Seatin Man of Legends
Seatin Man of Legends
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  • Satya Sharma
    Satya Sharma 3 hours ago

    Do a 3 star realm of legend challenge

  • Bensgaming 20
    Bensgaming 20 3 hours ago

    Seatin i need ur help I joined an alliance quest and I can't quit it so i quit the alliance to get back my champions but they're still locked IDK wut to do plz help me

  • Χάρος !
    Χάρος ! 3 hours ago

    16:52 evade failed? I can defeat Spiderman to, with these features

  • The CROWN
    The CROWN 3 hours ago

    Want to go r4 5* taskmaster or agent venom both duped which one to go?

  • Srïñîdhí S
    Srïñîdhí S 4 hours ago

    Why doesn’t anybody have rank 3 6 star yet???

  • XenoVenom -
    XenoVenom - 4 hours ago

    Seatin got gold pool in 40 crystals only and I opened like 200 of them and only got gold Seatin really has the best luck

  • LA_ TEMP
    LA_ TEMP 4 hours ago


  • Eduardo Del Villar Valdivia

    Seatin im looking for a fight between supreme symbiont against the collector and dont appears nothing, maybe would be a good idea made it. think in the noobs who follow u. Thanks

  • Mateo Arce
    Mateo Arce 5 hours ago

    Warlocks l2 is the most satisfying l2 ever

  • kartik gamer
    kartik gamer 5 hours ago

    Sir please how to changes champions video

  • Arham Ubaid
    Arham Ubaid 6 hours ago

    Dose that work with the unawkand thing

  • Jeffrey Dela Rosa
    Jeffrey Dela Rosa 10 hours ago


  • Dave Rivers
    Dave Rivers 12 hours ago

    The Rollercoaster is why I pop my biggest crystals. But, that wouldn't make for a good video, now, would it? I was rooting for you Seatin!!!

  • Vicente Fritz
    Vicente Fritz 12 hours ago

    That Kang oneshot reminded me of your Angela vs Act 5 Ultron solo

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 12 hours ago

    Bruh I got a four star agon and sold him cause I thought he was bad

  • drake WARLORD
    drake WARLORD 13 hours ago

    Awesome killmonger takedown m8

  • True Potential
    True Potential 13 hours ago

    4 year of youtube and no war videos. Lad pulls a warlock and here comes the videos 😅

  • Bryan Raines
    Bryan Raines 13 hours ago

    Hold up what the HECK is this? Did seatin hit reverse puberty?

  • J Aridano
    J Aridano 13 hours ago

    Agent Venoms sp1 has a lot of hits, would be good w thing

  • Jordan Aquino
    Jordan Aquino 13 hours ago

    Human torch also is good for clair voyage

  • Sam the Ham
    Sam the Ham 14 hours ago

    Love these AW videos!

  • I T X F A R A N [MCOC]

    Quick question does warlock requires awakening if yes then should I use it on him or save for ghost?

    • Brandon Gavin
      Brandon Gavin 13 hours ago

      He doesn’t need it, just that degen bonus, it helps but not necessary.

  • Poorly Made
    Poorly Made 14 hours ago

    Rank 5 Dorm?

  • Vox
    Vox 15 hours ago

    These are so fun to watch

  • Quake Agent
    Quake Agent 15 hours ago

    Im gonna r5 hulk buster

  • Sanders 2032
    Sanders 2032 15 hours ago

    You did that at rank 39 I just did the 4-star Nick Fury at rank 41 got 1.7 million points most I've ever grind for and got nothing but shards didn't even get the top 10% how does that work

  • contest of man
    contest of man 15 hours ago

    Seatin out here helping me get uncollected past act 5 now v3 lol

  • Ashish Singh
    Ashish Singh 15 hours ago

    That was such a smooth war takedowns, awesome

  • clanktitan 2000
    clanktitan 2000 15 hours ago

    Oh yeah, Sunny and Warlock at at least god tier for sure

  • clanktitan 2000
    clanktitan 2000 16 hours ago

    Bruh this dude

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    RIP Brian Grant's website 😂😂

  • Asim Hamad
    Asim Hamad 17 hours ago

    Wow seatin where were u hiding all these AW videos

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas 17 hours ago

    Quake and venom the duck

  • Michele Mako
    Michele Mako 17 hours ago

    Next champion Who kabam Nerf for sure

  • Jason Xzander
    Jason Xzander 18 hours ago

    Sub for a sub, subscribe to my channel and watch me play this game seatin would still beat my ass at this game lol

  • Carlos romeo C.A.P.
    Carlos romeo C.A.P. 18 hours ago

    You destroy our defense. What a great war dude. See ya

  • Jason Xzander
    Jason Xzander 18 hours ago

    Who wanna see contest of champion and seatin battle each other ?

