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  • butterbuddha1
    butterbuddha1 6 months ago

    Can Mark host a show talking about misconceptions or things you didnt know about Canada???

  • Brian pyroCat
    Brian pyroCat 6 months ago

    Please have John Green do more life hacks. Funniest videos on youtube!

  • Ava Jorgensen
    Ava Jorgensen 6 months ago

    I literally only just realized why the list show takes place in a "salon". It all makes sense now.

  • Thesreyd
    Thesreyd 7 months ago

    Can you do a video about the fact that Kumail Nanjiani has been the face of the channel for years.

  • Jesus Sastre
    Jesus Sastre 7 months ago

    Please Please, a huge favor. I don't know where and when but in one of the channels of the Green brothers I saw a video that said how many "battles" between sperm whales and giant squids are a day. It was here? And how many?

  • TigerClawTV
    TigerClawTV 10 months ago

    Unsubscribed due to the approval of harassment at vidcon.

  • Gareth David
    Gareth David 10 months ago

    Unsubscribed due to the approval of harassment at vidcon.

  • Zundfolge
    Zundfolge 10 months ago

    I've always know you were farther to the left than I, but the way you guys dishonestly and unfairly handled the whole Sarkeesian/Sargon thing at Vidcon I can no longer support your channel.

    • Zhixing Che
      Zhixing Che 10 months ago

      what happened if you don't mind explaining?

  • envie allen
    envie allen Year ago

    if i had an unbreakable ball and threw it at a black hole would it at any point for any ammount of time move faster than light?

  • blitzwing23
    blitzwing23 Year ago

    misconceptions about cabbies. Bring back Elliot!

  • Observer31
    Observer31 Year ago

    My gf and I are disappointed about the diminished amount of content on this channel :( More videos please!

  • Sarah Krueger
    Sarah Krueger Year ago

    Hi Mental Floss! I've been a huge fan for a really long time and LOVE the videos! I have had a slight concern for a while though about the volume levels of your introduction music. The traditional music used always seems to be significantly louder than the introduction narrator and video with the exception being your holiday music and Big Questions intros. I know it seems minor, but it has startled me and many others I know when watching the beginning as viewers frantically attempt to turn down or mute the opening sequence. I still love the content and am still a huge fan, but I would love to be able to binge the videos without adjusting the volume for each video :) Thanks Mental Floss and DFTBA!!!

  • David Draper
    David Draper Year ago

    did episode 9 of the list show have some inaccuracies? I'm wondering why it is no longer available?

  • Vincent Rivoire
    Vincent Rivoire Year ago

    Please can ypu do theethimology of the major Canadian cyties?

  • Alien
    Alien Year ago

    I've been subbed to you for a long time, but this morning I find you've deleted replies to my comment on your video on facts about magic. You just lost a sub, not that I think you'll care.

  • Griffin Squires
    Griffin Squires Year ago

    facts about grilled cheese

  • Adam Brundell
    Adam Brundell Year ago

    Where'd that video about music festivals go?

  • Justin Valencia
    Justin Valencia 2 years ago

    You should totally bring back misconceptions, it was the best show the channel, list show is boring, and so is john green.

  • Sohail Manzoor
    Sohail Manzoor 2 years ago

    HY, i want to make rubber stamp on to plasic bag with permanent market ink but it takes 2-3 minutes to dry.. which chemical can i add in ink to dry in air as early as possible, thanks

  • Devil Dinosaur
    Devil Dinosaur 2 years ago

    do 25 misconceptions about the mafia. :)

  • Ben Litfin
    Ben Litfin 2 years ago

    Could you do a mega pixel multi image of the wall to look at and zoom in on?

  • jodi8727
    jodi8727 2 years ago

    could you do an episode about the misconceptions people have about the Amish and one about agriculture. Thank you.

  • Missy Mitchel
    Missy Mitchel 2 years ago

    What happens if you give a blind from birth person a hit of acid?

  • mantra4ia
    mantra4ia 2 years ago

    Hey there mental floss, for a list segment, can you spotlight: facts about write-in ballots? (the process, historical figures who have been write-ins, countries it occurs in outside the US, laws that effect write-ins, bizarre cases, etc)

  • Eat Play Live with Sasha Anesa

    Good content. Sub back?

  • Malcolm Graham
    Malcolm Graham 2 years ago

    Really appreciated the misconceptions, wish it didn't end.

