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  • Khadija Ahmed
    Khadija Ahmed Hour ago

    Happy Birthday Andy!

  • Geneva Antonio
    Geneva Antonio Hour ago

    You're the true living proof

  • Olivier Gahungu
    Olivier Gahungu Hour ago

    he is always cool

  • Geneva Antonio
    Geneva Antonio Hour ago


  • Trần Khôn TKTV

    Hello 💖

  • LeMaire Lee
    LeMaire Lee Hour ago

    His jacket looks like pen ink

  • Olive Honey
    Olive Honey Hour ago

    This is super cute!!!

  • D. Foxx
    D. Foxx Hour ago

    Honestly, Eddie Murphy has always been funny. And people who say otherwise are only blinded by the lackluster movies he's been in because even in those movies he's hilarious. No matter what he's in, he's always the standout and does his best to uplift the script. He's such a chill guy, but you can tell this man is always funny.

  • yep
    yep Hour ago

    “Um lemme guess... Mid Forties?” This kid is going places 😂😂

  • Elly Gudo
    Elly Gudo Hour ago

    Good vid

  • MELANIE boulevard

    Will has no other friend then Ellen

  • Goldmines Telemines

    Love from Nepal❤ Love you Ellen❤❤

  • J. J.J
    J. J.J Hour ago

    Her new album is really *Camilla cabeloed*

  • Emily Miranda
    Emily Miranda Hour ago


  • Yara Lahoud
    Yara Lahoud Hour ago

    September 26😂😂

  • Haqiqat Singh
    Haqiqat Singh Hour ago


  • Jalil Bouhentals

    *each performance is unique and a piece of art!* 🖤

  • zoe gerena
    zoe gerena Hour ago


  • Amakkk kers
    Amakkk kers Hour ago

    The start is so incredible, We stan

  • Uniqexl
    Uniqexl Hour ago


  • zoe gerena
    zoe gerena Hour ago

    Hi I'm a big fan.

  • Jaanika Kirsipuu

    Chuck E. Cheese commercial? Shane Dawson enters the chat...

  • Author Selena Haskins

    what was up with Martin's glasses fogging up?

  • #littlemixer _forever

    I love how her performances are always UNIQUE and ENTERTAINING, I'm always enthusiastic to watch her performances🖤🖤

  • Shelly Bremer
    Shelly Bremer Hour ago

    Omg 😱 So Beautiful, I'm crying so much now already ❤😘🤗 I love you ALL so so much 🤗

  • Moore Fish
    Moore Fish Hour ago

    "Y'all" lol

  • Jimmy Trejo
    Jimmy Trejo Hour ago

    Who’s this kid?

  • Sohaib Kamal
    Sohaib Kamal Hour ago

    So good to see Iain Armitage sitting next to Ben Shapiro

  • mauricio•_•
    mauricio•_• Hour ago

    Last time I been to chuck e cheese none of the machines gave me my tickets

  • oby saputra69
    oby saputra69 Hour ago

    hello friend

  • Brenda Baboo
    Brenda Baboo Hour ago

    Elaine my dear Columbus did not discover America let's be true about this. 🥰🙋🏽‍♀️👵🏾 Thank you.

  • Rxx2
    Rxx2 Hour ago

    Omg Camila perfect!!! Perfect

  • Marlaina O'neill

    First comment

  • Young D
    Young D Hour ago

    I've never been this late :(

  • Goldmines Telemines

    Love from Nepal❤ Love You Ellen❤❤

  • Leila Aries Squad

    So cute

  • BrandinaMK
    BrandinaMK Hour ago

    Nobody: Will Smith: AHAHA HA HAHA HAHAH

  • Reporter Game
    Reporter Game Hour ago

    <3 Lovely moment.

  • Quiet Storm Kel
    Quiet Storm Kel Hour ago

    They need to do a movie with Fast and the Furious. That be nice

  • Olivier Gahungu
    Olivier Gahungu Hour ago

    she sings well in very nice costume


    I just saw her performing Living Proof on the channel The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon that was just posted 9 hours ago!!

  • mamaveros
    mamaveros Hour ago

    Gumby, Buckwheat, Parody of Mr. Robbinson, Velvet Jones!! Stand up?! YESS!! Delirious 2 Raw 2 No censorship!! Please!!

  • Fallou Nyang
    Fallou Nyang Hour ago


  • خلود عسيري


  • Padmaja Ghosh
    Padmaja Ghosh Hour ago

    Omg!the greatest giveaway sounds great!I'm a huge fan of u Ellen ,but unfortunately I don't have NBC in my country (India).But I looooove you .u're just so kind and generous. Keep shining as the person who u are and wish u to be happy always.

  • Phobos Gaming
    Phobos Gaming Hour ago

    Pizza Conspiracy

  • Illuminati
    Illuminati Hour ago


  • mark chang
    mark chang Hour ago


  • Laith Sawalha
    Laith Sawalha Hour ago

    I wish I could meet her 🥰, she’s so life changing! I live in the Middle East in Jordan, and it’s my dream to attend one of her shows, just to witness her inspiring and morphing people’s dreams to reality is truly god-blessing! ❤️

  • Carl
    Carl Hour ago


  • Frank P
    Frank P Hour ago

    Rise up

  • Nkauj Nom
    Nkauj Nom Hour ago

    Love her!!!

