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Harvest 2019 Got Us Down
Views 277K2 days ago
Implement Rollover
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Harvesting Corn
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Activating Millennial Mode
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302 Bushels Per Acre
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Cleaning the Grain Pits
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Combine Improvements
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Combine Work Before Harvest
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Farm Tour
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Farm Equipment at Farm Fest
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Farm Work
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Field Work in Iowa
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We Toured a Hog Farm!
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Just in CASE
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Seed Tender Review
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Planting Green
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Farm Kid Takes out The Trash
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Planting Non GMO Soybeans
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Tractor Stuck in the MUD
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Never Climb in Grain Bins
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Excavators and Chainsaws
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Trigger Warning
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Farming VS Rain
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Switching from Corn to Beans
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Happy Hour
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Planting Our Corn Test Plots
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Spring Corn Planting 2019
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125 Acres in the Ground
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The Work Continues
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A Brief Announcement!
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It Snowed.
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Planting Preparations
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Getting Closer to Spring!
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Equipment Envy!!!
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Challenger VS Deere
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Farm Wash Day!
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Cleaning Some Things Up
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The John Deere Shuffle
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Visiting a Turkey Farm!
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Wrapping up Harvest!
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It's all Frozen!
Views 341KYear ago
Bonus Tillage Vlog
Views 270KYear ago


  • Shamina Hossain
    Shamina Hossain 29 minutes ago

    Good thing everyone's okay now!

  • Lisa Ward
    Lisa Ward 30 minutes ago

    The Ward Warriors absolutely loved this video! We are amazed that one machine can do so many things!

  • Bryon Lako
    Bryon Lako 33 minutes ago

    Why do they till every other pass?

  • J Creel
    J Creel 34 minutes ago

    Chicken farmer from Alabama

  • Cobra Framebuilding
    Cobra Framebuilding 48 minutes ago

    I'm definitely not a farmer, but I am a millennial and I grew up on a farm in Michigan. 1500 acres of corn, dry beans, and sugar beets. Your operation is very similar in a lot of ways. Reminds me of the farm work I did with my dad and uncle. Cool to see the new machines. Harvest has an exciting energy.

  • Charles Shaw
    Charles Shaw 53 minutes ago

    I just watched the intro on the 8rx,,, man they are nice.I would love one of them 8rx signature series with 4 tracks.JD has certainly looked into the comfort of the tractor.

  • Roger Talley
    Roger Talley Hour ago

    Use an external heating blanket system for your propane tanks. The pressure will remain high.

  • leo smith
    leo smith Hour ago

    Welcome to the grand solar minimum happens every 200 / 400 years crop loss famine monger minimum 1600 s 1800 Dalton minimum 2020 eddy minimum sorry every year forward the weather will be worse :(

  • Pete Miller
    Pete Miller Hour ago

    Fossil fuels actually are ancient plants!

  • logan_ wants_fresh_memes

    A little late but weve always called them outside rounds

  • Scott B
    Scott B Hour ago

    Dr for realz??? That's just crazy.. Please watch 911follow the money on TVclip

  • Diego020383
    Diego020383 Hour ago

    Capello is made in Italy 🇮🇹 Not so far from me 👍

  • kvnjspr
    kvnjspr Hour ago

    I think you're biased on tractors.

  • james sams
    james sams 2 hours ago

    Could cameras be put inside grain bins ?

  • Jeramy Schaub
    Jeramy Schaub 2 hours ago

    I'm sure if you traded your JD head and first born you could probably keep that capello head and leave it on so no pin or shaft problems

  • MisterBrot(Broat)
    MisterBrot(Broat) 2 hours ago

    Ever think about putting an auger on the top of the cab ?

  • clint michels
    clint michels 2 hours ago

    Lol was that a forest Gump quote at the end....

  • Examiner 007
    Examiner 007 2 hours ago

    Hey Zach I really like the automation you have in the dryer. Just thinking 🤔. How hard would it be to add sight glasses to the grain bin so you don’t have to climb the ladder and bang the wall of the bin to check levels? Stay warm MF. Chip

  • Gavin Wurm
    Gavin Wurm 2 hours ago

    Was that randy in the beginning of the video? When you said we’re running late?

