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  • Jim Persson
    Jim Persson Year ago

    Hi Luke! I must say, i really love your videos, especially your overnighters. I like the part when you sit by the fire and tell your stories. I usually get to escape from family life once a month and go out and camp. Sometimes i bring my daughter (4 year old) and we spend the nights in shelters. Hope you have some more overnight videos coming soon! And i just want to tell you that both you and your family is amazing!

  • Domi M
    Domi M Year ago

    Hi Luke, Susie and kids, Your channel as well as you all are great. I am a beginner on TVclip France, because I’m a french woman of 63, you just saw Susie in Colorado and the way you hike. I’m living in the Alps (you would enjoy!), and 10 days ago I learned to hike without any physical problem, with a man who used to have a very level in cross-country ski: make very shorts nots, the more it is steep, the you have to make them short. This man, Pierre, is very tall, but when it is steep his nots are about 5cm (about 2 inch). You can see on my last vidéo « Rando de l’ours » (Hike of the bear), my backpack was about 15 kg and I didn’t have had any aches, breathing or heart problem. If you are interested, my backpack is an Exped 60W, for woman, only 1,1kg, great quality but, Exped send me a man belt because the one for woman did’nt cover my hips bones and hurt me very much after the first use. Pierre was bluff by all the gear I wore! I’m preparing for a challenge, next spring I will make a bicycle touring to the North Cape in Norway, camping along my way and I don’t find the something I saw in you video, little telescopic gear to blow on the fire. Could you tell me how to have one? This trip will last at least 5 months so I will have to cook, Moutain House etc is too expensive. I’am about the firebox with the Zebra pot kit that cook as an oven, not sure you allready tried…or will do it! :-) Thanks for all your videos and adventure.

  • Red Whinemann
    Red Whinemann Year ago

    Would appreciate a review of the UM21 backpack from the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) system. Thank you for all the great reviews and instructional videos!

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price Year ago

    This type of hiking is exactly what im looking to get into. I've hiked and camped in plenty of state parks. But I'm looking for something remote and isolated. Hike in, camp, hike out. Any way to just go at it or do you have to go through the state park websites?

    THE ASSASSIN Year ago

    Awesome videos, have you ever camped in Texas??? Just curious.

  • JadeTigerFury
    JadeTigerFury Year ago

    I'm forced to do everything on a budget, so I'm constantly looking for good and inexpensive kit. I noticed that you guys did a camp out with an Ohuhu tent, what do you think of their sleeping bags? I'm considering getting the double so my girl and I can share. Also I usually head off into the woods with a small group, and there is so much extra gear to take, especially since we're going for several days at a time, and in a part of the country with dangerous game. So we all go armed, so now we've got weapons, ammo, cleaning kits, extra food, water, cloths, its just so much stuff in the end. I sometimes feel like I should be rigging a backpack to sit on my front too, then I think of those Airborne guys about to jump into Franch on D-Day. It makes me want to laugh, because I remember what the airborne troops called it, instead of Operation Overlord, it became known to those guys as Operation Overload. I had an unusual idea and I'd love to heard your thoughts on it. I thinking of vacuum sealing thinks like my cloths and sleeping bag so that 1st they won't take up so much room in my pack, and 2nd it'll add a layer of waterproofing. What are your thoughts on this??

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview Year ago

      Haven't tried any of their sleeping bags so unfortunately I can't comment on them. If you get one let me know what you think. - Luke

  • JadeTigerFury
    JadeTigerFury Year ago

    First just let me say that I've only been watching your TVclip videos for about two weeks know, and I love them. Thanks to some of your product reviews I was finally able to settle on a stove mess kit I liked. I'm now using the surplus Swedish kit only I added a usgi canteen cup to mine, and I also picked the swiss m71 stove as a small/compact backup. Also thanks to your review I'm going to tryout one of those pocket bellows, I had never even heard of such a product before. Please keep up the good work you guys. I'd like to see your reviews on a couple of items for you military surplus section. The first item is the British army 120 Liter internal frame backpack (mine is in the classic DPM camo), and the other item is the Austrian Army field knife which is made by glock, they're supposed to be very well made.

  • Luftwaffa 109
    Luftwaffa 109 Year ago

    Hi Luke, when will you be doing the review on the Carinthia Micro Tent. Really want to get one but holding off until I see your review. Thanks Luke!

  • Richard Bucker
    Richard Bucker Year ago

    WOW the discussion is very old... One reason I have a garage full of gear is because I cannot decide whether to take the red or green pill. I watch some of the videos and I see a bias toward ultralite gear. Then I watch another video and I see some kit that is clearly NOT ultralite. Then I see some videos where people talk about mosquito netting during the season, condensation in others, and then the challenges of uneven ground. Worse yet is that I live in Florida and most hiking videos tend to address hiking in areas where the temps are more moderate. I can sleep in the buff in the mid 60s and long johns in the lower. And a modest blanket in the 50s. YEP there is a lot to consider And so here is my latest challenge.... "Tarps Plus" has popped up in my google searches for quite some time and so has 2Go Systems. 2GO sells a 10x10" tarp with reflective coating for $104 and weighs 23oz. Tarp Plus sells a 10x10' with UV coating for $17 but it weighs in at 54oz. TP also sells a 10x10' blackout tarp for $21. (grommets every 18". What makes me crazy is the weight, cost, and durability. One of the neat things about the TP is its versatility. And when sharing the trail with others there are midnight potty breaks and flashlight glow. I hope you find this interesting enough to do your own shootout.

  • Thibaut Reyssie
    Thibaut Reyssie Year ago

    hello i m french so i don t know if you know the QUECHUA brand we have in france and to ask you if you can make some review about it. keep up the good work a plus bye

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M Year ago

    Hey Luke, if you have never done a video on or built the super shelter you should check out Mors Kochanski Super Shelter video. Mors is credited as being the inventer of the super shelter. i have used the shelter a few times and it works great. to the question, would you consider doing a video on the super shelter on one of your winter treks? thanks

  • Judd Videos
    Judd Videos Year ago

    Hay Luke! Just wanted to say thanks for all you do! Plus was wondering, I am looking for a good sleeping bag, I do not like confined spaces, But live in new England. Its cold here most of the time lol. To make it worse, I'm on a tight budget. I have 4 kids and live paycheck to pay check. I would like it to fit into my back pack. I have a alps mountaineering caldera 5500. Its something like 70 liters. I don't do a lot of long hikes, but do weekend adventures. I also use a slumber jack daybreak 2 for a tent. I was looking for your recommendation?

  • Scribbly Bear
    Scribbly Bear Year ago

    Luke... You need to get yourself out to the BWCA and do a few videos from there. I think you'd enjoy it.

  • Sean
    Sean Year ago

    Hello, I would like to know the Thru-Hiker's take on the Bug Out Bag, SHTF Bag or INCH Bag. I have been watching some of these TVclip Videos on Bug Out Bags, SHTF Bags, I'm Never Coming Home Bags etc... Some of them have Packs the size of a small houses with everything including the Kitchen Sink to rebuild a new society in the woods. Or their packs are the size of a women's pocketbook and solely relying on bush crafting skills for long term survival in the wilderness. It seems to me no one has ever talked to a Long Distance Hiker or avid Backpacker on this subject before putting out their advice on the web. Some of them have a few good points but they all lack a lot of fatal flaws like no Shelter/Sleeping System, pack weight is over what an average man can carry long distances. It is obvious that they have never gone backpacking longer than an overnight in their back yards with their setup and I am pretty sure that if they were to try they would probably die shortly on the trail under neither the weight of their parks or from hyperthermia wraps in a Mylar blanket under a debris hut in the middle of winter. I am a retired army veteran working in corrections now. I have served over seas in war torn Kosovo and Iraq and earthquake destroyed Haiti; so I have seen what happens in a major disaster and collapse of civilization. I am not a Doomsday Prepper or Survivalist but bugging out in a "Zombie Apocalypse" is a topic of discussion among friends and co-workers. We are all big fans of "The Walking Dead" show. I have recently gotten into Ultralight Backpacking and due to my preferred comfort level my total pack weight is usually around 35 to 45 pounds with food & Water for a 3 day trip on the AT. Trying to come up with a worst case scenario Pack setup that is Realistic for long term survival and able to be carried for long distances by an average over weight, out of shape war veteran is quite daunting. Plus the thought of running out of Coffee in a zombie apocalypse is a major concern for me, seriously... I would like to know what your pack setup would be in a worst case scenario where your were forced to leave your home on foot and survive on the Appalachian Trail indefinitely. Thank you,

  • The Thankful Woodsman

    Loving your channel. I just moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the outdoors are just never ending here, so I wanted to get more into hiking and camping. I searched your video's first, but didn't find anything pertaining specifically to dogs. I have a big dog that I would have to take with me on some of my overnight trips and just wondered if you had some recommendations.