  • Ed La Febre
    Ed La Febre 2 years ago

    Could you please attempt to proffer a proper designation, or classification, that best describes the process through which a complete human body might undergo hyper-rapid degradation/decomposition/degeneration, possibly on a molecular level- though any state of "breaking down", or "falling apart" will do-, while the host is still alive? After suffering a dream in which I was privy to such an experience, I've tried, to no avail, to find any situation where this particular state might exist, and have a name for it. Please?

    • Chris Vance
      Chris Vance 2 years ago

      +Ed La Febre Entropy. That is a weird dream. If I had a dream such as one you described, I would think I was blown up. So I would evaluate my life choices of late, because obviously part of me doesn't agree with something huge going on in my life.

  • Brandan Dahl
    Brandan Dahl 2 years ago

    Where is Craig? :(

  • celicynd
    celicynd 2 years ago

    Seems like stole your body language video from 2 days ago almost verbatim.

  • Lisa McKenna-Hubbard


  • Sylvia Gallus
    Sylvia Gallus 2 years ago

    OMG please don't say "experiment" as EX-PEER-I-MENT it's EX-PAIR-I-MENT (ĭk-spěr'ə-mənt). Well, however it's said, it's never "PEER".

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 2 years ago

      Experiment is expairement (ɛkspɛɹɪm(ɛ)n̩t), not expeeriment (ɛkspɪɹɪm(ɛ)n̩t). John Green was wrong about Gangnam Style, it's gongnom (gɒŋnɒm), not gangnam (geɪŋnæm).

  • luvvy25
    luvvy25 2 years ago

    Is there a reason Episode 9 is private? Not angry or anything, just curious.

  • The Meow
    The Meow 2 years ago

    Misconceptions about vegetarian/veganism!

  • ashenbreese
    ashenbreese 2 years ago

    given some of the recent sound bites coming from people like ben carson, as well as the unfortunate state of scientific illiteracy in general in america, it might be helpful to do misconceptions videos about both big bang theory and biological evolution--granted that you guys have not already done such. even so, revisiting such topics seems worth while. thanks guys, and great work on your channel. :)

  • Marvin Salazar
    Marvin Salazar 2 years ago

    Hi you guys. There should be a video about the origin of nicknames. That would be really cool. Like why are James called Jim? Why are Roberts called Bob?

  • Chris Obando
    Chris Obando 2 years ago

    Can you do a video on the differences between utopian and dystopian fiction?

  • bababugsie
    bababugsie 2 years ago

    misconceptions about copyright

  • Pokemonlin99
    Pokemonlin99 2 years ago

    Why do China and Taiwan hate each other?

  • The DED1
    The DED1 2 years ago

    Why do we get more Rheum (eye gunk) in the corners of our eyes when we're sick?

  • SiD91
    SiD91 2 years ago

    10 misconceptions about weed!!

  • Minerva Kroes
    Minerva Kroes 2 years ago

    Ive got a rather odd question: Will the concept of love ever be obsolete within mankind?

    • Minerva Kroes
      Minerva Kroes 2 years ago

      What makes you believe that though?

    • Jacob Griffin
      Jacob Griffin 2 years ago

      Love and friendship and siblinghood won't be obsolete but sex and romance will.

  • trblessed1020
    trblessed1020 2 years ago

    New subbie not sure if this is where i should post this but how deep the ocean is and how it would affect a human living in those type of conditions.

  • Anthony Ubelhor
    Anthony Ubelhor 2 years ago

    Big question: How does laundry detergent (and soap in general) work?

  • Elania
    Elania 2 years ago

    I suggest a video of misconceptions about feminism

  • The Throwback Channel

    Misconceptions about area 51!

  • BioniclesaurKing4t2
    BioniclesaurKing4t2 2 years ago

    Why did the latest Misconceptions video (social media) suddenly go private while I was watching it? Did you notice that the volume was jumping all over the place and are fixing it?

  • Minerva Kroes
    Minerva Kroes 2 years ago

    Question: If poison dart frogs get/make the alkaloids from their diet (eg.Ants), will humans be able to acquire similar results through biotech? Can our immune system be engineered to weaponize the toxin instead of destroying it, and use it for our own survival mechanism?

  • Kou Nurasaka
    Kou Nurasaka 2 years ago

    Big Question: Why are some occupations gendered, like hero? Why can't a female be a hero? Why must she be a heroine?

