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Tool - Eulogy Live [HD]
Views 442K3 years ago
Tool - Intension Live [HD]
Views 4.2K3 years ago
Tool - H. (Live) [HD 720p]
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  • Daniel Siekris
    Daniel Siekris 51 minute ago

    the crowd cheering on queue lol

  • Joe Blythe
    Joe Blythe 4 hours ago

    Maynard was totally overpowering Layne here. Can barely hear anything but Maynard. Maybe it's just the audio, or the way they had Layne's vocal feed set. A little disappointing to be honest.

  • Miguel Rodríguez
    Miguel Rodríguez 5 hours ago

    Why isn't there ANY video of this man with a decent resolution/sound quality?

  • Neil Parker Jr
    Neil Parker Jr 12 hours ago

    This needs to be more popular where this features Zack.

  • Kristy unknown
    Kristy unknown 19 hours ago

    Did anyone ever see 4 Trapeze artist come down on ropes for Parabol?? Swing around & spinning. I been to many Tool shows since 98. It was a smaller venue too. Absolutely amazing. Think it was around 2006. I was hoping to see it on here.

  • cvxvxv
    cvxvxv 21 hour ago

    Pfffft! ........ I could do that....

  • danny ball
    danny ball Day ago

    Fucking amazing! I was there...

  • Angelofwar 92
    Angelofwar 92 Day ago

    That was crazy

  • SpectralAnalysis
    SpectralAnalysis 2 days ago

    I really wish I could go back in time and see Tool in the 90s...

  • dogcatpigduck
    dogcatpigduck 3 days ago

    thank god we are past the pig tail braid phase lmfao

  • Anastasia Brovkina
    Anastasia Brovkina 3 days ago

    I just wanna smoke a big fat joint and uh.. dance

  • dav rogrz
    dav rogrz 4 days ago

    Bill Hicks would have a hay-day destroying this band.

  • dav rogrz
    dav rogrz 4 days ago

    this is actually painful to watch.

  • Crescent Physical Therapy

    Jesus, did they overuse use luma keys or what back then?

  • Drude Masterio
    Drude Masterio 5 days ago

    to be honest with you i like this version of Sober more than the modern version.

  • SpecialDetermence
    SpecialDetermence 5 days ago

    I cant hear mouth for war without hearing bill withers use me

  • Disco
    Disco 5 days ago

    There will never be another Pantera, or anyone close. If you got to be a fan during their come up and got to see them live, you basically caught lightening in a bottle

  • KP Scal
    KP Scal 7 days ago

    I love this this video has ZERO dislikes. lmao Only true Fans here.

  • Samer Ezzo
    Samer Ezzo 7 days ago

    Wow audio quality is so good thought the studio version was dubbed over the video.

  • Nick Amato
    Nick Amato 8 days ago

    I remember Korn being on, i was in the pit and hardly anyone there watching them. This is when Korn was really good

  • SeraphimRoad
    SeraphimRoad 8 days ago

    "Fuck Happiness!"

  • H
    H 8 days ago


  • Jehosaphat Freeholy

    Mysteryiously,This song hits me deep.

  • Víctor Arturo HE
    Víctor Arturo HE 9 days ago

    Fucking thanks bro!!. Saludos desde México.

  • JUANxONE Light
    JUANxONE Light 9 days ago

    Maynard legs lmao

  • Gennaro Sebastianelli

    Cmq sappiate.....cose del genere nn ne vedremo più.....chi ha assistito alla Panterizzazione universale si ritenga un miracolato.....

  • Gennaro Sebastianelli

    Porca troia nemmeno un commento scritto in italiano eppure il concerto è in Italia.....concertone della Madonna....ah già noi facciamo sold out con Laura Pausini dimenticavo......

  • Sam Musicman
    Sam Musicman 9 days ago

    God does music. Pantera one of best group in history rock music.

  • Slizzy
    Slizzy 10 days ago

    The flow is actually nice.

    KAPS VlOG 10 days ago

    Who's watching in 2019😁

  • Samuel Smart
    Samuel Smart 10 days ago

    This song one of the best tool songs.

  • Samuel Smart
    Samuel Smart 10 days ago

    10,000 days tribute sound just like maynard

  • Fts Ftw
    Fts Ftw 11 days ago

    They were tricked into playing this concert

  • Frank Stern
    Frank Stern 12 days ago

    I accidentally went to a Kodaline concert and imagined pantera beating the shit of them onstage.

