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  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M 13 days ago

    Futano, Muri, Bakana, Masaka all mean impossible. ... WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE!? WHY!? ISN'T ONE WORD ENOUGH TO MEMORIZE!? KANJI IS IMPOSSIBLE YOU KNOW?!

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M 13 days ago

    As someone who's learning Japanese this is incredibly hilarious.

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo Month ago


  • Trent Perry
    Trent Perry Month ago

    ... It doesn't mean Potato Jason...

  • Kristoffer G
    Kristoffer G Month ago

    him screaming while writing depression is amazing

  • _LLKルイキング


  • Where’s There!?

    Sooo, the majority of kanji originated from Chinese....and umm. I got nothing else to say

  • Kenny Tai
    Kenny Tai 2 months ago

    wait until he learn chinese

    • matchesburn
      matchesburn 6 days ago

      @Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia Kanji is not Chinese. It has Chinese hanzi characters, but it is not Chinese. Over time (since the Japanese borrowed Chinese hanzi characters about a thousand years ago and "adapted" them to use with Japanese at the time... because if it's not convoluted, it's not Japanese) the strokes and characters have even changed slightly. Chinese also went through multiple simplification attempts by the Chinese government, so many of the characters that were used far back in the past are no longer common. Knowing Japanese or Chinese will definitely help you learn the other language a bit, but you sure as hell can't communicate in between them. Even if the occasional character is recognized by the reader; very, very few Japanese kanji share the same definition or meaning as Chinese hanzi of the same character. This is one of the points in history where, if I had a time machine, I'd go back in time and shoot the son of a bitch that was making the first Japanese kanji.

    • Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia
      Lord Habitaxe of Prydonia 6 days ago

      kanji is chinese...

    • matchesburn
      matchesburn 2 months ago

      Chinese would be easier to learn even if it's technically a more difficult language due to the sole fact that if you want to learn Chinese you really only have to learn Modern Standard Mandarin since that's the official Chinese language (and almost exclusively utilizes Simplified characters instead of traditional) and thus what Chinese is going to be standard today and in the future. Meanwhile, Japanese... requires you to learn multiple scripts. Kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji. And that's just to be proficient in Japanese. With Chinese, although learning the hanzi is more difficult in general, once you learn it... you've learned the Chinese script and its language. Not so with Japanese. Even if you mastered kanji, and kanji alone, in Japanese you'd still be hopelessly lost in reading without the other scripts. That's why with even with all the problems that China and the Chinese language has, it's still infinitely better organized than the dumpster fire language that is the Japanese language. The Japanese language is a house of cards built atop a house of cards and few people can understand why or how it was built, and worse yet they're still building on the damn thing.

  • J G
    J G 3 months ago


    • グッティー3rd
      グッティー3rd 25 days ago

      J G 少なくとも一般の人よりめちゃくちゃ面白いと思うんだが。しかも外国人芸人とか凄いわ。面白くなければ見なければいい。それだけだ。

  • J G
    J G 3 months ago


  • eidorian101
    eidorian101 3 months ago

    It was the Chinese who did that you dumb fucking white guy.

  • Red Rm
    Red Rm 3 months ago

    Thank you moro

  • Red Rm
    Red Rm 3 months ago


  • Gisks
    Gisks 4 months ago


  • Joe Fusaro
    Joe Fusaro 4 months ago

    what a kunt

  • SS8-0080
    SS8-0080 4 months ago

    After all, Mamiko Abe is voiced by Minami Takayama (Conan's CV...) instead of Ran's.

  • SS8-0080
    SS8-0080 4 months ago

    One can imagine the response from Ayumi after Conan finally turns back to Shinichi... from Yuri Shiozawa, whose CV is exactly Ayumi's.

  • SS8-0080
    SS8-0080 4 months ago

    1:10 resembles the scene Megure calling Takagi...

  • Helena Pits16
    Helena Pits16 4 months ago

    Amphibia is a Greek word used as a category for animals like frogs (im Greek so.. It does make sense and is not strange at all😐)

  • アナイスワタソン


  • Terran Republic
    Terran Republic 5 months ago

    I, II, III, Ooooo Pattern! Pattern! IV WHY ANCIENT ROMAN PEOPLE, WHYYYYY!!!!!!

