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  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 5 months ago

    Wowww amazing channel!!

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 8 months ago

    Greetings from The Garden City =) =) Wish you a awesome day!

  • Bongie Tha Yung'N
    Bongie Tha Yung'N 11 months ago

    Nice work!

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 11 months ago

    Really cool

  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :)I have already subscribed you..I would be glad if you subscribe me and do a favor.Thank you.

  • the chase
    the chase 3 years ago

    Ellen is a very funny lady

  • Family friendly Felix

    why you are so nice???

  • Nina Herrera
    Nina Herrera 3 years ago


  • UnicornWORLDZ !
    UnicornWORLDZ ! 3 years ago

    I love ellen she is a true role model and always will be I dont care if people judge her she is so kind and sweet hearted

  • Linda Loom
    Linda Loom 3 years ago

    Hello Ellen, My brother and I have bin a big fan of yours forever and I wanted to say hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mercedes Navarro
    Mercedes Navarro 3 years ago

    Ellen, Hi I`m from Argentina , and here we can`t see you live because our cable does not transmit your channel. Is there a way to see you live through internet? Thanks Love you!

  • Joy  Maitiro
    Joy Maitiro 3 years ago


  • Karen Hosein
    Karen Hosein 3 years ago

    dear Ellen you don't know how much i love you and your show i can't get to come see your show because i live in Trinidad and i can't afford it and i don't have my passport........ i love you so so so so so so so so much

  • TheGemini0606
    TheGemini0606 3 years ago

    hi Ellen i love your show and yes i'm a kid and i can do a special show for you please let me be on your show

  • Daniel Munteanu
    Daniel Munteanu 3 years ago

    I wanna see a discussion between Ellen and the president Obama speaking about what he did at Bohemian grove and others and why

  • TheRelaxingWorld
    TheRelaxingWorld 3 years ago

    *I love your show!!!*

  • Electro wolf
    Electro wolf 3 years ago

    this is so funny lolololololololololol

  • Sarah Kilpatrick
    Sarah Kilpatrick 3 years ago

    Thank you Ellen for being so positive and funny. When I'm feeling down or having an off day I like to watch your show. You are just so positive. Thank you.

  • Emma Strelzoff
    Emma Strelzoff 3 years ago

    ellen is so cool

  • ahmed mohmmed
    ahmed mohmmed 3 years ago

    l love you Ellen

  • NadiaaHakam
    NadiaaHakam 3 years ago


  • sami
    sami 3 years ago

    i would love to go on your show

  • Miracle Calhoun
    Miracle Calhoun 3 years ago

    i want to go on ellen show so i can sing for my birthday

  • lorena Ramos
    lorena Ramos 3 years ago


  • CourtneyLovable
    CourtneyLovable 3 years ago

    Hey Ellen, I would be delighted if you would try the 'Try not to Laugh Challenege'

  • crissth
    crissth 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen , you need to invite Blake Griffin to your show that can be awsome!!!

  • Alicia Luck
    Alicia Luck 3 years ago

    Hey Ellen. I love your show. Merry Christmas.

  • zwoeler
    zwoeler 3 years ago

    Can you upload the episode in which Robin Williams was making jokes about baby Suri and Moses? Why on Earth would you or anyone else block that video if you can't find it anywhere on the web and buy it (commercially).

  • kiko morgan
    kiko morgan 3 years ago

    dear ellen, i love your show and i watch it every single day! you make me laugh and make my day. im from egypt and i wish to come and watch your show!!! Love you. -kiko and lina

  • Shu Yuan Ng
    Shu Yuan Ng 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, why don't you have a talk with Cochita Wurst?

  • Carla Stephens
    Carla Stephens 3 years ago

    What if you were away from tv when 12 days winners list was displayed how will you know?

  • harps909
    harps909 3 years ago

    I wanna go on the Ellen show very badly

  • harps909
    harps909 3 years ago

    Hi ellen

  • Amélie Auffret
    Amélie Auffret 3 years ago

    I've been watching you show from France since a couple of years now but I'm still amazed at your kindness and your generosity... So I just wanted to say thank you for everything and for what you do, helping people and also making us laugh through everything!


    Checkout my channel I am doing daily vlogs. Don't forget to subscribe and like my videos. Enjoy and see u soon. Peace!

  • bHills 139
    bHills 139 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen, this guy is helping refugees in Greece and he needs your help. I wish you could help him with that. He is such an inspiration and so do you. Here is the link about this guy called Rayyan Haries:

  • pablo berber gomez
    pablo berber gomez 3 years ago

    Hi please Ellen can you consider invite my friend bogdana stotska she talk 5 lenguages at 10 years old and wants to break the record of the most longer hair in the world now she is in ukraine, pls people please help me supporting. this girl and make her dream comes true and appear. in a tv show if you are agree plss vote for my comment.

