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Boiled Egg Timer
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Happy Birthday Gennaro. X
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Live with Gennaro | part 2
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  • yosoyalbertico
    yosoyalbertico 5 hours ago


  • Harragoth the Lonely Smegol

    this meal got about 7 women into bed. nice one jamie

  • معرفه معرفه

    Tasty recipe lovely,i like all your recipes

  • eduardo edguar
    eduardo edguar 6 hours ago

    Jaime Oliver ; it is true that you are broke¿? You are my favourite please return to your basics and continue sharing

  • Piper 08
    Piper 08 6 hours ago

    I’d just finished making scones before I started watching this but I made plain scones

  • DoM MooLight
    DoM MooLight 6 hours ago

    Jamie: not many people no about its so ic super cool right you on 7 milión views u dum ass🤦‍♂️

  • Kai .Isensee
    Kai .Isensee 6 hours ago

    Okay, I normally really enjoy your videos but that one just sucked... Poor 3.6 million viewers who had to suffer through those 5 minutes :(

  • Japagow Trio
    Japagow Trio 6 hours ago

    This is wrong. Turn the heat down when it boils. Leave it alone. Simple.

  • Lenny
    Lenny 6 hours ago

    *_Is this what they always serve on Kitchen Nightmares?_*

  • KT Kee
    KT Kee 7 hours ago

    Girly jewelry.

  • Mubaarok Marzuqi
    Mubaarok Marzuqi 7 hours ago

    medium, low or high heat?

  • Nancy Sunday
    Nancy Sunday 7 hours ago

    You make it look so easy😊

  • Alltag MR
    Alltag MR 7 hours ago


  • truth wiil set you free

    But what about all of the estrogen mimickers in the chick peas. Is that good for you to eat?? Or is it just in the pit/seed in the chick pea that has it in them and are they taken out during processing

  • Nicki Thee Stalion
    Nicki Thee Stalion 8 hours ago


  • BWG
    BWG 8 hours ago

    4:58 that was Ruby Bhogal from GBBO!

  • The Show
    The Show 9 hours ago

    Why I shopping so good!!!

  • Qihuan Wang
    Qihuan Wang 9 hours ago

    Igive up on the flaming part.

  • Nightblue Tyler
    Nightblue Tyler 9 hours ago

    Viewers : why u addin olive oil GENNARO : because i love olive oil

  • Parina Fernandes
    Parina Fernandes 10 hours ago

    God bless you too!... That was simply gorgeous..

  • 275carreira
    275carreira 10 hours ago

    Great initiative to have a hearty vegetarian meal. More vegetarian videos, please!!! I'm getting your book right now!

  • Athena
    Athena 10 hours ago

    I’ve seen the French style cooked with a bit of Dijon mustard scrambled into the eggs and the same slow method but in a non stick fry pan. You use the tip of a rubber spatula stirring constantly over very low heat until it comes to that creamy texture. 😋

  • o0Harryy0o
    o0Harryy0o 10 hours ago

    How the hell did you manage to upload porn to TVclip?

  • 235deer
    235deer 11 hours ago

    what's video is that at 4:50 bottom right corner

  • Soaidah Khan
    Soaidah Khan 11 hours ago

    I made this dish recently, absolutely delicious with fresh flavours, thank you Jamie, would you mind giving us the names of your chefs?

  • jose on demand
    jose on demand 11 hours ago

    Wow, that looks just amazing!. Simply delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hesham Akasha
    Hesham Akasha 11 hours ago

    I love that’s Bedford truck on the back

  • nosuchthingasshould
    nosuchthingasshould 11 hours ago

    Annoying gimmick, please drop it.

  • Quintslayer
    Quintslayer 12 hours ago

    Jamie's Vag

  • Viktor Kemény
    Viktor Kemény 12 hours ago

    No more VR please

  • Kewl Beans
    Kewl Beans 12 hours ago

    it's funny how much more you see alex on youtube than jamie. does this guy even cook anymore? lol

  • PinkandBlue_x
    PinkandBlue_x 12 hours ago

    Chocolate flavoured AND a large dollop of marmalade? That’s not a healthy breakfast that’s a very very sweet dessert

  • Vincent Pin
    Vincent Pin 12 hours ago

    that is what i like on this channel. it shows that cooking can be more than just doing food. it can be about friendship, family and more. i like how jamie and gennaro create this atmosphere everytime.