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer Year ago

    Cool videos! I love observing earth, explore and meditate...

  • GodsCountry
    GodsCountry Year ago

    Hey Luke, I've been thinking about getting one of the SPOT GEN3® LIFE-SAVING SATELLITE GPS MESSENGER I've been doing more solo adventuring here lately in areas without phone service. I just like to check in with my wife or emergency response if needed. Wanted to see if you have ever used one. They are half price right now!

  • William Ball
    William Ball Year ago

    Luke, how about a test of a baker tent ?? would be nice to see how well it stacks up against more modern tents.

  • bsykes
    bsykes Year ago

    What light weight air matters is there for a person weight 300lb.

  • Brenden Bell
    Brenden Bell Year ago

    The Marmot Thor 2 p tent

  • deedwards1981
    deedwards1981 Year ago

    Hey Luke. How about a outing with the "whole" FILBE pack system. I've seen your videos, and I know your're a fan of the assault pack. Would love to see the whole pack in action along with the extensive reviews you offer. Keep up the good work Sir! "Walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called." God Bless you brother.

  • Wolfs Hollow Survival

    Luke!!!! Hey hope all is going well for your memorial day weekend!!! Long time viewer here. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all you do and taking all of us on your great adventures. I enjoy getting to explore with you and those dinner time stories are always awesome!!! My brother and I just started our own channel, if you have time stop by and take a gander we have a few cool videos put together. Thanks Again. Joshua Carriveau With Wolf's Hollow Survival

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview Year ago

      Hey there Wolf! Thank you for writing and for your kind words! I'm heading over to check out your channel now. - Luke

  • Na Hosyo
    Na Hosyo Year ago

    Hi, Luke, you do a great job on reviewing things. I am amz seller and we have outdoor gear for selling, is there any change to review our item? we really hope our item can help people when they do outdoor activities.

  • Under The Carolina Sky

    Hey Luke! Are you going to be at Trail Days in VA next weekend?

  • DevilsLegionnaire

    Hey! Will you be doing a full review of the fjällräven polar sleeping bag?

  • allan savard
    allan savard Year ago

    mountain house review - very well done

  • Colin Favaro
    Colin Favaro Year ago

    Hello Luke, I see you enjoy wild tea, if you haven't already, try CHAGA,

  • Faisal Youhari
    Faisal Youhari Year ago

    Hey Luke, since you don't carry a gun, do you carry bear spray with you?

  • Michelle Camlin
    Michelle Camlin Year ago

    luke i wish you where my dad

  • NE Adventure
    NE Adventure Year ago

    I see some of these other channels and it boggles my mind that you're only at 84,000 subs!

  • Ryan Gorman
    Ryan Gorman Year ago

    Can you please send me two of TOGR stickers, please? Also, your channel is the best!

  • Doug Parsons
    Doug Parsons 2 years ago

    Hi Luke thanks for videos they are very informative. I have question the Big Agnes copper spur what are your thoughts on this tent the reason i ask is i am thinking about buying one for my backpacking trips i need to lighten up with my gear being 70 years old i need to lighten up a little. Thanks Doug.

  • Greg Letter
    Greg Letter 2 years ago

    Could the reason for the bees dying off be cell phones. Look up and watch - "NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE" YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW" A MUST WATCH

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 2 years ago

    hey im trying to get a review on the slumber jack 3 season 2 man tent I am a active camper for months out at a time and know what im looking for in a tent at just under ten pounds seems to be a good choice but no reviews on most sites i have checked

  • T Hart
    T Hart 2 years ago

    I love your channel. I have been watching your survival box reviews. The battle box really interest me. I travel for work around the country and my wife and 2 kids stay at home. I was look to beef up my shtf gear with a monthly box subscription and was wondering if you think battle box is a good choice for my family. This would be for my wife to get out of populated area and wait for me to meet up. I am ex military and am confident in my skills and my wife is semi trained in survival skills. I was thinking of the top tier box monthly. Would love to know what you think. Thanks and love the channel.

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds 2 years ago

    Wishing you and yours a very Mary Christmas and a Great New Year

  • Scott Lay
    Scott Lay 2 years ago

    Hello enjoy your videos have you ever thought about using a stove in one of your tents scott in knoxvile

  • OutdoorFinn
    OutdoorFinn 2 years ago

    Hey, I just watched your video, where you were reviewing hiking boots. I have a question concerning your boots: How do you take care of them ? I mean, you obviously use them a lot so I'm curious. Keep up the good work, your videos are awesome and have positive vibes ! :) - Joni

  • Marshall Customs
    Marshall Customs 2 years ago

    Hey Luke I think youd like the Catoma Raider Tent, reminds me of some of the single person type you've covered before.

  • Karl Lichtenberg
    Karl Lichtenberg 2 years ago

    Could you please put the name of your mentioned gears during the trips in your videos or make a list in the descriptions below? Otherwise, It is often hard to get the correct spelling or even the name at all of those items shown in the videos. Thank you.

  • mike niemi
    mike niemi 2 years ago

    You give great tips and are a good teacher. Just one question. Who taught you? Maybe you could include that into one of your campsite discussions,

  • IamETOH
    IamETOH 2 years ago

    Always informative and entertaining ^^

  • Christoffer Karlsson

    Hi Luke, I really like you channel and that you review Fjäll räven products wich is my favorite brand when it comes to camping gear and clothes. Have you ever tried any of Fjäll räven tents? I own a Fjäll räven Abisko Shape 3 and i love it, it is a low profile tent and low weight and I would love to see you review it. Christoffer from Sweden

  • william keil
    william keil 2 years ago

    Hey Luke , looking for double wide sleeping bag for all year around. Do you know of any good ones for backing long trips? thanx have a good day...... William

  • tom johnson
    tom johnson 2 years ago

    hey Luke, great vids. just lookin at these boots off of amazon, Chippewa mens boot insulated with sheep fur. ever hear of them, and any good. for $300

  • Carmen Rosalez
    Carmen Rosalez 2 years ago

    great channel, got some interesting information and great videos.

  • Jerry Davis
    Jerry Davis 2 years ago

    Have a question. You dis a video on a French ruck sack and gave name of supplier you got it from. I checked them out and they do not have that one but do have a French Army F 2 that looks nice. Have you seen this pack and is the company really reliable to send good products ? Thanks.

  • Mountain Wolf
    Mountain Wolf 2 years ago

    Hi Luke! What would be your choice for a efficient, foldable saw so I won´t need an Ax. Just Knife to baton with. Thanks!!

    • Mountain Wolf
      Mountain Wolf 2 years ago

      Thanks man!! Found it on Amazon with someone that ships here!!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 2 years ago

      The Sven saw is my favorite because of function and size but there are some others which are larger and more capable if you are willing to carry them. - Luke

  • Dougie
    Dougie 2 years ago

    Hi Luke, great channel and congrats on 70k+ subs. Did you ever do a review of the Hilleberg Akto? ATB from Scotland.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 2 years ago

    Lone Wolf Mountain, NC is not to be found on the internet. Would you let us know exactly where it is? Is it also known as Black Mountain? Tks

  • Jon Kurmanchik
    Jon Kurmanchik 2 years ago

    Hi Luke and family, I've been following your channel for a while, and appreciate all the insight, my first solo overnight was made a lot less intimidating after watching all the overnight adventures on this channel. I have been wondering something. you made a video in 2014 highlighting the Zpacks Arcblast, yet you never took it on an adventure, at least not one that was posted. what's more is I've noticed you haven't had an ultralight overnight adventure; at least not one that i could find. any chance you could do one while the summer keeps the heavy sleeping bags and jackets out of your pack? p.s. i'd just like to add on a more personal note, that your family's energy, love and optimism is inspiring and restores my faith in humanity. thank you. strength and honor guys.

