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  • David Ibrahim
    David Ibrahim 3 days ago

    Is there a way to add sensors(like Ping and Syslog receiver) to multiple devices on PRTG using scripts? Or better still, a way to add new devices with multiple sensors on PRTG using scripts - like CMD, Powershell, or API? Anything?

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 11 hours ago

      @david ibrahim thanks for reaching out to us. Our native API is not able to do that, but it is possible with the Lordmilko API:

  • ClaudiusL Rogers
    ClaudiusL Rogers 5 days ago

    Awesome! I learnt so much. Esp32, did you set up with an Arduino? I wonder if you could make your own track with conductive copper tape. Then program it to race one car by human against one car by machine. Evil genius you guys, keep up the good work.

    • ClaudiusL Rogers
      ClaudiusL Rogers 4 days ago

      @PaesslerAG Well, with your PRTG monitoring your opponent live you don't need a game engine. Your Arduino linked live to PRTG it will learn your opponent's move on the fly. In principle problem solving, not much difference what you guys are doing and a big scale Red Bull Air Race. In truth my needs quite modest. Just looking up how to set up a slot car track for our Catholic Parish school fete next year. But your work impressed me. Imagine your set up on a pond boat, sails itself and back here again. Of course later add a gyroscope, two cameras for depth XYZ, plus the camera tracking script ripped from Blender 3D. Hey, you got a real world platform.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 4 days ago

      Hi @ClaudiusL Rogers yes we set it up with Arduiono 👍 Will you try to make this work? 😉

  • Adarsha Nepal
    Adarsha Nepal 9 days ago

    You guyz are amazing!!! keep posting more videos about home automation...

  • Ale
    Ale 10 days ago

    thank you, I was going nuts and with your help I managed to move forward!

  • Rok Chich
    Rok Chich 11 days ago

    how did you extend power supply true this giant track?

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 10 days ago

      @Rok Chich, we needed to controll the track from multiple positions because you could not oversee the whole track at once. So we simply interrupted the track 6 times and connected a basic power supply with controllers in there. So the cars where passed onto the next driver everytime

  • kumaravel A
    kumaravel A 15 days ago

    Mam is there possible to application recycle option here

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 14 days ago

      Hello @kumaravel A, you can monitor the Windows IIS Application with this sensor: For further informaiton, our support team ist happy to help :-)

  • jake simmons
    jake simmons 21 day ago

    they dont build them like they used to. the ones in my child hood would go so fast if it came off the track if would rip your shins up if u were in way

  • Bob Southwell
    Bob Southwell 21 day ago

    Thank you!!!

  • Stig Lindberg
    Stig Lindberg 22 days ago

    Hey :) I have a problem with your mailbox code, I want it to run on a power bank or other battery metodes but it have to big power usage. I have measured power consumption when the board is in hibernate rtc it consumes ca. 8 mah per minute, 480 mah per hour. 11,520 mah per day. and approx. 345.600mah 1 month. Is it possible to trim the code to reduce the power some way ?

    • Stig Lindberg
      Stig Lindberg 21 day ago

      @Bjoern Pohl Hey Bjoern :) No I dont have the firebeetle board I have this one esp32s from espressif

    • Bjoern Pohl
      Bjoern Pohl 21 day ago

      Hi Stig, 8mah in sleep mode is too much. Did you use the Firebeetle board or another devboard? I'm asking because most of the boards forget to turn off the embedded usb2serial chip when going to sleep - which causes the high current. The code already switches the esp to the minimum possible current - but i'd expect something in the uA Range, not mA :)

  • Gerry No
    Gerry No 22 days ago

    Unglaubliche Strecke! Wahnsinn! Wie habt Ihr das mit den üblichen Zusatzeinspeisungen für die Schienen gelöst?

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 21 day ago

      Hi @Gerry No danke! 🙂 Wir haben die Leiterbahnen an 6 Stellen unterbrochen, entweder durch Schanzen, oder auch durch eine kurze Schiene ohne die Leiter. Und dann hat der nächste Einspeisungspunkt übernommen. Es war aufgrund der Größe nicht möglich alles von einem Punkt aus zu überblicken.

  • W M
    W M 23 days ago

    American Dad was is real!

  • P. Sosin
    P. Sosin 24 days ago

    Have been using you guys for 10+ years. Great company and product. Hint: put a camera on the car and run the track. ;-)

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 21 day ago

      @P. Sosin, thanks for your message :-) Check this out:

  • Bob Southwell
    Bob Southwell 24 days ago

    Come on! PLEASE, give us a video of a run of the whole track!!!

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 24 days ago

      Your wish is our command! 💙

  • YouSand
    YouSand 25 days ago

    Positive stuff, much appreciated!! :-)

  • Ivo Petrov
    Ivo Petrov 27 days ago

    Looks awesome. I hope you will be putting more data and video of the actual monitoring and talk more on how it was done. Fun project!

