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What It Feels Like To Die
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Craigslist Clown Prank
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I Get Paid To Drink Coffee
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$1 Street Food In Taiwan
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  • Rupinder Singh
    Rupinder Singh 2 hours ago

    Tell them to bring me my money 🤑

  • Laurens Vanhoutte
    Laurens Vanhoutte 2 hours ago

    *this is Belgium* Happy waffle noises

  • foreveryoung52
    foreveryoung52 2 hours ago

    When Steven started talking about the young boy who grew up in Ohio and went on to do great things, I thought he was actually talking about his life journey - he's grown SO MUCH as a person and as an advocate for celebrating food and its representation of culture (especially East Asian culture). And then he said the NBA thing and I was like oh, another one of his basketball analogies lol. Also, the body pillow fact about him was really cute! My mom brought hers over from HK when she came over for college and she still has it.

  • Lioncreeper38
    Lioncreeper38 2 hours ago

    the falcon made this from legendary to a mythical experience

  • Destiny’s Mixup
    Destiny’s Mixup 2 hours ago

    Next you guys should try Jamaican food cheapest to highest

  • Breanna Padilla
    Breanna Padilla 2 hours ago

    Can we just take a moment to point out, that is the loudest reaction Adam has done on the show!

  • starqWs
    starqWs 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Americans: HA PAAT

  • Indulgent Eats
    Indulgent Eats 2 hours ago

    I strive to live everyday being constantly assaulted with food in the nicest way possible 😂

  • AE Y
    AE Y 2 hours ago

    Love the Taiwan mini series! :). Just went out to grab beef noodle soup and bubble tea after watching this

  • opack Abiddeen
    opack Abiddeen 2 hours ago

    Do the Morgan freeman voiceover please

  • Ballena__ __Bonjour
    Ballena__ __Bonjour 2 hours ago

    Me at 1:43 no wonder flys see me sneak attack

  • Alejandra 77 Antón
    Alejandra 77 Antón 2 hours ago

    I lnew it was her since she saif her name

  • Dino Mujic
    Dino Mujic 2 hours ago

    This new girl is the most beautiful thing that has ever appeared on this show and they had a pizza made of gold

  • LOTR4ever1
    LOTR4ever1 2 hours ago

    This video is so awful, it makes me regret liking Worth It so much that I willingly subscribe to this channel for a few months a year.

  • Jayesh Kumar Sindhwa

    punk coif

  • ArticHowl
    ArticHowl 2 hours ago

    I’ll say it I know y’all thinking the same thing Inga is so cute

  • MikejessGaming H
    MikejessGaming H 2 hours ago

    Honestly, there hasn’t been any really interesting worth it videos recently. There hasn’t been anything over $50 in the past few weeks and I feel like you’ve run out of ideas on what to eat

  • chocmilkshake24
    chocmilkshake24 2 hours ago

    YOU GUYS WERE IN MY HOMETOWN?! I missed my huge chance to meet you guys 😭

  • Bankroll
    Bankroll 2 hours ago

    Andrew: *states how Gubami was one of the best dishes he’s ever had* Also Andrew: *picks something else as worth it winner* Gubami: “Am I a joke to you 😡”

  • Joz
    Joz 2 hours ago

    Feels like everyone is getting comfortable, we even had loud"what" from Adam. Definitely one of the best episode

  • Ged Ga
    Ged Ga 2 hours ago

    Try milk shakes or tamago

  • xthinkinboutycu
    xthinkinboutycu 2 hours ago

    i love rebecca omg

  • Vanessa mx
    Vanessa mx 2 hours ago

    I love darla and her dad😂

  • coughing cat
    coughing cat 2 hours ago

    she’s gonna be out of biz after this video LMAO

  • mj
    mj 2 hours ago

    So we r gonna ignore Andrews receding hairline

  • Shreya Shetty
    Shreya Shetty 2 hours ago

    I think you should come to india once❤🤗😏

  • Zeflute Gothystie
    Zeflute Gothystie 2 hours ago

    I'm a Chinese and I never knew about that ancient Anhui hotpot... Nice fact!

  • adam limamy
    adam limamy 2 hours ago

    i feel so bad what a pour soul i wish the best for him

  • D Cihak
    D Cihak 2 hours ago

    16:37 : Gah Wha

  • nikolas macalma
    nikolas macalma 2 hours ago

    Mario: "Your lactic sensors would fire like a BABY SUCKING ON THE TEAT-" Buzzfeed: "OH YESSS" Nice editing there whoever produced this.

