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Surprising Gena
3 years ago
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Thank you.
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    MELBA STAR Day ago

    Hi Taylor!!! I love you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much. I always sing your songs and you also have encouraged me to be a singer one day and that is what I'm dreaming to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Wallace
    Sam Wallace 2 days ago

    I don't have to try...

    *Lead intensifies*

    Beat clap beat clap beat clap

  • at2sher
    at2sher 2 days ago

    I'm not sure if Taylor Swift even reads any of our comments but I would advise whoever does to persuade her to read this one for Damage Control purposes. I think Taylor Swift is the most creative, ingenious, and brilliant recording artist EVER! And she does so much for her fans to show her appreciation which is a rare commodity these days. I do have all of her CD's...and while I LOVE every song on 1989 (and the video BLANK SPACE...Oscar moments and priceless!...Now I'm thinking she should've stayed with country. The first time I saw the video "Look what you made me do" LOVED it! The song too. I can respect she made a few "digs" at a few people in the music industry...that's show business. But when you start bringing religion into it, blasphemy (the one unforgivable sin) that's a problem. Anyone who believes in GOD and the Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelations should be appalled. I don't know if the director was behind it, and she didn't realize what some of the intricate details in the sets represented, she's presenting herself as the anti-Christ. This video should be banned. Search: Taylor Swift plays LUCIFER on You Tube and judge for yourself. Too many biblical references to be a coincidence. Taylor has proven to be a blasphemist, an atheist, and shows no respect for any religion. Therefore, I think she's sadly going to lose a huge fan base. Bad judgement. Very offensive. Shame on you Taylor Swift!!!

  • World Love
    World Love 6 days ago

    I apologize. Meant no harm. Great art by the way. It must be tough combining singing and acting. You guys get so little credit in words. ;)~

  • Sam Wallace
    Sam Wallace 6 days ago

    To imply Taylor Swift owes anyone a political diatribe is to imply Eminem's Freestyle Cypher is in some way lacking.

  • Yui Chu
    Yui Chu 9 days ago

    Hi taylor.I am one of your big fan in Hong Kong.
    I want you phone number very much.

  • thebeastly squad
    thebeastly squad 9 days ago

    fuck you taylor

  • Evita Mendez
    Evita Mendez 10 days ago

    I wish everything is just an illusion.

  • 19862801able
    19862801able 10 days ago

    went?......................why in order to die ..................thanks but i not will :) i like self life

  • Alexis Garrison
    Alexis Garrison 10 days ago

    Dear Taylor,
    I know you read some of these comments, and I can only hope you read this one. So, I have a few things I would like to say. First, I love your all of your songs, and can't wait for Reputation to be released. Second, your doing an amazing job, you are a role model me and many other fans out there. I know I'm not the only one, but I at least I am one, and I'm proud of it. You have inspired me, and you're my favorite person in the world. Finally, just be you. I know you already know this, but a little reminder won't hurt. Keep up the good work!
    Alexis(Your biggest fan!)

  • Bryan Excutioner
    Bryan Excutioner 11 days ago

    Hi,Taylor Swift,our grade 6 class is practising your song!!!!!!

  • Irmafan
    Irmafan 11 days ago

    Taylor, your music is a masterpiece. You're a legend!

  • Jenny Young
    Jenny Young 12 days ago

    My name is Sienna. I live in Pennsyvanna. I'm 8 and seriously if I saw you anywhere I would start crying. I LOVE YOU! Taylor, you are my IDOL!

  • Mitty. C Videos
    Mitty. C Videos 15 days ago

    Hey Taylor please reply to this comment

  • Sam Dave
    Sam Dave 18 days ago

    hi taylor swift i feel sad about you the way you earning money to selling urself to selling ur body ur soul for the money taylor swift please dont work flim industry,porn industry,modeling.whats the life is that you selling ur body,soul for the money.money is not everything.money is not greater,value,important then ur body,soul even if they pay to you trillion dollars still they cant buy to you.taylor swift there r lot out there decent job you can do that i know they wont pay much but at least you can eat 3 times meal a day and little bit saving.taylor swift you are even a singer so great ur voice you have in you taylor swift open your own channel and sing the song there you dont have to follow the people who said to you wear this type of clothes and do that and do this.taylor swift spend ur life like a proud honest honour way that you can proud to urself and people proud to you.taylor swift you are beautiful so pretty thanks to the god please dont waste it ur life on wrong way taylor swift i like you and i want to marry with you i want to spend my life with you i will care your life more then my life taylor swift will you marry with me please goodbye taylor swift takecare besafe have a nice time

  • savage frito
    savage frito 20 days ago

    I might name my next cat Meredith idk

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 21 day ago

    You are doing so good I am truly proud of your work good job.

  • Nicole Torres
    Nicole Torres 25 days ago

    #taylorswift Congratulations Taylor. Let's see how you made your video "Look what you made me do", I want to see it more than a thousand times more and appreciate your great work. greetings #chile

  • Beaster XD
    Beaster XD 25 days ago

    I don't care how crazy people say you are, your an amazing artiest. I'm starting to become a fan. Keep up the good work.

  • Janis Klein
    Janis Klein 25 days ago

    hey Taylor !!
    your Mexican fans we want to hear from you after the earquake!!!

