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  • Sashimenla Jamir
    Sashimenla Jamir 22 minutes ago

    Wow!yummy! 😊

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    OINDRI BHATTACHARYYA 46 minutes ago

    This is ausum😋😋😋

  • Damir Mešić
    Damir Mešić Hour ago

    Can I get a reply? This is awesome, I made it today and it's soo good, has the same taste and it's healthier because you put in knows ingredients in. P.s.great shun knife. I see you're a (wo)man of culture as well

  • dujuan fahuer
    dujuan fahuer Hour ago

    How much calories are there in each finish product?

  • Michel Mari
    Michel Mari Hour ago

    What song is that playing during the oreo cheese cake bars??? Love it!!!!

  • Zouhra El Ouassif
    Zouhra El Ouassif 3 hours ago

    Very good

  • Zouhra El Ouassif
    Zouhra El Ouassif 3 hours ago

    Wawa very good

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  • asbpresentations
    asbpresentations 4 hours ago

    The only ingredient I could afford was the potato.

  • Stavros Meggos
    Stavros Meggos 5 hours ago

    Well.. that'a a lot of chocolate! haha :)

  • Love God Bob
    Love God Bob 5 hours ago

    TIP: If you don't have gloves and don't want the potatoes sticking to your hands wet your hands with water, but not so their dripping wet. Works every time. These potato cheese balls are amazing! They were even better when mixing in powdered parmesan into the potato mixture. Happy cooking!

  • Unicornxv Mermaid
    Unicornxv Mermaid 5 hours ago

    Other than white wine, what else can i use since I'm allergic to wine or alcohol

  • Alex f
    Alex f 6 hours ago

    You are all dumb u can't get diabetes from eating sweet food or cake made of nutela u can get diabetes from being stressed

  • brainstuk
    brainstuk 7 hours ago

    im hubgry

  • Dairy Free
    Dairy Free 7 hours ago

    If only i wasnt lactose 😣😭

  • Carlos pillaca
    Carlos pillaca 10 hours ago

    en español pls :v

  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 11 hours ago

    Muy deliciosos

  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 11 hours ago

    Muy ricos me gustó mucho

  • Oscar Garcia
    Oscar Garcia 12 hours ago

    loke so lo ves en noviembre y diciembre

  • Ddstairclimber
    Ddstairclimber 12 hours ago

    you ruined the recipe the moment you put flour and especially sugar. You made it un healthy as crap

  • David G
    David G 13 hours ago

    NOPE! The this is dough, it should be a batter like a thick pancake batter.

  • Pat Henshaw
    Pat Henshaw 13 hours ago

    And what... pray tell ... is that white sauce shown for dipping???

  • Maureen Tuohy
    Maureen Tuohy 13 hours ago

    Looks marvelous

  • Manos Is God Now
    Manos Is God Now 15 hours ago

    When you’re 13 and you want to make dinner but you can’t afford 3 different types of cheese so you just dump a ton of mozzarella

  • eman hamed
    eman hamed 15 hours ago

    If everyone is complaining about the amount of Nutella, why did they watch it in the first place??

  • AnBe CalMon
    AnBe CalMon 15 hours ago

    The music, the spreading of the mashed potatoes, the way the fork.... 😴😴😴😴😴

  • Ashutosh Rana
    Ashutosh Rana 16 hours ago

    its 3 am

  • ndf00
    ndf00 16 hours ago


  • K'nicolee
    K'nicolee 18 hours ago

    I want to make this for thanksgiving 😛

  • Nicola Valentine
    Nicola Valentine 18 hours ago

    Nice cake. Looks soft and yummy

  • Nicola Valentine
    Nicola Valentine 18 hours ago

    This is such a nice receipe

  • Adina Mor
    Adina Mor 18 hours ago

    very good ,you can add to the paste 1 piece green hot chili ,and 2 spoons of sesame

  • 69 VinZC
    69 VinZC 19 hours ago

    Wow its takes longer than a fucking cake in the oven

  • nadia sohail
    nadia sohail 19 hours ago

    2 time baking crust is it not burn the base for long baking

  • Callum Wittenbrink
    Callum Wittenbrink 20 hours ago

    I don’t like Nutella, but chocolate spread is really nice

  • Brijal Nayee
    Brijal Nayee 20 hours ago

    If we are veg then what we can use instead of beef

    • Stella Psaroudaki
      Stella Psaroudaki 7 hours ago

      You can just put potatos,eggplant and zucchini in layers thats how I do it and its perfect!

