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  • Sierra Bowman
    Sierra Bowman 18 days ago

    I know that this probably will never bee seen by your eyeballs but I think that you're an awesome youtuber and a super cool person and youalways make me laugh and you've even inspired me to be more comfortable with myself wearing makeup, so thank you

  • Shanna Key
    Shanna Key 19 days ago

    Hope everything's ok Mykie! We're all missing ya!

  • Ellie Degabriele
    Ellie Degabriele 20 days ago


  • Lilac Night
    Lilac Night 22 days ago

    I've been trying to do an old-timey TV glitch sorta look and it hasn't been coming out right at all... Do you think you could try something like this? I can't seem to find anyone who's done this.

  • skyisthelimit
    skyisthelimit 22 days ago

    What's with the lack of vida Mykie? I love your channel so much and love doing sfx stuff!

  • The Magical Unicorno Pokemon


  • Samantha Bradley
    Samantha Bradley Month ago

    please do a red riding hood one plz

  • Catherine McClain

    About six days ago, I introduced some friends to your channel. Today, I got a text from one of them asking if I had any liquid latex on hand. He's been watching you. I have infected another human, and they are becoming a zombae.
    By the way, I got an idea for a cool costume(s) you might have some fun making tutorial for: zombie Easter Bunny, roadkill Easter Bunny, or roadkill zombie Easter Bunny.
    I got the idea when a coworker at the math learning center I instruct at said, "Yeah, for Halloween, the most you'll get from me these days is putting on some bunny ears. Bunny ears, and then I'm good."
    After doing a quick Google search, I have found someone who seems to have done a "Peter Rotten Tail" body paint tutorial, but I'm sure you'd love to put your own flare on this idea.

  • Maggie Claussen
    Maggie Claussen Month ago

    hey mykie! can you tell us your halloween costumes thoughout the years

  • Alanna Cologne
    Alanna Cologne Month ago

    Hey Mykie where do you get all of your sfx contact lenses from?

  • luckeepaws94
    luckeepaws94 Month ago

    You should make Adam and Barbaras mask from Beetlejuice!!! please!!

  • Natsymir
    Natsymir Month ago

    When will we get Jasmine with tiger claw wounds? :D

  • ner4ksel
    ner4ksel Month ago

    You are amazing! :) Would be fun to see you make yourself into Yondu Udonta.

  • Leilaina GUNTER
    Leilaina GUNTER Month ago

    you should do some Melanie martinez inspired makeup or fandom inspired makeup like harry potter houses or something

  • Xkittycat__
    Xkittycat__ Month ago

    when did the "green glitter" thing start? im just so frikkin bothered by not knowing this help

    • Beth Erin McDonald
      Beth Erin McDonald 15 days ago

      I might be mistaken but I think it happened like a year or two ago and its been a constant thing.

  • Christophe Santiago
    Christophe Santiago 2 months ago

    Hello ! here I am looking for the false dentures that you use as in "IT" is it possible to know where you find it please? Thank you very much !

  • Jessica j
    Jessica j 2 months ago

    Hi! I'm looking to go as Coraline for halloween this year, and I want to make my own prosthetic button eyes... that I can still see out of. Do you have any tips on how I might make translucent black button eyes and attach them on my face somewhat realistically? Let me know! -Jess

  • Riahlize
    Riahlize 2 months ago

    I saw this, crazy hand "wound" made from yarn. I figured it'd give you a break from all the cotton-balls you use.

  • RaChelle Toscano
    RaChelle Toscano 2 months ago

    hey mykie i love your videos so much am also big fan of you i have a youtube channel and i did my first Halloween tutorial i well love for you to see it and tell me what you think? p.s your awsome :)

  • Jessalyn Grant
    Jessalyn Grant 3 months ago

    all i want to know is what video the green glitter accident is in !!

  • Gabby Limitless
    Gabby Limitless 3 months ago

    so excited for this season of gore!!!!!!

  • Meg Kerin
    Meg Kerin 4 months ago

    guuurl where are you

  • VelvetLace
    VelvetLace 4 months ago

    Please do Merida maybe cursed by the witch, or Mary Poppins skewered by her umbrella

  • Sierra Johnson
    Sierra Johnson 4 months ago

    hey mykie! I am loving your inspirations with makeup and everything that you do! Try to do a redish dark smokey ombre look next!

  • sinister duck sinister duck

    where do i find the green glitter story

  • Callie
    Callie 4 months ago

    Hey Mykie! You should do a tutorial of the deaths from escape the night!

