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JYP intros in Music Videos
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Filmografía de Cansu Dere
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Filmografía de Hazal Kaya
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Filmografía de Beren Saat
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  • Silvia Roco
    Silvia Roco 7 hours ago

    Que hermosa cancion y Selim es maravillosa tan dulce y romantico y que historia de el ayudando y queriendo a Yaman ,la verdad que me emocione mucho con Medcezir es hermosa y exelente

    RM LOVE Day ago


  • Laurent Goldsmith
    Laurent Goldsmith 2 days ago

    Todos hablando de que Leo intenta escapar de N... pero a mi me llama más la atención que pareciera que N se encela de que Ken está abrazando a su Leo ¡¡¡Puro Neo!!!

  • Mica Vũ
    Mica Vũ 2 days ago

    Kang Daniel wowww

  • Silvia Roco
    Silvia Roco 6 days ago

    Que lindos recuerdos nos dejaron Medcezir , la mejor novela turca junto a exelentes actores y una bellisima pareja que tanto queremos Mira y Yaman

  • J J
    J J 6 days ago

    03:01 아이유 루나한테 개쳐발리는 영상

  • bbueno2009
    bbueno2009 7 days ago

    I saw a comment saying “Jay Why Pee” IM CRYING NOWWW

  • immortalpyo
    immortalpyo 8 days ago

    day6 signal huhu

  • ajtxx
    ajtxx 8 days ago

    the transitions are so seamless

  • † p a r t y †
    † p a r t y † 8 days ago

    _* i l o v e i t *_

  • Kpop Idk
    Kpop Idk 10 days ago

    Jyp nation

  • Todd Crowdford
    Todd Crowdford 14 days ago

    Sung Jong's cover is the best

  • Yissel Marca
    Yissel Marca 16 days ago


  • Raquel Berrios
    Raquel Berrios 17 days ago

    necesito el enlace para facebook tvclip.biz/video/e8_GQYIjyZQ/video.html ←no me funciona este.

  • Luís García
    Luís García 17 days ago

    Podrías subtitular love like you do de topp. Dogg por favor

  • Luís García
    Luís García 17 days ago

    Podrías subtitular love like you do de topp. Dogg por favor

  • タピオカピ
    タピオカピ 17 days ago

    モモのこのときのポニテの髪型最高なんだよなぁ まあ、もうカッコイイ系にシフトチェンジしちゃったからあの髪型になることはそうないんだろうけど…笑

  • lam doan
    lam doan 18 days ago

    You forgot 2pm and 2am Dirty eyed girls parody

    • jka
      jka 17 days ago

      Rightttt!!! I was waiting for that 🤣🤣🤣

  • Francia Arellano
    Francia Arellano 19 days ago

    Brown Eyed Girls 🖤 they are legends!

  • Elsya Izzaty
    Elsya Izzaty 19 days ago

    Why i can't find the one minah perform with vixx in vixx's concert

  • an qi Xie
    an qi Xie 20 days ago


  • Monica Sampedro
    Monica Sampedro 20 days ago

    Me encanta como actúa y ahora hasta como canta , es tan sencillo lo amo ..

  • Oppa Girl
    Oppa Girl 20 days ago

    𝗡𝗼 𝗼𝗻𝗲: 𝗟𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝗻𝗼𝗯𝗼𝗱𝘆: 𝗡𝗼𝘁 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻 𝗝𝗶𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗴: 𝗝.𝗬.𝗣: (𝘄𝗵𝗶𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘀) 𝗝𝗬𝗣

  • BigSource of HitMusic Entertainment

    Gfriend and apink did the best

  • Gaisho
    Gaisho 23 days ago

    Jeongyeon's surprised me.

  • すむsumu
    すむsumu 23 days ago

    TWICE cute!!

  • YH J
    YH J 24 days ago


  • Konzhyk 1002
    Konzhyk 1002 24 days ago

    I love the "better think about it twice" lart.