  • Scott
    Scott 18 hours ago

    I have to disagree with omega red there. I couldn’t stay close enough to her bc I was constantly having to avoid specials.

  • boris palacios
    boris palacios 18 hours ago

    Keep the alliance war videos coming!

  • Thomas Holguin
    Thomas Holguin 19 hours ago

    I started 1 month ago I spent thirty dollars for a 5 crystal pack with a 5 percent chance at a 5 star and I got a five star nick fury and I screamed

  • AJ Mainiac
    AJ Mainiac 19 hours ago

    Seatin can you do a video on different ways to beat the Deadpool in road to labyrinth? I would appreciate it.

    • wayne wayne
      wayne wayne 8 hours ago

      AJ Mainiac he reduces ability accuracy with his furies so he’ll negate the safeguard and stop deadpool from healing.

    • AJ Mainiac
      AJ Mainiac 15 hours ago

      wayne wayne explain how crossbones induced works. I have that.

    • wayne wayne
      wayne wayne 17 hours ago

      AJ Mainiac duped gwenpool, crossbones, duped Blackwidow can try some stuff.

  • Ethan Day
    Ethan Day 19 hours ago

    Dude that havok take down was clean

  • Hussein Abedi
    Hussein Abedi 19 hours ago

    Oh I love it..

  • Katy Candy
    Katy Candy 19 hours ago

    I have been using my Warlock in war and been loving him. Did pretty much the same thing against a Havok debufff immune Mini.

  • Saleh Uddin
    Saleh Uddin 19 hours ago

    Loving these alliance war videos👍

  • SeZo InSiDe
    SeZo InSiDe 19 hours ago

    Awesome skills

  • Never To Go Relevant
    Never To Go Relevant 19 hours ago

    Seatin how much for a feature

  • Peter Grayson
    Peter Grayson 20 hours ago

    Warlock is for seatin what Human torch is for lagacy lol

  • Schwa77
    Schwa77 20 hours ago

    Three good Alliance Wars in a row? Who are you and what have you done with Seatin?

  • Al Carlos
    Al Carlos 20 hours ago

    Yay more nick fury gameplay

  • Siddharth Tailor
    Siddharth Tailor 20 hours ago

    Awesome war..keep em cming 😁👍

  • Lagacy
    Lagacy 20 hours ago

    snatched my mini boss fights! Great work on havok tho :D

    • ravi teja
      ravi teja 19 hours ago

      Haha.. Nice..u guys Fighting for mini boss fights.. Great to see..

  • HJ TV
    HJ TV 20 hours ago

    Loving the Aliance War vids, letting us see your top tier being put to the test

  • Abdo Hossam
    Abdo Hossam 20 hours ago

    Thank You so mcuh seatin for these Alliance War Videos keep em up.

  • Akashdeep Singh
    Akashdeep Singh 20 hours ago

    Why aren't you using willpower??

  • jućub 111
    jućub 111 20 hours ago


  • moving maud
    moving maud 20 hours ago

    Is ghost rider still good

  • fireskull Dark N Light

    How about Omni vs CBrgz

  • skycrafterice _
    skycrafterice _ 20 hours ago

    First like Seatin pls reply I am about to get my first 5* can u tell me who is good unawakened in the basic pool Thnx

    • Major General
      Major General 4 hours ago

      @Gareth J when i 100% act 5 i pulled 5* GG and wasp then 6* hulkbuster..

    • Gareth J
      Gareth J 5 hours ago

      Finished act 5, 2 5* crystals... Blue cyclops and symbiote spidery 😞

    • Major General
      Major General 12 hours ago

      Dont worry u will get hulkbuster or rhino..

    • ghostgamer
      ghostgamer 12 hours ago

      @Random Guy Hyperion needs that awakened ability to shine though...

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy 14 hours ago

      There are lots of good unawakened 5*'s in the basic pool. Two of my favorites would be Domino and Hyperion.

  • XMatthewbaccaX 1
    XMatthewbaccaX 1 20 hours ago

    If I don't get pinned you will get rig rayed by kabam Mike's wife Michelle on the vision aarkus. Also love from Ireland

  • Christopher Harman
    Christopher Harman 20 hours ago

    is the new 5 star featured going to be good

  • Jesushumberto Torres Moncada


  • ZeusGaming 18
    ZeusGaming 18 20 hours ago

    I guess AW videos are a thing now...I love it!!

