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  • charmae fenis
    charmae fenis 10 seconds ago


  • Aaron Bolante
    Aaron Bolante 26 seconds ago

    It hurts more when Kobe's daughter also died. I'm heartbrokened 💔

  • Pendo Maganja
    Pendo Maganja Minute ago

    May you are beautiful souls rest in ertenal peace forever, Amen.

  • Candy James
    Candy James Minute ago

    *how sad to imagine that his daughter is with him we all know kobe brayant got his all dream but his daughter hmm wah! I can't imagine how fast giana died:<*

  • Harry Tzianskis The God of Speed

    They killed him …

  • 1K subs no vids Ok :/
    1K subs no vids Ok :/ 2 minutes ago


  • Zac Redfield
    Zac Redfield 2 minutes ago

    Another illuminati sacrifice

  • Drummingbird
    Drummingbird 4 minutes ago

    She was so drawn into her own performance. It made me believe it, since she believed it. I've never seen someone look so invested personally in their own experience on the ice. Incredible to see.

  • Delicita-BOOO !!!!!!!!!!

    R.I.P!!!! With a humble prayer 🙏 to God for Mamba and his family and for the family of who was in involved in the tragic accident... God Bless you all

  • PopCap Music
    PopCap Music 5 minutes ago

    I have lost my IDOL😔😭

  • CAP1217
    CAP1217 6 minutes ago

    This is stunning. Rest in paradise, Kobe and Gianna

  • Ecah NHila
    Ecah NHila 6 minutes ago

    Deepest condolences to Cobe Bryant s family.. May you and the rest have a rest in peace😢💔

  • HelloImChristina
    HelloImChristina 6 minutes ago

    i get why were so upset about kobe and his daughter’s death, but we forget about the other 3 people on the helicopter who died. just because someone’s famous doesn’t mean they’re death is more important than other peoples.

  • SeanAndre Nabarte
    SeanAndre Nabarte 7 minutes ago

    Rip my idol 😔

  • Balle Rina
    Balle Rina 7 minutes ago

    This is the real heartaches💔

  • dOnT eAt My bReaD uwu
    dOnT eAt My bReaD uwu 7 minutes ago

    R.I.P Mamba

  • ian rogel
    ian rogel 7 minutes ago


  • Newmarky Productions
    Newmarky Productions 9 minutes ago

    4 daughters? :(

  • KCB kotastrophie
    KCB kotastrophie 9 minutes ago

    1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dude looked smooth, they tore that course up.

  • King David 7. שלום
    King David 7. שלום 9 minutes ago

    Todas las personas que perdieron la vida hoy Son seres humanos muy especiales que Dios lo tenga en La Gloria En el paraíso y muchas bendiciones para la familias En el nombre de Dios amén

  • Dk Adkins
    Dk Adkins 9 minutes ago

    Love this program--interesting, dynamic and thoughtful elements. So why am I underwhelmed by their twizzles? Can't put my finger on specifics but something about them don't measure up to the other elements.

  • Stevietooyoung
    Stevietooyoung 11 minutes ago

    Phenomenal father. F.O.T.Y father of the year.

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith 11 minutes ago

    She was just so smooth running

  • The Football Planet
    The Football Planet 14 minutes ago

    Whoever makes these highlights, duck off. Nobody’s watching 12:40 of football for “highlights”.

  • Nipulkrad Msinatagras
    Nipulkrad Msinatagras 15 minutes ago

    RIP Kobe Bryant.

  • Prakash sakate
    Prakash sakate 16 minutes ago

    🇮🇳🇮🇳Indians always love you kobe sir..🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • bebang1584 fernandez
    bebang1584 fernandez 17 minutes ago

    My heart is deeply sudden by this news, life is really short, my condolences to the family 😭😭😭

  • KknownYTChannel 1207
    KknownYTChannel 1207 18 minutes ago

    *another legend has passed away* RIP - Kobe Bryant We will miss you

  • bebang1584 fernandez
    bebang1584 fernandez 18 minutes ago

    Oh my god, woke up this morning hearing this news, all I thought it was just a fake news, that it can't be, then I checked every news channel and it was confirmed he's dead

  • You Wish
    You Wish 19 minutes ago

    A Star that burns twice as bright burns half as long...RIP

  • G-rao's Lava
    G-rao's Lava 19 minutes ago

    We all should stop crying, Kobe dont want that.

