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  • Clint R.
    Clint R. 3 minutes ago

    Chad, what do you fear the most? Chad- "Dick falls off"

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 4 minutes ago

    Who runs the world! WHITES!!! 😂😂😂😂 Why would they do that if they were all white seems like they were just bragging lol 😂🤣 Lmao 😂

  • Artic646
    Artic646 4 minutes ago

    Twistly funny lol

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 4 minutes ago

    they all got a haircut for this sketch. thats insane

  • Charsgames 1097
    Charsgames 1097 5 minutes ago

    id take it

  • Steve Html
    Steve Html 6 minutes ago

    And the winner for " Boring azz comedy segment " .....

  • Captain Blackjack
    Captain Blackjack 7 minutes ago

    "Individual who number ones" went over everyone's heads

    ALEX GUERRERO 7 minutes ago

    Definitely the Southern Californians lol

  • Akeem Africa
    Akeem Africa 7 minutes ago

    This sketch is cringe comedy at its best.

  • Alexia Brown
    Alexia Brown 7 minutes ago

    identity theft is NOT a joke, Jim!

  • Johnny Daniels
    Johnny Daniels 7 minutes ago

    These actors are worse I have ever seen...EVERY single one is reading cue cards.

  • alexdoesstuff
    alexdoesstuff 8 minutes ago

    3:02 lol i knew he'd say straight outta compton.

  • moroz98
    moroz98 8 minutes ago

    Hmm. this theatre is excellent: its actresses were nominated for Oscar.

  • Sofia Hughes
    Sofia Hughes 9 minutes ago

    y'aaaaalllll you think this is bad fake woke? when i was in 8th grade this theater near me made a program where they got a bunch of middle schoolers and helped them write a musical. and we all decided that we wanted the musical to be impactful and make people think. it had no plot and terrible music and I still have it on DVD. there's more worse details but it definitely crossed the line into being offensive while trying to be woke (3 kids wrote a scene about nazi germany) yeahhhhh it was rough

  • Reggie
    Reggie 9 minutes ago

    Of all the weird singers they could have choosen to make fun of, the choose.... Dave Matthews???

  • Ruchunsinle Tep
    Ruchunsinle Tep 10 minutes ago

    Kerry cracked me up 😂😭😭😭

  • misery1965
    misery1965 10 minutes ago

    Margot Robbie like Nicole Kidman have been crucified for their beauty forever face it, both had to be twice as good as everyone else all the time i'd bet! this is the performance of a lifetime, ole!

  • frankie jay ponds
    frankie jay ponds 11 minutes ago

    nickelback fan and proud.

  • BelMegloub
    BelMegloub 12 minutes ago

    WOOOOOOOOW. I had never watched this one!! It was EXCELLENT!!

  • Finton Allen
    Finton Allen 13 minutes ago

    Why did he call her morgan when she was sucking hia finger

  • Tadpole Needscoffee
    Tadpole Needscoffee 13 minutes ago

    Ooh~ e-boy hader

  • Chaz Blanks
    Chaz Blanks 13 minutes ago

    Debbie Downer is my dad.

  • Jamie Vera
    Jamie Vera 13 minutes ago

    "well said, indeed" LMAO!

  • Bryan Mauro
    Bryan Mauro 13 minutes ago

    Something to look forward to, why the cring?

  • jimijackson
    jimijackson 14 minutes ago

    Fking dweeb. How could anyone find this kid cool.

  • P Damascus
    P Damascus 14 minutes ago

    My my how times have changed...

  • Ben Redder
    Ben Redder 14 minutes ago

    “Alex Baldwin”

  • bigfoot21
    bigfoot21 15 minutes ago

    This is left wing snow flake bull shit it’s not funny

  • BFlat
    BFlat 15 minutes ago

    Not accurate: what high school would let a girl wear a cropped sweater?

