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Boiled Egg Timer
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Happy Birthday Gennaro. X
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Live with Gennaro | part 2
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  • Eastern
    Eastern 22 minutes ago

    Come on Jamie buy a strainer. Lol Really nice video.

  • Alchemist-A
    Alchemist-A Hour ago

    That looks delish! I think I am going to try it, but w/o the eggs b/c I am semi-vegan (vegan + one can of sardines once a week as a source of omega-3 FAs).

  • Wan Kit Fong
    Wan Kit Fong Hour ago

    just lovely

  • Mai Xiong
    Mai Xiong 2 hours ago

    What made it red?

  • Bennybenasi
    Bennybenasi 2 hours ago

    'Gayist way to make a piece n bacon'

  • alessandro bauleo
    alessandro bauleo 2 hours ago

    Dovrebbero arrestarlo

  • Billy William
    Billy William 2 hours ago

    Jaime Oliver What about the scraps?

  • enlacocinaconmarco
    enlacocinaconmarco 2 hours ago

    Jamie everytime is a pleasure to watch your videos!!

  • Mohamad Massalha
    Mohamad Massalha 3 hours ago

    This video is my fav

  • Walter De Marco
    Walter De Marco 3 hours ago

    Bravo forza Oliver.

  • Ioana Diva
    Ioana Diva 3 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what temperature is the oven? Please please

  • Patrizio Vega
    Patrizio Vega 3 hours ago

    there should be the pillow, not the foul bacon. Gennaro what a disappointment.👎

  • Stephane Lauzon
    Stephane Lauzon 4 hours ago

    AAAhhh Genaro I love you ! you inspiring me back in the kitchen

  • Lasse Hahn
    Lasse Hahn 4 hours ago

    Instructions unclear claws didn't go through the foreskin

  • 123
    123 5 hours ago

    Who came here, while still eating delicious food👌

  • Abuzaffar Mohammed
    Abuzaffar Mohammed 5 hours ago

    I don't want to be that granny with lots of complains but that stain on the bowl right before he poured was not acceptable around 01:95-02:10---

  • Butch 78
    Butch 78 5 hours ago

    Got a better recipe and much simpler and more healthy.

  • William A-D
    William A-D 5 hours ago

    Just tried out cooking the rice with hot water to make it fluffy I don’t know if it’s the coconut that I used but I think it’s a bit too fluffy

  • sd98
    sd98 5 hours ago

    Looks delicious but why did he place the halves of the chilli on the side of the pan and basically in the same place? Surely it’d make more sense to at least include one of the halves in with the mixture as everything cooks?

  • priscilla Kasaboglu
    priscilla Kasaboglu 5 hours ago


  • Fernando Diaz García


  • TrustGone
    TrustGone 6 hours ago

    Hmm... It smells burnt.

  • JimiMcrae
    JimiMcrae 6 hours ago

    Genaro is a terrible cook

  • Ian Marshall
    Ian Marshall 6 hours ago

    Does anyone know the variety of chilli he uses?

  • Sumaia Bhuiyan
    Sumaia Bhuiyan 7 hours ago

    I saw this 2 years ago

  • Mississippi Mike
    Mississippi Mike 7 hours ago


  • steve coleman
    steve coleman 7 hours ago

    Finish with butter.

  • steve coleman
    steve coleman 7 hours ago


  • steve billington
    steve billington 7 hours ago


  • Daisy Daisy
    Daisy Daisy 8 hours ago

    I like jamie, i like gordon as well though, can’t decide

  • alessandro zilliken
    alessandro zilliken 9 hours ago

    classic genoese pesto..😂

  • alberto76611
    alberto76611 9 hours ago

    I just understood the importance of the pasta water in all these recipes. It's a whole new world that opens up to me right now.

  • Suzanne Benz
    Suzanne Benz 9 hours ago

    Lovely..for 2. Thank you!

  • Martin
    Martin 9 hours ago

    Samwise Gamgee Really knows his stuff.

  • zurC Gaming
    zurC Gaming 9 hours ago

    Spend more time on comments, rather on the video

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 9 hours ago

    I always was ending up with eggs noodles now i know what i was doing wrong

  • Lorraine & sons
    Lorraine & sons 10 hours ago

    Can you substitute the yogurt with another ingredient. My mother is allergic to yogurt.

  • Evolutionistz
    Evolutionistz 10 hours ago


  • Just a sec
    Just a sec 11 hours ago

    Cold meat. Yuck!

  • Lorraine Ortega
    Lorraine Ortega 11 hours ago

    Hi hannah at evelyn

  • kemli technology
    kemli technology 11 hours ago

    You are my hero.merci

  • MoosicDude
    MoosicDude 11 hours ago

    This guy, in his own words, is legit. Please bring him back!

  • CarpeNoctem
    CarpeNoctem 11 hours ago

    The first dish I learned to make...all those years ago..so many portions of cheesy scrambled eggs with noodles haha

  • trexation
    trexation 12 hours ago

    "Really affordable" - uses a shitload of ingredients - university students have left the chat

  • Nicole*Nicoletta* Masic

    Miss him so much 😪

  • Simon Kerr
    Simon Kerr 12 hours ago

    The stereotypical bottles of Cobra beer there I see.

  • Alexander Bär
    Alexander Bär 12 hours ago

    very good,boy

  • Suparna Goswami
    Suparna Goswami 12 hours ago

    Excellent recipe and very well demonstrated. Thank you

  • Komainu King
    Komainu King 13 hours ago

    0:22 Shortcut = Totally NOT ramen. 😒

  • David Griffiths
    David Griffiths 13 hours ago

    Starving now 😋

  • David Griffiths
    David Griffiths 13 hours ago

    Legends of London food 🔥🔥🔥

  • Puja Das
    Puja Das 13 hours ago

    You didn't add salt in the masala 🙄

  • Nazar Labunets
    Nazar Labunets 13 hours ago

    This guy is a poet!

