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Sugar Bear Hair is a SCAM
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  • Well wouldn’t You like to know

    Blonde hair always looks worn out and dry. I used to be platinum blonde and it destroyed my hair and curls. No use in having color that requires you to cut it at least every two months. I’m now “natural”, I use framesi electric 0 ammonia Demi permanent color to blend my grey hair and my hair has never been healthier.

  • Kamy Alexandra
    Kamy Alexandra 37 seconds ago

    I thought the lather always was a false thing whenever the teacher told me to lather I was like girl wtf

  • Belinda Day
    Belinda Day 57 seconds ago

    The reason why she's putting Vaseline in is because she probably used to relax other people's hair or her own and that's the thing to do for at home treatment well you're the expert but I'm just saying from my experience with at home perms by Mommy

  • Lucy Olivia
    Lucy Olivia Minute ago

    I feel attacked

  • Ash M
    Ash M 2 minutes ago

    *Ahh Brad I love ya but stop being a harcist lol* you never dye anyone’s hair brown or dark, you always do platinum or bleach and put brighter color on the girls in the mondo makeovers 👀😂 it’s time to prove your as talented as you say you are and do a makeover from blonde to dark 👌 believe it or not , not all hair looks good lighter 🤣🤣

  • R.W.
    R.W. 2 minutes ago

    I have natural strawberry blonde hair so I’m living right now lol

  • Waleeyah xxx
    Waleeyah xxx 2 minutes ago


  • Summer Ohman
    Summer Ohman 3 minutes ago

    I naturally have brown hair. I’m growing it out so rn my roots are brown, my mids and ends are like 5 different shades of red 😂 but I’ve also had fire engine red before (it was like 4 years ago) but I had bleached and dyed my own hair. I used splat but that was before I started buying professional color 😂

  • Ivaa lel
    Ivaa lel 4 minutes ago


  • Coraille G.
    Coraille G. 4 minutes ago

    I died my hair red ... it destroyed my curls ... and after one wash it became neon pink ... hahahahaha I was very confused

  • Kiku Yamae
    Kiku Yamae 5 minutes ago

    Loreal's HiColor and HiColor Hilights line is so popular for dark hair because it lightened/bleached hair for you. It contains lightener/bleach in the base, so it can lift and deposit color at the same time. I used to use this for years because I wanted vibrant, unnatural red hair but I didn't want to take the leap in figuring out how long I needed to lighten/bleach my dark hair to get the vibrancy I wanted. I took the leap a couple years ago with lightener/bleach and honestly, I'd go back to using this line again rather than lightening/bleaching. The amount of time and lightener/bleach I had to use to make my hair as light as I could, to have it be as bright as what HiColor Hilights gave me, made my ends so damaged. Just using HiColor Hilights gave me minimal damage (ends weren't fried, curl pattern was left intact) and my hair was always left a very bright magenta. And when I needed to touch up the roots and color, I just put HiColor on the roost and a red semi permanent color on the rest and I'm good!

  • Well wouldn’t You like to know

    I love solid brown hair. Not all stylists are over the top like you.

  • Das Einhorn
    Das Einhorn 7 minutes ago

    React to naomi jon

  • Ingrid Schaffer
    Ingrid Schaffer 8 minutes ago


  • Taylor Shall
    Taylor Shall 8 minutes ago

    The question is when has a “at home” video gone right? Love your videos

  • Heather
    Heather 9 minutes ago

    My hair is naturally dark brown. And it is super Shiney and soft. and that I should have never went blonde because it's dull

  • MissMahouKuro
    MissMahouKuro 9 minutes ago

    I used hi color when I went red. It simply just works great. My color lasted and vibrant. My first time dying my hair red I used a ion red dye but I was recommended hicolor and loved it a lot more. The ion was a funky tone and didn’t last as long.

  • Juliana B K
    Juliana B K 9 minutes ago

    You're on trending!!!!

