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  • E M M A K A Y
    E M M A K A Y 54 seconds ago

    Can't she just get something like a refresher🤣

  • Blue Ball Brotherhood

    Funny how they are trying to disprove that only voting in swing States makes a difference, and then they try to use Florida (a swings state) as an example for how each vote can make a difference in safe states

  • Gamer Marie
    Gamer Marie Minute ago

    “I think she’s delusional” well you’re not alone.

  • Lisa Ibarra
    Lisa Ibarra 5 minutes ago

    oNlY iF tHeiR iS rUfFlEs haha gotta love abby

  • Lollipop Gacha
    Lollipop Gacha 5 minutes ago

    1:58 Christy and Kelly was laughing in the back ground🤣

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 6 minutes ago

    If you're going to be friends with a funny and pretty girl why are you actually stopping her behind her back like a hundred times did she do that to you know you literally got free makeup from the girl that you got in a fight with now f*** you

  • Efrain Chavez
    Efrain Chavez 6 minutes ago

    Abby you are the worst

  • Helloworld 95
    Helloworld 95 6 minutes ago

    Did the CADC call Studio 19 to invade the ALDC?

  • Ava Hartford
    Ava Hartford 6 minutes ago

    When the girl with the hat on said”Who’s the girl in the red😂” I died

  • Nunay Abdirahaman
    Nunay Abdirahaman 6 minutes ago

    I'm so confused why didn't prince win he can rap unlike mani

  • Sandra Plascencia
    Sandra Plascencia 7 minutes ago

    ALDC MEANING. Abby Lee Doesn’t Care

  • Devon Johnson
    Devon Johnson 7 minutes ago

    Hey April do you speak white or do you speak black

  • HelloSaya
    HelloSaya 7 minutes ago

    last time i saw coco jones, she was singing let it shine in a disney movie.

  • Miley Murphy
    Miley Murphy 7 minutes ago

    Jill: YOU DONT TELL ANYONE TO SHUT UP me: shut up 😂😂😂😂

    I SAID WHAT I SAID 9 minutes ago

    That singing.....this is one time I wish I was completely DEAF. How did this girl even get a contract???

  • Bradley Wolf
    Bradley Wolf 9 minutes ago

    Kendall wouldn’t be crying unless Christi was telling the truth 🤯

  • Dr Dingle Berry
    Dr Dingle Berry 9 minutes ago

    This show is for stay at home moms with no goals in life but baking cookies lmao

  • Bratty Maggie
    Bratty Maggie 10 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks like it was sped up?! Or am I just blind. Always a possibility

  • Natalie Barraza
    Natalie Barraza 10 minutes ago

    Dd go girls💜💜💜

  • Zoey Burns
    Zoey Burns 13 minutes ago

    Has any noticed that the judges always smile and laugh at everyone else but not at The dancing dolls 😑

  • Mia Moreno
    Mia Moreno 13 minutes ago

    Scrunchies in hair sksksksskksk and I oop

  • Jenny Nguyen
    Jenny Nguyen 13 minutes ago

    This is me at school but the bully doesn’t apologize I have so much drama my classmate yells at people and people cuss

  • Annika Frano
    Annika Frano 13 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice Melissa only had 1 hoop in her ear

  • • BeĖhJõP •
    • BeĖhJõP • 14 minutes ago

    Is it just me or when Jill is funny I like her as a mum?

  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill 15 minutes ago

    Holly is the base of the team. Without her the team would be a wreck

  • Bree Love
    Bree Love 16 minutes ago

    Emily boo boo your man is just not that into you and he does not want a kid with you which he told you to your face.He just trying to be on the show you dummy.

  • Jeiana Lottie
    Jeiana Lottie 18 minutes ago

    Sad she don’t even dance anymore wow

  • Annabella Cabanila
    Annabella Cabanila 19 minutes ago

    *chloe cries* Me:OMG NOO *kendall cries* Me: yall hear sumn?

  • • BeĖhJõP •
    • BeĖhJõP • 19 minutes ago

    Okay, the title made me cringe..... *Man that was so much cringing*

  • Trueツ
    Trueツ 19 minutes ago

    King Rosco is trash

  • Sabrina black
    Sabrina black 20 minutes ago

    47:40 Rapunzel's skin complexion is the ultimate it goal. I love how rich her skin is🔥🔥👍🏿❤ Lil Bri has what it takes. She could make it without the show but I know she just needs more exposure.

  • Lena May Duzen
    Lena May Duzen 22 minutes ago

    My baby Monie needs an orthodontist and a wig skater

  • A TT
    A TT 24 minutes ago

    christy at the ends should have been what she said in the dressing room

  • Mia Vivi
    Mia Vivi 25 minutes ago

    I’ve feel very bad for her🥺

  • Boom Shakalaka
    Boom Shakalaka 26 minutes ago

    They need a little man police officer to break it up ..

