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  • eletor
    eletor Year ago

    Fuck your channel.

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 5 years ago

    911 Attack was conducted by ISRAEL > on TVclip .

  • sania kanwal
    sania kanwal 5 years ago

    you are just asshole

  • Dan Bloom
    Dan Bloom 5 years ago

    all who agree with those of us calling for Google and YT to take down this evil video, all of its iterations, now, join us by calling for a boycott, masscott, mancott and womancott or all google and youtube platforms. Evil must be faced straight in the face and said NO to. Agree? Join the worldwide boycott of all things google NOW!

  • kalleb
    kalleb 5 years ago

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  • T Box
    T Box 6 years ago

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  • The4Kast
    The4Kast 6 years ago