    • Meg Kerin
      Meg Kerin 4 months ago

      yeees I love that series even tho I've only watched the fist episode of the seasons

  • Mia Pernice
    Mia Pernice 4 months ago

    Hi!! Could you do a post apocalyptic character?? Im going to Comic Con this year and need some help with my make up inspiration!

  • G dot And
    G dot And 4 months ago

    Robbie Rotten

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    Ride and listen to some of these BANGIN instrumentals! FREE DOWNLOADS!!! Travel to Leasing and buying options without the tags are available!!

  • Sofia Becker
    Sofia Becker 5 months ago

    Hi Mykie, I watched a few of your zombie vids with my friend while I was doing her acrylic nails and were were discussing options for sfx zombae teeth. Do you think that zombae teeth made out of acrylic nail would be too heavy for a look?

  • Erika Trey
    Erika Trey 5 months ago

    Hey Mykie, why is some of your original stuff being put under copyright? Like the Mad Max tutorial. (It has a CC under some of your videos that don't seem to be copyright).

    • Local Dreamer
      Local Dreamer 5 months ago

      It actually stands for Closed Captions.

  • SoleilDeHart
    SoleilDeHart 5 months ago

    Does anyone know what brand her eyeshadow tins are? I love how unique/varied they are! Ty!

  • Christine Fliger
    Christine Fliger 6 months ago

    Mykie, some person mimicked your logo and youtube channel and is trying to get people to google a malicious link on your Austin Jones video. The comment is asking viewer to google cryfins674...I have already reported it!

  • Brookie Bear1692
    Brookie Bear1692 7 months ago

    if you did a glam version of valak id be superr happy

  • Juliette Mah
    Juliette Mah 7 months ago

    can u do like a transform into man makeup? maybe animals too? monkey, king kong...heheh

  • Madelyn Jackson
    Madelyn Jackson 7 months ago

    mykie can you do a livestream Q&A

  • kryptonite301974
    kryptonite301974 7 months ago

    Maybe this was asked and answered before, but how do you find the make up competitions you've entered?

    • Beth Erin McDonald
      Beth Erin McDonald 15 days ago

      I know I'm not Mykie but just search Glam&Gore NYX for some of them that I know she has entered.

  • Undead Unicorn
    Undead Unicorn 7 months ago

    on snapchat you were talking about a second channel?? what is it???

  • Arkham Wrath
    Arkham Wrath 8 months ago

    Can i please use short scene from your ''Shedding Snake / Human Makeup Tutorial'' for intro of my videos ?

  • Jon Means Digital

    Cool video, you have a new sub! It would be cool to get some feedback on my latest 101 videos!

  • Crystal SFX
    Crystal SFX Year ago

    What voiceover mic do you use?

  • nikki oreilly
    nikki oreilly Year ago

    Mykie can you please make a Medusa look, I was looking for a good one for Halloween so i was wondering if you could make one for beginners.

  • Ashley Lili
    Ashley Lili Year ago

    Are you going to do another No BS Product Review next? I've been waiting forever for you to continue it.

  • gabriela martinez

    i wanted to ask in your opinion whats the best water/ alcohol activated paint aside from the zombie effects illustrator pallet for starters to use? Most looks that ive done ive used creme paints for but itd be a lot better to use the water or alcohol based ones. love your channel btw!!!!!

  • kit
    kit Year ago

    I'm new to sfx makeup and i don't really know what kind of products to use. If you could please help me out then that would be amazing. :)

  • Jamie Davis
    Jamie Davis Year ago

    Could we see a Classic Harley Quinn? :)

  • burningplumbranches

    This is going to sound odd, but I use these videos for tips when I'm drawing people or painting doll heads.....

  • September Dawn
    September Dawn Year ago

    Creepypasta characters please.... this would be so amazing seeing how you would do this

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago

    jenna marbles dogs tutorial

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago

    do reyuk from deathnote

  • Hailey and Megan the awesome people

    hey mykie i have some series ideas for you
    1. popular horror movies
    2. glam and gore versions of characters from book series
    3. creepypasta characters

  • XxMermaid KissesxX

    Can you do the fair haired child ?