  • Just a random person

    thank god im going back to Taiwan this holiday

    MELINA BRAMBILA 2 hours ago

    what happened to you grandmothers other brother

  • Arjel Agustin
    Arjel Agustin 2 hours ago

    Altoids to keep your knickers fresh...

  • Flux
    Flux 2 hours ago

    I''m in love with Inga, ngl

  • Nemus planta
    Nemus planta 2 hours ago

    two to three cups?In Finland thats called a morning dose the rest of 10 cups come latter

  • lifeofcarrot
    lifeofcarrot 2 hours ago

    Guy: points at Czech Republic "this is Austria" Me: *cries in beer*

  • Kajal Haria
    Kajal Haria 2 hours ago

    Shut up

  • Chloe Rose
    Chloe Rose 2 hours ago

    my wife my wife and I me and my wife I love my wife

  • Donovan Macmillian
    Donovan Macmillian 2 hours ago

    Poutine is fries cheese and gravy

  • RhewChuryll
    RhewChuryll 2 hours ago

    Next time in Taiwan, I am definitely making sure I have a 2 day layover. Hopefully the guys at Worth It are getting their commission from the Taiwan Bureau of tourism.

  • Taylor Craig Newbold

    Cilantro in ice cream?!? That's just trolling cilantro haters.

  • waeruo
    waeruo 2 hours ago

    What piece was playing during the ending credits?

  • Wjej Wjje
    Wjej Wjje 2 hours ago

    Still a girl.

  • khoo jin hao
    khoo jin hao 2 hours ago

    When you understand Chinese but you still read the subtitles Me

  • Shubham Jain
    Shubham Jain 2 hours ago

    Worth It in India

  • FryCalamari
    FryCalamari 2 hours ago

    andrew handles chopsticks like an expert after all these worth it episodes

  • Sr Ve
    Sr Ve 2 hours ago

    lol some kind of green bean - good work Andrew

  • Achmad Zulfikar F. N. H.

    Andrew doesn't looks well :( What happened?

  • ملا مريـمة
    ملا مريـمة 2 hours ago

    I always feel like Adam for some reason tries to stay way from the light spot 🤐

  • Audi Driver
    Audi Driver 2 hours ago

    Do caviar

  • Winston (ThunderLion7)

    4:13 my entire family is taiwanese & that is very truthful HAHAHAH

  • MayaKojima1
    MayaKojima1 2 hours ago

    Ah yes, me a 13 year old girl can relate

  • Bord Of Life
    Bord Of Life 2 hours ago

    All pornstars will go hellllll

  • Patrickhoey13
    Patrickhoey13 2 hours ago

    Never have I ever won a World Series in the 21st century

  • pch
    pch 2 hours ago

    is it worth it beer

  • Baraa Al Rebdawi
    Baraa Al Rebdawi 2 hours ago

    Why don’t you guys try Arabic food

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen 2 hours ago

    The fish soup was featured in the Netflix series "Street Food" 😱😍

  • IVAN Huang
    IVAN Huang 2 hours ago

    while soup, noodles, and hot pot are from different genres of food in Asian culture! show some respect plz

  • Lolo Lelei
    Lolo Lelei 2 hours ago

    If i was there i would go to the lego store lol 0:00

  • FX EF
    FX EF 2 hours ago

    I HATE and I mean HATE HATE flying! Would totally fly for that hot pot soup! OMG!!

  • Jake Santos
    Jake Santos 2 hours ago

    Found out it was her as soon as she said “accent”

  • Justin Tong
    Justin Tong 2 hours ago

    aye nice its my country

  • Kaiser Bigmac
    Kaiser Bigmac 2 hours ago

    worth it: exists china: cool worth it: they go to taiwan china: great worth it: calls it taiwan instead of china china: FRICKING SHIET

  • swiskowski
    swiskowski 2 hours ago

    I want all their potato salad!

  • mguan17
    mguan17 2 hours ago

    Who else from Taiwan 🇹🇼?

