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  • john spiecha
    john spiecha 6 hours ago

    He's not underappreciated , he's just an idiot for throwing a pass on the one yard line in the super bowl when you have one of the best running backs ever !!

  • Dapo Akande
    Dapo Akande 6 hours ago

    Xhaka !!!!😳😭

  • Dapo Akande
    Dapo Akande 6 hours ago

    Relegation form team

  • Ramil Aliyev
    Ramil Aliyev 7 hours ago

    Arsenal squad is disgusting. no any tall defenders except sokratis. The young talents do not pay off. Tierney, Mustafi, Xhaka, Chambers, David Luiz should leave. Why the bought mkhitaryan instead of Sanchez?? that is also stupid. At least these events didn’t happen during Wenger’s management. Where is Arsenal’s possession based football? Why Ozil is not at the middle. Why Pepe is always substituted instead of being in starting 11?

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 7 hours ago

    David Luiz simple should be on the bench

  • M R
    M R 7 hours ago

    I'll panic if the Cowboys do make the playoffs. I want them to lose out to get a better draft pick and more importantly to ensure that Garrett gets fired.

  • CD8
    CD8 7 hours ago

    Wenger in lol

  • Spicy Curry
    Spicy Curry 7 hours ago

    i have faith that the seahawks will finally get a "comfortable" win. i say seattle wins 33-13

  • Bishop Christ
    Bishop Christ 7 hours ago

    I don't care who you play for or what the situation is. If you completely disregard the game just to complain to the ref or decide to rely on calls then you deserve to get scored on.

  • STR Garza
    STR Garza 7 hours ago

    Honestly not to be cocky but I think we might clap this team 49ers win 38-17

  • STR Garza
    STR Garza 7 hours ago

    Let’s go niners

  • Anthony Clauser
    Anthony Clauser 7 hours ago

    Part of the reason the Bills and Patriots have such easy schedules is because they are handing their opponents up to 4 losses. Then they hand each other losses. How often are 2 of the top 5 teams in the same division?

  • Circular Triangles
    Circular Triangles 7 hours ago

    I've started watching arsenal highlights just to laugh at how bad david luiz is

  • Finesse_ Phenom
    Finesse_ Phenom 7 hours ago

    Love this very detailed

  • Early Archuleta-Jackson

    This is funny. It's almost like they don't watch football or never played before. Neither one of these guys are not athletic enough or smart enough to hold LJ's jock let alone know that a wet field effects everyone. Its very simple there are 3 perspectives when it comes to LJ 1 as a Ravens fan you love this guy, 2 as a fan of football you love to watch this guy play. 3 As a hater well you hate. The guy is a unicorn. Let's just enjoy it.

  • limericklad2000
    limericklad2000 7 hours ago

    United can't get the balance right in midfield because we've had so many injuries there. The area they could least afford them. When they've had Fred and McTominay fit they've not been bad in CM.

  • Anomen1010
    Anomen1010 7 hours ago

    13:37 ultimate shue hit ! Also 1:08 :)

  • you will
    you will 7 hours ago

    The guy in the blue shirt hates the Seahawks. He NEVER admits we are a great team. Go Hawks!!

  • skylar jewel
    skylar jewel 7 hours ago

    i don’t think i’ve seen him do prettier spins... ever

  • Manyamz
    Manyamz 7 hours ago

    What a negative title for such a beautiful performance. Remember, Nathan Chen is not 'The King of skating', Yuzuru Hanyu is.

  • weldeab Merkeb
    weldeab Merkeb 7 hours ago

    Bring african player this club

  • Unspoken Voices Inside Media

    I hope Mike include Elderman off the field PED'S drug use and why he should never be spoken about as a hard worker and his determination. To develop his skill set to match the many other NFL players who never cheated to get there body . Mike every chance you get in reporting about a certain group of players will always provided there historical background.

  • Daniel Pippenger
    Daniel Pippenger 8 hours ago

    0:08--Ohhh, snap...

  • 알리 TV- AlyTV
    알리 TV- AlyTV 8 hours ago

    NBC you need to chill with your captions.

  • Michael Beverly
    Michael Beverly 8 hours ago

    I live in Chicago but I've been a Gunner for about 10 years now. Probably going to switch over to Spurs no lie.

  • Patrick O'Connor
    Patrick O'Connor 8 hours ago

    Probability favors the Ravens, and that'll probably happen. The Ravens have proven themselves already. As a Bills fan, we still have yet to prove anything. Bills don't have a deep threat. LJ can only be contained, that's it.

  • CMort760
    CMort760 8 hours ago

    Vick easily had a better arm. Easily. But THATS IT

  • Darylle Pedrosa
    Darylle Pedrosa 8 hours ago

    The collective awwww at 10:05

  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson 8 hours ago

    Did he say they got alot of big niggas up front lol

  • Tui Mallhead
    Tui Mallhead 8 hours ago

    the ravens will run thru and over them.