  • PinkMan
    PinkMan 19 minutes ago

    Coby can't hardly believe his gone we will miss you so much we love you.

  • Pilipinazz
    Pilipinazz 21 minute ago

    One of the worst news to start the year.

  • good okay
    good okay 21 minute ago

    Rip Kobe Brant :(

  • VickyRenee
    VickyRenee 21 minute ago

    That was really awesome!! Loved it!! Only part that sucks are the unemotional coaches geez

  • D J
    D J 22 minutes ago

    Kobe I love you

  • Prophet YouTube
    Prophet YouTube 24 minutes ago

    And there is a pandemic potential spreading around the earth RIGHT NOW, and Sheeple will spend time on a dead issue, and not prepare for the thing that could affect or kill them and their children, priceless!

  • Heithan Delos Reyes
    Heithan Delos Reyes 24 minutes ago

    This is sad ........ So sad....

  • 4aron Ph
    4aron Ph 24 minutes ago


  • Jervin Mangonon
    Jervin Mangonon 25 minutes ago

    Can't take this news...i just cant!

  • emer baby
    emer baby 25 minutes ago

    KOBE & GIGI BRYANT 💛💜💛💜💛💜💛

  • Abridgelion
    Abridgelion 26 minutes ago

    That calendar exists. It has to.

  • Jay Gonzales
    Jay Gonzales 26 minutes ago

    The thought of Kobe holding his daughter in their last moments, knowing what was coming, is breaking my heart.

  • Abridgelion
    Abridgelion 27 minutes ago

    Brett didn't get paid enough to do this.

  • Abridgelion
    Abridgelion 30 minutes ago

    Packers Prohibition Pick one, lose the other. Go.

  • Sun Man
    Sun Man 31 minute ago

    Yung pera di nya na enjoy

  • starhood superstar
    starhood superstar 32 minutes ago

    Somebody say y it went down yet nobody thinking that yet

  • DanielT Verse
    DanielT Verse 33 minutes ago

    Rip Kobe and his daughter😢

  • well
    well 33 minutes ago

    His expressiveness has gotten more effective.

  • M a u Y
    M a u Y 33 minutes ago

    my favorite antagonist against Chicago Bulls when I was a kid and the inventor of the fadeaway shot. still I can't accept why his death had to be this way..

  • Belladonnasmoon Stardust
    Belladonnasmoon Stardust 33 minutes ago

    Three daughters you putz😤the forth was with her father😢🕊🙏🏻

  • MrQbenDanny
    MrQbenDanny 33 minutes ago

    BRAVO!!!! BRAVISSIMO!!!! VIVA CHEN!!!! CHEN brings back virile and masculine skating to AMERICA, enough of the feminine glamour and costumes, which have NO PLACE in male skating. BRAVO NATHAN!!! and to your legendary coach RAFAEL ARUTYUNYAN!!!!BRAVO MAESTRO!!!!

  • Jezuz Escareno
    Jezuz Escareno 35 minutes ago

    Great shot

  • death2pc
    death2pc 36 minutes ago

    I like her more than ever............................. Wish her all the best.

  • Ernesto Castro
    Ernesto Castro 36 minutes ago

    NINERS baby!!🔥🔥💪💪

  • Sir Smokealot
    Sir Smokealot 37 minutes ago

    Update there were 9 people on board..

  • Reynalyn Domingo Villanueva

    R,I,p Kobe 😥😮😮

  • Mel M
    Mel M 38 minutes ago

    Flying high with the Angels now

  • Edicent Sy
    Edicent Sy 40 minutes ago

    People:2020 will be the best year. 1st january: Australia wild fire 2nd january: execution of Qasem soleimani 3rd january: possibility of war with iran 4th january: china corona virus 5th january: kobe bryant and gianna maria death and 6 people who in board of helicopter *R.I.P Mamba*

  • ron
    ron 42 minutes ago

    Prayers for Kobe’s Family Rest in peace Mamba! 😭❤️

  • Steven Reeves
    Steven Reeves 42 minutes ago

    She is amazing with the technical aspects. I look forward to her becoming an artist on the ice, graceful in her artistry.

  • Señor Lovato
    Señor Lovato 43 minutes ago

    I love sports and music, losing Neil Peart and now Kobe Bryant. 2020 starting off bad....

