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  • Barbara Weekley
    Barbara Weekley 2 days ago

    Why didn't they shoot him he kept doing it to me her jump on her they did not protect her from at all that cop should of shot him

  • michael truthson
    michael truthson 2 days ago

    Damn I see George Lucas watched fright night huh. "Take my hand Edward be my apprentice learn to use the power of the vamp side".

  • Rodriguez Anidreb
    Rodriguez Anidreb 2 days ago

    Sorriest cop ever

  • Marvin Williams
    Marvin Williams 5 days ago

    I would have shot his ass. My mom experienced abuse with my dad and I was too small to help her. Never again! I’ll risk going to jail for life if it means saving the life of a woman from an abusive man.

  • Marshan Thomas
    Marshan Thomas 7 days ago

    they should had shot him

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young 14 days ago

    I go John McClane Bourne Ryan Bond Hunt Wick on his ass. Hurting a poor woman like that. Dude needs to get his ass whooped like bad

  • Neja Roshani
    Neja Roshani 17 days ago

    This is the first time ever I feel bad for the so called '' villain " and doesn't mind the victims being SLAUGHTERED INTO PATHETIC NESS!!! Poor candyman, he deserves to be free from the misery of restlessness...😢

  • wpgjets4life
    wpgjets4life 17 days ago

    Some updates: Charles "Buck" Thurman was released from prison in 1991. In 1999, he was again in trouble with the law for domestic violence. Tracy's son Charles Jr. has been in and out of jail since he was 18. His convictions include assault, domestic violence, drug possession and dealing. Possession of unregistered firearms.

  • User Name
    User Name 21 day ago

    "You invited me in. That's how it always works" So Trickster's a vampire 😁

  • User Name
    User Name 21 day ago

    Ohhh! Connor turned off the record player just as the song was about to kick in lol. What's the name of that song by the way?

    • User Name
      User Name 12 days ago

      @Abdul Adeshina Listened to "welcome to this world" will check other one shortly.

    • Abdul Adeshina
      Abdul Adeshina 14 days ago

      @User Name don't mention it. Check out of Whales and Woe by Les Claypool too while you're at it

    • User Name
      User Name 14 days ago

      @Abdul Adeshina Thank you.

    • Abdul Adeshina
      Abdul Adeshina 14 days ago

      Welcome to This World by Primus

  • User Name
    User Name 21 day ago

    "Every man has his limits" 😁 More than 20 years since I've seen this movie and I still remember that line.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside 22 days ago

    Ty for these

  • James McCutchan
    James McCutchan 24 days ago

    Cops should've shot that m.f.

  • Daneg
    Daneg 25 days ago

    Well that was disturbing as fuck. I’m gonna watch something wholesome now. Ok byyye.

  • Crazy Guy
    Crazy Guy 27 days ago

    "They won't pick on you anymore, or beat you up... I'll see to that"

  • 36 uno gang
    36 uno gang Month ago


  • Spitfire Lightworker

    Weak little coward.

  • keta pinkrose
    keta pinkrose Month ago

    This scene makes me mad. What kind of cops are these? If this happened today the man would be dead.

  • Nes Hawk aka Beloved

    Even as a kid, I got MADD that no one! Did a gotdamn th@ng!! I expressed this to my mom. She tried explaining. But, I remained upset. Even to this day. It was like one of those weird dream-horrific stories. Like a freddy cruger movie. I could not fathom why in God's name did no one do anything?!#@ I still can't.🤦🏻the cop should've called for back up.& tackled him.protect & serve motherfucker! Protect & serve! Fucking coward* She shouldn't have went outside. Her friend should've stayed inside. Why didn't she bring a weapon?! Or get a gun? Take martial arts? They all could've tackled him. Strength in numbers. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. 🙏🏼

  • A Pedigree
    A Pedigree Month ago

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a physical copy of this movie?

  • David Ospina
    David Ospina Month ago

    This film was directed by Robert markowitz.

