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Game Theory: No More Games
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The $1.7 Million Lie
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They stole $1.7 million
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Losing the Battle
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  • Nicolas Wilmington
    Nicolas Wilmington 3 hours ago

    in a video concerned with being as objective and fair as possible in an argument, this comment section is the most one-sided circlejerk i’ve ever seen

  • Hannah Jackson
    Hannah Jackson 3 hours ago

    I was fighting the enderdragon and it hit some of the endermen and all of them started chasing it #Epicgamermoment

  • the Jinza ninja
    the Jinza ninja 3 hours ago

    I knew it videogames make us more peaceful.

  • Raymond Masilela
    Raymond Masilela 3 hours ago

    ASH IS NOT 21

  • Jose Gabriel Sevilla

    When i got disc 11 and 13 from a creeper i was like oh hell nah and i threw it in the lava pit

  • Raymond Masilela
    Raymond Masilela 3 hours ago

    Oh and guys he is 20 bet that mother FUCKES

  • cardboard
    cardboard 3 hours ago

    Endermites could be a pest that feeds of ender pearls and that's why ender men don't like them.

  • alberto florin radu
    alberto florin radu 3 hours ago


  • hello there
    hello there 3 hours ago

    How to know who is making a theory:if the thumbnail has blue letters its austin if its green letters its mat

  • DemonicDrive
    DemonicDrive 3 hours ago

    your wrong it can go way past 29999983. if you look over at the channel called antvenom and watched his videos on the matter of this he teleports to the 32bit limit and the world is still loading in more chunks how ever the game starts becoming unstable do to this the farther you get from 29999983

    • DemonicDrive
      DemonicDrive 3 hours ago

      also you forgot minecraft bedrock edition it has a infinite generation setting

  • JEO
    JEO 3 hours ago

    0:24 is that all spit?

  • Punti_ Games
    Punti_ Games 3 hours ago

    Есть ли сдесь РУССКИЕ?!?!,!

  • Anh Vo
    Anh Vo 3 hours ago

    wow this so scary and smart he explanning so much

  • MrNoobBlox
    MrNoobBlox 3 hours ago

    I think the news is the reason people die cause they have slow reflexes.

  • Raymond Masilela
    Raymond Masilela 3 hours ago

    I don't like NiANTIc i had Pokèmon GO OUNS

  • British Army-Roblox
    British Army-Roblox 3 hours ago

    Hulk: im the strongest man in the world Steve: Hold my enchanted golden apple *oh wait you can't*

  • Existence 420
    Existence 420 3 hours ago

    When a video from game theory helps you with your schoolwork

  • Harry Mario
    Harry Mario 3 hours ago

    Theory start 4:26

  • Keanu DM
    Keanu DM 3 hours ago

    My friend was born on 06/06/2006 ummmmmm

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Why don’t you make a theory about a game named don’t starve

  • Rishi Sharma
    Rishi Sharma 3 hours ago

    hey notice steve is a super character

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green 3 hours ago

    This was great Matt. I remember doing an essay about this at my University 👍🏾

  • Lance Baggaley
    Lance Baggaley 3 hours ago

    Batman has a movie in the time period.

  • MatrixWisdom
    MatrixWisdom 3 hours ago

    anyone else notice the dirt smudge on matpats thumb?

  • GeT ReCkEd NoOb
    GeT ReCkEd NoOb 3 hours ago


  • Iker_YT Gamer
    Iker_YT Gamer 3 hours ago

    I not premiun and i see this WTF

  • Twang Wing
    Twang Wing 3 hours ago

    Actual tears I feel for you buddy

  • RJonRye Gaming
    RJonRye Gaming 3 hours ago

    I am so proud of this community

  • Digedik Gaming
    Digedik Gaming 3 hours ago

    Am I Kid Or A Kitten,Because Sometime I Act Like A Cat

  • Devon Holden
    Devon Holden 3 hours ago

    I like pie

  • Enzer Gaming
    Enzer Gaming 3 hours ago

    Where's The New Game? :((

  • Digedik Gaming
    Digedik Gaming 3 hours ago

    When I Hear Someone Playing Your Intro Song Me And Squads Start To DANCE ALL TIME YEAH MOTHERF***ER.

