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  • Haley W
    Haley W 8 seconds ago

    So...what are they saving the money for if they aren’t gonna use it. this a pathetic furnish your damn house

  • deejee
    deejee 34 seconds ago

    Hillbilly 1000

  • Jacuzzi
    Jacuzzi Minute ago

    This is so fucking weird lol

  • diego chacon
    diego chacon 2 minutes ago

    Bruh he tipped his head but not the cup in the beginning. He def did not drink that protein shake.

  • Ashton Marie
    Ashton Marie 2 minutes ago

    Um it sounds like the mom was reckless and didn’t think about other people. Her daughter does NOT seem the same way

  • Burger Hobo
    Burger Hobo 3 minutes ago

    At least she used a fork

  • Monse Her
    Monse Her 3 minutes ago

    🤮 he is a Mama's boy . Dump him

  • Claire
    Claire 5 minutes ago

    When they laugh at the husband's doing the math when the husband's want to spend time with them am are trying what the girls like and they laugh at there husband's this is so mean!

  • Jack _S
    Jack _S 5 minutes ago

    This kid finna catch the 3-4 mcgregor

  • Evan Knight
    Evan Knight 5 minutes ago

    Me: you know what I’m gonna get to bed early tonight Also me at 4am: EXTREAM COUPONING

  • Tony Loreto
    Tony Loreto 6 minutes ago

    Call CPS on this trash.

  • park jimin
    park jimin 6 minutes ago

    “the cake looks good, really mexican to me, and the skull is beautiful, muy bueno” -karen, 45, white, went to cancun once, only knows how to say “hola” man, that poor calavera

  • Ashton Marie
    Ashton Marie 7 minutes ago

    “Like what?” That just made me laugh really hard😂

  • Victoria Mariano
    Victoria Mariano 8 minutes ago

    The guys roommate has a lot of voice craks

  • ryan raj
    ryan raj 8 minutes ago

    Too much environment friendly..

  • nellyrose941
    nellyrose941 8 minutes ago

    I couldn’t handle that. I’m not a material person but to live like that for nothing. I’m sorry I’d leave him

  • Miguel Bermudez
    Miguel Bermudez 8 minutes ago

    I gotta respect Mike for not being a simp and crying for her to take him back like Cesar would have done with Maria.

  • Leslie M
    Leslie M 10 minutes ago

    Belinda Rocks!!

  • soincliller
    soincliller 10 minutes ago

    Steve reminds me of a knock off tony starks

  • Addy Carter
    Addy Carter 11 minutes ago

    Why does everyone keep talking about how expensive it’s gonna be when they are older and on their periods. Don’t y’all realize how gross it is for u guys to be talking about the future periods of babies? U don’t even know them.

  • Tordenboy
    Tordenboy 11 minutes ago


  • Techno Studios
    Techno Studios 11 minutes ago

    8:06 Why does he only have one shoe on?

  • Smalls4
    Smalls4 13 minutes ago

    Doesn’t want to waste water but let’s the shower run while nobody’s in there to show their new “shower head”

  • 716 DDE Speed
    716 DDE Speed 13 minutes ago

    Wow so Lazy your so Useless

  • Gaming Bros
    Gaming Bros 13 minutes ago

    How can people let them selves get to that point

  • Lana Dyemon
    Lana Dyemon 13 minutes ago

    Her voice is pretty idk how else to describe it

  • ppMcDerp
    ppMcDerp 13 minutes ago

    This is 2012... So this kid is 23 now wonder where he’s at

  • Fungirl *-*
    Fungirl *-* 14 minutes ago

    What the fuck that's so disgusting

  • Redopp23 fortnite
    Redopp23 fortnite 14 minutes ago

    Solar panels

  • Moonlight #panda Light
    Moonlight #panda Light 15 minutes ago

    She is saying she does not Use toilet paper 🧻 but she has toilet paper that looks use in her bathroom 😂

  • Spyro Droid
    Spyro Droid 17 minutes ago

    Dude looks liked her slave

  • Edward Kennedy
    Edward Kennedy 19 minutes ago

    The doctors and her food and now the hospital is on our dime. Cut off the food stamps and see how much weight they lose

  • Brayden Chou-lee
    Brayden Chou-lee 20 minutes ago

    I want to see where he is now. Hope he achieved all his goals

  • Ddingthechamp
    Ddingthechamp 22 minutes ago

    Jeff sound like an old country boy lol.

  • Враг
    Враг 22 minutes ago

    Lemme catch this kid roll up to my register, imma bout to get fired

  • 2023.Larry Mathis
    2023.Larry Mathis 22 minutes ago

    As far as i'm concerned, this kid's doing it right

  • WaffenHerMuff
    WaffenHerMuff 23 minutes ago

    When they asked to borrow the funiture the lady was like ummmm...well..... I would have laughed if she said NO!

