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  • Hacker Meme
    Hacker Meme 3 hours ago

    Lol the last 20 seconds ifykyk

  • Hai Ha
    Hai Ha 4 hours ago

    CNN is big fake news , Boycott him

  • Real Deals
    Real Deals 7 hours ago

    This land was stolen. Were was the free speech then.

  • NO UR A T0W3L
    NO UR A T0W3L 14 hours ago

    We should ban assault demons

  • Al Cooper
    Al Cooper 19 hours ago

    Shithole people

  • Point Blank Sports NoEraLines

    God sees all.

  • bodda red
    bodda red Day ago

    Man y'all blacks run your mouth too dam much than ya go crying when somebody tryna get whacked.

  • Mr. Anthony
    Mr. Anthony Day ago

    I guess he wants to be an American Citizen more then some of the rest. Seems like he would fit right in. Wild shit is dude was certainly attempting to kill and brazen about it. Calmly called Officer "Fucking bitch." as he ran back to car and politely dropped the girl off. Wild. Guy emptied all 15-16 from the weapon. Seems like it wasn't his first time shooting, or Mexico sucks so bad that this was worth it. Damn.

  • H Sabic
    H Sabic Day ago

    There may be some of them who support,but dude majority of Bosnians are democrat. P.S this dude is ugliest Bosnian I ever met.

  • Harragoth the Lonely Smegol

    covering such pretty faces. fucking islamic men need to grow up

  • Itismeagainb Itisnotme

    Why does he have a problem with a place that is United states territory.

  • Shaun Haque
    Shaun Haque 3 days ago

    "bottom line is there is nothing supporting the money we are sending you" - he isn't a scammer he said it straight up, people are just dumb. They gave their money away he didn't take it. Free my son

    • Fadi Hadi
      Fadi Hadi 2 days ago

      he is in south america. hidden N' spending his money.

  • Bobby Babylon
    Bobby Babylon 3 days ago

    Looks like a shithole country USA.

  • james king
    james king 4 days ago


    • Bobby Babylon
      Bobby Babylon 3 days ago

      Christianity is a pedophile cult. Leave those little boys alone.

  • james king
    james king 4 days ago

    to the person here who said don't go to jail and you wont get stabbed...there was a lady who accused a man of raping her..he got many years in prison.....this lady gave her heart to Christ and became a born again Christian.... after she got married and told her husband about how she lied...her husband said lets get this guy out of prison..they both went and told truth...But they would not let him out of prison..they got lawyer and spent money and after several years he is out.......some people in prison and jail are innocent..The Innocence Project got 70 innocent people off death row women included.......inmates are in jail/prison for breaking law on outside...guards should be charged with crimes if they commit crime (just as civilian but stricter) also...break law outside jail does not mean law is canceled because in prison.....I pay high taxes to pay public servants wages....firemen, policeman and correction officers and support them wholly...but I don't want my taxes given to some murderer in sit by and watch an inmate be beaten stabbed murderer you are an accomplice before during and after the fact and should be charged with murder.........your uniform is not a license to kill.....I want guilty and innocent to be protected that's what you are paid for........if you were a zoo keeper and killed one of the animals in zoo you would pay dearly..isn't a human life worth more than a tiger or gorilla?.........the security cameras are useless if guards do not act on what they see......someone is sleeping at the wheel and should be fired at the least..(Epstein Abe Reles and others)....and given lie detector test to see if they were accomplices......i want law and order to prevail in prison and out of many prisons allow inmates to hang out and cook up evil just like on street corner.... instead it prison Attica has what is called times square........inmate should never be allowed to lay around eat and sleep watch tv...they should be required to do something and take and learn a trade or profession (president Trump's daughter's law professor in law school is ex-con..who got law degree in federal prison.) not do time or waste time..use time to improve your future.......absolutely no hanging around...every degree or course completed should be given time off sentence if possible...never ever should these idiots be allowed to hang out and cook up and gossip like a bunch of old ladies until someone is killed (he said she said)...guards need to be checked out ...psychos off the job... we got enough psychos in prison why put some of them in correction officers uniforms?..young people obey the law stay out of prison obey your parents.....God's word says.."the powers that be are ordained of God and they bear not the sword/gun in vain resist the law you resist mind your own business do not hang with idiots unless YOU are and idiot......if so change yourself through repentance towards God Almighty

  • Fahn- Ghoul
    Fahn- Ghoul 4 days ago

    So... THE POS CANT SPEAK ENGLISH?????? But were supposed to believe they can be “rehabilitated”?