  • o o
    o o 4 hours ago

    Wow this series is 2 years old wow

  • Kreative Chaos Guides

    do videogame cause violence? man kills mexicans in walmart mat: its complicated me, ok maybe any other era, but lets be real there is an issue

  • Oliver Madsen
    Oliver Madsen 4 hours ago

    Non of them he is shadow freddy. Because when he gets bit by fredbear he would in theory turn into a shadow version

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask 4 hours ago

    Mass shooter: i played mario when i was younge.. Karens: Video games cause violence

  • Listof play
    Listof play 4 hours ago

    Im pretty sure those game rage videos are proof

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan 4 hours ago

    I am a lifelong criminal. I have the long record to prove it. I have the scars to prove it. Fighting used to be something I would engage in at the drop of a hat. Any kind of insult, no matter how slight, would send me into a blind... and drunken, drug fueled rage. I used to be the guy who you would just instinctually be afraid of. You would be in my presence and my random and unpredictable nature would have you checking your watch for the correct time to leave. I am not that guy anymore. Now I play video games. Instead of being out on the street being a natural terror, I am inside playing video games. One might even go so far as to say I have been rehabilitated. Rehabilitated by the very same video games that people are saying makes people be violent. If you ask me, I say the people who believe video games cause violence are just blatantly stupid. They are ignorant, which is a far cry from stupid, but they are willingly ignorant, ignorant in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. Which is how I would define stupid in this case. People who know the evidence exists but choose to ignore it, stupid. And if you ask me what the problem is, I will tell you it is three problems all working together with each other. Media influence, mass public ignorance and failure to provide mental healthcare to those who need it. First is the media influence. And I am talking about "news" media here. There is so much bad media coverage, that, if one has a weak mind, they can be easily manipulated into thinking the end of the world is soon to come. News media is no longer news at all. They have become ad revenue based entertainment. News is no longer a primary concern for "news" media. So people who consume news media regularly are exposed to extremely unhealthy amounts of bad news. This has got to be inflicting depression upon a lot of people. To solve this particular part of the problem, I recommend voluntary or even involuntary Internet blackouts on those who have been affected. In the case of involuntary blackouts, I would use the justification of "They are a danger to themselves and others." Which is more than enough to, at least temporarily, suspend a person's rights. And temporary is all that is necessary. I believe that a break of one or two weeks away from media and one can gain their objectivity back. You hinted at this phenomenon very briefly in your video. When you were pointing out that all violent crime is actually on the decline, despite media coverage showing the opposite. I have been saying so for years. And people, in general, have an impossible time believing it, despite me leaving links for them to the actual statistics. After a mass shooting, you tell someone that even though we have all these mass shootings, things have never been better, they just don't want to hear it. Then we have mass public ignorance. More specifically, a massive lack of education. Our public school system is not designed to make people smarter. Our public education system was originally designed to create a labor force for factories. And our public education system is largely unchanged since its creation. Fact of the matter is, if your highest level of education is public schooling and you have not taken upon yourself to voluntarily continue your education far beyond public school, even into your 40's, 50's and beyond, you are an ignorant fool. And ignorance is a huge problem, bigger than most realize. It may even be too big of a problem to solve within a democratic capitalist society. To actually fix our education system we would first have to completely throw away the one we currently have, all of it, from kindergarten all the way through graduate school, the entire thing. Then we would have to rebuild it from scratch. This is going to cost a lot of money. It will also take a lot of time. And other things, like what is included in the new curriculum would have to be decided. And everyone is going to have different things to say about all of that. Hell, I am willing to bet that there are a lot of people who, with all their great public schooling, are reading this right now thinking "This dude doesn't know what he is talking about." And to that my reply would be, "LOL". Then we have the mental health issues. Look, there is no way to get around it. People with mental health issues to be taken care of. Many of them cannot hold a job, which means they can't pay for care. We have to give it to them for free. In addition, we need to get rid of any stigma attached to mental illness. Case in point, shortly after the dual Texas and Ohio mass shootings, there was a grandmother that convinced her grandson to check into a hospital for treatment. He was quickly arrested. That was a grave mistake on our society's part. Now, if someone has a mental illness of some sort and is a danger to society, now they are less likely to seek out the help they need because they may be arrested for it. And one could argue that education is the cure for stigma, as the reason stigma exists is because people are ignorant. Now, you will notice here that nowhere in here did I mention video games or guns. This is intentional, it is because both topics, in relation to gun violence, are both irrelevant. "They all used guns though!!" Sure, but as Matt said in the video, they all wore blue jeans, they all breathed air and they all had to eat food. But I can assure you, if they all had the mental healthcare they needed, the education they needed and were not exposed to "news" media that way it presents itself today, none of them would have done what they did. Even if they all owned the guns they used. There are more people with guns that don't commit crimes than there are people with guns that do commit crimes, that is just a fact. And keep in mind too, that while mass shootings are "shocking", gun violence is still trending down, regardless of your perception of events. Facts and actual statistics show that gun violence, actually, ALL crime is trending down.