  • pinoyboyy
    pinoyboyy 8 hours ago

    I'm a Chelsea fan and I used to enjoy watching Arsenal play... now it's tough to watch them.

  • limericklad2000
    limericklad2000 8 hours ago

    VAR disallowing another goal correctly. VAR VAR VAR.

  • iSaidWithExtra Cheese

    Rams always make me nervous, even when they sucked, they had our number. Hopefully we finish our season with 13-3

  • CMort760
    CMort760 8 hours ago

    Florrio is right tho. Hitting Lamar will become more and more of a focus for defenses with each game. But uuhhh...good luck with that

  • Aschente
    Aschente 8 hours ago

    Wow Arsenal look like hot garbage...and I thought Man U was bad...

  • Noah Macaroni
    Noah Macaroni 9 hours ago

    i practice golf so much and i changed my swing and now i suck

  • ti inu
    ti inu 9 hours ago

    Amazing WR

  • Marco Cazares
    Marco Cazares 9 hours ago

    Leicester city! 🦊🔵⚪🔵

  • oblblg08
    oblblg08 9 hours ago

    I love that you talk trash but die so quickly in the 200 haha !!

  • Corey Jenkins
    Corey Jenkins 9 hours ago


  • Justin Nguyen
    Justin Nguyen 9 hours ago

    Seattle will lead 97-7 at halftime but ler the rams somehow catch up and finish the game with a last minute fg. Seahawks win 100-94

  • SquirrelTrapper
    SquirrelTrapper 9 hours ago

    Good program but let's face it it's kind of a joke his PCS was almost the same as Hanyu

  • Frunku Johnson
    Frunku Johnson 9 hours ago

    Wenger in

  • Devn
    Devn 9 hours ago

    lol they think he will retire.

  • Devn
    Devn 9 hours ago

    lol they think he will retire.

  • Gloria Navarrete
    Gloria Navarrete 9 hours ago

    Reminds me of Yuri (yuri on ice) when Victor wasn't there to couch him.

  • Adrian Richardson
    Adrian Richardson 9 hours ago

    im the truth ravens are gonna win

  • Dale Dan-Irabor
    Dale Dan-Irabor 9 hours ago

    I’m guessing they can’t blame Unai anymore 😂🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Flat Accord Music
    Flat Accord Music 9 hours ago

    That move by Bobby. Guy is class.

  • jbtodaworld
    jbtodaworld 9 hours ago

    Son and Kane are the new defensive players for Tottenham.

  • Kendall Sanders
    Kendall Sanders 9 hours ago

    Hop off

  • Kendall Sanders
    Kendall Sanders 9 hours ago

    We’re going to tear the fur off John Brown !!!!

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 9 hours ago

    Words are not anything if you don't back them up with action. Action is everything...Action speaks louder than words. Give me true action!

  • Will Bourge
    Will Bourge 9 hours ago

    Typed in USA gold. Curlings my new fascination

  • RedT
    RedT 9 hours ago

    Pulisic needs to be a little more selfish sometimes.

  • Keith Sparling
    Keith Sparling 9 hours ago

    Seattle is on the move! I don't inderestimate LA... not for a minute. Girley is one of the most dangerous backs in football! I think the Seahawks desire, and never say quit attitude will win out. Ive been waiting for Wilson to have a big passing game...He's due! Another step for the Hawks! We all know where they're headed! Go Hawks!

  • BeastMode Slays
    BeastMode Slays 9 hours ago

    Should I start Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers

  • Dabeet Sharma
    Dabeet Sharma 9 hours ago

    10:00 when soccer players play basketball lol

  • Jam Mmoud
    Jam Mmoud 9 hours ago

    Mike Dean celebrating with Mane look closely. I don't do ifs, buts, and maybe,s I do Absolutes Sadio Mane is the best player in the world Atm

  • Hayden Jansen
    Hayden Jansen 9 hours ago

    Did Simon's or Wilson win #9

  • Jay P
    Jay P 9 hours ago

    Surprised holgate didn't cry more fake racial abuse to try to get LFC players sent off

  • MnCAlapati415
    MnCAlapati415 9 hours ago

    Another good game coming this sunday. Let's get it fellaz!!. 49ers-28 Saints-24

  • Cristian Burgess
    Cristian Burgess 9 hours ago

    Dude honestly just promote some defenders. I'm sick of these frauds in defense!

  • David Rim
    David Rim 9 hours ago

    Size matters

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 9 hours ago

    Remember those Halcyon days when Arsenal fans bemoaned being unable to beat Bayern in Champions League?

  • Zach Raimy
    Zach Raimy 9 hours ago

    Vick ran a lot. Let's make up some fake narrative here.

  • FireTheCannons
    FireTheCannons 9 hours ago

    Why is Kellen Moore in Head Coaching talks? Cowboys offense isn't very good AND he's a first year (kid) OC.