  • Arun Bhadoria
    Arun Bhadoria 26 days ago

    yes i m a snake

  • diesejano
    diesejano 27 days ago

    Hey Taylor,
    Your so talented
    Ihope you come to Germany;)
    Im ure biggest fan of the wold
    I supportet u a lot
    I hope u love and red it thx tay!! Have a nice Day
    Love Jana

  • Arun Bhadoria
    Arun Bhadoria 28 days ago

    hi swifties.... love u taylor.... one of your biggest fan...u r d bravest, most generous n kindest person i have ever seen... keep it up, we r with u... fly more high

  • Number One
    Number One Month ago

    Los latinos donde estan?

  • Jesús Vargas
    Jesús Vargas Month ago

    Hello Taylor Alison Swift Finlay, I'm a #Venezuela Swiftie and I want to and I ask you to come to any country of #Latinamerica #Mexico #Argentina #Colombia #Chile since I have many friends from these countries and they want to go to a concert of yours. Your fans of #Latinoamerica have been waiting for you for 4 tours. although you have not come before we do not lose hope that you come with #ReputationWorldTour Success! We will wait for you. You will always be welcome. I L♥ve You #Taylegend #TaylorQueen #TeamTaylor #SquadSnake #ComeToLatinAmerica #SwiftieForever #13 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • UltraThunderX
    UltraThunderX Month ago

    You are an absolute scumbag!
    You are only trying to stop the companies that resell your tickets so you can get the money instead. You are a hypocrite! You are manipulating your younger fans and ones with lower IQs Good job.

  • Ronald Hallman
    Ronald Hallman Month ago

    God bless you thank you Taylor Swift for share your love for music and show you how you are and live to fans please no change how you are you are perfect.

  • brandon pinocchio19

    Taylor, I know you will read this, my message, I have 100% hope, my brother is creating a band, oh! where's my manes, a pleasure to meet you Taylor Swift I am a huge fan of yours and hope to meet you in person, face 2 face 1 day, anyways, so my little bro forms a band where he plays electric base and bunches of other guitars and if their is any hint on how to help him can you please tell me? I am really close to my brother and has always been and want to make him happy as much as possible. If you help he could be a musical star and singer like you some day. I can take and send you a private photo of his own music room and guitars and other instruments, i'm sure he would be thrilled. I play myself, the piano and borrow his keyboard as I found that he has 1 a couple weeks ago when I looked in his awesome small music room. yours sincerely Brandon B.

  • Jennifer Zhang
    Jennifer Zhang Month ago


  • Jill Blackberry
    Jill Blackberry Month ago

    Copyright alert!! tvclip.biz/video/eyTsA8RehQc/

  • huds5314
    huds5314 Month ago

    Taylor, PLEASE stop entertaining these mediocre black "artist". The day you accepted those flowers from Kanye West. I knew it would end badly and it did. Kanye West and Nicki Minaj are jealous and using you to stay relevant. They want your fans, your sales and your success. Stop allowing them to get clicks and attention by calling your name. The best way to hit back is with #1"s. Congratulations on "Look" topping the charts and on your future #1 ...Ready For It?"

  • Joshua Brawley
    Joshua Brawley Month ago

    Lol, did little wayne teach you guitar? XD

    GIGGLR Month ago

    They can take our subscribers, but they can never take away our viewcount!! Hopefully

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    Everytime I listen to you it sounds like you're saying, "Help, I love you, and only you, so help me now..."

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    I believe in you more than ever you are funny, you are cunning, you are kind... let me be some sort of inspiration to you in your life.. PLEASE FIND ME I NEED YOU TO HELP ME WITH MY MUSIC PLEASE OMG YOU ARE SO TALENTED OMG I NEED YOU SO GOOD RIGHT NOW OMG HAHA!!! <3

  • Emma Jordan
    Emma Jordan Month ago


  • Hayley Follett
    Hayley Follett Month ago

    Absolutely in love with LWYMMD congratulations Taylor

  • Marisela Ramos
    Marisela Ramos Month ago

    If you like Taylor's music.. give a try to Andy Leon. Go to spottily or apple music and look for Scooter Blues. Her songs are heart felt.

  • Alfredo Rojas
    Alfredo Rojas Month ago

    eso es taylor swift . siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii . lo siento se me fue la mano

  • WildFire
    WildFire Month ago

    Hi Taylor! this Is going to be like all the other comments out there but, here goes... I'm 12 years old and I've loved your music since I was 3. I remember My Mum putting it on In the living room and I'd dance to it all the time. I'm so Glad You are releasing a new album, I'm so exited!! I've never seen you on tour before, because My parents won't let me but, My dream is to get an autograph one day. I love your music so much and I can't stop listening to 'Look what you made me do'. Carry on being you!

  • Samia Siddique
    Samia Siddique Month ago


  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    It's me, the one you keep singing of, you know, I love you, come find me, we'll have sum fun ;)

  • Rekko P.
    Rekko P. Month ago

    Your VEVO account has more than 24 M subscribers so far. Those Katty Perry fans, Kenya West and chauvinists gonna be so mad about it. I am very happy about it. I hope Kenya doesn't interrupt your forthcoming Grammy speech with his cancerous comments. I don't hate Katty, I think she would be a great girl to take my trash into garbage, she could take Kanye there too. LOL

  • bdoow
    bdoow Month ago

    Tay is going down the bad road of witchcraft, fighting fire with fire is what the rain man wants ,
    be smart fight with water, and don't fight alone there are those out here who have fight the rain man before who can help, Tay may not have a butt yet but it's coming.

