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  • bruce preston
    bruce preston 9 months ago

    Where are you digging ? Im a digger in Arizona.

    • bruce preston
      bruce preston 6 months ago

      @Leslie Godbe i havent gotten out that way. We have done some digging here in Arizona in the cooler months

    • Leslie Godbe
      Leslie Godbe 9 months ago

      This video is from Peterson Mountain on the California side. It’s about a half hour north of Reno. There is a marked claim at the top where they mine amethyst scepter crystals, but there are lots of non-amethyst crystals down the side of the mountain. Some folks find amethyst but I personally have not. I have found some smoky quartz tho.

  • stinkygraykitty
    stinkygraykitty 11 months ago

    Fun day! You should check out Jackson's Crossing amethyst mine in Georgia! OMG just watch the youtube videos of the place. My husband and I are rock hounds, we are in TX....found a couple of places with tons of petrified wood, usually within 2 hrs we easily have over 20 lbs each.

  • Paige Taylor
    Paige Taylor Year ago

    Is this just a public place to go or do you need a permit?

    • Leslie Godbe
      Leslie Godbe Year ago

      The mountainside is public, but there is a marked claim at the top. It is about 7 or 8 miles north of the gas station at Hallelujah Junction.

  • Mike Marley
    Mike Marley Year ago

    Gotta being coming from decomposed granite up there ,its up there ,up in the mtn tops. ,It all comes from above in the dykes and washes down .Just like Walter Huston said "its there ,up there is where we want to go ,up there is where its at" hahahahahaah.Have fun ,rock hounding gets in your blood and you will never be the same.

  • samy sam
    samy sam 2 years ago

    I wonder where do they sell their super rocks?

  • samy sam
    samy sam 2 years ago

    take with you next time ok ?

  • TheDelethar
    TheDelethar 2 years ago

    What visual ques does Brian look for when out digging? I'm new to the hobby but I'm trying to learn as much about finding the right way of spotting locations to dig the way he did. And how do you know how long to dig in the same location? He looked like he dug up that whole cliffside and made it into a crater. Thanks for any help!

  • Sigh Phi Guy
    Sigh Phi Guy 2 years ago

    its mildly annoying all these type of vids that spend the whole 1st half driving to it. fill that wasted time recording at the site.

  • Sor Sor Science07
    Sor Sor Science07 3 years ago


  • Rockhounding Family Adventures

    very nice, I'd take a trip there if it were closer.

  • DigDigDig
    DigDigDig 4 years ago

    dig dig dig

  • Caver461
    Caver461 4 years ago

    Gotta have a dyke or fissure further down where everything is coming from - beautiful area.

  • Mike nhgoldprospector

    I'd like to see what the crystals look like after they are tumbled.

    • Mike nhgoldprospector
      Mike nhgoldprospector 3 years ago

      +destravlr Good point about changing thy shape. Apparently they are in Nevada.

    • Glen Miller
      Glen Miller 3 years ago

      If you tumble crystals you would destroy the shape of the stones. Of course it's different if you're tumbling crystal pieces. The vid shows some of the mountain scenery, but isn't too clear about which side of the mountain, E or W they are on.

  • tellturi
    tellturi 8 years ago

    go dogs, go!

  • John Liotti
    John Liotti 9 years ago

    We'll be your family, Julie! I sent my application through to the good folks at GSRNC. Looking forward to talking to them soon!