  • AC81
    AC81 16 minutes ago

    What’s that dog on , hasn’t budged the whole time

  • filmwhatever
    filmwhatever 18 minutes ago

    her name is both Morgan and Melanie hahaha

  • Jamie Vera
    Jamie Vera 18 minutes ago

    he broke so hard

  • AC81
    AC81 18 minutes ago

    Most expensive from the cheapest doc lol

  • Mohammad Abib
    Mohammad Abib 19 minutes ago

    Wtf only 1.3M? With this talented ppl

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes 19 minutes ago

    You’d think trumptards could correctly spell border, but, alas, no.

  • Jamie Vera
    Jamie Vera 21 minute ago

    the house!

  • CaptainKate757
    CaptainKate757 21 minute ago

    It's not Dave's fault. No one can measure up to the glory of David S Pumpkins.

  • joe blanton
    joe blanton 21 minute ago

    Now that's funny..ha ha ha

  • Julianna H5782
    Julianna H5782 21 minute ago

    Marisol is awesome. Lena is fucking gross and awful. MRA groups aren't like that. That is, in fact, a chunky necklace.

  • EROK X
    EROK X 22 minutes ago

    She is one hot lesbian

  • Krs Villegas
    Krs Villegas 22 minutes ago

    God-damned whoever puts commercials on TVclip!!!

  • alexleanh
    alexleanh 23 minutes ago

    The topic is dead on, but the skit is not funny... at all!

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee 25 minutes ago

    How old is he?

  • Empathy & Alchemy
    Empathy & Alchemy 25 minutes ago


  • resting heartrate
    resting heartrate 26 minutes ago

    Isn’t this basically spaceballs?

  • CaptainKate757
    CaptainKate757 26 minutes ago

    Aidy Bryant is the sarcastic but loving best friend everyone should have.

  • moroz98
    moroz98 26 minutes ago

    Daniel Radcliffe? Oh, yes, I remember him: he was good in the movies about Hermione Granger.

  • D
    D 26 minutes ago

    How is this hilarious and sexy at the same time wtf. (Guess Bill Hader has that power.)

  • TacShooter
    TacShooter 27 minutes ago

    SNL knew why she wouldn't win.

  • Velton Meade
    Velton Meade 28 minutes ago

    Will Ferrell is a fantastic actor and comedian.

  • FO Biggles
    FO Biggles 30 minutes ago

    Well, that was creepy.

  • bntime
    bntime 31 minute ago

    the guy that plays "Stuart" would make a great adam schiff parody

  • solomon yi
    solomon yi 31 minute ago

    please make a my little step children TV show, starring that little girl, those parents and those dolls. No animation or anything. It would be great

  • Kate Ingram
    Kate Ingram 32 minutes ago

    well, but she could not get of that stage fast enough. ??

  • wurly164
    wurly164 32 minutes ago

    Very Monty Python

  • Carla MSM
    Carla MSM 32 minutes ago


  • Mak Too
    Mak Too 32 minutes ago

    0:38 did Harry just fly?

  • chelsea taylor
    chelsea taylor 32 minutes ago

    Mmm Leo can butter my biscuits any day 🤤

  • Julian P
    Julian P 35 minutes ago

    Two years later, this is horrifying and she looks more and more like Dorian Gray's painting.

  • Ben Roley
    Ben Roley 36 minutes ago

    aight imma head out

  • E Harland
    E Harland 36 minutes ago

    Wow yeah I'm super gay

  • Night Wolf
    Night Wolf 37 minutes ago

    any songs that have a beat like the one at 2:16? I like it so much!!! 😭❤️✨

    AMERICA FIRST 39 minutes ago

    Can't wait for kenan to retire. He sucks so bad.

  • Vikram Gamadia
    Vikram Gamadia 42 minutes ago

    Claire is not very Clear

  • Amy Satzinger
    Amy Satzinger 42 minutes ago

    I live on Long island and have seen the show. This is so funny. Kate is great at impressions. 🤣

  • Combardus
    Combardus 45 minutes ago

    I get real heavy elyse willems vibe from amy here

  • Put Gerard back
    Put Gerard back 45 minutes ago

    I wish I could go to one of these camps I heard it's an easy way to get a girlfriend and I'm a lonely lesbian in the homophobic south

  • Gothmann TooIcyFoAho
    Gothmann TooIcyFoAho 46 minutes ago

    “Hu huhh??” 😂😂😂

  • Christina Taylor
    Christina Taylor 47 minutes ago

    They stole this from Dave 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 47 minutes ago

    Rest easy Bush, Trump knows how to handle China.

  • Bailey Dav.
    Bailey Dav. 47 minutes ago

    "and now I can see the future"

  • J DIAZ
    J DIAZ 48 minutes ago

    "U GONEEE!!"

  • Andrew Herrin
    Andrew Herrin 49 minutes ago

    This reminds me way to much of middle school

  • Emancipated Host
    Emancipated Host 50 minutes ago

    Um ok. Would’ve thought it’s be funnier. And she could’ve at least sucked him off. Especially since she’s so used to an abnormally colored chode.

  • Leon He
    Leon He 50 minutes ago

    So that’s what Harry does with his cloak

  • CW I
    CW I 50 minutes ago

    Still love this in 2019! Laughing so hard!

  • Mia Dandino
    Mia Dandino 52 minutes ago

    Omg John Mulaney looks so similar to Brandon Rogers in this skit. I had to do a double take......

  • Eris Cyl
    Eris Cyl 52 minutes ago

    In my opinion, a lot of Jost’s “jokes” were insensitive and tone deaf.

  • hossam fahmy
    hossam fahmy 52 minutes ago

    Now that was not funny

  • Billisits
    Billisits 53 minutes ago

    Probably the best sketch I've seen in a while

  • t henderson
    t henderson 53 minutes ago

    A throuple? Let's just call it a Katie

  • CD Tharpe
    CD Tharpe 54 minutes ago

    OG AOC!

  • Erin L English
    Erin L English 55 minutes ago

    Pete Davidson as himself

  • Malik Pendley
    Malik Pendley 55 minutes ago

    Why it lowkey slap tho

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 55 minutes ago

    What’s the background to this? Why did this happen?

  • Tom MacKay
    Tom MacKay 55 minutes ago

    That's a keeper.

  • Neon Soup
    Neon Soup 56 minutes ago

    Wow. When they didn't turn on the [applause] or [laugh] light at the end they had to announce that the skit was over in order to get people to laugh and applause. Also that one guy bursting out in the middle of the skit made people laugh more than they originally wanted to at that part. But I have to admit it. They've done well to convince people that this show is actually funny. The comments on this video are proof of that. As far as the actual skit goes it wasn't a bad concept just a bad execution. The lines were on point but not the delivery. Also that chick looked hotter WITH the glasses.

  • Pearl Smith
    Pearl Smith 56 minutes ago

    This is the only SNL sketch that made me laugh so hard I legit almost peed. 🤣

  • Joe S
    Joe S 56 minutes ago

    Giuliani looks alot like Cheney...

  • Risick
    Risick 56 minutes ago

    Ok boomer

  • Celisar1
    Celisar1 57 minutes ago

    Interesting: the boom guy harasses the actress but the director doesn’t a thing about it and even tells the harasser to ignore the woman ‘s complaining. I know it’s a skit and well played but unfortunately too realistic as well.

  • BP Lazyrazy
    BP Lazyrazy 58 minutes ago

    Yo I'm Albanian

  • me and jpa
    me and jpa 58 minutes ago

    Haha so funny for real

  • Mila
    Mila 58 minutes ago

    reese de' *wHAT*

  • Joey Middleton
    Joey Middleton 59 minutes ago

    Was that Daniel Craig wtf😂😂😂

  • GuillotineStare
    GuillotineStare 59 minutes ago


  • Adam Alikhan
    Adam Alikhan Hour ago

    Why i see Alexis Texas at SNL😋😛

  • xxxAirmidxxx
    xxxAirmidxxx Hour ago

    Lol I saw her live. It was not impressive.

  • Cognitive dissidence

    What, what, what killed me pmsl

  • Tyler Gleditsch
    Tyler Gleditsch Hour ago

    I'd be pissed too.