  • Лев Бондаренко

    6:53 And are gay pedos, who did drugs while caring for a small child, who they also put in harm's way many times. Yoshi even kidnapped baby birds to use as living weapons! Plus, he committed tax fraud! In Fortune Street, taxes just... don't exist for Yoshi.

  • Texlith Graves
    Texlith Graves 4 hours ago

    Too much yelling, not enough science... stopped watching the video after the Infinite/finite rant.

  • Kiki Cogger
    Kiki Cogger 4 hours ago

    Hey Matpat, fellow Neuroscience major here. In most psychological studies, a .3 correlation is usually considered a "strong" one, mainly because one will almost never get a 1 correlation as they are working with human subjects. Having human data create any sort of "line" ( a 1 positive correlation will show up as a straight line when the the two variables are graphed) is usually nearly impossible, so when it shows any sort of line-like shape, it is considered a higher significance then that same data would show in a biological or chemical study. Besides that, great video!

  • Hero of Rhyme
    Hero of Rhyme 4 hours ago

    8:00 LeFloid

  • Charlotte Moore
    Charlotte Moore 4 hours ago

    Can I hop into the screen and hug MatPat? I feel so sad for him. How could anyone hate such a scientific, funny, loveable and even relatable guy? He doesn't deserve any of this hate!

  • CrazyDevilzzz
    CrazyDevilzzz 4 hours ago

    I used to play FIFA games. now i'm a national Football player :D

  • killr kat puppet girl

    William Afton has a boy and a girl the girl is Circus baby possessed and you know the boy he still alive not anymore sister location but he is the possessor of golden Freddy

  • Daniel Duncan
    Daniel Duncan 4 hours ago

    I used to watch Markiplier. But then he got all sad and weepy and decided to make a video about his sadness and weepiness. And, it turns out, I don't actually care about the people who make the videos, I just want entertaining content. So I left him behind and have never looked back, and won't.

  • Not-so-scary Conservative

    Well of course we have more gun violence we’re the only country that has armed citizens. How about instead of looking at gun violence, look at overall violent crime and adjust for population size. In the UK are actually more likely to get robbed than in the US. Many people, including myself, believe it’s because the criminals don’t have to fear of their victims defending themselves.

  • Moonlight FNaF
    Moonlight FNaF 4 hours ago

    Fnaf never dies because it's locked in our hearts

  • KizKim
    KizKim 4 hours ago

    I dont know how many people will see this here. But I found a drawing by a artist for Doki doki that ... raises flags. The artist posted it on twitter. Name is @VelinquenT (She is followed by the real monika account named @lilmonix3 ) You can see a 3 eyed thing ? That only looks at you with one eye. A rope hanging out of a window ? maybe a vent. And there are metal bars infront of the windows and they have eye shaped "decoration" in it. Might be worth checking out.

  • I'll eat Cake
    I'll eat Cake 4 hours ago

    As a Ridley main just got to say This is so true His attack dose so mutch dmg on big maps

  • didi sunandiono
    didi sunandiono 4 hours ago

    I just want to role my eyes in the back of My skull of that "Kirby Star Allies box art" tweet. People are such prick this days, how could you tell that from the official, and MatPat is telling a honest mistake. How could People be so pitty this day and age? It seems like they are tweeting about it beacause they seems to hate MatPat instead of actualy caring about the artist. 🙄

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 4 hours ago

    Matpat pls make video abaout don t starve its rly old but the lore is deep

  • E Guy
    E Guy 4 hours ago

    So my theory is that Sans and Papyrus are not real brothers, so Ness gets old and lose his flesh, then when he gets to the underground he hids his time machine in Gaster's lab, and also put the picture with him and his own friends, and tried to mix the letters of his name and replace the E with a A, and tried be Papyrus's Partner, and Starman became Ness's brother then he becomes a skeleton.

