Green Day
Green Day
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A message from Billie Joe
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Green Day - American Idiot
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Green Day 5/2
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Green Day 4/27
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  • Александр
    Александр 3 hours ago

    Это не тот старый грин дэй, который я полюбил когда то давно. Это какое то дерьмо собачье.

  • MTV's Sanctuary
    MTV's Sanctuary 4 hours ago

    This is such a fucking joke, here I thought it couldn't get worse than the trilogy but nope.

    SAVYO JOY 4 hours ago

    This is the most beautiful thing in this world 😍😍😭

  • Lewis Boi
    Lewis Boi 4 hours ago

    I learnt to play the drums to this. Good song

  • ProjectReset
    ProjectReset 4 hours ago


  • StickHits
    StickHits 4 hours ago

    Someone remind Green Day they used to play instruments

  • Sissy Karaberi
    Sissy Karaberi 4 hours ago


  • Расул Мудаев


  • Luke Fitzpatrick
    Luke Fitzpatrick 4 hours ago

    Green Day should open for Jonas Brothers.

  • Danielle Johnnie Hill

    Plus totally forgot one of my oldest friends is a social worker lol xx should have seen her bedroom as kids lol xx biggest basket case alive lol xx move home sara lol we show them how we do it lol xx what a team we would make lol xx

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 4 hours ago

    Who is better? Like: *Linkin Park* Comment: *Green Day*

  • Beatlelaura
    Beatlelaura 4 hours ago


  • Dylan Arena
    Dylan Arena 4 hours ago

    This is how many people listening in 2020 👇👇👇 #Demfings

  • Killjoy Motherfucker

    Русские смотрят этот шедевр?))

  • Dylan Arena
    Dylan Arena 4 hours ago

    This is how many people listening in 2020 👇👇👇 #Demfings

  • Bobert Joe
    Bobert Joe 5 hours ago

    Puts something new to the Green Day table.

    DMX ASSASIN 5 hours ago

    When you're the only one left who is still listening to greenday and people starts calling you Emo.

  • Blackknite12 3
    Blackknite12 3 5 hours ago

    The beatboxer makes it sound better

  • TheRUB
    TheRUB 5 hours ago

    This is really good. Can I listen it on an Italian radio? Of course not

  • Alucard MLBB
    Alucard MLBB 5 hours ago 👆watch it

  • live matches
    live matches 5 hours ago

    I love you green day!!!!! Billie you are the best

  • Alan Buslon
    Alan Buslon 5 hours ago

    I love u greendaaaaaay🤗

  • netsuj yenrav
    netsuj yenrav 5 hours ago

    my little sister was in HS when this came out. she was in love with the song and the band. she asked me if i ever heard of green day and that they were so young and cute. I smiled and laughed a little, i took out my ipod (member those) and put the pods in her ear and told her they are older than she thinks but i'm about to educate you on 90's bands.

  • shatrick pawpaw
    shatrick pawpaw 5 hours ago

    This doesn't sound like punkpop

  • Hunter Campbell
    Hunter Campbell 5 hours ago

    This new Green Day album is a joke... like what I've heard is good but they're making a joke album for the last "mainstream label" album before they go independent again.

  • kalokohan tv
    kalokohan tv 6 hours ago

    Greenday comes back

  • Mark A
    Mark A 6 hours ago

    From Punk to pop 🤦‍♂️ what has the world come to.

  • Enzo Dapan
    Enzo Dapan 6 hours ago

    This song was a perfect fit for Valentines Day.

  • Chad Ryckman
    Chad Ryckman 6 hours ago

    Pretty fly for a green day

  • Mark Verenice
    Mark Verenice 6 hours ago

    They guy with the guitar from the parking lot sounds exactly like him. No difference at all.

  • laputa madre
    laputa madre 6 hours ago

    Alguien que hable Español?

  • Shadan Danish
    Shadan Danish 7 hours ago

    My life.

  • Excessive Channel
    Excessive Channel 7 hours ago

    When you coming for drink beer with friends and they put faces in telephones - i start screaming!!!