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Year ago

    I was wondering if you could do some videos on prosthetics and how to make your own

  • Heather Clarke
    Heather Clarke Year ago

    Please please please do a scrotum neck from the movie " movie 42 "

  • Demetric Miller
    Demetric Miller Year ago

    can you show use how to do nude eye shadow and nude colored mermaid

  • Ashley Hayes
    Ashley Hayes Year ago

    Hello Mykie.  Let me first say that I am a fan of your vids, even though I'm not much of a gore person.  I have a question for you.  In you Joker vid, you used rigid collodian (am I spelling that right?) and silicone to make the deep scars.  You said that it would not be a good idea to use rigid collodian too close to the eyes.  I have a character I created that I'd like to do make up for, and her face is covered in deep scars, one of which runs through her right eyebrow.  How would I create deep scars on the face without using rigid collodian?  Thanks!!

  • Brynn Taylor
    Brynn Taylor Year ago

    are you not doing the nyx face awards?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • LoveWalker88209
    LoveWalker88209 Year ago

    Love your channel!! Will you have a snapchat account in the future?

    RACHEL JOAN Year ago

    hi Mykie, im 11 and i love your videos. i just want to know what supply's i would need to start off with. Thx

  • Shahawna Marie
    Shahawna Marie Year ago

    what started your interest in special effects? Do you have any sfx artists you look up too, like Ve Neill?

  • Micaela Burke
    Micaela Burke Year ago

    How did you come up with your logo?

  • Kat Lace
    Kat Lace Year ago


  • Mareli-chan 4EVAH21

    are you planning on doing a "rotting away sally the ragdoll" kind of video? that would be so cool!!

  • WolfyWolf733 AJ
    WolfyWolf733 AJ Year ago

    Hey +Glam & Gore
    I love you, like LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE you. I would also love to see like a demon girl thingy. If you cant to that then it is OK. I can send photo's if u want I have photo's because I went like that for halloween last year, and you having halloween all year, i thought. Maybe. Thanks! Love ya!

  • JJPartyPoison
    JJPartyPoison Year ago

    Hi I know you are always getting requests but I'd love if you did Baby Doll from the movie "Sucker Punch"

  • yesenia anaya
    yesenia anaya Year ago

    Hey!!!! I recently watched the trailer to Clown and YOU SERIOUSLY LIKE SERIOUSLY NEED TO DO A TUTORIAL!!

  • Sophie Edwards
    Sophie Edwards Year ago

    how did you first learn how to do special effects makeup as i want to be a sfx makeup artiest when i am older so i am wondering how you did it and what you have to learn in college and school to become one xxxx luv ya

  • chaavin abbey
    chaavin abbey Year ago

    Hey, love your videos, you are the sickest... (P.S in a good way) :).
    could you do a maleficent make up tutorial? ..... thanx
    I''m always #just_saying

  • Alicia Boda
    Alicia Boda Year ago

    Aweeeee! Check out this baby sloth! He's winking at you, Ms. Glam & Gore

  • Dennea Richardson

    i have a question. i just recently got spirit gum for my projects and i wanted to ask you what remover you recommend i get? Also do you have any tips and tricks on how to use it? thanks

    JIM WEST Year ago

    Hey... Darling ...Sarah KERRIGAN makeup plz :D

  • ArtisticStyleIcon

    Hi Mykie! You are very talented and I love what you do! Keep it up! I just heard about your Disney Princesses tutorial coming up and I know you would be doing Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. But if I may suggest, I had this idea about a Sleeping Beauty tutorial where she's covered in cobwebs and dust, like she's been asleep for centuries and no one has dusted her and the castle. I can't find anything like that on Youtube but I'm interested in it. If you could do something like that, doesn't have to Disney's Aurora, it could be another version of Sleeping Beauty. Like how would you think she would look in the original story by the Brother's Grimm? If you could do a cobwebby tutorial, I would really like that very much. Thank you :D

    • Beauty With Blood
      Beauty With Blood Year ago

      +Tia T Hi, Tia! I was wondering if I could talk to you about your idea. I know that i have just started on YouTube but I really think that this is a very could idea. I would love if I could use something like this. I also wanted to know if you had any other ideas? Please message back

  • Blizzard1569
    Blizzard1569 Year ago

    I LOVE your channel Darling...... You are Beautiful and Very Smart and Such a Business Women!!! I commend you for all your success.. I wanna ThankYou for the Series on How to Start your YouTube Channel, they have Helped so much. You brought up so many good points i hadn't thought about. I wanna ThankYou personalty for Holding My Hand kind in these videos. I will be creating a New Channel Soon!!!

