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  • Kreip Flagra
    Kreip Flagra 38 seconds ago

    That was nice. Too bad the original song and artist sucks

  • jamielyn fernandez
    jamielyn fernandez 3 minutes ago

    oh i love you kelly!

  • joy criner
    joy criner 8 minutes ago

    That's a no for me..she is super raspy...she needed a song like Mary J Blige, Jasmine Sullivan

  • Jacob Kloosterhouse
    Jacob Kloosterhouse 17 minutes ago

    I keep going back to this wondering what happened! Not seeing the battle is killing me. They should release the video of it.

  • Will Werner
    Will Werner 18 minutes ago

    I’m thinking Katie may be the winner of the voice this year. ❤️

  • jamielyn fernandez
    jamielyn fernandez 21 minute ago

    i am looking forward to your future performances. if i were a part of the audience, i could have thrown both of my shoes. you deserve al praises KATIE. you're amazing.

  • Rural NC
    Rural NC 23 minutes ago

    Until this performance, I was for Ricky Duran. Ricky will be ok since Blake said he'd have Ricky perform in Blake's Nashville Ole Red Tavern, and from what was revealed on Kelly Clarkson's show this week, Blake takes an personal interest in his Voice performers after the show. Ricky will go far with Blake's help. Katie All The Way To The Finish Line For The Win!

  • Betsy Kurniawati
    Betsy Kurniawati 27 minutes ago

    Can i please have this song on my funeral? 😅

  • Angela Young
    Angela Young 28 minutes ago

    BOY YOU BETTER!!!!!!!! 😫😫☠️🥀

  • Angela Young
    Angela Young 31 minute ago

    Max!!!!!!!!!!! One word: goosebumps

  • André Janeiro
    André Janeiro 36 minutes ago

    Se fechar os olhos em certo momento, parece beyoncé cantando!! Maravilhosa parabens!!

  • ㅂㅁㅅㅁㅅㅁ
    ㅂㅁㅅㅁㅅㅁ 41 minute ago

    애덤은 보면 살짝 미완성된 상태를 좋아하는듯

  • Italo de Paula Filho
    Italo de Paula Filho 43 minutes ago

    1:04 When Kelly checks out Blake and then notices he’s taken...

  • Junathan Pacomios
    Junathan Pacomios 46 minutes ago


  • jman20SMOG
    jman20SMOG Hour ago

    The breaks in Colton voice is amazing🔥🔥

  • Batsi Marimbire
    Batsi Marimbire Hour ago

    Fire @John

  • Crystal Anderson

    Gwen sounded horrible.

  • Bruce Carey
    Bruce Carey Hour ago

    Just brilliant. All i can say.

  • rempuii hlondo
    rempuii hlondo Hour ago

    Kelly ♥️♥️

  • Jimmy Michael
    Jimmy Michael Hour ago

    Who remembers Christina grimmie's rendition of this song

  • Ace Spa
    Ace Spa Hour ago

    His brother is me every time my little sister does anything lol

  • Venus Walker
    Venus Walker 2 hours ago

    the voice is not good to listen it is an ordinary voice

  • Ace Spa
    Ace Spa 2 hours ago

    that is one sexy smooth voice!

  • Ace Spa
    Ace Spa 2 hours ago

    I ADORE Blake but With John there I couldn't not pick him if I were any of those singers. I can see why they all blocked him lol.

  • Sasha leanna
    Sasha leanna 2 hours ago

    Gwen butchered that song the other girls straight out did her 😂😂😂

  • Alessandra Bartolay
    Alessandra Bartolay 2 hours ago

    Omygod V...😂

  • Allan Avilez
    Allan Avilez 2 hours ago

    I literally cried watching this, AMERICA THAT'S YOUR WINNER

  • EmKay Marie
    EmKay Marie 2 hours ago

    I love you Blake.

  • Ace Spa
    Ace Spa 2 hours ago

    If john looked at me I'd cry the whole time :O

  • Ace Spa
    Ace Spa 2 hours ago


  • Jack Xerox
    Jack Xerox 2 hours ago

    It's a bit wimpy and gay. A long way of Ed's original version.

  • Gaye Locklear
    Gaye Locklear 2 hours ago

    Preston has an amazingly beautiful voice. I absolutely love listening to him sing, but there was just something about Marybeth's version of this song that just blew me away. She feels so much emotion while she's singing; that along with her beautiful voice just draws me into each one of her performances ! I wouldn't be surprised if if she won this season !

