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  • Cthulhu 669
    Cthulhu 669 15 minutes ago

    How about comparison of this ruck with the ILBE AND the FILBE? Can you attach some kind of assault pack to it? I suppose you could sew on straps and buckles/tabs and do it how and what you want

  • tree rat76
    tree rat76 19 minutes ago

    You mean. Ucp

  • rc3291
    rc3291 2 hours ago

    Beef up the frames, add some MOLLE straps and belt to an ALICE and reissue it.

  • The .Monolith
    The .Monolith 2 hours ago

    Does anyone have any good tutorial links on DIY solutions as alternatives for the pricey Skeeter Beater?

  • Steve Bailey
    Steve Bailey 2 hours ago

    I would have put the tarp on the entrance side of the tent, make a fire between the two.walk from the tarp and straight to bed with a fire outside the entrance. Just my opinion.

  • babayaro07 mac
    babayaro07 mac 3 hours ago

    worst thing about winter camping is the need for a no.2 late at night when its blowing a blizzard. Horrible

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat 3 hours ago

    Nice for short hikes. It has a cool factor for sure.

  • Kurt Ellmauer
    Kurt Ellmauer 5 hours ago

    You speak of the fuel being relatively cheap, but how easily is it sourced? If I was hiking the AT, could I get this easily in a town or would I have to do some planning around my resupply?

  • James Tomko
    James Tomko 5 hours ago

    What is the burn time for the fuel vs. traditional stove fuel?

  • partyheartyboy
    partyheartyboy 5 hours ago

    Hello Luke. I have to say I do enjoy the cinematic style you use in your video. The introduction sequence and different shot angles throughout the video. Well done! 🤗🤗

  • Whitney Stokes
    Whitney Stokes 7 hours ago

    What coat are you wearing? Very nice

  • appleseedfanatic
    appleseedfanatic 8 hours ago

    My China backpack from walmart has more compartments and carry options. The fabric rips though cause its ChinaTown

  • Ernie Labarr
    Ernie Labarr 9 hours ago

    Luke awesome video until you started cooking. Throw the can of beans into the garbage!!! Nothing can touch. Then you have a good meal.

  • Brian Green
    Brian Green 10 hours ago

    I really enjoy your videos👍

  • Thereal111t
    Thereal111t 11 hours ago

    They call that a wind shield? It seems like more of a heat shield to me. (More to protect the fuel than the flame)

  • Amber Bamber
    Amber Bamber 11 hours ago

    Nearly all woodland in the 🇬🇧 is privately owned, would love to do something like this. Loved the video, especially the sound quality. Thanks for sharing

  • Jimmy Zulu
    Jimmy Zulu 11 hours ago

    It looks like a well made jacket but is it worth the extra money if you can buy something like the Marmot precip for half the price?

  • Shaun B
    Shaun B 13 hours ago

    Misery loves company....

  • Semper fidelis Semper Paratus

    A piece of shit trust me

  • Neeman Callender
    Neeman Callender 13 hours ago

    Big Agnes makes tent poles for tents like this $45 @ 200g 7oz Check them out I use them on the Big Agnes Scout Plus

  • Raymundo Garcia
    Raymundo Garcia 14 hours ago

    200 pounds

  • Seann Thor
    Seann Thor 14 hours ago

    Thanks for sharing the journey !

  • Raymundo Garcia
    Raymundo Garcia 14 hours ago

    No detachable assault pac . looks like a old design . The one we had was better and that was in the 1990s. And i dont mean the Alice pac . It would hold 200 pounds of gear .

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall 15 hours ago

    Where can we get one ??

  • Smood47
    Smood47 15 hours ago

    Your videos are always choppy man.

  • Beira Mar
    Beira Mar 15 hours ago

    No vids using the bivy in a blizzard? Why not??

  • Smood47
    Smood47 15 hours ago

    I think Teton makes the amazon basics hiking pack that you didn't like. Hrm weird.

  • jo po
    jo po 16 hours ago

    This guy is an idiot Soto one of the the best of the best. Omg

  • Ronald Treitner
    Ronald Treitner 17 hours ago

    let's sell overpriced, poorly designed tents, if we just say its military we'll sell a ton. my god, give me two shelter halves anyday, at least they were multipurpose.

  • A Simple Odyssey
    A Simple Odyssey 18 hours ago

    Susan, excellent video. You did a terrific job. It takes courage for anyone to camp alone. You just set the example of a woman being self-reliant. 😎👍👍 I look forward to more vids. You're a natural.

  • Eric M
    Eric M 18 hours ago

    Nice but not in my range.

  • mark scott
    mark scott 18 hours ago

    Condensation issues?

  • Goku supersaiya
    Goku supersaiya 19 hours ago

    it is made in china

  • 64maxpower
    64maxpower 19 hours ago

    Junior! Get in the car!

  • AngeliqueKaga
    AngeliqueKaga 19 hours ago

    Sometimes you WHINE toooo much Luke!

    NOYB NOYGDB 20 hours ago

    LOL.... I doubt I could get it over that split in 4 tries.