  • Raafay Ahsen Films
    Raafay Ahsen Films 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, I'm such a massive fan of yours. Your honestly make me smile every time I see one of your interviews on TVclip, and your sense of humor and perspective on life is so endearing :) Please keep doing this forever! O:) Also, I created a short four minute film entitled "What Is Happiness" and it would mean a lot to me if you saw it :) Lots of love and prayers.

  • Raafay Ahsen Films
    Raafay Ahsen Films 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, I'm such a massive fan of yours. Your honestly make me smile every time I see one of your interviews on TVclip, and your sense of humor and perspective on life is so endearing :) Please keep doing this forever! O:) Also, I created a short four minute film entitled "What Is Happiness" and it would mean a lot to me if you saw it :) Lots of love and prayers.

  • Skyler Jenkins
    Skyler Jenkins 3 years ago

    hey Ellen I love your show I wish I could meet u in person the people on your show inspired me because I get bullied and the one kid that was on there that loves to exercise and brought other kids in it really inspired me I love yours show a hole lot Ellen

  • Katie Phelan
    Katie Phelan 3 years ago

    Why isn't Ellen aired in the UK??

  • crimsonkinda
    crimsonkinda 3 years ago

    I really want to see superwoman on the ellan show

  • Estef Estrada
    Estef Estrada 3 years ago

    who wants a sub 4 a sub

  • Magdalena Mielnicka
    Magdalena Mielnicka 3 years ago

    i live in uk - is there is any posibility watch u show Ellen in full somehow??

  • Collin Kitchen
    Collin Kitchen 3 years ago

    Ellen can you invite thinknoodls

  • Skye Watson
    Skye Watson 3 years ago

    My real name is Mandy, but i'm in the process of changing it to Skye. I love the colour blue. I wonder where I got the extra inspiration from. I'm unwell but Everyday when I watch your show, it helps as you're such a truly, amazing and fun loving woman. I love the way you dress, dance and just make my day brighter. My daughter painted my nails blue & put some little kittens on them. Thanks for being my hero Ellen..

  • wendy viola
    wendy viola 3 years ago

    i am in africa and a very big fan of ellen show.thumbs uop ellen keep up

  • Victoria Heinrich
    Victoria Heinrich 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen! I am a big fan of your show. I watch it all the time online on TVclip. I just watched it, even though I should study for my English test tomorrow. Your show is so awesome! You make so many people happy and me as well! My dream is to see you, some a day, live in your studio. I had a little surgery so it hurts when I laugh and trust me it is so hard not to do so when I watch your show. Like I said. My biggest dream is to see you live. I know it is a long way to Austria, but if you ever have a show in Europe I am the first person there even though the show is not in Austria. I would give my best to go there. Yours, Victoria Heinrich :)P.S.: Sorry for my bad English! I always wanted to improve it abroad (in Irland or England) for a year, but that is too expensive. It is my second biggest dream to go abroad and learn english. But your are first on my list.

  • Victoria Heinrich
    Victoria Heinrich 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen! I am a big fan of your show. I watch it all the time online on TVclip. I just watched it, even though I should study for my English test tomorrow. Your show is so awesome! You make so many people happy and me as well! My dream is to see you, some a day, live in your studio. I had a little surgery so it hurts when I laugh and trust me it is so hard not to do so when I watch your show. Like I said. My biggest dream is to see you live. I know it is a long way to Austria, but if you ever have a show in Europe I am the first person there even though the show is not in Austria. I would give my best to go there. Yours, Victoria Heinrich :)P.S.: Sorry for my bad English! I always wanted to improve it abroad (in Irland or England) for a year, but that is too expensive. It is my second biggest dream to go abroad and learn english. But your are first on my list.

  • AllyCutie95
    AllyCutie95 3 years ago

    Hi there I love your channel! I hope you can check mine out too! And be youtube buddies!:)

  • Fadee
    Fadee 3 years ago

    i love you ellen!

  • Gangaram family Drama group

    hey ellen my name isaliesha amnmy broname is shiva we are from trinidad and tobago wedo indian dancin it wd be adream cometrue to performe on ur show.

  • Hero Gamer
    Hero Gamer 3 years ago

    sub sub

  • aries 040794
    aries 040794 3 years ago please invite darren watch the video you will know why :)

  • earth angel
    earth angel 3 years ago

    how can I write or email ellen?

  • Lyce Savage
    Lyce Savage 3 years ago

    Ellen when Rosie Grace and sophia come back on your show ca u let them sing a song and only let Rosie sing the song and only let sophia dance and mouth the words PLEASE!!!!!!! Rosie never gets the spotlight because sophia takes it all

  • Leigha Brown
    Leigha Brown 3 years ago

    ellen i need to be on ur show

  • Floofffy
    Floofffy 3 years ago

    One more Justin Bieber Video and I'm out ... (dooitz)

  • Divorce Lawyer Surrey

    This should be great! Can't wait, neither can my kid's....

  • Megadonkeyfan
    Megadonkeyfan 3 years ago

    notice me senpai

  • Tiara Childress
    Tiara Childress 3 years ago


  • A D
    A D 3 years ago

    You should have IISuperwomanII on your show she is super funny!