  • Nazar Labunets
    Nazar Labunets 13 hours ago


  • Greg575TPN
    Greg575TPN 14 hours ago

    You have raped our souls again my friend Gennaro! OMG! Greetings from Greece!

  • alex brogan
    alex brogan 14 hours ago

    5:42 SOH EASY!

  • mittens the house cat
    mittens the house cat 15 hours ago

    Game changer brought me here 😒

  • Gas'n'Oil
    Gas'n'Oil 15 hours ago

    couldnt get a proper knife for the lady on such a cooking show ((

  • S Tra
    S Tra 15 hours ago

    I’ve been doing something similar to this for a long time. Cut bread, put mozzarella on it, slice of tomato on top, olive oil and eat it as sandwich.

  • Litphanius McMelloy
    Litphanius McMelloy 15 hours ago

    It's 2019 and I'm watching this recipe in 240p

  • pathmada
    pathmada 16 hours ago

    thats not cooking with a car, thats cooking next to a car

  • nugroho jati
    nugroho jati 16 hours ago

    Ala French : *"is that vomit?"

  • Gülsüm
    Gülsüm 16 hours ago

    Rakı mıydı o?

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 16 hours ago

    This is great!

  • Rithika Mohan
    Rithika Mohan 17 hours ago

    Plastic directly to a boiling water ?

  • sagar khatri
    sagar khatri 18 hours ago

    He is what he is super cool . hope to see more episode of him only 🙂

  • Kudret Keskin
    Kudret Keskin 19 hours ago

    Im here for right one

  • jasper chung
    jasper chung 19 hours ago

    What is the weight of the spices please?

  • vinayak kolhapure
    vinayak kolhapure 20 hours ago

    When I feel down, I come here and watch Mr. Carluccio make this beautiful homey Tiramisu. It is symphony, it is harmony. Rest in Peace legend. You will always be missed.

  • Low Quality Videos on YT

    3:33 When u put baby poop into toast

  • Thierry Tuchagues
    Thierry Tuchagues 21 hour ago


  • teamometeamo
    teamometeamo 21 hour ago

    Thank you so much! I love eating eggs!

  • Wayne Lucas
    Wayne Lucas 22 hours ago

    On these cold dark days I love a big bowl of Weetabix with a drizzle of honey & hot milk

  • Supernova Aurora
    Supernova Aurora 22 hours ago

    Thank you, this is the easiest receipt.

  • Ban Stepwar
    Ban Stepwar 22 hours ago

    He looks like blake

  • Saf
    Saf Day ago

    Thank you

  • Jared Reeks
    Jared Reeks Day ago

    Painful watching these guys use these tools, wouldn't let them in my kitchen!

  • vegastyphoon
    vegastyphoon Day ago

    Love your vids !

  • Kiyan Gulee
    Kiyan Gulee Day ago

    Musaka is not Greek, it's originally from Kurdistan and the original Kurdish name is Mushakel which means Mixed ...

  • Marcos Lucio Silva

    ugly woman

  • paty hil
    paty hil Day ago

    I hate ur mom dude

  • Luis
    Luis Day ago

    This video is missing only one thing : a nice music. Because that is art.

  • Eduardo Ahumada

    Sinceramente quisiera saber quién lo nombró a este señor cocinero, chef o cómo se llame. A la carne no se la adereza con aceite, se salpimenta de ambos lados y para que no se pegue no hay que cocinarlas en sartenes u hollas, si no en churrasqueras gruesas de fundición con la superficie acanalada que impide que se pegue. El filete o el bife con hueso se dá vuelta UNA SOLA VEZ, y ese momento lo determina cuando una vez que halla comenzado la cocción, en la superficie del bife empieza a brotar el jugo de la carne Se trata de tocar lo menos posible a la carne para que no pierda sus jugos, no como en el video que se la pasó aplastándola con la pinza.

  • Alfonso DeLuca

    Served warm or cold?

  • rambull Jr
    rambull Jr Day ago


  • Maureen N
    Maureen N Day ago

    It looked delicious, can't wait to try it.

  • Артур Халиков

    че за дебил!!!

  • Cenk Tik
    Cenk Tik Day ago


  • Denis Coakley
    Denis Coakley Day ago

    Hey, I really really like garlic mayo so what's the best and easiest way to do it. Thanks

  • Boris C
    Boris C Day ago

    Not a Christmas Pudding unless there is figs, because of the "figgy pudding" of the song!

  • Alex Intra
    Alex Intra Day ago

    Grazie Mile per videos grandiosi

  • Unbeastable
    Unbeastable Day ago

    Sheez what a great combination.

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig Day ago

    Thanks Sainsbury’s

  • Sin SinaT
    Sin SinaT Day ago


  • Donny Thompson

    Gawd that looks awesome! My Scottish grandmother used to serve it with a “hard sauce” made from dark brown sugar, butter, and Drambuie. It’s been almost 40 years since I had it... I still taste it in my dreams. 🤤

  • James Green
    James Green Day ago


  • adrian B
    adrian B Day ago

    Jamie looked so much better here in 2015, slim and fit

  • Iman B. Rad
    Iman B. Rad Day ago

    4:38 I love the smell of oppressed tomato stems...

  • mehmetoguzoglu


  • Jody
    Jody Day ago

    Finally this is the original!!!!!