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  • Green Giant
    Green Giant Hour ago

    After that bungle it’s probably best that they request refugee status.

  • Nicholas Shaw
    Nicholas Shaw Hour ago

    Florio is correct that question I should based off an incorrect premise. That would have pissed me off as well haha

  • Sean Kennedy
    Sean Kennedy Hour ago

    Ok does anyone know what happened? Is there a rule that says you have to go back? Did a referee tell them to go back? What was going on there?

  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman Hour ago

    It's pretty simple for me, let Cam return as the starter. If he returns to playing anything like he was last year prior to the Steelers game then roll with it but if he's still playing like poo-poo then you bench him for Allen. Allen still has more to prove with just the small sample size of game play we seen of him but it's hard to argue that the passing game has looked better since we plugged him into the line up.

  • G2 DC
    G2 DC Hour ago

    As a Cards fan. I wouldn’t mind him getting traded to the Patriots so he can get his ring.

  • EtelorveHc49
    EtelorveHc49 Hour ago

    Was the pass supposed to be made within the yellow lines? It looked like it was why didn’t she just keep running when she got it?

  • Green Giant
    Green Giant Hour ago

    Proof that communism is inefficient.

  • Lickin that Chikin


  • Jim Lou
    Jim Lou Hour ago

    McQueen is fading, fading fast

  • CycloneD
    CycloneD Hour ago


  • Long Lee
    Long Lee Hour ago

    let share this before chinese government wants it taken down people

  • Andrique Broughton

    That defense is gonna win them another superbowl🏆

  • Daniel O'Connell

    Don’t forget that this is only a heat, not the final. USA slowed down because he knew that he had their qualification in the bag. Top three advance to the finals, there’s no reason to waste energy on a final sprint if you’re gonna qualify anyway

  • † Masterhp †

    Re-Education camps?

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Hour ago

    Whoa... did someone just put Goff in the same sentence w/Mariota & Winston?

  • Candice
    Candice Hour ago

    I came here to see Usain Bolt run again 💛💚🖤

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia Hour ago


  • Joe Puentes
    Joe Puentes Hour ago

    Why would you celebrate like that shallow victory

  • Trae Fittz
    Trae Fittz Hour ago

    Trade Odell to the Patriots!!!

  • Eric Siegel
    Eric Siegel Hour ago

    Agree agree agree, 8th official in the box who corrects mistakes before they happen. That official could actively review everything then when there is a coaches review initiated he can have a head start on reviewing the play and speed up those reviews. They just need to get the calls right through the entire game.

  • Tank Geeman
    Tank Geeman Hour ago

    Well i definitely wasn't expecting that

  • J.Michael
    J.Michael Hour ago


  • Steve Veasey
    Steve Veasey Hour ago

    Garoppolo is 13-2 as a starting QB, he's basically still a rookie so there's plenty of time for him to iron out any issues.

  • Todoroki Is A Beast!

    The Chinese Government about to have a talk with these ladies and I pray for these girls safety.

  • Shavaughn Metzger
    Shavaughn Metzger 2 hours ago

    Not only the lions have gotten robbed. The Browns just last week. Strange,...... the team that benefits,... are teams that will end up being in the post season!!!!!!

  • Additional Pylons
    Additional Pylons 2 hours ago

    She dead.

  • Perfect Weather
    Perfect Weather 2 hours ago

    What a freaking cool moment in history 👍😃

  • EJ Morin
    EJ Morin 2 hours ago

    This is the best sports analyst lineup. its like a breath of fresh air.

  • Electric
    Electric 2 hours ago

    Colin Kaepernick to the Chicago Bears tho not a trade but would be a nice addition if only to push the QBs there to be better.

  • Sherry A. Presley
    Sherry A. Presley 2 hours ago

    I don't follow any sports, but for some reason was drawn to check this out and must say I'm impressed. He was like art in motion. Congrats to him!!

  • Michael Chapin II
    Michael Chapin II 2 hours ago

    Yeah that Harry Kane goal while falling down best goal I’ve seen never seen that before probably never will again.

  • Penelope Jenkins
    Penelope Jenkins 2 hours ago

    Oh my god

  • bill reed
    bill reed 2 hours ago

    Her Country owns Lebron James.

