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  • grrrindz
    grrrindz 32 minutes ago

    It's preseason n this nigga going 100.

  • NettoFN
    NettoFN 33 minutes ago

    Ja is gonna be like steve nash

  • John Doe
    John Doe 35 minutes ago

    Cam reddish should have stayed at Duke 1 more year.

  • James Lexington
    James Lexington 36 minutes ago

    5:39 lmao bacon continues to sizzle

  • umaru sesay
    umaru sesay 36 minutes ago

    Derrick Jones jr is the best dunker in the nba as of now 💯

  • Micho Gales
    Micho Gales 36 minutes ago

    You're in a good place Tyler.

  • Fernando  Melo
    Fernando Melo 36 minutes ago

    Look like West with basketball I.Q kkkkkkkkkk

  • Ness
    Ness 36 minutes ago

    This man exploited the hell out of Rozier

  • hi bye
    hi bye 36 minutes ago

    These kids are getting faster and faster each year

  • Haywood Jahblomy
    Haywood Jahblomy 37 minutes ago

    He plays like D Fox..I feel like zion will win rookie of the year if not then Tyler Herro will be rookie of the year

  • Terrance the Genius
    Terrance the Genius 39 minutes ago

    Seems like a risky younger Derrick rose I love his speed and ish but I'm not gone lie that speed mixed with acrobatic lay ups is scary cause ik all defenders not going to let u storm in like that and this could cause another drose injury.

  • Riley Mcfadden
    Riley Mcfadden 39 minutes ago

    MGK and Tom Holland’s kid can ball

  • Swaggy 7
    Swaggy 7 40 minutes ago

    WHAT A PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie Modlin
    Jamie Modlin 40 minutes ago

    Mark Cuban: if we got a championship with one Dirk...what about 2 Dirks?

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 41 minute ago


  • bri c
    bri c 41 minute ago

    i would much rather have him than zion. Zion is one knee injury away from being D. Rose. The only thing he has better than morant is his athleticism.

  • Use Code Kaz
    Use Code Kaz 41 minute ago

    I love Memphis’s offense effort everytime. Love how morant getting more and more aggressive and seeing him fit in more. They just need better defense chemistry. Every time the do a jab-step or a screen, they don’t know what to do and there’s a wide open man everytime. But great game, hornets definitely stepping their game up

  • GalaxyofGreatnesstv
    GalaxyofGreatnesstv 41 minute ago

    Hero plays like Devin Booker. East is deeper than you think

  • The guy Welove
    The guy Welove 42 minutes ago

    Klay vibes all over him.. Man im so excited for the next generation ballers.. The best has yet to come I promise you

  • Ju Cruz
    Ju Cruz 42 minutes ago

    Can we get jermari grant nuggets highlights

  • Dwight Partlow
    Dwight Partlow 42 minutes ago

    Hero might be the steal of the draft.

  • Coldblooded Gaming
    Coldblooded Gaming 42 minutes ago

    I wish lonzo could put up these numbers man. I Really shouldn’t have to wish this for a number 2 Overall pick

  • 206- Sea
    206- Sea 42 minutes ago

    WHAT 👏 DID 👏 I 👏 TELL 👏 Y’ALL

  • GalaxyofGreatnesstv
    GalaxyofGreatnesstv 44 minutes ago

    Rozier isnt Kemba but he is producing very well. Not surprised

  • RL M
    RL M 44 minutes ago

    Iverson 2.0

  • Angel Alcorcha
    Angel Alcorcha 44 minutes ago

    Ferguson played for almost 25 mins and had 2 pts to show for it

  • james wood
    james wood 44 minutes ago

    My man Tyler Herro. Ive been preaching Tyler Herro in my household for 3yrs going on 4. Now they r buying in .

  • Roy nguyen
    Roy nguyen 44 minutes ago

    The herro miami needs but not the herro miami deserves

  • Joshhieyify
    Joshhieyify 45 minutes ago

    Bruh his in and out dribble is insane

  • Joey Barz
    Joey Barz 45 minutes ago

    Lavine really reminds me of T MAC with how smoothe and natural his offense looks.