  • Madisquirrel
    Madisquirrel Year ago

    +Glam&Gore I'm trying to write a paper about the need for feminism today, and I'm not sure how I can relate what I'm discussing to my audience/peers... I'm really struggling because it is a topic so near and dear to my heart, and I don't want to be like my normal shy self while presenting. Any tips?

  • Happy Bread the Third

    Hey Mykie, I was thinking on making a sfx thing involving maggots. Could you do a tutorial in the future about how to make maggots? Thanks! :)

    • HarleyHunter
      HarleyHunter Year ago

      You could fill straws with gelatin to get that bumpy texture and floppiness( hope this helped) :)

  • Ella Shield
    Ella Shield Year ago

    Mykie can you go back to make up???

  • Jessica Weiland
    Jessica Weiland Year ago

    Would LOVE for you to do a video about your wigs! :) And maybe a video of what your hair really looks like and what you look like bare faced :)

  • Raven Cooper
    Raven Cooper Year ago

    hi mykie could you do a series based on some of the most popular horror movies, please :3

  • if5SOS areunicorns

    hi adore you channel and I have only just started to wear makeup (I am 14) so some of your tutorials are really helpful I love your gore videos and I am hoping to try some of them out very soon. You are a great inspiration!
    So me and my best friend are meeting Cassandra clare the author of the mortal instruments series and I have a great idea. If you take the character of isabele you could do a glam version of her (with runes and all- me and my friend are just using eyeliner!) and then you could do a gore version with the silent brothers (google them they are creepy)

  • Kawaii Trash
    Kawaii Trash Year ago

    Hey Mykie, can you do a babadook inspired look? It would be cool :-)

  • Mitchel Chang
    Mitchel Chang Year ago

    Hey Mykie, I was wondering if you could do the no makeup makeup challenge for the viewers who want to see a natural, everyday look? Love you! :)

  • Lexy Ricketts
    Lexy Ricketts Year ago

    Hey Mykie could you please do a tutorial on how to make runes from the Shadowhunters series using SFX makeup, they are burn like angelic markings, they are a mixture of like tattoos and burns and I would love to see how you would approach doing them, especially since there is no tutorial present for how to create them. Love you!!

  • Sierra Benson
    Sierra Benson Year ago

    I would really love for you to make a video on what kind of make up and tools you would suggest for beginners! If you could maybe do a beginner kit that would be awesome! And

  • Your Favorite Impure

    Hey! I was wondering where you shop for your clothes. I love your style!

  • randi wise
    randi wise Year ago

    hey i work third shift by myself so i litterly sit and watch ur videos all night.. i am so inspired with your artwork .. between the glam and gore you do such a wonderful job on every little detail.. i have been thinking about why dont you join that tv show contest were they get certain subjects and haved to create a master piece withen a certain time frame and you get actual humans to model as ur master piece i bet you could go on there and whoop ass! the money reward can help u continue doing what you love... check into it...

  • Cosy Osbourne
    Cosy Osbourne Year ago

    finally, oscar won a Leonardo! would you make a video about it? i surely hope so

  • AsunaChan Pika
    AsunaChan Pika Year ago

    well leo won an oscar. happy?

  • Miynt Rhane
    Miynt Rhane Year ago

    Hey Mykie, I think you should do a series where you show how to do make-up for Creepypasta characters...I think it would be awesome!

  • Tanzim Promy
    Tanzim Promy Year ago

    Where are you ??!! We miss your videos !!! Please post another video !! I check everyday if you have posted any videos ! :3

  • Amanda Floyd
    Amanda Floyd Year ago

    +Glam&Gore -- You've just become my new favorite channel.

  • Jessica Berger
    Jessica Berger Year ago

    hi Mykie! I recently discovered you and don't know how I went so long without hearing of you. I honestly know next to nothing about makeup but thats not the point. you are amazing at what you do and even if some of the fancy makeup/fx terms you are using sound like absolute gibberish to me, I love watching you for you. keep doing what you are doing!

  • Alex otero
    Alex otero Year ago

    We're is the uploads plz

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big Year ago

    Where do u get your special fx makeup?

  • Stacey Royston
    Stacey Royston Year ago

    Hi, I really love your videos and love your creations as they inspire me as a makeup artist myself obviously not as well known as you.. Have you got any advice for making tutorials? would be really appreciated :')

  • Livvy Miller
    Livvy Miller Year ago

    Where do you get your awesome wigs from?? My hair is really poop atm and I'm looking for some wigs so I can stop using heat, and have nice long hair again :c

  • Eva Owl
    Eva Owl Year ago

    can you do a glam and gore of Lagertha from the tv show Vikings? before and after of a battle maybe?

