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  • akeley tanha
    akeley tanha 6 years ago

    Iov ths song

  • neve hampton
    neve hampton 7 years ago

    <3 sexxiii beast off a song <3

  • James K
    James K 8 years ago

    he tried, bless

  • Tobias Sound
    Tobias Sound 8 years ago

    Colby O'Donnis is so talented and he really should be more popular than he is. This is a really catchy song and as someone said below, it is very underrated. This is a great song, props to Colby O'Donnis for doin what he does. Hey, if anyone has a minute or too, check out christobiasindahouse on youtube really quick. I'm making music and trying to get out there and every view would really help me out, thanks guys.

  • 26lyly
    26lyly 8 years ago

    Colby O' Donnis Adoooooooooooooooooro I love you Colby

  • Amanda Rivera
    Amanda Rivera 8 years ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG! Colby is so cute

  • Thomas Bearns
    Thomas Bearns 8 years ago


  • brandollarz
    brandollarz 9 years ago

    this is sooo cack!

  • Milani Shaver
    Milani Shaver 9 years ago

    This song is so cute. Love u Colby!!!

  • sauce
    sauce 9 years ago

    very good

  • dudewithalaptop
    dudewithalaptop 9 years ago

    i loved this song and im having he made a vid for it...perfect song for when im in a car in the back and im lonely

  • Yvonne Vink
    Yvonne Vink 9 years ago

    i want the lyrics !!! love this love this

  • w0rdy007
    w0rdy007 9 years ago

    Anyone else love the pepsi advertising? I really want 1 Now and AKON IS LEGEND!

  • conordeman123
    conordeman123 9 years ago

    it says konvict lol r u blind?

  • patrick whelan
    patrick whelan 9 years ago

    wheres senegal

  • lildady77
    lildady77 9 years ago

    The American love very Paris lol (I am Parisian)

  • Carlos Luis
    Carlos Luis 9 years ago

    owned music QQ

  • x HecTiic
    x HecTiic 9 years ago

    akon is the best :P

  • mckluskenberry
    mckluskenberry 9 years ago

    Nadya Nepomnyashaya

  • Paul Skovronsky
    Paul Skovronsky 9 years ago

    Akon is Commercial Shit !

  • Theo
    Theo 9 years ago


  • moa m
    moa m 9 years ago

    Who is the girl in the video always following him around wherever he are ?

    MONROSE 10 years ago

    soooo coollll i like it AKON!!!! the best ever :)))))

  • ayoub waddi
    ayoub waddi 10 years ago

    wow i was just looking for this video a while tnx !!!! thank you very much !!!!!!!!

  • Kat
    Kat 10 years ago

    I got this in my Recommended box, and I'm quite offended.

  • mahir choudhury
    mahir choudhury 10 years ago

    supa song this iz akons fav song he sed :D - i see why

  • Noah Moon
    Noah Moon 10 years ago

    AKON! i LOVE YA MAN:)) <3

  • Mike Sutehall
    Mike Sutehall 10 years ago

    Loving the song

  • Piya Kalam
    Piya Kalam 10 years ago

    i jus heard dis 2day n i luv it alredy

  • Dazzlerist
    Dazzlerist 10 years ago

    AKON THE BEST!! Everything he touches turns in gold

  • CTurbinado
    CTurbinado 10 years ago


  • Canadis
    Canadis 10 years ago


  • Canadis
    Canadis 10 years ago

    Very cool guy, this Akon. Keep us coming for more man!!!

  • rapandrnb
    rapandrnb 10 years ago

    akon is seorsuy the best r&b hip hop start around, evry single song for the album freedom should have reached at leats in the top 10 on the bollboard 100 most of them should have been n1 seorusly, u gota love him tho

  • savblecobu
    savblecobu 10 years ago

    this doesn't make any sense, this text is way of like other songs made by "him", u americans are realy stupid nation beacuse u make a star someone who has a rich dady, i bet my life that he can;t sing without playback, but u just keep buying it, until u all gona be a pop star!

  • Masha Cern
    Masha Cern 10 years ago

    reminds me of val. HOOOT.

  • xxmissdelensxx
    xxmissdelensxx 10 years ago

    j'adore cette zik et son style ♥

  • Asama47815673
    Asama47815673 10 years ago


  • Kajetan Perzyński
    Kajetan Perzyński 10 years ago


  • Erdoan Solvang
    Erdoan Solvang 10 years ago

    its a pepsi cool song like it

  • CTurbinado
    CTurbinado 10 years ago

    haha u know it! ;)

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    lol what a video aswell, soooo manyy fitt gyallls :p nyccc :D

  • Ms Lady like
    Ms Lady like 10 years ago

    i love dis song one of my fav songz on his album

  • yung trol
    yung trol 10 years ago

    pepsi product placement so annoying

  • CTurbinado
    CTurbinado 10 years ago

    WHAT A TUNE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • User123456 789
    User123456 789 10 years ago


  • CTurbinado
    CTurbinado 10 years ago

    bare tune!