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 4 days ago

    The cops had a hand in this assault.

  • Byron Anderson
    Byron Anderson 4 days ago

    I too believe that God has chosen Trump to lead America, he is exactly what America deserves. The God of the bible doesn't make mistakes. The Most High is using Trump and talking through Trump for his will and his purpose. So when Trump speaks racist remarks, that's the Lord, when Trump lies, that's the Lord, when Trump is inhumane and callous towards immigrants and people of color, that's the Lord, God's chosen One.

  • Nancy Burgio
    Nancy Burgio 5 days ago

    Why would they shackle anyone to a table ? but the other guy wasn’t attached to anything? And no help sounds like an inside job. The person who stabbed em should never come into contact or out of a cell the rest of his life. Sick totally sick video I am glad the guys lived

  • 007 James
    007 James 5 days ago

    these pathological liar's hell waiting for the Graham's living luxurious on Charity Fraud for the poor an sick ! now pimping an praising Crooks ! these Pricks never practice what they preach !

  • Leon Luo
    Leon Luo 5 days ago

    Well said Hungarian government. You can see things clearly. Do what is best for you. Not what the US want you to do.

  • BigV
    BigV 6 days ago

    Looks 19th century victorian infrastructure compared to the systems in Dubai and Singapore

  • Kami Kuru
    Kami Kuru 6 days ago

    Good! That's how it should be :)

  • lily's opinion
    lily's opinion 6 days ago

    You are such a lying bitch George deserves a real woman.

  • Emily Fernald
    Emily Fernald 6 days ago

    That's the fattest "starving" people i've ever seen.

  • Sharon Crawford
    Sharon Crawford 7 days ago

    Wonder what all these christian leaders think about about Trump administrartion wanting to decriminalize homosexuality in every nation i the world? What do they think about him saying Gods name in vain, with the word damn.

  • James Meza
    James Meza 7 days ago

    The Democrats are a bunch of cowards and hate it when things don't go their way. I'm sorry to tell you but this is not your world but the United States belongs to the people and the people have chosen these senators to represent their state and those Democrats are nothing but big babies throwing tantrums like if they were a kid again. They ought to fix this probelm by fining them $40,000 each for causing a scene or disrupting the panel. And if they get more than 3 fines should be eligible to fire them and pick someone else to represent their state.

  • Daniel Escobedo
    Daniel Escobedo 7 days ago

    Franklin Graham Got it RIGHT.

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D 8 days ago

    All I fan hear trump saying is " I am an imbecile, I am ugly, and I am the worst president ever

  • Michelle D
    Michelle D 8 days ago

    The signs should read...."stupid ass blind fucking retarded ass bitches"

  • Diana James
    Diana James 8 days ago

    I totally respect rhis couple. They are living their life to the fullest without caring what others think about them. I envy them.

  • Elmida Avdic
    Elmida Avdic 8 days ago

    You arrived to the US via chain migration. In 1997, you would not have qualified for refugee status.

  • Queenie E
    Queenie E 9 days ago

    The people voted for Trump, not God, unless you wanna say he appointed him for wrath....the vote was the vote of People, not God's vote, plain and simple AND just because he wasnt a Politician, certainly doesnt mean he would definitely be good for the country, that is a foolish way to choose on that basis alone. Many arent politicians and are not fit to lead the country including many CEOs.

  • First Name Last Name

    He wasn't a white supremacist. He was pissed off that the UK is being overrun with violent migrants because liberal feminists are trying to ruin Europe. I'd be pissed off too if my countrymen and women were being attacked simply because of how they looked. Everyone shouting "racism" are really the racist ones, hating any and all white people every single fucking day.

  • Professor Liberal Avenger

    Jesus was a Liberal.

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 8 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] Jesus was a Liberal.