  • Josephine Tremper

    hello its me...

  • izzi
    izzi Year ago

    can you do any tutorials that dont use latex? thanks :D

  • Ana Zdravkovic
    Ana Zdravkovic Year ago

    Do i need some kind of protection for skin if there are acne before putting latex on it :)

  • Elswhere Escosar

    i love you mikee! you're very beautiful and funny.

  • Kailey Swann
    Kailey Swann Year ago

    Could you possibly do a tutorial for a romantic Valentine's Day makeup? I have no clue what I want to do with my makeup that day.

  • Bailey Mosley
    Bailey Mosley Year ago

    You should totally do a Creepy Cheshire Cat. I really want to dress up as the Cheshire Cat for Halloween next year. If anyone can make it fun and creepy at the same time, it's u Mikey.

  • Daisy-Grace
    Daisy-Grace Year ago

    Next year at school I need to choose a subject that will help me with my future. I'm hoping to become an SFX makeup artist and was wondering what subjects i need for that? Also, i need to choose between art and film but im not sure which will be best

  • Kill la Kawaii
    Kill la Kawaii Year ago

    could you do like a room tour and like how you keep your wigs, make up, sfx gear and like how you keep all your stuff organized??!!!

  • Jasmaine Gorman
    Jasmaine Gorman Year ago

    You should so do a make up tutorial from the music video Panic at the! disco: Emperor's new clothes

  • madison Gerrits
    madison Gerrits Year ago

    Can you maybe do a video for a beginners SFX kit like for what to begin with, cause that would be really helpful :-)

  • Porcelaindollshade105

    guys i need cute pastel wigs

  • Sassy Kat
    Sassy Kat Year ago

    can you do a wig collection video? i've always wondered what kind of wigs you use and if you could go over the basics of wear and care for them

  • Kaitlyn Simpson
    Kaitlyn Simpson Year ago

    How can I enter into the 2016 NYX Face Awards? I cant find it anywhere online or any information about it... or.. are they even doing it again this year?

  • Sabra Holbrook
    Sabra Holbrook Year ago

    Can you do a glam video on the makeup you have on in your bear attack fx video? I thought it was just so cute. Keep up the good work!

  • Shae-Lynn Schumacher

    I'd love to see a Juliet Simms makeup from her End of the World video, as there is both a glam aspect and a gore aspect.

  • MelinieMartinez lover


  • Lauren Heiland
    Lauren Heiland Year ago

    hey i love you videos and i wanted to know if you can do a makeup tutorial on an egyptian but with its face coming off like it was in the sun too long

  • Faith Young
    Faith Young Year ago

    Can you PLZ do a Valentines Day tutorial? I have a dance coming up and I need a makeup look.

  • Carlie Terry
    Carlie Terry Year ago

    I love the green eye look you had the other day on snap!!

  • Jessie
    Jessie Year ago

    what brand of water activated paints????????

  • fixie650
    fixie650 Year ago

    Could you please do a foundation/powder tutorial or a makeup collection video?

  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana Year ago

    Hey! do you think you can come up with a new creepy but somewhat beautiful character that you made up? cause that would be so fricken cool! ^u^

  • Animeloco
    Animeloco Year ago


  • Animeloco
    Animeloco Year ago

    can you do the Power of Makeup? please?

  • Megan Phillips
    Megan Phillips Year ago

    where do you find all your wonderful wigs?

  • Emma Mae
    Emma Mae Year ago

    Should I start a beauty channel? Please answer!! :3

  • - KittyIzzyDrift -

    you should make a vloging channel Mikey.

  • - KittyIzzyDrift -

    you should make a vloging channel Mikey.

  • savannah rowe- mcdonald

    congratulations on winning the nyx face awards

  • bryley kerr
    bryley kerr Year ago

    Where can i get sfx products in New Zealand???

    • bryley kerr
      bryley kerr Year ago

      +Nicole Miller Thank you

    • Nicole Miller
      Nicole Miller Year ago

      This is their website it's shop is in Kingsland in auckland 

    • bryley kerr
      bryley kerr Year ago

      +Nicole Miller What's it called?

    • Nicole Miller
      Nicole Miller Year ago

      +bryley kerr There is a body fx shop in auckland :)

  • ashley 9089
    ashley 9089 Year ago

    In which video dose the green glitter incident occur

  • GhunterGamingz
    GhunterGamingz Year ago

    go check out GhunterGamingz if you want lets play episodic adventure games.
    i am making build up story mode and almost done with life is stranepisodesge. go check those two lets plays out and see if you like them.