  • Bleachy58
    Bleachy58 2 years ago

    will you ever do any international trips camping/backpacking

  • Moises Ramirez
    Moises Ramirez 2 years ago

    Hi luke any dog gear that you can recommend for camping and backpacking.

  • TheKrispyK
    TheKrispyK 2 years ago

    what is the most powerful flashlight you would recommend for a 6-7 night hiking trip in Olympic national park

  • Andy Wragg
    Andy Wragg 2 years ago

    HI Luke and all, I caught the film making bug and am starting to upload videos of my gear and my travels. I must say I'm not up to your standard of production yet, not anywhere close. Please have a look at the videos I've uploaded today and give me some feedback. I've just got a new camera just yesterday and am currently processing my first video shot through it. So keep your eyes open. Would love to have some back country like yours on my doorstep. Keep feeding the good wolf inside. Cheers Andy

  • hillmillenia
    hillmillenia 2 years ago

    Luke, looks like they found Geraldine Largay who unfortunately did not survive her Appalachian Trail hike. Sad and avoidable. Have you considered a video on the perils and potential risks of hiking and leaving the trail? Might be worth the effort. Hill

  • David Brown
    David Brown 2 years ago

    In Testing Grounds Video, I noticed what looked like a house about 200 yards above your campsite. I thought you were in an area designated for camping..?

  • turbosbf
    turbosbf 2 years ago

    Hey Luke love your vids. I know you have reviewed a lot of the Snugpak gear but have you seen or used the "Snugpak All Weather Shelter" trap. if so what do you think of it?

    • turbosbf
      turbosbf 2 years ago

      Cool thanks man. also a few of my buddies and i are riding down the 2nd weekend of June to the blue ridge parkway are the Black flies bad this time of year down there? up here in Michigan they can get horrible.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 2 years ago

      +turbosbf Hey there turbo, I haven't tested out the Shelter Tarp yet but I will see what I can do. - Luke

  • jara cimrman
    jara cimrman 2 years ago

    hi luke,from central europe (czech rep.).....thx. for your videos. it has inspirated and educated me so,iam gonna to watch your videos still. thx.for your recommendation of gear.enjoy and take care bye. michal

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 2 years ago

      +jara cimrman Thank you very much Jara. Thank you for taking the time to comment; I appreciate it greatly. - Luke

  • hi there
    hi there 2 years ago

    Luke i noticed your building fires under large rock overhangs on wolf mountain . I recently watched a camping video basically saying that is very dangerous because even a small amount of heat can cause large sections of the rock to expand and split and possibly fall. I am no expert and could be wrong but i love watching your overnight adventures and just like the way you present them . Look into it yourself but stay safe and keep making these great videos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 2 years ago

      +marc Glover Hey there Marc, thanks for commenting brother. As long as you can keep the heat low, there shouldn't be any issues. Mankind has literally been building fire under rocks for thousands of years. :D - Luke

  • Joseph Warner
    Joseph Warner 2 years ago

    I am diabetic with foot ulcers on both feet. I am from your area of NC but now live at the beach. Why don"t you do some family campouts along the parkway. That is something that I like to do even now and would like to see thee type of equipment that you would use.

  • Thomas Horner
    Thomas Horner 2 years ago

    would love to see a series on your Top Tens. packs, tents,knives,etc. etc.

  • Nature Joe
    Nature Joe 2 years ago

    Where did you get the FILBE bag

  • Adam G
    Adam G 2 years ago

    Hey Luke Is there any chance of helping me find a Arc'teryx Tango pack ? I can only seem to find the Echo version I will pay anyone a nice finders fee if they can help me out Thanks in advance

  • Carson Hackney
    Carson Hackney 2 years ago

    Hey Luke theirs a second season of alone coming on tv i forget what chanel its on probs natgeo or an outdoor chanel around april 20 but ya its a great show the winner i think wins a million dollars but anyway i think you should watch it and maby be on the third season . love your vids

  • Doomsdayer
    Doomsdayer 2 years ago

    what is your opinion of the Klymit inflatable pads? i just bought the static V recon pad. so far i love it

  • Jason H.
    Jason H. 2 years ago

    Hey Luke, I am trying to contact you.

  • Reed Douglas
    Reed Douglas 2 years ago

    Hi Luke, first thanks so much for your commitment to detail and basically getting out the info on so many different products that helps people like me feel a little more confident in my purchasing decisions. Though excited about it, I must admit I'm somewhat new to the overnite hiking/backpacking thing. I have a hike coming up, and really trying to to my homework on a good pack. I was wodering if you could point me in the direction of a good hiking backpack that wasn't all out tactical, but still utilized the "molle" strap system. I really like the osprey atmos, but wish it had the molle straps on it. Help brutha!!! LOL. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lowcostlooser99
    Lowcostlooser99 2 years ago

    Hi, you did not answer my question , ins it a Snug pak Endurance you hold in the end of your last video ?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 2 years ago

      +Lowcostlooser99 I never reviewed the Endurance pack brother. I have a preview of the pack but not a review. Thank you for reminding me, as I do need to get to that. If you will, please share the details of your experiences and if you could, post them under the Endurance video so that it can help others too. Thanks. - Luke

    • Lowcostlooser99
      Lowcostlooser99 2 years ago

      (i hate zip and opening everywhere)

    • Lowcostlooser99
      Lowcostlooser99 2 years ago

      I would say, i bought the Endurance because of your review, i have to say it's the worst backpack ever had. But i love the concept of one-top-loading-spaces-whit-out-zip . Have a good day my friend.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 2 years ago

      +Lowcostlooser99 Are you asking about the backpack? If so it's the Marpack by FPG. The Snugpak Endurance 40 is a good, fairly inexpensive (for a 3 day assault pack) backpack but it is much smaller than this one. - Luke

    • Lowcostlooser99
      Lowcostlooser99 2 years ago

      The video "Quick Winter Tip : Water Filters and Freezing" at 1:12 . is it Snugpak endurance 40 ?

  • Murray Melander
    Murray Melander 2 years ago

    Hello Luke. I used to hike and camp and mountaineer in Washington state but my health has declined and now I cannot get outside in the wilderness any more. But I sure like watching your video's and reliving many of the memories they inspire. Thanks for making them so entertaining.

  • Jari Perho
    Jari Perho 2 years ago

    Hey, what has happened to your channel's playlists? The only playlist I can see is for Overnight Adventures, but there used to be plenty more. Just wondering because I've been browsing thru your After the Camp and Day Hike videos and those could definitely use their own playlist for ease of finding them.

  • CassadySC1
    CassadySC1 2 years ago

    Where did the backpacking videos go?

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis 2 years ago

    I found your channel a few weeks back. Great stuff! Keep up the good work.

  • The Green Men
    The Green Men 3 years ago

    hey Luke, me and a few friends are planning a week long hiking trip down here in eastern Texas but we can decide on what to do for food. Any ideas or itps?

  • Burt Wonderstone
    Burt Wonderstone 3 years ago

    Hi Luke- A while back on one of your overnights you ate a prepackaged stew by a Norwegian company (Drytech Real Turmat). I know they don't distribute in the U.S., but in case you're interested in getting more of their stews for your adventures, I found someone selling them in the U.S. via Ebay. I think he offers 5 different meal packs.

    FRED GANGLOFF 3 years ago


    • Diktator Alexander
      Diktator Alexander 2 years ago

      Should you look at your keyboard, look for the A key.Then, to the left of is a "Caps lock" key. Please press it sometime.

  • Connor Padgett
    Connor Padgett 3 years ago

    Do you have any videos on what to wear and what/ how to pack for a camping trip.

  • SiblingsKisses
    SiblingsKisses 3 years ago

    Hi Luke, Please make a video of a proper way to off-load your gear once you've set up your tent? Do you keep your shoes inside or keep all stuff in your backpack? etc. Thanks!

  • huntaeddie
    huntaeddie 3 years ago

    luke, have you ever tried the eberlestock x2, if you did what was your thoughts.

  • johan jensen
    johan jensen 3 years ago

    hi luke I've been sending you a couple of messages on facebook I would like to chat a bit with you. ps. big fan!