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 8 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] Most KKKonservaKKKultists hate God and worship the baby republican jesus, who commanded "Thou shalt lie to catapult the propaganda, now go out and commit adultery with a porn star."

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 8 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] It's cute when goobers attempt and fail to belittle Liberalism, by wrongly suggesting that Liberals aren't Liberals. So one might also suggest that there haven't been any conservatives since Eisenhower, since then republicans have been a bunch of criminal neo nazi wanabes.

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      So were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. We haven't seen a liberal win the Whitehouse since JFK. What are mistakenly called "liberal" now are neoliberal and nothing like a real Jesus liberal. Most neolibs Hate God, and claim he doesn't exist.

    • Jessie M Polk
      Jessie M Polk 9 days ago

      Why do many of us want to give up our country for the chance of preventing women to choose?

  • MG Massey
    MG Massey 10 days ago

    Bullshit we're not alone..millions of us face retaliation when we out our abuser. Pedophilia isn't political. It's a moral issue

    BEN NILSSON 10 days ago

    Fire Donald Trump.

      BEN NILSSON 8 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] I have..!🗡️🛡️

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      Nobody walking this earth has that level of authority.

      BEN NILSSON 9 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] Does he show respect to another one of american people? You don't see that, he walks his way as he wants and no one can speak sense with him. Fire him! Ben Sweden

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      President Trump will be president for as long as he wants the job or until his second term is over. For the first time since 1963, we have an executive who loves this republic and the American people, and has no-one telling him to trash us. Watch how things turn out.

  • Marvin Mosley
    Marvin Mosley 11 days ago

    Doesn't seem as loud as State Farm Stadium.

    • xivanjx
      xivanjx 11 days ago

      Maybe because umm..... You’re not actually there!

  • Mahir Şamil
    Mahir Şamil 11 days ago

    These are just screaming check besiktas 141 db record we sang our marchs that day and our stadium's capacity was only 25 k

  • E MusS
    E MusS 11 days ago

    Fuckin worthless country. I hate where we live. Worthless World!! BIG METEOR. KILL EVERYONE

  • Keeran Kenny
    Keeran Kenny 11 days ago

    Bitches control the dialogue

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 11 days ago

    Why don't the illegally living bums clean up their own mess???

  • Kitty Mittens • 82 years ago

    Which academy is this... so i can avoid it

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 12 days ago

    That's a nazi concentration camp.

  • Anwar Crutchfield
    Anwar Crutchfield 12 days ago

    Why the f*** is all of the black inmates Handcuffed to the table and this piece is shit serving life comes at them, not handcuffed to the table, with a shank. how long did it take for anybody to get there???? those dirty shithole cops allowed that pieces shit to kill as many of those guys as they could.

  • jim bob
    jim bob 12 days ago

    Damn..he's still alive to feed off welfare for the rest of his life..

    • Frankg718215 Martella
      Frankg718215 Martella 4 days ago

      You would never speak like that in the presents of a black man.. you sir are a coward...

  • Stuff Mcstuffer
    Stuff Mcstuffer 12 days ago

    I sub for Bernie!

  • Ralph Nabozny
    Ralph Nabozny 12 days ago

    Trump is good for America,

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark 12 days ago

    I'm also here and subscribed because you endorsed Bernie in 2016. Please do the same with #Bernie2020 :)

  • Sašo Luznar
    Sašo Luznar 12 days ago

    Endorsing Sanders in 2016 brought me here. You earned a subscriber. How about 2020?

  • OldTeaMate
    OldTeaMate 12 days ago

    Bernie send me here - subscribed!

