizing is definitely the new up-sizing. I'm glad there are more and more people sharing how to do it! Live free! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jay Butler
    Jay Butler 4 years ago

    has your project stopped?

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 4 years ago

      Hey there! Nope, everything is still moving along! We just had a little hold up on the build while we wait for a new part to arrive, and Mel and I have been out of town filming for a different project. New video's are in the works at the moment though! Sorry it's been so long since our last update!

  • Joel Hennessey
    Joel Hennessey 4 years ago

    I love what you're doing here. Not only showing finished tiny houses that others have built, but following your own build step by step in high detail. I've been following the movement in the US (from Australia) for a couple years. I've been renting a house for $400p/w for the same amount of time, not to mention the high costs associated with heating, cooling and lighting the property. It makes me so depressed when i think of all the money I've lost since leaving home. I desperately want to get my family back on track with a tiny house. The idea is build a tiny house to live in while I build a larger house over time. When the larger house is complete the smaller one can be rented out until my son is old enough to live in it. That way he can avoid the rental trap that my wife and I fell into at such a young age, then repeat the live tiny while saving to build slightly larger method. I can't wait to see the rest of your build, please keep updating us with both the highs and the hopefully few lows. I wish you luck my friend!

    • Joel Hennessey
      Joel Hennessey 4 years ago

      One suggestion, maybe have a running total of any costs involved at the end of each build update. Like how much was the trailer build? How much was the galvanizing process? Transport costs...etc.

  • Roving Jack
    Roving Jack 4 years ago

    I'm watching with baited breath to see how the living goes and the adjustments involved. It's one of the things, along with admitting errors made along the way, that is often glossed over. Just like a new pair of shoes you break them in but they also force your feet to adjust to them, so too I'd imagine goes the tiny house. I've the dream of doing this as well. I've even started designs on paper and plan to make scale models soon. I'm a big fan of things like Karakuri Tansu ( Karakuri Tansu - The magic of Japanese traditional crafts ) and Roentgens transforming furniture ( Demonstration of the Roentgens' Dressing Table (Poudreuse) ), and hope to incorporate much more simplified versions of some of those ideas. I'd love to do it on a bit of land where I could also do some permaculture food forest growing. I think the hardest parts for me to work out now are land, Getting the materials and trailer to the land once I have it, and some of the zoning with regards to waste and water management. I'll be curious to see how you manage all the steps on your journey. Design layouts and lifestyle adaptations especially.

  • Pascale Zweifellow
    Pascale Zweifellow 4 years ago

    Hey mate, been watching your vids... thought you might like to check out my build. House bus motorhome conversion tour, 1966 ford R226

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 4 years ago

      +Pascale Zweifellow Awesome. I'm a big fan of modified shipping containers. It's a great way of upcycling, and the homes can be really spectacular.

    • Pascale Zweifellow
      Pascale Zweifellow 4 years ago

      Your vids are giving me inspiration to start another... once i finish renovating our house. Im thinking of doing a shipping container batch.

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 4 years ago

      Very cool build mate! The bus looks great. Must have been hard parting with it! Cheers for sharing. :)

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson 4 years ago

    What's up on the project? Have you set on a plan? I am looking to build a Tiny house for my son to live in to save money. I like what you have shared so far, please don't stop. Thanks Rick from Montana, USA

    • Rick Nelson
      Rick Nelson 4 years ago

      Thanks for the message. When are your new Videos to come? Looking forward to seeing them. I would like to see a selection of small home designs. I am thinking of a two part tiny home something that would slide on a trailer and then bolt it together. I also thought about showing you some drawings to get some feed back if you are interested. Thanks Rick

    • Living Big In A Tiny House
      Living Big In A Tiny House 4 years ago

      Hey Rick! We certainly haven't stopped! We have been working on some of the final tech elements that dictate certain details of our design, but we will soon be ready to move into the building phase. Lots more videos to come soon! Thanks for following the project! :)