  • Meagana Maheswaran
    Meagana Maheswaran 3 years ago

    Can you please interview Big Bang!

  • Barron Farnell
    Barron Farnell 3 years ago

    hi Ellen im 23 years old I have been acting singing and dancing since I was 7 I love your show and finding nemo I can memorize a movie from beginning to end I would love to meet you im on FB or 1 970 306 5257

  • Betty Read
    Betty Read 3 years ago

    Forgot to tell you the name of my great masterpiece. The Silver Flask.

  • Betty Read
    Betty Read 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen...I'm an 86-year-old who was bored to tears and decided I'd write a book. It's really pretty good and has been self published. May never sell copies but was sure a joy to write it. Would love to have you read and critique it, and would even send you an autographed copy if you request one.

  • Crystal Barkclay
    Crystal Barkclay 3 years ago

    Starbucks less on expensive tossed out Christmas decorations, More on humanity. NOW THAT'S THE TRUE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. Starbucks instead of spending money on decorated cups to be tossed out are spending there money wisely. they have a program giving the homeless a worm welcoming cup of hot coffee during the cold Christmas season. allowing a homeless person one tinny thing to be thankful for. and they have just announce a program to train there employees how to deal with bullying to protect costumers who are bullied. predominantly this may mean they are LGBTQ but that does not make them less human. so would you rather get a cup of coffee from a shop that cares more about its rich costumers need to see a snow flake on a cup they will toss out. or does it make you feel better that the money you spend on that cup of coffee will go to worm someone in need or protect someone in danger.were does your holiday spirit sit in need or greed.

  • Mike Ainlay
    Mike Ainlay 3 years ago

    Ellen are you ever going to meet Jaidah?

  • Ellen Marlowe
    Ellen Marlowe 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, I am sending this to you for this years letters to Santa. I've never seen Santa tear up before until Ava asked him today for a cure for cancer. This made me cry. I am proud of my granddaughter. She is a very smart 8 year old. Ava has a heart of gold. Ava's mother Renee' Marlowe Richards has Breast Cancer. Renee' had only been married for one year before being diagnosed at the age of 24. Renee' was declared cancer free after 3 years and was told that she could have a child. Well after Renee' had Ava her cancer came back. Ava found out this year!! that her mother has cancer. Renee' has had cancer for 13 years. It has metastasized to bone and now liver. This is when Ava found out. This is a big request. Hope Santa can pull this off. Ava has decided that she is going to find a cure and be a spokesperson for cancer. This summer her dad Jason and Ava did a 5 mile walk for breast cancer. This coming summer Renee' wants to take Ava to Hawaii. If we get to go we are going to be in California for a few days and she ask me and her dad to come and if we can she ask me if I wanted to go to your show and be in your audience we love watching. We are both nurses and watch your show on our days off. Hope to see you this summer. Ava's dad Jason is in the military he has served since he was 17 years old. He is a great dad and very supporting husband. Renee' is a true fighter and she is also a great mother and caregiver. Renee' is a Register Nurse. She gives her heart to everyone she meets. She would love to meet you. - in Greensboro, North Carolina.

  • Youtuberzz
    Youtuberzz 3 years ago

    hey ellen keep it up with the good Work

  • Victoria Heinrich
    Victoria Heinrich 3 years ago

    You should really invite KYGO to your show. He produces such a great music. You would like him for sure! And if you invite him you could invite me too ^^ :D I love his music and would do everything to meet him once in my life. P.S.: I am from Austria so I apologise for my bad English :D Best regards Victoria Heinrich <3

  • Victoria Heinrich
    Victoria Heinrich 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen DeGeneres! „smile“-Emoticon I´m from Austria and I love your show. Unfortunatly I never saw one live or in full because I can only watch the short TVclip film. A dream would come true, if I could see you live. Your show is so funny an touching the same time. It is so great what you do for all the people. That´s great! I keep watching your TVclip Cannel all night and hope to maybe get the chance to see your show live someday. Best regards from Austria Victoria „smile“-Emoticon

  • Victoria Heinrich
    Victoria Heinrich 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen DeGeneres! :D I´m from Austria and I love your show. Unfortunatly I never saw one live or in full because I can only watch the short TVclip film. A dream would come true, if I could see you live. Your show is so funny an touching the same time. It is so great what you do for all the people. That´s great! I keep watching your TVclip Cannel all night and hope to maybe get the chance to see your show live someday. Best regards from Austria Victoria :)

  • Shayna Mathis
    Shayna Mathis 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, I love your show! You are always looking at children's talent... Please find on you tube SA'S GOT TALENT DJ ARCH JNR. He is 3 years old and DJ's. Started when he was 1.

  • kushal karki
    kushal karki 3 years ago

    its been two days or maybe one ellen hasn't posted a video.