  • saboriana
    saboriana 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know why Hanyu was by himself today?

  • Justthatguy Ronnie
    Justthatguy Ronnie 10 hours ago

    So my fellow gunners, is it the coaches or players? A don’t understand

  • big man Y
    big man Y 10 hours ago

    Here we go keep on doubting titans thank you 0_5

  • Keith Taylor
    Keith Taylor 10 hours ago

    Can NBC please make an only premier league channel or is that a thing I fail to find?

  • Kyle Unger
    Kyle Unger 10 hours ago

    Love seeing Danny Ings in form and enjoying himself ❤️

  • ThePEMProductions
    ThePEMProductions 10 hours ago

    What are the other clubs that haven’t ever been relegated out of the premier league, can anyone answer that?

  • Hectik 1
    Hectik 1 10 hours ago

    Defense wins Superbowls! Here we go Steelers here we go!

  • Pahlow9
    Pahlow9 10 hours ago

    Mane is the best player on liverpool and 2nd best in world don't @ me

  • NTLuck
    NTLuck 10 hours ago

    Lol, the Aston villa goal was hilarious. 6 yards out, Trezeguet heads the ball onto his own foot and it sort of rolls into the goal. If you ask him he will swear it was on purpose.

  • Pahlow9
    Pahlow9 10 hours ago

    I bet mahrez wishes he was on lecister City rn

  • Andrew Feldman
    Andrew Feldman 10 hours ago

    Ive been watching the Prem for almost 14 years and can never, ever remember seeing an all-white starting eleven.

  • Trill Bill
    Trill Bill 10 hours ago

    The fact that this club hasn't been relegated yet, is BEYOND me. 🤦

  • Eddie Sanchez
    Eddie Sanchez 10 hours ago

    Shoutout to the headband homie Saint-Maximin for his first goal knew he'd come good eventually

  • Drew Castronovo
    Drew Castronovo 10 hours ago

    If I was a Gunners fan I’d be on suicide watch right now

  • MrNaxman
    MrNaxman 10 hours ago

    We’re going to take that ball and shove it down the rams throat for 4 quarters! Go hawks!

  • Elizabeth Phillips
    Elizabeth Phillips 10 hours ago

    How was that gorgeous sit spin a 0.90?

  • Andy Holguin
    Andy Holguin 10 hours ago

    As a Liverpool fan all my football loving life I would not like to see Everton relegated I don’t think they deserve it but football is not merciful.

  • Fearless One
    Fearless One 10 hours ago

    Arsenal is a joke

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 10 hours ago

    Spurs players could start a match against their grandmothers, they would still conceded two goals by halftime.

  • IT not you, IT me
    IT not you, IT me 10 hours ago

    Bench Xhaka, put Luiz in CDM. Bench Willock and start Pepe.

  • Rolando Velasquez
    Rolando Velasquez 10 hours ago

    If they lost against Brighton ,just imagine against West Ham .....

  • Good News
    Good News 10 hours ago

    Can we PLEASE stop with Buffalo's "easy schedule"!? They didn't choose it, it was given to them! You play the schedule you're given!

  • Martin Renzhofer
    Martin Renzhofer 10 hours ago

    Whatever "it" is, Arsenal doesn't have it.

  • Christopher Fair
    Christopher Fair 10 hours ago

    Arsenal had chances. Brighton were the better team. Good 3 points to pick up. Go seagulls.

    ANGELANTOGARPOR 10 hours ago

    Why is David Luis playing ?

  • xivanjx
    xivanjx 10 hours ago

    Teams need that mentality towards Jackson......If you wanna act like a running back, then we gonna treat like one.

  • Michael Fusciardi
    Michael Fusciardi 10 hours ago

    Crazy how rain doesn’t affect Baltimore. Only the other teams, dry weather and Baltimore isn’t any better. Come on guys if anything the game would have been more in Baltimore’s favor last week. Hope this week is dry so the other team gets a fair shot at the weather immune Ravens!

  • jonathan sotelo
    jonathan sotelo 10 hours ago

    Im not even going to criticize arsenal. Im not even bad and i feel bad they are letting themselves and there fans down. This club is going down and deserve a coach like Poch. Poch can somehow bring the level of this club up. I see potential but they are just desperate.

  • Peter Anderson
    Peter Anderson 10 hours ago

    Reaaaaallllly shoulda been about 4-1 Chelsea.

  • Henry Joseph
    Henry Joseph 10 hours ago

    Raiders winning this game

  • jesus is jerry allah is tom

    the current arsenal players are not fit to mout the epl challenges, this team can still get relegated regardless of coach; wenger/emery/ soon ljumberg were wrongly dismissed.

  • God Of Blackness
    God Of Blackness 11 hours ago


  • Jared Wolbert
    Jared Wolbert 11 hours ago

    If I was a captain forced to wear that fucking arm band, I’d spit on at the end of the match for the world to see.