    • MoBile Newsman
      MoBile Newsman Month ago

      That illuminatti crap is overblown ...Sure their are artists involved with the occult and sure there are corrupt dirty dealing in music industry and sure taylor may be vindictive or "playing the part" but I assure you she's not involved in blood sacrafice & sex magik

  • john brown
    john brown Month ago

    I really like the video and song, thought she and her crew did an amazing job. I think she gets her point across about her public image, I get it!

  • Dirt Blazer
    Dirt Blazer Month ago

    what are ya waiting for

  • dion meyrick
    dion meyrick Month ago

    hello one and all firstly taylor you don't need me to tell you aim sure but if so then girl you rock !! as for the rest ov you  sad strange people u know THE HATERS omg really why don you get a hobby or a real job and leave the girl alone as its not called for its rude and her life IS FUCK ALL TO DO WITH  YOU !! FFS!  SO YES SO "GROWUP AND GETON WITH URE LIFE ..taylor all i say is this be cool be amazing  and fuck them all init x shame you never read this but u never no x

  • tiny toster
    tiny toster Month ago

    what happened to the old taylor swift she used to make good music now its just modern music nonsense because id rather "shake it off" then see it in my "wildest dream" and she already left a "blank space" in the music industry and she already has "bad blood" with some people because "look at what you made me do" saying this stuff but i'm saying it because you people have to realize that music nowadays is crap music because all your doing is rotting your brain out with nonsense music think about it.

    • That Squid
      That Squid 17 days ago

      I know... not for the line that says "Can't come to the phone right now, why, because she's dead"

  • Catie Sullivan
    Catie Sullivan Month ago

    Hello - I write to you as a daughter, mother, sister and friend.  I'm reaching out on behalf of my seven-year-old daughter with gratitude for you as my guide.  She prayed for you today.  Seriously, for a good hour, she prayed.  We are not an overly religious family.  We pray before meals.  We stop to give thanks and gratitude at least once a day.  When she ran out of words, she asked me to give some on your behalf and she kept repeating, "Amen."  She is scared to hear your new song.  I have to change the channel on the radio.  But she is completely concerned for you as a role model and fellow.  In this crazy, messed up world - we women of the 21st century are both blessed and not.  The ancient ways of a patriarchal civilization have been slow to reform.  Abuse (bullying) and inequality rear their ugly heads clothed in age-old shrouds of jealousy and trickle into view, slowly surrounding all via digital media.  But forgiveness and love are the key to YOUR light - YOUR connection with God.  Simply put by Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham, " You did not get "lured". Women never get lured. They're too strong and powerful for that. Now say it -- "I didn't get lured and I will take responsibility for my actions."  For generations people have reached to tear down the "golden child."  Not one North American woman has not witnessed, at some point in her life (be it in school or the spotlight), the movement of the crowd to strike balance by breaking the beautiful, young, successful icon.  But, when you look at the sky at night - do you see the stars or the darkness?  Which wolf do you feed?  The bitter or the good?  In a sea of faces - you will find both.  You do not have to let the darkness in.  You have 57,000 comments here.  You have over a million followers on YouTube - for all that is good, why let the bad be heard at all?  Like the quote says, "If I speak with the tongues of men or of angles but do not have love, I am but a resounding gong..."  "The greatest of these is..." think of the little girls praying for you tonight and every night.  Think of the gratitude felt by their mothers because you stood up in court and won that $1.  Think of those girls making feminine fashion decisions to dress confidently as they feel, not as society has previously dictated.  My daughter was refusing to read last year.  Do you know what we did?  We made a primer of your lyrics. She learned to read, about contractions, nouns, verbs, sentence structure, rhyming and poetry from worksheets I made her using your (cleaner, age appropriate) lyrics.  Her research projects were on your costumes when you sang each of the songs.  You make a difference.  Daily (in ways you could never know), you are a reinforcer of faith, hope and love being the best items in any wardrobe.  Do not let the objects of your song take your SOUL!  Happiness is within lady. The mantle of "GRACE" can only be bestowed on those stoic in the face of what you are experiencing.  Rise like a phoenix from the desperate torment of injustice that has scared you in your core.  As a woman, I implore you, reach deep, pray, forgive, forget and shake it off!!  You are not alone.

  • CaMo BeAtZ
    CaMo BeAtZ Month ago

    Hi TaylorI like your music, and I like the amount of energy you have in your music, it's very inspiring... But there is one thing, that I must say... This new song that you've made, "Look What You Made Me Do", is an amazing video, but the song itself, was not that good. I'm sorry, but you have TOO MUCH TALENT, to be singing a song like this. I think it sounded, like there wasn't enough energy, or focus, put into the song... The video was awesome, but I think you're better than the lyrics that were put into this song... I'm sorry, but I'm an honest person, and I think, everyone needs a lil honesty, to be better, and to learn, and grow from this...