  • JERRY ChimChim
    JERRY ChimChim 5 months ago

    😂 I can relate. I learn Japanese and when I get any problem,I ask to my Japanese friend and mostly,she helps me but when she can't understand she just says 'I DON'T KNOW' Nande (why!?!!!?!) You are a native Japanese speaker!!!! 💢💢💢

  • ವಿಶಾಲ ಕುಮಾರ

    It's not problem of Japanese But of all Chinese

  • Tajpizza52
    Tajpizza52 7 months ago


  • mmemouche
    mmemouche 7 months ago

    lol this is so exhausting. XD

  • チェンミン
    チェンミン 7 months ago

    ブスもさせろ。笑 そういう意味じゃねぇよ笑 親にとって子は可愛いもんだから可愛い子=子供でいいんだよ笑

    • M Mand
      M Mand 27 days ago

      可愛い子っていう表現は 可愛くない子の存在を肯定した上での表現とも取れるからね... 厚切りジェイソンという芸名も、未だ見ぬ薄切りジェイソンの存在を肯定した上での表現かも知れないし...

  • Neoject
    Neoject 7 months ago

    And people say that English is crazy

  • Zina L.
    Zina L. 7 months ago

    The characters have got the same faces of conan and ran in détective conan ! (But not the same personalties 🙂)

  • 光光大熊
    光光大熊 8 months ago

    potato jason?……

  • serendipity
    serendipity 8 months ago

    Chotto toire xD

  • Mohammad Ricky Pratama

    This is like Christopher Nolan anime

  • メイマイメイ //MeiMaiMei/

    My japanese tracher sent me this

  • larson davis
    larson davis 8 months ago

    This guy seems like a moron. I feel bad for his sensei who must feel ashamed.

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate 8 months ago

    Those white people hating on him cause they too *elite* to understand what's going on. Fucking weebs.

    BIG DADDY JEZZIKINS 9 months ago

    This is so cute~

  • 野比のび太
    野比のび太 9 months ago


  • Mason Freer
    Mason Freer 9 months ago


  • Team Rocket
    Team Rocket 9 months ago

    Das gefällt mir 😍

  • Endoplasmic Reticulum
    Endoplasmic Reticulum 9 months ago

    Ichi, ni, san, window with curtains...

  • Suzy Sparrow
    Suzy Sparrow 9 months ago

    Learning Japanese, I relate to this so hard.

    • SkullRaven
      SkullRaven 6 days ago

      @Dark Mel 台 can be a kind of table though.

    • Dark Mel
      Dark Mel 5 months ago

      @enzo gabriel Besides 台 being called "table" I didn't find anything wrong, but I'm a damn noob at this language so enlighten me with your knowledge. The "cooperation" part went over my head for example

    • enzo gabriel
      enzo gabriel 6 months ago

      then you probably noticed the subtitles are mangled beyond recognition

  • たまムクたまムク

    漢字は中国から来た文字だから、彼は中国でネタをやるべきだと思う。 案の定、コメ欄に何か言いたげな中国人のコメントがあるし。

    • 脇毛ちゃん
      脇毛ちゃん Month ago

      たまムクたまムク もはや別物だからな馬鹿乙

    • Lika m
      Lika m 3 months ago


  • deafwing
    deafwing 9 months ago


  • Shiho K.
    Shiho K. 10 months ago


  • Apprentie Scénariste
    Apprentie Scénariste 10 months ago

    Shinichi and Conan voices actors !

    TEÆ TIME 10 months ago


  • 牛乳ちゃん
    牛乳ちゃん 10 months ago

    *as a foreigner that has lived in japan for a long time this is actually funny and its kind of like japanese humor*

    • Le Compton
      Le Compton 2 months ago

      牛乳ちゃん yeah I’m impressed as well. Dude is hilarious.

  • 笠原弘美
    笠原弘美 11 months ago


    • SS8-0080
      SS8-0080 4 months ago

      with Ran's signature "horn"...