  • funsteven2727 whi
    funsteven2727 whi 4 hours ago

    The n you station's are not Canon

  • bird face
    bird face 4 hours ago

    Never played the game and not apart of the fandom but I’m obsessed with the theory’s 😍😍

  • Om
    Om 4 hours ago

    spooky yes

  • Yeas R
    Yeas R 4 hours ago

    commenting to bump up the algorithm

  • Syed Furqan Ali Hussaini

    How about a game theory about the nether, eh?

  • The Creeper Queen
    The Creeper Queen 4 hours ago

    omg I actually thought the internet was messed up with that intro Wow! Good job Cheer up MatPat We still love you

  • Nickz
    Nickz 4 hours ago

    Why so mean to Valor :c

  • RevolverRho
    RevolverRho 4 hours ago

    No there’s your answer

  • Mohd asnawi bin Awnagku mohamad

    Maybe ,and maybe it is like alita battle angle

  • Seraph Dragunas
    Seraph Dragunas 4 hours ago


  • I will tell my mommy on u

    If you are rich you can take a cruise ship and live there, bring a shotgun have a person come and bring food to you and have your gun ready when they come

  • Yellow Soap
    Yellow Soap 4 hours ago

    But even a small chance isn’t worth risking when it’s actual lives vs a literal game

  • ssech
    ssech 4 hours ago

    The number one cause of violence, suffering and terrorism is religion. columbine shooters, sandy hook shooter, nearly all the school shooters are Church going Christians, no one will talk about it because they themselves are religious, like the GOP (God obsessed party).

  • NOT OZMAN210
    NOT OZMAN210 4 hours ago

    Now I can send this to my mom

  • Connor McCartney
    Connor McCartney 4 hours ago

    So Much Shilling!

  • Butter Scotch10
    Butter Scotch10 4 hours ago

    1.14 the disc 11 is fixed

  • Fahad Ansari
    Fahad Ansari 5 hours ago

    17:03 *That's why porn gets millions of views* *LOL*

  • Diamond Pangarungan
    Diamond Pangarungan 5 hours ago

    Disc 13 isn't spesificly broken it just has odd and disturbing sounds then again your theaory goes well 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Prehistoric_ Revanist

    Me- *Sees Thumbnail* Also Me- Ah yes, the Negotiator.

  • Vid Žnidarič
    Vid Žnidarič 5 hours ago


  • Reno Zoggia
    Reno Zoggia 5 hours ago

    Classics never get old, my friend.

  • [Inserir nome de canal de animação aquI]

    Is a guy becase hes point of view is diferent, maybe he is just crazy

  • Ramik Smith
    Ramik Smith 5 hours ago

    Comic sans

  • neorenamon
    neorenamon 5 hours ago

    I'll believe that video games cause gun violence when someone shows me a gun shaped like a keyboard.

  • terrablade n stuff
    terrablade n stuff 5 hours ago

    Hey mat pat someone in Elton Johns I’m still standing

  • Guildeman
    Guildeman 5 hours ago

    What about a theory on the nuclear warhead deactivation ending of The Stanley parable ? :D

  • Phate
    Phate 5 hours ago

    Wow, this video feels like game theory from some time ago, great job! Sometimes having good material to write of is key, after all the videos you made finding intresting topics must be really hard. Anyway, i don't know if sakurai truly feels so strongly about his work situation, but i think he is a really lucky person. He does a job he clearly loves, he has accomplished a lot in his career and he is respected and recognized as one of the best game directors of the last 2 decades. On top of that i think he has a very good paycheck at the end of the month and he is relatively famous too. In the end he could abandon the series at any point, but he choose not to. Obviously nintendo would have made more smash bros games without him, but this is only a natural thing in the industry, not a blackmail or something like that. If this will really be sakurai's last smash, i hope he keeps developing games. I'm very curious of what type of game he would do next. If he put all the symbolism in smash bros purposely and it's not only in matpat's mind he must have a lot of potential for narrative driven games. Couple that with the high skill level in gameplay development we know he has and it's a very intresting prospective...

