MLG Highlights
MLG Highlights
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  • TwitchStation
    TwitchStation 2 months ago

    Why don't NBA shut this channel down?

  • Brace Brooks
    Brace Brooks 3 months ago

    Great job with the nba highlight uploads. I enjoy watching them.

  • Tojo
    Tojo 3 months ago

    I'm a fan of NBA but I unsubscribed because you put way too much videos on your channel, please just put the full games highlights, nobody watch the other kinds of videos

  • Carlos David Piñeyro Santana

    can you give me your private facebook to tell you something important

  • Carlos David Piñeyro Santana

    Hi friend, I want to ask you a question!

  • football goals
    football goals 3 months ago

    where you buy videos tell me sir internet tv computer facebook etc

  • SOA Gaming
    SOA Gaming 3 months ago

    how are you able to collect your clips from where god you get them

  • YaBoi M.O.E
    YaBoi M.O.E 3 months ago

    really really dop page! you wanna sub for sub!

  • Kevin Li
    Kevin Li 3 months ago

    where the spurs vs hornets game at??? you must be taking forever from all the goddam spurs highlights. no joke.

    • MLG Highlights
      MLG Highlights 3 months ago

      Hello. I can not record several games at once. I do not have resources (only one computer). Therefore, I try to choose the most interesting matches with the difference in time (the beginning of the match) 2.5 hours.

    NBA LIVE HD 3 months ago

    can you guys please help me get to 200 subscribers. i just need 30 more subscribers. thanks to those people who subscribe.

  • Adam Schellenberg
    Adam Schellenberg 4 months ago

    Really enjoy your channel. One thing that may add value to your game highlights is including full stat-lines for the top-performing players on both teams in a screenshot at the end. For someone like me, it's great way to see the highlights and understand the full-picture of performance as well.

  • Reynan jojo
    Reynan jojo 4 months ago

    hello are you earning from your nba videos?

    • Reynan jojo
      Reynan jojo 3 months ago

      oh ok

    • MLG Highlights
      MLG Highlights 4 months ago

      Hi, I was forced to disable all my monetization on NBA content, Because I got a copyright strike from the NBA...

  • Alex Thompson
    Alex Thompson 4 months ago

    Hey i just want to know what program do you use to record your nba videos?

    • MLG Highlights
      MLG Highlights 4 months ago

      I do not record a few games at once, I do not have resources for this, need 2 or 3 computers respectively... I only have one computer and two monitors

    • Alex Thompson
      Alex Thompson 4 months ago

      Ok but how do you record your videos if there are like 3 games live at the same time?

    • MLG Highlights
      MLG Highlights 4 months ago


  • Lonzo Ball
    Lonzo Ball 4 months ago

    hey man just wondering where you get all of your videos from would greatly appreciate it

    • MLG Highlights
      MLG Highlights 4 months ago

      I am looking for live broadcasts on the Internet, there is no permanent source.