  • awkward gourd
    awkward gourd 43 minutes ago

    Figure skating fans are ruthless😔this truly was such an iconic moment. The cropping of the video to not show the triple lutz-double toe takeoffs tho...they knew y'all were gonna go there😬

  • tyson minlo
    tyson minlo 43 minutes ago

    I'm......so......sad. RIP

  • Xavier Edwards
    Xavier Edwards 43 minutes ago

    About 12 hours later, and I still don’t believe this is real!!

  • Edicent Sy
    Edicent Sy 45 minutes ago

    What a start of 2020

  • Awan Timeral
    Awan Timeral 45 minutes ago

    Time trivel

  • MossAnimations
    MossAnimations 45 minutes ago

    Kobe Bryant more like Kobe Beef Yeah I'm sorry if I disrespected you.

  • Mr BoXGuy
    Mr BoXGuy 45 minutes ago

    F in chat :(

  • Awan Timeral
    Awan Timeral 45 minutes ago

    Thanks for report they saying heart attack

  • yacine merabet
    yacine merabet 46 minutes ago


  • Awan Timeral
    Awan Timeral 46 minutes ago

    Ah okay

  • uncchristine99
    uncchristine99 46 minutes ago

    She is the total package! Great to see her-do you girl!

  • Awan Timeral
    Awan Timeral 46 minutes ago

    He still young lol

  • Rhonda Webb
    Rhonda Webb 47 minutes ago

    Heart broken about Kobe and his beautiful daughter. Am so sorry for our loss. He was great man. He will live on in each one of us.

  • Open Carry USA
    Open Carry USA 47 minutes ago

    I was really hoping this was fake news :(

  • Musica para ti
    Musica para ti 47 minutes ago

    2019 and 2020 Is LITERALLY the year of famous deaths dude why??!!!

  • Valrik III
    Valrik III 49 minutes ago

    how I wish this was a fake news :( RIP

  • Maria Filipina
    Maria Filipina 49 minutes ago


  • Edicent Sy
    Edicent Sy 49 minutes ago

    Don't forget about his daughter gianna marria who also died in helicopter crash

  • Darque Queen
    Darque Queen 50 minutes ago

    Thanks for making me smile today young lady. 👍🏽❤️⛸

  • Lemon Nation
    Lemon Nation 50 minutes ago

    We basically loosing more

  • Mobile Legends
    Mobile Legends 51 minute ago

    Why it's they're saying that he was "killed"? Was it supposed to be ""died"?

  • Aisha Sagapsapan
    Aisha Sagapsapan 51 minute ago

    RIP LEGEND 😭😭😭

  • William Allard
    William Allard 52 minutes ago

    Hischier was a BEAST

  • Jeck Smile
    Jeck Smile 52 minutes ago

    I can't stop crying after I heard this news... 😭😭😭😭Rip idol kobe😭😭😭😭😭

  • Gerald Lobitaña
    Gerald Lobitaña 53 minutes ago

    Whole world was sad.This day should be the first to called EMERGENCY HOLIDAY..

  • Josh Films
    Josh Films 53 minutes ago

    Niners SUCK... mahomes obliterates this overrated defense. 41-13

  • amanda easley
    amanda easley 53 minutes ago

    Survived by his “4” daughters. Omg how sad

  • KarenOTF Gaming
    KarenOTF Gaming 54 minutes ago

    Rip to all the ppl that die today around the world!😭😔😫🥺

  • Punk Paine
    Punk Paine 54 minutes ago

    Give us back Kobe, God. We’ll give you Justin Bieber.

  • Senior Partner
    Senior Partner 55 minutes ago

    She beat that Chinese dude.

  • Bata Free
    Bata Free 55 minutes ago

    What a sad way to start the decade.

  • Rashidi Manuel
    Rashidi Manuel 55 minutes ago

    How this happened 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 56 minutes ago

    dear god give us back kobe bryan and will give u cardi b !!!

  • Jane Arcilla
    Jane Arcilla 56 minutes ago

    truly heartbreaking

  • wwwtonycom
    wwwtonycom 57 minutes ago


  • Jamir Morrison
    Jamir Morrison 57 minutes ago


  • Singer Boy
    Singer Boy 57 minutes ago

    Rip brother kobe and beautiful daughter 😤😭😭

  • annie no
    annie no 58 minutes ago

    NCoV(wuhan virus)...and kobe...i got chills in this..