  • 甄新月
    甄新月 11 months ago


  • 甄新月
    甄新月 11 months ago


  • supply497
    supply497 11 months ago

    Technically it should be "WHY CHINESE PEOPLE!!!? WHY!!!!??" because it was Chinese who invented Kanji

  • 親分こなた
    親分こなた 11 months ago

    こういうネタが面白くて好きだなぁ そういえば、七転び八起きって、現実的に考えると 寝た状態から始めると、ぴったり合う

    • M Mand
      M Mand 27 days ago

      寝た状態から始めたら 転べなくね....??? Why Japanese ppl?!?!

    • vivilobozare zarg bóréstara
      vivilobozare zarg bóréstara Month ago


  • アメポテSIO
    アメポテSIO 11 months ago


  • 神戸さん
    神戸さん Year ago

    面白いと思うんだけどなぁ 実際の意味を考えてマジレスしちゃう人が多かったのかなー

  • Zero Chronicles
    Zero Chronicles Year ago

    so true in so many ways

  • Eggy
    Eggy Year ago

    “Fun” and “grass” become “drug” Okay 四百二十もやせ!!!

  • therosewebbb
    therosewebbb Year ago

    My students quote this guy and the apple pen guy frequently lol WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE?!

  • kaczan3
    kaczan3 Year ago

    Was funny untill he started with the blue-pilled shit.

  • とう とう
    とう とう Year ago


  • ultraryman
    ultraryman Year ago


    • M Mand
      M Mand 27 days ago

      何だかよく分からないが すごい自信だ。

    • レントラー・
      レントラー・ Month ago

      端殿 ?

    • 端殿
      端殿 8 months ago

      まぁ外人として、面白いとは言えないかもね。ネタは面白いけど、その表し方は下手クソみたい。まるで、日本のバライアティーをほんの少し見て「ああこんな感じですね。よし、俺もできるぜ」って思い込んだみたいな気がする。浅い。サブイネタを纏めて、でかい声を出しながら「Why Japanese people?!」とかって叫ぶのは何がそんなに面白いのか?って感じになるね。下品だと言わないけどね、結局人それぞれだし。でも基本的に、日本人がこんな風に芸人をやろうとしてたら、こんな程度のいい結果は出ないと思うんだな。

  • Yummy Marshmallows

    I like the Japanese Lady!🇯🇵

  • RINm2 !
    RINm2 ! Year ago


  • RINm2 !
    RINm2 ! Year ago


  • Rayn
    Rayn Year ago

    Technically the numbering thing is chinese

  • Антон Кузнецов

    'Good' = 'nice, kind' , but 'goods' are things to sell... WHY ENGLISH PEOPLE WHY!!! 'Leicestershire' is 'lehstershir' and 'caught' is really a 'coht'.... WHY ENGLISH PEOPLE WHY!!!

    • isodoublet
      isodoublet Month ago

      ​@Entraya Crosshill"why'd they have to pronounce things the original way" I never said that. The entire context of this conversation is about them learning English as a second language, _not_ about whatever loanwords from English they happen to use routinely. "it has feck all to do with a syllabary" Then how come they have trouble pronouncing "si" when 1. they have the ability to produce all the sounds in that combination and 2. it follows the same kind of consonant-vowel structure as most of their native syllables? I get difficulty with sounds they don't have or distinctions they don't make. Trouble with 'v', or 'r' and 'l' or whatever are perfectly understandable. Trouble with "si", "zi", "gusto" vs "gust", etc -- not so much. Hence my saying their problems with learning English pronunciation are largely self-inflicted. How can they learn something when they refuse to engage with it at a fundamental level? "unless you learned english past the age of, say, 14, then you cant reliably judge the difficulty of english." English is my second language. I only became serious about improving my pronunciation at around age 18 or so. Furthermore, natives speakers of my language face some of the same problems as native speakers of Japanese (e.g. adding epenthetic vowels to unfamiliar consonant clusters). I am quite well equipped to reliably judge how difficult English is, and I'm telling you the irregular spellings are no big deal. Even a crappy sound-based writing system is infinitely more discoverable than a meaning-based one. ". english is guessing which linguistic origin it has to begin with," Except... you don't have to know any of that. Sure, knowing some etymology lets you guess some words (phonology = phone + logos = study of sound, yay), but it's about vocabulary more so than pronunciation. At any rate, English has a notably wide vocabulary so that is a legitimate source of difficulty, but it's nothing to do with the usual spelling woes. Besides, it's not like English spelling is completely formless. People like to bring up the "ghoti" thing, but the truth is, no native speaker would ever consider reading "ghoti" as "fish" so in reality there are quite a few constraints that make guessing a pronunciation not nearly as impossible as you'd think. If anything, native speakers of English tend to overestimate how difficult their spelling actually is. E.g. I used to mispronounce "amish" as "ay-mish". Everyone understood what I meant, I got corrected, I now know better. It's discoverable.

