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a video without editing
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Trying Funny DIY PRANKS
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  • Rose Bell
    Rose Bell 5 hours ago

    Umm I used to play gta 5 and I was 7

  • jill corriveau
    jill corriveau 5 hours ago

    Me:collect chocolate This girl:I collect baby’s

  • Fantasia Wonderous
    Fantasia Wonderous 5 hours ago

    You should have told you werE SSSniper wolf and get discount..?

  • Golden Queen
    Golden Queen 5 hours ago

    She looks like izzyy

  • Julianna Hancock
    Julianna Hancock 5 hours ago

    i play gta and i am 9

  • Elisa Crowell
    Elisa Crowell 5 hours ago

    Well they can track your address so they don't ask so they can save time depending on what phone you are

  • the slime hacker
    the slime hacker 5 hours ago


  • Clara Naidoo
    Clara Naidoo 5 hours ago

    I want airpods to 😂😭

  • Pranav Achery
    Pranav Achery 5 hours ago


  • Gabriella Bolivar
    Gabriella Bolivar 5 hours ago


  • Surjit Singh Dhillon

    boi these brats better stop or I'm gonna have to teach them a lesson

  • Aryan Gurung
    Aryan Gurung 5 hours ago

    When she said Its a sweet bagel a doughnut comment below🤣 She sounded like nicki minaj🤣🤣🤣

  • *da_doggie_girl *
    *da_doggie_girl * 5 hours ago

    I been on the waffle one in Denmark I was so I can’t spell it so sorry but I made my dad go back was and I was 10 when I did it

  • Mayvell Bron
    Mayvell Bron 5 hours ago

    I'm losing Brain cells

  • Tristan Taylor
    Tristan Taylor 5 hours ago

    thats why i live with my mum so i dont have to buy taxes and eveything

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl 5 hours ago

    cheapskape tho....

  • Irina Andreescu
    Irina Andreescu 5 hours ago

    You are So stupid that kitchen doesnt have a secret gaming room ITS just a PHOTO

  • Mep Mc mep
    Mep Mc mep 5 hours ago

    Me like in Ireland 20 degrees and I’m boiling

  • Tajra Pintol
    Tajra Pintol 5 hours ago

    Lmao People just randomly put Nezuko in there

  • gacha dookie
    gacha dookie 5 hours ago

    Android boy!

  • Amil Lewis
    Amil Lewis 5 hours ago


  • Xx pastel WolfyxX
    Xx pastel WolfyxX 5 hours ago


  • Samantha Eunice Castillo

    back to black because you look more beautiful if your hair is black

  • Pooh_ Bear
    Pooh_ Bear 5 hours ago

    ''I Decided To Make My First Move.'' Compares It To *Chess.*

  • Galaxy Boy Roblox
    Galaxy Boy Roblox 5 hours ago

    Me when i get a chicken nugget: YEET I LOVE MY LIFE Me again when i ate it:i hate life...

  • Frane Bralic
    Frane Bralic 5 hours ago


  • Patton Davis
    Patton Davis 5 hours ago

    My eyes:why are you doing this to me My brain:WHY!?

  • Marcel Chelane
    Marcel Chelane 5 hours ago

    What kind of person likes people like strating at them with their big beidi eyes 👀👀👁️

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis 5 hours ago

    You are dum

  • Møønlight Games
    Møønlight Games 5 hours ago

    *rawr* *XD*

  • frances simone fadallan

    She is just flexer because she is rich

  • Happy Life
    Happy Life 5 hours ago

    Everyone is named billy Love it

  • peter d
    peter d 5 hours ago

    I don’t like sleepovers because I like to be in my own bed

  • •MidnightWolfMya•


  • anithalaxmi30
    anithalaxmi30 5 hours ago


  • Gacha Sweets xoxo ;D

    Is it just me or you are reacting to yourself 🤔

  • Neo Blast
    Neo Blast 5 hours ago

    B**** im a billionaire

  • Keira Einosas
    Keira Einosas 5 hours ago


  • Just Peachy
    Just Peachy 5 hours ago

    There’s a gap in the bottom of a door stall so if a person dies someone can call help. ;/

  • anamika mandal
    anamika mandal 5 hours ago

    2:44 tip: have a straw :)