    • OldTeaMate
      OldTeaMate 12 days ago

      They also got rid of Krystal Ball, who was also too progressive. $hillery should have listened to her in'14: "Don’t run Hillary. Don’t run": Krystal's with The Hill now, though, having on progressives from new media, and covering honestly on Sanders' campagn, etc. Her co-host Saagar is a bit dull, though, even though he has his moments.Btw, d'yall remember, when Ed Schultz was "let go" by msnbc for wanting to cover this announcement? Listen from 11:06 here:

    • OldTeaMate
      OldTeaMate 12 days ago

      Btw, d'yall remember, when Ed Schultz was "let go" by msnbc for wanting to cover the same announcement up to the '16 election? Listen from 11:06 here:

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 12 days ago

    If you endorse Bernie Sanders you have my subscription. Thanks Seattle Times

  • sock account
    sock account 12 days ago

    lets be clear ya cunts this is Video gaming being turned into news stories you dumb fux

  • Temp cone
    Temp cone 12 days ago

    That first car was like " Nope not again Lord nope nope nope fuck this shit I'm out..."

  • Datlow Ek9
    Datlow Ek9 12 days ago

    They black they don't care fucking white pussies

  • Marlon Johnson
    Marlon Johnson 12 days ago

    That purpose is to reveal what hearts and mind of America think and feel from the trump party on down. Trump was put in office by almighty God to do just what he is doin. Which is not hard to see, to pull her dress over her head to reveal her secret places.

    • MrMentalflossed
      MrMentalflossed 11 days ago

      soo let me get this straight you are saying GOD sent a guy who based his entire life on greed and debauchery living a golden room at 666 5th avenue to show us the way of self-enrichment at the cost of others ,."America first",.. on how to insult others and spread racial hate and bigotry,..lock children in cages and take them from their familes,.. um er ,.. are ya sure you have read the bible ,..and if so ya ever heard of a figure in the bible called satan,.. for he is far Closer to trumps actions than to Jesus.

  • hiwa ibrahim salih
    hiwa ibrahim salih 13 days ago

    Oh my god R.I.P !! Is everyone okay from Iraq?

  • Asma Guiamadin
    Asma Guiamadin 13 days ago

    My heroes, they deserve everything!

  • James Dewar
    James Dewar 13 days ago

    Hey!!! Michael Avenatti Still running for President???. Have fun in prison for the next 100 years. You will be polishing some knobs that's for sure! Start Practicing breathing through your nose, you'll need it.

    RONNIE OCONNOR 14 days ago

    this reporting is absolute trash...…… 11 day disturbance ???? lol it was a prison riot stupid...……...I hate pc culture with their shit re phrasing of words to make it sound less threatening.

  • ford nut
    ford nut 14 days ago

    Probably trying to sexually exploit the dude these black inmates are the worst mother fuckers to be locked up. Besides they never fight fair any way they got what they deserved.

  • Yoly Booty
    Yoly Booty 14 days ago

    Amen, Rev Franklin Graham, I have a great respect for you and for your whole family, And of course for your dad, who was an amazing soldier of God on earth 🌍, Wow 😮 what a privilege for you Rev. To say that you are the son of Billy Graham, A great 👍 Christian and big example of commitment and what a privilege for your Farher, To have an amazing 😉lovely son like you. I am 💯 percent sure and I believe in your words, God does not commit mistakes, He knows everything And I know God has a plan with the president Donald Trump, The president results till now are amazing and will be more amazing every day, Because God is with him, we all need to pray for the President, And give thanks for him, he is doing. A great 👍job God bless you all My love for all of you in the name of Jesus 😉😮👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😘😍😇😀😎⛪️, We all are one church with only one God, His son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. All the glory and the honour to God, thank you Jesus 😘😍🥰😇🙏👍😉😃

    • Queenie E
      Queenie E 9 days ago

      Yoly Booty......Vote Blue!

  • Jatziry Pestana
    Jatziry Pestana 14 days ago

    Last year was my last day at this school I’m going into 6th grade what a wonderful school

  • long dong
    long dong 14 days ago

    God put trump in office. To destroy and make America the laughing stock of the entire world .

    • long dong
      long dong 8 days ago

      @Professor Liberal Avenger 👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 8 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] A little projection from goobers shown to get their propaganda from Putin and russian troll farms. Silly America hating goobers!

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      Do You get your propaganda from an alphabet news dealer? It seems so.

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 10 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] Don't call God a dumbass, dumbass.

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 11 days ago

      First sentence is probably correct. Second sentence indicates a lack of wisdom and a head full of false facts.

    CRS PFF 15 days ago

    Yeah thats crayz. They were all cutffed. But the white guy wasnt??

  • Arthur Watt
    Arthur Watt 15 days ago

    Shame on you rev graham. You could not possibly believe God put the lying in office. But the purpose of trump is to destroy. He his destroying the earth and will be responsible for alot of deaths in the coming years. He is the antichrist.

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek 15 days ago

    Stabby McGee doesn’t like when his cell gets robbed.

  • Lynda Mitton
    Lynda Mitton 15 days ago

    He bought his way in via Russian interference!

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 8 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] Wrong again.

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      @Professor Liberal Avenger Your idea of "fact based media" was proved wrong, after a $30m+ investigation. You should have at Least heard that by now.

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 10 days ago

      @BW MadDog [retired] Silly goobers call fact based media fake. Putin got Maga Maggot elected, he manipulated a bunch of right wing extremists like Mad Maggot to french kiss trump's giant orange butt.

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 11 days ago

      I guess your fake newsies never told you. After three years of lies and illegal investigations, your fantasy was proved to Not be the case. You should try a new news source.

    • long dong
      long dong 14 days ago

      Yes I agree with you .!!

  • Stig Weard
    Stig Weard 15 days ago

    Who cares what heppens to them in there . I don't ,

    • Stig Weard
      Stig Weard 9 days ago

      @Antonio StubbsHahahaha ,

    • Antonio Stubbs
      Antonio Stubbs 9 days ago

      Stig Weard That's very third worldish of you...

    • Stig Weard
      Stig Weard 9 days ago

      @Antonio Stubbs Don't do the crime , don;t do the time , simple really.

    • Antonio Stubbs
      Antonio Stubbs 11 days ago

      Stig Weard That's ok...what goes around comes never know the time or day or how.

  • عربي ملحد
    عربي ملحد 15 days ago

    لونهم احمر 👈🤡 اول مره بحياتي ارى مثل لون هذه البشرة !! هل هو عرق بشري جديد ؟؟

  • Aphobias Polemos
    Aphobias Polemos 15 days ago

    Criminals stabbing criminals. Who cares? Only snowflake liberal pussies.

  • Mar Jo
    Mar Jo 15 days ago

    Nazi Amerikkka

  • five381
    five381 15 days ago

    The stabber must have had a propensity for this sort of violence and should have (1) been searched for a weapon before he was allowed in that room, (2) not allowed unrestrained in the room with restrained men, or (3) a guard should have been in the room with them.

  • Kevin Perkins
    Kevin Perkins 16 days ago

    Stop with the BS .... anyone thats been behind the Fence knows good and damn well what it takes to clique up with the woods car! That white boy was trying to gain his seat in the car / and yes the CO’s where completely in the know

  • LU LU
    LU LU 16 days ago

    Trump prophet🤭

  • Gerry Aguilar
    Gerry Aguilar 16 days ago

    How hypocritical that phrase sounds " my heart goes out to the families of the victims" fuck out of here, With that Mia Mia shit homie. 😡😡

  • Anthony Mendenhall
    Anthony Mendenhall 16 days ago

    Yeah, God put a sociopathic draft dodging con artist who regularly refuses to comply with Congress and the House Oversight Committee in the white house. God's "plan" is apparently to destroy democracy and leave our country in the hands of a Russian asset. Real nice "God" you worship.

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      God's wrath was pulled from this republic when Trump was elected. We are winning for the first time since JFK was president. The same slime that murdered Kennedy are the people who invented the russia,russia,russia conspiracy theory. We suffered through, johnsonnixonfordcarterreaganbushclintonbushuhbamma and finally, the yoke of judgment was pulled off our backs. Give thanks!

  • ROrlando SP
    ROrlando SP 16 days ago

    She's cringe worthy. Screaming!

  • Speech is Violent To Keep You Silent

    1:18 Hmmm the 3 black guys that I work side by side with all make more per hr than I do.

  • Gayle Green
    Gayle Green 16 days ago

    Is it a coincidence that a man was elected to be our President, that everyone said it was impossible for him to even get the nomination, but yet he was elected, and in a time when God's word has been pushed aside and we've sank into a moral sewer? God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of the homosexuality, and look at America today. Are we not worse? Is Mr. Trump God's second chance for this nation, or will God use him for judgement? I agree with Mr. Graham, WE NEED TO PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND THIS NATION AND TURN BACK TO THE BIBLE AND BE THE COUNTRY THAT GOD HAS ALWAYS BLESSED. AND NO, THE BIBLE SAYS THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES WITH GOD

  • The Piper Report
    The Piper Report 16 days ago

    Wow, she is insane. Good thing she dropped out. For anyone who doesn't want to watch the video, here's a short summary: "Blame whitey. Whitey is bad, you are oppressed. Whites oppress you. Blame whitey. They bad, you good. Death to whitey!" The last sentence wasn't part of her diatribe, but it's only a matter of time until we hear that. It's horrible because this is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. Anyone who knows history will agree with me. It starts with blaming a specific race or religion. You blame them for everything, say they are the cause of all your hardship. That message spreads and that blame transmits into anger. Then once the group you blame for your trouble becomes a minority they are attacked and denigrated, robbed, cheated, beaten up, and it only goes down hill from there.

  • audrey smith
    audrey smith 16 days ago

    Deny of course

  • Lynda Mitton
    Lynda Mitton 17 days ago

    Franklin can you say that God put this mean spirited man into the position of President! Yes, we are to forgive...and ask for forgiveness....but this man is getting worse every day. Does a Christian take children away from their parents and put them in cages.....I would think a Christian would offer them shelter and food and help them make their lives better. Do all the people that were not blessed by being born in a free country with opportunity for America....have to be treated like cattle! What did those little kids do to deserve the wrath of this man. Tonight he said our wonderful democratic country should be more like N. Korea. I am a Presbyterian too, but believe me we do not share the views of this president. I grew up watching your father in huge stadiums preaching and asking people to come forward. “Just as I AM”. I do not think your father would have seen Trump come forward. Yes, I am judging...but also standing up for Christianity!

  • Landstalker
    Landstalker 17 days ago

    This speech was faker than my ex girlfriend's tiddies.

  • GreaterSinistral
    GreaterSinistral 17 days ago

    Cringefest. Always gotta blame whitey. No mention of opioid crisis, tech censorship, getting locked out of elite colleges, toxic liberal work environments, falling birth rates, or numerous other white issues.

  • armando sales
    armando sales 17 days ago

    Everyone thinks that because God put trump in office he is a Godly man or even a saved one. Not true at all. All who believe it obviously dont know scripture. God chose pharoah and even king saul and look at how they ended up. Oh ya and all this talk about trumps love for the jews ya well just remember what the scriptures say about the 7 years. 3 1/2 peace and 3/12 of disaster. But i hope trump turns out to be him so Gods true children can go home. If u dont understand what i been writing chances are u arent Godly and are staying behind with trump. Good luck.

    • BW MadDog [retired]
      BW MadDog [retired] 9 days ago

      Have you read about Silas? Trump is America's Silas. It's why we are winning.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 17 days ago

    I didn't even know they were millionaires holy spit

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 17 days ago

    How do I invest?

    • Euclid Avenue
      Euclid Avenue 13 days ago

      Lol, you can start by respondnig to that email from that Nigerian prince offering you a cut of his Uncle's money.

  • Robby White
    Robby White 17 days ago

    That was nothing but a set up by either the guards or one of the people in power and an authorative position at the prison. That's EXACTLY how they do it. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this shit out. It's in black and white...CASE CLOSED! People wonder how killings take place in prison and this is STRAIGHT UP how it's done! Far as I'm concerned every single worker who had ANY involvment with this situation should be behind bars their God d--- selves, and thats including the corrupt ass Warden at this prison. This isn't anything new for this prison...happens all the time...the public just don't see it. This video just happened to surface. People make mistakes in life and some worse than others that do deserve harsher punishments such as prison, but they don't deserve to be subject to government corruption and death because of it! Alot of guards and higher ups get their kicks off on human suffering and pain such as this. It's why they get the jobs in the 1st place. To be handed the keys to be able to legally cause the suffering of another human being! What you do in the dark one day will be brought to the light...if not in this lifetime you will answer for it in the next...and that I can promise you!

