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  • ERICspb
    ERICspb 2 minutes ago

    тогда ,там были англичане и с верою в христа, с любовью мальчиков в девчёнок и девочки желали мальчиков и так казалось будет вечно..........

  • Ben Stil
    Ben Stil 3 minutes ago

    No boerkas🙂🙂

  • Волшебник Мерлин

    Качество съёмки для того времени очень отличное!!!

  • Please_Pasha
    Please_Pasha 11 minutes ago

    Хочу знать, я один смотрю это видео с глубокой грустью и печалью??? осознавая что это исчезло спустя каких-то несколько лет((( с досадой понимая что что-то пошло не так 😢

  • Phil Jamieson
    Phil Jamieson 23 minutes ago

    Enchanting. Great to see such a lovingly restored piece of our history. Thanks for this.

  • Santi12007
    Santi12007 24 minutes ago

    I take a glance at this and I already want to bitch about this actual generation...

  • Sammmuela
    Sammmuela 43 minutes ago

    A lot of white people living unbothered lives

  • Natalie Wood
    Natalie Wood 48 minutes ago

    It's incredible footage. But I feel so sorry for donkeys. People don't even think (even nowadays) that it's so hard for them.

  • Keith Philbin
    Keith Philbin 53 minutes ago

    At 6:40 That is one BIG consignment of weed there my friend.

  • Natalie Wood
    Natalie Wood 55 minutes ago

    Times before TV sets and mobile phones 😁

  • Sarapuff
    Sarapuff 59 minutes ago

    Watching these old things makes me sad...good people in those days had a strange innocence that doesnt exist today. The world has changed. And our world now, will change too one day. :(

  • Keith Philbin
    Keith Philbin 59 minutes ago

    Beats the pants off the English 😁

  • zBijs
    zBijs Hour ago

    Replace Jewish merchants, with Moroccan drug dealers and you get Amsterdam of 21st century :)

  • Fitter 15
    Fitter 15 Hour ago

    Ляпота ))

  • Ilya Gric
    Ilya Gric Hour ago

    Какова судьба этого пацана скачущего перед камерой....

  • Thinker
    Thinker Hour ago

    This is not Russia. This is fucking Moskovia!

  • Jack Montana
    Jack Montana Hour ago

    not a single nigga. I love Russia.

  • Jack Montana
    Jack Montana Hour ago


  • Musa Gamil
    Musa Gamil Hour ago

    Heute schaut Wien fast genau wie damals aus 🇦🇹🦅

  • Burns
    Burns Hour ago

    А потом пришли Швондеры и под улюлюканенье Шариковых всё похерили.

  • Broodje Boterham

    Bijna 100 jaar geleden.

  • T. van Oosterhout

    De geluidseffecten lijken nogal willekeurig gekozen. Uit eigen ervaring weet ik bijvoorbeeld dat antieke trams behoorlijk veel herrie maken als ze een bocht nemen.

  • Richard Young
    Richard Young Hour ago

    They had real leadership, not the orange buffoon we are stuck with, gotta love minority rule!!

  • easy deism
    easy deism Hour ago

    “To the Amsterdam canals have I sold my whole heart for eternity. Amsterdam fills my thoughts as the most beautifull city of the nation. All those Amsterdam people, all those lights at night at the square. Nobody can wish for better than to be born in Amsterdam.” It is sad that we as people have let this city be destroyed by the far left clique that currently controls it. Amsterdam has sold her soul long ago and all that remains is a stinking and decaying corpse.

  • Runninghorse Gallop

    I like the fact that people dressed up every day. Even to go to the store.

  • Mick Thomas
    Mick Thomas 2 hours ago

    People fascinated by the camera. They had no idea we would be watching them a hundred or hundreds of years later in the future.

    • Mick Thomas
      Mick Thomas 33 minutes ago

      @TordokiYani I don't know what you said but gave you thumbs up anyway☺

    • TordokiYani
      TordokiYani Hour ago

      если бы они знали, как мы живём теперь, они бы подумали, что наша жизнь - рай... всё к лучшему, разве нет? может, в будущем люди будут жить ещё лучше, чем мы?

  • саша максимов

    Увидел двух негров - начало.

  • Jean Carr
    Jean Carr 2 hours ago

    Very moving especially the children...


    Пацан передаёт привет будущему поколению, а СССР уже распался!! И опять царизм и крепостное право царит в россии

  • Erica Rouge Lazarus
    Erica Rouge Lazarus 2 hours ago

    They had issues of not enough boys dancing even then

  • Steve Mcguiness
    Steve Mcguiness 2 hours ago

    I love visiting Amsterdam and the Netherlands has a whole been about 20 times to date

  • Erica Rouge Lazarus
    Erica Rouge Lazarus 2 hours ago

    9:20 are the girls making linen?

  • Kay Marto
    Kay Marto 2 hours ago

    4:18 is the reason the revolution happened, that general whose hand wasnt shaken , terribly ignored must have started the idea of ending the Ramanovs

  • Al b
    Al b 2 hours ago

    Wish i could go back in time to warn them of the impending doom their great great grand children they will face.