  • /\ hour_light760 /\
    /\ hour_light760 /\ 2 hours ago

    Comment what state ur from? I’m from Louisiana Where are u from? I swear I’m not tracking u I just like all the states no hurt me I’m only 8

  • Artytheone
    Artytheone 2 hours ago

    They couldn't find more pathetic people to be in this video, no valen verga

  • Dino Mujic
    Dino Mujic 2 hours ago

    This new girl is the most beautiful thing that has ever appeared on this show and they had a pizza made of gold

  • J3mkka Stalker
    J3mkka Stalker 2 hours ago

    The guy :"i couldn't think my life without bacon" Me : . . . *me: haven't even ever in my life tasted pork*

  • Franklstein Wongberg

    I feel bad for clowns because their just entertainers

  • Matteo Diaferio
    Matteo Diaferio 2 hours ago

    Kashuna is a whole mood

  • Christian Blais
    Christian Blais 2 hours ago

    you guys are awesome!

  • sack943
    sack943 2 hours ago

    compared to what we pay in the us for beef noodle soup around 12 - 15 dollars depending on what quality of meat they use and I've never had one with wagyu it certainly wouldn't be 29 dollars us probably like 60 bucks looked so damn good I'm rambling

  • Mwoakill09
    Mwoakill09 2 hours ago

    Grace Lin was on netflix original series "Street Food"

  • Michael Elizondo
    Michael Elizondo 2 hours ago

    My grandmas Mexican and she makes way better than these potato salads and tastes better not being bias😂

  • Izzy Woods
    Izzy Woods 2 hours ago

    Can we have more Inga please? Thanks.

  • Ender tails
    Ender tails 2 hours ago

    That fried chicken looks horrible I rather eat the baby chicks alive than eat that fried chicken

  • More Plz
    More Plz 2 hours ago

    Has anyone else noticed that Steven pushes Andrew when he thinks something taste really good?

  • Blanca Riley
    Blanca Riley 2 hours ago

    Why a balloon it's a red one from IT he was just talking about that

  • Jenny Stevens
    Jenny Stevens 2 hours ago

    omg inga is my fav

  • Keisha Jordan
    Keisha Jordan 2 hours ago

    They have wigs on not their real hair

  • H.I.K.W.Y.A.
    H.I.K.W.Y.A. 2 hours ago

    get alexander wang as a guest. watch his recent food vlog to see what i mean

  • Sopheaktra Heang
    Sopheaktra Heang 2 hours ago

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that this man got his head glued???!!! 😂

  • Sis in Transition
    Sis in Transition 2 hours ago

    Clearly they have quality toilet paper in countries where bidets are the norm. The crap toilet paper here in America isn't strong enough to wipe water off a butt without becoming useless.

  • TReX
    TReX 2 hours ago

    Please do a New Orleans Louisiana mini series!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🦐🦀🦞🍛🥘🥩🍳🍴

  • XxEvelyn_ EditzxX
    XxEvelyn_ EditzxX 2 hours ago

    I’m eating Mac and cheese Rn 😂😂

  • Sabs Amin
    Sabs Amin 2 hours ago

    nice to know that Steven has a bantal busuk

  • Molly
    Molly 2 hours ago

    How about Joe?

  • Dogman games
    Dogman games 2 hours ago

    Honstley clark’s meal looks better

  • Adriana Perezz
    Adriana Perezz 2 hours ago

    Tbh American snacks and foods are so bland🤢

  • Kristy Gregg
    Kristy Gregg 2 hours ago

    I saw the first restaurant in a documentary on Netflix. So cool to see them again.

  • Asha Stevens
    Asha Stevens 2 hours ago

    ice cream

  • Noah Faulkner
    Noah Faulkner 2 hours ago

    Well I could have told ya that

  • Cameron Moreira
    Cameron Moreira 2 hours ago

    If they put an Ontarian from there they’d win easy.

  • Kai Yang Jude
    Kai Yang Jude 2 hours ago

    That indian dude is a disgrace to his family....

  • Kristy Gregg
    Kristy Gregg 2 hours ago

    Ghoul boyzzzz for life but y’all are worthy opponents. 😉😂😂😂😈

  • Sooji Choi
    Sooji Choi 2 hours ago

    Hahaha that awkward rap segment with Inga’s reaction at the end :3 (big ups to the editing team! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼)

  • MrWasayB
    MrWasayB 2 hours ago

    4:36, ayoo Felicia stop filming

  • Mio Adli
    Mio Adli 2 hours ago

    Soup - a flavoured water

  • Shaanuja
    Shaanuja 2 hours ago

    I am watching this video after finding out that Matt isn't the real father of Jackson and i am soo happy like when Jackson called Matt Daddy ❤️❤️