  • BuckShot FLO86
    BuckShot FLO86 3 years ago

    Whats going on with the over nighter been waiting

  • Chet
    Chet 3 years ago

    Hey Luke, I just wanted to fire off a thank you note for an item you had used on one of your videos. You had used the Trioxane Fire Starter to heat up a cup of coffee or something, and I being a camping geek that I am, had to have it. I have many different fire starting items just like everyone does, we have to have our toys after all! But I’m glad I did have one of these in my fire starting kit today. My nephew and I went up into the brush at Mt Henning BC, Canada to find a place to set up a couple winter shelters for the season. My 18 year old nephew decided when coming across a river, the best way to cross it would be to run real fast. Well, it was deeper and faster than he thought it was and he went in soaking his clothes. It’s just below freezing, and snowing so not the best time for an unexpected swim. We found a spot to get a fire going under a large spruce tree, and ripped open the trioxane. Took the first spark from my fire steel, and that was it. It burned long and hot enough to get small branches over top dried out and going. He was able to dry out his clothes and still able to make a day of it out in the woods. You always have great advice on products and just wanted to say thanks for all the great work you are doing. Keep it up. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have that fire starter it would have been a short lived outing. And there’s nothing better than spending time out in the mountains when it’s snowing out! Talk about relaxing. Chet

  • Bradley Chapman Photography

    hey Luke I live in southern Cali and I am getting into over night backpacking and I was wondering if you had any advise on desert backpacking. I have watched a lot of your videos and I see you do most of your backpacking where it is mostly green. I am just wondering if you have any experience?

  • sawdust 69
    sawdust 69 3 years ago

    hey luke thanks for turning me onto fjallraven gear i have 4 pairs of thier trousers so far the vidda pros are AWSOME! did i see u wearing a pair of the karl zip offs ,if so would love to see a review on those.thanks for bringing light to the world bro.

  • William Fulford
    William Fulford 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing all your adventures!! You have me going out and buying all new gear for camping and I can't wait to get out and try it all out! I hope to see some new adventures on your channel soon. they are all inspiring and very interesting. God bless you and your family and I look forward to watching more videos.

  • Ken T
    Ken T 3 years ago

    Luke, Dis you know some of your responses are starting out in a different Language? This was your response to me...Don't know if it matters but I thought you should know... Ken T عميد أندرسون‎ replied to your comment Bushcraft Basics : 'H' Stove Camp Setup عميد أندرسون‎ S hooks are soo useful. I remember them from when I worked at a plant nursery. ReplyView all comments TVclip comments are powered by Google+ Learn more Mute email updates to this post | Unsubscribe from these emails. Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +Ken T That sure is weird Ken. I tried to reply to your message but it wouldn't let me. Another youtube/google glitch. - Luke

  • mcuskley
    mcuskley 3 years ago

    Hey, brother! Just wanted to thank you for your work, especially the long-form hike videos. You do a great job. When I am sitting here at my computer, you make me feel like I am back where I love it most - out in the woods. You've got a great demeanor and an incredibly positive outlook on life. You really seem like you are in your element - calm and lucid - truly inspirational. Keep it going, my friend. - Mike

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +mcuskley Thank you very much Mike, that means a lot. You're the reason why I do this. - Luke

  • queef
    queef 3 years ago

    Hi. I just wanted to say that your channel is one of the very best outdoor channels on here. You are informative, objective and a fun guy to have on the screen. Thanks for the many videos and please, keep it up!

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 3 years ago

    how about a review of the Voodoo Tactical 15-0029 Praetorian Rifle Pack

  • Diktator Alexander
    Diktator Alexander 3 years ago

    You need to team with Bear Grylls. Just be careful, he's a STRONG advocate of drinking ones own piss.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +Diktator Alexander I've heard that he believes in the two second rule....while in the bathroom! Haha - Luke

  • Michael Wood
    Michael Wood 3 years ago

    Have you considered field testing the Flying Circle large Field Pack? - I like your take on it

  • VespadoEliseu
    VespadoEliseu 3 years ago

    thaks for the videos im having a blast with your hike camping trips. please do more. thank you from Azores.

  • m14708
    m14708 3 years ago

    Luke you still liking that Gregory Savant 58 liter pack.. i just picked one up on ebay for a great price.... seems like a well built bag

  • solo survivor trekker

    Hello I enjoy your videos. I have a question for you. Why don't you talk about knives and Ferro Rods ext...? Or talk about how to make bush craft stuff in the field? Survival techniques? That's what I do on my channel. I'm going to make some winter backpacking videos soon as soon as it start to snow here in Colorado. I'm also going to make some ice climbing videos and mountaineering videos too! I will post them. Second question. What kind of GPS do you use and why. What kind do you recommend for me? Please subscribe to my channel :Theoutdoorreview" and everybody else here! Thank you! Have a nice day! Solo Survivor Trekker

  • Patrick Randolph
    Patrick Randolph 3 years ago

    Hey Luke could you post the spelling/name of those Swedish backpacking meals you received? I just found out a coworker has family there so I was gonna ask them about sending me some. Thanks for the info and your videos!

  • Malckom Williams
    Malckom Williams 3 years ago

    Was supposed to say 2xl cot

  • Malckom Williams
    Malckom Williams 3 years ago

    Have you ever tried putting the improved combat tent on a del sized cot

  • Joel Latto
    Joel Latto 3 years ago

    Hey man I just wanted to thank you for your videos and tell that this channel was one of my main sources of inspiration to start my own. (My channel is in Finnish so I'm not going to link it here). I really enjoy your style and the variety of products you review. Keep up the good work!

  • SoCal Outdoor Adventure

    Hey Luke, If you are interested in some good coffee, I recommend you check out some coffee from Cost Plus Worlds Market. They offer a great variety of coffee with different flavors and are really good. I recommend you check out Bourbon coffee. Its really good and it smells great. Don't let the name fool you but it is really good. If not, there are other really good types of coffee out there that you can purchase in which are really good. Hope you are well. - John

  • Jerry Carnes Jr
    Jerry Carnes Jr 3 years ago

    what do u think about coleman tents and ozark trails as my budget is small

  • imjca63
    imjca63 3 years ago

    Thanks for the vids Luke! they are inspiring and helpful. I live in S. Fla but own a house in Marble NC so I don't get to go out hiking in the mtns much. My wife and hiked the Smokys a few yrs back and had a blast. I only wish I had more time up there. thanks again. JC...

  • rha600
    rha600 3 years ago

    Luke, any plan to do any multi day adventures? maybe break it up into multiple videos per day but I'd love to see your choices on equipment, food and such. I did a multi day at yellowstone (in a campground) last month and I'm planning on doing 4 or 5 days in Maine in Oct.

  • Alex Lapsys
    Alex Lapsys 3 years ago

    Hello, First off, I really appreciate your professional, thorough videos. There aren't many like yours out there. I've been looking into backpacks recently, and have been looking extensively. I'm looking for a backpack suited for overnight trips (1-5 days or so), but also suited for day trips. 40L-55L seems to fit this well. I've narrowed down my sights to four backpacks. The Karrimor SF Sabre 45, the Kelty Redwing 50, the LK 35, and Fjallraven's Kaipak 38. The Karrimor has great looks, as I'm looking for something that doesn't look ultra-civilian, yet also not screaming military. I'm 6'2", and I've heard that this bag may sit a bit too high on tall people. The frame is also some foam insert, which doesn't seem as reliable as some of the aluminum frames I've heard of. That said, it can easily be a daypack, and with the attachments, you can get 70 liters out of it. This is mainly why I'm attracted to it, but then there's the Kelty. This bag, though with some good, subdued colors, seems a little too civilian. It's top loading, sure, but with zippers. I want to keep zippers minimal. The padding seams way better on this bag, though. The aluminum frame sounds better than foam. However, there's no way to expand it in the future. The Fjallraven, though also civilian looking, has styling I prefer over the Kelty's. The frame seems good, and so does the padding. No worries about colors. The 38L is an understandable price($200), but 38L just doesn't seem like enough. There's a 58L version, but this is $300, which I just won't pay for a backpack. The LK 35 just seems a bit too small I've seen many of your videos on backpacks, and your insight on this would mean so much to mean. This has been gnawing at me for a while now. Many thanks!

