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  • Wertys
    Wertys 5 days ago

    good stuff bro🔥 i mean that for real. i do montages as well you should check them out! 🎬 keep on grinding stay on it

    • Atosis
      Atosis 5 days ago

      Wertys thanks bro😎 Lit I’ll check you out

  • CuaThien
    CuaThien 14 days ago

    holy snap i think i go to the same school as you <3

    • Atosis
      Atosis 14 days ago

      CuaThien that’s fireee

  • Merkinn-_- Rayyan
    Merkinn-_- Rayyan 15 days ago


  • Nisha Moenetje
    Nisha Moenetje 18 days ago

    It works thanks

  • Gacha Zach
    Gacha Zach 28 days ago

    681483186384384 copy and paste it

  • Channel Aira
    Channel Aira Month ago

    Name worlds

  • Lucidus Draco
    Lucidus Draco Month ago

    How Much Is Your Music BPM? I want IT

    • Atosis
      Atosis Month ago

      Lucidus Draco it should be default

    F13RY ASASSIN Month ago

    What bpm?

  • Uyen sandy
    Uyen sandy Month ago

    Can I have it...? Pls? GrowID: flamezlover World: FNFHOTEL1 Drop it in display box if u can make another one, if u did drop it in display BOX, IM FKING THANFUL TO U K

  • Fiorenzo Andika Rendi Pratama

    Hmm nice...look perfect

  • dhenqii
    dhenqii Month ago

    yo it’s aiden 😤

    • Atosis
      Atosis Month ago

      ᴅʜᴇɴQɪɪ. Yo was good👻🥵

  • Too Simple
    Too Simple Month ago

    Awesome music and montage <3

    • Atosis
      Atosis Month ago

      Too Simple thanks man 🙏

  • wp Boss
    wp Boss 2 months ago

    Nice vid man! Noice edits.... Btw check me out if yah dont mind tryna hit 80subs I'm a wp grinder too 😁

  • Atosis
    Atosis 2 months ago

    Sorry the quality is kinda blurry guys🤦‍♂️😢

  • CuaThien
    CuaThien 2 months ago

    HMU for a collab 😤🌟❤️

    • Atosis
      Atosis 2 months ago

      CuaThien 💦💦

  • CuaThien
    CuaThien 2 months ago

    Yoooo you should duo with CuaThien that shit be dope af

  • Bizz Gang
    Bizz Gang 2 months ago


    • Atosis
      Atosis 2 months ago

      Bizz Gang ❗️🤩

  • Donny Le
    Donny Le 2 months ago

    nice thumbnail tho

  • Donny Le
    Donny Le 2 months ago

    it would be a good vid if u had sOniC iS buiLdiNg mOmenTum and a lakey inspired song

    • Atosis
      Atosis 2 months ago

      Donny Le facts 🤣

  • Phillip Tran
    Phillip Tran 2 months ago

    instinct atosis 🔥🔥😤😤

  • Phillip Tran
    Phillip Tran 2 months ago

    ayyy johnson this is lit

    • Atosis
      Atosis 2 months ago

      Phillip Tran yuppp yktv

  • Nathan Fitzcharles
    Nathan Fitzcharles 2 months ago

    O like legos, but this video is not good. You didn't say the names of all the pieces, and the lightsaber idea is already in star wars. Also, you should make custom character instead of having the flash well a lightsaber while skiing. 😐 😝 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 this video will die 👿💀😈😆

  • Charm TLM
    Charm TLM 2 months ago

    What're the coordinates of where to start?

  • Raj1256
    Raj1256 2 months ago

    It works 😃

  • Delicious
    Delicious 3 months ago

    when i place the note it makes 2 lines instead of 1 and keep repeating like urs

  • mlgkayd3n ツ
    mlgkayd3n ツ 3 months ago

    I don’t see it and I’m on ipad

  • Maziar Bahador
    Maziar Bahador 3 months ago

    Not bad

  • Youngest Fortniter
    Youngest Fortniter 3 months ago

    Nice err how old r you

    • Atosis
      Atosis 3 months ago

      Youngest Fortniter turning 16 in June

  • Lil Saccii
    Lil Saccii 3 months ago

    Someone get they manz

    • Atosis
      Atosis 3 months ago


  • Jah’ir Walton
    Jah’ir Walton 3 months ago

    When did y’all record this?😂

    • Jah’ir Walton
      Jah’ir Walton 3 months ago

      Ima be in a video one day watch😂

    • Atosis
      Atosis 3 months ago

      Jah’ir Walton like 3 weeks ago😂

  • Lps Goat gag
    Lps Goat gag 4 months ago

    I like it wow

  • Mano Jan
    Mano Jan 4 months ago

    But my ipad need ios10 and its not updating in my ipad so what can i do ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  • Hareb Ibrahim
    Hareb Ibrahim 5 months ago

    U need to put the blocks?