  • Carvin Villamor
    Carvin Villamor 3 hours ago

    I love you Mariah Carey! 😍

  • Segundo Bosquez
    Segundo Bosquez 3 hours ago

    Mr Shelton, awesome song...... Go Cowboy...

  • Cheryl Hardy
    Cheryl Hardy 3 hours ago

    I love this song and I would pick Blake if he picks me when he turns around for me I would pick him don’t get me wrong I love John or Kelly but I would pick Blake

    ALBERTO ARMIENTO 3 hours ago

    John ... cosa ti fumi ? Top

  • Vidhan Bokaria
    Vidhan Bokaria 3 hours ago

    I honestly think she deserved her place and she did beat Gracee. Good job Kelly!

  • Vidhan Bokaria
    Vidhan Bokaria 3 hours ago

    If Hello Sunday got any more chain turns and did not pick Kelly, they would get eliminated post playoffs. But look at them in the Top 11! Wow. KELLY IS AMAZING!

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 3 hours ago

    Cara Delevingne?

  • Jeremie R
    Jeremie R 3 hours ago

    This mans voice is straight “ filth “

  • Justine Paulo Tapil
    Justine Paulo Tapil 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or Blake seemed uninterested and confused with the song?

  • Bluelace Lolite
    Bluelace Lolite 4 hours ago

    There's too many people like khalea

  • Pipi
    Pipi 4 hours ago

    Looooord this woman gave me all the vibes ,, l cant stop replaying. I loveeeee her. Need u in the finale Rose

  • julius ebita
    julius ebita 4 hours ago

    i love blake from philippines gi go go team blake

  • Cleo Christine
    Cleo Christine 4 hours ago

    1:10 Kelly looked like her wig got snatched completely

  • Sugitha Guapo
    Sugitha Guapo 4 hours ago

    adam: radha!!! kelly: no, hallo sunday. same 💥 John: hallo sunday my favorite Day

  • Discover Playlist
    Discover Playlist 4 hours ago

    Pls sing bless the broken road next

  • Jnine Neuorpe
    Jnine Neuorpe 4 hours ago

    she chose the wrong her voice-Blake would have gotte her farther... Absolutely, no disrespect to the others

  • Discover Playlist
    Discover Playlist 4 hours ago

    The sexiest man before john everyone 👏👏

  • SabirUsef
    SabirUsef 4 hours ago

    She slayed that

  • Marriam Yawar
    Marriam Yawar 5 hours ago


  • Joy Namunoga
    Joy Namunoga 5 hours ago

    Blake just likes this song...Dylan sang it while on his team

  • tsak Lemon
    tsak Lemon 5 hours ago

    WILL you amaze us. Definitely WILL

  • Emy Edowar
    Emy Edowar 5 hours ago


  • Kenneth Amparo
    Kenneth Amparo 5 hours ago

    reminds me of Janice Freeman.

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7 5 hours ago

    They are just getting better and better! Especially the girl with the long hair! My god her range goes on for days!!

  • Ace 1o7
    Ace 1o7 5 hours ago

    I just realised her voice reminds me of Brandy!

  • apauls
    apauls 6 hours ago

    Real good. i like Rose.

  • xobkizum
    xobkizum 6 hours ago

    That was cute but that was just like Karaoke to me. Meh

  • Romeo Frias
    Romeo Frias 6 hours ago

    Still watching this. 2019 🖤 2nd to my list, still Christina Grimmie is Legendary first.

  • Melissa Morton
    Melissa Morton 6 hours ago

    I couldn't have made it through this song. I get emo every time thinking about my papa.❤ She did a beautiful job.

  • Melissa Morton
    Melissa Morton 6 hours ago

    Oh man, I was so disappointed. This is my song for my baby girl (she's 19...but still my baby).

  • Ordinary Man
    Ordinary Man 6 hours ago

    He should be the winner.

