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  • Lynsey King
    Lynsey King 4 seconds ago

    Don’t itch the scratch or don’t scratch the itch 🤔

  • Selah Cragg
    Selah Cragg 9 seconds ago

    When i was younger i had really thick hair and a really sensitive scalp. Brushing my hair was a nightmare and really painful. Well when i got to junior high my hair started to come out in chunks like small ponytail size chunks with just a slight tug and my scalp didnt hurt at all. I tugged out a chunk in junior high in front of my class once because if i remember right anyway im not sure its been years. a girl had playfully pulled on my hair and a chunk came out and she started freaking out asking if she had hurt me and saying she was sorry and she didnt believe me when I said it was normal and no it didnt hurt me and that i was used to it. Got in trouble with the teacher. Took the clumps home to put in a zipblock bag to take to the dr again. A lot of clumps kept being tugged out of my head through out those years mainly by accident especially when brushing my hair. Dr didnt know what was wrong but also didnt seem very concerned at all. so i just lived with it. Funny enough i never had any bald patches or different lengths of hair from new growth or anything and my hair never got any thinner or thicker so idk. But when i reached highschool age my hair stopped falling out at just a light tug and my scalp became sensitive again on random days. I still dont know why my hair did that. Well it hasnt happened again so i dont really care any more just curious now. Also i have virgin hair. My hair has never been died or bleached or anything. Iv cut my hair short 2 times in the past couple years. Iv always had long or below my shoulders length hair before now. Probably to much info. Idk. Oh well. Hey maybe someone on here will know why my hair did that. Im kinda curious.

  • leigh pratt
    leigh pratt 17 seconds ago

    I don't dry my hair

  • Lolah Soto
    Lolah Soto 35 seconds ago


  • GoGirl311
    GoGirl311 2 minutes ago


  • Aria bunny
    Aria bunny 2 minutes ago

    I need help I just coloroppsed my bright pink hair and now it’s some how lavender👿 and want it level 5.5/6 brown . What do I do 😵

  • kenny
    kenny 2 minutes ago

    any other scene kids here? 😭 scene isn't dead y'all

  • Mari
    Mari 2 minutes ago

    11:46 “Every time it shocks me” HAHAHAHAHA OMG ICONIC

  • Jessica Sierra
    Jessica Sierra 2 minutes ago

    of all the times i’ve been dyeing my hair when my life was falling apart i could have been a tiktok star!!!

  • Afton Sitar
    Afton Sitar 3 minutes ago

    This looks like my 1994 perm 😂

  • Sister Duo
    Sister Duo 3 minutes ago

    Her hairline went “ba da ba da ba ba I’m loving it”.

  • seadeejay
    seadeejay 4 minutes ago

    I downloaded since my son shared a video to my FB. I am ADDICTED too

  • Amy Eliza
    Amy Eliza 4 minutes ago

    I love tik tok but unless you get a ton of followers I promise you will stop obsessing with it. I used to check it all day everyday and now I barely even open the app. I’m also wildly unpopular and 30 so...

  • GoGirl311
    GoGirl311 4 minutes ago

    Loves you!

  • Wicked Vibrations
    Wicked Vibrations 5 minutes ago

    Follow my TikTok I'm new and want friends 🤞 my username is crabbymoonpie

  • Annie Davidson
    Annie Davidson 5 minutes ago

    Brad u NEED to react to Barber Jeff dying the Tik Tok girls hair... Like this so he can see it 💕💕

  • Ashley Timm
    Ashley Timm 5 minutes ago

    My mom used to make me perm her hair... it was my least favorite thing. Ol quantum perm...does it still exist?