  • Kyo gtkh
    Kyo gtkh 5 months ago


  • issacguz guzman
    issacguz guzman 5 months ago

    look who’s back

    • Atosis
      Atosis 5 months ago

      issacguz guzman yup it’s been a while😂

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen 5 months ago

    Best thumbnail yet 🔥 yea theres not a lot of homeless people, mostly crackheads

    • Atosis
      Atosis 5 months ago

      Kim Nguyen Lmao yeah trueee

  • Lil Saccii
    Lil Saccii 5 months ago

    Yee yeee

    • Atosis
      Atosis 5 months ago


  • Uri Chan
    Uri Chan 5 months ago

    Hello what world

  • Jessiris The Penguin
    Jessiris The Penguin 5 months ago

    guys heres a way,tell a iphone user to send u the app so then u can download it

  • CoShwerp The Emperor Crimson

    its another code

    • Atosis
      Atosis 5 months ago

      Peeranat NG yeah I don’t play anymore so idk it

  • Miss Unicorn
    Miss Unicorn 6 months ago

    You impressed a bunny and a nine year old +1 like

  • Marie Weismantel
    Marie Weismantel 6 months ago


  • Alexander Harracksingh

    What is the world called?

    • Atosis
      Atosis 6 months ago

      Alexander Harracksingh I forgot I don’t play this game anymore

  • Cardo Ricco Nicholas Tammsaar

    who find a mistake like me

  • Ningga
    Ningga 7 months ago

    Yo idk why but your friends so weird

    • Atosis
      Atosis 7 months ago

      😂 ikr he’s like that

  • Marc Molina
    Marc Molina 7 months ago

    Whats The BPM

  • Rohi ayesha
    Rohi ayesha 7 months ago

    wow nice

  • get uwu’d on
    get uwu’d on 8 months ago

    why are u ded ;-;

  • Urii chan
    Urii chan 8 months ago

    Try putting some toothpaste the natural color will appear

    • Atosis
      Atosis 8 months ago

      Urii chan yeah thanks!

  • Urii chan
    Urii chan 8 months ago


  • Urii chan
    Urii chan 8 months ago

    So whats the pass of the second one can u comment to me or make a vidio plllssss

    • kinGG
      kinGG 2 days ago

      @Atosis greedy mod : on *GIVE ME YOUR STUFF*

    • Urii chan
      Urii chan 8 months ago

      Aw ok its fine thx for the pass

    • Atosis
      Atosis 8 months ago

      Urii chan oh I’m not sure because I quit already and I don’t know the second one

  • Norma Hernandez
    Norma Hernandez 8 months ago

    I accidentally deleted it and now it’s gone

  • Preston Holman
    Preston Holman 9 months ago

    boi cringe

  • Enkei Gregorio
    Enkei Gregorio 9 months ago

    I love the sword

  • silentsnipez 912
    silentsnipez 912 9 months ago

    I love the jet pack keep up the great content

  • Samuel Joe
    Samuel Joe 9 months ago

    why u quit!!

  • Sydney Jacqmain
    Sydney Jacqmain 9 months ago

    Thank u for helping me ur really thankful because I'm getting an iPad for Christmas

  • SparkySparkyBoomMan
    SparkySparkyBoomMan 9 months ago

    I think he removed the door

    • Atosis
      Atosis 9 months ago

      ReadyBlue yeah this was old

  • Maddox Force
    Maddox Force 9 months ago

    wow you suck man

  • Arianna
    Arianna 9 months ago


    • Arianna
      Arianna 9 months ago

      Atosis Tysm! I’ve been trying to download snapchat but it wouldn’t let me now I can bcuz it this video however I cant log in it says “try again lost connection” idk why

    • Atosis
      Atosis 9 months ago

      SunxFlowersx np! Glad it helped you 🥳

  • RobuxGuy235
    RobuxGuy235 9 months ago

    World name?

  • Asia Fulp
    Asia Fulp 9 months ago


    • Atosis
      Atosis 9 months ago

      Asia Fulp :)

    HOTHAND MAN 10 months ago

    I want it

    • Atosis
      Atosis 10 months ago

      hospitoman gt that’s nice!