  • zakalon123
    zakalon123 Month ago

    it shows why Jerry is so dangerous. He is giving Ed the illusion of choice but in actuality he has no intention of sparing him. But poor Ed thinks that Jerry is doing him a favour by inducting him into the dark world of vampirism. Ostensibly Jerry is giving Ed freedom but really he is condemning Ed to eternal slavery and darkness. Where Ed will never see daylight again and have to spend his nights killing humans to survive. Jerry is the devil in many respects.

  • Craig Smith
    Craig Smith Month ago

    Sadly, the baby grew up to be an abuser, too.

  • Severine Sirchis
    Severine Sirchis Month ago

    Mon dieu l'ordure.

  • Counting Down The Days

    Didn't care on this just like they didn't when they took MY son at 3 years old!! And right in front of my son his dad said he should have shot ME!! Wonder why I dislike not hate men ... Keep wondering!!

  • Counting Down The Days

    Dislike!! Wonder why!!

    ADOLF SATAN Month ago

    Who wins. Pennywise vs trickster.

  • Lions48 JacksonVB
    Lions48 JacksonVB 2 months ago

    Kill that son of a bitch husband

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 2 months ago

    Careful, you might cut yourself on my lucky charm

  • Ms Prestige
    Ms Prestige 2 months ago

    This fat fuck just standing there stuck on stupid while this poor woman is being attacked. Plus all these useless spineless men standing around doing what ? Where are the black men when u need them. They would have whooped his ass black & blue.

  • Spenser Hawk
    Spenser Hawk 2 months ago

    I would have put a bullet through his head. Justice done.

  • Michael Weinert
    Michael Weinert 2 months ago

    Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar! Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar? Do you wanna call me a fuckin liar?

  • Michael Weinert
    Michael Weinert 2 months ago


  • 6500 Kilo
    6500 Kilo 3 months ago

    he was a good man y'all are mean people for some thing so stupid

  • Josh Bates
    Josh Bates 3 months ago

    Pumping a load into her, preverted secret messages at work here

  • ShadoeFax
    ShadoeFax 3 months ago

    Monumental lapse of Judgement and compassion, empathy on the Torrington police department. It's hard to imagine such an injustice and callus cruelty against a female, Tracy Thurman is why cops and D.A.'s automatically press charges in domestic abuse cases.

  • Alexius Cain
    Alexius Cain 3 months ago


  • Wendy W
    Wendy W 3 months ago

    That was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen in my life. I remember watching it on TV and I've never forgotten it. They should have never allowed that child to go through the filming of that.

  • Diamond Boo
    Diamond Boo 3 months ago

    that cop should've called back up 😪

  • Pumpkin King
    Pumpkin King 3 months ago

    "Its about Death...Death...Death...."

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones 3 months ago

    All those man sit back in let that lie down dog stomp in stab that lady fk the police I wish I was there I woulda fk his ass up shoot him u pigs

  • Ann Wilkiemeyer
    Ann Wilkiemeyer 3 months ago

    I love the Lost Boys

  • Jill Harris
    Jill Harris 3 months ago

    Lost my friend who got murdered by her ex she tried getting a restraining order but they denied her she got stabbed set on fire took her being murdered and leaving a daughter for her to be safe cuz system failed her melanie Breckle if you want to look it up

  • Jill Harris
    Jill Harris 3 months ago

    That's cops harass and collect not serve and protect

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews 4 months ago

    I hate how everyone talkin bout y didnt they help her. Yall r fuckin stupid when u see 2 ppl fighting in the street u dont kno who the fuck is right or wrong. She couldve just killed his kid in that house and he was killin her for that u wouldnt fuckin kno. Most people are pussies anyway and when they see true violence they freeze to begin with

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews 4 months ago

    This is y u dont try to keep a man from his kid. She got a restraining order put on him, she called the police on him, she tried to take his son away, she lied to him, and when the cops showed up he was so filled with rage and the fact that he really had no recourse he saw no way out so he went crazy but i can kinda understand. Some women like that kinda do have it comin

  • You have the right 2b
    You have the right 2b 4 months ago

    Teach your girls to handle a gun. A restraining order is just a piece of paper.