  • Andrei Petrescu
    Andrei Petrescu 12 hours ago

    i love paella 😍❤! Olla amigo ! ✋

  • Maria Fernando
    Maria Fernando 13 hours ago

    She did not say how to make that butter recipe!!

  • Shelina Seebah
    Shelina Seebah 13 hours ago

    You're a pride to Mauritius, well done!

  • Derek Armsden
    Derek Armsden 13 hours ago


  • Cornwall 59
    Cornwall 59 13 hours ago

    Ego trip

  • eyewaves
    eyewaves 13 hours ago

    I liked it. Thank you. The real problem is to get really nice and tasty tomatoes. Once you can get that you are a winner.

  • Terehuia Kerekere
    Terehuia Kerekere 13 hours ago

    I think your awesome Jamie my mum loves your programmes, she said you dont waste food use the lot. Kapai (means good in maori) from New Zealand.

  • Haby Haby
    Haby Haby 13 hours ago

    افضل شيف في العالم 💕

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 14 hours ago

    Every time Gennaro cooks carbonara he does it differently 😆

    JESSICA NOLDE 14 hours ago

    YUMMMMMMMY 😍😃😋💖⭐️

  • Ronald Reagan Is The Devil

    Looks good

  • Dietitian Ya Kupoteza Uzito

    This channel has made my life that much easier

  • Pamela Hagedorn
    Pamela Hagedorn 16 hours ago

    Going to try this in the morning for my eggs. Hope I get it right

  • scott shao
    scott shao 17 hours ago


  • Louise Ricketts
    Louise Ricketts 17 hours ago

    Did he say "twinkle your fingers"?

  • Louise Ricketts
    Louise Ricketts 18 hours ago

    Chicory is good for that slightly bitter taste.

  • Nicke Andersson
    Nicke Andersson 18 hours ago

    so, would that be like a thumb of ginger and 3-4 cloves of garlic? hard to tell :)

  • Muhammad Q Rusydan
    Muhammad Q Rusydan 18 hours ago

    Un abbraccio for you gennaro

  • techindia360
    techindia360 18 hours ago

    പപ്പടം ഇയാൾക്കു പ്രാന്താണ്

  • Sana Haider
    Sana Haider 18 hours ago

    I love Jamie Oliver.... the eggs were just an excuse ! 😍😍

  • Rose Brown
    Rose Brown 18 hours ago

    Looks lovely! I will try to make them. Jammy

  • Billy Joe
    Billy Joe 19 hours ago


  • Billy Joe
    Billy Joe 19 hours ago


  • LinksRoyal
    LinksRoyal 20 hours ago

    pity its not 360. cant spin around on the chair shouting Oh MYMY

  • I hate that I have a + Acct

    chris pontius became really skinny

  • bonob0123
    bonob0123 20 hours ago

    theme super healthy tell you plopped in all that creme fraiche

  • Nicolas Thorley
    Nicolas Thorley 20 hours ago

    I made this tonight and it was absolutely delicious, I can still taste it hours later.

  • Jamal Hassan
    Jamal Hassan 21 hour ago

    Gennaro's mama definitely taught him not to waste food

  • Ed & Patricia Remington III

    Lol 😝 18 comments down I read this! “OH. MY. GOOOOD!!!!! British accent, and can make Perfect 👌 Omelettes! Hell yea he can, he’s BRITISH!! All Brits can as long as they are speaking with that sexy highly intelligent accent!! It’s the exit that gets the job done I’m serious folks it is you can’t make a perfect omelette less you have a British Scottish or Irish accent in the heavier the exit the better the omelette maker. In fact the best ones are the ones that come from the islands there Brogue is so thick you can barely understand him. You need subtitles to understand DEM-A MATES!!! So find one with a ultra THICK BROGUE!!!!

  • Tommaso Giannelli
    Tommaso Giannelli 22 hours ago

    It's not carbonara i'm italian and this it' s not the true version

  • Brandon Neil Sta. Teresa

    So this is how they did the black pasta from JoJo part 2.