  • C LeGates
    C LeGates 6 minutes ago

    Dime size amount. I'm over here like a full handful 😂 more for conditioner

  • hailie
    hailie 6 minutes ago

    no one : brad mondo in EVERY video : tHe rEaSon whY wE doNt liKE bOx dYe iS bC wE nEvEr kNow wHat deVeLopEr iS gOinG tO bE iN tHe bOx

  • Tessa B.
    Tessa B. 7 minutes ago

    I worked at a well known beauty supply store that rhymes with bally's and a LICENSED hair dresser came in for a color. She needed a 10 volume developer for what she wanted to do. She said she didn't have any, but she had a 40 and a 50. She said she could MIX a 40 and 50 to make a 10 volume because APARENTLY THEY CANCEL OUT?!? Like.... WHAT?!? No, girl. No. She said her Instructor told her that... Who gave you your license?!? Why?!?

  • Noah Porter
    Noah Porter 8 minutes ago

    Him saying “Hi beautiful” always brightens my day. He says it like he really thinks I’m beautiful (like he can actually see me😅)

  • Lexi Rowe
    Lexi Rowe 9 minutes ago

    i feel like i’ve learned more in this video than i ever have in any of my classes throughout middle school and high school.

  • Olivia Miller
    Olivia Miller 11 minutes ago

    Why do I have such a strong urge to see brads midriff? 🤔

  • Deliasmom
    Deliasmom 12 minutes ago

    Hey I have purple hair lol. No shit huh? Lol

  • Stephanie Guess
    Stephanie Guess 12 minutes ago

    I love it! It's tie dye hair! ❤

  • Jill Udart
    Jill Udart 12 minutes ago

    TVclip unsubscribed me from your channel and the one with your brother!!! Gotcha back!

  • Busta Cathou
    Busta Cathou 13 minutes ago

    Internet need more people like you. You’re always so nice and respectfull😊 love from Montreal ❤️

  • Makayla Brown
    Makayla Brown 13 minutes ago

    First time I went from my natural light brown to black. I dumped the developer that was already in the box dye out and put in the one my hair dresser mom had maybe 10 or 20 and dyed it.. I was a smart 12 year old😂🤣

  • duhstyRoses - sophia
    duhstyRoses - sophia 13 minutes ago

    Crazy hair tivity

  • KitMin211
    KitMin211 13 minutes ago

    Been wanting to dye my hair green for years now. Pastel green

  • M Henderson
    M Henderson 14 minutes ago

    I wish I coould find a stylist that would do rainbow hair for me. My hairdress freaks out. 😢

  • Raaee C
    Raaee C 14 minutes ago

    Whatever happened to brad & eric?! I liked that channel

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 14 minutes ago

    alright Brad, ita 2020 n we love u but no more calling things r*chet

  • SultanAhmad
    SultanAhmad 14 minutes ago

    Guys I wanna bleach my hair so I go with 30v or 20v cuz I don’t wanna go 40v I don’t have the guts lol 😂 btw I have black virgin hair:)

  • Kirra
    Kirra 15 minutes ago

    when brad doesn’t call you beautiful :,(

  • BallisticWolfey
    BallisticWolfey 15 minutes ago

    My mom was a hair dresser and she uses those cap things with the holes to bleach her hair and it looks fantastic

  • Island Girl Tinie
    Island Girl Tinie 15 minutes ago

    Same brad same

  • Ren Racey
    Ren Racey 16 minutes ago

    Where’s his hoodie from?

  • Hannah Katz
    Hannah Katz 16 minutes ago

    Pls React to the video on my channel of me bleaching my hair it’s so bad pls like this so he can see this

  • Meghan Marie
    Meghan Marie 16 minutes ago

    I know this is probably the opposite effect Brad's going for, but I just watch these to absorb all the info I can for when I inevitably bleach my own hair

  • Amy Louwho
    Amy Louwho 17 minutes ago

    How is it that people who dye their hair all the time have such beautiful, healthy hair like Stella but mine looks so bad. I haven't dyed it, I don't heat style, and only air dry/cool shot on my dryer. I use decently expensive salon products too. Is it because I'm getting old? I never had this problem until the last couple years. Although, I'm really glad that all these people didn't ruin their beautiful, healthy hair unlike some we've seen. 😊

  • Nicholas Sill
    Nicholas Sill 17 minutes ago

    She looks like Trina Vega

  • Darra Brown
    Darra Brown 18 minutes ago

    I think it sucked up the main primary in the color which is blue tath why the ends turned blue

  • Melissa Mason
    Melissa Mason 19 minutes ago

    I wanna see brad do hair color using ONLY box dye! Highlights and all!!!