  • Lemon Tea
    Lemon Tea 2 years ago

    Hi mental floss. I'm big fan of you and your channel. I love your amazing videos. But here's a thing: I'm from Vietnam and I want to share my knowledge with my friends, those who barely speaks or understands English. Is it be ok if I translated your videos and posted them on my channel? I promise to write down the copyright and tell them to subcribe to your channel :) Please let me know your opinion :) If you don't agree, I'm still a big fan :) Thank you :D

  • superdawge
    superdawge 2 years ago

    Hey I love you guys! Obscure trivia and fun, goofy hosts and material is a winning combination!

  • Unidragosisisis
    Unidragosisisis 2 years ago

    is john green still doing this

  • Darcy Trafalgar
    Darcy Trafalgar 2 years ago

    I assume you've done some market research on this as it is only one opinion and I could be unrepresentative, however, although your videos are great, your thumbnails are really boring and I always click on them last despite the fact that I always enjoy the content. I'm not trying to insult, just give you my thought.

  • Steven Hill
    Steven Hill 2 years ago

    Could you make a excessively large book containing all of the information from your videos? I once owned a book called "Passing time in the loo" and I miss having informative literature in my restroom.

  • Joshua Pinaula
    Joshua Pinaula 2 years ago

    Misconceptions about guns! or gun violence!

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris 2 years ago

    Big Question: Can a person, who can't speak any language, be able to think?

  • Jade Harrelson
    Jade Harrelson 2 years ago

    Big Question: Who has to dust the toy wall in the salon, and how do they do it?

    • James Sekreta
      James Sekreta 2 years ago

      +Jade Harrelson Perhaps, but I would have no way of knowing. My initial reply was a joke.

    • Jade Harrelson
      Jade Harrelson 2 years ago

      +James Sekreta I've heard hair dryers are good in a pinch. :)

    • James Sekreta
      James Sekreta 2 years ago

      I do, and believe me, it's no picnic.

  • fallenhope1
    fallenhope1 2 years ago

    Is John and Matt green even on this show anymore?

  • Charlie King-Miller
    Charlie King-Miller 2 years ago

    Big question: why don't we sneeze when we're sleeping?

  • stiv2slava
    stiv2slava 2 years ago

    I would like to see your video about how humans are actually not alive. The scenario goes something like this: we are a collection of atoms and molecules, none of which are living things by themselves, so how does a collection of non-alive things make a living body - or at what point can we say these particular un-alive things come to life? A pile of rocks is a collection of molecules and atoms but we don't consider a mountain a living thing; and so on... thanks for reading.

  • Jonathan Long
    Jonathan Long 2 years ago

    +Mental Floss Big Question: Why does the switch on the electric fan go from off to high? Instead of off, low, med, high?

  • Synthinque
    Synthinque 2 years ago

    Why are you speaking so fast... I'm Greek and I can't catch a word from your mouth if I don't push myself :(

  • Reuben Oakley
    Reuben Oakley 2 years ago

    Also, big question: "[Why is] the negative cognitive bias so prevalent in our society and in our brains that we can't just have a good time?" ~Hank Green

  • Reuben Oakley
    Reuben Oakley 2 years ago

    Could you do Misconceptions episodes on things used to support creation/evolution?

  • Matthew Green
    Matthew Green 2 years ago

    One of these days, I want to see Meredith host a show where she gripes at John, just for kicks.

  • Bec Alosi
    Bec Alosi 3 years ago

    Does anyone know how much money is currently in the piggy bank from the salon wall?

  • Alyce Doyle
    Alyce Doyle 3 years ago

    I just watched 63 Mental Floss videos. (the 63 most recent) and I can't believe I did that

  • Boomstick105
    Boomstick105 3 years ago

    I have a question where did the origin of cooties come from?

  • Ian George
    Ian George 3 years ago

    Common Misconception: Contempt of court is a violation of the law (passed by a legislature).

  • Jordan Jirik
    Jordan Jirik 3 years ago

    Burning question! Or rather, series or related burning questions! Why do we sell honey in bears? I mean, I know that bears are opportunistic omnivores who have been known to enjoy honey and bee larvae and things like that, but did that knowledge precede modern honey packaging? Is Winnie the Pooh involved? (there's a question I never though I'd ask in earnest...) Did one brand start doing it and their success caused everyone to follow suit? I know this isn't a worldwide practice either, but in America, it's actually difficult sometimes to find honey NOT in a bear. I MUST KNOW WHY/HOW THIS CAME TO BE.

  • Frank Sposato
    Frank Sposato 3 years ago

    The Navy sold 5 aircraft carriers for a Penny each. That must be why we still use Pennies.

  • LelouchL3
    LelouchL3 3 years ago

    Question! Why do people get squeamish? I mean what is it exactly?