  • Eileen_A_B
    Eileen_A_B 10 minutes ago

    Geez, stop sh$tting on brown hair. Brown is beautiful too. Brown hair can have red and blond highlights in it naturally and it's gorgeous. There are lots of people who look great as brunettes and some who have changed to blond who should go back to brown (ex: Adrien Palicki is STUNNING with dark hair, makes her blue eyes striking).

  • Ju Juliana
    Ju Juliana 11 minutes ago

    My brown haired ass being triggered out here

  • Candy Vertz
    Candy Vertz 13 minutes ago

    love it actually

  • Kirstin Elizabeth
    Kirstin Elizabeth 13 minutes ago

    Brad can you dye your hair when you’re pregnant? ❤️

  • abigayle boyce
    abigayle boyce 13 minutes ago

    Honestly i didnt start watching you Brad until the whole James Charles and Tati scandal happened but im so glad i did cuz now ive realized that not all people in the hair and makeup industry have to be complete drama queens. You made youtube look fun and refreshing all over again for me so thank you for just being there beautiful!💜💜💜

  • Kai H.
    Kai H. 13 minutes ago

    I wish I had my mum film my long to short cuts for you to see. I've done it 3 times and donated, twice it was waist length and cut to a bob (8/9 years old) and then a sharp angled bob (13 years old), the third was to my midback and cut to a paintbrush pixie cut (19 years old).

  • Touka Kirishima
    Touka Kirishima 13 minutes ago

    Y’all hurt asf over him calling brown hair boring. When in reality that shit really is. 🤣 It’s not that deep in all honesty. Y’all really letting this TVclip shit get to you. If you love your hair color then love it. Him saying it boring shouldn’t have y’all pressed like this. 🗿

  • Morgue Zefex
    Morgue Zefex 14 minutes ago

    Wow can this be a series? Because this is cool as hell. 💖💕 Honestly the only suggestion is to spin everything in advance and then do the coloring so its easier on yourself Brad 😅

  • Zen Yea
    Zen Yea 14 minutes ago

    You all are beautiful. Except Brad. *This is a joke. Chill*

  • Rebecca Matzen
    Rebecca Matzen 15 minutes ago

    I used to work at Sally’s and I remember the Hi Color was popular because it was supposed to “lighten” and color hair. But the trick (that everyone wanted to ignore) was that it was for VIRGIN hair. If there was already color it wouldn’t lift the color. So the hi color was recommended for dark hair that had never been dyed if you were trying to go intense colors without much damage.

  • Adrienne Sarti
    Adrienne Sarti 15 minutes ago

    Y’all who’s down to start a brunette fan club on insta with me?

  • moonsyngi
    moonsyngi 16 minutes ago

    Brad: hello beautiful Me: :)) Also brad: if you have dark hair literally burn in hell, you don't deserve rights

  • Francheska Medina
    Francheska Medina 17 minutes ago

    Omg !!! I used the same bright red color from Hi color when I was on high school yearssss ago, didn’t know they still selling it.

  • Nilay Benli
    Nilay Benli 17 minutes ago

    brad dragging me for my hair for 18 minutes straight

  • Theresa Bullington
    Theresa Bullington 21 minute ago

    That last one didn't have color on her hair, that's just what happens with longer dark hair. Mine is almost always two or three shades lighter on the ends than on the top. My guess is that is the case because it has been exposed to the sun for longer.

  • Brianna Garcia
    Brianna Garcia 21 minute ago

    My cousin want to try and color her hair multiple colors and I was like ummm brad mondo wouldn’t approve you doing it yourself she didn’t do it 😂😂

  • Megan W
    Megan W 22 minutes ago

    I can not tell you how many times I’ve gone from brown to bright red 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ve always used Ion color from Sally’s to do it and expected a subtle red then got Ariel red lol.

  • Alex Gatto
    Alex Gatto 22 minutes ago

    Is Brad out here shitting on brown hair just to get the comment section blowing up and his engagement algorithm poppin cuz... It working.