  • 이채은
    이채은 24 days ago

    0:26 미나 다리찢기는 다시봐도 대박이네...봐도봐도놀람ㅇ0ㅇ

  • 김서원
    김서원 24 days ago

    사나가 다리가 안 올라가는것 나 같다

  • Hanh Nguyen
    Hanh Nguyen 24 days ago

    Sana làm màu

  • Penguin Minari Teach Me How to Swim

    How about gfriend covering like ooh ahh

  • きき
    きき 25 days ago

    0:15 さなちゃん?

  • Izzy Multifandom
    Izzy Multifandom 25 days ago

    AAAAAAA 😔💕💕

  • Gi -chan
    Gi -chan 26 days ago

    1:00 me muero las noviasssss❤️

  • CM씨엠
    CM씨엠 26 days ago


  • Léa Bricot
    Léa Bricot 26 days ago

    And now A.C.E an VAV did it too 😂😂 this will never stop

  • ᄋᄉᄋperiwinkle
    ᄋᄉᄋperiwinkle 26 days ago

    bruh this song is my childhood!

  • Mk J
    Mk J 27 days ago

    대부분의 여돌이 이리 노래 못했음..?

  • JungKooKing & PenQueen Minari

    Now we have Rocket Punch covering Feel Special

  • Mat Isa Muhamad Nor
    Mat Isa Muhamad Nor 29 days ago

    why are make difrence

  • IPanda
    IPanda Month ago

    The best cover are April and the worst are Momoland (the modification voice are horible)

  • Oli Desembrana
    Oli Desembrana Month ago

    Mina did a scorpion! Ballet penguin legend

  • Mystery Box
    Mystery Box Month ago

    Onew voice is just so goodddd

  • Mrs Kim min Jung park jeon

    I want his “JYP” to be played on my graduation ‘ wedding ‘ when I have my first child and on my funeral

  • Katy Vasquez
    Katy Vasquez Month ago

    Cuteeee ukiss por siempre :3

  • Moonlight Cookie
    Moonlight Cookie Month ago

    Sana be actin that she cant do the leg thingy.... she tricked me

  • 영
     Month ago

    카라가 엠카에서 하는거랑 소시가 뮤뱅에서하는거 본방으로 봤는데 소시가 춤을 파워풀하게춰서 소녀시대가 커버젤잘할것같음 지금도 이 두팀이 커버한거 찾아봄

  • Naya박나예
    Naya박나예 Month ago

    *Whisper* JE WY PI

  • TWICE&BTSチャンネル


  • catoer teguh
    catoer teguh Month ago

    I miss Suzy chubby cheek

  • happy lucky
    happy lucky Month ago

    I want to watch sechskies version 😍

  • 모딤
    모딤 Month ago

    아이들 대박인데ㅠㅠ이때 수진이 레전드 찍었다

  • 许乃夫
    许乃夫 Month ago

    His shift is sooooooo fantastic, just one WATCH OUT can make him from a super cutie to a ambassdor from the hell

  • Sheryel John
    Sheryel John Month ago


  • 防弾小学生
    防弾小学生 Month ago

    モモのところ頭振りすぎて痛くなりそう(笑) サナの足があがってないところも可愛い❤

  • maya ibrahim
    maya ibrahim Month ago

    Twice signal ?

  • Pringles
    Pringles Month ago

    Jeonyeon slayed

  • Jay Park
    Jay Park Month ago

    Stray kids don't have jyp intro 😂

  • Magnolia.coco
    Magnolia.coco Month ago

    This song is a legend

  • Tzuyu Chou
    Tzuyu Chou Month ago

    Who's this? 0:16 I could not recognized her face Is she mina, sana, tzuyu?