  • Shaw Taylor
    Shaw Taylor 3 years ago

    Big Question: why does squinting our eyes help enhance our eyesight?

  • Theo G.
    Theo G. 3 years ago

    I was wondering if you could put subtitles at some point (in english, of course). It's useful for many people, particularly those in the Deaf community. I absolutely love your videos, but I don't always understand what you're saying. (and the subtitles provided by youtube are crappy.) Thanks for reading.

  • Sage Villarreal
    Sage Villarreal 3 years ago

    Why do peoples butt ich if they don't wipe all the way after a #2?

  • Reuben Oakley
    Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

    I just started reading John's first book "Looking For Alaska". It's pretty good so far and there appears to be a real phone number on page 37. It says "773.573.6521; JG--Kuffs?" and I think the "JG" stands for "John Green"! I am very tempted to call the number. Has anyone here called it before (or read the book, no spoilers if so)?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 2 years ago

      Finished the book a while ago but forgot about this comment. Doesn't look like it really mattered though, due to the lack of discussion generated.

  • Ken Knight
    Ken Knight 3 years ago

    I've always wanted to know how many ways there are of pulling 100 tiles from a full bag of scrabble tiles. I have tried to figure it out, but it maxes out any calculator I can find.

  • Pocket Hand Cannon
    Pocket Hand Cannon 3 years ago

    So are we just not going to answer the big question on why shower curtains keep blowing into the shower?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      +ZeroTooL88 Have you ever tried, you know, just... not giving a crap? I mean, it works wonders for me! (Anyone who gets that reference will get a +1 from me)

    • Pocket Hand Cannon
      Pocket Hand Cannon 3 years ago

      +Reuben Oakley Why does it happen even when I have a heater in the bathroom? Really, I already know the answer, and that is only part of it. Another explanation is that water comes out of a shower head with a lateral rotation parallel to the ground and that also creates another type of gust It just bugs me that they repeatedly said it would be next video and there is no explanation for why they uploaded other big questions instead the last two weeks.

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      The hot water causes the air in the shower to heat up. Hot air rises and thus attempts to escape from the top of the shower (usually through the gap between the curtain rod and the wall). This creates an imbalance of air pressure and air from outside the shower comes to replace the air that left. In essence, you made your own wind!

  • donttrustwhatisay
    donttrustwhatisay 3 years ago

    Big Question: Why do we look terrible in other peoples photos?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      Cheap cameras, bad photography skills, social awkwardness or a combination thereof. If you want to look good in a picture, follow the rule of thirds. Keep faces or eyes around the imaginary line 2/3 the way up in the photo (faces for full or half-body pictures and eyes for pictures of faces). If you want more details on this, Google the rule of thirds, adding the word "photography" to the search may give more accurate results.

  • donttrustwhatisay
    donttrustwhatisay 3 years ago

    Common Misconceptions: The Suffragists

  • Super Puppy
    Super Puppy 3 years ago

    Big Question: Why do different people like different things?

  • Darcy Johnston
    Darcy Johnston 3 years ago

    Where is the big question answer from last week?! Its boggling my mind. ):

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      +Darcy Johnston Oh well... Honestly, I need to catch up on the videos on Mental Floss, I've been experimenting with a bunch of less popular channels of late.

    • Darcy Johnston
      Darcy Johnston 3 years ago

      First Monday it shouldve aired it was a Shampoo video saying the next big question would be the shower one, instead it was about permanent markers. ): Hopefully this Monday.

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      Maybe that's the big question!@_@

  • Naomi Haines
    Naomi Haines 3 years ago

    Big Question: What is the postage located on the upper left hand corner of mail and no where else?

  • m0h4md
    m0h4md 3 years ago

    a big question for you: are oranges called oranges because oranges are orange, or is orange called orange because oranges are orange ?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      +ZeroTooL88 All is forgiven. This is the internet, so I already had my flame shield up! ;)

    • Pocket Hand Cannon
      Pocket Hand Cannon 3 years ago

      +Reuben Oakley Sorry for being rude to you in my original comment.

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      +ZeroTooL88 Alright, I seem to have been corrected, thank you. Although Wikipedia isn't exactly the most reliable source on the internet... The only reason that I said anything after your comment was because I was taught that the color was first and the fruit named after it. Even in the article you mentioned, the only evidences used are the earliest known mentionings of each use of the word, which could change with new evidence. For now though, this goes to you. Good job! DFTBA

    • Pocket Hand Cannon
      Pocket Hand Cannon 3 years ago

      +Reuben Oakley Second freaking paragraph: "The earliest uses of the word in English refer to the fruit, and the colour was later named after the fruit. Before the English-speaking world was exposed to the fruit, the colour was referred to as "yellow-red" (geoluread in Old English) or "red-yellow"."