  • lm47
    lm47 3 years ago

    instant coffee sucks

  • lm47
    lm47 3 years ago

    the french press is a jar and plunger in other words you make cowboy coffee with class , any coffee of your choice stir wait 5 min and drink up dose'nt weight anything at all, only thing is you make 6 cups max or whatever u choose, I thought I would let u know. great vids

  • lm47
    lm47 3 years ago

    Hello anybody home?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +lm47 Helllooooo! I didn't hear you knock. haha Seriously though, what's up? - Luke

  • lm47
    lm47 3 years ago

    Luke, real coffee, get a french press at wallmarts and boil water place , coffee into french press and let stand like tea 5 min this will be the best coffee you have ever had. I do at home. no more instant

  • lokisith69
    lokisith69 3 years ago

    Luke, my brother just bought a place in Ashe Co NC and invited me to go hiking and fishing. Is that near you? Looks like the other end of the planet from Richmond VA..

  • TheAnnoyingThingOutdoors

    I don't know what video it was when someone asked about if you read all comments. you said something that some of them is not possible to answer, I have seen that a lot lately, it seems to have something to do with Google+. All though, you have 48 435 followers so far so answering all of us all the time will take a lot of time. At least I understand if you don't answer (yes, I thought you where angry of me once, but I understand now). :-)

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +TheAnnoyingThingOutdoors Hey there brother, I can reply to this message! Haha I can't wait for Google + to be taken out of youtube. It's happening within the next couple of months. I hope that you are well my friend. - Luke

  • Welded Diff
    Welded Diff 3 years ago

    luke have you used the big agnes double z pad in any of your overnighters? id love to see it in one of your trips thanks -JB

  • Don
    Don 3 years ago

    Great channel and video's Luke! Such pleasure to watch. I have a request. Would it be possible to make some video on how to do dishes after using pan (for baked beans :D) and frying pan (bacon) in the field. It seems silly, but I seem to make more of a mess than actually getting things cleaner.Can one use lake water? Thanks

  • Brad Spagnola
    Brad Spagnola 3 years ago

    Hi Luke, I am about to buy my first water micro filter. I am thinking of buying the Katadyn Pro Hiker micro filter. Have you ever used it, and if so what is your opinion of it. Also do you have any other suggestions for a micro filter the may be just as good or better for my first filter. Thanks, Brad.

  • teyacapan
    teyacapan 3 years ago

    hello I sent you my adrees because I was one of the winers of the true nigh creeper walk contest and have not received any package.... thank you

  • stg04562
    stg04562 3 years ago

    Just found your channel. Excellent videos. My compliments on the quality and content. Very informative and entertaining, and your techniques and advice are very sound. Thanks very much!

  • Deng May
    Deng May 3 years ago

    Hi Luck, I'm May , I'm wondering could you please answer my email, I have sent you a lot of emails, but not receive your reply, the Sunwayman C22C is in stock now

  • Sven Thomas
    Sven Thomas 3 years ago

    Hey Luke I'am a bushcrafter from Germany and i enjoy your Videos so much . You such a Smart Art to Show us Things and gear . keep going 😉 All the best for You & Susi stength & Honor

  • Kent Henson
    Kent Henson 3 years ago

    Did you ever take the M.O.L.L.E II rucksack out for a spin? I have my issued ALICE pack, but it really hurts my shoulders now (I'm a 54 year old ret. vet). How waterproof can you make it? On the inside it looks a lot like my ALICE, which means dry sacks and ziplock bags.

  • TweetyAffect
    TweetyAffect 3 years ago

    have you tried a gorka before? there is something magical about those baggy canvas suits.

  • god777able
    god777able 3 years ago

    Hey Luke, it's been awhile since I IM you, been layed up, you know with the broken screw in my spine and all, but you know back problems with you have broken your back, but you inspire me, great job, I still have to send you some things, I still have you PO Box, anyway great to watch you and your wife doing the hikes, keep safe from AZ.

    • god777able
      god777able 3 years ago

      Ok Luke---

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +god777able Hey there brother, how are you doing? Recovering quickly I certainly hope. PM me and we'll talk more. S&H - Luke

  • ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr
    ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr 3 years ago

    Just leavin a message to say Thank you for your videos, they are very easy to watch and you actually sound like a really great guy. Keep up the good work mate, peace from all the way down under.

  • Dillon Huffman
    Dillon Huffman 3 years ago

    +TheOutdoorGearReview Hey Luke, I know how much you love Sierra Trading Post. I recently made a purchase and have a 25% off $100 coupon. If you want it, it's yours. (Or if anyone else does).

    DOCWHOK9 3 years ago

    Hey Luke, please do a story on keeping your gear dry when you only have a light weight Bivy and nothing else, specifically keeping large backpacks dry. I'm just evaluating my own gear. My Oz-Trail Biker Bivy (5kg) is fantastic heavy duty quality but way too bulky for hikes or biking. Just grabbed a Blackwolf Stealth Bivy (1.1kg), cant wait to get it. Also dragged out all the tents i've amassed over the years or decades, one got sacrificed and became a ground sheet/tarp due to rott, another 2 I dont ever believe were even mine (who knows, someones swapped on me). One has split fibreglass poles, and chucked two out keeping the Fly which come in very handy.

  • Jared Taylor
    Jared Taylor 3 years ago

    Hey Luke, love your videos!! I was just going to say, if you are ever looking for somewhere new to hike you should try the Ouachita Mountains. I did a 24 mile loop recently in Oklahoma and it is a really awesome area. The Ouachita Trail is the longest east-west trail in the US at 230+ miles. A friend and I did a segment called the Boardstand-Old Military Loop. There is a really popular 26 miler in the Ouachitas called the Eagle Rock Loop that is pretty amazing as well. People forget that there are mountains in Oklahoma and Arkansas but they are really great! There are lots of great videos on the Eagle Rock Loop and I have a video of the Boardstand-Old Military Loop. I would love to see a video in the area done by you!! Good Luck and keep up the awesome reviews and Adventures!!

  • Lythe13
    Lythe13 3 years ago

    Hi Luke, I subbed not to long ago and have been binge watching your videos for a bit now. Loving TheOutdoorGearReview! I was wondering if you could do a review on the Diamond Brand USMC Two man combat tent. Thanks so much for the great videos and I look forward to many more!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +Lythe13 Thank you Lythe! I have had my eye on this tent for a while now; let me see what I can do. Have a great weekend. - Luke

  • TahoeStyle
    TahoeStyle 3 years ago

    I love your channel....You have inspired me to hike and get back in shape!! I live near the Tahoe National Forest so it is beautiful. If you are ever near the Tahoe area I would like to meet you. You seem like a great family man and in today's world you are a breath of fresh air!!! Thank you, Marc

  • Tony Bonner
    Tony Bonner 3 years ago

    Hello, love your channel, keep the videos coming. Question for you, Do you know of any way I could get two passes into the Las Vegas Shot Show for January of 2016? Feel free to email me at

  • lastdollarfilms
    lastdollarfilms 3 years ago

    I'm hoping you can suggest something or things that might help me ease into hiking again. My short story is I was injured about 16 years ago and am really out of shape. To get back in shape I want to start hiking but I will need to take it very slow at first. Even in the beginning I want to carry a backpack with a days gear assuming I am hiking a trail in a park. Might carry a hammock too. So what pack and or budget gear would you suggest for a day hiker that wants to keep it as light as possible. Any advice at all is welcome. Thanks, Dale

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +lastdollarfilms Since you are getting back into the hiking world again, I won't waste much time talking about which gear you should get because I don't know you. I don't know your tastes or even what gear would work for you but I will suggest this; try on some packs at an outfitter to make sure that you get the right fit for you. From there it's time to hit the trails. Head out, have fun and do what you can do. Like you said yourself, start slow and enjoy it brother. If you need any further help, I'm happy to help. - Luke

  • Scott Pickett
    Scott Pickett 3 years ago

    did you like gregory savent 58

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +Scott Pickett I have a video coming up on that shortly my friend. Filmed it yesterday!- Luke

  • Rusted Mind
    Rusted Mind 3 years ago

    Hey hey, Luke! I've been hooked on your videos since last summer, but since I hate Google so much, I only subscribed to your channel a couple weeks ago. First off, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to get off my butt and getting my stuff together so I can go camping again. Anyway, I've been researching a slick looking tent made by 12 Survivors, called the Shire 2P, and the more I look at it, the more I want to go ahead and buy it. It's a 3 season 2 person tent with aluminum poles, weighing in at 5.7 pounds, and the best part is, the dual vestibules can be turned into awnings with the addition of either trekking poles or sticks. is asking $119.96 for the tent, but both Walmart and Amazon are offering it for $100. However, since I'm still new to camping and want to start backpacking when I can get back in shape(4 degenerated discs and a hernia repair patch big enough to cover my cell phone), I was wondering if you could give your opinion on the tent itself and possibly any thoughts on shaving off some weight. Thanks bro.