  • Jessica Brandl
    Jessica Brandl 3 hours ago

    Have you seen a 9570r with triples.because I live in the dairy industry

  • Tim Kisch
    Tim Kisch 3 hours ago

    there is a lot of cab corn over your shoulder in that one shot when you get out to stretch your legs....

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui 3 hours ago

    "So it fixed itself" as a true millennial would say to a problem.

  • stacy dixon
    stacy dixon 4 hours ago

    8 degrees I'm glad I'm in the south where it about 50 degrees

  • Julian R
    Julian R 4 hours ago

    I was like huh below zero, you mean freezing? Oooh right... Fuck thats cold xD

  • Brian's Farming Videos

    We have an older capello folder header and it doesn’t have that shield. Works fine with not throwing out ears

  • casy casy
    casy casy 4 hours ago

    id go with hot agent

  • Javier Jimenez
    Javier Jimenez 4 hours ago

    Virtual farmer (FS19) longhaul truck driver in real life. Thanks for the videos, I'm really enjoying them!

  • larrydD
    larrydD 5 hours ago


  • Erixx Haxx
    Erixx Haxx 5 hours ago

    We run narrow rows now because of this. Seems to help hold the stalks up. Also headers with short snouts seem to work better. Some years have been so bad though, we have to walk beside with a rake.

  • Mack Kline
    Mack Kline 5 hours ago

    Every job has a jimmer always doing something worth keeping around just for the free entertainment

  • Making it Happend
    Making it Happend 6 hours ago

    You have to think positively. You don't sink into mud when it's frozen. How the hell do the dogs have the energy to fight all the time?

  • John Rupke
    John Rupke 6 hours ago

    North West Ohio. Yes I farm

  • Philip Kimber
    Philip Kimber 7 hours ago

    Hey Guys. roughly what does that drier cost you to dry a ton? Over here in the UK at £12 per ton to run driers are not generally used.

  • andreja kadunc
    andreja kadunc 7 hours ago

    you have snow we have only rain

  • Anthony
    Anthony 7 hours ago

    This is a dumb question but how do you sell your corn and soy beans ? Do you have person or company that buys it from you directly just curious about the whole thing

  • evracer
    evracer 7 hours ago

    Heet is ISOPROPYL....not Ethanol.

  • Jason Gunn
    Jason Gunn 8 hours ago

    Shameless plug! Dakota Micro!

  • Brian Rice
    Brian Rice 8 hours ago

    Grease zirks

  • The Captain 4
    The Captain 4 8 hours ago

    Yea that kinda behavior is generally an indication that they kinda arnt supposed to be in the country. We see a lot of that here in Houston.

  • Fun with Hamdhan
    Fun with Hamdhan 8 hours ago

    Wow..Amazing ....can you please subscribe my channel?

  • Dave Kimbler
    Dave Kimbler 8 hours ago

    Why not mount a cott in the cab , your sleeping half the time as it is ! Lol

  • jiminy cricket
    jiminy cricket 9 hours ago

    I hate when my tap freezes up!!

  • Michael Prada
    Michael Prada 9 hours ago

    Thoughts on X9 combine?

  • David Scheub
    David Scheub 9 hours ago

    So what hybrid was that?

  • Alexander Browning
    Alexander Browning 9 hours ago

    what exactly is the thing smoking at night?

  • SW 737 Max8 Boeing
    SW 737 Max8 Boeing 9 hours ago

    Hi Millennial Farmer I like seeing your videos about farming I am a farmer in farming simulator 2019 on my PS 4 and it shows the dirt and the shaft on the combine wen I am harvesting and I did ran out of fuel be for in farming simulator 2019. Thank you for wat you do I used to have a uncle name Joe he was a farmer in hiattville ks and my aint virginia all so now thay are both died now my Uncle joe died of a farming accident in 1995 I miss him he was funny made me laugh I even rode in his old new holland combine it did not have the GPS and the computers in todays farming. he even let me drive it was fun driving the big old new holland combine.