  • Jakis Buzz
    Jakis Buzz 27 minutes ago

    I love Eli and I get that it’s her duet but since she wasn’t there with Gia and giannina practicing it looks like a kiddie talent show dance and it looks dumb becusss it’s sloppy agian I love Eli and I love Gia and giannina and Sarah this isn’t hate this is just I think what I and everyone else is thinking

  • Lola _
    Lola _ 27 minutes ago

    that was not ballet what so ever

  • Zhylah Pina
    Zhylah Pina 27 minutes ago

    JoJo was beautiful girl.Abby stop it!

  • Pokémon Alex
    Pokémon Alex 27 minutes ago

    0:55 Really wow shocker....

  • Lovin K-pop
    Lovin K-pop 27 minutes ago

    I'm A sIzE 13 NiKeS. mEn sIzE 13 nIkEs- tall girl 2019

  • Lanae Mcconnell
    Lanae Mcconnell 28 minutes ago

    Low key i did think she was juice this time oop-

  • Ana Maria Martinez
    Ana Maria Martinez 28 minutes ago

    At 0:41 maddie made me laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Moana Makuei
    Moana Makuei 29 minutes ago

    Christi says Sarah was given a solo by Maddie girl that was jojos solo😂😂

  • Amelia Famiglietti
    Amelia Famiglietti 29 minutes ago

    I hate pressleys mom with all my might

  • Elise Fredericks
    Elise Fredericks 30 minutes ago

    Who are you? Nia's mom - cheering for Nia or... Abby - eating popcorn!!!🍿🍿🍿

  • It’s me Amanda
    It’s me Amanda 31 minute ago

    I don’t get why the kids were crying about not making it to the aldc There’s WAY better dance instructors and tbh who wants to be on a tv show that wrecks the passion of some people’s dancing

  • Tanaija Green
    Tanaija Green 31 minute ago

    No matter what I'm sticking with Dancing Dolls 💯

  • America Zendejas
    America Zendejas 31 minute ago

    Futura nia😀

  • Luis Valenzuela
    Luis Valenzuela 32 minutes ago

    Adrea you deserve way better

  • Lanae Mcconnell
    Lanae Mcconnell 33 minutes ago

    Abiras wigs always got me dead she always got that aunte look💀💀

  • Sophie Barnett
    Sophie Barnett 34 minutes ago

    MeNs SiZe 13 NikEs

  • The 2 Best Friends
    The 2 Best Friends 35 minutes ago

    Everyone questioning brooke’s age* Brooke: calmly eats frosted flakes*

  • Leyla Ortiz
    Leyla Ortiz 36 minutes ago


    JOSHUA SLAYS ‘ 37 minutes ago

    ROBBED THATS NOT FAIR pd they fell out of two stands and dancing dolls anit messy up nun then judges just petty as ever


    Cole...lose the nails!!! It's just creepy!!!

  • Alisson Sky Mota
    Alisson Sky Mota 39 minutes ago

    they act like roller skating ganna kill her!

  • Marie Nosal
    Marie Nosal 40 minutes ago

    Why did Trinity get a seizure before her performance? Edit: Not trying to make fun of it, but she was like wobbling her head and I was confused

  • Ellie Eagar
    Ellie Eagar 41 minute ago

    This dance just makes me happy

    RACHA CREAMY 41 minute ago

    Weird how every time Maddie loses something is wrong but when she wins nothing happens kinda weird right I find it a bit fishy wait what is that Abby wanted Maddie to win huh what

  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah 41 minute ago

    Blonde girl in the back was late “0:24

  • Francis B
    Francis B 42 minutes ago

    She is forcing it..From the colors in her hair to her outfits to her arrogance. She may be good at her job BUT I would never. She said she wanted them to be great but she is literally making them feel inferior. Issa no for me, Lol.

  • DareToDraw :3
    DareToDraw :3 42 minutes ago

    Omg it’s Kelly from AUDC!!!

  • Regina Davis
    Regina Davis 43 minutes ago

    Awwww, Ms D, you were a beautiful bride and you have an handsome husband (his voice is wow).. thanks for sharing. May God continue to bless your family and many new opportunities. Everything was classy and elegant

  • Gretchen Wiley
    Gretchen Wiley 43 minutes ago

    At 2:29 my heart sank bec I love chloe and I felt so bad for her

  • London King
    London King 43 minutes ago

    Girl keep your eyes👀 & ears👂open.

