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  • Tiffany Ann Carrasquillo
    Tiffany Ann Carrasquillo 10 minutes ago

    Congratulations!! You handled that with grace, I would have been bawling my eyes out!! My second came out super fast like that and now I’m due with my 3rd boy so I’m prepared for the fast labor! Enjoy every moment girlie! 💙 #boymoms

  • Famama6 Family
    Famama6 Family 42 minutes ago

    oh goodness..the end with all the kids together was so adorable!

  • Jessyca Beehner
    Jessyca Beehner Hour ago

    I had I think 4 stitches, and they would snag on the pads!! It was the worst! I an ao proud of you!! Natural birth is no joke. You're a rockstar! Be proud mama bear!!

  • Green Eggs & Lamb

    I sure wish mom was also on TVclip!

  • J Nisrud
    J Nisrud Hour ago

    Such a sweet homecoming moment! And very interesting to watch for someone who hasn't had kids yet.

  • Green Eggs & Lamb
    Green Eggs & Lamb 2 hours ago

    I just started watching this and I'm in love already! Beautiful!

  • Ashley Bickford
    Ashley Bickford 3 hours ago

    Wait why is it bright out at 4am?

  • Green Eggs & Lamb
    Green Eggs & Lamb 3 hours ago

    That hutch decor is very pretty! Love the coffee bar too!

  • Amanda Coombs
    Amanda Coombs 3 hours ago

    This baby actually looks JUST like you and not Jeff this time 😂. So happy for you and your family ❤️

  • Donna Johansson
    Donna Johansson 4 hours ago

    Crew is lovely. Look after yourself and try to

  • HappyWifeHappyLife
    HappyWifeHappyLife 5 hours ago

    Congratulations!!!!! 🧸💙

    MELISSA WYNN 5 hours ago

    Congratulations sweetheart 💕🤱👼

  • J Cook
    J Cook 5 hours ago

    Could Jeff be any cuter?!? Y'all are just amazing together! You guys have the most beautiful family.

  • Courtney Kohl
    Courtney Kohl 5 hours ago

    Awe you look amazing girl!!! You’re the best mama! ❤️

  • Esmeralda Deleon
    Esmeralda Deleon 5 hours ago

    Such a blessing ❤️

  • Janet Smith
    Janet Smith 5 hours ago

    I could watch your new baby videos and never tire, you are a great mama! Tell Jeff that this 70 yr, old grandma loves Garth Brooks also, My hubby took me for Valentines to his concert in Dallas (we lived in Ft Worth) some years back and it was awesome and truly the best we have ever seen.. Cut yourself plenty of slack. God bless!

  • stanley jones
    stanley jones 5 hours ago

    Just beautiful

  • Karen Cox
    Karen Cox 5 hours ago

    Bless your heart. Baby is beautiful! I had no pain meds with my last baby either. Congratulations to you all!

  • Vanessa Guzman
    Vanessa Guzman 5 hours ago

    Omg mama you were amazing! Congratulations on baby boy ❤

  • Karen Cox
    Karen Cox 5 hours ago

    Congratulations! I had a lot of stitches with my first....I was only in labor 45 minutes. Take care and feel better!

  • Lois Thompson
    Lois Thompson 6 hours ago

    I didn't want this video to end. More please. You look particularly beautiful today especially after birthing a baby and hubby is looking very handsome indeed! Beautiful family. Congratulations!

  • Georgette Sloman
    Georgette Sloman 6 hours ago

    Congratulations Brittany. I love your beautiful family. Your channel is one of my favorites. I enjoy watching you day in the life and all your videos. God bless your family.

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones 6 hours ago

    Its so sweet how Sidney always looks at you with such love!

  • lyricistatheart
    lyricistatheart 6 hours ago

    I have that LV replica bag as well! In brown tho. It is gorgeous!! I bought it specifically for the hospital lol I'm only 22 weeks right now with #3 tho😂

  • paige anstett
    paige anstett 6 hours ago

    You rock those Asian pear underwear girl!!

  • Chrmng 1
    Chrmng 1 6 hours ago

    So glad you made it to the hospital! Wish I knew about midwives brew. My 1st was 2 weeks late in labour the whole day. My 2nd was a week late but that went faster born within 2 hours of getting to the hospital. Love the name you picked Congrats!👶

  • Fawn Stanko
    Fawn Stanko 6 hours ago

    Congrats! I've been watching since you had your last little one. Crazy how time flies.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 6 hours ago

    My 4th son came almost the exact same way. We as mommas dont want to be sent home with or go in with false hope so I waited way longer than I should have, and he came soo fast he was also bruised all over his face. So crazy. What a blessing! Glad everything went well for both you and baby. CONGRATULATIONS!

  • boho chic
    boho chic 6 hours ago

    If my husband was to have a man crush it would be Garth Brooks so we both love that tradition! Congratulations on your miracle!

  • Faith Roach
    Faith Roach 6 hours ago

    He is sooooooooooo cute!!!!