  • Noire. Lace;
    Noire. Lace; 23 minutes ago


  • Brittany L.
    Brittany L. 24 minutes ago

    Um lol sorry I have brown hair. My bad, I’ll try to tell my genetics to fix it.

  • kek kek
    kek kek 24 minutes ago

    My brunette scalp is quaking )':

  • Brianna Cee
    Brianna Cee 24 minutes ago

    Wow I was featured in a Brad Mondo video😍 life=complete

  • Victoria C
    Victoria C 29 minutes ago

    Hey Brad you can make my brunette hair go from drab to fab anytime 😂 it’s a weird color lol kinda dirty blonde, brunette, with a tint of grey? Idk but I’ve never liked it 😂

  • beauty pan
    beauty pan 32 minutes ago

    4:24 you guys remember the mayor from the grinch?...

  • Jen Tree
    Jen Tree 32 minutes ago

    I guess I should really stop dying my hair brown....

  • Luis Vasquez
    Luis Vasquez 33 minutes ago

    Pit Travolta Sosa gosa gosa gosa

  • Kelsey Janovsky
    Kelsey Janovsky 33 minutes ago

    *time for my unpopular opinion that no one asked for* I'm not a jenna marbles fan..and frankly dont understand how she has such a large following. Just my opinion no one be mad at me pls lol

  • moonsyngi
    moonsyngi 34 minutes ago

    When you and Brad are sick at the same time 😍😍

  • Bryanna Berger
    Bryanna Berger 34 minutes ago

    My hair is naturally brown and I’ve been dying my hair red for almost TWO years (in a salon) but I love it I tried blond and went right back to red because I LOVE it. If you are think about going red just know it’s high maintenance and the dye my hair dresser uses is ammonia and chemical free.

  • A K
    A K 34 minutes ago

    I have blonde hair that I dye purple and I dodged some shade from Brad in this video 😭 all you brunettes out there are beautiful though!!! ❤️

  • Kyle Wolfe
    Kyle Wolfe 36 minutes ago

    Was all the brown hair hate necessary?? Damn.

  • Cutiee.pie. e
    Cutiee.pie. e 39 minutes ago

    Me with brown hair throughout this whole video “ 😶😭” damn tell us how you really feel brad 😭

  • Cecilia Lopez
    Cecilia Lopez 40 minutes ago

    Personally women with luscious brown hair is so beautiful to me! It gives an alluring look. Don’t feel obligated to change it cuz you’ll be “boring”, you WONT. Love your brunette hair!

  • Sophie Berry
    Sophie Berry 40 minutes ago

    Love love love that this is trending 😍😍😍

  • Chelseadadoll.
    Chelseadadoll. 40 minutes ago

    who else skipped the intro cause it was long ass hell 😂

  • Sara._.blank
    Sara._.blank 40 minutes ago

    i’m literally making a video dying my virgin brunette hair now because brand MONDO SAYS BRUNETTES SUCK THANKS BRAD

  • Chevon rose
    Chevon rose 40 minutes ago

    Brown is one of the most beautiful and complex natural colors. Not everyone wants to be fake or kill their hair either 🤷‍♀️

  • Bobbi Schmittou
    Bobbi Schmittou 41 minute ago

    If y’all don’t stop coming for Brad. Natural brown here, but he’s right. Brown is better with some highlights or something to give it more dimension.

  • magaliep34
    magaliep34 42 minutes ago

    Sticking up for someone who doesn’t need or asked for it is just ridiculous

  • Наталья Возняк

    Im happy to finally be kinda-natural-brunette! I had this mouse-y Slavic colour for 20 years, I dyed my hair ginger since 14, and even tho I stopped 6 years ago, I still think I see it. Now im older and My hair grow out brunette, they get lighter bc of the sun every summer - AND IM OKAY WITH THAT, let's embrace our natural/kinda/semi natural hair! Not all of us are blonde, not all of us want to be blonde!