  • Turt Tv
    Turt Tv 45 minutes ago

    Definitely like his game the most out of the top picks in the draft

  • Bernard Poindexter
    Bernard Poindexter 47 minutes ago

    Herro >>>>>> Klay

  • Rodney Robinson
    Rodney Robinson 47 minutes ago

    If we still had Wayne Ellington, Tyler herro and Ellington deadly from deep

  • Berwyn Stone
    Berwyn Stone 47 minutes ago

    Look at them seats I know it's preseason but dam

  • Kelsey Dortch
    Kelsey Dortch 47 minutes ago

    Westbrook/ Wall like athleticism with Rhondo mentality. He's gonna have 2 start being more aggressive on the scoring because they know he wants 2 pass. Scoring will free that up. Defensive IQ will come & he'll add strength. By his 2nd or 3rd yr he's gonna be a real problem. Oh & must make himself a jumpshot threat. Let's Go GrizzNation!!!

  • Larrell Hill
    Larrell Hill 48 minutes ago

    Like someone took a young Mike Miller put him in a lab & spliced his dna 🧬 with Kyrie & Luka 😂

  • Winny Tee
    Winny Tee 49 minutes ago

    Doncic & Porzingis > Simmons & Embid

  • Rajhan Smith
    Rajhan Smith 50 minutes ago

    I really hope he develops a midrange shot and floater package. He has to preserve that explosion by picking his spots and playing with different paces.

  • MrAitraining
    MrAitraining 50 minutes ago

    He's a killer competitor also to go along with the skills. No fear. Anyone who watched a lot of Kentucky last year will tell you.

  • Sean Calavan
    Sean Calavan 50 minutes ago

    Miami's bench standin up half the game, hyped. Good stuff

  • Jason Heilman
    Jason Heilman 50 minutes ago

    Mike Miller 2.0?

  • Hamish Reeves
    Hamish Reeves 50 minutes ago

    40 %. Shooting & 6 Tov. Don't believe the hype.porzingus was worse.

    • Massiah San
      Massiah San 45 minutes ago

      Hamish Reeves Porzingis was a +20 and Luka was a +21 go back under your bridge troll

    CONDORIANO 50 minutes ago

    Dont give any minutes to ingram

  • ubadman1
    ubadman1 51 minute ago

    when tre young is guarding you thats basically a green light. either way great showing from herro hope he gets the recognition he deserves.

  • Ao400
    Ao400 51 minute ago

    That was not a fucking foul??? Is this ref fucking high? There was no contact at all???

  • Libra Alibaba
    Libra Alibaba 51 minute ago

    I honestly just come to watch D-Rose highlights then I'm done I could careless about everybody else.

  • Infinity Mixtapes
    Infinity Mixtapes 51 minute ago

    Mike Miller with some handle

  • Leroy Strawberry
    Leroy Strawberry 52 minutes ago

    He’s gonna get bodied one time and go flying into the stands

  • Kenneth Petovic
    Kenneth Petovic 52 minutes ago


  • 90210 Hero
    90210 Hero 52 minutes ago

    At 2:05 who heard luka say “get that shit outta hereeeee”

  • warren steele
    warren steele 52 minutes ago

    Heat is ready. ATLANTA has a nice team too.

  • Bernard Poindexter
    Bernard Poindexter 53 minutes ago

    D"Aaron Morant

  • picklechiniahboii boi
    picklechiniahboii boi 53 minutes ago

    Comment what you think how okc played if they played good or not and mavericks too

  • ubadman1
    ubadman1 53 minutes ago

    the best part is ja looks like he can switch between being an offensive athletic gaurd and a traditional floor general.

  • Ben lagman
    Ben lagman 53 minutes ago

    someone tell me why dwight howard looked like markelle fultz?

  • Lakersyoungcoreareaverage playersatbest

    Better than lebron

  • Tom Delay Beats
    Tom Delay Beats 54 minutes ago

    Mavs 7 seed

  • Marcos Gomez
    Marcos Gomez 55 minutes ago


  • Clout King
    Clout King 55 minutes ago

    Point God

  • 49ers
    49ers 55 minutes ago

    LETS GO HERRO! IMA BUCKET! Yo, I had my doubts, but this kid might be the truth. There's something special about the way he moves on the court. Is it just me?