  • Didi d.k.s.
    Didi d.k.s. 20 hours ago

    What is Garam masala

  • Roxanne Cruz
    Roxanne Cruz 20 hours ago

    Can I use chicken broth instead of beef ?

  • TheSeliMD
    TheSeliMD 20 hours ago

    "Homemade" with using commercial chocolate. Dumb.

  • وصفات نجاة-wassafat najat

  • This is the best name I could come up with

    Has anyone made this? How different is it from real Nutella, or any other chocolate/hazelnut spread? I'd like to get a recipe to make it taste as close as possible

    • Kale Strahota
      Kale Strahota 18 hours ago

      Just put in the best chocolate u can find. In any case, dont use cooking chocolate.

  • Mrs. Fahrenheit
    Mrs. Fahrenheit 21 hour ago

    I made this cake and used a 1/4 cup of honey instead of a half and the whole familiaaa lovd it

  • Adriana L
    Adriana L 22 hours ago

    Wow!!! Q delicia 😋😋😋. Thanks for writing the recipe in English. No se griego 😥😖, pero me gusta la.comida griega 😋😋😋. 👋😉

  • TheOmgfuck
    TheOmgfuck 22 hours ago

    My stomach: YES! YES! YES! My Brain: YES! YES! YES!

  • Vane R.
    Vane R. 23 hours ago

    Se ve groseramente delicioso😍😍

  • Sprytez
    Sprytez 23 hours ago

    Just imagine how sweet that would be

  • Julia Vee
    Julia Vee 23 hours ago

    Thank you! Ima make this on the weekend:-)!

  • Ishaq Nawab
    Ishaq Nawab Day ago

    You guys are evil

  • Pearl Fatima
    Pearl Fatima Day ago

    what is the alternate for sour cream?

  • Sahar Khadem
    Sahar Khadem Day ago

    Do you sift the flour before mixing it with wet ingredients ?

  • Sadie Devenney

    Wee call it bubble and squeak.

  • Alan George Barstow

    Tip: only use proper chocolate with a high cocoa butter content, preferably from one of the better chocolatiers of Switzerland or Belgium. Under no circumstances use the disgustingly vile pseudo-chocolate from Hersheys!

  • Guru Kripa
    Guru Kripa Day ago

    It's very hard to get maple syrup is it optional can we use vanilla extract instead????

  • vicel jatico
    vicel jatico Day ago

    wow sarap

  • Aarti Mulgaonkar

    Can I add gelatin to this recipe? And how much?

  • ebtesam besa
    ebtesam besa Day ago

    I like it it was helpful

  • i'm Rib3r
    i'm Rib3r Day ago

    Guess what i was eating when this popped up. I guess they are using camera instead of microphone lol

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    Crissy Reyes Day ago


  • Ass1ass2in
    Ass1ass2in Day ago

    Bgm sucks

  • Caito 123
    Caito 123 Day ago

    Wait is flour mixture just flour

  • Elvia Santos Dominguez

    Can I use almond milk instead of whole milk?

  • Bee Good
    Bee Good Day ago

    Fn groovie tunes 😂 Lol!! Dammmmnnn

  • Erkan Deniz
    Erkan Deniz Day ago

    Worst lahmacun recipe. This doesn’t even look like Lahmacun. Did you google the recipe and made video about your weird dish. Don’t even call this lahmacun. 1- Lahmacun dough needs to be thinner and usually round 2- you don’t put fresh pepper in Lahmacun. Ingredients are simple, ground meat (must be with little fat), parsley, onions, 1-2 tomato and little garlic. And spices 3- nobody puts pine nuts on lahmacun. Are you trying arap recipe(then don’t call this turkish food) 4- you must put isot spice in Lahmacun, 5- you dough, bread look hard and your ground meat need fat. That’s why your dish looks weird 6- nobody puts turmeric in Lahmacun. Disgusting 7-you dont put all vegetables in food processor together 8- why is this arap music??

  • Donna Christiansen

    This looks AMAZING!!!

