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  • Ryan Vandeput
    Ryan Vandeput 57 seconds ago

    The end card title is wrong - Melissa McCarthy hosted episode 13.

    UNDERACHIEVAZ 2 minutes ago

    I never realized how lit game show is ..Lol

  • Thomas Bannister
    Thomas Bannister 3 minutes ago

    1:56 it was JonTron, he was trying to sleep

  • erfreak15
    erfreak15 6 minutes ago

    That Aaron Neville impersonation has stayed with me for years. XD

  • Andrea lovie
    Andrea lovie 7 minutes ago


  • LindseyStudios
    LindseyStudios 7 minutes ago

    Why am I crying in the club?

  • Emmie Moore
    Emmie Moore 11 minutes ago

    Bill Hader is a gift to this world 😂

  • Noah Hermzz
    Noah Hermzz 12 minutes ago

    No way. I didn’t think anyone knew about safety

  • Barry Super
    Barry Super 12 minutes ago

    You should see my Mom at restaurants 1) never takes the first table offered to her 2) Always asks the waiter how much she should tip 3) starts asking in a loud voice what kind of medications I'm taking.

  • 7656869940 Jessebaldwin
    7656869940 Jessebaldwin 13 minutes ago

    I'll huff and puff and laugh your school down

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 13 minutes ago

    We have to show our IUD. Thats called a bubble standard. Rosanne Rosanna Danna would have been proud. She is channeling Gilda Radnor in one sense.

  • Jon Kline
    Jon Kline 14 minutes ago

    They should have just stop after 3 years. L.m. SNL is not about u but the actors

  • eastwing329
    eastwing329 14 minutes ago

    Now you recommend this?!?!!

  • Kuroashi 07
    Kuroashi 07 14 minutes ago

    as soon as they say she's just visual, i replayed again mv and yes haha!

  • Kira Aisling
    Kira Aisling 20 minutes ago


  • Monkey King
    Monkey King 20 minutes ago


  • Lovedancing Xoxoxoxo
    Lovedancing Xoxoxoxo 20 minutes ago

    Omg ... he’s amazing!!!

  • Seraphim401
    Seraphim401 21 minute ago

    Fighting around the world...

  • Mary Davis
    Mary Davis 25 minutes ago

    Did Sandler KILL Chris Farley? Conscience ?

  • crazysingingchick
    crazysingingchick 26 minutes ago

    Rick Rick Rick Rick Rick Rick Rick

  • Helene Paul
    Helene Paul 28 minutes ago

    That was not the voice I was expecting when he opened his mouth lol

  • Rickertsred
    Rickertsred 30 minutes ago

    The Rock really is a comic genius.

  • Douglas Butcher
    Douglas Butcher 32 minutes ago

    Ray Lewis....Oh, never mind.

  • Scott Pollack
    Scott Pollack 32 minutes ago

    Tom Green is a talentless, wacko that creeps me out!

  • Alison Grace
    Alison Grace 33 minutes ago

    Ten years later, Madonna doesn’t look so good. Big puffy pillow face like the full moon.

  • Thulo Maepa
    Thulo Maepa 33 minutes ago

    "Actually I was, you bitch"

  • Kuroashi 07
    Kuroashi 07 34 minutes ago

    no subtitle yet i know watz happening diz iz geniuzzzzzzz

  • Helene Paul
    Helene Paul 34 minutes ago

    Not entirely sure how I feel about hearing Bill Hader say "daddy's girl," I feel conflicted lol

    CR1STALG 35 minutes ago

    Freaking hilarious

  • Diced Potato
    Diced Potato 35 minutes ago

    101l likes hehe

  • Chuck Kady
    Chuck Kady 37 minutes ago

    In 2016, "Iron Man Trump" came to Swamp Country and said two things! "Today I declare myself as a candidate for President. #2 I'm going to "Drain The Swamp" // Washington laughed on the outside but there was fear in the hearts of the men and women of the swamp! You see this Man of Iron was honest! He was rich and like a magnet this Man of Iron wouldn't budge an inch to amend our beloved Constitution! // Why do I call our POTUS "Iron Man" Well. Look what's happened since Election Day. They stopped laughing. A smear campaign was already established: Impeachment was in Process! // um? What are we going to find him Guilty of? A Senile Mueller fake investigation only proved this man of Iron was guilty of nothing! They smeared him, his family and were as low as attacks on his 10 yr old son! // Again Iron Man Trump stood tall like "The Old Rugged Cross!" // The empty jackets of his own GOP. Wimped to their fears of exposure to the swamp! Well American's we've been kicked in the head by these conspirators long enough. Get some Iron in your Grit and let's support our Constitution and re-elect our Man of Iron, Pres Trump in 2020! His record for doing what he says is impeccable :: Re-elect Iron Man Trump a 2nd term and drown the swamp rats in their own sins and crimes against our beloved Constitution. Gen Barr Roll out the Barrel of Justice for all!

  • The Last_Saint
    The Last_Saint 39 minutes ago

    Brie Larsen A. Acting like She has a sense of humor B. Not throwing down her fucking agenda C. Actually being funny, and inappropriate. Good for her......

  • Luca D
    Luca D 39 minutes ago

    Jason is having the time of his LIFE

  • František Swoboda
    František Swoboda 41 minute ago


  • That_Goth_bitch
    That_Goth_bitch 43 minutes ago

    That one was just kinda dumb.

  • daniel Goodson
    daniel Goodson 43 minutes ago

    This video is why every studio, professional or personal has a cowbell within arms reach. The only joke that comes in a distant second is Metalocalypse's Pickles the drummer trying to lay down drum tracks and exclaiming "Am I smelling French toast?!" As the rest of the band relaxes in the control room on leather couches enjoying their breakfast.

  • Helene Paul
    Helene Paul 44 minutes ago

    Why is this voice strangely attractive??

  • Jack Concannon
    Jack Concannon 44 minutes ago

    "I roll with a group of problematic bachelors that call ourselves 'the squad'"

  • Arturo Perez
    Arturo Perez 45 minutes ago

    Damn, the audience fucking blows

  • epiphany
    epiphany 45 minutes ago

    i pray to reach his level of unbothered

  • Sylar Kinesis
    Sylar Kinesis 46 minutes ago

    Haha I love this Key and Peele skit

  • jackgibs xxx07
    jackgibs xxx07 47 minutes ago

    Pete reminds me of someone but I can't place who.

  • 소피스티케이릿
    소피스티케이릿 49 minutes ago

    더 롹~ 오바마 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Alisha L
    Alisha L 49 minutes ago

    Simmons is a true stage actor...

  • Rick Matsokotere
    Rick Matsokotere 51 minute ago

    Kerry Washington looking as scrumptious as a lil brown muffin 😍

  • Hubert Tracz
    Hubert Tracz 52 minutes ago

    Pozytywny odjazd , pierwsza klasa:)

  • Robert Silverman
    Robert Silverman 52 minutes ago

    I'm 54 and still waiting for adulthood...

  • 70s80s
    70s80s 53 minutes ago

    It’s a family business but....SEX SELLS!

  • pedro correa
    pedro correa 53 minutes ago

    The greatest generation is dead. Most of those are boomers.

  • Karan Rawat
    Karan Rawat 54 minutes ago

    Wait Anna is healthy here 😅

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 55 minutes ago

    659 downvoters talk just like her.

  • Barbara Salisbury
    Barbara Salisbury 55 minutes ago

    Melissa! We love you!!!

  • Linda Duncan
    Linda Duncan 55 minutes ago

    Snl what can i say?! You suck your shows suck you know what would be funny ? If you all ceast to exist that would be funny! Get it retards!

  • Cap'n Jace
    Cap'n Jace 55 minutes ago

    This song lacks a harmonized "wooh~" at the end of each chorus right after they sing the last "dongs all over the world"

  • Orcinus1967
    Orcinus1967 56 minutes ago

    Homeless people who can't pay their mortgages. Santa should just come out. ROFL

  • Robert Silverman
    Robert Silverman 56 minutes ago

    I would've loved that balcony. Still would.

  • Hennessy Ebua
    Hennessy Ebua 57 minutes ago

    *oh you docked it alright*

  • Carsen Maxwell
    Carsen Maxwell 58 minutes ago

    They aren’t actually speaking Japanese, are they? At least, a few of the things they are saying, I know can’t be Japanese

  • True Blue 92
    True Blue 92 59 minutes ago

    This sketch is the dark companion piece to 2016’s “Wells for Boys.” Julio Torres is the writer of both; He says the sketch was incinerated for time, but their spirit lives on in the internet! Former SNL cast member Laraine Newman loved this sketch too!😁

  • Eric J
    Eric J Hour ago

    I'm a simple man. I see Maya Rudolph playing Donatella Versace, I click.

  • Domas Šiaudvytis

    It's so hard to believe SNL used to know how to end a sketch.

