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  • regin oakman
    regin oakman Minute ago

    Hey, does anyone know of a totally free streaming site to watch reality shows??

  • Leen Bakhsh
    Leen Bakhsh 2 minutes ago

    I love Mackenzie!!!!!!!!!!

  • oomybeauty
    oomybeauty 3 minutes ago

    P.s. the people who leave the cult need professional counseling, & support groups. They also need to be trained to conceal and carry, and self defense. Also I would totally pack heat visiting FLDS anything, as they are armed and dangerous.

  • spookyreindeerx S
    spookyreindeerx S 4 minutes ago

    Tonya know she isn’t allergic to synthetic hair. Why is she always so negative. She just wanted a trip. Always so negative. She needs to go. I get Matt isn’t what she supports but she needs to take SEVERAL seats.

  • Nyla douglas
    Nyla douglas 5 minutes ago

    Was this before Matt cheated?

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 6 minutes ago

    Lolly was wayyy out of pocket. Even though the girls didn't like kayla, they respected her enough to not mess around with her and to let it be what it is. Neither Kayla or Lolly was in the right and should've looked to God instead of just reacting.

  • Hello Jordy
    Hello Jordy 10 minutes ago

    Put it on hulu

  • Teresa Richardson
    Teresa Richardson 11 minutes ago

    The saying is,"correct me when or if I'm wrong. So them not saying something WAS on your side. Wink wink..they're trying to eat too

  • Kiela Kalamau
    Kiela Kalamau 11 minutes ago

    I get she was pissy her daughter lost the chance to dance but to be as petty to be like oh my daughter got 2 points more as if that makes a difference and what’s worse is she said it in front of Sarah, she’s a child. Don’t get mad at her that your daughter couldn’t pull off the dance

  • Chris Campbell
    Chris Campbell 11 minutes ago

    I wonder how Fred is doing was so heartwarming to see him getting the care he needed ❤️ also, i personally think that the insider could be jennifer (who went back into the order and married michael) but that’s just my idea. they said at the end “since i’ve been back in the order” so it made me wonder.

  • Slattt Jr
    Slattt Jr 12 minutes ago

    Terra is ABSURD

  • Teresa Richardson
    Teresa Richardson 12 minutes ago

    Wow A Van situation. That moment you think your family and NO your just black. I hate the race card pulling, but yeah

  • Eveya zamora
    Eveya zamora 15 minutes ago

    Tonya needs to relax

  • Zy Zy
    Zy Zy 16 minutes ago

    LMFAOOOOOO i love them !

  • Bo Liu
    Bo Liu 18 minutes ago

    Braddy should win

  • Bo Liu
    Bo Liu 19 minutes ago

    Braddy Braddy Braddy

  • Gabby Funk
    Gabby Funk 20 minutes ago


  • Nyla douglas
    Nyla douglas 21 minute ago

    Brianna is so 👻

  • Alexandra Bender
    Alexandra Bender 21 minute ago

    No props throws hat

  • StarBloomLunaAnikaApril SBLAA

    Oh my goodness these moms are so sweet it warms my heart that their willing to do this for each other, abby, that’s true teamwork

  • Pochy
    Pochy 22 minutes ago

    I wish they would've dressed up like steve

  • Mulalo Karen Mulaudzi
    Mulalo Karen Mulaudzi 23 minutes ago

    She just turned a talk into a fight/ argument 🙄

  • oomybeauty
    oomybeauty 24 minutes ago

    Wow. This monster, the biological psychopath dad, needs to be brought down, completely, permanently. Praying God will heal Joe and help, strengthen, & comfort him.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nick B
    Nick B 24 minutes ago

    Jill was so so annoying during this season - she never zips it

  • Caitlyn Bennett
    Caitlyn Bennett 26 minutes ago

    I purposely didn’t read comments. I was really hoping crystianna got it and she did. Proud of her. Much deserved.

    NEY KEILANMOMMA 31 minute ago

    I love this show I stg I be wanting to help these people so bad

  • Samo Knight
    Samo Knight 32 minutes ago

    Is ShE rEaLly OnE oF mYy aPpLeS?!?! Says you who replaced your team every week 😂

  • ; Useless Jack
    ; Useless Jack 33 minutes ago

    Nobody: Abby Lee Miller: And Skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping. And skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping and skipping

  • Leen Bakhsh
    Leen Bakhsh 34 minutes ago

    I feel like deep down inside abbys heart, she loves chloe but doesn’t show it because of her mom

  • t0sh2
    t0sh2 34 minutes ago

    Win or lose, Diana...your dolls are brilliant.