  • Snufkin’s Fanboy
    Snufkin’s Fanboy 20 minutes ago

    Bruh I payed $15 for a wig that looks waaaaaaayyyyyy better than that $135 wig...

  • Bri M
    Bri M 20 minutes ago

    I doubted highlighting caps. But then I had a guy achieve the ombré hair I wanted and it was surprisingly amazing. I couldn’t believe it.

  • Michael The Cat
    Michael The Cat 21 minute ago

    PLEASE watch shyla oliver mess up her hair!!!!!! it’s very entertaining

  • Leih R
    Leih R 22 minutes ago

    i get charged 190 without a haircut and spend 9hrs in the salon and then get what i don’t want even after explaining detail by detail 😑

  • Anna Doughty
    Anna Doughty 23 minutes ago


  • Jeremy Riccii
    Jeremy Riccii 24 minutes ago

    10 ads in ONE video.. like really

  • Aiyana
    Aiyana 24 minutes ago

    Brad would literally rate my routine a -1000 because I damage my hair cause I don’t know how to do this 4b/4c hair😭

  • Laura Belle
    Laura Belle 24 minutes ago

    Brad:I watch more tiktok than Netflix Me: thats me with TVclip... I’m obsessed with beauty gurus. I would rather watch TVclip than Netflix 🤣🤣🤣

  • Destiny Drew
    Destiny Drew 24 minutes ago

    Brad's outfit and hair right now giving me Billie Ellish vibes

  • Bianca DeMungia
    Bianca DeMungia 25 minutes ago

    4:20 “ just makes it look more real” My hair is naturally very thick throughout and the ends are not straggly at all. I wish they were but they aren’t.

  • Taylormoon
    Taylormoon 25 minutes ago

    My mum is also a hairdresser and i fuck up my hair with box dye ✌🏼

  • Ems Her
    Ems Her 27 minutes ago

    He says I’m beautiful while I have greasy hair and pimples all over *sigh*

  • Ba Ri
    Ba Ri 27 minutes ago

    Yes do more tik tok. I used a wash out to get yhe the red out so I could go a light brown. After the wash out it was brassy orange so I put a dark ash blonde on it to lift and it made it go back to the colour I started with. Wt? How do I get a champagne brown I want by doing it myself?

  • abloomoon
    abloomoon 29 minutes ago


  • Kyla Fuller
    Kyla Fuller 29 minutes ago

    This was kinda weird.

  • Mariana May
    Mariana May 30 minutes ago

    Ps brad u will never see a bad hair. If from me I will always get my hair done professionally

  • Allison Souza
    Allison Souza 31 minute ago

    You look really good in that wig. One of the best I've seen you in. And your lil dance was adorable btw. Ugh jealous of your gorgeousness. But not really but yeah..... Love your vids as usual Brad!

  • Lauren Ludovice
    Lauren Ludovice 32 minutes ago

    15:48 is it bad that that much hair always falls out of my head in the shower and I have never done anything to it

  • Reese Tune
    Reese Tune 32 minutes ago

    What color would go good with my olive Italian skin???? Btw love u❤️💙

  • Reese Tune
    Reese Tune 32 minutes ago

    What color would go good with my olive Italian skin???? Btw love u❤️💙

  • Mackenzie Tilotta
    Mackenzie Tilotta 33 minutes ago

    Imagine having to use a voice memo to post this about how im watching this on acid oml why 😭

  • Jessica Brighton
    Jessica Brighton 33 minutes ago

    Those tik toks were hard to watch. You make it bearable brad 😊

  • Annaliese McCormick
    Annaliese McCormick 34 minutes ago

    I'm a pale redhead so I dont think I will ever dye my hair.

  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet 34 minutes ago

    Hey just looking for advice, I have natural blond curly hair, and was thinking about dyeing it. I’m a girl and my hairs about 15 inches long not straitened. Any suggestions?