  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace 21 hour ago

    So they took out the shelf to stow shit higher in the ruck? Tragic.

  • Stephen Pak
    Stephen Pak 21 hour ago

    Thank you Luke, for a person with disability wishing to explore outdoors but can’t, your videos are a joy to watch. PTL. Keep up your great work, I hope companies will pay you for all the free advertising your doing!

  • Nigel Hedley
    Nigel Hedley 23 hours ago

    ... always remember that your kit is made by the lowest bidder ... or who pushed the biggest bung ....

  • Walter Cullars
    Walter Cullars 23 hours ago

    Give me two tarps. Why charge someone $600 for that. Wow.

  • Peter Martin
    Peter Martin 23 hours ago

    Nice review thanks ! Cool stove . But more of a concept than a stove .

  • Robert Gephart
    Robert Gephart 23 hours ago

    Great video, I live in southern Arizona so seeing that ice on the tarp is crazy lol

  • Henrik Stenlund

    Thanks for this one, good hiking job. I have earlier made my longest day trips of 32 km and longest week trips of 128 km with 35 kg on my back. That was heavy! Now I am not able to do it anymore and you have given some insight on the ultralight hiking which I may try. Btw, you have an exceptional special lady. Very few can do what she does and smiling all the way, WOW.

    TRIB U LATION Day ago

    Hey very young luke and Susie :) 2019 here, damn we got old lol, I hope after Susie's resent first solo trip you both will start doing this gear loadout etc vids again. I never saw this video or others like this :P but I like how you both were in 2014, i'm not trying to be mean but stop trying to be so professional like in 2019 lol I like you both and enjoy the simpleness you brought. I think you were on to something here and fell away cuz of life.. but now that your both doing trips I hope to see more of you both just using gear and commenting on the usefulness with 1st impression of it. I/we just like your mojo you bring. I personally could care less about an $1500 tent I never will want lol, but i'm here for you.. not the gear. remember that :)

  • David Earl
    David Earl Day ago

    Well done Susie. Watching from the UK, no bears here so what`s in a bear canister?

  • William Whitney

    Great editing, Luke!

  • davearonow
    davearonow Day ago

    "We have come up to our favorite winter camping spot". And by "we" I mean me and all the people in my head.

  • Take the red pill Wilson

    Your bed a tent. Good idea

  • Diggz11
    Diggz11 Day ago

    Rather see a deer being consumed by another animal(s) than being hit by a car.

  • gerald miller
    gerald miller Day ago

    if the army told me to carry 120 pounds on my back i would probably go awol. i have 2 medium alice packs. i have 3 modern backpacks. a 30 liter and 2-40 liter packs. that is enough for me. heat exaustion is not on my bucket list.

  • neworleans 1990

    i like it because you don’t have to carry a wind guard it has it’s own built in

  • Marjie Cleveland

    Awesome solo hike, Susie! You rocked it!

    DUY VLOGS Day ago

    I really like your video, thanks for your support

  • Andy Gustafson

    More zpack and ultralight product reviews please! Mountaineering product reviews would also be appreciated!

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor Day ago

    These sound good for cooler climates and mountain hikes, and I would perhaps wear shorts in warmer weather. Zippered vents though? Not so impressed... Poppered pockets? Difficult to do up with gloves on and a route for cold to get in. I would prefer velcro...

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor Day ago

    Clothes often have pockets sewn closed because the IRA used to slip cassette sized incendiary devices in them in UK department stores!

  • Martin Carson
    Martin Carson Day ago

    One of the things I learned to do is to hang a bell on my pack to make noise warning bears of my presence.

  • French River Outdoors

    Those cans of fuel are an environmental nightmare when empty Nice review but I’d never buy one.

  • Glenn Fryer
    Glenn Fryer Day ago

    I would like to see how it handles wind and heavy rain ...

  • Andy Webb
    Andy Webb Day ago

    It’s not finding Nemo. It’s finding the cash! 😖😅🤣

  • Pistolwhip100
    Pistolwhip100 Day ago

    i love how this guys actually smiles and loves his trips


    No stove in 10 years or I'd be cooking.

  • William Sheehe

    Zpacks is a good company that stands by their product. The target market for this tent is ultralight thru-hikers. Think about it... AT is 2,100 plus miles for 5 months... you need a reliable tent and the per night price is actually a bargain. I know a triple crown thru-hiker that still uses the original with some maintenance through.

  • Anilkumar Jani

    Too expensive and apart from the weight advantage over its competitors not worth the price with basically nothing new to offer. No fish holes or handle to hang over a fire or graduation marks. If you have money to burn over a fire than go for it.

  • Amber Bamber
    Amber Bamber Day ago

    Looks very unique but my trangia 27 gas is so versatile I can't see it being replaced anytime soon. Great review thanks for sharing

  • Otis010707
    Otis010707 Day ago

    Got this pack from Sportsmans Guide yesterday for $50 incl S&H! Awesome pack and it even came with the sustainment pouches. Initial opinion is WOW! Luke, LOVE your videos buddy! Keep it up!

  • Cheap Ole Gun Guy

    Never been a fan of the MOLLE system.