  • sillyninja65
    sillyninja65 4 months ago

    loosing a hand is the worst thing

  • Rob R
    Rob R 4 months ago

    WOW just WOW!!!!

  • Rodney Settle
    Rodney Settle 4 months ago

    Trying to understand how the police officer saw this attack yet did nothing. You’d think we were living in the Middle East where women have no rights watching the scene unfold. The officer should have drawn his gun immediately and shot him, he had a knife and had stabbed her.

  • Scott Whitney
    Scott Whitney 4 months ago

    This movie is like the CD Rom/Gore version of The LawnMowerMan :) And I think that is why I love it.

  • Carnivorous- Creature
    Carnivorous- Creature 4 months ago

    'Never leave home without it' **plays Primus** Huzzah, a man of quality!

  • Rachel Karr
    Rachel Karr 4 months ago

    I'm sure she might have had a false sense of security knowing other people were around and knowing the police just arrived, not thinking he would do this in front of so many others. That would have made me feel safer also. Sadly she wasn't.

  • risk sikrikak
    risk sikrikak 4 months ago

    How many men were there and they were fkn helpless against one man.

  • Jackie Browne
    Jackie Browne 4 months ago


  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 4 months ago

    This is jack the ripper American

  • rusher1231
    rusher1231 4 months ago

    "All you have to do is suck my… take my HAND" ;)

  • nicole fleenor
    nicole fleenor 4 months ago

    I've seen this movie a few times and I always mute the volume through this part. The police in that town were just idiots. Hope the replaced the cops in that hole department.

  • Ramona Hays
    Ramona Hays 4 months ago

    He should have been shot right then and there.

  • Bossmoney84
    Bossmoney84 4 months ago

    Why cant my phone do that when it rings ?

  • Joy Skov
    Joy Skov 4 months ago

    The most disturbing thing about this scene is how accurate it is.

  • Donna Hall
    Donna Hall 4 months ago

    I just now watched this again, and I noticed how terribly rough they were handling the toddlers! You can see absolute terror in their eyes when " Buck" was yelling and stomping all around! He also bumped into someone while holding the little boy! I don't think that the toddlers suffered any injuries, but their faces reflect that they were experiencing something rather traumatic. I can't even imagine what Tracy and her son went through in real life!

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 4 months ago

    The police didn't shoot why?????? The police pulled the man helping off and held him to let this crazy cra crush her head why

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 4 months ago

    Just ever Daily

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 4 months ago

    Just wensday

  • Greek Millenial
    Greek Millenial 4 months ago

    I guess they forgot to dub in Freddy's voice at 2:22-2:32

  • russkate88
    russkate88 4 months ago

    That cop and all those other guys acted like a bunch of pussies. They should have smashed the fuck out of that guy and the cop should have put a couple of bullets in his kneecaps.

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago

    They should of shot his ass

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago

    That cop literally sat there and watch

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago

    Why only one cop came it should of been more than one

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago

    Stupid 👮‍♀️

  • Gabby
    Gabby 4 months ago

    Nobody did nothing smh 🤦‍♀️ smh 🤦‍♂️

  • karen81986
    karen81986 4 months ago

    That actor deserved a Oscar.

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 4 months ago

    It's 3

  • t .byrne
    t .byrne 5 months ago

    About twenty years ago I was in a car accident. My car was totaled and I was very shaken. After the accident I went home and turned on the tv and this movie was playing. I watched the whole thing and it actually made me feel WORSE than the car accident did. I actually forgot that I had even been in an accident because I felt so sickened and distressed.

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee 5 months ago

    U smiles

  • shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend

    "Officer" Danziger should be Beaten Nearly to death then nursed back to perfect health then beaten the same again .

  • Donna King
    Donna King 5 months ago

    Did you hurt her badly 😂 epic incompetence

  • 0xoButterflyox0
    0xoButterflyox0 5 months ago

    I remember watching this on lifetime years ago.

  • Mayra C
    Mayra C 5 months ago

    When I first watched this movie I was like hell nah! not the dog! and then I was like wtf😂

  • Susan Gloag
    Susan Gloag 5 months ago

    The police are a piece of shit.

  • Pants the Mancat
    Pants the Mancat 5 months ago

    I tried to get a restraining order against an abusive ex fiancee. The pussy ass cops in Las Colinas, TX said I couldn't forbid him to be at my home address. If someone stays in your house for more than three days, it's now their house too. I said that my address is the only place I don't want him to be! They said he could kick in the door everyday if he wanted to. I said well, I guess he'll have to kill me before they'll do anything. I've had to move so many times because he keeps finding me. The Texas VINE is supposed to alert me whenever he's out of jail and they never do. I've had to do everything myself. I figured out that he was finding me based on utilities. For some dumbass reason it's public information. So, I can't have anything in my name. He is still stalking me after 13 years. The only good thing is that he can't seem to stay out of prison for too long. But, whenever he's out, I'm always a wreck.

  • VAN 3
    VAN 3 5 months ago

    I remember 30yrs.back,mom was the victim.the same type of sycopath,kept in dark room,captivity, torture,starvation beating with logs or whatever .20yrs of torture syco killed her.v r helpless to save inncent people.punish that monesters.

  • Rondalyn Reynolds
    Rondalyn Reynolds 5 months ago

    What was wrong with that policeman?!?!? It basically took place in front of him. Shoot the MF! She was almost dead and his ass was even out of the car.

  • Kim Cook
    Kim Cook 5 months ago

    Fuckin bastard

  • M Palmer
    M Palmer 5 months ago

    Domestic violence is every decent person BUISNESS period!!! Stop saying they are married, that’s not marriage anymore it’s becoming a violent space. Needs involvement from every family n community. Victims should not have to suffer in silence.

  • Mike Diaz
    Mike Diaz 5 months ago

    Just made a meme with the new Moira skin

  • SansMerci1013
    SansMerci1013 5 months ago

    the Actor portraying Evil Ed and Chris Sarandon did an excellent job with this scene. It had so much pathos, because Ed is such a sympathetic character in that moment - doesn't want to die, but Jerry Dandridge makes such a compelling, thoughtful argument to turn. Marvelous. "All you have to do is take my hand.."

  • aaronesq
    aaronesq 5 months ago

    I am a man and a conservative Christian person and I just couldn't believe that screwhead did not swiftly do his job of picking up that screwhead who is a violation of a court order! If the court order states that the screwhead cannot be near the person or have any contact then that order is in effect. I felt bad for the woman for what she had to endure!

  • Mary Oshea
    Mary Oshea 5 months ago

    Cops were a bunch of loser pussies!

  • Laney Lydon
    Laney Lydon 5 months ago

    That is no man

  • Loy Shaw
    Loy Shaw 5 months ago

    What a monumental fuckup by this police debt and police.

  • Lilac Milkshake
    Lilac Milkshake 5 months ago

    I hope the ambos didn't really put her on the stretcher like that, after he'd jumped on her neck! Please tell me they used a neck brace and then very carefully _slid_ her onto the stretcher?

  • Diana Russell
    Diana Russell 5 months ago

    I would have killed him

  • musicloverhoney
    musicloverhoney 5 months ago

    Can't help but wonder if this would play out much different today. White dude going nuts..cops tread on eggshells.

  • Sunshine Suan
    Sunshine Suan 5 months ago

    Dumb cops at their finest.... Damn....

  • ChrisXCXCX
    ChrisXCXCX 5 months ago

    Underated. Cool plot.

  • Paulette Garcia
    Paulette Garcia 5 months ago

    Poor Tracey.. My goodness!! So much could have been done to protect her

  • Mike turner
    Mike turner 5 months ago

    Sleep tight. I'll be again, tomorrow night...

  • Edward Highland
    Edward Highland 5 months ago

    "Welcome home martina"