    • Entraya Crosshill
      Entraya Crosshill Month ago

      @isodoublet i think you're missing the point of katakana. japanese use a heckload of ported english words, and they're integrated. they're now japanese words, that used to be english. why'd they have to pronounce things the original way, when it'd both sound horrible, and be a nuisance to all the citizens who hardly use english at all, and be all around pointless? besides, the gap in pronunciation difficulty between japan/english might be equal to the gap between english/chinese, it has feck all to do with a syllabary unless you learned english past the age of, say, 14, then you cant reliably judge the difficulty of english. japanese is the difference between remembering the right choice out of generally 2 viable readings. english is guessing which linguistic origin it has to begin with, being anciently germanic with romantic influences and then the french conquered them and then they conquered the world, and theres other delightful challenges, like whether or not the plural form got influenced by that one event long time ago where someone wanted to pluralize things all latin-like, oh and did you know that we're actively passively changing the past tense spellings of words

    • isodoublet
      isodoublet Month ago

      @Entraya Crosshill "Katakana is just a syllabary, i dont see how that is a nightmarish factor at all," It's a problem precisely because it's a syllabary, since it induces Japanese people to think incorrectly about foreign languages. When they hack away at a square peg word to make it fit into the round hole of katakana (e.g. club -> クラブ) they get themselves used to thinking about foreign words in a rigid consonant-vowel-consonant vowel structure that isn't applicable to most other languages, English in particular. As a result, they cause themselves more trouble than necessary. For example, there's no reason why a Japanese person should have any trouble with the word "see". Yet it is common for them to say "shi" instead. Why? Because they think of the syllable as the smallest unit of sound, and so the mere process of extracting the 's' sound from e.g. さ and gluing it to い causes confusion, which is made worse by the fact that their transcriptions don't make any distinction between 'si' and 'shi'. I get wanting "training wheels" to make foreign pronunciations more accessible, particularly when there are so many irregular spellings, but it arguably doesn't really help for anyone who wants to learn English more deeply than just injecting random English words in ordinary Japanese conversation. " but heck if i believe for a moment that their cute rules of thumb for when to use which reading are at all helpful cause just like with english it'll bother you more than if you just learned it case by case" Yep. IMO what makes kanji really annoying from the perspective of someone learning Japanese as a foreign language is that you either know the reading for the word or you don't. With English spellings, even when they're crazy, you still have a decent shot at producing a sequence of sounds that someone could understand. It makes it easy to make gradual improvements towards fluency.

    • Entraya Crosshill
      Entraya Crosshill Month ago

      @isodoublet katakana is just a syllabary, i dont see how that is a nightmarish factor at all, its even just a reskin of hiragana and although it a pain to remember which of 2-4 readings is used, it is balanced out with roughly 95% of every words spelling and pronunciation being meaningfully derivative from the kanji, but heck if i believe for a moment that their cute rules of thumb for when to use which reading are at all helpful cause just like with english it'll bother you more than if you just learned it case by case

    • isodoublet
      isodoublet Month ago

      @Entraya Crosshill Half their nightmare is self inflicted though, what with their using the horror that is katakana for every English word. As far as getting the English pronunciations right, nah, it's fine. Even when it doesn't make sense it makes more sense than kanji.

  • Raymond Wu
    Raymond Wu Year ago

    Poor Japanese people , get blamed on something we invented.