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    You're the best, don't give up, I love you more than words could ever describe, you leave me speechless. <3

  • M .W. K
    M .W. K Month ago

    Lady Antebellum - "Need You Now" (Cover)
    with Billy Gilman

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    Oh, my, GOD! That new music video of yours, "Look What You Made Me Do," IS AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT ALL DAY AND NIGHT I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!! <3 You are amazing, hit me up, I am a long-time artist with lots of goodies... I LOVE YOU WE SHOULD TOTALLY HELP EACHOTHER I AM FORREAL PLZ DON'T IGNORE ME I NEED U!!! <3 Good luck, be good. PEACE !

  • Ruben Vazquez
    Ruben Vazquez Month ago

    Why all video out of the woods are not showing full, example, grammy live, and others in the tour 1989,

  • coco mango
    coco mango Month ago

    your song is awesome dont worry..

    CHR TSIM Month ago

    taylor i am your biggest fan and i know that you feel bad cause they called you snake but dont be sad you have your fans your awesome songs and your great ideas. everyone says that you are beatyful,famous and everyone wants to be like you. Only the haters wants to (eat) you. So dont be sad.

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    Bring me Home, please, I'm waiting in the rain.

  • Frankensteinssss
    Frankensteinssss Month ago

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    Frankensteinssss Month ago

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  • Noura
    Noura Month ago

    Look What You Made Me Do
    August 25th, 2017
    "I don't like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me"

  • Jakeson Yang
    Jakeson Yang Month ago

    yep.I wait for TS6 so long .Bye 1989

  • Mey Lazreg
    Mey Lazreg Month ago

    Don't you EVER think about deleting these videos!!

  • Ruben Vazquez
    Ruben Vazquez Month ago

    Why all video out of the woods are not showing, example, grammy live, and others in the tour 1989,

  • Julie Swift
    Julie Swift Month ago


  • shirley0624
    shirley0624 Month ago

    I love you

  • We Are Swifties
    We Are Swifties Month ago

    Hi Taylor

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller Month ago

    Good luck with everything, I know you have to be strong, but don't give up, you will make it home, safe, already!!! I believe in you, you can do it!!! <3 Go! Go! Go!

  • Blue Myuz
    Blue Myuz Month ago

    Hi Taffy, I'm Japanese. I always listen to your songs.
    Also, my favorite song is YOU BELONG WITH ME!!
    By the way, there is something to worry about. Now that something has happened since we can not see your SNS account posts...why??
    I want to see more of your songs and life, so come back soon!

  • trolliar
    trolliar Month ago

    Taylor, don't scare me. What happened with your social accounts? T...T

  • CHEAT!
    CHEAT! 2 months ago

    Taylor Swift I do not like you at all because you think you are entitled and stuck up to get everything you want and because you are sue happy you make women look bad and this an attempt to get more publicity for yourself your another Miley Cyrus oh look poor me yes I am a lyricist myself and your giving me and songwriters a bad Mojo Little Lady and it is not nice to accuse of some1 groping that you did not witness - Alice Romero

      STOKE-STER Month ago

      @Alice Romero ".............. .... ....... bitch...... Shut the FUCK, up"

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 2 months ago

    Omg, I am in love with you, haha, you're the best, you make me so happy, I hope to meet you sometime... You're the best, keep on doing your thing because It's really working... OMG!!! <3 I LOVE YOU! <3 !!! :) <3 Love you, bye, -me

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 2 months ago

    I <3 U Keep up the good work, haha, I love you sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuch! <3 Stay strong... :)

  • Noahide Videos Bible
    Noahide Videos Bible 2 months ago

    Seven ounces of pure icing sugar. That's what it takes. Seven ounces of pure icing sugar. Add some butter, and lay it on thick on the words you use with Katy Perry, for she has a sweet tooth.

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 2 months ago

    Dear T, I love you, I have things for you, I wish you'd go out of your way to come find me, Oh god, how rude that sounds haha, but I've looked everywhere for you and I can't find you, the only thing I have is your ghost, I will save you, be strong!!! <3

  • Zheng Kyle
    Zheng Kyle 2 months ago

    Anxiously(in a good way) waiting for TS6

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 2 months ago

    I love you, T, you're the best, come find me and we'll go on adventures all day, together, forever, in Heaven, where we belong, it's gonna be great omg I love you so much don't stop reading this because I love you and will change your life... I've been on a long journey to find you and it's hard because I deal with old people, all fuckin' day, wtf haha, but seriously, I've searched all through Nashville, and I can't find you, please come find me, I'm in the Nashville area, omg tmi haha <3

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 3 months ago

    T, I wish I WAS you, then I wouldn't have to look everywhere for you. HAHAHA Come and find me, I NEED You in my life... write me a letter or schedule an appointment with me, I'm very professional and love you work, hit me up!!! Hah... <3! :)

  • Dany Masabet
    Dany Masabet 3 months ago

    La primera vez que escuché de esta cantante estadounidense fue hace 6 años cuando inicié viendo MTVLA que creo fue en las propagandas del canal o fue en alguna serie animada.

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 4 months ago


  • Medina Luis Abad YT
    Medina Luis Abad YT 5 months ago

    Taylor, please... NEW SONG's!!!

  • Bobby Hays
    Bobby Hays 5 months ago

    Hello White Tweeter Bird.