  • Choose2Connect
    Choose2Connect 24 minutes ago

    This can’t be real.....

  • Toxicfartjuce 21
    Toxicfartjuce 21 25 minutes ago

    That umm nice?

  • Groggylattice38
    Groggylattice38 26 minutes ago

    This guy already has a future

  • Zulema s.s
    Zulema s.s 26 minutes ago

    With all the money she has saved, she could've threw her daughter an amazing party.

  • Man_of_God
    Man_of_God 27 minutes ago

    When you are too cheap for sex dolls

  • Matt Z
    Matt Z 27 minutes ago

    Filipino women are very beautiful, but many are very materialistic, calculating and sneaky.

  • Mr. Grinch
    Mr. Grinch 29 minutes ago

    lol if this kid comes to my house he will be having the time if his life.

  • Redopp23 fortnite
    Redopp23 fortnite 29 minutes ago

    I reuse paper towels 2 or 3 times

  • Noelio Emerald-Isle
    Noelio Emerald-Isle 30 minutes ago

    What other US States are like this?

  • Jojo
    Jojo 31 minute ago

    If I was fat I'd probably be interested in a dance class that had other fat girls, pero I'm not, and I bet the majority of that parade is not interested in going to a dance class that parades around in order to promote the gluttonous disease of obesity. And riding in a scooter covering the banner does not help the image. If you really had confidence in yourself, that banner would mirror the look on your face.

  • iBaLlIsTaC
    iBaLlIsTaC 32 minutes ago

    Shaun didn’t make that wrench, those are vice grips 😂😂😂

  • Cat Moore
    Cat Moore 32 minutes ago

    Hot mess dress!

  • Josh & Shaye
    Josh & Shaye 32 minutes ago

    They make mr krabs look not cheap lol

  • jtika1978
    jtika1978 32 minutes ago

    Hutch. 🤔 not too sure about that name

  • Cazadorx6 To
    Cazadorx6 To 33 minutes ago

    He always cheers me up ... see somebody so stupid is really comforting

  • Sabrina Levasseur
    Sabrina Levasseur 34 minutes ago

    I cant stand cheap behavior...ugh

  • Jess
    Jess 36 minutes ago

    nobody: her: gaHnAcHYEÉ

  • Tandy B
    Tandy B 37 minutes ago


  • LiL mEoW meOw
    LiL mEoW meOw 37 minutes ago

    at least donate half of it to the homeless. they need it more than she does like what is she gonna do with it? save it for an apocalypse??

  • Mariss Carney
    Mariss Carney 37 minutes ago

    Ok so you put a tube up your ass and now you are trying to get people to do it too. Yeah like such a good conversation starter.😂

  • Pickle Liquids
    Pickle Liquids 38 minutes ago

    Yo why are her “friends” acting think she’s not even human that’s fucked so what ? If this is the way she wants to live let her be

  • Hannah Isabel
    Hannah Isabel 38 minutes ago

    He’s trying extremely hard to not say things like “I don’t want her to get fat” or “I don’t want her to end up looking like Betsey” 😅😂

  • Baconation
    Baconation 38 minutes ago

    Whats with the Sims 3 music

  • Brianna Bayon
    Brianna Bayon 39 minutes ago

    He is very attractive, but ladies, as charming as it may be, you never want to go for a high-testosterone "hunter". Hunters are compelled to pursue - forever restless with a perpetually wandering gaze. These men, as phermonnally enticing as they may be, and as slick as they are with their words, they cannot and will not settle. Even if he claims the most sleek gazelle that he dreams of, once she is his, he will get bored quickly. It's in his blood to hunt, not to love! Keep this in mind before getting attached to the men who ooze testosterone and convey fervent, restless, masculine pursuit in their language. The hunter is tunnel-visioned. Once the night is over, no matter how intoxicatingly wonderful your time spent with him is, he will immediately move on with no ties, and you gotta do the same. I spread this info as a heads up to the ladies that swoon over men like this. Great for scratching that sexual itch, miserable for relationships! Find a softer man with a smaller ego to find love. I'd make out with this dude for hours, though. They're great for an ephemeral buzz!

  • Skylight Realm
    Skylight Realm 39 minutes ago

    If I Married this woman she would make me rich

  • TheBaldEagle
    TheBaldEagle 39 minutes ago

    When will this be available for purchase on TVclip???

  • sean lowry
    sean lowry 40 minutes ago

    I bet her neighbors are annoyed to no end having a begger going door to door asking for food. I'd sick the HOA security on her ass.🤣🤣 I guarentee her neighbors hate her. I dont think she realizes goat mike is NOT cow milk and tastes completely different

  • EDSBeGaming
    EDSBeGaming 40 minutes ago

    Seems like the average gamers.