  • Roshea
    Roshea 17 days ago

    Never understood why democrats always run on anti-corporate campaigns when they wouldn't exist if not for said corporations.

  • Johnny
    Johnny 17 days ago


  • serilus4life
    serilus4life 17 days ago

    She sucks.

  • Le F
    Le F 17 days ago

    Sorry is usually all the public gets time after time..DOES ANYONE THINKS BEFORE THEY ACT? What sense does it make to chain people to a table? What sense does it make to died of thirst in prison...DOES ANYONE THINKS BEFORE THEY ACT?

  • An random User
    An random User 17 days ago

    Is it me or your too lazy to right TERRORIST in the tittle jeez it’s not HARD.

  • raz ram
    raz ram 19 days ago

    He constantly lies and he believes God put him there, most of this Christians organization are completely deceived by Trump. Time will prove it

    • Anthony Mendenhall
      Anthony Mendenhall 16 days ago

      No sense saying that here. His brainwashed supporters are all commenting here in droves.

  • Bossman
    Bossman 19 days ago

    I wonder what percentage of prison guards are stone cold sociopaths.

  • Edward Dodson
    Edward Dodson 19 days ago

    One reason that we are plagued by race conscious bias is that it seems to be in our nature to have the need to feel superior to others. Differences of skin color is just one of the many reasons we succumb to feelings of hostility toward others with whom we have little or no personal contact. We are tribal still even as the peoples of the world have migrated to create societies of significant diversity. Ancient hatreds remain just below the surface based on differences of ethnicity, of language, of religion, and of cultural norms. We remain tied to values based on moral relativism, even as history's great thinkers have sought to identify universal principles upon which the just society ought to be based. There is no simple solution to our seeming inability to live in peace with one another. The existing socio-political arrangements and institutions in every society have evolved from a time when settlement in one place required the establishment of rules over access to nature and to what one produced by one's labor. While the early rules might have been based on communitarian values and a consensus over what was just and equitable, every society throughout history eventually came to be dominated by hierarchy and hierarchical privilege. And, from that point on the societal norm is for surplus production to be taken by a privileged elite and a subsistence existence destined for the remainder of the population. This redistribution of wealth is enforced by deepening police powers of the state until rebellion occurs and a new regime is brought to power. Eventually, every new regime adopts the pattern of carving out hierarchical privilege for itself and the cycle repeats. Solving the problem of hierarchical privilege was the challenge taken on by Henry George in the late 19th century. George resurrected the wisdom of past moral philosophers and offered a path of peaceful transition to finally bring justice and equality of opportunities to the world's societies. For a time many listened. Men such as Leo Tolstoy and Sun Yat-Sen embraced his program. A young Winston Churchill campaigned in 1909 delivering speeches that came almost directly from Henry George's writings. Unfortunately, as the decades passed following George's death in 1897, the power of his message faded into obscurity. Humanity endured cycles of boom and bust again and again. Two global wars and an endless number of territorial wars has continued in unrelenting fashion. All because we have not been able to end the power of hierarchical privilege. The thoughtful among us would do well to find and study the writings of Henry George. His wisdom and keen insights have always been needed, never more so than today. Edward J. Dodson, Director School of Cooperative Individualism

  • leaderfd3
    leaderfd3 19 days ago

    Retire!!!!!! Retire!!!!!! Resign!!!! Resign!!!!!

  • Amy Mikaelson
    Amy Mikaelson 20 days ago

    That bitch is so ugly! Her eyes are too close together!

  • Martha Ingram
    Martha Ingram 20 days ago

    No ! He cheated and lied

    • Professor Liberal Avenger
      Professor Liberal Avenger 10 days ago

      @Margie Lulu It's cute when goobers become the very people Jesus didn't like: Hypocrites and money changers like Margget Maggot.

    • Margie Lulu
      Margie Lulu 19 days ago

      Martha Ingram - who are you to judge? Just remember God gave us a second chance because we all are sinners. With all our imperfections and defects God loves us that he gave his only son. We honestly can’t point fingers. I would invite whoever is free from sin to cast the first stone. Not my words.