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      +ZeroTooL88 I'm just going to assume you are trying to be funny and move on with my life. Also, I'll stop "answering stuff" when people stop asking questions that I know the answer to. :P

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S 3 years ago

    When did tooth brushing become a common practice?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      Bigger question, "How many people need to be doing something for it to be considered 'common'?"

    • James Sekreta
      James Sekreta 3 years ago


  • That Guy Dobbs
    That Guy Dobbs 3 years ago

    I have a big question, how does evolution know what to evolve into?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      +That Guy Dobbs No prob, glad I could help!

    • That Guy Dobbs
      That Guy Dobbs 3 years ago

      thank you for that in depth answer it was one of the questions i have always wanted to know the answer to so thank you very much!

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      It doesn't. Evolution cannot plan ahead because it is a random process. I know that they said this is not true in their Big History video series, but they are kind of wrong. I understand and agree that natural selection is not random and will only help good traits. However, the mutation process (which is what creates new traits) is completely random. A simple analogy is that mutations are the gas and natural selection is the engine, each one needs the other to be useful. However, there is no driver saying which way to go. Also, the mutation process is the least efficient fuel EVER. When we use gas in a car, we usually get around 10% energy efficiency. That means that we properly use around 1 out of every 10 parts of gas. Mutations, however, take MILLIONS of occurrences to get something useful. In fact, when researching the experiment behind the article "Evolution In Action: A 50,000 Generation Solute to Charles Darwin", I found that the actual rate of useful mutations (and thus, evolution) is too slow to satisfy the timeline used in evolutionary theory. It was some interesting stuff! DFTBA

  • M R
    M R 3 years ago

    Do a video on how much money the inventors of famous tools such as the lightbulb, toothpaste, or even the microwave! These inventions are well known but no one really mentions how much they made and/or are making. Thank you!

  • Brian Sisco
    Brian Sisco 3 years ago

    Why doesn't Mental Floss have more female hosts?

  • Glenn Gilley
    Glenn Gilley 3 years ago

    Do a video about the hologram we live in #quantumphysics

  • greyhunter450
    greyhunter450 3 years ago

    Have you guys done a misconceptions about vaccines? I think that'd be a good one.

  • Ian Harvey
    Ian Harvey 3 years ago

    Why/how does mint flavor make your mouth feel cool?

  • KayScrooge Guy
    KayScrooge Guy 3 years ago

    Does the amount of food items placed in a single microwave oven, affect the time it would take for the oven to heat the items?...

    • a1rondog1a
      a1rondog1a 3 years ago

      I found it does matter how much you put in at one time. And doubling the time for two items just doesn't work. How big and how much you fill a container you're using to heat food matters as well. For instance, a bowl filled to the top with stew will take longer than the same contents in a larger container. Most of this I found out thru trial and error methods but it's not like it's dangerous or anything. More of a "Time" hack than anything. Use your power levels too, to time your meals as well and do other things at the same time.

  • 777darksyd777
    777darksyd777 3 years ago

    Did the classical Maya collapse due to anthropogenic environmental change?

  • Reinis Ramans
    Reinis Ramans 3 years ago

    How would an overweight person compare to a person with normal body mass while starving? Does being overweight help survive longer without food?

  • Thomas Kardos
    Thomas Kardos 3 years ago

    Why does the boiling temperature of water change with altitude?

    • Reuben Oakley
      Reuben Oakley 3 years ago

      Higher altitude means less air on top of you and thus less air pressure. Less air pressure means that the water is not being held together as much and will boil at a lower temperature. It is the reverse with lower altitudes.

  • Nik christonacracker

    very interesting big question: (preamble)-the human body gives off about 100 Becquerels of radiation per kilogram. My question is how, and why, do we give off that amount of radiation?

  • Robo Bear
    Robo Bear 3 years ago

    Can we get 13 Inventions and Innovations Creating a Better Future for Men?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 3 years ago

    Where did you get that cool display shelf? (the one with the giraffe)

  • jem nugget
    jem nugget 3 years ago


  • Epic Joyful Creations

    51 facts for the 51 years of doctor who

  • Brojman
    Brojman 3 years ago

    I have the flu right now....Just finished a(too many hours long) marathon of Mental_Floss. I'm pretty sure I watched every episode... Thanks for keeping me distracted from my sickness!