  • L. Purdy
    L. Purdy 47 minutes ago

    12:20 *speaks stressed dolphin* Who knew Brad could speak dolphin. He tried to tell us with his shirt. So as not to brag.

  • Miss Anthrope
    Miss Anthrope 49 minutes ago

    The timing of this video is perfect cause I went from dark brown to a vibrant auburn yesterday when this was uploaded. I did bleach it with 20 vol and then gave it a rest before using a high lift red and orange dye mixed + 30 vol on 9/15. It's a level 6 or 7 auburn shade and I'm living for it. Don't worry y'all I'm licensed and my hair is all but indestructible. I could bleach it 10 times and it will still be fine lmao. I will never use black dye ever again and I suggest no one else does either unless you're sure you want black hair for the next few years. Use a dark brown. It will look black enough. ETA dark hair is beautiful, sultry, and mysterious. Love your brown/black hair ladies and gentleman.

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 49 minutes ago

    I have naturally blonde hair, I colored my hair at home brown and it looked good, then I wanted to go back to blonde.. I just colored my hair with blond dye, I didn't use bleach it was just a normal dye, and it obviously didn't look as blonde as before, but it was definitely blonde, not orange maybe a little bit yellowish, but in natural light It didn't look yellowish it looked blonde... So for me it went well.... I color my hair quite much, and I only do it home by myself or either my mom helps me, but I have never been to a hairdresser.. Soo.... Yeahhh

  • Lazarus Serphant
    Lazarus Serphant 50 minutes ago

    I changed my hair from brown to bright red as a April fools joke on my Mom...5 months later I have redyed it 3 times and love it lmao

  • gothicangelamy1992
    gothicangelamy1992 51 minute ago

    I think if you straighten it it would give you the full effect but this is good omg do my hair like this 💓💓

  • Sam Miklautz
    Sam Miklautz 53 minutes ago

    I thought you had to bleach your hair before applying a colour that's lighter than your original hair? lil conused

  • Kyra Van Meijl
    Kyra Van Meijl 54 minutes ago

    Haha in the first video, there was a commercial pop-up and I actually wanted to click it away, but Brad did it for me :')

  • Holly Woods
    Holly Woods 54 minutes ago

    It should not be this hard to think through... it’s just logic and understanding how our hair is structured 😅 these videos pain me sooo hard 😂 love you brad! 😍

  • Mojo Jojo
    Mojo Jojo 54 minutes ago

    My virgin brunette hairs feelings are so hurt right now - Mojo JoJo

    • Luis Vasquez
      Luis Vasquez 32 minutes ago

      Pit Travolta Sosa gosa gosa gosa

  • Malak Shebl
    Malak Shebl 54 minutes ago

    Hey mondo I love my curly dark brown hair COME AT ME

  • Samantha Sparks
    Samantha Sparks 54 minutes ago

    If she would have used ion pigments color depositing would have turned out red. With no developer also no damage. You welcome.

  • Dana M
    Dana M 55 minutes ago

    This was very popular and new back when I was in beauty school. Crazy bright pink or red streaks.

  • wlw for hot girl meg
    wlw for hot girl meg 56 minutes ago

    yayyyy I'm a natural coppery redhead this is fun🥰 I like adding a bit of semi permanent copper color on top sometimes to brighten it, it's fun

  • Susieee Cuee
    Susieee Cuee 57 minutes ago

    Everyone in the comments with brown hair are a bunch of pussies! I have brown hair and my panties aren’t in a bunch over what hes saying. Y’all are annoying

  • Robert Porter
    Robert Porter 57 minutes ago

    That screech at the beginning scarred my cat 😂

  • Sabréna presents CurlyMessyBun

    I’ve done red over black without issues

  • Tanisha Jackson
    Tanisha Jackson 58 minutes ago

    I have naturally dark hair. With varying tones in it&it is love. But i also haven’t rocked my natural hair color in over a decade. 😂 To each their own. I love my brunette beauts but a nice little face framing highlight to accentuate that color never hurt either. That’s all Brad is saying! Play up them features girl! 👏🏽

  • Shelly Lipscombe
    Shelly Lipscombe 59 minutes ago

    I wanna go a dark red. My hair is a very dark brown black. How would I go about it ?