  • Rick Abenis
    Rick Abenis 7 hours ago

    What happened to green day?

  • Rick Abenis
    Rick Abenis 7 hours ago

    What happened to green day?

  • Pearl
    Pearl 7 hours ago

    Attempted our own rendition of it, do check it out guys <3

  • Ivan Bordoni
    Ivan Bordoni 7 hours ago

    Que música de mierda estás haciendo Billie

  • Euan Stuart
    Euan Stuart 7 hours ago

    Parking lot man did it better

  • Görkem Sergen Akdoğan

    What the fuck that's a Pop song?

  • Krrrimmi
    Krrrimmi 8 hours ago

    Another anti-TRUMP video. \m/

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina 8 hours ago

    When your companion gets launched by a giant in Skyrim

    NORDED 8 hours ago

    It's time to put your phones up and listen to Oh Yeah!

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man 8 hours ago

    Good song but like what up with the x rated shit

  • Krrrimmi
    Krrrimmi 8 hours ago

    I have a CD of this album. This was for d American Idol trend. \m/

  • Dinil Muthuthanthri
    Dinil Muthuthanthri 8 hours ago

    Father of all Motherfuckers!

  • Anson
    Anson 9 hours ago

    To the people who think Father of all singles sound too poppy and like a commercial, your right, its meant to, its satire.

  • aselineke
    aselineke 9 hours ago

    huevo con arroz :v

  • bigbigo
    bigbigo 9 hours ago

    sub balik dong

  • -_MaxSkills_-
    -_MaxSkills_- 9 hours ago

    *codfish made the best "beatbox cover"!!* jajaja :0 *codfish hizo el mejor cover* UnU

  • Thorben von Rekowski

    Why the hell do they censor "fuck" and stuff like that??? Ruins the whole song, when there suddenly is just silence...

  • FThai ProCH
    FThai ProCH 9 hours ago

    2020 is still listening Over the past 11 years, this song

  • The SHIZAMuel
    The SHIZAMuel 9 hours ago

    When you've never had a date in your entire life.

    DEUS VULT 9 hours ago

    Shut up libtard

  • Soumyadeep Roy
    Soumyadeep Roy 9 hours ago

    Does anyone love both Oasis and Greenday ?

  • Rawan Alajmi
    Rawan Alajmi 9 hours ago

    When you're the only arabian girl here

  • Avril Pennington
    Avril Pennington 9 hours ago

    This man will be 70 years old, and I'll still drop anything to BangBang him one time! Lol... & I knew this since I was 12. (Its Not a phase, mom! 🤣🤣🤣

  • timy alari
    timy alari 9 hours ago

    children playing under high voltage tower, under a chemtrailed sky...oh yeah!

  • JustWatch
    JustWatch 9 hours ago

    So how are they going to sing this live for their concert?

  • Thakur Yogeshwar Singh

    They've finally killed that motherfucking DJ they'd sung about killing!

  • neonone
    neonone 10 hours ago

    So they were just using edgy rock performances as a stepping stone to easy listening commercial uhm rock?

  • Aaron Hirsh
    Aaron Hirsh 10 hours ago

    oh fuck, this hurts badly!

  • Josh Abatecola
    Josh Abatecola 10 hours ago


  • Nefretti De Cunha
    Nefretti De Cunha 10 hours ago

    The "oh yeah" part sounds like Joan Jet and the Blackhearts ❤️✨

  • Razor Stan
    Razor Stan 10 hours ago

    One of the greatest music videos and songs concept wise, music wise and overall. Love this song

  • Richard David
    Richard David 10 hours ago

    What the fuck? This is green day now? Damn Really? Shit What the fuck

  • Renzo Igao
    Renzo Igao 10 hours ago

    sounds like a shitty car insurance commercial

  • oka rio
    oka rio 10 hours ago


  • Rochops Qwerty
    Rochops Qwerty 10 hours ago

    SMH, the songs wrong, He's clearly walking with two other people.