  • Zygodelic Zoller
    Zygodelic Zoller 5 months ago

    T, I love you but we can't be together because I have to go home, now... you may be lost but you're not stupid... find me and you'll get something for Christmas! ;) ;) ;)

  • Krzysztof Maruszak
    Krzysztof Maruszak 7 months ago

    HI! I want to play as predict what genre of new TS next album will be. I'd bet on electronic music but I love rock'n'roll so anyway I ask will be great. Greets. Krzysztof

  • Peter Caruso
    Peter Caruso 7 months ago

    Hey Taylor, please perform the national anthem at a Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics or Boston Bruins game. Regular season game or playoff game your choice.

  • StarX
    StarX 7 months ago

    When will you come to India

  • glitter girl
    glitter girl 7 months ago


  • Joy Wang
    Joy Wang 7 months ago

    Why was I not informed this beautiful channel existed?

  • thelawman32
    thelawman32 7 months ago

    wish you well

  • Kaustubh Bhagwat
    Kaustubh Bhagwat 7 months ago


  • Joshy Vadakkan
    Joshy Vadakkan 7 months ago

    Taylor Swift please be friends with Katy Perry and make a new Hit Song

    • UltraThunderX
      UltraThunderX Month ago

      No, please dear fucking god no, this is literally one of the worst ideas ever. Do you want to ruin the music industry even more???

  • David Arnold
    David Arnold 7 months ago

    Hi I wanted you to know I love your music.

  • Riana G
    Riana G 7 months ago


  • Beyza Alison
    Beyza Alison 8 months ago

    Taylor i love you so much

  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac 8 months ago


  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac 8 months ago

    hey taylor can u txt some of us to show u have a kid heart.

  • The Panthian
    The Panthian 8 months ago

    And so it begins... www.scribd.com/document/321374556/The-Book

  • this this
    this this 8 months ago

    i am dying

  • Vivian
    Vivian 8 months ago

    love you taylor! please check out my tumblr! -taylortookapolaroid

  • Ermioni Kalampouka
    Ermioni Kalampouka 8 months ago

    Come to Greece....Pleaseee....

  • Angela LeComte
    Angela LeComte 8 months ago

    I'm gonna kill myself because of Taylor Swift

    • Rekko P.
      Rekko P. Month ago

      Why? Did she take your boyfriend or what?

  • Bianca D'Angelo
    Bianca D'Angelo 8 months ago


  • Stephanie Fitch
    Stephanie Fitch 9 months ago

    your my frends fravrat singer

  • Stephanie Fitch
    Stephanie Fitch 9 months ago

    i love you are my singer

  • Yui Ogura
    Yui Ogura 9 months ago

    I love your song I'm Japanese and learning English and going to studying in international school and my friends loves your song and of course me too💗💗
    I think you already know but I'm your big fan!
    I wanna go to your concert but I'm just a eleven and living in other country so I hope you will come to Japan when I come back there!

  • Carys Anderson
    Carys Anderson 10 months ago

    Hi sorry I was a bit too pushy earlier but I am your no 1 fan! I have every album and been to like 6 concerts! Love you!

  • Carys Anderson
    Carys Anderson 10 months ago

    Hi Taylor Swift I am a big fan! I was wondering are you having another tour in the UK? not being pushy just excited! Love u Taylor!

  • LashedWalnut 979
    LashedWalnut 979 10 months ago

    peice of turd

    • Rekko P.
      Rekko P. Month ago

      Aubrey Heart Don't be so mean to him. He may be a piece of turd but he has right to introduce himself to the world. He could learn some grammar here.

    • Ariana
      Ariana 9 months ago

      *piece learn to spell before you write on taylor's youtube.

  • yay yay
    yay yay 10 months ago

    Happy birthday Taylor!!!(:(:(:

  • yo yo
    yo yo 10 months ago

    I wove you

  • yo yo
    yo yo 10 months ago


  • Miraculous Monica
    Miraculous Monica 10 months ago

    I love to sing with you Taylor Swift your doing good on your writing Songs Friend

  • Charming Charlie B Baca

    Taylor if you get a chance listen to my dad sing He is 90 and I think you would enjoy it! I put videos on my youtube channel. There is one song he sings in Spanish called Jalisco He can hold a note forever for being 90 years old.

    I love you and can listen to you all day ! You are wonderful!

  • Kenna1237402
    Kenna1237402 10 months ago

    Omg Taylor I am the biggest fan trus t me I don't know if you remember but I have met you a lot I am in speech and I am writing about how you are my hero

  • Urth Crawler
    Urth Crawler 10 months ago

    i am a big fan and a swifty and i have my own taylor swift fan club plz come to india

  • Hannah Spain
    Hannah Spain 11 months ago

    My name is Larry Spain. My eight year old daughter (Hannah) is a HUGE Taylor Swift fan! Hannah was recently diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect (a congenital heart defect) and she has to have open heart surgery. Hannah has one Christmas wish this year and that is to meet or talk with Taylor Swift. This is a very sad and scary time in Hannah’s life (facing open heart surgery) and she if feeling very overwhelmed. So I am trying to reach out to Taylor Swift to make Hannah’s Christmas wish come true and have a video Skype call with her or to have Taylor Swift send Hannah a personalized video. This would help Hannah’s moral so much and would help give her strength for a speedy recovery.