  • dhmn45 baageele
    dhmn45 baageele 5 hours ago


  • Creeper PotatoASD
    Creeper PotatoASD 5 hours ago

    #Science Intensifies

  • The236 Cuber
    The236 Cuber 5 hours ago

    1:55 just a time stamp for me

  • Crispy Cream
    Crispy Cream 5 hours ago

    Fallen kingdom

  • Krishna Prasad Pandey

    The aryans are older

  • Gacha Vlogs
    Gacha Vlogs 5 hours ago

    Ima just point out that the last text from Stephanie says “Try not to get attacked by sediment game chara...

  • Sans
    Sans 5 hours ago

    I’m just gonna say it’s self defense and he’s not that bright and they hit him first or something but deep down we all know

  • trainer red
    trainer red 5 hours ago

    *Link: cooks food in botw* *pac man: eats pellets* *Builds house in minecraft* *Catches a pokemon* *Mario: saves a toad* *Pays house rent in animal crossing (I dont play animal crossing)* *Media:Wait, thats illegal.*

  • Orestas Gaming
    Orestas Gaming 5 hours ago


  • Mike D'Agostino
    Mike D'Agostino 5 hours ago

    It also matters what game it is because GTA might cause violence but if someone said Minecraft does they are 99.9% wrong

  • Marc'o 175
    Marc'o 175 5 hours ago

    can't you just stream on all platforms at the same time? lol

  • Jonas Arnout
    Jonas Arnout 5 hours ago

    Hey Matpat, I love your theories so much, but sometimes I have the feeling you overlook some elements. Like in this case when you talk about the statistics. By comparing the statistics of crime over the years vs the popularity of violent games, one could see that the amount of crime is reduced by 80% when gaming became popular than before. However this does not prove that violent games cause no increase in crime. This because a lot of other factors like adaptions in gun-laws, more police interference, a higher living standard reduces this total crime over the years. It can however be that in a world without videogames, the amount of crimes would be signficant lower than with them. Nevertheless proving this by data is very hard due to all third effects. Furthermore a second point, where I have the feeling that you overlooked such third effect, is about the comparison of America and other countries. Based on the victims of gun violence per year (scaled by populations) you argue against the 'Violence caused by Video Games', due to the fact that other countries have a much lower gun violence. However a big element that is overlooked here are the gun laws and more importantly how easiliy one can receive a gun. If on a global scale agressiveness is increased (for example due to videogames), I can imagine that in a place where somebody can practicaly walk into a convenience store and buy a gun will have a higher increase in shootings compared to other places. (Nevertheless it would be expected that in these other places other weapons, like knives, would be used more often). As such the above elements you mentioned into this video may not be considered as any indication or proof that games do not cause violence. Nevertheless this cannot be use to proof that games cause violence. To conclude this long essay: I love your theories so much and I love the good work you do into this, but certain elements are very hard to explain easily due to all the third effects which could easily be overlooked.

  • Woz Tripp
    Woz Tripp 5 hours ago

    its rage and addiction causing violence because if someone is insanely addicted to video games they will get upset if they are told or forced to stop playing. but since they are addicted to video games people victimise the games but in reality it is the parents that aren't being responsible by letting their kid play for hours on end. also video games has also been a really popular thing so people on the news will always start controversy because they want attention, money, and views. also rage is a really big thing because if you are playing a really hard game you might take your anger out on other people if your'e an idiot. it is just people with small brains yelling at innocent people because an idiot killed 10 kids. btw im 12 and i am a really big brained individual

  • Matthew Hayward
    Matthew Hayward 5 hours ago

    How can you get point anything on a number if that number is counting mass shooting😅😅 "Oh im mad so im not gonna make a mass murder,im gonna only have 0.6 of a mass shooting""

  • Bobsatk Jr
    Bobsatk Jr 5 hours ago

    Trying not to sound rude here but majority of America’s mass murders come from their week gun laws

  • ImB3rt
    ImB3rt 5 hours ago

    Where is pt 2 of Kirby theory

  • Ruby Skull
    Ruby Skull 6 hours ago

    Lol no they don’t

  • Scyndir
    Scyndir 6 hours ago

    "It's not about emotion, it's about the facts." The single greatest quote of all time, ever

  • Kanfutizer
    Kanfutizer 6 hours ago

    Do video games cause anxiety and isolation or is it just a place to get away from those things?

  • Triggla V
    Triggla V 6 hours ago

    I am so proud of this community!