  • Schattenherz
    Schattenherz 2 hours ago

    Beautyful to watch.

  • Return of the Native

    Strange to think that my Great Grandmother Katerina, 1880 - 1986 was already 45 when this film was made. I was a boy when television first came out & we got a set, with all the extended family sitting around watching the test pattern in grainy black & white. But later, when broadcasts got going & we had the news, & a bit of musical "talent", she would always dress in her best outfit & sit bolt upright with her hands clasped in her lap for the news broadcast because she thought the reader could see her too. But all that came to a halt when the TV set caught on fire, smoked, & dripped burning rubber onto the rug. I still have this mental picture of her screaming, my father rushing in, picking up the box & heaving it out of the window. It was a heavy thing, the window was closed, & his aim was poor so that it hit the wood & crashed out both glass & wood frame. She never watched tv again, didn't trust it. She was a strong walker & even in her extreme old age she'd walk 20 kms or more & then the baker, the garbage truck, the police, anyone really as she was very well known, would find her & bring her home.

  • Al b
    Al b 2 hours ago

    How about the drug dealers..oh. excuse me big this technology day we live in is the biggest joke you could ever dream. Remember one thing..MAN WILL ULTIMATELY DESTROY HIMSELF.. YOU REALIZE YOU COUD BUY A HOUSE FOR THE DECADES YOU PAY FOR YOUR SMART PHONE..DO THE MATH ..ITS PRETTY EASY.

  • Paula Cavalcanti
    Paula Cavalcanti 2 hours ago

    the mustaches are terrific!

  • Al b
    Al b 2 hours ago

    I wonder if they worried about healthcare or taxes..?

  • Виктория Горенская

    И конечно обычное историческое видео выливается в идеологию и политику. Слетаются подстрекатели, провокаторы и просто хамы, чтобы обязательно вставить своё великое ,и такое весомое, мнение. Ничего в России не меняется. Ну, «Боже Царя Храни»! Что уж там...карма России видимо такая, кланяться Божествам, да Царям.

  • Robertjshearer
    Robertjshearer 3 hours ago

    Interesting how the American dialect has changed over the years. The accent is definitely different.

  • Zaid Zaid
    Zaid Zaid 3 hours ago

    How skinny they were

  • Артём Петрик

    По одежде видно что все с югов и продолжают переселяться сюда после катастрофы

  • Russ C.
    Russ C. 3 hours ago

    A 1927 street scene showing black and white kids enjoying each other’s company. Who’d a thunk it. This would make millennial lib dem heads explode.

  • Артём Петрик

    Получаеться театр и не более того

  • Артём Петрик

    Сейчас тоже самое Только материалы новые и все Этих людей нет уже давно , как и нас не станет скоро Так что живите и в хуй не дуйте

  • Quiet Riley Jr.
    Quiet Riley Jr. 3 hours ago

    Isn’t a plastic-free world much prettier?

  • yokebaby
    yokebaby 3 hours ago

    i visualised that they could see me through the screen, entranced by modern life :)

  • merames 19
    merames 19 3 hours ago

    Даже как то обидно за своих предков(((

  • Bill Thompson
    Bill Thompson 3 hours ago

    Wow! Was beautiful like the U.S. before sanctuary stupidity.

  • Eddy Shluger
    Eddy Shluger 3 hours ago

    И чего этим дебилам не хватало. Привели бандитов к власти.

  • Rob Blackmore
    Rob Blackmore 3 hours ago

    I wonder where in leeds this was filmed? They're slim, not a fatty in sight. Work was work back in those days, that's why they all seem happy here. Recreational time was limited back then.

  • J aune
    J aune 3 hours ago

    Omg my mom taught us 7 kids how to sing “In the Little Red Schoolhouse” but I did not know that song was from the 1920s!!!

  • Paul Sampson
    Paul Sampson 3 hours ago

    It would be nice to know where the sound track is actually coming from. It's presumably from material recorded at least ten years later. Did they actually bother to record the sound at all in these pre-talkie films? They _could_ have, I suppose.

  • Digama
    Digama 3 hours ago

    12:00 и дальше - Леонид Николаевич Андреев - русский писатель. Кстати очень рекомендую к прочтению.

  • Amazon Account
    Amazon Account 3 hours ago


  • s a d / 1 0
    s a d / 1 0 4 hours ago

    1:15 well aren’t you a cool mothafucka?

  • vinodmhetre007
    vinodmhetre007 4 hours ago

    FANTASTIC. to preserve this

  • Vasia Pupkin
    Vasia Pupkin 4 hours ago

    Интересно, а телочки в то время, кусты брили???!....