  • valentiina quiintaniila
    valentiina quiintaniila 40 minutes ago

    Instead look how dirty we are

  • Hannah Isabel
    Hannah Isabel 41 minute ago

    I mean i here what she’s saying but in her case she’s a hypocrite Bc she said she wants babies and this that and the other. It’d be different if she didn’t already say and do those things

  • Rocio Murillo
    Rocio Murillo 41 minute ago

    bruh they’re cheaper than my family but yet their house is bigger

  • Mabel Wong
    Mabel Wong 42 minutes ago

    sasha only throwing away the junk food but agreed should ask first.. junk food is poison

  • sean lowry
    sean lowry 42 minutes ago

    God dang woman, feed you freaking kids. This is ridiculous she is giving her kid like 10 fruit loops for breakfast is borderline neglect

  • Mariss Carney
    Mariss Carney 44 minutes ago

    They say that they are never that dirty, but yet the water is like one of them took a shit in it.

  • Mabel Wong
    Mabel Wong 44 minutes ago

    i kinda agree with sasha he promises to cook but should have asked first? why does betsy have so much junk food? like heart attack waiting to happen.. why can they not eat the nice healthy stuff sashe is cooking?

  • Rylee Blocker
    Rylee Blocker 45 minutes ago

    I can’t with the bacon from the pigs

  • sean lowry
    sean lowry 45 minutes ago

    Will's new tattoo looks lile shit. And looks terrible how big it is

  • DonJuan Yates
    DonJuan Yates 46 minutes ago

    Be like we live off ramen, hot dogs, and hotdog water.

  • sean lowry
    sean lowry 46 minutes ago

    That ouija board tattoo is fucking awesome!

  • Sophia Celis
    Sophia Celis 46 minutes ago

    Why does the lady look kinda excited about the coffin and grave stones?!

  • Tyler Hughes
    Tyler Hughes 47 minutes ago

    Like I'm going through some stuff in my life so watching other people with struggles is like a course in humanity. With that being said, this shit is wild!

  • sean lowry
    sean lowry 47 minutes ago

    I love to ask people how long they've been engaged. I'm sure their one of those couples who stay engaged for years and never really go through with it.🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • Sara Singh
    Sara Singh 47 minutes ago

    Where’s Jill and Derick?

  • hAtEE ON iHt
    hAtEE ON iHt 47 minutes ago

    I feel so bad for there kids

  • Andres chet
    Andres chet 47 minutes ago

    Wait so they have a big ass house but there there super cheap. These parents are like two human versions of Mr.krabs from spongebob

  • Northern Girl
    Northern Girl 48 minutes ago

    Might want to look into local bylaws. Going to waste a lot of money if those animals are not allowed.

  • bella dionisopoulos
    bella dionisopoulos 49 minutes ago

    When they pulled out w the car LMAOOO

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann 50 minutes ago

    Your husband is an extreme cheap ass to embrass his daughter like that. Who does that and he gave her that spray painted car and he feeds them left overs from the fire station. He washes his household dishes at the fire station where he works.

  • Underdøg Eđits
    Underdøg Eđits 51 minute ago

    Respect forreals

  • Aiden Miguel
    Aiden Miguel 51 minute ago

    What if the food expires before you use them

  • RoKo Ku
    RoKo Ku 52 minutes ago

    Mary is the Childish, Grace the Bossy, Lisa the Little Sister, and the other is the serious one.

  • Blast Zone122
    Blast Zone122 52 minutes ago

    Bro she dumb 😂

  • Mindy Shanks
    Mindy Shanks 53 minutes ago

    Shes not 27

  • R2Spook StatikD2
    R2Spook StatikD2 54 minutes ago

    Bro that Dylan kid doesn't even look buff, bit can lift 140 pumds or whatever. Lmao

  • kesh s
    kesh s 54 minutes ago

    Caesar is such a loser. So sad. This chic clearly only cares about his money

  • soincliller
    soincliller 54 minutes ago

    ‘I pull my winer out

  • Kxlny
    Kxlny 56 minutes ago

    Not supposed to eat pork Pigs are a abomination

  • Lily Ann
    Lily Ann 56 minutes ago

    You don't know what other people do with their mouthes. You don't know what there sexual habits are.

  • Lori Rothenbush
    Lori Rothenbush 57 minutes ago

    Wondering the price of her outfits and ring???? Plus, she's taking advantage of friends and neighbours who haven't learned to say 'no'!!!

  • carebear
    carebear 57 minutes ago

    me: tries to watch youtube to get my mind off of how my friend died 4 months ago today. also me: cries throughout entire video bc the sight of a graveyard, caskets, and gravestones reminds me of my friend and today

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes 58 minutes ago


  • NyaNay Boi
    NyaNay Boi 58 minutes ago

    Just burry yourself alive it’s free. Unless you count the shovel

  • ReformedMo
    ReformedMo 59 minutes ago

    i need to stop playing games