  • Rosie Martinez
    Rosie Martinez 6 hours ago

    Congratulations the baby is absolutely perfect. I cant believe your story about the brew that actually worked, I must say your brave thank you for sharing your story.

  • Marissa D’oleo
    Marissa D’oleo 7 hours ago

    Congratulations! He’s beautiful.

  • Rina_RN
    Rina_RN 7 hours ago


  • Jenna Niel
    Jenna Niel 7 hours ago

    So pretty!!! Your mom has truly good taste!

  • Joanne Prince
    Joanne Prince 7 hours ago


  • Goddess I AM
    Goddess I AM 7 hours ago

    This video was very helpful and inspired me to redo my pantry!

  • Heather Keleher
    Heather Keleher 7 hours ago

    Congratulations!! Where did you get your blue robe from love it

  • The Cole Family
    The Cole Family 7 hours ago

    I gave birth a year ago and watching this feels so fresh to me omg!

  • The Cole Family
    The Cole Family 7 hours ago

    I love your scrunchie lol 💕

  • Christina Desilva
    Christina Desilva 8 hours ago

    Congratulations 💙 So precious

  • Marsha OHare
    Marsha OHare 8 hours ago

    Congrats! Dang this happened so fast...seems like you just had Cash!

  • Kay Burris
    Kay Burris 8 hours ago

    He is adorable.

  • Kaitlyn Greer
    Kaitlyn Greer 8 hours ago

    Any hospital that would tell you no videoing I prolly would TRIP. Like excuse you? Sorry but my kid my wishes

  • Cheryl Suds
    Cheryl Suds 8 hours ago

    You look wonderful, and the kids reaction. Priceless!!!!! 💕👍🇨🇦🧸👶🏻💐

  • Priscilla Ribeiro
    Priscilla Ribeiro 8 hours ago

    The sweetest!

  • Christine Kroll
    Christine Kroll 8 hours ago

    Grath brooks is awesome love all his songs... 💗💗

  • Stephanie Carter
    Stephanie Carter 8 hours ago

    Congrats mama!!!! 💙💙💙💙

  • Wanda Spahn
    Wanda Spahn 8 hours ago

    Even if the days you think you look your worst you look beautiful mamma ! Congratulations and best wishes to y’all. Love you being so real. Thank you for taking us along. Loved the tradition of the take home song! Jeff picked the best.

  • brit
    brit 9 hours ago

    Congratulations:) what midwives brew did you use?

  • Organize with Andria Proctor

    Girl you are tough and just have some powerful vaginal muscles!!

  • Traci Register
    Traci Register 9 hours ago

    Awesome job, he's perfect ❤

  • Alexis Harmon
    Alexis Harmon 9 hours ago

    "This is a spinny thing that u can put stuff on and spin it" lmaao #Subscribed

  • Ashley Lehmann
    Ashley Lehmann 9 hours ago

    I love this. So sweet to get this all on camera!

  • Bailey
    Bailey 9 hours ago

    Omg! I’m from Pittsburgh and it made me so happy to hear your love for the city 🥰

  • teri zachary
    teri zachary 10 hours ago


  • Kimberly Ann
    Kimberly Ann 10 hours ago

    Seeing all the kids together at the end was so bittersweet! Made me emotional! You are so blessed! And I also loved the thunder rolls clip! Ha!

  • Teresa Armstead
    Teresa Armstead 10 hours ago

    I wore the same pjs when I delivered my little man. So comfy and easy.

  • Diane Horton
    Diane Horton 10 hours ago

    You guys are so cute, love your beautiful family!❤️

  • Michelle E
    Michelle E 10 hours ago

    Your family is the best! What a sweet video💙

  • Shirley Hawkins
    Shirley Hawkins 10 hours ago

    Beautiful video! ❤

  • Rita Maher
    Rita Maher 10 hours ago

    How could people give this video a thumbs down. Beautiful decorating!!

  • Amanda Jewell
    Amanda Jewell 10 hours ago

    Brittani! I’m so happy for you ! You are such an amazing mom and Jeff... what a blessing! All of your children are so precious and I’m so excited to see this little man grow up with the rest of the CREW!!😘🥰❤️

  • Valerie Randall
    Valerie Randall 10 hours ago

    Awesome and sweet video🥰 and, Congrats to you and Jeff! And Jeff, who knew you have such a voice.

  • Nicole Wilken
    Nicole Wilken 10 hours ago

    How precious soak up every moment you can . What a beautiful family! 💙💙💙

  • Jenna Severin
    Jenna Severin 10 hours ago

    I have sang The River to my boys for bedtime lullaby's...Garth Brooks is the best 😍

  • u go girl
    u go girl 10 hours ago

    Love you all 💙💙💙💙

  • Homeschool Mom of 2
    Homeschool Mom of 2 10 hours ago

    I'm soo excited for you!! I had stitches too and it feels like a lot of pressure down there and it may not be fun to stand for long periods of time, just FYI! He is so handsome and you are blessed!! :-)

  • L Leopard
    L Leopard 10 hours ago

    How is this unexpected if you took something (that could be dangerous) to start labor?