  • Schattenherz
    Schattenherz 4 hours ago

    The world before colors where discovered. 😀

  • Павел Віцебскі


  • Гульчик -
    Гульчик - 4 hours ago

    Awesome! Класс!👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍

  • Symphony 99
    Symphony 99 4 hours ago

    nice dresses💙💙 hope to go back:: to the past,

  • Symphony 99
    Symphony 99 4 hours ago

    beautiful days,,missed it😢💔

  • Sir Mohammad
    Sir Mohammad 4 hours ago


  • Andres Karel
    Andres Karel 4 hours ago

    all women here are impeccably dressed up, no tops or low hanging jeans

  • Jamie Howard
    Jamie Howard 5 hours ago

    I wonder if this was on Holbeck Moor. I saw I ad that said wm green Holbeck Moor pottery

  • Sagnik Banerjee
    Sagnik Banerjee 5 hours ago

    I am just here looking for some time travellers.. they do love showing up in cameras with large cell phones :3

  • Roman Z
    Roman Z 5 hours ago

    Women have their heads covered still.

  • Texas Tea
    Texas Tea 5 hours ago

    This video uploaded Jan 2016, my husband's grandmother was still alive, she was born in 1910 (she passed away Dec 2017)

  • Man Siberian
    Man Siberian 5 hours ago

    3:55 мастер не упустил возможности рисануться перед камерой, дабы показать своё незаменимое участие в производстве. Рашен показушен смотрит на потомков сквозь века.

    • Man Siberian
      Man Siberian 3 hours ago

      Умничка, прокомментировал.

    • Digama
      Digama 3 hours ago

      молодец, приплёл

  • pet per the commenter

    Who would know that thanks to voting liberal the province would be a homosexual swamp of 3rd world gangs shooting up the city with whites a tiny minority a 100 years later

  • Hashtag EV
    Hashtag EV 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one that doesn’t care for this since it was only a hundred years ago? Talk to me in 500 years.

  • Thorrork
    Thorrork 5 hours ago

    So why did TVclip decide to recommend this all of a sudden?! I think it's amazing, but how did TVclip know that, when I didn't myself... AI takeover imminent!

  • Ppit Pop
    Ppit Pop 5 hours ago

    Идут с кульками свертками, ни какого пластика

  • Emily Mintern
    Emily Mintern 5 hours ago

    Strange how even my great grandad wasn’t born yet then 😂

  • Easter Worshipper
    Easter Worshipper 5 hours ago

    Not a single black or brown face ❤️❤️

  • mike buchanan
    mike buchanan 5 hours ago

    The war of northern aggression

  • Bruno56
    Bruno56 5 hours ago

    Granma Queen Elizabeth II was just a small kid.

  • Schattenherz
    Schattenherz 6 hours ago

    Back when men where men and dressed like that.

  • Teadon Urajh
    Teadon Urajh 6 hours ago

    What!? Is this Sweden!? I was told that Sweden never was White and that the Vikings were Black!

  • Sarah Riedel
    Sarah Riedel 6 hours ago

    Single-room schoolhouses are so fascinating to me. Does anyone know anything about how they went about structuring the curriculum for all the different grades simultaneously??

  • Vin Bond
    Vin Bond 6 hours ago

    Бедные и несчастные люди, даже и не представляли что их всех ждёт буквально через пару лет.

  • Yu Ja
    Yu Ja 6 hours ago

    Everyone in these clips are dead 😳

  • Wothanar
    Wothanar 6 hours ago

    But where's the diversity. Thank god Sweden is the way it is now. It's soooo much better...

  • K Moore
    K Moore 6 hours ago

    This is how the Titanic passengers lived in everyday life!

  • American Born Patriot.

    The dance choreography and to the music is interesting. +1

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 hours ago

    I'm most certainly sure, that if you appear on today's streets with more than 100 year old camera - reaction would be the same

  • Landon Cardinal
    Landon Cardinal 6 hours ago

    2.22 the guy stopped and walked back from the camera 😂

  • Pierre MICHEL
    Pierre MICHEL 6 hours ago

    0:36 the guys was so focused on looking at the camera he walked on the horse shit :)

  • Kirky Jerky
    Kirky Jerky 6 hours ago

    I like how the cameraman nudged the kid from in front of the camera with his umbrella by the pond.

  • Theps Theps
    Theps Theps 7 hours ago

    I don’t know why , but I find this really creepy.

    • Laid Back
      Laid Back 37 minutes ago

      It's like if you watched a movie about the old Egyptians, and it wasn't roleplaying but actual old Egyptians. The culture and their way of thinking would be so outlandish it would rattle your brain.

  • Marijus Caterpillar
    Marijus Caterpillar 7 hours ago

    Nothing changed.....

  • Авессалом Изнурёнков-Птибурдуков

    Мальчик, иди в жопу отсюда!!

    TRENLORD 7 hours ago

    This is the most priceless footage on TVclip.

  • DMC
    DMC 7 hours ago

    The industrial revolution led to many changes and he’d have seen it ..

  • DoMadrid
    DoMadrid 7 hours ago

    Toen Nederland nog Nederlands was.

  • Ben Stil
    Ben Stil 7 hours ago

    Better times then now.

  • Teucer
    Teucer 7 hours ago

    So many people almost getting into accidents

  • mannen man
    mannen man 7 hours ago

    Isnt it weird that everyone in this video is dead as of today?