  • Christina Hanerfeld
    Christina Hanerfeld 3 years ago

    i love the ellen show so much i really love watching ur shows and it hink ur so funny and i love the guests u have on the show

  • Thuy An Nguyen
    Thuy An Nguyen 3 years ago

    PLEASE do something with Eurovision.

  • oneman
    oneman 3 years ago

    dear elien when are you gona tell us the truth we all know it , you have been keeping us in the dark playin ur part they want you too but oh so soon it well fall as you all . There is no curvature of earth ,the sun and moon are in here with us and that admirl richard e byrd told us that he found land the size of USA 180 miles past southpole look up operation high jump , i hope you got a strong bunker becuase that is life style you pepole will be living fake ass human

  • Sam Wingham
    Sam Wingham 3 years ago


  • Jeremy Gorostieta
    Jeremy Gorostieta 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, I would like you to show your people a movie trailer called KRAMPUS

  • Go Italy noleggio auto se vuoi iscriviti al mio canale :)

  • Moshiur Ahmed
    Moshiur Ahmed 3 years ago

    See a talented 2 year old sing the The Periodic Table song. Very cute.

  • Phoebe Levitt
    Phoebe Levitt 3 years ago

    sorry what i ment to say in my other post was you insper me even thought im only 9 going on to 10 very soon

  • Phoebe Levitt
    Phoebe Levitt 3 years ago

    i really think that you are just a awesome person to do all this stuff

  • Phoebe Levitt
    Phoebe Levitt 3 years ago

    i would really like if you could reply

  • Phoebe Levitt
    Phoebe Levitt 3 years ago

    i mean very soon

  • Phoebe Levitt
    Phoebe Levitt 3 years ago

    you insper me even thought im only 9 going on 10 vrey soon

  • mrsvspin
    mrsvspin 3 years ago

    Bernie is no joke, but funny.... fu that's funny

  • Julie Cover
    Julie Cover 3 years ago

    Ellen, please check this out.....this guy is awesome!!!!

  • Obadiah Awume
    Obadiah Awume 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen, i want to be on your 12days give away this year.Funny how life can be but i am in Africa and still wondering how i would carry all that luggage home....hmmm!!

  • Enrique Quintana
    Enrique Quintana 3 years ago

    dear ellen I want you to inved r5 its a its a band I will relly want to see them on t.v

  • jamila alhassan
    jamila alhassan 3 years ago

    I love u Ellen I love the way u help people

  • jamila alhassan
    jamila alhassan 3 years ago

    This is incredible awesome you really have a good heart

  • Aylin Sevilla
    Aylin Sevilla 3 years ago

    Can you please have one direction, Selena Gomez, Zendaya Coleman and Taylor Swift on your show.

  • gelber Eisenhut
    gelber Eisenhut 3 years ago

    Hello here :) just wanted to figure out how it can be, that Ellen did not watched or heared at all of the Series "Person of Interest"? It is an awesome Series and im sure she would like it, at least the Actors. Greetings from Germany :) Oh and by the way, does Ellen actually reading the Comments here?

  • Bollywood Talk
    Bollywood Talk 3 years ago

    Laugh Dance Share <3

  • Pratap Singh
    Pratap Singh 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen I am Pratap Singh from India. I really really rally wanna see Priyanka Chopra on your show can you please please invite her to your show? pretty please.

  • saddie lipp
    saddie lipp 3 years ago

    hi Ellen

  • Kelly Phillips
    Kelly Phillips 3 years ago


  • luciene santos
    luciene santos 3 years ago

    Ellen takes its pro the new development program of the Philippine Glaiza de Castro and Rhian branches made the first lesbian couple of the Philippines.

  • animaljamlover21 aj
    animaljamlover21 aj 3 years ago

    elllen make a vid with Rhett and link

  • Shaylene Van Gorkum
    Shaylene Van Gorkum 3 years ago

    Thank you Ellen for all you are doing.

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 3 years ago

    when are we going to see andy go through another haunted house this halloween 2015?

  • cato coebergh
    cato coebergh 3 years ago

    wwowowowoowowowowowowwoowwoowwoowwowowowowowowoowwowowo i dident know this part

  • Real Magic
    Real Magic 3 years ago

    i wanna see ellen with the youtuber KSI

  • PewDiePie
    PewDiePie 3 years ago

    i love ellen she's awesome

  • Entvan Sjekirica
    Entvan Sjekirica 3 years ago

    Ellen you should have a chat with Flula!

  • Loco P
    Loco P 3 years ago

    My girlfriend has been dead for two weeks and while the sex is the same, the dishes are beginning to pile up. What should I do?

    • Loco P
      Loco P 3 years ago

      +Kenny peace bro i love ya

    • Loco P
      Loco P 3 years ago

      +Kenny here come the heroooo

  • Save Linda
    Save Linda 3 years ago

  • Kathleen Kirkwood
    Kathleen Kirkwood 3 years ago - now ellen can bring Halle Berry the solution she discussed on her show...Sweat Stains Gone Halle A266978 glow protection tank

  • King Kirk
    King Kirk 3 years ago


  • Rocky Peter
    Rocky Peter 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen! I want to sing for you. Free of charge. No need for cameras and TV, I just want to sing for you because your smile, your jokes, your personality, makes our world a better place.