  • Ridge Gonzalez
    Ridge Gonzalez 55 minutes ago

    1:29 That play was so smooth 🔥

  • EastCoastbeast
    EastCoastbeast 55 minutes ago

    See some pre injury drose

  • Larenz Deshazor
    Larenz Deshazor 55 minutes ago

    Thought I was watching a Tyler Herro highlight for a minute

  • Dreambig listen to my mixtapes

    Come on Dallas y'all looking like y'all's football counterpart

  • badgaltori
    badgaltori 56 minutes ago

    Ben Simmons can't shoot 3s. Ben Simmons: Hold my fcking beer 🤣🤣

  • warren steele
    warren steele 56 minutes ago

    Warriors should kept Kendrick Nunn.

  • Date Masamune
    Date Masamune 58 minutes ago

    OKC starters didnt even play...relax..

    • 張領
      張領 37 minutes ago

      Date Masamune That's right they'll probably will only lose by 20 if starters played.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 58 minutes ago

    Can't wait for the season opener!

  • Weenie hut JR
    Weenie hut JR 59 minutes ago

    The worst team in the league and probably the 2nd worst. What a game

  • 404
    404 59 minutes ago

    This team so fun to watch

  • Louie Gucci
    Louie Gucci Hour ago

    Miami was about to break that rim lol

  • John Pineda
    John Pineda Hour ago

    Ya morant

  • Blaze High
    Blaze High Hour ago

    Corner specialist badge on hall of fame

  • Conscious Hydra
    Conscious Hydra Hour ago

    Ja making Scary Terry look pedestrian

  • 213rfghu nm
    213rfghu nm Hour ago

    Can’t lie he can shoot lights out he’s a more athletic version of Kyle korver or mike Miller the only way you stop him is to make him put the ball on the floor.

  • Ted Ryan
    Ted Ryan Hour ago

    A Herro is Born!

  • Jack Ensor
    Jack Ensor Hour ago

    Herro > Waiters next to Butler.

  • garymagr81
    garymagr81 Hour ago

    I've never seen a rookie w more of a NBA ready game then Morant dude is special crazy explosive puts so much pressure on the defense he gonna create alot of open shots because defenses will have to protect the rim w his ability to get to the rack and finish once he bulks up future MVP he was overlooked coming out of high school his game is hungry Ja Morants is a problem I see a combo of D. Rose and Steve Francis

  • Declan Littman
    Declan Littman Hour ago

    In my opinion, I don’t think this guy will ever win a chip. He’s gonna be good, like a Steve Nash but not win

  • Ron Browsing
    Ron Browsing Hour ago

    This is our new CP3

  • DonkeyDoofus
    DonkeyDoofus Hour ago

    Left Joe Hart hanging on that last bucket. Feelsbadman

  • Caleb Kabera
    Caleb Kabera Hour ago

    I knew Tyler herro was a bucket for a minute

  • Nick Phelps
    Nick Phelps Hour ago

    Better than zion idc

  • Moraldo Beats
    Moraldo Beats Hour ago

    O-K-C u next year! ⚡👋🏾

  • tobias
    tobias Hour ago


  • SB 80's
    SB 80's Hour ago

    Watched him in person last year, iq and athleticism crazy good

  • FoxyPlayz YT
    FoxyPlayz YT Hour ago

    I also got the limited-edition Miami Heat basketball yolo, ok I'll stop flexing on you guys xD

  • Leonardo Parenno

    d rose??

  • K. Taylor
    K. Taylor Hour ago

    That boy got that Russell Westbrook lay up package 🏀💯

  • Preston Chandler

    I can't believe he disrespected tacko fall like that

  • FoxyPlayz YT
    FoxyPlayz YT Hour ago

    lol I was at the game at the time, in the audience.

    • Seb Joseph
      Seb Joseph 58 minutes ago

      FoxyPlayz YT lol, I was sitting right behind you

  • Longboy Chungas
    Longboy Chungas Hour ago

    Let’s go #heatnation

  • Thunder Buddy
    Thunder Buddy Hour ago

    Sam Presti the GM of Thunder is growing some weed to trade. He should have been fired when he let Harden go to Houston and messed up that amazing young team.

  • Chinguun Battulga

    Is he a lefty?

  • Chinguun Battulga

    I'm liking what I'm seeing.

  • Knowledge Godd
    Knowledge Godd Hour ago

    I got him being rookie of the year

  • Josh Howard
    Josh Howard Hour ago

    Still no jumper ..

  • Javonte Walker
    Javonte Walker Hour ago

    That boy lookin nice 💨

  • Raj Papineni
    Raj Papineni Hour ago


  • Spiritual Sage
    Spiritual Sage Hour ago

    Look at this 5 star set up man