    • Charlotte Bruce
      Charlotte Bruce 13 days ago

      Hannah Spain....I feel what you mean. I actually have a heart problem as well and know it can be scary tell your daughter i send her love and know that other people have been through what she has and people will always be cheering for her! Have a speedy recovery! Lots of cheerful wishes Charlie!

    • WildFire
      WildFire Month ago

      This is so sweet! did you ever get to call her??

  • Jaden's GarageBand Music /JGBM\

    Do a collab with Lindsey Stirling

  • Shravani Vinod
    Shravani Vinod 11 months ago

    taylor mam,,, i'm waiting for u to collaborate with katy perry

  • Geniva Schissel
    Geniva Schissel Year ago

    l love you so much

  • Alexander Toribio

    en américa latina muchos somos fanáticos.cundo vendrá a Panamá.

  • Ruben Vazquez
    Ruben Vazquez Year ago

    Why all video out of the woods are not showing, example, grammy live, and others in the tour 1989,

  • Max Knight
    Max Knight Year ago

    we all love Taylor but where is she, is this her real channel, i have not heard a Google hangout since Red come out

  • tooooooooooooota

    I Love You Taylor ♡ !!

  • bubble panda
    bubble panda Year ago

    hi taylor

  • Jainil Devani
    Jainil Devani Year ago

    LOVE YOU ANGEL!!! Always a Swiftie!!

    • Stephen Edward Waterstram
      Stephen Edward Waterstram Year ago

      I call Her that too but I use Her double short, last name and spell that out like this "Tay Tay Swift ❤A-N-G-E-L❤" Check Out Her album FEARLESS Track #4 You will find How She made Her conquest On Me!

  • Kaustubh Bhagwat

    *where dem songs at*

  • Dieter
    Dieter Year ago

    taylor I am on your side in the taylor-kanye conflict of 2016

  • lols wat
    lols wat Year ago


  • AlmightyMan01
    AlmightyMan01 Year ago

    the illuminati want her dead

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago


  • Sally Bosque
    Sally Bosque Year ago

    Hey Taylor, using your music to cheer me u today, I know how much you love animals and would love it if you would read my story about my doggie that is not well right now. I know you are super busy but would appreciate it if you would please read my link: Gofundme.com/savemyboxer.   thanks and anyone else that would  like to read it and share the link , it would be so great. That is me with Zen in the picture.  thanks again, Sally and Zen!

    • AlmightyMan01
      AlmightyMan01 Year ago

      i listen to her and i just want to cut myself in despair

  • Info ITF
    Info ITF Year ago


  • Jetx_x
    Jetx_x Year ago

    Taylor Swift: The person challenging youtube since people can listen to her music ( and other artists ) in their pockets. *Has youtube vevo channel where she posts her music videos so everyone can hear them*

  • Swiftlover 22
    Swiftlover 22 Year ago

    i love you to moon and back THANKS FOR EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juan Carlos Crespo Gómez

    Pase lo que pase Taylor, tendré a tu madre en mis rezos diarios, por lo que gracias a el Eterno, Amo y Adonay del Universo, puedo y devo decirte que no padezcas por ella y no temas mal alguno. Un saludo y si mi Amo y Adonay me lo permite, porque es Su Santa Voluntad, te conoceré pronto, en nada comienzan mis 1260 dias, gracias a Di-s.

  • Ronghong Fan
    Ronghong Fan Year ago

    you are amazing!!!

  • Uragan5
    Uragan5 Year ago

    you are a dream, a lovely angel, just "wow" to you!

  • Auburn
    Auburn Year ago

    i feel alive cause of u .. thanks . i may not get to see u in person but taylor i dont have to

  • JPG
    JPG Year ago

    the roboo ell áma mi amoar

  • Elizabeth Russo
    Elizabeth Russo Year ago

    hi taylor swift your #THEBEST!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie chicken nugget

    hey taylor if you ever wonder shake your booty on my name xD

  • Reinaldo Alvarado

    I LOVE

  • Reinaldo Alvarado

    te amo taylor swift eres la mejor cantante

  • Aditya Pradhan
    Aditya Pradhan Year ago

    Hi Taylor.You are my favorite singer.What will be your next album?Please come to Cincinnato,Ohio.Its my dream to meet you.

  • Matilda Snell
    Matilda Snell Year ago

    Hi Taylor Swift I love you!

  • Galaxykitty2016
    Galaxykitty2016 Year ago

    taylor i love you sooooooo much :D

  • Casa & Cama
    Casa & Cama Year ago

    Por favor mim ajuda a compartilha meu canal do YouTube Talez Mendes sou seu fã!!!!

  • Kenneth Radke
    Kenneth Radke Year ago

    taylor ur name is male I know u know so female name change go to tenneesse court ask to get in line to get a orginal court order required by the lisence u moved there from somewhere, tn last known address, and stick to the T ones for females might have to wait for it other people might be waiting also but get in the LINE

  • The Slaying Sniper

    you so beautiful I hope one day I,ll be just like you

  • The Slaying Sniper

    I hope you can come  to huningtin

  • The Slaying Sniper

    I always want to see youI love you

  • usagetoutofiraq
    usagetoutofiraq Year ago

    You insult Apple, Spotify or any more music streaming website ONE MORE TIME, I will be taking measures to corrupt your musical career. I already started by stealing your shitty music off a file sharing site. I will be taking measures to corrupt your career if you cause any more political drama again. You have caused so much damage to the music industry with your greedy business tactics. America is corrupt because of bimbo women like you, ruining our culture. Women are manipulated into thinking they are right and men are wrong, because of artists like you. I am tired of hearing about you in the media. You know sometimes your death would make the world a better place. Sorry, but a lot of people feel this way.