  • Doc Kotoga
    Doc Kotoga 23 hours ago

    _"Few seconds"_ ... made my day :D

  • Mashud Ahmed
    Mashud Ahmed 23 hours ago

    Guys I need some help if I may. I’m trying to find the builders mug that was suggested. I’ve literally looked everywhere!! M&S, Wilkinson’s, Next & even Tesco. No one seems to have it. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Much appreciated! :)

  • Uncanny Conceptions
    Uncanny Conceptions 23 hours ago

    I think he jigged it about to much

  • JulieAnkha N.
    JulieAnkha N. 23 hours ago

    What type of tofu? Soft, firm?

  • Profanity
    Profanity 23 hours ago

    Controversial opinion here, I actually loved the VR as I’ve seen this room many times before but now I actually have a feeling of how it looks. If you watch it on a phone it is a bit annoying but on a pc it’s just fine.

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill Day ago

    This VR ruined the whole thing for me. And I LOVE Gennaro.

  • Dad&Son Gamingworld

    I find this so painful... He used to be the man... Now look at him

  • xpf
    xpf Day ago

    I just hate when they scratch Teflon pans like that... Ugh... That 🔊...

  • MR B
    MR B Day ago

    Gennaro is my favourite!! I love all his videos.

  • hungry pete goes yeet

    Not enough creamy sauce

  • Barbarian Dumplings


  • Sid Ahm
    Sid Ahm Day ago

    More VR plz

  • Caterina Gheorgsdottir

    1:17 was so cool!

  • El Crudo Menudos

    Cabron pasa los ingredientes que tu acento esta para la chingada!

  • Daniel MGF
    Daniel MGF Day ago

    "I don't like humus that you buy ready in the supermarket, that's not my cup of tea." Picks up a jar of chickpeas. "Now, these chickpeas that you buy in a jar are wonderful." 🤔🤔🤔

  • LDcorx
    LDcorx Day ago

    Always milk n cheese and and not like any of these lol glasgow scotland always remember it not looking like these growing up



  • larsdeb1
    larsdeb1 Day ago

    Jamie Oliver cooking is like, lemon lemon lemon. Most lemon recipes taste good, easy trick...

  • Eissari4
    Eissari4 Day ago

    I can't exactly put it into words how I feel but I love italian food and food culture SO much, tons of love from Finland. Grazie!

  • Darren J
    Darren J Day ago

    Stupid VR, why are you doing this? It’s rubbish!!

  • Chris Goddard
    Chris Goddard Day ago

    Ive used hotdog sausage with tomatoe sauce and hotdog mustard.

  • The Bushcraft Chef

    Step one- get all of the dishes in your kitchen .

  • renee rivard
    renee rivard Day ago

    Anxious as I try too make goods eats

  • Lilliana Neves Owner Na Brasa

    I am sorry Jamie it might be tasty but it is not an original Piri Piri chicken ;)

  • Andreas Jegerlehner

    So delicious, this is the perfect Friday evening food.

  • Karl Hinkelstein

    Italien was ist aus dir geworden? Sieht ja aus wie Damaskus...

  • Rosario Rebola

    Absolutely 😋😋😋😋😋.... Thank you

  • Boanerges
    Boanerges Day ago


  • Анна Федорова

    Absolutely disgusting type of video. Vr. It’s very difficult to look on it

  • Meera Rajani
    Meera Rajani Day ago

    Hi Oliver I live in US & am a vegetarian lovely mushroom recipe You taught me how to grow potatoes thanks so much

  • snake damba
    snake damba Day ago

    Poi ce stanno l'americani che pensavo che questa è la migliore carbonara... Venite a Roma poi ne riparliamo

  • nigel egan
    nigel egan Day ago

    looks good .....but who squeezes lemon on fried chicken 🤔🤮

  • Zafiirah Zaf
    Zafiirah Zaf Day ago

    The greeks are loyal to their olive oil

  • Jytrid Zhoski
    Jytrid Zhoski Day ago

    Really love you two guys! ))) thx

  • Miss GIJoe
    Miss GIJoe Day ago

    Omg. Now I need VR glasses, it’s the only way I can hang out with gennaro 😭😭

  • Jerry Ascione
    Jerry Ascione Day ago

    All that for a bowl of pasta? Ramen noodle is 1 min in microwave and I can choose from beef, chicken, or shrimp