  • This space for rent
    This space for rent 3 years ago

    Can you please recommend for me your favorite fixed blade knife for hiking/backpacking. Trying to keep the price around $20 or $30 if possible. Thanks. Love the videos btw.

  • jusj33
    jusj33 3 years ago

    True inspiration , keep up the good work.

  • Warnell Cobbs
    Warnell Cobbs 3 years ago

    I just started backpacking. What would you suggest for a first backpacking trip for a beginner

  • Dennis J Tapio
    Dennis J Tapio 3 years ago

    Hey Luke! I recently took up hiking and camping etc. You have been a real inspiration to me, showing your enthusiasm within this category. I was thinking about buying a new tent(since my old one is already broken, despite being about 2 months old(costed med about 300 swedish kr, which is about 37$... Not a big shock that it broke really..)). I was thinking about a "Snugpak Scorpion 3". And it would be absolutely awesome if you perhaps would make a preview/review/test of that tent? Strength and Honor!

  • Khanclansith
    Khanclansith 3 years ago

    Have you considered a Cache out backpacking trip? Start with one pack and food for one day / night, hike to a set location and switch out your gear for a fresh pack and rations. This is how I did multi-state lengths on the Appalachian Trail.

  • David Rathburn
    David Rathburn 3 years ago

    hey luke best wishes to you all.

  • Chap Chup
    Chap Chup 3 years ago

    oyy Luke, been following and loving your videos and trips for quite a time now. I would like to ask you if you have ever encountered with wild life in your solo camps. Especially wolves and wild boars, i've been planning to go my first solo camp this weekend, and due to heavy snow i will most probably be away at least 8 kilometers away from any human being. There are bears, wolfs and wild boars living in the area i am going to camp. And i am pretty sure i will shit my pants if i encounter with a wolf, cant imagine what will i do with a pack. Any advice?

  • Bradley Macaulay
    Bradley Macaulay 3 years ago

    Hey Luke I have been thinking about something for the past week that I would like to see you put out. A video reviewing basic styles/types of hiking boots / shoes. For someone just starting to get back into bush craft, I don't want to have to purchase a bunch of different boots/shoes to cater to every season and weather I may encounter on different trips. Maybe some waterproof boots could also be used for winter boots? or even hunting boots?. Maybe consider putting in some information about socks as well as they may help increase the window of usefulness of a single pair. Thanks for all the great work you put into your videos. I always enjoy them!

  • WCCN
    WCCN 3 years ago

    Have you ever used the kelty falcon 66 pack, what are your thoughts.

    • WCCN
      WCCN 3 years ago

      +TheOutdoorGearReview Keep up the good work!!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 3 years ago

      +WCCN I have not experience with it as of yet. I'll see what I can do though. - Luke

  • Magnus Forrester
    Magnus Forrester 4 years ago

    Hey Luke Woodswalker ;) Any chance you would review any of the Tentsile tents in the future? Cheers!

    DOCWHOK9 4 years ago

    Just realised once again the importance of good batteries taken along on trips for thngs like Torches. Specifically i'm talking about high maH rated batteries. For example carring a single set in your torch that are 2400mah AAA will outlast and out perform those cheap and nasty 750mah batteries that look like bargains. ;-) You should do a little video on it.

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones 4 years ago

    You may have already answered this in a previous question but I will apologize in an advance and still ask. What is you opinion on the German combat rucksack in Flecktarn? Have you done a review on it? you have a Great channel.

    • Keith Jones
      Keith Jones 3 years ago

      +TheOutdoorGearReview I do have one complaint.... small one. I have a smart TV and its helpful when you create playlists and link similar videos together. The example of this is when I want to watch Overnight Adv or product test I go to the playlists and watch it and you do have a bunch set up this way but I noticed a lot are not categorized. When they are set up as just uploads I have to just keep pushing the arrow till I find a video but if you have a cool gem from your early days I will prob miss it unless I am on my PC. I am totally being lazy here and prob just need to get off the couch! I don't want to complain too much because it is a great channel. Keep up the good work.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Keith Jones Hey there Keith, I haven't reviewed one yet but I have been wanting to get one in. Look for it soon. ATB - Luke

  • ateamNM
    ateamNM 4 years ago

    Luke, I have a request for you that I think you will get more views than any video you have made. If a person was to come to you and say Luke, tell me every piece of equipment I will need for a 5 day pack trip. From socks & shoes, pack, bag, tent, cup, camera, lights, etc. You get my drift. The bigger point is, the very best performance for dollar. Yes I can buy a $300 dollar pack but what is the best pack for best value. You could provide your top 2 picks for everything. Then of course you take that exact kit and do your trip. This is a hard order to fill. Think about it. The fictitious questions is: Luke my house burned down and everything I own is lost. I'm scheduled to leave on a back pack trip in 3 weeks. I need everything for my 5 day trip, even your nasty beans. Ateam

    • Random Button Pusher
      Random Button Pusher 4 years ago

      Wasn't a house burning down, but had to put together a full kit for a city guy when the airline lost all his luggage on his way to link up with us for a week-long wilderness canoe trip in the Canadian bush -- and he arrived at 10 p.m. to our little airport. Three of us from the group went home, dug into our gear closets and had him geared up and in the car by midnight -- and it all worked. Lesson: don't always worry about what is best (the airline had this guy's brand-new "best" and he got our leftovers/also rans), just make sure you have something to work with and make the most of it.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +ateamNM Hahah Nasty Beans? Wha Wha What? Haha Thanks for the suggestion my friend; I will put some thought into this and will see what I can do. The only issue is this; there are so many factors that go into 'which is the best gear' because everyone is so incredibly different; different needs, different environments, etc. That makes it very difficult to say this is the best _______ for the money. Be well and take care, - Luke

  • Oregon Misfit
    Oregon Misfit 4 years ago

    Hey Luke im pretty sure on your last day hike you mentioned talking about making a video of the gear you used during the trip. Anyway im looking for some pants. Pants for summer and winter. You see Bear wearing these waterproof light pants during hot adventures and almost the same pants waterproof for cold weather adventures. I know craghoppers are making his pants but id really like to see a review of some pants a pair for hot but good when it gets wet and pair of pants that do good in the cold but also when wet. I live in the pacific northwest (Oregon) and its either hot and wet or cold and wet weather we deal with and im looking for something that would work for me. I know 1 pair isn't going to cover both hot and cold but id love to see a pair for hot weather and a pair for cold weather.

  • Patrick Randolph
    Patrick Randolph 4 years ago

    Heya, I was wondering are you ever going offer TOGR merchandise? I have check your website several times (maybe I am missing the link or something) but have not seen any items for sale. I got really excited when I saw the give away that had patches. I would really be interested in a bumper sticker as I never really attach patches to anything. If you do have them available or decide to do them one day please let me know. BTW loved he poster in the I/O base layer review.

  • james stein
    james stein 4 years ago

    enjoy your reviews you have helped be become a better hiker. I'm looking for an lightweight backpacking sleeping bag and tent planning a trip to up to a 14,000 ft mtn. I have tried to look at your previous videos with no luck. As I appreciate your non bias view would appreciate any suggestions. Keep up the good work...see ya on the trail.

  • Axel Leimer
    Axel Leimer 4 years ago

    How about a review of a "Budget Friendly" backpack like 3V Gear Paratus?