  • lol linguini
    lol linguini 10 hours ago

    Takes me a hot moment to get used to this sound, but I love it! You go!! They put in so much effort and people only dislike it because it doesn’t ‘sound like them.’ Yes that is true; however, let’s get passed this and support them either way! You got to look at this with a blank slate. The music video is very interesting too and there are some things to easily catch onto and possibly try to analyze as well. I like the ‘taboo’ subjects shown as well... usually people are too afraid to show that stuff along with other ‘more tame’ things in media. Can’t wait for more!

  • Luke Banter
    Luke Banter 10 hours ago

    my chemical romance: new song green day : new song fall out boy : hold my guitar

  • Shin Malphur
    Shin Malphur 10 hours ago

    Imagine how good you have to be to crash someone else’s concert while dead!

  • Wyatt Altizer
    Wyatt Altizer 10 hours ago

    Seethers same damn life's video looks very similar in the settings except seethers video is with old people

  • Fer. D Miranda
    Fer. D Miranda 10 hours ago

    no eres el GD que conocí

  • Hello There
    Hello There 10 hours ago

    Man, Green Day is really starting to suck. Now they are a bunch of middle aged men who dyed their hair pink and call themselves "punk"

  • Fer. D Miranda
    Fer. D Miranda 10 hours ago


  • Fer. D Miranda
    Fer. D Miranda 10 hours ago


  • Jennifer Gibson-Tanner

    I LOVE LOVE Green Day but.. I have no idea what I just listened to because it certainly didn't sound like Green Day 😔

  • Rizal OfficiaLL
    Rizal OfficiaLL 10 hours ago

    Ada Orang indo gak nih? 🤣

  • Musawwer Khan
    Musawwer Khan 10 hours ago

    let's start a video game, anti-racist, changing the education system, and no women coming up to people with a microphone annoying them petition, that'll piss the media

  • IzJusMe
    IzJusMe 10 hours ago

    Large crowds of people singing powerful songs makes me feel warm inside

  • adrian artavia
    adrian artavia 10 hours ago


  • Ilmi Awan Rizki Aji
    Ilmi Awan Rizki Aji 10 hours ago

    Anjirr baru liat videonya keren abiss 🤣🤣🤣😀

  • JammyBoii_528
    JammyBoii_528 11 hours ago

    I love Tre in the back. He's just having the time of his life

  • Emmanuel 22
    Emmanuel 22 11 hours ago

    Por fin hay en youtube nueva música buena!!

  • Rai zone
    Rai zone 11 hours ago

    Yo hoy vengo porque Barcelona Sporting Club que sale en el minuto 1:07, Ganó 2-0 de visitante por Copa Libertadores de América!!!

  • Ian David
    Ian David 11 hours ago

    Something tells me this just isn’t a song

  • BitchesBeTrippin
    BitchesBeTrippin 11 hours ago

    Who else came here after watching him form a band on stage in 2008???

  • Matthew Abshire
    Matthew Abshire 11 hours ago

    Get rid of the censorship.

  • Denkichu-Senpai
    Denkichu-Senpai 11 hours ago

    Honestly so good for any special occasion, like a wedding

  • dikki indrasto
    dikki indrasto 11 hours ago

    i so like this girls..... is my type... :D



  • Nick K
    Nick K 11 hours ago

    It's cool they are still making a living playing music and all but man do I miss old Green Day. This is commercialism pop.

  • sam karki
    sam karki 11 hours ago

    Jon up Jo Kel

    ALFONSO GARCIA :3 11 hours ago

    no hablo ingles pero... los amo crei que habian muerto, pero es increibles los amoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 12 hours ago

    Hot Trash

  • Arjun Dhama
    Arjun Dhama 12 hours ago

    In the beginning I'm like ok seems fine but by the second verse it's fucked up

  • Your friendly neighbourhood emo disappointment

    *cries in NS, Canada*

  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett 12 hours ago

    Wow, not much a Green Day fan, but this is probably by far the crapiest song I've ever heard them perform. This blows.

  • Jason Burrell
    Jason Burrell 12 hours ago

    Jason was here. 2020

  • María Mulas
    María Mulas 12 hours ago

    this sounds like we got the beat