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    Thank you for sharing this beautiful recipe

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    the title should be changed to "how to make heaven on earth"

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    Why did u add coconut milk in chicken curry? Spoiled everything... .. Chicken curry is thickened using more onions and tomatoes etc ... This is kerala curry not chicken curry

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    • Diana Cadry
      Diana Cadry Hour ago

      Can We use a FLAX Egg in this if we're allergic to eggs? Type it looks fabulous! ♡♡♡

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  • Jesse Neal
    Jesse Neal Hour ago

    Thank you for making this cake thats my favorite chocolate bar. Would you be add the convert measurements? please and thank you again

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    روعه تسلم ايدك👌

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    Mmmmmmmmm... snickers flavour taste so good. That taste sweet and creamy mousse cake. Great recipe. See u next time.

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    Yummy looks ,i'll try for sure

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    Ciekawe kto zmarnuje 1kg nutelli na takie badziewie :)

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    **sigh** if only I didn’t ate the whole jar...

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    Tanaya Joshi 3 hours ago

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    Carl David Gardner 3 hours ago

    I never understood why people show the finished product at the start of the video??! Sure, put it in the thumbnail for views but don't ruin it before it's even started

  • ThePineappleEpidemic 4077

    no mate I wouldn't wait six hours for that bitch to cool I would shovel that cake into my face right away lmfao

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    Panzerotti King 4 hours ago

    I tried to do it and it came out as a deformed shit.... but at least it tasted good

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    AnimeNerdGoku 5 hours ago

    If you wanna know what diabetes means watch how the person makes the cookies

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    Isaac .S 5 hours ago

    I wish i could smell it through the video

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    How does it taste I wanna know

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    Ymmy cake

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    عالی بود ممنون

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    Why doesnt anyone just eat the entire thing at normal pace andddd then start the video 👀🤷‍♂️ That would be premium content lmfao

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    Sakshi Bohra 8 hours ago

    Is it compulsory to use corn starch??? Heavy cream ko shop ma kya bolna ha jisse Vo dada

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    Zynary Zaidi 9 hours ago

    Easy way to get amputate

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    bakecrazyyy girl 10 hours ago

    There you go;an absolutely amazing recipe

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    G1ovin yt 10 hours ago

    hello I love everything that there is the chocolate I will make it to my channel I am a disabled boy and what I do and to give smiles and above all to show that in life you always have to smile imenti congratulations for this recipe

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    Aurora Ashadiya 11 hours ago

    What is vegetable oil please ?

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    Alopias pelagicus 12 hours ago

    I. Want. Your. Knife. Utter perfection. Also the cheesecake. But THAT KNIFE!

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    The song tho

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    Untrepid One 12 hours ago

    puts a condom on the stirring utensil. many youtubers faint 😅. others light up. some are congratulated on their new child.

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    Renatto Villavicencio 12 hours ago

    Its okay if i dont use the "baking powder" 1:20?

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    "you can leave your hat on" Joe cocker.

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    Shary Moreno 13 hours ago

    This recipe is so delicious!!! So easy to make.

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    Caroline Swaim 13 hours ago

    I’d like to have a couple of the metal tongs used to flip potatoes & eggplant. Love Moussaka! 😉

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    Cheesecake can seriously fuck off because this looks good but I hate how cheesecake tastes.

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    Thank you!! All your recipes are so yummiii❣️

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    I gained 300lbs just watching this porn.

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    You took this idea from another video🤣🤣

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    Looks tasty, but a lot more work than just heating the Nutella & dipping some fruit

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    It looks good but for some reason I wish the cookie part was softer

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    am i the only one that gets triggered how he cuts the chocolate? YOU CAN JUST BREAK IT INTO THE PIECES WHY YOU PLAYING

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    Makes my mouth water.

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    What kind of disgusting, watery peanut butter is that

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    jesus christ these mesurings, i'm not used to use cups as measuring, instead of putin 3/4 of a cup, i put 3 cups of water, god i'm stupid...

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    Its is vietnamse food .-.

  • Lisa Fan
    Lisa Fan 23 hours ago

    made it with great success! it's not too sweet or dense, esp w/ some modifications i made: added pistachios to the base, 2 cups of cream cheese (annoying to add 1/4 stick), 100 g white chocolate. next time i'll try adding some acrylic sheets around the edge of the springform to see if it will give me a smoother edge. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Naina Passi
    Naina Passi 23 hours ago

    Any substitute for egg??

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    Jojo's Dairy Day ago

    it looks quite coarse though. is it smooth to taste?

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    RAE Elbakry Day ago

    Wow that was an awesome recipe. I made it today and it totally rocked. Thanks a million.

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    Mac and cheese is one of my favorite foods. But I always felt sad because it was hard to come across this often. However, after watching this video, I became confident that I would be able to make Mac & Cheese. If I have a chance next time, I will make Mc & Cheese at home.

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      You can probably use hot water in place of the hot coffee, coffee just tends to enhance the chocolate flavor more.