  • Kylie Games
    Kylie Games 10 months ago

    My friends can’t reply to meh...

  • Alexa Doby
    Alexa Doby 10 months ago

    those apps arent there anymore

  • Skyy Trahan
    Skyy Trahan 10 months ago

    I love Legos🐱🙈🐭🦅🐻🐮🐗🐌🦁🐤🦊🐛🐗🐴🐺🦁🦊🦄🦑🦗🦁🦊🐌🦑🐴🦋🦑🐴🐢🐻🐙🐵🐻🦋🦑🦄

  • Ainsley Catrice
    Ainsley Catrice 10 months ago

    It dont work for me

  • Alexander Suafoa
    Alexander Suafoa 10 months ago

    I stiil can’t find it

  • 21partypilots :]
    21partypilots :] 10 months ago

    Omg thx

    • Atosis
      Atosis 10 months ago

      Master Chief POPS np!

  • Solaris Moon
    Solaris Moon 10 months ago

    It didn’t work for me 😕😞

  • Lenia Manuel
    Lenia Manuel 11 months ago

    Put free for the price and it pops up at first it didn’t work for me

    • ninj2bOy
      ninj2bOy 10 months ago

      Lenia Manuel Thanks it worked

  • Akane Higuchi
    Akane Higuchi 11 months ago

    lol what a dumb tutorial. it's messy and confusing.

  • Goli
    Goli 11 months ago

    For y’all who it didn’t work for make sure you’re putting in “snapchat’” not ‘Snap Chat”

  • Evan Al Fatih
    Evan Al Fatih 11 months ago

    n ni nic nice nic ni n

  • Evan Al Fatih
    Evan Al Fatih 11 months ago

    nice nice

  • Maylene Yen
    Maylene Yen 11 months ago

    *Note; it's still the same password, i tried it today. It probably won't even be changed aha*

  • CoinMagnet
    CoinMagnet 11 months ago

    Is it time to do the harder one?

  • Gøthic ツ
    Gøthic ツ 11 months ago

    It actually works if you go to filters and do it!! I tried and worked Oh btw 725th sub

  • Life as SABRIN Knows it

    Thanks, worked for me, September 2018

  • Deena Nawrocki
    Deena Nawrocki Year ago

    cut ur nails m8!!!

  • Hexie Noji
    Hexie Noji Year ago

    Look up parents guide to Snapchat -thank me later

  • My Journee
    My Journee Year ago

    I have done this perfectly and it still doesn’t work!!!

  • Groovy Noodle
    Groovy Noodle Year ago

    701 sub

  • Past Scale
    Past Scale Year ago

    700th subscriber

    • Atosis
      Atosis Year ago

      Cyber Scale congrats! Thanks for making me hit 700! I’ll pin your comment

  • migsz *_*
    migsz *_* Year ago

    WEW NCE SONG 😄😄😄

  • migsz *_*
    migsz *_* Year ago


  • Akuma
    Akuma Year ago

    It worked for me i put the iPhone thing then for price i put free and it was there for me

  • Malachi zb
    Malachi zb Year ago


  • Aram _
    Aram _ Year ago

    Thank you

  • Thibaur Super
    Thibaur Super Year ago

    Works! Thanks bro

  • ItsJustNaf
    ItsJustNaf Year ago

    I found this really difficult to build

  • Firas Mu
    Firas Mu Year ago


  • fortnitefan 033458

    sorry but i like other vids more but keep up the great work

  • Labracon
    Labracon Year ago

    Its wrong its stoppen for the half

  • Romulo Espinoza
    Romulo Espinoza Year ago

    I should got it earlier

  • Romulo Espinoza
    Romulo Espinoza Year ago

    It’s suck it doesn’t work anymore

  • Romulo Espinoza
    Romulo Espinoza Year ago


  • enjulio hartamas

    Ummmmmm that thing can i know the position of that sheet??

  • MagicMikeFlores
    MagicMikeFlores Year ago

    why doesnt it work anymore?

    • MagicMikeFlores
      MagicMikeFlores Year ago

      Abhi M i made a tutorial on it, its on my channel

    • Abhi M
      Abhi M Year ago

      Michael Flores how did you get it

    • MagicMikeFlores
      MagicMikeFlores Year ago

      i already got it haha, but thanks for the video tho!!

    • Atosis
      Atosis Year ago

      Michael Flores not sure it worked for some other and some people it didn’t work so I’m not sure what’s the problem

  • Geesh DGK
    Geesh DGK Year ago