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All New WWE Raw Tonight!
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  • NIGHTMARE 999 4
    NIGHTMARE 999 4 Hour ago

    2:14 does anyone think that's how undertaker wakes up in the morning he just rises like that?

  • DJDub88
    DJDub88 Hour ago

    Couldn't think of 1 10th entry so you say Vince hadn't forgiven Dusty...the man he employed for the last 12 years of his life and had him in a prominent role in his developmental brand for his future roster... couldn't just remember Randy Savage could be on this list?

  • Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez Hour ago

    I genuinely like the fiend but I hat that the mandible claw is in his move set to me he should have a more devastating finisher

  • Riana Andriamaharo

    well I think if someone makes a new version of this video, Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend should be #1

  • Schlong Johnson
    Schlong Johnson Hour ago

    "Stephanie McMahon" is an anagram for "The Macho Man penis"

  • Jesse Palo
    Jesse Palo Hour ago

    Man, this is such a good long term story. Even if it is done now just to fit the story it’s still really cool. I hope he gets all the belts at one time.

  • Louis Leavitt
    Louis Leavitt Hour ago

    the fiend is a total joke

  • Jorge Salas
    Jorge Salas Hour ago

    What kind of husband doesn't stunner their wife

  • Christi Halliday

    Come Back Edge!!!! Live you!!!

  • Maldracai
    Maldracai Hour ago

    "We need a video to cause a stir... hmm.. I know, let's shit on one of the most respected wrestlers to ever live, that'll work!" - WhatCulture Wrestling.

  • Breaking The Fourth Wall

    Hell in a Cell wasn't even that bad. They did something out of the box. Don't know why everyone is so pissed. Didn't look weak to me, he was CLEARLY laying down and taking hits on purpose to break Seth mentally.

  • avali123
    avali123 2 hours ago

    11th things: Husky Harris

  • Brenton Taylor
    Brenton Taylor 2 hours ago

    It's funny when you remember that Jake Hager actually defeated Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship back when Hager still had his Swagger.

  • Bick
    Bick 2 hours ago

    Whatculture is filled with a bunch of pencil neck geeks

  • Ush Yamamoto
    Ush Yamamoto 2 hours ago

    This shit is basically adults playing pretend

  • LordBarros
    LordBarros 2 hours ago

    Michael Cole 90s: Frosted Flakes

  • G L C
    G L C 2 hours ago

    Simon looks like that doofus broadcaster on keyfabe news.

  • Phryr3x The King
    Phryr3x The King 2 hours ago

    U forgot Zeus became Debo From Friday

  • Jeremy Honeycutt
    Jeremy Honeycutt 2 hours ago

    All if thisnis why it makes me sad that they're already screwing this up too.

  • Ryan Gilles
    Ryan Gilles 2 hours ago

    Just have one question for you lol.... Did Hulk Hogan ever do anything personal to What Culture??? Reason i ask is you guys seem to go out of your way to smear him on any avenue. Despite any work he has done to undue past mistakes. And despite their are other wrestlers who have had equally as bad or worse stories spill but you spend nowhere near as much time tearing them down over it.... Not really a big deal but shouldn't the goal be to get better and move on to a positive situation we all make mistakes in life. Or if we cant at least do that can we at least hold everyone to the same set of rules eye for an eye????

  • theqrokz
    theqrokz 2 hours ago

    Bray Wyatt and Clawn from Slipknot should make a damn movie together!

  • berniemackattack86
    berniemackattack86 2 hours ago

    I'm an OG wrestling fan hence the 86 in my name on here. But this word pop when did it become a thing can someone educate me I havent really kept up much but I do always watch rumbles and manias! But i notice everyone is saying pop now.. So yeah feedback?

  • Shawn Simmons
    Shawn Simmons 2 hours ago

    None of the comments saying that baley has a rock style theme, Miz has almost the exact rock heel titan tron

  • Capitan Polaris
    Capitan Polaris 2 hours ago

    well to be fair i hope they never sign for wwe

  • Helicard
    Helicard 2 hours ago

    The road that runs between Genius and Crazy is very dark

  • Jabu Nzama
    Jabu Nzama 2 hours ago

    Lol wow?!!! Biased much???

  • jhc1971
    jhc1971 2 hours ago

    Who was the guy getting powerbombed on the edge of the barrier

  • Jessie Ray Keaton
    Jessie Ray Keaton 2 hours ago

    The poweebomb werks... Hard as hell to do in a "shoot" but its plenty effective. The stunner is a joke.

  • ajjd
    ajjd 2 hours ago

    Fiend is hella lame.

  • ThompDaGreat215
    ThompDaGreat215 2 hours ago

    9:58 😭😭

    MARTIN CURRY 2 hours ago

    Liv Morgan missed so much 💔. What becomes of the broken hearted?

  • pastor uknowwat
    pastor uknowwat 2 hours ago

    Nice work guys, my bad

  • Gcool243
    Gcool243 2 hours ago

    Bob Holly was a pathetic bully

  • Brendan Flaherty
    Brendan Flaherty 2 hours ago

    I hope Simon Miller gets a casino battle royal spot or a royal rumble spot. He deserves it. Genuine human being who loves wrestling! The real power of positivity

  • TheRanificent1
    TheRanificent1 2 hours ago

    2015?! In Wrestling?!?! Talk about running the long con

  • Kevin Jay
    Kevin Jay 2 hours ago

    At the end of the day...he's just a man.

  • holden caulfied
    holden caulfied 2 hours ago

    This moron narrates these videos as if none of this is scripted.

  • Barbatos Lupus
    Barbatos Lupus 2 hours ago

    Okada can still wrestle with broomstick and make it a five star match.

  • Jeremy Jenkins
    Jeremy Jenkins 3 hours ago

    Now the Fiend character makes more sense.

  • Jamie Vega
    Jamie Vega 3 hours ago

    U forgot the match with Just kidding

  • Zdiddy7
    Zdiddy7 3 hours ago

    The Fiend? Is he that guy that that skinny nerd Seth Rollins used as a training dummy? If that skinny tool can brutalize him so badly that the ref fears for the big scary Fiends safety so much that the match was stopped, why is he scary? Are we afraid he'll bleed on us, is that what's scary?

  • LostDutchman
    LostDutchman 3 hours ago

    You want to see a LOUD return pop see when Superstar Billy Graham returned to the WWF in 1988.

  • Juice9512
    Juice9512 3 hours ago

    Its extremely stupid people keep comparing him to Undertaker. Just because the lights go out & he comes from under the ring. The biggest difference between them is Undertaker actually WRESTLED to promote his gimmick. He didn't play with puppets, or wrestle once every 2-3 months on ppv's only. Fuckin idiots

  • LostDutchman
    LostDutchman 3 hours ago

    I marked out for Mr Wonderful but I am old.

  • Maxime M.Ste-Marie
    Maxime M.Ste-Marie 3 hours ago

    didn't James Storm signed with WWE at some point ? I m pretty sure it happened

    DEREK SMITH 3 hours ago

    Match still going on... but I bet $100 Charlotte is fighting for Smackdown and she will be drafted by Raw

  • Devin Chomyk
    Devin Chomyk 3 hours ago

    I watched NXT every week on the Network, but haven't seen an episode on USA because I don't have cable. That is the biggest thing with moving it to TV no one in the key demographic watches TV.

  • thesuperdingos
    thesuperdingos 3 hours ago

    Crazy?? The gameplay looks worse than in recent years and the graphics are pretty bad for a late PS4 game...

  • Faizan Siddiqui
    Faizan Siddiqui 3 hours ago

    Good times

  • baby modric
    baby modric 3 hours ago

    sorry if this is a dumb question but does the app keep track of where you last left off or does it force you to remember where you last stopped watching if you’re for example binge watching episodes from like 2004 ? thank you

  • ssnader a
    ssnader a 3 hours ago

    Why i gotta see bald guy talking throughout video?

  • Jeremy Jenkins
    Jeremy Jenkins 3 hours ago

    Suzuki vs. Liger is the match of the night, am I right?

  • XXCeNsOrEdXX 202
    XXCeNsOrEdXX 202 3 hours ago


  • Henrik Schmidt
    Henrik Schmidt 3 hours ago

    The Bret Hart return in 2010 was terrible. I hate that he did that Wrestlemania match with Vince.

  • NoMoreHideTheBall
    NoMoreHideTheBall 3 hours ago

    Haku has shovels for hands. A fortnight in hospital is the best you can hope for in a fight with him.

  • Steven Cisneros
    Steven Cisneros 3 hours ago

    Colt Cabana and Brad Maddox would probably go to AEW, as a big F.U. to WWE

  • alex shedlock
    alex shedlock 3 hours ago

    Always liked Roman 🤷‍♂️. Never my favorite, but I never got the hate. He didn't ask to get pushed in our faces. That was Vince. Hate Vince, not Roman.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 hours ago

    Thanks for calling me beautiful

  • sagar rawat
    sagar rawat 3 hours ago

    U are an idiot

  • Marco Pedrosa Gaming

    Does bray do the mandible claw with the hurt glove only???

  • Chris Akane ASMR
    Chris Akane ASMR 3 hours ago

    Lol the angel woth burnt wings. At first i thought bray was referencing kenny omega well even tho he's one winged angel. But im saying for a wwe version. Like if kenny woulda came to wwe. Lol

  • Andrew MacNeil
    Andrew MacNeil 3 hours ago

    Wyatt is a damn genius, I so hope to god Vince doesn't ruin this. HiaC got me scared he was already gonna be wasted and buried.

  • krylesangerbeaver
    krylesangerbeaver 3 hours ago

    I don't think she will pull off the bad Bayley character, but the music and the haircut were terrible imo.

  • Erron Morgan
    Erron Morgan 3 hours ago

    I miss Adam, the original

  • Diesel 84
    Diesel 84 3 hours ago

    I just laughed to myself. Imagine the fiend and his pretty cool look and then think about that commentator from AEW who wears that stupid mask. Lol!

  • DeathRider88
    DeathRider88 3 hours ago

    After hell in a cell I was skeptical but after learning all this, the fiend cant die

  • Steven Cisneros
    Steven Cisneros 3 hours ago

    Rey Mysterio barely gets booed a handful of times

  • Jeff Cockmann
    Jeff Cockmann 3 hours ago

    even after vince broke it they had some very good years with somewhat believable angles and good matches. Not the bullshit they have on raw these days..

  • ToXiicLegacyy !!!
    ToXiicLegacyy !!! 3 hours ago

    16:46 “DJ DJ” that shit was so random I’m crying laughing @whatculturewwe

  • charliecranston5
    charliecranston5 4 hours ago

    The amount of storytelling that Bray has given his gimmicks is beyond anything WWE can even comprehend. Just this video makes Star Wars episode 8 look like a fuckin 8th grader wrote it. And here we are in 2019 with 2 cuck story angles. If the Fiend isn't at Undertaker level in the next couple years, WWE massively screwed up.

  • Jordy Cabadas
    Jordy Cabadas 4 hours ago

    The thing about the promos having lines that were the title of the episodes of the Firefly FH is dumb. It’s like if I wrote an essay and then said wow, the essay has 8 body paragraphs and the topic for each body paragraph match my outline that I made before the essay . Of course they match . The same thing for the description of the fiend.

  • Steve Mackinnon
    Steve Mackinnon 4 hours ago

    They look alot alike

  • xElementZ GAMING
    xElementZ GAMING 4 hours ago

    Let the count down begin til McMahon and the WWE kills and burry this character

  • Some Guy Inna Chair
    Some Guy Inna Chair 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry but I've tried....if you guys want me to watch NXT ups and Downs I'm going to need the ever busy Simon miller to fit that in his schedule. That other guy dont really get it. He's better for more news related stories not entertaining quick recaps

  • SomethingToFear
    SomethingToFear 4 hours ago

    I was sure I knew all of these. Instead I only knew 2. Well played.

  • Tyler Sporlein
    Tyler Sporlein 4 hours ago

    Asuka uses the green mist now. Tyler breeze does the unprettier. And Gable uses the Angel slam at times.

  • The Dragon Legault
    The Dragon Legault 4 hours ago

    Any one else get a mesagog from Dino thunder vibe from the fiend mask

  • Lawrence Crayton
    Lawrence Crayton 4 hours ago

    Um..... Roman Reigns was already on Smackdown. Am I the only one that remember that? AJ Styles went to Raw, Roman Reigns came out on the Smackdown after his return and they called him the biggest acquisition in Smackdown history. They came up with the Wild Card rule so Reigns could continue to be on Raw. Guess we're just supposed to forget about that.

  • Cameron Harris
    Cameron Harris 4 hours ago

    Imagine how awesome he could be in aew

    • Chris Akane ASMR
      Chris Akane ASMR 3 hours ago

      Fiend vs. Penta 😆 Listen here puto!!! Penta has zero miedo of the fiend.

  • gn0015
    gn0015 4 hours ago

    Bayley's new music sounds a lot like The Rock's music.

  • Charles Tabor
    Charles Tabor 4 hours ago

    The Fiend is just flashy images and botched wrestling. Lol

  • cards344
    cards344 4 hours ago

    Im boycotting RAW for what they have done to Rusev.

  • andre carter
    andre carter 4 hours ago

    Its not gonna work when they try to push him again

  • boils
    boils 4 hours ago

    I was at this show. First time at NJPW. A lot of matches we're good but also inconsequential. The Ospreay bout was phenomenal. Liger - Suzuki was slow. Okada - Sanada was such a slow build which ended brilliantly but so many rest holds.

  • Michael Maruszewski
    Michael Maruszewski 4 hours ago

    I respect the man Joe Anoai but not the character Roman Reigns big difference.

  • Tyler Hatfield
    Tyler Hatfield 4 hours ago

    Bayleys music sounds like the rocks

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson 4 hours ago

    of course john cena has to be on fruity pebbles

  • Angel Julca PG
    Angel Julca PG 4 hours ago

    Simon mentioned Final Fantasy, he is an Arsenal fan, he loves wrestling... he stole the life I wanted to live.

  • Riyaad Ali
    Riyaad Ali 4 hours ago

    Wwe needs to throw away the universal title and bring back the big gold WCW one

  • Riyaad Ali
    Riyaad Ali 4 hours ago

    This shows that a character like “THE FIEND” does not work in modern day 2019 reality era. Characters like undertaker, Kane, mankind worked in the 90’s... but not now. Sorry bray

  • jeremy ruh
    jeremy ruh 4 hours ago

    Adam is medically cleared. Only thing is he has Vikings to film

  • Peter Preece
    Peter Preece 4 hours ago

    Vince is like Arsene Wenger in the last 5 years of Arsenal

  • jeremy ruh
    jeremy ruh 4 hours ago

    That would be awesome. Thought John Morrison was coming back also. Any news?

  • Malique Blake
    Malique Blake 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who loves that NWA plug

  • Kevin Amey
    Kevin Amey 4 hours ago

    Edge is going to be eligible. Drafted by Raw. Smackdown is going to trade the Fiend for him.

  • Eric Kenney
    Eric Kenney 4 hours ago

    You guys spend 4 years bitching about Roman Reigns being pushed and then this? lol .. wow

  • k9feces
    k9feces 4 hours ago

    The Fiend wears a butt plug

  • Ry Md
    Ry Md 4 hours ago

    That was definitely not Bray on Friday 🤣

  • Some Guy Inna Chair
    Some Guy Inna Chair 4 hours ago

    What does the fiend, Bray wyatt and husky Harris have in common. They always lose 😔

  • ThunderHawk
    ThunderHawk 4 hours ago

    Surprise Morrison return?