  • averynonym
    averynonym Year ago

    Him screaming at 3:58 is literally making me cry!! 🤣🤣👌🏽

  • Demitri
    Demitri Year ago

    Baka Gaijin

  • Mao Aldred
    Mao Aldred Year ago

    Calm down potato Jason

  • Mao Aldred
    Mao Aldred Year ago

    Potato Jason 🥔

  • rindesu
    rindesu Year ago


  • the jyms
    the jyms Year ago

    "Isn't them adorable?"

    • Dark Mel
      Dark Mel 5 months ago

      I would translate that part as "Aren't they pitiable?"

  • Eduardo Benítez

    Yo vengo por Leo :)

  • あげパン
    あげパン Year ago


  • qhti7ftqih4190qb


  • [White line] Vodka_

    Вы говорите что странно всё это, но если тебе это не дано понять - не говори об этом всем. Не делай из себя посмешище.

  • goshadowkenny
    goshadowkenny Year ago

    Dear god the cringe ...

  • Pan Zhihui
    Pan Zhihui Year ago

    Those questions about Kanji... It's like ask Americans why "a" looks like "a" and "b" looks like "b". You asked the wrong people my friend.

  • 我慢砲
    我慢砲 Year ago

    「虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず」 (不入虎穴,不得虎子) ↑ ↑ これは中国のことわざな。 出典は後漢書

  • Lenoh
    Lenoh Year ago

    "Fall seven times, get up eight" Well, aren't you born "fallen"? You can't stand, not yet. Go to sleep? You "fall" asleep, right? But assuming you're always standing? WHY, ATSUGIRI JASON, WHY?!

    • M Mand
      M Mand 27 days ago

      Oh, U know about the definition of that proberb's expression??? Tell me more. It's only can exists inside of ur head tho...Worthless.

  • Aika Kirigaya
    Aika Kirigaya Year ago

    This is how I feel and I can only remember the kanji for 1 2 3 4! I can't even remember how to say 4!

  • Siti Syifa Nuragung Prayiti

    where you can find this movie?

  • nur ana Laili
    nur ana Laili Year ago


  • Lamb Chop
    Lamb Chop Year ago

    This man is hilarious

  • Dakota
    Dakota Year ago

    This dude is the reason my students English is not proper.

    • Dakota
      Dakota Year ago

      Bliced I can’t disagree with that. lol

    • Bliced
      Bliced Year ago

      I think you are the reason your "students English is not proper."

  • 大佬
    大佬 Year ago


  • Monish-Hamzary Baragona

    Have you seen doctor agasa, mouri kogorou,ayumi and ran

  • Jessica G
    Jessica G Year ago

    but the kanji for round is 丸

  • Fummy
    Fummy 2 years ago

    鬱 is some next level shit. 29 strokes.

    • skysthelimit112
      skysthelimit112 Month ago

      How are you even meant to read it at that point

      ALAKTORN 2 years ago

      It’s 憂鬱 doe which is even worse.

  • う詐欺師Usagishi

    カエルの子はカエルってのはね、生まれた時はオタマジャクシだけど結局カエルになっちゃうから、あ、結局カエルの子はカエルになるんだね っていう話だよ

  • rachel leong
    rachel leong 2 years ago

    Why Japanese people ahahahaha

    • douceのこ
      douceのこ Year ago

      Osaka Yuki ur sou profil pic gives me life

  • Jam Twin
    Jam Twin 2 years ago

    This is so sad😭😭😭😢😢😢and happy ending

  • Jam Twin
    Jam Twin 2 years ago

    Wow he,s a compilation of Shinichi and Conan

  • Chio12 Apa
    Chio12 Apa 2 years ago

    This is a very good story! 👏👏

  • Edwin Fernández
    Edwin Fernández 2 years ago

    Subtitles are not quite exact but thanks for uploading this video.

  • drakeat sicpmagna
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  • Charlex Alexandre
    Charlex Alexandre 2 years ago

    The Japanese girl at 4:21 is cute as fuck 😍

  • Ate AiBarra
    Ate AiBarra 2 years ago

    Whaaaaa I love this! Wait for me.. This is my favorite Gosho short stories ever

  • martyncito
    martyncito 2 years ago


  • sweet like ariana grande butera candy

    Ma scusa come si chiama questo cartone.