  • Sienna Clarke
    Sienna Clarke 5 hours ago


  • Amzi Vlogs
    Amzi Vlogs 5 hours ago

    The first one said. They joined pagents BEFORE THEY WERE BORN! LIKE WTF

  • Aisha Mohamed
    Aisha Mohamed 5 hours ago

    If I had my mothers keycarnd first think iwould bye is fooooood

  • Pred ator
    Pred ator 5 hours ago

    4 Toy Houses? Maybe Even Lego!

  • 「。Kennedy。」
    「。Kennedy。」 5 hours ago

    GUYS Somethings wrong with this woman who thinks she can make fun of someone just because she reacted to them. Like bruh *idiot* how *stupid* r u? Like that lady’s stupid telling her to quit doing TVclip When Sniper was on there first? Like bo how about you? Nobody cares how many subs you got from someone

    KYLIE KNOCHE 5 hours ago

    1:05 ITS NANCY

  • ashley sireu
    ashley sireu 5 hours ago

    My sister, your hair might be straight but that black part between your buttocks will always drag you back to AFRICA!

  • Sophia Baltrus
    Sophia Baltrus 5 hours ago

    im eating steak right now what do you think is the answer ;-;

  • Michael Corpuz
    Michael Corpuz 5 hours ago

    You now the last name is peru

  • tally ade
    tally ade 5 hours ago

    I love maths

  • Amna Al tagazi
    Amna Al tagazi 5 hours ago

    It cuz he doesn’t have a twin xxx

  • grah3740 grah3740
    grah3740 grah3740 5 hours ago

    Her: give me that and that cuz I’m a queen Me: yay! Private school

  • qhatsunEEp
    qhatsunEEp 5 hours ago

    too many plot story for "having 10 kids at 18"

  • Kayleigh Clauges
    Kayleigh Clauges 5 hours ago

    Hi Nia I really like ur content ur the best and you deserve the hype

  • xKyøtà YT
    xKyøtà YT 5 hours ago

    instead of cringy kids it should be called CONFIDENT kids

  • Krazon DeZorah
    Krazon DeZorah 5 hours ago

    Lol NOT ME ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

  • Morgan Smith
    Morgan Smith 5 hours ago

    Hey sssniperwolf you make my day every day

  • Elaine Valla
    Elaine Valla 5 hours ago

    My mom is name is velma

  • Møønlight Games
    Møønlight Games 5 hours ago

    3:53 The girl is a TVclipr She’s Cora from the Ohana adventure

  • Patton Davis
    Patton Davis 5 hours ago


  • Boods Benavidez
    Boods Benavidez 5 hours ago

    How movies get smoke: *gets a 1000 degree knife and cuts a bunch of basketballs/balls so that there more smoke*

  • Widow 1xE1xE
    Widow 1xE1xE 5 hours ago

    One of the faces you made reminded me of my best friend that moved to Malta after I moved to ny😭😭😩😢 I miss herrrr

  • Shaine Secrety
    Shaine Secrety 5 hours ago

    2020? *I know im not AlOnE*

  • daisy flower cuteness

    Wait, the parents were at a conference at three in the morning??? Sounds suspicious💁

  • Brandon _
    Brandon _ 5 hours ago

    once i hit my pinkie toe on a door and the whole nail came off it hurt bad as hell

  • Armin Shahbeik
    Armin Shahbeik 5 hours ago

    One time my mum use171£

  • Rumana Shaikh
    Rumana Shaikh 5 hours ago

    The guy with 2 belly buttons if u see this plss give me your @ you're precious 😭❤️

  • Ahmed Sulieman
    Ahmed Sulieman 5 hours ago


  • Jenevieve Mangold
    Jenevieve Mangold 5 hours ago

    Hmmmm I learned Never Eat Soggy Waffles...

  • Amanda Pickering
    Amanda Pickering 5 hours ago

    That’s like freaking dogs like her how she’s putting them

  • GachaWolfie XxX
    GachaWolfie XxX 5 hours ago

    My fifth cousin is queen Elizabeth

  • elda nazriati
    elda nazriati 5 hours ago

    a kid from hell -_-

  • Rebecca snow Fluffy
    Rebecca snow Fluffy 5 hours ago

    Cheap people: can we borrow your stuff Me: oh that you can have it I mean it’s 300 years old Cheap people: yay thanks Me: NOW GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF TOWN uwu

    BLAZEMO 5 hours ago

    Were you in private school we can I get chicken nuggets every Monday and we didn’t have no homework

  • Iccie Niraga
    Iccie Niraga 5 hours ago

    Mango float

  • Anayeli Ruiz SAVAGE
    Anayeli Ruiz SAVAGE 5 hours ago

    People eat the skin of a orange

    FANNIE 5 hours ago

    I did not say waw.

  • jinet lamar
    jinet lamar 5 hours ago

    SSSniperwolf you should do more DR Phill videos

  • The Royale Player
    The Royale Player 5 hours ago

    Plz like !e ssniperwolf

  • kaitlyn bogue
    kaitlyn bogue 5 hours ago

    hahahahahaha u acadently mentoind welington part of my country new zealand can me and all my nz homies get a shoutout and can u reaxt to the 2016 newzealand earthqauke plzzzz

  • Sarah Buffkin
    Sarah Buffkin 5 hours ago

    F(who ever likes this comment agrees with me) 👇🏽

  • Korilakkuma :3
    Korilakkuma :3 5 hours ago

    “My soN iS a PsYchOpATh” HES 4

  • Ganesha Larasati
    Ganesha Larasati 5 hours ago

    That you tuber mom is bad cause she’s making fun of Sssniperwolf

  • giraffeossicones
    giraffeossicones 5 hours ago

    (0o0) 2 words nice.moves. /-_👑 (-_-) I do not think so! /-_! (-_-)no wonder you are not subscribed! /-_subscrib! (O_O) ok I will! /-_subscribed (0_0)ok better now! /-_❤

  • Jungyeonie Yoo
    Jungyeonie Yoo 5 hours ago

    That 14 years old girl was like really seriously...while me...just turned 18 haven't even engaged to any relationship...or sexual thingy...and include your mother...she was also was a big smoke WeEd, Have SeX with random guys while having a partner that's not even a polyamorous relationship...and your mother was just like...go gurl you're all free to do what you want... you know like mother like daughter...ehh...

  • tally ade
    tally ade 5 hours ago

    Face bank

  • Ashley datingaling
    Ashley datingaling 5 hours ago

    There was one time that I went in my brothers room and I accidentally stepped on he's ear ring like it literally went in I panicked so I pulled it immediately and washed it I didn't tell my mom

  • Gacha It'z Emerald
    Gacha It'z Emerald 5 hours ago

    Lia: Starbucks has been doing nothing but- Ad: Luisine (a type of bread or brand)

  • Arfa Mohmed Anwardin

    Girl:cries for a lambo? Me:gets a glue gun for three euros and me fraking happy Also me:why cant this girl go be a f**king idiot and be with my grandmother and get smacked with a frying pan

  • Bethany Strachan
    Bethany Strachan 5 hours ago

    Not sssperfolf

  • Janine Woodley
    Janine Woodley 5 hours ago

    Sssniperwolf won

  • Saya Cheatham
    Saya Cheatham 5 hours ago

    My mom knows how to use the internet and she was born in the 19s 🐱🐱

  • Ganesha Larasati
    Ganesha Larasati 5 hours ago


  • Bethany Strachan
    Bethany Strachan 5 hours ago

    Tacos 🌮 is what she looks like 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaden Joseph
    Kaden Joseph 5 hours ago

    It a snake

  • Nedzla Muslija
    Nedzla Muslija 5 hours ago

    SniperWolf:comment donw below whats your eye color Me:i have Green eyes

  • Gacha Boo
    Gacha Boo 5 hours ago

    "The furniture would only cost 3,000 dollars." My family is poor. That'd be more than half our wadges

  • Samantha Day
    Samantha Day 5 hours ago

    3:42 clearly she has not heard Of Colleen Ballinger lol

  • Badv1bes Depression
    Badv1bes Depression 5 hours ago

    Her:I need mannnsss *Me:I need friends (loner)*

  • Jordan Gilmore
    Jordan Gilmore 5 hours ago

    They are a very fertile couple.