  • Bruce Hobbs
    Bruce Hobbs 9 hours ago

    Put some heat on that propane tank!🤣🤣

  • saffel
    saffel 9 hours ago

    Just came across your channel the other day- fascinating stuff. Up here in the corner of the country (Seattle) we do not get much exposure to (big) farming. I think it’s incredible- thank you to all of the nations farmers) for doing what you do. Best of luck with getting all that corn harvested-

  • HeathFX
    HeathFX 9 hours ago

    watching the hopper fill up on the combine is so satisfying! Like literally watching money flow into the bank!

  • bullsnutsoz
    bullsnutsoz 9 hours ago

    Look you are great blokes;fabulous farmers: i believe the Monsatan is loose in your fields..I could be ass up but can we please have strait corn without the mon saton. I am a tough old bloke; even I have problems digesting the crook grains we now have all coming from GMO. This GMO rubbish is going the way of button down shoes: time for great farmers to go back to old ways.

  • B
    B 9 hours ago

    Is it usually that cold at this time of year? I'm moving to Manitoba so I'm preparing myself....pray for me lol

  • Ginger Inventor
    Ginger Inventor 9 hours ago

    'Get a real Man's tractor and buy a CASE IH 620!' 💪😆

  • chris huss
    chris huss 9 hours ago

    the people in control of weather modification, are hurting the american farmer! lose gmo products, they're not tough enough!

  • Dale Dallas
    Dale Dallas 10 hours ago

    Population control. I dont see one liberal outside when its zero outside. There all inside drinking there soy milk. Perfect weather.

  • Richard Reed
    Richard Reed 10 hours ago

    Mrs Farmer married well.

  • Kodiak
    Kodiak 10 hours ago

    I grew up knowing nothing about farming, and i have found myself absolutely addicted to your videos. thanks for taking the time to share your life with all of us.

  • 4 gauge
    4 gauge 10 hours ago

    How about a 9RX for Jim?.(HAHA!!)

  • Marvin Dearien
    Marvin Dearien 10 hours ago

    My goodness your propane bill must be huge. Could you tell us in a video how many gallons you end up going through.

  • Richard Reed
    Richard Reed 10 hours ago

    Someone calculated they make $70k yr off posting these videos

  • Gala Rae
    Gala Rae 10 hours ago

    How does that thing turn?!

  • thebigbail
    thebigbail 10 hours ago

    Retired Saskatchewan Deere enthusiast here.... great channel!

  • Sped Gaming 109109999
    Sped Gaming 109109999 10 hours ago

    7:27 the cab corn is bad

  • John Deere 8400
    John Deere 8400 10 hours ago

    You need a corn head real it’s the only thing that will help. I knew from experience

  • vince gracie
    vince gracie 10 hours ago


  • Soltan Morad Bakhtiar
    Soltan Morad Bakhtiar 11 hours ago

    Please make a machinery tour

  • Richard Welling
    Richard Welling 11 hours ago

    In the 1950s on my grandfather's farm, I rode on the tractor pulling a corn harvester that I recall was only about 4 rows wide. I doubt he had so many complaints about it. Of course, he was doing only about 80 acres. Progress!

  • Scott Fabel
    Scott Fabel 11 hours ago

    Hard to concentrate on the video with a bird on your head. Good video though! :-)

  • James Faulkner
    James Faulkner 11 hours ago

    Looked like a little cab corn there

  • peter mandel
    peter mandel 11 hours ago

    I'm amazed how the hopper can fill up with corn this quick keep that John deere rolling very entertaining video keep it up zack

  • Samplicity
    Samplicity 11 hours ago

    I wish I could work on a farm and know lots about it. It’s my dream job to settle down on a farm and produce crops.

  • William Cook
    William Cook 11 hours ago

    Ive watched a ton of your vids...wish I had a tractor... gotta say...

  • mason l
    mason l 11 hours ago

    I enjoy you're channel, but curious how yo're the Millennial Farmer being 52 or close by, and winter tip if it's getting cold for ya start putting on long john bottoms and thicker socks under your skirts!

  • Greg Ranschau
    Greg Ranschau 11 hours ago

    Sorry for the bs you're going through....our red equipment and Chappelo heads have been working almost perfect ...down to last 400.. should be done Monday...if you need help call

  • Hunt Gaming/Productions

    i loe when i find random things in the farm yard

  • Imagine-More
    Imagine-More 11 hours ago

    I hate -20 F when chasing Cows

  • Dave Ackerson
    Dave Ackerson 11 hours ago

    That 8RX is mean!