  • Leyla Picou
    Leyla Picou 34 minutes ago

    this wig works for you

  • Virgo Mermaid
    Virgo Mermaid 36 minutes ago

    @16:00 please get a light ash brown Demi and apply as a root smudge! Drag it further down in the under neath /back areas and less root on top!!! It’s saved lives

  • Wil-Marì Booysen
    Wil-Marì Booysen 36 minutes ago

    But i dont have twitter

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 36 minutes ago

    Also you said your tik tok too fast ok I’ll stop commenting love the video and your channel

  • Wil-Marì Booysen
    Wil-Marì Booysen 36 minutes ago

    I already am following you on insta

  • Savannah M
    Savannah M 37 minutes ago

    Coffee tones. I do it when I don't want to use a developer.

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 37 minutes ago

    Acne for white hair

  • Morgan Punt
    Morgan Punt 38 minutes ago

    I used to dye my hair with beet and carrot juice when I was 15 lol. It worked! It was more of a stain and I do have level 7 ash blonde hair but it definitely made it strawberry blonde. Too much work though, I started just coloring it normally after that haha

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 38 minutes ago

    She put on makeup for the brown

  • ItzzSidra
    ItzzSidra 39 minutes ago

    I’m 5:34 brad she did that because she put hot water in it if you go a few seconds back you weren’t paying attention

  • Tressa Rudd
    Tressa Rudd 39 minutes ago

    Brad: "walks off the screen for the intro" Me:🤨😕

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 40 minutes ago

    I love white head taylor

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 40 minutes ago

    Love the filter with the butterfly’s also great pink the orange was awful

  • Rebecca Jones
    Rebecca Jones 40 minutes ago

    Me: *sees title* brad no... Me: *watches video* BRAD NO!

  • Coumba Ndiaye
    Coumba Ndiaye 41 minute ago

    When u search TikTok to find Brad. I just exposed my self. Oh well 😂

  • shelby clark
    shelby clark 41 minute ago

    Now every youtuber I watch is doing tiktok content

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 42 minutes ago

    Tik tok really I love your channel though also what’s your tik tok ok I’ll stop commenting love your end and your intro screen also your not an f boy or please don’t be

  • Melanie McCaskey
    Melanie McCaskey 42 minutes ago

    Omg the hair rip 🤢

  • Emmett Fried
    Emmett Fried 43 minutes ago

    My hair is a little bit of a bleach mess

  • Maikkai Mii
    Maikkai Mii 43 minutes ago

    The girl ripping her hair out made me feel sick wtf 🤭

  • Molly Bricker
    Molly Bricker 43 minutes ago

    he makes me feel so beautiful sometimes

  • mad
    mad 43 minutes ago

    you’re so sweet i cant

  • Spoiled Rotten Great Dane

    13:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wil-Marì Booysen
    Wil-Marì Booysen 43 minutes ago

    Love u bradmondo

  • curliefro
    curliefro 44 minutes ago

    😂 Your expressions of defeat!

  • Veronika Ray
    Veronika Ray 44 minutes ago

    Just eat to Know if you can time dark brown hair?

  • Angi Ricci
    Angi Ricci 44 minutes ago

    Hai beautiful

  • Poppy and Harmony
    Poppy and Harmony 45 minutes ago

    All reactions aside I'm living for this 90s Erik von Detten look you got going on. (For those who don't know but he's the blonde dude Princess Mia Thermopalis was crushing on in the first part of princess diaries and also in Brink).

  • Glamour Girl
    Glamour Girl 45 minutes ago

    Me: watches people by box dyes at stores People: Can’t wait to go blonde Me: oh my noo Brad will be reacting 😂😂

  • BooBooKittySheri
    BooBooKittySheri 46 minutes ago

    Hi, my hair needs help. I'm 54 yrs old, hair not good. What is the best conditioner?

  • Bradley Stewart
    Bradley Stewart 47 minutes ago

    Bradley I love you. :)

  • Betty Boop
    Betty Boop 47 minutes ago

    Lmao brad mondo you are too funny and cute