  • Kim Drikkjaer Laursen

    Hi Luke My name is Kim and I am from Denmark, I just want to say I think good about your canal, as well as your Adjusting to be in the wild. we are a family of 8 who enjoy nature, we stay a part in shelters in Denmark or we take a trip to Norway and Sweden to hike in the mountains or canoeing on rivers. finally, I would say keep up the good work with your youtub channel. best regards kim

  • ramonp485
    ramonp485 4 years ago

    I love your channel, but i want to see some reviews on water filters. I think water is the most important for survival. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  • Tim Ebert
    Tim Ebert 4 years ago

    What part of the country do you shoot in? I really enjoy your videos and you do a nice job of editing them, nice but not over-produced. Thank you for your work and Merry Christmas, Tim

  • Victor Todea
    Victor Todea 4 years ago

    Hey Luke, when are you going to announce the winners of the giveaway, and where?

  • Rusty King
    Rusty King 4 years ago

    Hey there Luke. I have recently started a Wilderness Survival Facebook page. I am knew to making youtube videos and I could use some tips. I could use some ideas and help. What videos should I make to start out? What program do you use to make your videos? I would really appreciate the help! God bless and keep doing what you are doing!

  • Gyesoon Lee
    Gyesoon Lee 4 years ago

    Hello, Winter camping season! How do you treat for waterproofing on your boots, tents and etc? Would you recommend great products on the market?

  • matthias urankar
    matthias urankar 4 years ago

    I was woundering if you would consider doing a deal with the Army cold weather/wet weather system ECWCS III? I have used this system and have grown to like it. I also feel its a little bulky but then again I have yet to use it in the field.

  • Zuby05
    Zuby05 4 years ago

    Luke, maybe you're addressed it in some of your other videos but have you considered the Level 5 PCU softshell system? I know Orc, Patagonia, etc make some high-end versions but there are some Chinese reproductions (Much like Condor) that come in for under $100 for the set. Just a suggestion for you to do whatever you will with it.

  • thunderlord2200
    thunderlord2200 4 years ago

    hey Luke i got a question. could you make a video on how to go lightwight. (or UT camping/hiking on a budget?

  • 2 Hoosier Hikers
    2 Hoosier Hikers 4 years ago

    Luke...Got a question you might be able to answer. My wife got a new laptop and she downloaded Movie Maker 2012 so she can edit our videos. The audio plays but the screen is black and we can't see the video. We've not figured out how to get it work. We've googled the issue but with no resolution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks from The Hoosier Hiker Channel.

  • thomas rhodes
    thomas rhodes 4 years ago

    Hello, I like your videos, but I have a request...if you will pardon me. As you know your way around the outdoors so well, can you find some time in your segments to go into wild edible identification? I am here in Hartford and for the past year I have been unable to find any classes in my area. thanks.

  • mikecinde1
    mikecinde1 4 years ago

    Hey Luke! I was looking for your review on hammocks. I'm considering using one for next season as I'd like to try using a daypack for overnighters. My large pack is just too big and I ALWAYS overpack! I know you've done at least one review. Please help me! Haha. As always, love the videos. Mike

  • Eljon Meminaj
    Eljon Meminaj 4 years ago

    Your videos are very nice,I like the reviews!

  • Ihateyousomuch
    Ihateyousomuch 4 years ago

    Hey Luke, have you considered growing out your beard for a few months? It's very good in the winter and I feel every guy should at least once. I haven't shaved or trimmed my beard in over a year and I love it! Just a thought.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +KnifeNut88 Not a bad idea at all my friend. Might have to let it go for a while. - Luke

  • matthias urankar
    matthias urankar 4 years ago

    These socks have served me well. I bought these about 9 months ago also and I love them. These socks are almost knee high and provide extra cushion in the sole. I wear these socks not only for the Army but at my job with my work boots. At work I stand for almost 12 hours at a pop.

  • matthias urankar
    matthias urankar 4 years ago

    I have been looking at tarps lately, looking for some common man stuff. I ran across this tarp and was wondering if you had any knowledge of it or would like to share some experiences with it.

  • Northeast Outdoorsman

    just picked up a generation 1 ILBE but it came with tan buckles. i contacted the seller and his response was "Generation 1 packs normally have buckles colored black, but on some they are colored tan but still fit the gen 1 buckles" I was wondering if you had any knowledge on the matter

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Northeast Outdoorsman Sadly my friend, I do not. If you plan on adding other gen 1 components I would make sure that the buckles are compatible before making the purchase. - Luke

  • son of the most High

    Hey great channel brother, God bless

  • cara smith
    cara smith 4 years ago

    Hi Luke, I just came across some meal products from Cache Lake. They have a couple cold prep options so you don't even have to boil water. Thought this might be great for a quick meal setting up camp, if something prevents building a fire, or in heat conditions. Some of the hot meals and breads sound good too. Have you ever tried them?

  • DM Cinema
    DM Cinema 4 years ago

    Hey Luke! Here is a question for you. when will you be premiering your Military surplus 2?

  • Dillon Lawrence
    Dillon Lawrence 4 years ago

    Hey Luke its coming close to Halloween. Are you going to do that overnight EVP session like you said in your Up in Clouds adventure? I think that would be really awesome!

  • Aaron Trusty
    Aaron Trusty 4 years ago

    Luke, I have tried to send you a pm about the contest giveaway. I'm unsure if I'm having technical difficulties or user error. Can you please send me a pm. Thank you buddy

  • Jim Bowling
    Jim Bowling 4 years ago

    Luke been watching all your great videos... Thanks so much, I've learned a lot.. Was in scouting in my younger years. So I've done my share of camping... Now I'm older and my son is getting into it, so I've began doing it again.. I saw on one of your videos you had a T.O.G.R patch.. Can your viewers buy them or was it special made.. Again thanks for all your hard work in making these vids

  • Patrick Randolph
    Patrick Randolph 4 years ago

    OK, not sure how to do a private post (I don't want it to seem like I am advertising on your channel) but if you have a chance to look at my channel I posted a howl video for you.

  • Explorers Of The Wild

    I originally posted this as a comment on your Tmart tactical backpack vid, but than thought it'd be better to repost here- nice video, I think it's still good to see the review, even if the product is sub-par at best. If you could I'd (as others I'm sure) would like to see you do a review on the USGI Alice pack? I'd say the medium size as it seems to be more popular than the large. Or maybe a side by side review of both medium and large Alice packs to give folks some insight on which to choose. If you have the time and don't mind I think it would be a great video. thanks

  • Jenn Dickson
    Jenn Dickson 4 years ago

    Luke, 1) Love the videos, I find them inspiring and I love the positive energy that you seem to possess. It seems that nothing drags you down, and I think that's rare and awesome in a person! 2) I was just wondering about your camera/tripod setup. Any chance for a review on what you use? I know that will be a little difficult since you have to use a camera in order to do a review, but you know what I mean lol. Keep the videos coming, this is one of my favorite channels.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Jenn Dickson Hey there Jenn, how are you doing? Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot. In life, we control our lives and our attitudes. In other words, it's what we make it. As for the camera, I've got a video on that. Quick Response : Panasonic HCV700M Camcorder Have a great day and take care. - Luke

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris 4 years ago

    Have you seen the new dridown sleeping bags from kelty yet? I would love to hear your thought on one, or see if you can get one to test and review.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Andrew Harris Hey there Andrew, how are you doing buddy? I haven't see the dridown bags from Kelty but I have seen them from other companies like Big Agnes. I'll see what I can do as far as getting one in. ATB - Luke

  • jeremy hunnicutt
    jeremy hunnicutt 4 years ago

    what website did you get the ACU molly ll. I really would like to purchase one of them. also I love all your vids keep up the great work

  • Mikee
    Mikee 4 years ago

    Luke, Thanks for all the cool vids. Mikee

  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith 4 years ago

    Hey Luke I just watched your military surplus episode and thought it was awsome. I am definitely looking forward to making a few purchases of the mountain hardwear clothing line thanks.

  • allan fabito
    allan fabito 4 years ago

    hey, my name is Allan. I've been watching your channel for quite sometime now.i really liked it, very impormative. just one quick question. do you buy all these gears? or do you ask the companies to send you all of them. and how? thanks

  • Cerdan Teama
    Cerdan Teama 4 years ago

    Luke, what's the name of the SAW you use cutting wood and how long is it? I went through your reviews, I didn't see one on it. Thanks!