  • Nick
    Nick 2 hours ago

    Doesnt matter which country its all black men

  • Skull1901
    Skull1901 2 hours ago

    The disrespect is real

  • Drega001
    Drega001 2 hours ago

    look at that chocolate tho...😍🤤🤤

  • J
    J 2 hours ago

    Hope winnie the pooh doesn't have them disappear somehow

  • Drunkin Donuts
    Drunkin Donuts 2 hours ago

    Butter fingers

  • James Luokkala
    James Luokkala 2 hours ago

    Who cares their all a bunch of steroid cheats anyways.

  • Shawn Hawk
    Shawn Hawk 2 hours ago

    Sadly, she was probably put to death for her mistake.

  • Silver shiner
    Silver shiner 2 hours ago

    Only the Chinese could have this sort of thing happen. She looked like a confused driver...

  • anthony misa
    anthony misa 2 hours ago

    It's more evident now.... We just had a bunch of poorly trained unqualified referees hired off the street.

  • PapaGeorg10
    PapaGeorg10 2 hours ago

    People all over the world will always know who Usain Bolt is. No one will know any of Great Britains competitors

  • Lord of the flyes
    Lord of the flyes 2 hours ago

    Wow that was amazing 👍👍 you are a champion !

  • MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ
    MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ 2 hours ago

    Sorry Lin this isnt a video game.

  • Blankey McBlankerson

    That song at the end is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.

  • Anni C
    Anni C 2 hours ago


  • Steve S
    Steve S 2 hours ago

    I love underdog stories. Congrats Naser!!!

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 2 hours ago

    Your ankles are weak old man!

  • Xavier
    Xavier 2 hours ago

    One way is to inject the old zebras testosterone as there is a strong link between testosterone and eye flex coordination.

  • Luke A
    Luke A 2 hours ago


    BIG HUNGRY 2 hours ago

    Eeeeh somebody’s social score is about to take hit.

  • Asteroid 2020
    Asteroid 2020 2 hours ago

    Trent Williams or Julio Jones to buffalo would be interesting

  • T. H.
    T. H. 2 hours ago

    Only the nba would want the communists to win

  • Akbar Shabazz
    Akbar Shabazz 2 hours ago

    They should just stick to gymnastics and King Kong...wait...King Kong is Japanese. I meant Ping Pong.

  • Noscope_Cx
    Noscope_Cx 2 hours ago

    I did this in middle school once and lost a championship race for us lmao

  • Kaptain Sparrow
    Kaptain Sparrow 2 hours ago

    no rice for them.

  • ABC 123
    ABC 123 2 hours ago

    Lol......it reminds me how the Jamaicans felt when England invaded their country

  • Linden Vann
    Linden Vann 2 hours ago

    Did they increase the springiness of the floor. Like back in the 80's and 90's, these moves I thought were impossible.

  • AztecSpider
    AztecSpider 2 hours ago

    anyone else hear that weird scream at 3:16?

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    you know when you do something that you have to wait for the result, and you know immediately that it was perfect? This man knew that was a glorious throw as soon as it left his hand. love that feeling

  • Eric x
    Eric x 2 hours ago

    They’ve been executed by now....

  • edleedavis
    edleedavis 2 hours ago

    Why did they both run back? Is there some kind of rule saying they had to start over or something?

  • Insatiable me
    Insatiable me 2 hours ago

    Simone Biles is the G.O.A.T. of gymnasts.

  • Rodrell Green
    Rodrell Green 2 hours ago

    Sherman is so stupid. Lol Simms played that well.

  • tappedout300xc
    tappedout300xc 2 hours ago

    Well, that poor Chinese girl will now be hauled off to a hard labor camp.

  • Cris LeRose
    Cris LeRose 2 hours ago

    Next Jamaican bobsled team...

  • FleOfficial
    FleOfficial 2 hours ago

    This logic that having a superstar receiver holds back a quarterback is very stupid. If you as a coach and quarterback can not find a way to be productive with OBJ, Landry and Chubb, then it is your fault! Odell has done nothing other than keeping quiet and working hard since he got to Cleveland, so I don't know why the media wants to use him as a scapegoat for the Browns.