  • Rhonda Layman
    Rhonda Layman 11 hours ago

    Love 'The thunder rolls' song too. 😉

  • Simple Nail Designs
    Simple Nail Designs 11 hours ago

    You are amazing - blow drying your hair at the hospital the day after giving birth! 🤯🥰 You’re super woman! I had C-sections to birth my kids and I needed help just to get out of bed - so glad you had a natural birth, it makes a difference. 😊

  • AliJaeJR
    AliJaeJR 11 hours ago

    They say bathroom and hotel blow dryers are SO GERMIFIED... they sit and collect so many airborne germs from folks flushing the toilet... GROSS!!!!!!! So your hair and drink were covered if poop airborne germs...

  • Deborah Savoie
    Deborah Savoie 11 hours ago

    What a beautiful family you have. Your Mom is so proud of her new grandson. God bless you, and the whole family! Have a bless week!

  • Kimberly Hardin
    Kimberly Hardin 11 hours ago

    My first time commenting but, had to because...........the same exact thing happened with my middle child! I begged my ob for an epidural! I saw him like 15 yrs after & he said he still tells the story of the "little girl that said she wasn't having a baby with no drugs", lol! Mind u, when I saw him, my daughter is now 26 & I bet he still remembers that day! I tell u tho, that was my only natural childbirth but, it was also my easiest recovery! I was up walking, took a shower, and put on makeup, less than 3 hrs after giving birth! It was amazing how good I felt, not being all drugged up after! Congrats!

  • Danielle Sheppard
    Danielle Sheppard 11 hours ago

    Congratulations!!!! Love his name

  • Corliss Lopes
    Corliss Lopes 11 hours ago

    Congratulations to you and your family. You are a great mom 💕


    fabulous congrats .

  • Destiny Rivas
    Destiny Rivas 11 hours ago

    I love the mesh undies! I dont know why you would wanna bring your own! They are so comfy! Congrats on your bundle of joy❤️

  • Michelle H.
    Michelle H. 11 hours ago

    So sweet!!! All of them!!! 👍💕😎

  • Luciana Bombonato
    Luciana Bombonato 11 hours ago

    Cooper and Cash look already so grown!!! So cute!

  • Karen Carlton
    Karen Carlton 11 hours ago

    I have 4 brothers. I’m here for your daughter. 🤣

  • Luciana Bombonato
    Luciana Bombonato 11 hours ago

    You look amazing!!! Super pretty!!! And Crew is so cute!! Kisses from Brazil

  • Rita Gearhart
    Rita Gearhart 11 hours ago

    Congratulations, and such a beautiful family. You are super mom.

  • Constance Garry
    Constance Garry 12 hours ago

    Congrats! You’ll be fine soon. You look just fine

  • Cindy Dawson
    Cindy Dawson 12 hours ago

    He is so perfect

  • Noelle Melling
    Noelle Melling 12 hours ago

    He is soooooo adorable!!!! What a wonderful family!!!!

  • Tonya Clark
    Tonya Clark 12 hours ago

    congrats love the song miss having babies in the house

  • Heather Willis Rankin
    Heather Willis Rankin 12 hours ago

    Congratulations! You’re such an amazing mama, it’s easily seen through your videos!☺️

  • Elena K
    Elena K 12 hours ago

    Awwww this made me cry when all the boys were around him... Cashy looks so big compared to Crew now. He gets to be a big brother now too ... so sweet

  • Natalie Vasquez
    Natalie Vasquez 12 hours ago

    Such a beautiful moment at the end. Congratulations 😘😘😘

  • jeannette rivera
    jeannette rivera 12 hours ago

    Dang look great! Congrats!

  • Angie Dawn
    Angie Dawn 12 hours ago

    Congrats 🎈🎉

  • Comien Moffat
    Comien Moffat 12 hours ago

    Just beautiful

  • Alicia McWhorter
    Alicia McWhorter 12 hours ago

    I knew I liked Jeff! Garth Brooks is amazing and yes, fully agree Thunder Roll is the best song ☺️

  • Meagan Mitchell
    Meagan Mitchell 12 hours ago

    Good job momma! You look great!!!

  • Anisah Khan
    Anisah Khan 12 hours ago

    You look amazing 💜

  • Kelley Mortier
    Kelley Mortier 12 hours ago

    “Scrub the lady parts to bits” 😂😂😂 That first shower is so great. 👌🏼

  • Deedee Jean
    Deedee Jean 12 hours ago

    Thunder Rolls is the BEST Garth song ever. Especially the extended version.

  • Nunnly
    Nunnly 12 hours ago

    You look beautiful!

  • love_nyc_
    love_nyc_ 12 hours ago

    Your hair looks perfect omg

  • D. Watkins
    D. Watkins 13 hours ago

    So precious! Makes me cry missing my two being that little and girl you look amazing 24 hrs later 💕🌸