    • Storms
      Storms Year ago

      +usagetoutofiraq I seriously fucking hope that you are joking.

    • dickthegenie
      dickthegenie Year ago

      +usagetoutofiraq Yes it's a big shame she writes that open letter against Apple. Someone mentioned that she should have done it in private. I completely agree with that comment. That open letter against Apple has made her look stupid, rude, and mean. Apple has done so much for the music industry. TS makes everyone seem like Apple is the enemy of the music industry, all because they weren't paying royalties? Bitch please. I download my music off torrent sites, close the torrent sites down, NOT streaming services like Apple. TS is all for drama and political correctness. I say the media needs to boycott this artist.

  • ella entonces
    ella entonces Year ago

    i love you so so much taylor! thanks for sharing with your fans!
    you are so beautiful and so amazing please please please never stop making music!
    i hope one day you can come to mexico i live in a small city but maybe i can see you

    i wish you could make more youtube videos
    from your music or other music covers

    love you!

  • Abigail Villalvazo

    taylor swift you are my remodel and made me inspire to sing

  • DanT.D.M.
    DanT.D.M. Year ago

    TAYLOR I am ur BIGGEST FAN u grew up in Tennessee and u went to Robert E Ellis Middle School And HHS I GO THERE 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My mom was SO CLOSE to teaching u in math but you got the classroom RIGHT NEXT TO HER and wrote a song in there Mrs. Thomas (now is Mrs. smith ) tells us stories about u in chorus class and there  AMAZING don't worry no more "ugly black chorus dresses" I started a petition to start t-shirts and jeans and I won (thank God ) But T swift You are the best artist ever keep being you and don't change that's why all ur fans luv u- Emily E ( BIGGEST FAN ) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 U

  • gogo fire
    gogo fire Year ago

    大爱霉霉-Taylor Swift i love you so much



      LORENZO BIFULCO Year ago

      +Dory And what are you some kind of cartoon freak.

    • Dory
      Dory Year ago


  • Jette V
    Jette V Year ago

    Taylor Swift I love so much. I hope I can see you sometime. This is my biggest wish. I learn english every day. And that since seven years. Love Lena! (Sorry about the language I come from Germany) 😓

  • lila havens
    lila havens Year ago

    Taylor Swift i love all you song when i listen to them i am always happy even through i have hard problems you take the problem every day way but i know my problem are still there i don't care because you make me so happy. Thank you for making my life better every day even through i have problem i am a big fan love you

  • Black Shawdow
    Black Shawdow Year ago

    if I say HELLO..will you reply??

    • Dory
      Dory Year ago

      +Anika Tomar yesss?

  • Grace Ross
    Grace Ross Year ago

    I have never been to one of your shows taylor but I wait while I memorize every lyric I can!!!! I enjoy how quirky you are!!!! You ENCHANTING!!! Dorky I know!!!! Anyways I love you so much and I march to the beat of your music

  • taku ina
    taku ina Year ago

    i can not study becouse of your song

  • Jenifer Weppler
    Jenifer Weppler Year ago


  • Carolyn Wehmeyer

    taylor swift you are my most favorite role model and singer.

  • aesthetically pleasing


  • mane games
    mane games Year ago

    Why doesen't she upload anything here!?!?!

    • Dory
      Dory Year ago

      +mane games haha, wassup? remember me? ;)

    • mane games
      mane games Year ago

      +Dory Haha, hey

    • Dory
      Dory Year ago

      +mane games Lol, I came back to this conversation.

    • mane games
      mane games Year ago

      +ella entonces No hay porque¿ Como estas?

    • ella entonces
      ella entonces Year ago

      +mane games gracias! 

  • The Library Assistant's Guide

    Hope "1989" wins album of the year, Taylor.  :)  Keep turning out those great songs! :) :)

    JUSTIN COOKE Year ago

    what is the best song you have written in your opinion?

    MFBARNEY Real Year ago

    Oh my god!! She is Tall and she is lovely

  • lauren hussie
    lauren hussie Year ago

    hi taylor i just want u to know i am a huge fan and so r my friends and you r so talented

  • Jazz I
    Jazz I Year ago

    Hello Taylor

  • tobyyawn24
    tobyyawn24 Year ago

    Hey Taylor if you have a blank space you can write my name.

  • Ninette Nini
    Ninette Nini Year ago

    hi you know she's talking all the time you Wholesale is fading from you louane it t ' sang full of singer

  • All Things Taylor

    Hey Taylor!!!! I just wanted to trell you your music has helped me get through tough times in my life from my parents signing away their RTS to settling down into a new family. I love u so much

  • Charlene McCool
    Charlene McCool Year ago

    Taylor you are incredible.  You actually take the time from your busy life to personally acknowledge your fans in person via Christmas presents, special occasions or just a surprise visit.  I do not know of any other female artist that does this.  You are truly a special woman as well as incredibility talented.  I am a good friend of Alan Zulu who was involved with one of your tours a few years back.  He never got me tickets, but that's ok.  I enjoy following the wonderful things that you do.  You truly are a woman of heart and soul that loves and cares about her fans and people in general.  God bless you Taylor Swift!   Charlene M.