  • Vinson
    Vinson Hour ago

    48 hours was a great movie.. where ya at Nick?

  • Mey Alnora Sijabat
    Mey Alnora Sijabat 2 hours ago

    Camila is Living Proof of an Angel in this earth. Such a great performance, always give us the different performance in the same song, so creative and artistic. I wish she can be The Queen of Pop of next decade.

    GJ HUNNY 2 hours ago

    I LOVE ALLL THE COMMENTS..... they show love to MARTIN.

  • Itube Collection
    Itube Collection 2 hours ago

    Eddie is on a role again...the only one who can make comebacks when it suits him

  • Eman Thabet
    Eman Thabet 2 hours ago


  • Alejandra Santos
    Alejandra Santos 2 hours ago

    My Mom passed away in a tragic accident in 2016. I remember when she told me that Kate Hudson was Goldie Hawn’s daughter while watching one of Goldie Hawn’s movies. I miss watching the Ellen show and movies with my Mom but this brought me so much joy.

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY 2 hours ago

    Just binge watch all Olivia and Jason videos ♡

  • ji Min
    ji Min 2 hours ago


  • Brittany C
    Brittany C 2 hours ago

    Beautiful performance.. Looks like a Kylie skin campaign lol

  • meme bitch
    meme bitch 2 hours ago

    how on earth is she so amazing every time i cant

  • Angela Perez-Rodriguez

    Please Ellen will you help me get my son's an Xbox one this Christmas 😍😘

  • Andy Lopez
    Andy Lopez 2 hours ago

    Oh no! Anna is screaming 🙀

  • Tablet
    Tablet 2 hours ago

    Who here was a Smosh fan till 2014

  • New Walk
    New Walk 2 hours ago

    Christmas is a Pagan Holiday don't believe the lies ppl lol Acts 2:38 Kjv 1Peter 1:16 Kjv

  • 李智僖
    李智僖 2 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see it, don’t you?

  • btc_real
    btc_real 2 hours ago

    This woman is a vampire.

  • Pepsi Guy Gaming
    Pepsi Guy Gaming 2 hours ago

    What about shrek and Beverly Hills cop

  • Wuan Brown
    Wuan Brown 2 hours ago

    I want to marry greta...

  • Koettnylle
    Koettnylle 2 hours ago

    This comment section tho

  • Naz Kiwi
    Naz Kiwi 2 hours ago

    It’s so sad that I can only like this once

  • ZLISA ,
    ZLISA , 2 hours ago


  • SharonLaRoseSongWriter

    Ellen's set is so magical it looks great, captures the essence of the holiday. 👏 to the set design crew !!

  • Jo Crisantos
    Jo Crisantos 2 hours ago

    I wish she performed the other song, the choreography was fire

  • José Henrique
    José Henrique 2 hours ago


  • laris
    laris 2 hours ago

    camila does EVERYTHING

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY 2 hours ago

    Looks like his son's hair :-)

  • Shafiyah Salwa
    Shafiyah Salwa 2 hours ago

    Close your eyes and only use your ears.... Yep olaf interviewing elsa

  • Rea Irish
    Rea Irish 2 hours ago

    I love you!

  • Shaq Bryan
    Shaq Bryan 2 hours ago

    “Eddie Murphy getting in!! He don’t be bullshittin”

  • Gokul Agrawal
    Gokul Agrawal 2 hours ago

    Commenting everyday until Ellen replies day 33 😄

  • oscarina ponce
    oscarina ponce 2 hours ago

    I always cry when I see all of this amazing things ellen does for these amazing people!!!

  • Olivier Gahungu
    Olivier Gahungu 2 hours ago

    celebrating Christmas with the family, it was always good, we still have memories

  • NativeNYerChicHK
    NativeNYerChicHK 2 hours ago

    I’m a child of the 70’s and I distinctly remember my favorite outfit, that I wanted to wear literally everywhere, was a pair of plaid bell bottom pants and a burgundy velour v-neck top 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Destiny Cabello
    Destiny Cabello 2 hours ago

    an angel

  • Hang Pham Minh
    Hang Pham Minh 2 hours ago

    Camila im literally speechless this is jaw-droppingly unbelievable

  • DaSkarekrow
    DaSkarekrow 2 hours ago

    I can't wait for Coming to America 2!!!! As a kid, no other comedian made me laugh with tears so hard than Eddie! Raw and Delirious would have my gut hurting in pain with laughing! The only thing that can top this would be his stand up show he wants to do!! Can't fkn wait!!!

  • N C
    N C 2 hours ago

    Legit everyone knows Will's kids names 😂😂

  • Kirsis Mendez
    Kirsis Mendez 2 hours ago

    I love this guy so much!!!!

  • verito AKD
    verito AKD 2 hours ago

    Na na na sos lo mas hermoso camila 😍

  • Max Reinhardt
    Max Reinhardt 2 hours ago

    Wow Camila is such an incredible artist! I love her ❤😍

  • Young Black King
    Young Black King 2 hours ago

    Neva looked at garbage the same cuz I always think of Akeem 😂😭😩🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • The Ballad of Mona Lisa

    As a kid we had also real candles in the tree and I’m not from Denmark. It was just fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jason Land
    Jason Land 2 hours ago

    Eddie! What have you done for me lately?