  • mikemerrill175
    mikemerrill175 11 hours ago

    You have to be tough to farm, maybe more so mentally than anything

  • OURv
    OURv 11 hours ago

    If you guys had any brains you would find a way to capture all that hot discharge from your grain dryers & pipe it over & warm your tractor sheds. !

  • Wisconsin_Quads
    Wisconsin_Quads 11 hours ago

    7:28 caaaaaaaaabbbbbbb cornnnnnn

  • The Skiing Cartel
    The Skiing Cartel 11 hours ago

    I hunted that open water that you were driving through I did not think you’d get to that spot but we did get permission from Stefan the land owner.

  • Rob Hakeman
    Rob Hakeman 11 hours ago

    Jim needs a 8Rx, cant lose good old Jim. We had a 9500 Zach the 1st year they came out and we dumped on the go at 5.5 - 6 mph and we would get alot of build up of trash and stalks on and under the cab on the feeder house and we lost our combine from a fire as the hydraulic lines were extremely hot and started a combine fire and we lost it, but luckily we had a 4wd discing behind us and he went around the combine and then went right through the stalks and field that were on fire before the fire department got there otherwise there would of been alot of Acres burned up ours and neighbors fields so after that episode we always had the 4whl and disc in the same field we were combining. Hope you can get propane to finish and there talking about the temperature is supposed to warm up now through Tuesday of next week. Love your videos and love your operation and grain set up. Do you look at adding more bins in the near future ?

  • Sam Wagner
    Sam Wagner 11 hours ago

    How come grain bins don’t have plexiglass viewing windows running up the side so you can just visually see how full they are? Seems like that would be easier and safer than having to climb up the ladder and beat on the side of it

  • Daniel Patton
    Daniel Patton 11 hours ago

    Is ther a video on how the dryers work?

  • BWM
    BWM 11 hours ago

    We had 55° yesterday...directly west, about 600 miles from you guys. I was hoping you'd get it too? I guess the polar vortex is a factor for Minnesota. April should be here in about 4.5 months. Hang in there guys. 2020's gonna be a better year. It's GOTTA be a better year. Dang.

  • Frankie 431
    Frankie 431 11 hours ago

    One like=10k for Jim’s new tractor.

  • Big Dreams on Small Acres

    Whine whine whine. Too cold, too windy, blah blah blah. There’s no crying in farming Zach. Heck em!

  • JayAlan99
    JayAlan99 11 hours ago

    I grew up in Estherville! Thanks for sharing!

  • trump greatest
    trump greatest 11 hours ago

    "Atleast its windy"😂😂

  • jeff wilken
    jeff wilken 11 hours ago

    Holy friggin cabcorn when you got out to stretch!! 😮😮🤣🤣

  • Wikkitt Klown
    Wikkitt Klown 11 hours ago

    Man them big rigs look good together. That red 😍

  • Joseph Wassman
    Joseph Wassman 11 hours ago

    Ever tried a Drago? 🎶 In the arms of the angel 🎶 🤣

  • Patrick Quilter
    Patrick Quilter 11 hours ago

    im struggling with the same decisions going forward do you throw away a good hybrid because of one of the wettest years on books? or should we just try to forget about it and go on with what has worked for years? its frustrating

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store 11 hours ago

    I'm surprised they don't have an app that you can control the corn dryer with that way you don't have to go out there you could just do everything from your iPad maybe they do I don't know I'm a car painter... LMAO

  • Matthew dowd
    Matthew dowd 11 hours ago

    America’s favorite farmer!! Love the channel zack!

  • Joseph Wassman
    Joseph Wassman 12 hours ago

    My wife delivers to all the farmers around Hutchinson area just like the MN Corn Growers!

  • D Hansel
    D Hansel 12 hours ago

    There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done on a farm or ranch. Sometimes every time you turn around you have a another opportunity.

  • Bill Sexton
    Bill Sexton 12 hours ago

    I bet it’s nice and cool up on that grain bin ? You need a new 8RX .

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith 12 hours ago

    8 rx do it!!!