  • Steve McKee
    Steve McKee 2 hours ago

    patriots division is a peace of cake no wonder theyll make it to the playoffs i hate patriots go seattle seahawks

    • larryhilton07
      larryhilton07 2 hours ago

      lol always one of you kind of clowns in the football video comment sections. get over it...

  • Ben Grimm
    Ben Grimm 2 hours ago

    I try the same thing when fat chicks try to huge me.

  • Owen Luscombe
    Owen Luscombe 2 hours ago

    How was Kane’s goal 19th. Wtf

  • Larry Cameron
    Larry Cameron 2 hours ago

    Goodbye Olympics, Herow Forced Labor Camp.

  • Zachary Suddeth
    Zachary Suddeth 2 hours ago

    This should not count with all the help he received.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 hours ago

    Not a big Baker fan but no way all 3 of those INT are on Baker. 2 wide receiver deflections. One was a bad throw behind the receiver but doesn't deserve all the blame for INT. The other was a good enough throw that the wide receiver scooped off the ground for someone else to come in and catch it. That is definitely not Baker's fault.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 2 hours ago

      I feel like that's what I said 1 was definitely his fault. 1 was a bad throw that the receiver still helped to make an INT. The last one was a full blame on WR for bobbling the ball off the ground in to the air.

    • Ryan Maliek
      Ryan Maliek 2 hours ago

      Tyler Two of them were his fault because he threw way behind the receivers. The other wasn’t on him.

  • Jeannie-Rose Men-Martin

    is it just me or did he look like tom holland in the thumb nail

  • Rock Bone
    Rock Bone 2 hours ago

    Looks like another transgender taking over women's sports.

  • ted kaczynski
    ted kaczynski 2 hours ago

    South Park has them rattled

  • Zach Gossett
    Zach Gossett 2 hours ago


  • gary cobiak
    gary cobiak 2 hours ago

    He's the "it guy" on every commercial and he's used to being the underdog.

  • Jay Jason
    Jay Jason 2 hours ago

    The lions were not gonna win

  • Daniel BadideasHaver

    Is that he GTA mission start music?

    YERRTV 2 hours ago

    those 2 will be executed

  • kiva Bolton
    kiva Bolton 2 hours ago

    Respectable Opinions...but In Charlotte..we Want Cam BACK

  • FScorpion678
    FScorpion678 2 hours ago

    As a Leafs fan, thank you.

  • Kenny Rene
    Kenny Rene 2 hours ago

    Send him to Baltimore! I'd love Trent in Purple and Black!

  • EB SSCamG6
    EB SSCamG6 2 hours ago

    Oh she broke my pole, the pain ..😝

  • Aisian ThreeQUISIANS

    LMAOOOOOO Russ is the MVP

  • Patrick Lemire
    Patrick Lemire 2 hours ago

    I know he'd never go for it but I would love to see Larry Fitzgerald at a contender instead of being a security blanket.


    NFL officiating is for sale to bookies...

  • Jerome Bailey
    Jerome Bailey 2 hours ago

    Luka Doncic my man is tripping..

  • Besus
    Besus 2 hours ago

    Pause @ 1:43 Lets add context to that graphic. It wasn't until about wee 7 or 8 that cam started putting up 4+ TD games and garnering any sort of MVP talk. It was Russ, Brady and Palmer up until Cam finally broke out. So to say Cam Newton's MVP season yet show stats for when he wasn't even considered for MVP is very misleading but this is what they will do.

  • patriots news report

    Gilmore is the best CB in the league not Ramsey

  • docfaceful
    docfaceful 2 hours ago

    "She broke the pole!"

  • Will Killion
    Will Killion 3 hours ago

    JULIO JONES needs to be traded.

  • Vi So
    Vi So 3 hours ago

    Usain pretend to pull a muscle after he realized he did not have a chance....

  • Scott Pollock
    Scott Pollock 3 hours ago

    5:00 *Sad brofist noises*

  • Olivia Darden
    Olivia Darden 3 hours ago


  • Queen Nefertari
    Queen Nefertari 3 hours ago

    I don't care what country wins, I'm just glad to see a black brother and sister come out on top.

  • Toni
    Toni 3 hours ago

    he just sucks lmao

  • Melanie Smith
    Melanie Smith 3 hours ago

    Why is it always the same music though?