  • Jason Brown
    Jason Brown 12 days ago

    What a trip! About a year later they are playing in front of thousands

  • Madti Boysen
    Madti Boysen 13 days ago

    Maynard is fucking demon.

  • Douglas Bull
    Douglas Bull 13 days ago

    omg didn't know where you were

  • blown22
    blown22 13 days ago

    Anthony Fantano gave this one star

  • Constantin Tzenos
    Constantin Tzenos 13 days ago

    Greek SANDALS! WOW

  • RichWasHere94
    RichWasHere94 13 days ago

    that girl doesn't look 93 lol

  • TheApproximite
    TheApproximite 13 days ago

    Isn't the first song basically sober, but fast as hell?

  • Ma/ Prz/
    Ma/ Prz/ 13 days ago

    Goddamn, this new, improved chorus is so... touching. It's like a spark of light in pitch dark.

  • Marooniswhite
    Marooniswhite 14 days ago

    This is like the rock version of Village People lol

  • Kake Flo
    Kake Flo 14 days ago

    You know a drummer is godlike when you don’t see anyone doing covers lol

  • Joe Vicious
    Joe Vicious 14 days ago

    Compare this shit song to the mega production of Sylvya Masey in Undertow, this why musicians really need a producer.

  • The Good Impression
    The Good Impression 15 days ago


  • Kang C
    Kang C 15 days ago

    20191126 😎😎😎

  • Joshua Ballanger
    Joshua Ballanger 16 days ago

    42:20 - *Absolutely incredible!* 😮

    MIGUEL THE III 17 days ago

    1:35 they look like an awkward couple

  • pocketeights8
    pocketeights8 19 days ago

    This was also my first Tool show. I was so young and vestal then, you know it hit me... My favorite band basically from 94 till now. This show was awesome as it was no seats, all standing room and I ventured into the mosh pits a few times. Tool at its most raw and somehow the audio is nearly perfect (minus a few sec at the end of Opiate). Just saw them in Brooklyn and it’s almost like they lost nothing.. best group ever!

  • jeffrey nothing
    jeffrey nothing 19 days ago

    Back when music was good

  • turtlenecks
    turtlenecks 20 days ago


  • Carlos Ayala
    Carlos Ayala 20 days ago


  • Caitlin
    Caitlin 21 day ago

    Wow such great quality and chino’s voice is so perfect

  • Deklan Warren
    Deklan Warren 21 day ago

    Tool shreds

  • Finman
    Finman 21 day ago


  • pyrho1
    pyrho1 21 day ago


  • Simone SS
    Simone SS 22 days ago

    live strong live legendary raise the rebel flag high Pantera numero uno

  • Руки Крюки
    Руки Крюки 23 days ago

    Это было мощно! По-настоящему!💪

  • Kamen Anew
    Kamen Anew 24 days ago

    Hey tool do me a favor there and play like one shitty song, just one, that's all. No? Aight bet.

  • Seth Draven
    Seth Draven 24 days ago

    This is fucking rad. Like CAD just as much, if not more, than Tool.

  • Justin Norell
    Justin Norell 24 days ago

    Never mind Manyard, look at the drummer and that mustache!! LOL

  • Stephen Ventura
    Stephen Ventura 24 days ago

    Ivan Moody tries wayyyy too hard to be Phil Anselmo

  • SilentRev_
    SilentRev_ 25 days ago

    Hell of a playlist, I can't believe it. By the way, reflection live has to be an incredible journey. I can't even imagine how I'd feel.

  • ajbabineau
    ajbabineau 25 days ago

    Either the venue or town exist anymore. No longer the CMCC and now lewiston is a Somalian refugee camp

  • Audio Duran
    Audio Duran 25 days ago

    Oh no the glam band lol 😂 he didn’t know TVclip would find his 1987 video but this man is a fucking genius!!!

  • Ama-Aba MPCS Ltd
    Ama-Aba MPCS Ltd 25 days ago

    pantera at their prime

  • Thomas Cooper
    Thomas Cooper 25 days ago

    Maynard looks like the one character from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. You know the one

  • John Gunn
    John Gunn 26 days ago

    Fuckin how dude

  • Brian Frolo
    Brian Frolo 26 days ago

    "Sure. Therapy." LOL

  • Noir Tendresse
    Noir Tendresse 26 days ago


  • Giovanni Deiana
    Giovanni Deiana 26 days ago

    What about the Chinese Photographer ??? 😅 " No no I'm sorry, where is Rod Stewart?"