  • Joe H
    Joe H Day ago



    Who does not love cabbage i grew up with cabbage. My mom made it all the time cabbage salad is the best thinly slice and add oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Yum!

  • angelica andrews

    I did mines off this video. Of course i added a few more seasoning to my liking but maaaaaan it was perfect! Thank u so much ‼️‼️

  • zahrao hosein
    zahrao hosein Day ago

    It seems delicious i ll make it. 👍👍

  • Marline Brown
    Marline Brown Day ago

    Definitely gona try

  • boksaboki
    boksaboki Day ago

    Now i want to learn how to whistle

  • Judy Sanchez
    Judy Sanchez Day ago

    Fk delicious !!!!!

  • GMO-1974
    GMO-1974 Day ago

    1:30 - Transfer bread crumbs from one bowl to another. Unnecessary!🤔

  • Olle Lundström

    Hasselback potatoes is one of many ingenious inventions from Sweden, first served at the famous restaurant Hasselbacken of the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. Some other inventions made by Swedes are the Smörgåsbord, the AGA stove, the AGA lighthouse, the PRIMUS cooker, the Dynamite, the Zip, the Ombudsman, money bills, the refrigerator, the respirator, the ball bearings, the wrench, the steam turbine, the propeller, the American victorious submarine Monitor, the pacemaker, the safety match, the Tetrapak, the medicin XYLOCAIN and LOSEC, the computer mouse, the inkjet printer, computer colourgraphics, the Ultrasound diagnostics, the lap-and-diagonal safety belt for cars, the HASSELBLAD camera on the moon , the Celsius thermometer, the BABYBJÖRN, ABBA, ASEA and ABB, IKEA, VOLVO, SAAB, ERICSON, PEACE IN SWEDEN FOR MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED YEARS and thousands more things!!! (And some more bragging!!!)

  • James Andrews
    James Andrews Day ago

    can we make this keto. what would work to replace semolina flour.

  • Harry
    Harry Day ago

    fuck you sugar!

  • Luca Nagy
    Luca Nagy Day ago

    I just made it and it is delicious! Next time I’m gonna put a little less sugar in it, it was too sweet for my taste. But amazing recipe! Thank you xx

  • Peter Susi
    Peter Susi Day ago

    Lots of ways to go with this - add garlic powder, dot with butter, dust with Parm cheese at the end and return to the oven for a minute, you could even flip them halfway through the cooking time and season the other side. Looks like a fun dish. If you are only doing a couple, I’ll bet you could also pan saute them until crisp.

  • Hashibuzzaman Hashibuzzaman

    Is corn flower and cornstarch same .if its not same then can i use corn flower in place of corn starch?

  • Sharmila J
    Sharmila J Day ago

    It's nice if you add some potatoes with the chicken ...

  • Krishnasingh Thagunna

    So nice I like it

  • terry doble
    terry doble Day ago

    Great recipie, but you cooked all the nutrition out of it.....

  • What We Do
    What We Do Day ago

    That looks really good, I think we will try this! Klaus

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    Haddy Touray Day ago

    Thank you so much

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  • Nicolette Jones


  • sadia khan
    sadia khan Day ago

    Can i use whip cream instead of heavy cream?

  • Birgül'ün Yöresel Lezzetleri

    ellerine sağlık destekteyim

  • Mohammed Abdul Mannan

    Harami sala kutta yougurt nai milra

  • Al Madlicka
    Al Madlicka Day ago

    So what was the 1st green you sliced up???

  • Gena Sushkevich

    the music is disgusting

  • Türküm BozKurt
    Türküm BozKurt 2 days ago

    Soo Good.

  • Z Ξ R Ξ N Λ D L I

    There's too much Nutella required, it's not fucking cheap for god sake.

  • Alan Binglton
    Alan Binglton 2 days ago

    28% not hungry 71% got hungry 1% starved to death...

  • Angela Palmer
    Angela Palmer 2 days ago

    Very nice recipe thank you

  • Marzena Keciek
    Marzena Keciek 2 days ago

    Mniam mniam we love it

  • Raji Viju
    Raji Viju 2 days ago

    Any option for brown sugar?

  • Kapil Verma
    Kapil Verma 2 days ago

    just looking at the igredients, must have costed Rs500+ minimum. instead I can buy a cake in the market at the similar rate hahaha