  • Briana Rodriguez
    Briana Rodriguez 37 minutes ago

    I wonder what ever happened to Tamia? She was a great dancer and I remember she was going for captain with camryn or something like that

  • Olivia A.
    Olivia A. 39 minutes ago

    I bet they got the 100,000 dollars from the money the Dance Moms have to pay to take class

  • Rhianna Kamel
    Rhianna Kamel 40 minutes ago


  • Gacha Games
    Gacha Games 41 minute ago


  • Rachi Jackson
    Rachi Jackson 41 minute ago

    But miss D got pretty teeth tho

  • Penny Moore
    Penny Moore 42 minutes ago

    I just want to know who doing rittany make up she look dead sitting up

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez 42 minutes ago


    • Antonio Rodriguez
      Antonio Rodriguez 39 minutes ago


  • Blue Berry
    Blue Berry 45 minutes ago

    -Melissa-oh I will I’m not happy about this *smiles*

  • Raniya Thomas
    Raniya Thomas 45 minutes ago


  • Abby Seigman
    Abby Seigman 46 minutes ago

    Abbys being a Bic$h to her she crying

  • Braylon Baymon
    Braylon Baymon 46 minutes ago

    Latto and Peach are always argueing

  • Gilbert Ponce
    Gilbert Ponce 47 minutes ago

    Tania, you salty you ain't got a man boo!?

  • kattomboii
    kattomboii 48 minutes ago

    Obviously this solo was going to win over Maddie’s. Maddie’s solo: her face was weird, her costume kinda cringe, and her hair did not help. Yes, Mackenzie looked like a 7 year old. But it was the level of difficulty in the routine that lead her to first place. I was disgusted by Melissa and Maddie’s reaction. They should’ve been happy for her.

  • Ann Nguyen
    Ann Nguyen 49 minutes ago

    Is that Juliana Maddie’s competitor from season 1 ?

  • chenyun
    chenyun 51 minute ago

    a braided bun is NOT a specific girl's personal hairstyle

  • grinetti williams
    grinetti williams 52 minutes ago

    I love the DD4L.. would love to see them in person..

  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross 54 minutes ago

    Wait. How were they able to afford two beautiful homes?

  • Brydie Norris
    Brydie Norris 57 minutes ago

    I loved when holly and Jess yelled at Abby “IT IS YOUR FAULT!” hahaha yessss queenssssdd

  • So Kelse
    So Kelse 57 minutes ago

    It’s disgusting that they brainwashed that poor boy into being thankful his mother, siblings, and sister wife died in a flood. Absolutely some of the most mentally unstable people I’ve ever seen.

  • Amari Shanks
    Amari Shanks 57 minutes ago

    Makya up in there listening to ALL THE TEA

  • Beth Lovelace
    Beth Lovelace 58 minutes ago

    I love your videos abbylee

  • Adam and Amelia
    Adam and Amelia Hour ago

    Mackenzie crying is so cute awww

  • Ikia Harding
    Ikia Harding Hour ago

    Terra and Tonya are just there for drama! This has to be the most funniest episode 👀

  • Aaliyah Hernandez

    All I saw was the same thing from the divas

  • itzzshriya
    itzzshriya Hour ago


  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross Hour ago

    I wouldn’t pack so much stuff. Grab one suitcase and get out quickly!!

  • K3TCHUPTAT0 _ N3va3nds

    chloe’s mom looks SOOOO different compared back then!! it’s so shocking

  • Тимур Иванов

    Mother shouldn't be crying while ur child having panic attacks.

  • Olivia Nguyen
    Olivia Nguyen Hour ago

    4:37 Face of regret 😂😂😂

  • Justin Nolasco
    Justin Nolasco Hour ago

    Abby Miller Should Just Get More and More Sick !!!!!!! And Just Disappear

  • Brekey Beauty
    Brekey Beauty Hour ago

    The negativity between both Todd and Christy needs to go 🤔 tbh they both act the same 🤷🏾‍♀️ they really are a pair 👫.

  • Veronica Pointer

    As much as I don't want to feel sad for Abby, I do. I hate watching her cry ;( I hate that I have a good heart.

  • JelaiPH
    JelaiPH Hour ago

    Now this looks like belle delphine

  • Justin Nolasco
    Justin Nolasco Hour ago

    Abby Miller Is An Evil Person!!!!!

  • Apes Bananas
    Apes Bananas Hour ago

    These ladies sure know how to pack a punch with eachother thats forsure! Sheesh I would like for them to just move on from it now.. I get Kristy is trying on both ends nd i think thats great if shes going to actually be genuine about it they cant get mad at her for wanting her bff back

  • Brianna Thomas
    Brianna Thomas Hour ago

    who was the dude running ?

  • Jorge Acosta
    Jorge Acosta Hour ago

    To be honest their kinda annoying

  • Emmie Lighting
    Emmie Lighting Hour ago

    Bruh I “love” how LITERALLY every season once one person leaves everyone leaves XD

  • This Tablet
    This Tablet Hour ago

    She is fun house skinny

  • Calleigh Francis

    Did you guys hear that Quincy said Princess

  • Justin Nolasco
    Justin Nolasco Hour ago

    Abby Miller Is an Ugly and Evil Person!!!!

  • Conor Travers
    Conor Travers Hour ago

    I love Abby lee the Dancers are Amazing deal

  • Victoria Ong
    Victoria Ong Hour ago

    This would be good if kendall had more enery and more facial expressions

  • D Schuster
    D Schuster Hour ago

    Kalani is so beautiful!

  • TheWatermelonM_06 -Have fun being awsome!

    Sword sword sword You can't afford Ford Ford My diamond sword sword sword

  • Veronica Pointer

    How is that disrespectful? Kristie was very upfront and calm about it and she acknowledged everything MDP has done for Chloe. Chloe misses her friends, and wants to dance with them, what's wrong with that?

  • Julia Sharp
    Julia Sharp Hour ago

    I watch this all the time

  • Cindy Duran
    Cindy Duran Hour ago

    Bryan dont call kendel a brat you a ugly person and a brat

  • Jennifer Bacon
    Jennifer Bacon Hour ago

    Given that Warren has stopped all marriages or birth of children wouldn't this mean that people will either leave the group or ultimately the cult will die out?

  • Brooklyn _ Roadie

    Why does one of the guys look like Connor maynard ?or is that Connor Maynard 😮

  • Katrina Iroegbu
    Katrina Iroegbu Hour ago

    This bachelorette party could have been fun if they weren’t so awkward about Briana they could of put everything to the side and just be positive and just have fun! I mean come on is MEXICO!

  • David Givens
    David Givens Hour ago

    THAT WAS A SISTA TO SISTA MOMENT......And it's truth she needed to hear if she wants a career in dance as a black woman

  • brittany x
    brittany x Hour ago

    i spy with my little eye.. someones who's extremely jealous of the twins lol not a good look boo.. & not like this was the first time either hah

  • MotherAngel0482
    MotherAngel0482 Hour ago

    I dont know how i got here and this is hella old and i know they flourishing now. But this was mad annoying. One she to ME was delusional in the stranger thing goes out the window bc we are now married. Nah yall def strangers know nothing about each other he trying to get to know you and yes you should do that because you are strangers. Two he was tripping because to tell her not to tell him how he felt she wasnt she said I Feel like i wanted this more she not saying he did she expressing how she felt about it. They both need to simmer down but I am happy for the both of them.

  • Anjali Holz
    Anjali Holz Hour ago

    I think Jasmine should really mind her own business. I mean I understand that she is trying to be nice one really supports Brianna and Matt's marriage. And friends shouldn't feel obligated to go or do something like that.

  • Webber Plays
    Webber Plays Hour ago

    Omg did you see her wow in the dance

  • Moonxstar
    Moonxstar Hour ago

    You guys can hate Cathy however much you want to but you cannot lie when you say Cathy makes the show 100 times better

  • Marty Knapp
    Marty Knapp Hour ago

    The guy is a jerk. She better see him for what he is before even considering being intimate.

  • Syrapon Mae
    Syrapon Mae Hour ago

    Once again Tanya and terra are caddy asf 💨

  • Tanisha Haynes
    Tanisha Haynes Hour ago

    Neva, teach your girls how to point their toes!!!!

  • John Men
    John Men Hour ago

    Me: Mom can we get Jojo bizarre adventures mom: no we have jojo at home Jojo at home:

  • Tywanna Grice
    Tywanna Grice Hour ago

    I’m confused because on another video y’all posted a week ago said season 4 episode 5 and they were viewing the house for purchase but this 1 says season 3 and they having the housewarming for the house so which is which what is going on?

  • Nani
    Nani Hour ago

    That lighting is not doing her or anyone justice. 💀 Oh honey no. 0:23 - 0:29

  • Rocio Diaz
    Rocio Diaz Hour ago

    In my opinion I don’t really like Kendall or her moms

  • Kimberly Sanders

    That's the stripper for real?!

  • Anonymous Sings
    Anonymous Sings Hour ago


  • JM T
    JM T Hour ago

    every new season of MAFS is getting worse.

  • Maddy TikTokgirl

    Kristy literally is the CEO of periodt

  • Josh4 Villegas4
    Josh4 Villegas4 Hour ago

    His parents put the book down My parents put the phone down

  • Sofia's World
    Sofia's World Hour ago

    The moment you realized they came to your city.....😮