  • Midori Correa
    Midori Correa 3 years ago

    I wan't to see this year Andy in Universal Studios this halloween

  • Dimitar Lalchev
    Dimitar Lalchev 3 years ago

    Ellen I'm your biggest fan from Bulgaria . You make me smile every single day . Thank you .

  • chiko23 awaloei234
    chiko23 awaloei234 3 years ago

    dear ellen, my name chiko and, i am your biggest fans more than taylor swift , wiz khalifa , madonnaand the other artist and a, i just like your videos and i just have a request that i hope you can chat with me , and if you just want to see my video you can just watch at chikonathanel im playing guitar "morning rain" and btw im indonesian and i just really really fans of you and btw my english are very bad so i hope you can understand that love you elen

  • Ahnesti 14
    Ahnesti 14 3 years ago

    i really would like to meet justin thats my dream

  • Brenda Powell
    Brenda Powell 3 years ago

    I love your show Ellen and to get to see you and your set at Christmas is all I could ever want it would be a dream come true!

  • Todd Whistler
    Todd Whistler 3 years ago

    I'm not very tech-savy so I may be overlooking it. And for that I apologize. But is there somewhere online or an app that I can watch a full, complete episode of your's? I don't have any fancy TV things like Dish or Satellite (wait, are those the same thing? Who knows.) other than Netflix and I literally only SOMETIMES get NBC. (I just have the little bunny ears.) So I've just been watching TVclip and more recently EllenTube videos. But it has been years since I've seen you dance through the isles and I miss it! haha Gosh, this is a long message; I better stop typing. I appreciate your help. Muchas gracias!

  • Bethany Bowman
    Bethany Bowman 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, I don't expect anything from you all I really want to say is thank you. I don't really get to watch your t.v show, but i do find myself watching short clips on youtube! I can truly say you have inspired me to be a better person every day, not just you but the people you invite on your show as well. I see you and your fans continuously helping people and its amazing to think that i once believed the world was bad, but now I see how a small change can make a big difference!! I once believed that my life was bad but seeing others go through there own battles made me realize i can be much stronger! I really look forward to watching more clips and seeing others stories touch my heart.

  • Mia Cehic
    Mia Cehic 3 years ago

    I have the biggest wish but noone cant do it i am like tottaly dying to do that but it is never gonna happen. Cuz i am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian <3 I LOVE KIM KARDASHIAAAN <3 TEAM KARDASHIAN

  • Thoinfo
    Thoinfo 3 years ago

    I hope I could share some laugh from you, ellen. I feel release after watching your video. #Thoinfo

  • Kazi Barin
    Kazi Barin 3 years ago

    blessings for you ellen.we love you (me ,my only daughter 'purple' and my loving wife Eti).I'm an artist and I just wanted to share my art with you.Art is not appreciated well down here.I tried everything but don't see a better future for my child.Art is the only thing I have for her and my wife.We only have each other. still your show inspires us a lot.this one is for you.

  • kingcamcam
    kingcamcam 3 years ago

    I wonder who Ellen will be for Halloween this year.

  • Bernard M
    Bernard M 3 years ago

    Why is the comment section closed on the Bernie vids??

  • Jorģe Oloŋ
    Jorģe Oloŋ 3 years ago

    Greetings from this far end of the world Ellen. From Uganda. Your #1 fun in Uganda.

  • M. C
    M. C 3 years ago

    are there going to be any haunted house segments?!?

  • Karen Olson
    Karen Olson 3 years ago

    please come to Milwaukee wisconson west allis with Justin Bieber

  • Canal Social
    Canal Social 3 years ago

    sub sub

  • Sarah Marino
    Sarah Marino 3 years ago

    Dear Ellen, My English teacher makes vines for us kids to help us remember our root words in a nice little song or chant. She told us that she would love to be on the ellen show because of her vines, so if you ever see this and want to check out her vines click on the vine app and search for Stephanie Mickelson, hope you see this.

  • saultube44
    saultube44 3 years ago

    I come from 'Adam Levine's New Girlfriend' and Ellen I think you have a GOLDEN HEART!

  • Gabriella Guerriero
    Gabriella Guerriero 3 years ago


  • Katrina Marinou
    Katrina Marinou 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen!!!!! Just wanted to share my love to you with everyone!!!!! You have braught laughter in my darkest days!!!! I have bipolar so that is many days!!!! Lol..........and i want to thank you for beeing who you are.You are like Santa.Only i don t believe in him. Lol. But i believe in you!!!! Cause maybe you are a better version of him in fantasy and in real life!!!!!!!!! That s all you all!!!! :D

  • TheZacheryMantis
    TheZacheryMantis 3 years ago

    Ellen! You are such a super nice person and a phenomenal Host to not only the celebs.. But to Up and comers, and people that just leak and rain niceness. I have been watching you for sometime now. And along with your dad, I would say I am very proud of you. You have become everything any little girl, teenager or older woman should want to achieve. Love you Ellen

  • SurrealReality1195
    SurrealReality1195 3 years ago

    Why are the comments disabled for the "Ellen Sits Down with Bernie Sanders" video?