    • Cerdan Teama
      Cerdan Teama 4 years ago

      +TheOutdoorGearReview I found your Sven Saw 15 vid, it was way at the bottom. I can't believe I missed it. HAHA! I picked up the 15" at REI tonight. The 21" is a bit more heavier than the 15". The 15" length and lighter weight was the winner for me. Cheers!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Cerdan Teama Are you asking about the Sven Saw 15in? It's a great saw and I will definitely get a video up for you. Cheers. - Luke

  • Patrick Randolph
    Patrick Randolph 4 years ago

    SPECIAL REQUEST: Luke I remember you saying that you like to fish. how's about an overnight fishing trip?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Patrick Randolph Great suggestion my friend. I will see what I can do. Cheers. - Luke

  • My Adventure Colorado

    Great Channel! It's great to see a lot of the gear I have getting the seal of approval from someone else! I sent you a question through Facebook...not sure if that was the correct place to send you a question but I never can find my TVclip messages since they changed things up the last time haha. Anyway...keep up the good work! - Aaron

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +stratagize Hey Aaron, I will check facebook and reply to your message. I hate youtube messages. I can't find anything either. Be well and take care. - Luke

  • John James
    John James 4 years ago

    I love watching your videos, it this sort of video that really makes me interested in the outdoor world. Your mentality and attitude is truly inspiring, can't wait to see your next video.

  • Onix Bloodstone
    Onix Bloodstone 4 years ago

    I LOVE your channel! I just got a streaming device for my tv and you were the first video I looked at. Totally hooked. FYI this is my trail name. Glad to see Susie getting out also, helps my wife think she can. If you can't the dog. Keep up the GREAT work.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Onix Bloodstone Thank you very much Onix. We are glad that you all enjoyed it. All the best to you both. - Luke

  • iliamontreal
    iliamontreal 4 years ago

    A really great channel, hope to see many more videos from you!

  • brandedcfh420
    brandedcfh420 4 years ago

    I saw you went to Grandfather Mtn. I am in Charlotte NC and would like to know of some great spots around here to check out for future campouts, if you can help out plz!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +brandedcfh420 Sadly my friend, I don't know a great deal about Charlotte. That place is too big for my liking. Cheers. - Luke

  • Aaron L
    Aaron L 4 years ago

    Hey Luke, in your video 'The Bushcraft Lunch Day Hike In The Back Country' you mention that if anyone wants the recipe of what you cook we should just ask. Do you think you could give me the recipe for the rice and sausage thing you cook? That would be great! Thanks.

  • Zachery Bronstorph
    Zachery Bronstorph 4 years ago

    hey luke im looking into getting a new overnight pack what liter size do you think a beginner/ intermediate camper should use for a onenight/ day hike

  • Luke Jester
    Luke Jester 4 years ago

    Do you think you could ever take a look at the Eureka Downrange Series tents?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Luke Jester Let me see what I can do Luke. Have a great one. - Luke

  • Simon Götz
    Simon Götz 4 years ago

    What a great channel! I was wondering, if you make your own hiking food. All I've seen in the videos are the store sold meal pouches. I'd be interested in creating such meals myself, from dried ingredients I have at home, or that are available in (maybe specialized) stores. Would love to see your ideas for DIY hiking meal portions. Healthy and clean eating appeals to me, that's why I'd be interested in your opinions. P.S. What a wonderfully positive attitude you have! It's contagious even through youtube. Awesome! Even better with Susie.

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Simon Götz Hey there Simon, how are you doing my friend. Thank you for commenting and for you kind words. When it comes to meals the only video that I have done so far is this; Outdoor Meal Recipe - Rice, Meat, Cheese -The Outdoor Gear Review Cheers. - Luke

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas 4 years ago

    Awesome channel man, keep up the good videos. Where do you vote on what you're going to use on your next adventure?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +Karl Thomas Hey there Karl, I have a link in each of the voting videos and I will have another one coming up soon.

  • Therealalcon
    Therealalcon 4 years ago

    i heard that you wanted a fjällräven tent, let me know if i can help you whit that. Regards.

  • Neil Barker
    Neil Barker 4 years ago

    Just wanted to say thanks for all of your videos. The day hikes & over-nighters are great -- almost like we're along hiking. Good cure for those of us stuck in cubicles all day!

  • whoismike-Magical Unicorn UberMaxTramp-truong

    Thanks Luke for what you do!! I definitely know that you don't have to do all of this and I really appreciate the honesty and thoroughness that you take to get the best results out of all the bit of kit & gear that you test and review. Keep up the great stuff!! Maybe one of these days we'll get you into more of the hammock camping!! Until then...Strength and Honor!! Be well, my friend!!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      +whoismiketruong Thank you so much my friend. I really appreciate that. For our next trip out, I promise, there will be a hammock to vote on. Strength and Honor my friend. -Luke

  • panzer MacDuff
    panzer MacDuff 4 years ago

    Luke my good man!!! Good to see ur hand is better n tysm for that great vid on 1st aid!! How ever i do have a good question for you!!! What do you use to sharpen ur bk7-bk9??? I was wondering. lol I jsut realized i lost my stone on my last hike/camping trip! And i am looking for something to keep in my edc bag for hikes/camping trip. Im wondering what you use int he field?!! Hiope to hear frm you soon my good buddy!! GET UP DUST OFF PRESS ON!!1 SEMPER FI LUKE!! OOOOOHHHH RRRRAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    • panzer MacDuff
      panzer MacDuff 4 years ago

      SEMPER FI MR LUKE!!! Yes sir you are right there! always pressing on!!! tysm brotha! i was useing a lansky stone here n thats what i lost!! it was rather on the large side 2 or 3 pounds i think it weight'd at!! Cool i'll get anther small lansky stone! tysm brotha for the info!! I've seen all theses small hand held gizmo's but i dident know if they were worth it! I dident want to tear apart the blade on my bk7-bk9!! A stone will work just fine! TYSM MR LUKE!! OOOOOHHHHHH RRRRAAAHHH GET UP DUST OFF PRESS ON!! BE GOOD MR LUKE!

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      We are always pressing on aren't we brother! No doubt about it. As for sharping, I typically use a Lansky Dual Grit Sharpener stone. It's simple and effective but large so you may not want to keep that in your EDC bag. For your EDC I would carry a simple sharpening stone, something that would sharpen the blade but may not get you to a razors edge. I would only worry about that sort of level of sharpness once I was home. Be well my friend. - Luke

  • Mikee
    Mikee 4 years ago

    Luke, I want to go backpacking, but I have this fear of the dark/unknown. I know its from all the horror movies I watch and bad things I hear in the news. Is there anything you can recommend?

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      Start by staying close to home and just do it. Get comfortable. You will see quickly that there is nothing out there that wants anything to do with you. Be well my friend. - Luke

  • Rami Alzein
    Rami Alzein 4 years ago

    can you make a video with recommendations for gear for a beginner backpacker? Specific products that have been proven trustworthy as well as cost affective

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      My friend there is so much good gear out there and without going into specifics I recommend that you look around. Shop for the good deals and don't be afraid of buying used. You can easily get top of the line gear for prices for new lower level (good) gear. If you have any questions about specific gear let me know. - Luke

  • Brian Drexler
    Brian Drexler 4 years ago

    Hey Luke ran across this pack and I am getting no luck on price or any other info found it on It is called PRM-1 Pack... Anychance you could check into it? From the pictures I see on Pinterest it looks like a awesome pack...

  • NisseAron
    NisseAron 4 years ago

    This is an awesome channel! If you enjoy Fjällrävens products you should also check out Haglöfs and Lundhags. Two really great swedish companies that make top notch outdoor gear! Lundhags boots are probably the best looking boots you will find on the planet :) Keep at it! Nisse (from Sweden)

  • bryan byrne
    bryan byrne 4 years ago

    great channel i definitely do wish i could go out hicking and camping as much as you do. But id like to put in a request for you to take a pack of red beans and rice with some sausage i feel that you will very much enjoy it.

  • chris acosta
    chris acosta 4 years ago

    i would like to see this reviewed if you could.

  • Ssgogo1
    Ssgogo1 4 years ago

    hey luke was wondering if you could please please use the improved combat shelter for you next outing it looks so good if you could put it on the polls for the next campout

    • TheOutdoorGearReview
      TheOutdoorGearReview 4 years ago

      I will definitely make that an option to vote on for the next trip. Cheers. - Luke