  • Rabbit Tales
    Rabbit Tales 43 minutes ago

    38:06 - 38:12 bars😂

  • Daisyletsplay !
    Daisyletsplay ! 45 minutes ago

    Is anybody gonna talk about how Abby said, is Melissa sitting on the ground like a dog? I DIED 😂😂 3:03

  • diana martha
    diana martha 45 minutes ago

    I love you k

  • XxEmilyaxX _
    XxEmilyaxX _ 47 minutes ago

    1:11 Sarah: wearing blue Sarah: Let it go! Elsa: LEEETT ITTT GOOOOO

  • ms. sexy midnight
    ms. sexy midnight 47 minutes ago

    So proud of the dancing dolls and boys....but extra proud of Faith and Cameryn. Keep the good work up.

  • Nakayla ‘s Life
    Nakayla ‘s Life 49 minutes ago

    Oh no she do to much !!

  • Matisyahu Maddox
    Matisyahu Maddox 49 minutes ago

    Moms: We have an issue. Christi: Cathy. Abby: Cathy who? Christi: Cathy. Ok Christi 😂

  • Angelina Trinh
    Angelina Trinh 49 minutes ago

    Bro i saw a hydro flask 2:12

  • and I oop-
    and I oop- 50 minutes ago

    I swear to god when Maddie forgot her dance she ran out and cried and at least Chloe made something up that made it look good

  • juniva tavita
    juniva tavita 50 minutes ago

    wow jill is so rude why would you yell at chloe

  • Meaghan•Gonzalez
    Meaghan•Gonzalez 50 minutes ago

    i just love how melissa stood up for kendall and jill

  • Nadia Valentine
    Nadia Valentine 51 minute ago

    “ A lot of them slow” Camera zooms Into Selena

  • Carly Lindgren
    Carly Lindgren 53 minutes ago

    2:24 It’s true Cathy looks like a child lol

  • Emma R
    Emma R 53 minutes ago


  • Carly Lindgren
    Carly Lindgren 53 minutes ago

    We all know the reason why Abby got cancer Cathy. Cathy should be the one with cancer I’m being honest

  • laila aaliyah
    laila aaliyah 54 minutes ago

    Haha 😂 look at Dee face 40:04

  • Melissa Jonesee
    Melissa Jonesee 56 minutes ago

    Bff goals 😭

  • Yerusha Haque
    Yerusha Haque 57 minutes ago

    Omg when maddie and Gino kissed my heart exploded and then they hugged too❤️❤️

  • Sugar Lacey
    Sugar Lacey 57 minutes ago

    Jayla Marie came through with the second rap round.

  • Riley Moore
    Riley Moore 57 minutes ago

    Whose here after tall girl?

  • XXX
    XXX 57 minutes ago

    What in the heck? 😮

  • Brooklyn Baylor
    Brooklyn Baylor 58 minutes ago

    What’s that thing in her back

  • gabriellannemontez27
    gabriellannemontez27 58 minutes ago

    What's the name of song they use in the beginning of the video

  • Liv
    Liv 59 minutes ago

    Melissa was way too nice and passive towards Abby, I think she got overwhelmed and didn't know how to make comebacks that would have put Abby in her place, but maybe apart of her didn't believe it was worth it, and wanted to maintain a more civil place for her children.

  • Havana jones
    Havana jones Hour ago

    0:49 😂😭


    I'm not crazy about coach Traci, but that chic has a BEAUTIFUL BODY.

  • XxR3sort xX
    XxR3sort xX Hour ago

    Key kinda look like blueface

  • Liv
    Liv Hour ago

    Abby breaking down in this moment shows how much she needed Maddie and the rest of the team, she was obviously hurt by it, but would never show it in a humbling way that brings people together. Her crying was manipulative towards Maddie as well, because she was just doing what her mom and the other moms were doing, there's absolutely nothing okay about acting like a victim in order to make a child feel guilty.

  • coryia batson
    coryia batson Hour ago

    Prince of New York is 😆😂🤣

  • 羽タりJonah Dove


  • Leon Sellers
    Leon Sellers Hour ago

    I love the rap game and all the people on it. It’s my favorite show in the hole wide world 🌎

  • Sidney Shields
    Sidney Shields Hour ago

    Poor Chloe that’s was soo sad when she said “No I’m fine, I’m just gonna go rehearse.” I felt that 🥺🥺🥺


    That intro is GARBAGE.

  • Gali Barkel
    Gali Barkel Hour ago

    none of this is michele’s fault, like. wtf is that blonde on going on about lmao

  • Girls rule the world!!!!!!

    Oh my god!!!! Christys hair is blonde.... um.... Not to be rude or anything 🤷‍♀️