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    i dont know uknow, its always like that with music videos, especially with akon i guess :p well its heree now in HD (h)

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    hahah funny gyall :p i likee it :p nah im only messin, hope u enjoy the rest of my videos :D

  • mirrorcard
    mirrorcard 10 years ago

    I know. 0_o

    STARMAN's PAD 10 years ago

    Hey Man W3 D0nt C4re The Best Video And Your Chanel Have A Great Music Thanks Man Greetings From Mexico

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    i could pay u back in a different way, at night ;) :p

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    haha dikheaddd, like u can do any better! :p

  • süm baris
    süm baris 10 years ago

    hamaaaaaaaaaaa songgggggggggggggg gib ihmmmmmmmmm

  • Zohra Hussain
    Zohra Hussain 10 years ago

    bt its big now.. it always happens lyk dat, it weird

  • Crep Boy
    Crep Boy 10 years ago

    look at his quadidas jacket

  • knoss44
    knoss44 10 years ago

    ey yo akon is for me the best pop and rnb singer at the moment ,but we cant compare him to MJ now but may be after in next 20 years ....SENEGAMBIA IN FORCE

  • shamira kavanagh
    shamira kavanagh 10 years ago

    Me && nick are in the video : x

  • Flexsin
    Flexsin 10 years ago

    MJ and Akon have completely different styles of music you just cannot compare them

  • IgboEmpress
    IgboEmpress 10 years ago

    Even Akon would smack you for saying that.

    PCANGELDUST 10 years ago

    you suck out, AKON SUCKS what you gonna do little girl. You cant compare him to MJ lol. Once again AKON SUCKS

    PCANGELDUST 10 years ago

    I hate Akon He is so shit. OOOO aaa OOOO constanly.

  • Robert Barrett
    Robert Barrett 10 years ago


  • Nokkha Wangsa
    Nokkha Wangsa 10 years ago

    d song is beutifl....

    PCANGELDUST 10 years ago

    fuck akon you kont

  • paparazzo de Angola
    paparazzo de Angola 10 years ago

    apré Michael jackson c Akon le meilleur du pop et r&b

  • Julie Wilkie
    Julie Wilkie 10 years ago


  • Kelly Vella
    Kelly Vella 10 years ago

    hes dd best everrrr !!

  • Nicole Robinson
    Nicole Robinson 10 years ago

    love this song and akon is sexy :P

  • Jaime Dimillo
    Jaime Dimillo 10 years ago

    omg this song rules

  • Aoife H
    Aoife H 10 years ago

    I love this song!!

  • fallx x95
    fallx x95 10 years ago

    hi someone eat me

  • Danny Nguyen
    Danny Nguyen 10 years ago

    one of his best songs

  • Julie Wilkie
    Julie Wilkie 10 years ago

    love iiiiiit

  • brooketauby
    brooketauby 10 years ago

    good song but not as good as freedom x

  • brooketauby
    brooketauby 10 years ago

    good song but freedoms better :P x

  • Senttel
    Senttel 10 years ago

    Akon's girlfriend really nice :P Respect 4 Akon

  • mohamed khalifa
    mohamed khalifa 10 years ago

    finally my wish is true ....a video 4 this hot song :) ....really good work from kon

  • topazdj
    topazdj 10 years ago

    loving this tune even though i'm a drum n bass girl through and through! big ups!

  • Tmilsted
    Tmilsted 10 years ago

    love akon

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    chill ive removved it, i ait havin none of that crap on my videos

  • Blue Stuart
    Blue Stuart 10 years ago

    just because jackson died doesnt mean everyone else is alright

  • Aoife H
    Aoife H 10 years ago

    love this

  • titime49
    titime49 10 years ago

    is she really his girlfriend?

  • blobgripper
    blobgripper 10 years ago

    The King of collaboration comes out with another hit single

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head 10 years ago

    ive been thinking of doing that recently, this video has made my channel a hit. ill get back to you. this is becuase the way i make my videos is through screen recording, that why i can get them rally good quality, and then i convert the video to hd (h) hopefully ill make a filesharing account :D

  • newfiecc
    newfiecc 10 years ago

    akon is the best he is so sexy woohoo love u akon and i hope u dont die on us<3

  • eminemfan111girl
    eminemfan111girl 10 years ago

    i hope cuz ya know anything could crash,plain crash,sickness anything! he could be shot! but i hope u lasts another 30yrs

  • Jordan Reynolds
    Jordan Reynolds 10 years ago

    hey.. urm, do you think you could post a download link for us to download this song pls>>>??

  • Joey Valdez
    Joey Valdez 10 years ago

    reminds me of ma 8th grade prom...XD

  • anish4
    anish4 10 years ago

    nice track!!!!

  • Mart Heidemann
    Mart Heidemann 10 years ago

    so goood, where to download??

  • eminemfan111girl
    eminemfan111girl 10 years ago

    lol good point! sorry akon lol! i love this song!

  • Di Hiong Tan
    Di Hiong Tan 10 years ago

    Sad when he dies? Do you want to jinx him? lol

  • Di Hiong Tan
    Di Hiong Tan 10 years ago


  • eminemfan111girl
    eminemfan111girl 10 years ago

    i love this song.......i love akon its gonna be sad when he dies......... I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

  • helvecio1992
    helvecio1992 10 years ago

    Angola MTF Im ur fuckin ass Yheaaaaa Angolaaa

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick 10 years ago

    likin this tune and basically all of his

  • Arin M
    Arin M 10 years ago

    cool song!! the vdo's a lil scary tho.. thanks lots for uploading! ps. rihanna's hot in this vdo!! lol

  • mikey13carbis
    mikey13carbis 10 years ago

    no its not freedom is sik u fukin idiot people these days they think they no everything about singing but they dont