  • Kaydence Hughes
    Kaydence Hughes Year ago


  • Nick Wesley
    Nick Wesley Year ago

    Swift!!!!Pay Ally B, her money!!!! lol jk. hahah Hello have a good one AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA adzzzzzz Zam Ginna. Words from Canada, Ontario far up North. WE DA BOMB!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA

  • Vincent Mbatha
    Vincent Mbatha Year ago

    Hi Taylor. Are you gonna come to South Africa soon? You have a big fanbase here.

  • Laurie Greene
    Laurie Greene Year ago

    Love the "Your so Vain" Video.

  • Cristel Kilgore
    Cristel Kilgore Year ago

    I can't believe that I am talking to Taylor swift

    • Dory
      Dory Year ago

      +Cristel Kilgore really?

  • Smartie 101
    Smartie 101 Year ago

    If you <3 Taylor then check out 4 Taylor by Todrick Hall on toderickhall youtube channel
    And if your your reading this I hope you have a great and and you are BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • 3MI
    3MI Year ago

    Still waiting for "Clean" Music video :3

  • cristiano mendonça


  • Laura Iveson
    Laura Iveson Year ago

    taylor swif Shak wil Blank Space ,et ih

  • Jacob Jervis
    Jacob Jervis Year ago

    You are awesome Taylor swift

  • Jacob Jervis
    Jacob Jervis Year ago


  • Kiersten Maltas
    Kiersten Maltas Year ago

    dear Taylor i know you dont check discussion, but i need to tell u something you are my true insparation and without you i woulduve changed my look my thoughts if it werent for u i wouldnt of graduated 5th grade, i would be homeless if it werent for u i would not be lucky to be different i woulduve changed if u even thought about reading these Reply back THANKS SO MUCH

  • Crazy Confenenation Conformer

    Hi Taylor you use a lot of phrases that mostly only religious people can understand, so are you religious?

  • cwizthebuilder
    cwizthebuilder Year ago

    Hey Taylor! I had so much fun going to your concerts. I went to the one in Philly and the one in Des Moines Iowa. In Iowa I met you at the Meet and Greet. My mom and I always think back to that. The picture turned out amazing! It's even on our Christmas card! :D

    Thanks for being such an inspiration. I really appreciate it, and lots of other people do as well.
    Keep up the amazing work, and don't listen to the haters!

    P.S. Did you like the picture of Meredith and Olivia I made you? ;3

  • Chewyta19
    Chewyta19 Year ago

    OMG i am a huge fan when are you coming to canada or doing another tour you are my favorite singer and i would like to go to your'e concert

  • Silke F
    Silke F Year ago

    ;o) Whats up Taylor Swift? To be honest I don´t like pop because I like more the "real shit", but if you do pop, its always like having a nice time because I love your stuff! Your singing is so beautiful! You are one of just a few that have the great gift of having this special talent. Merry Christmas Taylor Swift. I wish you the best and nice holidays.

    ELLIE M Year ago

    Taylor you are soooooo amazing!!!!

  • 潘星
    潘星 Year ago

    It is a pleasure to live in the same planet with you.Love you so much:)

  • rheanne manalo
    rheanne manalo Year ago

    Taylor i need you cause your my "wildest dream" you didn't come here for your album (1989) you left my heart with a "blank space" i want to see you having "style" i don't want to spend my life without you and i will have "bad blood" if i didn't see you and i will have my own "civil wars" because your not here come back to Philippines because "you belong with me"

  • Andrew Chaney
    Andrew Chaney Year ago

    can you subscribe to my channel pls

    • Rekko P.
      Rekko P. Month ago

      Utkarsh Nigam It is worth trying. I would love to see Taylor Swift subscribing to my channel. I don't if she is already. I have 8 subscribers even I don't have any videos. Five of them aren't showing their profile names to me. I guess the other four are Lana Del Rey, Natalie Maines, Selena Gomez, and Belinda Carlisle. You can never tell!

    • Utkarsh Nigam
      Utkarsh Nigam Year ago

      +Andrew Chaney really you're asking Taylor swift to subscribe to your channel?!?! Well good luck

  • Andrew Chaney
    Andrew Chaney Year ago

    no come to pheonix

  • EmmieFluffyUnicorns

    hi Taylor ur my favourite singer ever and i've been watching 11 celebs who've  DISSE Taylor swift and a lot is about making jokes and they don't mean to hurt u but they do. and they should think about saying a joke before saying the joke so it wont hurt u

    • usagetoutofiraq
      usagetoutofiraq 2 months ago

      You Fucking Bitch Taylor Swift if I ever meet you in person I will fucking shoot you down with my AK 47 you stupid fucking bitch you should not have ever won that grammy you stupid fucking slut. Fuck you! I hope you get shot.

  • Sanghoon Jeon
    Sanghoon Jeon Year ago

    Tired to make them realize life to me to go because it was hard in debt thanks to Taylor..
    My life was ruined after the Chinese people duped.
    Help me.
    I need help of Taylor Swift.
    Help me with my family.
    I have a $ 40,000 I need.
    Please ...

  • Sonia Baig
    Sonia Baig Year ago

    Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!