  • Aryan Nishad
    Aryan Nishad 6 hours ago

    Blake should have stolen her instead of Lauren Hall 😬😬

  • Seftiadi Hermawan
    Seftiadi Hermawan 6 hours ago

    Me from indonesia.. but me like the voice USA... Nice ❤👍👍👍👍

  • FanOf ManyThings
    FanOf ManyThings 6 hours ago

    I would have picked Kelly Clarkson

  • Melissa Morton
    Melissa Morton 6 hours ago

    What a beautiful soul. ❤

  • Shal Faq
    Shal Faq 6 hours ago

    His voice is natural autotune

  • jay charleston
    jay charleston 6 hours ago

    Anyone one else getting Carrie Underwood tone vibes from her? Great performance I really loved it

  • Riyadh bouddou
    Riyadh bouddou 6 hours ago

    Just imagine legend will shake his hands for u nd u r 14 ❤

  • b Ratu
    b Ratu 6 hours ago

    Radha 😔

  • Riyadh bouddou
    Riyadh bouddou 6 hours ago

    The moment you see Adam standing up for your voice ♡

  • Ary Su
    Ary Su 6 hours ago

    Cool! Somehow I felt Chloe Kohanski's vibe in her.

  • Jennifer Turner
    Jennifer Turner 7 hours ago

    🎤I’m out

  • Jennifer Turner
    Jennifer Turner 7 hours ago

    Max should’ve won I’m done with this show

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner 7 hours ago

    This one of the greatest songs in history what a tribute to the cranberries for kelly to sing with her group. I could never get sick of this song

  • Mckance Moananu
    Mckance Moananu 7 hours ago

    I feel like if she sang Almost is never enough by Ariana Grande, I could die happy.

  • Nan Rognstad
    Nan Rognstad 7 hours ago

    I love you’re voice so much... it’s number one...and i love this song.. you’re amazing🤩🇳🇴

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster 7 hours ago

    Gotta say, was surprised when she chose this song. This is my new favorite "slow" rendition of this song, and is tied in my mind with HC Jr's swing rendition from "Memphis Belle". Temecula CA sends it's best, Kat can win this!

  • Mariah Quilon
    Mariah Quilon 7 hours ago

    This was a complete set up

  • Emily Broden
    Emily Broden 7 hours ago

    I didn’t like this song, but I love Joanna’s tone of voice. I want to hear her perform an Ariana Grande song!

  • Hunter Johnson
    Hunter Johnson 7 hours ago

    6:55 You know he throws down in church

  • Emily Broden
    Emily Broden 7 hours ago

    That’s amazing! 🤩

  • Lamberto Estrada
    Lamberto Estrada 7 hours ago

    2019 anyone? Just me okay.

  • Erick I Baltodano
    Erick I Baltodano 7 hours ago

    This video was posted a year ago and I came here to read the comments again and laugh so hard 😂

  • Dayanna
    Dayanna 7 hours ago

    This is hands down my favorite the voice battle, what beautiful voices they both have.

  • rach l
    rach l 7 hours ago

    she left the voice after this :(((

  • Aaron Partin
    Aaron Partin 8 hours ago

    Sounds like a Nickelback beat.

  • Stoic Philosopher
    Stoic Philosopher 8 hours ago

    That's a 'black woman' voice!! 😳😳 She's good!!

  • Azrist Bach
    Azrist Bach 8 hours ago

    Blake can win with her!

  • Whale Tart
    Whale Tart 8 hours ago

    Imagine bringing some previous big voices back to sing with Katie, like Sarah Potenza and Hannah Kirby... Full on Diva show!

  • Max Michael White
    Max Michael White 8 hours ago

    Not loving this song choice

  • Music with annie
    Music with annie 8 hours ago

    Can we really take a moment to appreciate their hard work they dance and sing with that balanced vocals and synced choreography while some singer just move on stage and do not actually sing I really want to go on their concert at least I wouldn't be disappointed of them

  • Leon Darko
    Leon Darko 8 hours ago


  • Mr Durva
    Mr Durva 8 hours ago

    *oink oink* Someone grab the BBQ and get the grill ready *oink oink*

  • Mr Durva
    Mr Durva 8 hours ago

    When a die hard metal head keeps coming back to listen to someone song country (a genre I don't like) you know someone has an amazing talent and voice

  • Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk

    American minstrel🌟💎⚜️🤗🙏🏻

  • Adore Gigin Era
    Adore Gigin Era 8 hours ago

    She's the voice winner for me it's not about battling it's about her voice. Im a big fan of her voice so she's the winner for me. Yes im talking about "voice" not "the voice" Lol i hope you understand

  • Muhammad Shoaib
    Muhammad Shoaib 9 hours ago


  • Ziggy Gamma
    Ziggy Gamma 9 hours ago

    I know people are mad about him not getting the chair turn but I don't think he was ready. The dude has potential but he needs time to iron out the flaws and the coaches most likely heard it and thought it was too much work / wasn't their vibe. But yeah he works on his voice and comes back I could easily see him getting two chair turns at least