  • Gareth Dunford
    Gareth Dunford 26 days ago

    The song doesn't sound good in this fast tempo

  • MrJeezus
    MrJeezus 26 days ago

    6:14 How many limbs does Danny Carey possess?

  • Garcon Rouge
    Garcon Rouge 26 days ago

    I'm grateful to the whoever recorded this, but can't believe they barely caught any footage of the two bodies hanging above the stage during parabol/parabola. That was one of the most amazing parts of the show when I saw them around this time, and I've been trying to find any decent footage of them for the last hour.

  • LAnt OzuRam
    LAnt OzuRam 27 days ago

    SETLIST: 0:00 Intro 1:40 - Stinkfist (Demo) 7:22 - Bottom 16:32 - Pushit 26:30 - Merkaba 27:50 - Sober (Alternate Intro) 33:56 - H. (Demo) 41:29 - Prison Sex (Extended) 48:26 - Ænema (Demo) 55:35 - Eulogy ...

  • sheila vanderwaal
    sheila vanderwaal 27 days ago

    Whoa Maynard looks Egyptian lol 3.55 lol awesome

  • sheila vanderwaal
    sheila vanderwaal 27 days ago

    Whoa 3.5

  • Rowan Laverne
    Rowan Laverne 27 days ago

    Maynard is 23 in this. He's adorable.

  • David Cairns
    David Cairns 27 days ago

    Excellent. What else can I say

  • R M
    R M 27 days ago

    fucking trash audio

  • Idiot
    Idiot 28 days ago

    Maynard looks like my aunt Vicky

  • Monkeyliver19
    Monkeyliver19 28 days ago

    These guys were the Sabbath of the 90s imo

  • Make My Day - TJM
    Make My Day - TJM 28 days ago

    Keenan rocking bedroom clothes since the 80's. Lol Maynard and his merry band of midgets

  • Theo Richardson
    Theo Richardson 29 days ago

    The way these videos are shot makes Danny Carey look about 10 feet tall.

  • John Calbick
    John Calbick 29 days ago

    The lyrics hit like a slam poem

  • Richard Skipper
    Richard Skipper Month ago

    Thank god this did not continue 🤣🤪 what a trainwreck.

  • Pablo Flores
    Pablo Flores Month ago

    Ladies and gentlemen! Adam Jones on pijamas!!!!!

  • allen binion
    allen binion Month ago

    Rick James...Bitch.

  • Emanuel Filtz
    Emanuel Filtz Month ago

    Someone of you know what Maynard use for sing with this awesome effect?

  • LAnt OzuRam
    LAnt OzuRam Month ago

    SetList: 0:00 - Intro 1:49 - Tuva 3:19 - The Grudge 12:16 - Stinkfist 17:55 - Forty Six & 2 25:17 - Prison Sex 31:03 - Schism 38:22 - Pushit 49:53 - Disposition 54:30 - Reflection 1:05:51 - Intermission 1:10:27 - Schism (Video) 1:19:19 - Sober 1:25:24 - Parabol 1:28:26 - Parabola 1:35:35 - Ænema 1:43:15 - Opiate 1:50:02 - Lateralus ...

  • Jamie Houk
    Jamie Houk Month ago

    Maynard s a trip with eyeliner that actually all guys should wear!

  • Alex Knight
    Alex Knight Month ago

    How can they get into this song knowing they singing about a cookie recipe?

  • Jason Yancura
    Jason Yancura Month ago

    How bout that brother on base.

  • The Good Guy
    The Good Guy Month ago

    That bass tone is such a fundamental element of tool.

  • COMBAT 18
    COMBAT 18 Month ago

    i was present but i much prefer FAITH NO MORE THAT I SAW 4 TIMES

  • The Reverend
    The Reverend Month ago

    this is the concert that maynard threw the mic on the ground because of a voice crack

  • Eli Mohns
    Eli Mohns Month ago Check out his vimeo page for shorter, but higher quality clips

  • Somber Girl
    Somber Girl Month ago

    I love this cover absolutely amazing so glad I found it

  • AreYouThereGodIt'sMePhil ?

    When the camera started rocking back and forth with Maynard I started getting goosebumps holy shit.