    • IncipiensNovus
      IncipiensNovus 3 years ago

      +SurrealReality1195 This is copied from another comment: "Ellen sold the gay community out. She cast her support for Hillary when she was on (despite Hillary supporting DOMA not so long back, while Bernie has been supporting my rights as a gay man for almost as long as I have lived (I'm 40), even when he was hated for it. On the right side of history when his values were put to the test (like a leader). I saw on Ellen's show many posts saying this and supporting Bernie... And I go back to see that comments were disabled!"

  • Ola Skorodzień
    Ola Skorodzień 3 years ago

    Hello! I'm Ola. I'm 14 years old. I'm from POLAND!!! I'm BELIEBER since 2013. My dream is meet Justin Bieber, but it is don't reality because i don't have a lot of money to my dream come true. ;( ;)

  • H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X

    Time to cancel this twisted twat of a twit.

  • surfjerr
    surfjerr 3 years ago

    I want this queer to resign !

  • Nati Tzanani
    Nati Tzanani 3 years ago


    HECTOR ARISA 3 years ago

    I love u ellen!!!!!

  • Renora Code
    Renora Code 3 years ago

    Its amazing how you reach out and help so many on your show. I am a singer and songwriter of Pop music and I appreciate the way you find so many talented people out there. Keep it up.

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  • Corey Pieper
    Corey Pieper 3 years ago

    Aloha! If you like fun, catchy, feel good music...check out my stuff and let me know what you think! Hope all is well :)

  • Joe Mark Elumbaring
    Joe Mark Elumbaring 3 years ago

    i want to see you personally .. Ellen ..

  • 2015 Best Singer
    2015 Best Singer 3 years ago

    Hey guys, can't wait to be on ELLEN!

  • Becky perusse
    Becky perusse 3 years ago

    I would I like to come on your 12days of Xmas shows I have not won anything I work very hard for what I ask and help others as much as poss

  • Becky perusse
    Becky perusse 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen I love watching u u have such a positive attitude.... the reason im writing is I would like u to help me set up a family reunion I have not seen most of my family members for a very long x we have had our up and downs. I am a live in caregiver for a wonderful family but could use a vaccation I would love to do so much but no x to do it if u can help in any way please let me know

  • The Vegetarian Baker

    I love your talk show Ellen. I don't have cable because I am a broke college student that travels a lot, but I do love that you upload highlights daily. It is like I didn't miss anything. It is definitely a highlight to my day. :) Thank you.

  • Val M
    Val M 3 years ago

    Since the comments were disabled on the GetEllenOnTheAir, I'm an expat to the UK from the USA. When I first came over I was SO SO SO happy to find that you were on TV here! So I was able to really settle down because you were on the air and it was my bit of normality in a world turned upside down. It was my joy during a really rough time in my life. Suddenly it just didn't come on the TV any longer and the only access I have is like that lovely lad who sings so gorgeously is through TVclip. This is my favourite thing to watch, and I keep my bit of normality with m e still. Gotta have my Ellen. Just saying! ;_;

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  • test channels
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  • GDS
    GDS 3 years ago

    Why was the Robin Williams tribute video made private!?!?!?!? That was amazing!!! Can we bring it back??? Please

  • forevamisskitty Carr

    hi ellen i want to now how to conntact jb because i want him to be at my birthdayparty

  • Carolyn Brown
    Carolyn Brown 3 years ago

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. A reminder from Pope Francis during his recent visit to U.S.

  • JoAnne Mattingly
    JoAnne Mattingly 3 years ago

    Hi! I love your show and how you handle yourself with grace and humor. I was wondering if you had the time to explain to your audience the fate of people with a disease called Lupus. I am just one of it's victims. I am not writing this for me, but for all of the other people with this slow killing disease. My time is nearly up, but if the public became more aware of this disease, maybe the researchers would spend more time trying to find a cure. Right now, most research is being done by doctors looking into arthritis and following up their research by saying that this following information is similar for treatment of Lupus. Striking many women of child bearing age, this disease lacks the potential for the public to get behind it and fight for a cure. We need people like you to let the country know that there is this terrible auto immune disease that is robbing us of citizens at a rather frightening rate. Right now the only defense is medicine that can cause blindness and worse. Many people go into remission while on these drugs, if the drugs don't kill them first and then there are people like me that nothing works. Please help make people aware of this disease. Thanks for your time and compassion. JoAnne

  • Peter Vo
    Peter Vo 3 years ago

    Hello Ellen! If you can have the couple that recently found out that they are having a child after 17 years of trying on your show that would be awesome! Thank you! You're the best! :)