  • pjs0721
    pjs0721 Month ago

    트와이스 사랑합니다ㅠㅠ♡~♡


    Jajaja zelo :RM te puedo abrazar RM: claro Zelo: pero por atrás 7u7 RM:....... Zelo: lo siento ,me gustas RM: tu también me gustas Exploto 😂😂🤯

  • TheKpopIntellect
    TheKpopIntellect Month ago

    BEG underrated queens

  • TheKpopIntellect
    TheKpopIntellect Month ago

    this song is truly iconic

  • dead rat hilton
    dead rat hilton Month ago

    I want a line distribution

  • Akaki Yamazaki
    Akaki Yamazaki Month ago

    no lies but these are all good songs

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    이쁘게 잘 편집 하셨어요♡♡♡♡

  • #Army#Blink#Stay#Once#Moa#Atiny#Midzy #Reveluv

    0:28 Dahyun is so cute💜😂😂😂

  • 아이린
    아이린 Month ago

    Stray Kids and Itzy must experience this too at least once or twice in their discography. ㅋㅋㅋ

    • 아이린
      아이린 6 days ago

      @Jonalee Naife that's why I said they must experience this too

    • Jonalee Naife
      Jonalee Naife 6 days ago

      Stray kids produce their own songs.

  • amandasky
    amandasky Month ago

    Eric!!!! Mil Gracias por el trabajo de subtitulos!

  • Cherky
    Cherky Month ago

    no jyp was in the whole intro for signal >:( (this is a joke ik it was a demo)

  • Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    I see Mina's Underwear😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • IconicMemes
    IconicMemes Month ago

    Whenever i hear JYP I always think of when Twice was with Doni and Coni and they were talking about the JYP intro

  • veriverybroke
    veriverybroke Month ago

    Imagine just a stray kids mv with jyp whispering jyp

  • Nick Orenstein
    Nick Orenstein Month ago

    Jyp himself is such a pioneer person

  • Meral Tepekuyu
    Meral Tepekuyu Month ago

    Ne çok severdim bu diziyi keşke tekrar çıkmaya başlasa keşke herşey eskiye dönse

  • Dida Jeon
    Dida Jeon Month ago

    No one: Me before starting the exams:jyp

  • bokumamitan
    bokumamitan Month ago


  • Camila J
    Camila J Month ago

    Love this song 💖

  • F por Ti
    F por Ti Month ago

    Jihyo 😔❤

  • Trapajazo76
    Trapajazo76 Month ago

    Siempre que estoy triste escucho esta canción, Action y Someday son dos canciones de U-Kiss que me hacen sentir mejor y me inspiran a sonreír a pesar de los dolores.. amo a U-Kiss 🖤

  • justwatch2824
    justwatch2824 Month ago

    Wow Kang Daniel...

  • Angelica Noguera
    Angelica Noguera 2 months ago

    This is so cool!!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Liam  Young
    Liam Young 2 months ago

    It reminds me of when I watch videos of different victory screens/quotes/poses in a jrpg

  • Sunlight Sunsee
    Sunlight Sunsee 2 months ago

    What about EXID Hani??

  • Lisa Bang
    Lisa Bang 2 months ago

    Keep in mind she was 19 when she came out with song

  • Candy
    Candy 2 months ago

    IU doing this song is a masterpiece

  • DustMile
    DustMile 2 months ago

    El mejor cover, mas sexy, y mejor es el de Momoland, las amo 🥰🔥

  • Weirdo MultiStan
    Weirdo MultiStan 2 months ago


  • Daia Valdez
    Daia Valdez 2 months ago


  • Angela Gutiérrez Cuadros

    This video gives me so much life

  • XxMaskedMiseryxX
    XxMaskedMiseryxX 2 months ago

    Thank you we all needed this 😭💙

  • kim Anpangirl
    kim Anpangirl 2 months ago

    I'm sure that sf9 is BTS' fanboys😂😂

  • manuel VC
    manuel VC 2 months ago

    sana (ノД`)シクシク

  • Ahn Saehyun
    Ahn Saehyun 2 months ago

    ain't no easy think about it twice

  • Amani Salh
    Amani Salh 2 months ago

    امووووت عليه

  • roi-roi
    roi-roi 2 months ago

    0:19 Jeongyeon 💚

  • erisswl
    erisswl 2 months ago

    I didn't know they have various versions, they're amazing!

  • morning star
    morning star 2 months ago

    0:27 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa