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  • lola madelein
    lola madelein 3 minutes ago

    how are they 18 they all look 30 at least omfjfjdh

  • Laural ローラル
    Laural ローラル 6 minutes ago

    K I have an explanation: Pink, red, and blue are normally very powerful colors. No matter how much silver, yellow or green added, the blue and red tones will almost always overpower everything else. Gorgeous purple though! Even experienced artists will struggle to make that color! Bravo!

  • Lucy
    Lucy 8 minutes ago

    Brad Mondo living the high guy life

  • nellie_romano
    nellie_romano 10 minutes ago

    All I can say is that my brain starting singing Joanna from Sweeney Todd and I honestly dont think it could get more accurate than this

  • Janae Thomas
    Janae Thomas 12 minutes ago

    dude its literally 4am

  • Phara De Jaegere
    Phara De Jaegere 14 minutes ago

    I have bangs and it was the best thing that ever happend to me dude! I am like idk bro kinda pretty now

  • Reese Parkes
    Reese Parkes 17 minutes ago

    brad: your like *beAutiFul* me: **lying down in by bed with my dirty ass hair that hasn’t been washed in two days**

  • Darian Ledbetter
    Darian Ledbetter 17 minutes ago

    You literally did a really good job considering that it was hair color, definitely impressed!!☺️💯

  • Janae Thomas
    Janae Thomas 18 minutes ago

    James: remember i had the gray hair for a second then i had the pink Me: no, no don’t remember that Brad: “I dont remember that or that face” Me: WITCH CRAFT

  • SheLuxLit :3
    SheLuxLit :3 29 minutes ago

    You Sssniperwolf Now Thanks

  • Tianna Edward's
    Tianna Edward's 31 minute ago

    Yes please make the what kind of bangs you should get!

  • Tianna Edward's
    Tianna Edward's 37 minutes ago

    Yeah I kinda fuucked uup

  • Brittany Plucas
    Brittany Plucas 40 minutes ago

    I love all your videos. I watch them all the time. I would love for you to tell me what you would do with my hair

  • Joey
    Joey 46 minutes ago

    Uh no. Never had that bangs question since I have curly hair.

  • XxLoubee_ star _ GachaxX
    XxLoubee_ star _ GachaxX 47 minutes ago

    Me and my friends colour are hair with sharpies in school when we’re bored it washes out but you have to do it the same night or it doesn’t come out

  • emma s
    emma s 52 minutes ago

    i love u brad lol honestly my favorite youtuber next to sarah baska. u just topped shane dawson tho aaye haha

  • karen williams
    karen williams 57 minutes ago

    Do a fringe yourself hair dressers on my ruin mine I've done my best fringes

  • Lauren Zo
    Lauren Zo 59 minutes ago

    I used to colour my hair with sharpies when I was 15/16 because my mom wouldn't let me actually colour it. I liked it because it only lasted two washes so I didn't get in trouble haha

  • karen williams
    karen williams Hour ago

    I'm oval/diamond I wanna get my emo side fringe back

  • Gabrielle Navarro

    hey...... i feel u on that first part about being tired and only energized at inconvenient times 😩😩😭💖🥰

  • Aiyanna Pritchard

    Brad: So what you are going to need to accomplish the Ariana Grande half up moment is a head. Hopefully you have one..... Me: I don't think I have one

  • Sulab Hnin
    Sulab Hnin Hour ago

    Who knew that the girl in the thumbnail is Rachel

  • Janae Thomas
    Janae Thomas Hour ago

    mutilated white, bob ross is quaking

  • December Darnell

    Okay. I heard not using shampoo is good for your hair too. I haven’t used shampoo for years now and although it looks shiny, it’s dry af since I just use conditioner. Thoughts? 💭

  • gacha potato chip sweet

    It start at 2:30 Ur welcome

  • jamie zepeda
    jamie zepeda Hour ago

    You missed the uberliss part

  • Yami Bakura
    Yami Bakura Hour ago didn't use a bonder ._.

  • Sydney Stoyko
    Sydney Stoyko Hour ago

    Her face doesn’t match her neck in a big way

  • jamie zepeda
    jamie zepeda Hour ago

    Dying at your sarcasm so funny!!😂

  • Keeara Rogers
    Keeara Rogers Hour ago

    Something about him feels so forced

  • Tabithaaa
    Tabithaaa Hour ago

    This brought back flashbacks😂

  • Liz Plays
    Liz Plays Hour ago

    You should react to SSSniper wolf letting her bf cut her hair

  • Mangotropolis
    Mangotropolis Hour ago

    Watching this as a normal person that just got this in their recommended and gets all answers right: Okay good, this is the confidence boost I needed tonight.

  • Bianca Medina
    Bianca Medina Hour ago

    Totally getting a fringe now! .... Wait maybe not, I shouldn’t! ...Oh I totally am 💀 Thanks Brad 🤦🏻‍♀️ because of this video I am going to do it. ASAP before I talk myself out of it. (ily 💕)

  • Adri
    Adri Hour ago


  • lin !
    lin ! Hour ago

    The people who say they look nothing alike are just sayin that to seem cool. They Eric looks like an older, slightly more masculine version of Brad, and you can definitely tell they are brothers!!

  • Yvonne R
    Yvonne R Hour ago

    We bangin out here!

  • Deztiny Willis
    Deztiny Willis Hour ago

    Unpopular opinion: I truly hate short bangs and I don’t know why anyone does that.. long bangs or no bangs all the way! Love the video though 😂😂

  • Lacey Riles
    Lacey Riles Hour ago

    0:02 “Brad Mondo, reporting in to yellow diamond”

  • Ariella Sandoval

    Is it just me or did he say that chewing your hair makes it grow faster???????

    ILE COVE Hour ago

    Did he uh put the colored side in hiS mouth

  • AMiR Ty
    AMiR Ty Hour ago

    You look like the Joker’s sane brother

  • Savannah M
    Savannah M Hour ago

    Some can't afford that extra $5. I like the color from the boxed dye better tbh.

    • Savannah M
      Savannah M Hour ago

      If I was to get my hair professionally done... it'd cost over $180. It's long and so thick it's ridiculous.

  • TheRealBabyYoda
    TheRealBabyYoda 2 hours ago

    "If you cant love yourself how the h3ll are you going to love someone else" -Rupaul


    The first girl is a hairdresser now and I love her videos i got so exited when I saw her

  • Delaney Burrows
    Delaney Burrows 2 hours ago

    No hate or any thing but are you high

  • Makayla Robinson
    Makayla Robinson 2 hours ago

    Maui moisture is an incredible brand and is only $6.57 (their first ingredient is aloe juice!!)

  • skylar hope226895
    skylar hope226895 2 hours ago

    He said I am the shit but you are my bitch

  • Michele Aurelio
    Michele Aurelio 2 hours ago

    My mom did a cap highlight on me when I was in 8th grade (‘85) I had really thick hair so instead of every 3rd hole, like the directions said, she did every hole. I refused to go to school for a week. 😂

  • samwise samml
    samwise samml 2 hours ago

    Brad, the water is so that the white part can go in your mouth so you dont get sharpie ink in your mouth :) she didn't really explain that though Haha Love your videos!

  • Mizzparkaa XO
    Mizzparkaa XO 2 hours ago

    Wow I love this...

  • jimbat
    jimbat 2 hours ago

    Is that some lip filler i see

  • Makayla Robinson
    Makayla Robinson 2 hours ago

    Brad: use two dime size amounts People with curly hair: *am I a joke to you?*

  • Personal Info
    Personal Info 2 hours ago


  • Carole Jones
    Carole Jones 2 hours ago

    I hope Megan Batoon sees this video! She is fringe goals for all face shapes lol

  • Lil ms. Lewis
    Lil ms. Lewis 2 hours ago

    This is why I'm not subscribed to you now cuz you won't SHUT UP MY GOD🙄

  • Shiann Nicole
    Shiann Nicole 2 hours ago

    I cannot imagine how much work curly hair is to take care of and style. I have just barely a little wave in my hair and I get annoyed with it lol. RESPECT TO YOU ALL WITH CURLS

  • Sydney Stoyko
    Sydney Stoyko 2 hours ago

    That intro though ❤️😂

  • Alexis_ Harts
    Alexis_ Harts 2 hours ago

    Idk why but I love the way brad says “very” lmao 😂 it sounds like he’s saying vAry

  • Laural ローラル
    Laural ローラル 2 hours ago

    When siblings have to pretend to like each other in public but by the end of it they have no more tolerance for one another

  • Tania Flores
    Tania Flores 2 hours ago

    Yesss make a bangs videooo

  • Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    It makes me happy to know the salon did me good. I have a heart shaped face and they did the bangs you explained. "The crecent moon fringe" lol😊

  • Majo G
    Majo G 2 hours ago

    Can u pls make one of these videos for pixie cuts👏💗

  • Angeline Nicole Ortiz

    i clicked bc i saw vereena

  • Bohemian Raspberry
    Bohemian Raspberry 2 hours ago

    i’m glad i got bangs in grade 4 instead of like grade 9

  • Camila Alvarez
    Camila Alvarez 2 hours ago

    She did not not used sharpie

  • Gabby .N
    Gabby .N 2 hours ago

    You should do a collab with her where she teaches you how she did it 💇🏽‍♀️

  • Jessica DeLine
    Jessica DeLine 2 hours ago

    I’ve had bangs for the past two years straight and honestly it’s not too bad. It doesn’t take me very long in the morning to redo them after putting them up to sleep and if I’m too sweaty I just put them back and dry shampoo is the best! The only thing I hate is wind! When the wind blows your bangs everywhere when you’re just trying to be cute 😅

  • Josiee Gold
    Josiee Gold 2 hours ago

    9:00 cure for depression

  • Elizabeth Rivers
    Elizabeth Rivers 2 hours ago


  • Krystal Nass
    Krystal Nass 2 hours ago


  • Strangerthingsisbae
    Strangerthingsisbae 2 hours ago

    Brad:hello beautiful!! Me:**eats burrito like a dinosaur**

  • Iowa Made
    Iowa Made 2 hours ago

    I must be a bang girl because every new stylist I’ve gone to has eventually asked if they can cut my hair super short and/or give me bangs.

  • Scarlet eARTh
    Scarlet eARTh 2 hours ago

    Can you explain the differences between bangs/fringe and framing a face? I will never get bangs/fringe again because of a hairdresser I went to deciding "framing my face" would be a good idea to accentuate my trim (had just below shoulder length hair at the time and I have a heart shaped face). I ended up with horrible-looking too-short bangs. When I gave her permission to "frame my face," I was adamant with her that I did NOT want bangs and reiterated it multiple times. To make it worse, she turned me away from the mirror while she cut so I was pissed and horrified when I saw what she did. Was I right to get angry at the hairdresser for making my hair not what I wanted for 2 more years while I had to grow them out? Or was it my mistake? Are they synonymous? Did I misunderstand what I was agreeing to?

  • Alaina Jane
    Alaina Jane 2 hours ago

    Um yes I want to know if I should get bangs or not

  • Alexis Empleo
    Alexis Empleo 2 hours ago

    2 Megan Batoon photos! she is so cute with bangs

  • SnowWolf _Goddess
    SnowWolf _Goddess 2 hours ago

    my red hair is prettier than hers :P lol jk

  • Natalie Folk
    Natalie Folk 2 hours ago

    when I was five I used to give myself really short and uneven micro bangs. It continued until I was seven. edit: also I cut my bangs after watching Loepsie's video.

  • Drew
    Drew 2 hours ago

    Why does miss mannequin look scared? I love you Brad you’re soooo funny

  • Judeashia Guerrero
    Judeashia Guerrero 2 hours ago

    How do I not use heat on my hair tho I love curling it even tho ik it’s so bad 😭😭 also how often should I get hair cuts if I want to grow out my hair? How do I get it thicker in that process I have such thin hair!

  • MarcAnne Robinson
    MarcAnne Robinson 2 hours ago

    Brad ur kinda of too offensive to McKenzie

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez 3 hours ago


  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez 3 hours ago

    Where is your hair line

  • Brittany Catalina
    Brittany Catalina 3 hours ago

    I have bangs lol 😂 round face chubby cheeks.. I really love my bangs, I didn’t take your advice though mine are below the brows ❤️

  • Zachary.B
    Zachary.B 3 hours ago

    I'm so tired of the whole "oval is most attractive female face shape" bitch, that shit is so toxic and is from a man's perspective, shit is disgusting. All faces are beautiful. Unless you look lime Donald Trump.

  • Judeashia Guerrero
    Judeashia Guerrero 3 hours ago

    I literally love your videos also I want to do the like “straight” cut bangs but like which type of straight cut bangs would look best on meeeee

  • Josiee Gold
    Josiee Gold 3 hours ago

    Your brother is soooo adorable!!

  • wild stingray
    wild stingray 3 hours ago

    yes pls do a "how to know if i should get bangs" video !!

  • Heyitzpickels 2624
    Heyitzpickels 2624 3 hours ago

    People are saying they are brothers but like they basically said they dated

  • Krissia Aguilar
    Krissia Aguilar 3 hours ago

    Hahahahahahaha the noises and sounds and expressions he uses 😂😂😂😂

  • rsc rocks
    rsc rocks 3 hours ago

    I'm a hybrid. I've lived my short life with and without bangs

  • Vanessa Darrough
    Vanessa Darrough 3 hours ago

    You put the water on it and put your mouth on the part that has the water on it so you don't get sharpie on your lips dodo brain

  • amegirl
    amegirl 3 hours ago

    I taught myself to French braid my own hair after I needed it for my extra curricular, I just pictured myself braiding someone else’s hair

  • Jackie rodriguez
    Jackie rodriguez 3 hours ago

    The water is for when you put the ink in it it turns white so then you get no ink in your mouth

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams 3 hours ago

    i died a little inside as soon as i saw her pull out that box dye like it was no biggie just after brad was so happy she wasn't using it the first time

  • Mikaela Druit
    Mikaela Druit 3 hours ago

    You should totally watch June Crees whenever she does anything to her hair she is the most chaotic human being in the planet and I’m HERE👏🏼FOR👏🏼IT!! ❤️ Edit: I’m watching her right now and I correct myself. Whenever she does ANYTHING, she is the most chaotic being in the world. Thanks for listen to my TED talk

  • missy nunyabiz
    missy nunyabiz 3 hours ago

    Please help me. I was talked into dying my hair black about 15 years ago and now im trapped in this haircolor. And i used to dye all of it everytime until 2 years ago consistantly only dying new growth because ive tried to go back to natural but the ends of my hair(its long) are so oversaturated with the black. The first try i used bleach. I really damaged my hair so then i decided id do my roots only to dark brown and that worked all of 4 months. I cant afford to go to a salon. The MAIN problem though is that im 51 now and while i do like the color, i am not going naturally grey so ugh. Its no longer a look i want. Pleeease!! My hair is fine. Its down to my waist. The only thing i can think to do is go bald and wear a wig until it grows back? Thats crazy. I need help. Point me toward the right products. Ill film it ill follow your advice the best i can with a complete notice to all that you dont actually recommend doing the job yourself but sometimes theres no choice. Ill even pay for the instruction.?. If no, thats ok. Thanks!

  • Goe Vang
    Goe Vang 3 hours ago

    Lol Brad is such a mood

  • Carron Patrick
    Carron Patrick 3 hours ago

    Oh, honey, Shanny, no. You deserve bad hair for the way you treat your momma. Shame.

  • Autumn Haggard
    Autumn Haggard 3 hours ago

    ‘I love......i love fire My brain: didn’t he say that twice