  • Mariska Earl
    Mariska Earl 3 years ago

    Hey ellen if you are there my name is mariska and i love your show if you give shoutout to me on wednesday i will know you saw this message and it is you. i love you u really inspire me and help me get through life. never change and love one another bye bye

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    i love you ellen and you make people happy and your just the nicest person in the world

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    I wish I could go on the ellen show and win something my very own bucket list#luv you ellen also luv Porsha on scandal

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    Hi my name is Cecilia Payton and I just want to make a wish for my best friend Heather cline she is fighting the battle of cancer again she is 27 and has 4 children and a very good husband Ronnie plz she has been going through chemo and now radiation and losing h er hair this is her second time but now it is in her brain and nothing could be done plz let her come to your show . My number is 270 676 4046 plz god works thank you we live in ky.

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    gymnast coral 3 years ago

    i love ellen and i love SELENA GOMEZ and TAYLOR SWIFT i really want to meet them

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    Awesome is too small a word for your show ,,,,Cheerz & keep it on

  • Kathy Wilson
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    ellen i think you should bring back les twins on the show it could be like a little five year reunion for you guys. please can u do this for all the #lestwinsfans PLEASE!!!!

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    Greta Gantenbein 3 years ago

    You know whats funny but cool at the same time. your name is Ellen DeGeneres and it sounds like DeGenerous and DE usually means not and your like the most generous person I have ever heard of.

  • JuRock2
    JuRock2 3 years ago

    Hey, Ellen. Not here to kiss your ass, or to insult you, as it seems the majority of posters do one or the other. A question for you is all. Why are the comments disabled on the Caitlyn Jenner clips on this site?

    • JuRock2
      JuRock2 3 years ago

      +Greta29919 AJ Since it's impossible to know from text, were you being serious?

    • Greta Gantenbein
      Greta Gantenbein 3 years ago

      I think its becuse she does not wanna deal with all the coments about her and how awesome she

  • Jaycee
    Jaycee 3 years ago

    If you would like to see on your show a dance that me and my friends did in the middle of school just respond and we will send you in the video... Me and my friends have been trying to get on your show!! It would be such a honor to do our "flash mob dance" on your show! Thanks

  • jhuriza1
    jhuriza1 3 years ago

    Ellen can you please have Jojo on your show!!! pleaaassseeee!!!! I love her new Tringle album.... please!!!!

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    I love you ELLEN I hope you check out my musica and one day i can dance with you !

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    #‎DaleLikeEricOsuna‬, The photo with more likes wins the motorcycle, please help my husband to win that dream. Just share this link: section Fotos

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    Ellen please invite Pewdiepie on your show.

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    Why don't you subtilte your videos anymore?

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    Alia Ronade 3 years ago

    Good format, well researched.

  • JMan
    JMan 3 years ago

    Hey Ellen, I don't think it's fair that you said Hillary was the only candidate you see fighting for equality. Bernie has been fighting for equality since Hillary was in middle school, and he's running for president. 11 years ago, Hillary didn't even support the LGBT community.

    • JMan
      JMan 3 years ago

      +ladyluckaz Well I won't criticize her too much. I too am straight, but there's always the possibility that Ellen just didn't look deep enough into the candidates and/or didn't consider Bernie a "real" candidate. Now that Bernie has been on her show, it's possible she changed her mind. Who knows, maybe my comment is what inspired her to invite Bernie to her show haha.

    • ladyluckaz
      ladyluckaz 3 years ago

      +JMan I have always LOVED Ellen for her beautiful heart, but even as a straight person, I cannot fathom supporting the show after that episode. It's not what she said; it's not that she likes Hillary. It's that I believe she is smart enough to know better. Smart enough to know history from her own lifetime; her own adultfood. Does she think that being decieptful to her audience is okay in this instance. She is turning her back on her own cause, and I don't know why. If one of my children one day look to Ellen's message for solidarity, will I have to explain that Ellen is an example of why you cannot always trust your idols? I mean she's human but hell, it's heartbreaking.

  • John S.
    John S. 3 years ago

    I watch you every day and all videos on you tube every day thank you so much . I think working for someone so generous and kind would be great ..

  • John S.
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    I would love to really work for ellen

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    Whats allaThe DanceCues about?

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    i love ellen, but why is it extremely hard to get tickets into the ellen show:(. ellen your the best.

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    Hey Ellen I lovvvvvvvvvvvvve you and I was wondering if your ever board which I'm sure is never but if you are, to please look at my channel. It would mean the world to me thanks!!

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    hi ellen i'm a follower frome tunisia and i like you so much every day i watch you and i can see that you are the most good persone and the sweet's one i ever seen :) i don't know frome where i will biggen but :/ i have a little dream i want it to come true i have a talent that i'm a Magicianbut hear in tunisia i want to show it but tv shows they don't like this kind of shows so i will be soooo happy if i come to your show and show it to every body there and specially to see you i hope you read this and i hope that you make my dream come true

  • Pinky And da Brain
    Pinky And da Brain 3 years ago

    why cant I find Shirley Clements? Am I missing something? Where is it?

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    bring back Macey Hensley!

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    Hey Ellen how are you? I am ten years old and I am a #1 die heart WWE and John Cena fan I really want to meet John Cena can you do that for me? I will die for WWE superstar and you please I watch wrestling every day u can ask my mom,friends,and family they will tell you. So can you make this happen please!!!!!!!????¿¿¿¿¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • Jayanth Ram
    Jayanth Ram 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen i am a big fan of yours from India. I watch your shows everyday and I love it.I wish you must visit India sometime.:-)

  • Vicky Totino
    Vicky Totino 3 years ago

    I just watched the funniest cat video I have ever seen. I really want you to see it. I wasn't able to upload it but I bet you can. One of my favorite parts of your show is when you laugh so hard you nearly cry. It's so contagious. I kept thinking of you while I watched this video. I guess I should tell you the title, huh? "Hilarious cat harness fail."

  • Hayat Rahman
    Hayat Rahman 3 years ago

    Elen you are doin great job. keep up. I am from Pakistan & I wish you Surprise one day too by ur lovely voice . . . :) :)

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    Joel BC 3 years ago

    Hey my name is Joel B.C. I love ellen degeneres. If your bored and you want to check me out. I am a pretty good singer. I just want people to see that I can be good.

  • celina rayman
    celina rayman 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen I am celina I was hop ring if u could get Taylor swift to come and sing in Bromyard it would mean so much to our community and it would be an amazing experaince for the littler children here I love her and all the things she dose she is an amazing person.

  • Bessy Mathers
    Bessy Mathers 3 years ago

    Baby Kaely should come there too ;) :)

  • Maquira Bullock
    Maquira Bullock 3 years ago

    ellen is awsome but i am not upsess just do not know what to do???

    KAYLEE FURMAN 3 years ago

    Ellen, I am the biggest DJ Cotrona fan! And it would be amazing if you can have him surprise me. I love you, Ellen! You make me smile when I am having a bad day!

  • GentleShy Kratos
    GentleShy Kratos 3 years ago

    Please Ellen upload the session of Macy with Madam President ... The video uploaded was not full video of her appearance session please ..I love to always the that little girl with her knowledge of Past US President, I'm very sure someday she will be Female US President

  • devyn walker
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  • DaedricGirlFaces
    DaedricGirlFaces 3 years ago

    Hi Ellen!! Just wanted to let you know I am a fan of your Halloween scare videos. I just wanted to tell you that i work at a Haunted House attraction in Bishopville, S.C 29010 And the name of it is called Scream Acres it is a terrifying haunted house and hayride attraction. We are a volunteer establishment and we strive on your screams to keep the haunt alive. I hope you give us a shot we would love to have yall come out there. We have ahd people from all over the country come out to see us and we hope you do too. We open on September 25 & 26 and it is every weekend in October Fri & Sat are from 7pm- 1am Sundays are from 7pm-10pm Admission is $13.00 (per person) $25.00 for a fast pass (per person) (avoid the longest lines) Thank you Taylor L. Warren

  • mcrapattack
    mcrapattack 3 years ago

    how do i see the whole of episode one of season 13?

  • Bret .Maverick
    Bret .Maverick 3 years ago

    Weird how the videos for Kaitlyn Jenner comment section are disabled. That worried someone might trash talk her? The only negative thing to say about her is she isn't courageous.

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    The program invites youtube stars Smosh.

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  • javier gonzal
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    Hey Ellen! How do you feel about inviting a spanish girl to the greatest show ever(that's right, i'm talking about your show). I mean, i'm pretty far away, but i can make that effort...and i wouldn't mind skipping some school days. Ok, now i want to be serious. I love you Ellen, and even more, i respect you so much. You may or may not realise this(i personally think you do), but you are not only an interviewer, you are a person that makes a lot of people many people. That's not easy to do, although you make it seem easy. I wanted to thank you because you make me happy when i'm sad or upset, and, believe me, that's not easy at all. In fact, i think that you are the only person that hasn't ever fail doing it. I know you'll probably never read this, but i had to say it, and i'm ok with that, because i know that i'm not the first person that tells you this. PS: If, by any chance, you read this, I'm letting you know that i wasn't joking when i said that i want to go to your show(it is in my bucket list)

  • Sophia Jersey
    Sophia Jersey 3 years ago

    Hello Ellen and the rest of the Crew :) I hope you could read this. Please have the SHAYTARDS on your show. They are the FIRST FAMILY on TVclip and have been vlogging for 6 years now. They have a wonderful family, super fun and honest people to watch. Disney bought Shay (head of the family) and his friends' company- MAKER STUDIOS. Please do search them on youtube or do some research about them. It will be really awesome to watch them on your show. It's so WORTH IT to guest them. Thank you. I love you and I love your show <3<3<3