  • Sankalp Bansal
    Sankalp Bansal Hour ago

    Alec and kate ♥️

  • XD_Eman prime
    XD_Eman prime Hour ago

    I’m mean it was in Florida

  • Anthony Silva
    Anthony Silva Hour ago

    Pulling a dollar out of that rabbit ass 🙂😂😂😂

  • Vulture Vic
    Vulture Vic Hour ago

    I came for that J Lo ass!

  • CUlataKatie
    CUlataKatie Hour ago

    i wish they would bring it back

  • maha moustafa
    maha moustafa Hour ago

    Omg 😲 I didn’t see that coming

  • That_Goth_bitch
    That_Goth_bitch Hour ago

    Lol these days SNL would never make a skit like this. They have gone so far into SJW la-la land that anything even slightly negative about anyone except white men is off limits in their skits. It's like "political correctness and far left propaganda; 1st Being funny and witty; last." RIP funny SNL you will be missed.

  • Bainsworth
    Bainsworth Hour ago

    Louis is definitely OCD (forbidden thoughts subgroup) ...but then what comic isnt.

  • Just Random
    Just Random Hour ago

    Jim Carrey aka the reason why aliens still haven;t destroyed our planet yet. I'm pretty sure even outer space enjoys him. Imagine having an uncle like that.

  • Dragonstone
    Dragonstone Hour ago

    This is the first funny SNL skit I've seen.

  • S S
    S S Hour ago

    Bill Hader is hilarious, but he's really good at "acting" gay

  • maha moustafa
    maha moustafa Hour ago

    I would watch that movie !

  • Alex Williamson
    Alex Williamson Hour ago

    Jesus...I’ve never seen such abject racism...just because nobody is blacked up does not make it offensive....cunts...and that accent...moved up and down like traffic on the M74....

  • Melba Elba
    Melba Elba Hour ago

    I thought that was Kristen Wiig for the first half...Christina Applegate is so talented.

  • Neha Jain
    Neha Jain Hour ago

    La Casa De Papel Season 4

  • Emperor Lassic
    Emperor Lassic Hour ago

    Definitely inspired by Tim and Eric

  • BoiledKettles
    BoiledKettles Hour ago

    Just watching them breaking character

  • Sunflower Monroe

    This is me, cos i am fat.

  • zizinnnn
    zizinnnn Hour ago

    Pete is like 10 years old here

  • Rhoda Johnson
    Rhoda Johnson Hour ago

    love it....this is so lol is so amazing...

  • Zachary Michael
    Zachary Michael Hour ago

    I miss Kristen on SNL so much! One of the best cast members to be on the show PERIOD.

  • D M
    D M Hour ago

    Bill Hader would be a perfect Dr. Oz.

  • Marinel Popescu
    Marinel Popescu Hour ago


  • justicegear
    justicegear Hour ago

    There is a newfound love for this. YOU SHUT YO' MOUTH!!! YOU HEA' IN MAINE NAH!!!

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez Hour ago

    "You know that radio shack on 23rd and 7th?" Literally walked past that place often during college. Now it's a Taco Bell, lol. Haven't seen Stefon though 😂

  • PAZ -Z
    PAZ -Z Hour ago

    2:30 that was a sick burn from Pete Davidson lmao 😂😂😂, I feel like I speak for many when I say FUCK hulk hogan, that racist piece of shit

  • hoonyny
    hoonyny Hour ago

    can someone tell me the difference between the actual sketch and the dress rehearsal?

  • Braden Tipping
    Braden Tipping Hour ago

    Omfg bro I love this this is so kyle

  • Kira Aisling
    Kira Aisling Hour ago

    I need this

  • Aryaman Bordoloi

    when they said "senator paul" did they mean Rand Paul ?

  • Aaroni Pepperoni

    Lmfao where are the Germans!

  • Pee Tee
    Pee Tee Hour ago

    A national treasure (I love Betty White).

  • Phoenix North
    Phoenix North Hour ago

    Over affectionate family

  • Gulya Swift
    Gulya Swift Hour ago


  • Michael Hicks
    Michael Hicks Hour ago

    Still not half as funny as spaceballs

  • KLeonidas Mapogo7

    He and his crew are amazing! That’s what I call pure and genuine talent!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Emily Mansfield
    Emily Mansfield Hour ago

    When he comes in with a sandwich, yup that's my inner Disney princess

  • Gulya Swift
    Gulya Swift Hour ago


  • PAZ -Z
    PAZ -Z Hour ago

    Pete Davidson May be joking but he made some very valid points