  • Shota Pit
    Shota Pit Year ago

    hey, i was wondering if youd be willing to do a makeup tutorial for Muffet from the game Undertale. im wanting to cosplay as her but dont really know what to do for her makeup. it would be really helpful and cool to see a tutorial for her

  • L1v3beyond 143
    L1v3beyond 143 Year ago

    you should make a vlog channel

  • Alfredo And Yesenia Cabral

    Can you do a Kitana and Mileena tutorial ? :D From mortal kombat ? Or something similar ?

  • JustCallMeJ
    JustCallMeJ 2 years ago

    You should seriously consider trying out for face off, you would be freaking amazing at it and I would love to see your work on my fave show!

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith 2 years ago

    You are so amazing and I love your videos so much! 😱 you are an inspiration! ❤️🤗

  • Meaghan
    Meaghan 2 years ago

    Curious question! How did you get the silver hair??

  • misskittycat'svlog
    misskittycat'svlog 2 years ago

    you are amazing and i love watching you, i look forward to ur videos!!! keep it coming girl... sorry to go super fan girl but I LOVE YOU!!! =]

  • Rebecca Hughey
    Rebecca Hughey 2 years ago

    You should consider doing a variation of Ryuk from Death Note!!

  • Mána McBurnie
    Mána McBurnie 2 years ago

    Can you please make a cheshire cat look?

  • nattiearabella
    nattiearabella 2 years ago


  • LiLindsay Jackson
    LiLindsay Jackson 2 years ago

    HEY mykie, I think you should do a Krampus makeup look because you are good at those sort of things , love you and your videos some much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙🐧

  • maddison rovacsek
    maddison rovacsek 2 years ago

    hi i love your work its so creative and awesome i want to become a special effects make up artist too but i have no idea where to start i use to do kids face painting and i do my own make up every now and again but i only use normal make up so when i do something scary or big it rubs of fast which sucks what i was wanting to know is how did you teach yourself and learn everything and where do you get most of your equipment if you don't mind me asking

  • Kassandra Young
    Kassandra Young 2 years ago

    Your puppy is to die for aww I want it! Love ur makeup

  • Terami
    Terami 2 years ago

    Hi, I love your channel and all your tips and tricks. I just wondered if you could mention what products to use if I want to use vegan or vegetarian friendly products, like instead of gelatin? And what makeup you use that isn't animal tested? :3

  • Ceci Smith
    Ceci Smith 2 years ago

    I have some fan art I've been working on for a while. Where should I send it?

  • sandy sotelo
    sandy sotelo 2 years ago

    Hey where's your video on the Candy Cane queen!!! Been looking forward to it all week. Hoping it would cheer me up after such a stressful finals week!

    ALEXIS HAINES 2 years ago


  • CoCo Beanz
    CoCo Beanz 2 years ago

    hey @glamandgore i was wondering if you wanted to do a mash vid with me????? pleaseee let me know huge fan love your makeup tutorials and love makeup myself so please reply would really love and appreciate it.

  • Escape Reality
    Escape Reality 2 years ago

    Was it easy for you when you first started out on youtube?

  • LuzMagaly Garcia
    LuzMagaly Garcia 2 years ago

    hi I just started a youtube and I was wondering if you can help me!! How did you get noticed

  • kpop emily
    kpop emily 2 years ago

    Did you go to makeup school, if so then what school did u go to?

  • Chattancat
    Chattancat 2 years ago

    witch video has where she spills the green glitter

  • Ashley Dufault
    Ashley Dufault 2 years ago

    Whoa, your cover photo is wicked! =]

  • Valkyria
    Valkyria 2 years ago

    Plz do Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2, it would fit you like a glove! And while you're at it, do Mad Moxxi too

  • Zech Elliott-jackson

    Cool I like your joker and it's different so that's why I like it plus your pretty

  • Jessi U
    Jessi U 2 years ago

    Hey Mykie,
    Just wanted to comment and let you know that you are one of the few makeup artists on here who really inspired me to set up my channel.
    I love your work and absolutely adore you. It makes my week when you upload a new video.
    Love you and your awesomeness!!

  • Haydn and Riley
    Haydn and Riley 2 years ago

    Were do u get your wigs? I love all of them!

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  • ninebenik
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