  • Kiersten Little
    Kiersten Little 59 minutes ago

    I really don't like you, sorry.

  • wlw for hot girl meg

    lmao I'm just about to color my hair red agsjsjs

  • Andy Andy
    Andy Andy Hour ago

    Brown Vs blonde FIGHT 🤣

  • Angelina Xo
    Angelina Xo Hour ago

    The new title of this video should be “brad mondo making Brunettes feel insecure for 18 min straight”

  • why so serious
    why so serious Hour ago


  • Rudy Tarde
    Rudy Tarde Hour ago


  • Emily Mcduffie
    Emily Mcduffie Hour ago

    I really like it actually, I’d dye my hair this color, minus the roots being silver. A black faded to the multiple other colors is super pretty

  • Elise Westgarth
    Elise Westgarth Hour ago

    I wish I could come but I live in Australia oh and my name is Elise.rose.westgarth I am a 10 years old a girl

  • shelby ortiz
    shelby ortiz Hour ago

    His first comment was “oooooooowooooooo look at that hair, so pretty!” To BRUNETTE hair. Y’all need to chill and let this man have an opinion. He likes what he likes, just like you and me. Everyone gets offended so easily these days damn.

  • Edita Ket
    Edita Ket Hour ago

    It's getting soo boring when Brad does someone's hair is always bleached or pink. I miss some beautiful healthy and shiny looking dark hair on his channel. And healthy dark hair is normally so shiny and there is nothing more boring than all women with bleached dead balyage ends. I miss some beautiful brunettes on the streets for the last couple years.

  • primula daisy
    primula daisy Hour ago

    10:19 Brad Vasaline is just name brand petroleum jelly

  • Met3lAngel
    Met3lAngel Hour ago

    Says she tried to dye her hair red but didn't work because she dyed her hair black. Tried to dye her hair red again after she said she dyed hair black again. 😩

  • Blossoming Rose
    Blossoming Rose Hour ago

    All dye is boxed

  • Luis Vasquez
    Luis Vasquez Hour ago

    Homo nano tech vaccine to newborns Generation x

  • Ashley Thurman
    Ashley Thurman Hour ago

    Brad the the Loriell HiColor has pre-lighter in it. Most professional salons in Kentucky uses this bc it it lightens and deposit color throughout your hair Your a hair dresser how do u not know this ?

  • Liana Magaliou
    Liana Magaliou Hour ago

    That "Hi beautiful" in the beginning! I love him❤❤

  • Elle Watson
    Elle Watson Hour ago

    4:45 Ok calm down! Us natural brown haired people with no other tones from dying it are living our healthiest hair life! I shaved off all my dyed hair because I was sick of it and now I’m loving my natural hair colour because it naturally pulls highlights without frying it with colouring 🙄 and it’s SOLID BROWN soooo

  • Amelia Luchini
    Amelia Luchini Hour ago

    I love you lol <3

  • Kristina Plank
    Kristina Plank Hour ago

    My brown hair was the one thing i had brad. The only thing brad

  • Jai Catalano
    Jai Catalano Hour ago

    Whenever I am in the Apple store I go up to the Genius bar and say I apologize. I'm blonde but this is the Apple store but do you sell apple juice too?

  • Rayelle J
    Rayelle J Hour ago

    Last person did a perfect job 👏👏👏👏

  • kai russell
    kai russell Hour ago

    I never was into red heads... Then I saw Christina Hendricks for the first time.

  • aeyl
    aeyl Hour ago

    I've been coloring my hair for 9 years and I got tired of maintenance so I finally decided to go back to brown. Now I feel insulted 😂