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 26 days ago

      don't worry, we will do so ;-) stay tuned

  • Robb Ingham
    Robb Ingham 27 days ago

    Cracking layout, love how you've managed to fit it into the space

  • Dave Horne
    Dave Horne 27 days ago

    I enjoyed that. Thanks!

  • Chris M.
    Chris M. 28 days ago

    Nice, and well done guys!! :-)

  • P C
    P C 28 days ago

    Bad Ass!!!

  • Francis Beaulieu
    Francis Beaulieu Month ago

    I did everything but when I restarted, I got : home-assistant@homeassistant: inactive And during the boot, I get a : Ordering cycle found, skipping Home Assistant for homeassistant

    • Francis Beaulieu
      Francis Beaulieu Month ago

      @laf 0138 Try to read your SD directly in you computer and set the config files from there ..

    • laf 0138
      laf 0138 Month ago

      Yup, my HA bricked too. It's "inactive" and I can't get it started again. Not sure how this video messed that up, worked fine before all this.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG Month ago

      @Francis Beaulieu there is nothing more fun than a step learning curve 👍😄

    • Francis Beaulieu
      Francis Beaulieu Month ago

      BTW HA seems to let away configuration.yaml in favor of config. Then, those other breaking changes who will let this setup obsolete... That's the Linux World fun... 🙄

    • Francis Beaulieu
      Francis Beaulieu Month ago

      @PaesslerAG Thanks for your feedback, cause I'm using hassbian, I installed Mosquiito by their script utilities... Event there I had errors of mixed versions and I had to fixed it before it works as expected. I do a comeback in the Linux world I left many years ago because we need always to deal with so many breaking changes than it always take 10 hours to do something who take 1 hour in Windows. Thanks anyway, it helped at least to my linux learning curve... 🙄😊

  • Dr-KayaRaya
    Dr-KayaRaya Month ago

    good couple..... wish you all the best and God bless both of you....

  • cassio299
    cassio299 Month ago

    Hi PaesslerAG Your videos inspired me to to the same with my mailbox, how ever Im a bit uncertain about the nc switches mine has 3 pins and according to your schematics I only need 2 pins I can't see how yours look like in the part one video. Can I just use pin 1 and 3? .....Thank your for the audrino files and the schematics

    • Bjoern Pohl
      Bjoern Pohl Month ago

      Hi cassio229. That's totally fine. Usually those switches have one pin on on side (common) and two pins on the other side. (nc=normally closed, no=normally open). The 'nc' pin is connected to the common pin when the switch is not pressed, the 'no' pin is connected to the common pin when the switch is pressed). So yes, you only need two of the three pins: (always) the common pin and possibly the normally open pin (a bit dependent on your mechanical construction if the switch is pressed when your mailbox is closed or vice versa).

  • dave clarke
    dave clarke Month ago

    I'm having issues getting my firebeetle to connect to the wireless when running your code when pressing the normally on / off switches. Please see serial monitor below: (I've been successful connecting it to Wi-Fi from other sample code so know Wi-Fi details are correct and work with this esp32 device.) 23:24:52.669 -> ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57 23:24:52.669 -> 23:24:52.669 -> rst:0x5 (DEEPSLEEP_RESET),boot:0x1b (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT) 23:24:52.715 -> configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee 23:24:52.715 -> clk_drv:0x00,q_drv:0x00,d_drv:0x00,cs0_drv:0x00,hd_drv:0x00,wp_drv:0x00 23:24:52.715 -> mode:DIO, clock div:1 23:24:52.715 -> load:0x3fff0018,len:4 23:24:52.715 -> load:0x3fff001c,len:928 23:24:52.715 -> ho 0 tail 12 room 4 23:24:52.715 -> load:0x40078000,len:8424 23:24:52.715 -> ho 0 tail 12 room 4 23:24:52.715 -> load:0x40080400,len:5868 23:24:52.715 -> entry 0x4008069c 23:24:53.070 -> Connecting to WIRELESS 23:24:53.070 -> arming door and flap 23:24:53.070 -> Going to sleep now

    • Stig Lindberg
      Stig Lindberg Month ago

      @dave clarke Thank you for your answer :) I saw that Bjoern Pohl have found the solution for my question . My mailbox consists of 3 doors, 1 for letter, 1 for emptying letter and 1 for packages.

    • Stig Lindberg
      Stig Lindberg Month ago

      @Bjoern Pohl Thank you so much for the help :) I´m still newbie to programming esp32 so this is a big big help for me. Best Regards Stig

    • Bjoern Pohl
      Bjoern Pohl Month ago

      ​@Stig Lindberg hi stig, this should be quite easy: just copy and paste this block (line 57-61) put it directly below and replace the 'if' with 'else if' (like so: ) and replace GPIO_SEL_25 in this new block with GPIO_SEL_27. (that's the pin you mentioned) - replace the "arrived" here with something to react like "package_arrived" and react to that in mqtt. furthermore you need to replace line 93 with this one: esp_sleep_enable_ext1_wakeup(GPIO_SEL_25 | GPIO_SEL_26 | GPIO_SEL_27 ,ESP_EXT1_WAKEUP_ANY_HIGH); this "arms" the additional pin 27 as a "wakeup pin" and put another two lines after line 77 to initialize this pin: gpio_pullup_dis(GPIO_NUM_27); gpio_pulldown_en(GPIO_NUM_27); (so, similar to the other two pins...) hopefully i haven't forgotten anything :) you even could do the same again for a selective "package room clearance" :) regards, Björn

    • dave clarke
      dave clarke Month ago

      ​@Stig Lindberg My programming knowledge is extremely poor but this might be possible. Obviously you would need a separate entity for the arrived package sensor to communicate with MQTT to switch between on an off state. Do you open the same door to access both the packages & mail?