  • xd_Spider
    xd_Spider 20 hours ago

    When Seatin gets lucky in AW, are you the new BG with these AW vids

  • Jamal Oreagba
    Jamal Oreagba 20 hours ago


  • NinjaaBrian2 21
    NinjaaBrian2 21 20 hours ago

    I got 4 star thing today so im set

  • Mo Zhang
    Mo Zhang 20 hours ago

    OML and Colossus?

  • Ricardo Roure
    Ricardo Roure 21 hour ago

    He got absolutely chuffed there, mate! They are having the biggest giggle rn

  • Demonic Steps
    Demonic Steps 22 hours ago

    I Made my 4star venom rank 5 and I just got a 5 star this is not cool what a waste I olny got to use him for 1month and now useless

  • Chad Clegg
    Chad Clegg 22 hours ago

    Thank you buddy. It would be really nice to go through some of these War nodes and explain what they really do

  • Joe Deertae
    Joe Deertae 23 hours ago

    Little late to this party but Thing should work these days. Especially w Heimdall/Hela synergy.

  • Yusef
    Yusef Day ago

    When are you going to start gambling again? We need another casino video soon

  • Harvey Gaming
    Harvey Gaming Day ago

    Thor Jane Foster

  • ghost rider
    ghost rider Day ago

    Çok konuşma

  • Skratta Borger

    why does his parry stun last so long??

  • Manny ozuna
    Manny ozuna Day ago

    Vision has a power drain so maybe use him next time

  • Manny ozuna
    Manny ozuna Day ago

    You should use vision

  • Sr。 POOL
    Sr。 POOL Day ago

    Maestro's nightmare on LoL is Seatin with ÆGON hehehe 2019

  • Jaxon Lurie
    Jaxon Lurie Day ago

    What about the demonetization tier?

  • Anant Chakravorty

    its better than my 3 or 4 yrs old acc as i still dont hv any 6 star but this is possible as his acc must hv been in a high level allaince so free high lvl shards so guys its really possible with ur allaince and u hv infinite time of grinding

  • SevPool
    SevPool Day ago

    Wow this is some pretty *Beast* mode gameplay

  • The Appetizer
    The Appetizer Day ago

    Just pulled a korg and I have enough gems to take him to r4. Is he worth it? Even unawakened

    • Joshua Ferreira
      Joshua Ferreira Day ago

      His awakened ability provides him with the spike armor I think, kind of like reverberation on killmonger, makes him more lethal for sure. He's still a decent defender unawakened though

  • Luis Cabral
    Luis Cabral Day ago

    that was a really nice one shot at the main Boss, warlock is an amazing champion!!

    ICEBOXdaGREAT Day ago

    I just put my top 5 strongest in defense.

  • 폐하
    폐하 Day ago

    kinda sad all my 6* can be found here. mr sisnister, thor rag, red skull, bpcw, yellowjacket. none of them is good for offence. and my ally dont do AW so they have no defender value

  • Neetu Gupta
    Neetu Gupta Day ago

  • sree charan
    sree charan Day ago

    dr strange? what is his tier

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Day ago

    hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahaha in the face XD

  • jean pesto
    jean pesto Day ago

    Has sunspot got any uses in defence? I think you might forget him, mate

  • Mcoc Suck Up
    Mcoc Suck Up Day ago

    So I am revisiting this video because I just made it to act 5 because I took a break from the game and was considering using agent venom to shrug off debuffs as well, do you think he’d be good

  • Raid: Shadow Legends

    Thanks for the video!

  • Mason Curtis
    Mason Curtis Day ago

    My best pull from a premium is a 4 star Hyperion

  • Uzair Syed
    Uzair Syed Day ago

    Awesome been looking forwards to this for ages

  • Nicholas Wildman

    Can someone confirm: do the prowess stacks from the heavy attacks increase special 3 damage or just 1 and 2? Ta

  • Charlie Douglas

    wheres scarlette witch?

  • eyecandy gaming

    This series is going to be called. Look who's getting nerfed next.

  • Versus XY
    Versus XY Day ago

    'Seatin pulls 6* Rhino' Me: First Time?

  • A-rock 007
    A-rock 007 Day ago

    Play all mcoc crystal openings on YT with 2× speed

  • 이대한
    이대한 Day ago


  • True Potential

    Maw: "then I ll take it off your corpse" Summoner: "Anytime , noodle hands"