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Game Theory: No More Games
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The $1.7 Million Lie
Views 3.4M9 months ago
They stole $1.7 million
Views 6M10 months ago
Losing the Battle
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  • The soul saver
    The soul saver Minute ago

    2 years later, they reveal Bendy isn't Joey and that Bendy was summoned and forgotten, or at least mistreated 2019 anyone???

  • Josiah Maurer
    Josiah Maurer Minute ago

    I don’t understand why people think that the intro is long.

  • The Claimed
    The Claimed 2 minutes ago

    the end there was adorable, ronnies fake evil laugh #socute

  • Constantine Koutalas
    Constantine Koutalas 2 minutes ago

    Bulba buddies cuase hes so cute

  • Kuro neko
    Kuro neko 3 minutes ago

    you lost m whn u pull out cards that was not mtgo.

  • vanessa jane castil
    vanessa jane castil 4 minutes ago

    Why is this in my recommendation?

    AUSTOBIOM 4 minutes ago

    Ah, my favorite weapon, A bludgeoning stick

    BLACKSTER 4 minutes ago

    longest game huh? what about cancer of final fantasy XXI?

  • Nicola Armstrong
    Nicola Armstrong 5 minutes ago

    Okay I recently got back in the channel so when did a baby happen? It's like I blinked and they have a child 😂

  • DanaKay Austin
    DanaKay Austin 7 minutes ago

    Yessssssss I’m down

  • Nic Forchuk
    Nic Forchuk 10 minutes ago

    I hope my comment means something.

  • oliver byrd
    oliver byrd 12 minutes ago

    Hot wings

  • Random Rae
    Random Rae 12 minutes ago

    I mean, someone used Minecraft to order a pizza

  • Splatfan
    Splatfan 13 minutes ago

    do people not understand that it doesnt matter if they liked it? i could have liked the VB, wouldnt save it

  • Skul Clan
    Skul Clan 13 minutes ago

    I will always choose meta knight I love him he’s the best character

  • Qwerty Boi
    Qwerty Boi 16 minutes ago


  • Adelaide
    Adelaide 18 minutes ago

    hot wings lmao

  • Kennedyme
    Kennedyme 19 minutes ago

    I have a theory!!! So, since the fnaf 4 house is above where sister location is, and that would mean that it would be centered around the same time. 1983. And in fnafs newest game help wanted, Funtime Freddy and Circus Baby are both in the night terrors room which is in fact, the setting of fnaf 4. So now we know why Funtime Freddy and Circus Baby are in the night terrors in the crying child’s bedroom. Because they are under it. My grammar is on point today 😂 (Sorry if it didn’t make sense but please try to understand because I think that I’m onto something)

  • Pickle Gamer
    Pickle Gamer 20 minutes ago

    Glitchtrap: have you found one Follower:I have Glitchtrap:who is it Follower:MatPat Glitchtrap:why? Follower:he knows your plans

  • Spykid Yu
    Spykid Yu 22 minutes ago

    where thai sub ??

  • Sampath Kumar
    Sampath Kumar 24 minutes ago

    ROSES are red Violets are blue PUBG and Fortnite Are developed by the same engine

  • Tre Montgomery
    Tre Montgomery 24 minutes ago

    23 squares

  • OnnieDoodles
    OnnieDoodles 27 minutes ago

    As crazy as these updates may get and all, it’s really inspiring too see how far Scott has made it with FNAF. To have made a game like this after someone commented on some beaver model of his? Proves to show that with enough patience, dedication and knowing enough of a skill, you can make some nice quality stuff. And the fact that he made Christian media that was at the level of Gathers pond (Saberspark made a video on it) before fnaf, this says a lot and I appreciate Scott so much.

  • Davida Majako
    Davida Majako 30 minutes ago

    Soooo.. All three timelines merged into one. But why....

  • カカロット孫悟空
    カカロット孫悟空 32 minutes ago

    You probably won't see this but, You should do more research on the FNAF2 Withered Animatronics, WHY do they look so different from the FNAF1 ones? WAS THERE A PIZZERIA before FNAF2 that had the FNAF2 withereds on their Unwithered Form?

  • sophie mcguire
    sophie mcguire 33 minutes ago

    Mavi that Babi is Majora*s mask

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 33 minutes ago

    How would a spring lock failure cause the bit of ‘83?

  • Edwin Chavarria
    Edwin Chavarria 34 minutes ago

    Doing an essay on this topic and this made every things so much more easy.

  • Purpl Bottl
    Purpl Bottl 34 minutes ago

    I feel like Minecraft never really had any lore, and as matpat started writing a lore. Notch was just like, ‘yep. Sure!’

  • Matthew Her
    Matthew Her 35 minutes ago

    3:13 100,000 volts?! HA!! He can't beat Kaminari then!

  • Angry Mash
    Angry Mash 39 minutes ago


  • sophie mcguire
    sophie mcguire 39 minutes ago

    There hospital gresn*s but what else can they be ?!?????!?

  • DaLordMan GS
    DaLordMan GS 41 minute ago

    MatPat. Do not go so low to say Terraria is a clone of Minecraft. It's just not. So many people think that and it's dumb. I know it's just for a theory but it's NOT a good example.

  • The Fronk
    The Fronk 44 minutes ago

    It said in a vininilte pokedex entry that humans made ice cream BAISED on vininilte. So... they didn't use mimicry.

  • Jacob Champion
    Jacob Champion 45 minutes ago

    Hot wings

  • Connor Nichols
    Connor Nichols 46 minutes ago

    when did patty become a daddy?

  • Fish boy 921
    Fish boy 921 47 minutes ago

    Only reason why I like this is because he added tf2 #tf2islife

  • Terran Buford
    Terran Buford 47 minutes ago


  • Joel HaasTillapaugh
    Joel HaasTillapaugh 48 minutes ago

    Wait if spring trap is in UCN where is the purple guy. (#(#($(849292((#($93(3(+4+5+534$!%(4(

  • KeaneRoy Rivera
    KeaneRoy Rivera 48 minutes ago

    Dozen even matter

  • Ji Ji
    Ji Ji 50 minutes ago

    hot wings . . . me, a bnha manga reader: *nice*

  • The Claimed
    The Claimed 51 minute ago

    its a fiction series and im not sure if audible has it but google play has it as an audio book. its called vampire kisses and its pretty cool as far as vampire books go

  • Noor Fatima Ihsan
    Noor Fatima Ihsan 52 minutes ago

    My personal favorite starter Pokemon is the 4th option Pikachu

  • Elric Jones
    Elric Jones 53 minutes ago

    There’s another fnaf game????? ANOTHER ONE? Scott, I love you but you’re beating a dead horse man.

  • Hambo325
    Hambo325 53 minutes ago

    I hope there's a new binding of Isaac theory one day. Especially now that The Legend of Bumbo has more lore and repentance is on the horizon. Or maybe a new half life theory since the new game got announced

  • Kold Gold
    Kold Gold 54 minutes ago

    Squirtle Squad

  • Mina the Ravenclaw
    Mina the Ravenclaw 58 minutes ago

    Isn't it funny that the girl looks like Cindy from Kindergarten 1 & 2 and they both lost a dog

  • Dylan Lemke
    Dylan Lemke 58 minutes ago

    Great! now find how much stone there is.

  • Block Master
    Block Master Hour ago

    I think if you donate Scott will put your name in the end credits of the new game.

  • Zamppu
    Zamppu Hour ago


  • Yt Premium
    Yt Premium Hour ago

    I'm from Indonesian

  • Wild Era
    Wild Era Hour ago

    He likes odd numbers not even numbers, so 1700 should be correct.

  • joy bose
    joy bose Hour ago

    But u can't make a very large level with a small timer

  • DaWaterNinja592
    DaWaterNinja592 Hour ago

    We need a theory on The Kalos Ghost Girl

  • Draie Bone
    Draie Bone Hour ago

    Oh baby madpat does anyone See dis in 2019

  • Shlonzs
    Shlonzs Hour ago

    Watching this while the next half-life is being announced 🤣

  • Nintendo Switch
    Nintendo Switch Hour ago

    So Many Easter Eggs

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Maybe. . . it was just a game of Pokemon Nuzlocke

  • FUS RO DAH! — Daily

    14:04 Kellie is a Fuze main.

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Ash has got to stop hanging out with tweens he's 20 years old now

  • KikaHyuga :3
    KikaHyuga :3 Hour ago

    My boyfriend lost his father earlier this year to brain cancer. By the time they found it, it was too late, so he was only around for a few months. He unfortunately never got to see my bf graduate. (We were in senior year of highschool)

  • antsu H.A.H
    antsu H.A.H Hour ago

    I'm different

  • blue has no clue

    You gotta do a theory on the new half life alyx

  • Azell Zettai
    Azell Zettai Hour ago

    even if there is a war and the world wants my head what they can do against my legendary team

  • TheDen4ikChannel


    IAM YUKI Hour ago

    Matthew, at 9:43, Portrait of markov it's actually a journal from gravity falls

  • Wyatt Nooodles
    Wyatt Nooodles Hour ago

    asriel didnt absorb 7 human souls from all the monsters he absorbed the 6 human souls and then all the monster souls

  • l FreeTheHaunted l

    MatPat. This is a serious matter. You need to address COPPA

  • ElDariAT
    ElDariAT Hour ago

    Alcremie can't eat me if Gamefreak doesn't animate it

  • 1000 subs before youtube removes me [Dec 10]

    5:40 Matpat: this might be the longest game title in history Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: Try me.

  • Dimitar Dinkov
    Dimitar Dinkov Hour ago

    please make a video on the Lucius games!!!!!!

  • Monjur Ahmed
    Monjur Ahmed Hour ago

    What if Tape Girl is Vennesa. Because they both have the same voice. Because in one of the tape, Tape Girl says that the way to defeat Glitch trap you have to merge all the tapes together. but when you merge them together they all have bad endings. anyway just look at this comment.

    YOUTUBE STUFF Hour ago

    Do you know of capa

  • saint wilson
    saint wilson Hour ago

    Did I hear a swear? 🤔🤔

    HANNAH DINGER Hour ago

    Ruining our childhood sence 2011? My little bro was born in 2011... Lovely

  • Azell Zettai
    Azell Zettai Hour ago

    meowth with payday and pick up

  • Lady of Dungeons

    Me trying to subscribe twice at Matt getting up to help cancer patients...

  • FauxWhistle1909 #2

    4:10 Three of the most strongest warriors vs The Creator

  • Bretelz
    Bretelz Hour ago

    1 year to finish the whole game theory

  • Gregg Smith
    Gregg Smith 2 hours ago

    That opening tho. Soooo true

  • MemeGod62
    MemeGod62 2 hours ago

    3:22 so is foxy a boy, or a girl?

  • Kristoffer Kirkesæther

    Man, a giant update to the game "raft" is dropped at december 3. and me and my friends are super hyped. wth am i gonna do

  • The_Weaver’s_Blade

    I wanna bring back the end card tournament

  • Dkangel8
    Dkangel8 2 hours ago

    See never knew that about Crash and now I’m unsure about everything...

  • Yarn
    Yarn 2 hours ago

    Oh what the I’ve been watching game theory for like 3 yrs and I haven’t even subscribed, sorry. (I subbed)

  • Bok Sum Cheung
    Bok Sum Cheung 2 hours ago

    Poor Yoshi.

  • Fauxier
    Fauxier 2 hours ago

    The killer in the teaser matches the bunny mask we see in the FNaF teaser by looking at the ears.. Vanny don’t do it!

  • Kredenc
    Kredenc 2 hours ago

    I don't think Villagers can't craft. Not in a GAME sense, only you, as the player can but they still build their villages, make furniture, clothes, tools, etc. It's just that we don't see it. A creature who did not develop crafting intelligence (like that of apes, specific bird species and sometimes elephants) would not act like the Villagers do. They are obviously civilised people and they have the hands that were obviously evolved for holding things and manipulating things around them. It's just how evolution works. Humans evolved a specific type of intelligence just because they were social, evolved speech, had the physical ability to hold things precisely and therefore developed social, theoretical and crafting intelligence. The humanoid body is not "the ultimate" or the "ideal" body, it's just a body that occurred due to specific outside and inside factors. The humanoid body doesn't define that you're a person either; what defines it is the ability to make your own decisions based on intelligence, and each animal with a neural system is capable of doing it, it's just that types of intelligence differ. Many non-human animals are much more intelligent in certain aspects than humans are. You know what, why am I even trying to prove this if "souls" and "magic" are a thing in Minecraft. That makes it impossible from ever being plausible

  • LegendaryRomania
    LegendaryRomania 2 hours ago

    im having my 15th operation on december 2nd, one day before the event. I have a tumour but luckily, its benign. If i had money, id donate

  • Miah Loves U
    Miah Loves U 2 hours ago

    "Are you ready for a ghost story?" *Me supposed to be doing schoolwork* "Sure, why not"

  • Xack
    Xack 2 hours ago

    Why does matpat have the same personality as my teacher

  • One Of Many Slushy Soldier


  • Billy Beagle
    Billy Beagle 2 hours ago

    Untitled -Goose- FNAF Game

  • ZaabZz
    ZaabZz 2 hours ago

    i almost never like videos but this got me - a rare like from me :D

  • OmarTRG
    OmarTRG 2 hours ago

    I feel that Toby Fox is here hiding in the comments section...

  • Kristy Rocha
    Kristy Rocha 2 hours ago

    I think that the pictures are his family I could never beat sans

  • Mason Ring
    Mason Ring 2 hours ago

    knowing that about not doing slender i wonder how those theory would be?

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson 2 hours ago

    0:45 ummm...... not true lol

    • Kennedyme
      Kennedyme 17 minutes ago

      Jack Gibson yeah but that also has to do with us being TWO YEARS late 😅