  • Matt Moulton
    Matt Moulton Day ago

    Could you please post the model numbers of the pouches? I'm looking to source some of them for my new medical pack.

  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Day ago

    MRE is fantastic 😂🤣😂

  • Kenneth Williams

    You can buy tea that isn't caffeine free.

  • Dragon Medic67

    This guy is not a soldier.

  • Wired Wrong
    Wired Wrong Day ago

    I would like to see how it dose in heavy rain.

  • Joel Corley Productions

    Great review, thanks, but I like the colors they use. Makes for great camp pix IMO and night time camp pix with a light inside. I agree that the fly should extend more over the back window.

  • lufkin412
    lufkin412 Day ago

    HAHA, person who hates guns sends people with guns to your house, solid logic on her part.

  • Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

    It looks like it'll make a neat camping bag for civilians, or bugout bag for preppers, but I see the plastic frame and I cringe

  • Kenneth Williams

    Loved the joke

  • Stephane Laliberte

    Luke....what kind of pack are you using please?

  • Pedro H. S. Torres

    I waited a long time for this... theee best "previewer" with the, probably, best tent. My dream is a triplex. But you guys have no idea how expensive it is for us, Brazilians.

  • Andrew Karppinen

    I really like all the features. It just comes with a high cost as you stated. If I was able to go out several times a month I'd invest in this set-up though.

  • S. Sagen
    S. Sagen Day ago

    I'm amazed people think the price is "too much" when they will blow $600 on useless garbage in no time. My Duplex makes me want to go backpacking just so I can sleep in it! I have bad knees and investing in lightweight gear is a necessity, and (admittedly) an addiction!

    • Diana Hammond
      Diana Hammond 22 hours ago

      Buy quality, cry crap cry twice! LOL

  • Joel R.
    Joel R. Day ago

    Seriously, $600 for that. Let's come back to reality and something sensible people can really use!!!! Hope that was donated to you by a viewer.

  • ᚳᚩᚾᛋᚳᛁᚩᚢᛋ ᚹᚻᛁᛏᛖ

    These tents are really worth the price. Yeah it’s steep but if it lasts 300 uses that’s $2 a use. You get what you pay for guys.

    • Booz Boozy
      Booz Boozy Day ago

      Hi buds, can I get a $1 per use so it could last for 600 uses.

  • S. Sagen
    S. Sagen Day ago

    My Duplex is my favorite piece of equipment. I love the moonlight coming through the Dyneema - it is ethereal. At $600, it is a steal. It's lighter than a hammock (I hate hammocks) and it provides a ridiculous amount of space inside - more than enough for my 80lb Siberian husky and I. I've never had condensation problems with it even in the winter. I have the flex poles as an option, but I feel it's stronger with trekking poles.

  • ᚳᚩᚾᛋᚳᛁᚩᚢᛋ ᚹᚻᛁᛏᛖ

    If i was to spend that much on a tarp id at least spend the 30 bucks extra for green

  • ChOiCeS
    ChOiCeS Day ago

    That looks like crap.

  • Corey Henry
    Corey Henry Day ago

    Looks like a bunch of stupid unnecessary features. Of coarse the Army bought it.

  • Allen Mitchell

    Back in the early 90's, I was stationed at Fort Drum. I was issued one of the fancy new rucks. I had a friend stationed at Fort Devens with the 10th Group. I showed him and his friends this new ruck, and the one response that said it all was, "Great, now they will want us to carry more shit!".

  • Qstoves How to

    Recently found you and your channel. After watch a dozen or so or your videos I have to say that I really respect what you are doing. You have a great theme, tempo and message to us all that watch.

  • Terry Harris
    Terry Harris Day ago

    Ex New Zealand infantry man from the early 1980's,my old Alice pack is still going strong on my weekly pack marches and trips to the bush.

  • Frank Livermore

    All great info but no bacon...that's a tough one. Gonna have to stand my ground - against the black bears anyway. I'm only sort of tough.

  • damon frazee
    damon frazee Day ago

    Mystery Ranch has rucks that are WAY better than this POS. Of course they made it for SF to their specifications and you’ll pay for it, but it’s worth it

  • Freeman Grace
    Freeman Grace Day ago

    Thanks for a thorough review and thanks for getting straight to the point........unlike most TVcliprs who feel obligated to inform the world of their breakfast menu choices and how they are feeeeeeling. Thanks brother.

  • Billy Sniper
    Billy Sniper Day ago

    You talk to much in the video instead off showing what you are doing to the Shelter

  • Mass Effect
    Mass Effect Day ago

    Easy to make!!!

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Day ago

    lovely video...very honest guy

  • LoomyX
    LoomyX Day ago

    That thing looks like something a hobo would construct out of some scrap plastic sheets. But hey, a billion dollar satellite looks like it's wrapped in the same aluminium foil I have in my kitchen drawer, so...

  • Marcus Atkinson

    This tent is worthless in a rain storm.

  • Debbie Deaver
    Debbie Deaver 2 days ago

    Is thelanshan tent worth the mony andduribily