    • Stig Lindberg
      Stig Lindberg Month ago

      ​@dave clarke You saved my day :D now the mqtt works for me. Thank you very much :) Do you know how its possible to add one more sensor to the code ? Because where I live there we have mailboxes with extra room for packages and I need help to add one more sensor to the code running on gpio27 and send a new mqtt client id . Best Regards

  • Chris Dancy
    Chris Dancy Month ago

    For years I've been wanting to film a video about extracting and getting value from our data and now we have one! Thanks Paessler!

  • Noor Jafri
    Noor Jafri Month ago

    I am changing things nowwwwwwww. :O

  • PaesslerAG
    PaesslerAG Month ago

    Are you tech dependant or tech enabled? How do you leverage your own data to improve your life?

  • mansonslaughterer

    PRTG rules!

  • Erik O
    Erik O Month ago

    Why do you need the Ikea gateway? Why not install the bulb and switch directly to HA?

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG Month ago

      To the time we recorded the video it was the only way to connect the lamps to HA. Luckily that changed since than. Now there is no reason to use the gateway anymore 👍

  • Sam Quinn
    Sam Quinn Month ago

    Great fun way to share "training" . Thanks guys.

  • PaesslerAG
    PaesslerAG Month ago

    What do you think about using your data to "pay" for services?

    • Bladerox Lee
      Bladerox Lee Month ago

      I would like to have the option to just pay a fair price for these services. In general more transparency about how the data is used and what the service gains from it would be nice.

  • Teddy _209
    Teddy _209 2 months ago

    Thank you very muchhh

  • wardope
    wardope 2 months ago

    it's nice and all. also, I'm all about homemade projects. but it's just not worth it. if you have a home automation system already just use a freaking $5-10 door/window sensor.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 2 months ago

      @wardope nice projects! Which motor did you use for the wifi door lock?

    • wardope
      wardope 2 months ago

      @PaesslerAG also wifi door lock are way too expensive for what it is. So using a sonoff relay and a electric door lock i have made it my self

    • wardope
      wardope 2 months ago

      @PaesslerAGI used an Arduino board and some neopixels to make an Ambilight for my gaming computer. Then I expanded upon it to to work as a mood light and notification light.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 2 months ago

      @wardope do you have some examples on things you could not buy and therefore needed to build?

  • Timothy Gibbs
    Timothy Gibbs 3 months ago

    Outstanding! Clear presentation. More like this Please!

  • dablet00
    dablet00 3 months ago

    i followed exactly. reboot my ubuntu laptop and HA refuses to load up. what happened?

  • dablet00
    dablet00 3 months ago

    very comprehensive. thank you!

  • briflo2011
    briflo2011 4 months ago

    Do you need the remote or just the gateway and bulb?

  • Peter von Kohl
    Peter von Kohl 4 months ago

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  • Raviprakash Sharma
    Raviprakash Sharma 4 months ago

    Thanks... Following you I have transformed my home... Please continue

  • Francoise Installe
    Francoise Installe 4 months ago

    LAS VEGAS Tonight

  • Raul Andre
    Raul Andre 4 months ago

    thanks !! it was so very dificult for me to undertand that.

  • Elisabeth Anderson
    Elisabeth Anderson 5 months ago

    The music underneath is a bit distracting.

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez 5 months ago

    good video man Excuse me, I have a question when I try to connect with my "raspberry pi" by "putty" I get the error of "network error: conection refused", I have a static ip in my "raspberry pi", Do you know what the problem may be? Thank you.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 5 months ago

      This must be a network problem or you don't have SSH enabled.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 5 months ago

      Do you have hasbian or installed?

  • Inter Data Systems GmbH

    Eine sehr übersichtlich gestaltete Oberfläche und sinnvolle Menüführung machen PRTG zu unserem favorisierten Tool für uns selbst und unsere Kunden.

  • Inter Data Systems GmbH

    Danke für die schnelle PRTG Einführung.

  • Inter Data Systems GmbH

    Thank you for the great introduction video. We are using PRTG Solutions in-house and for our clients. It has been a very wise choice, because we receive only positive feedback.

  • Mihai Alexandru Manolescu

    Thank you Paessler, great company, great team, great family. :)

  • Philipp Hartmann
    Philipp Hartmann 6 months ago

    Nice, like it. One of my next projects during vacation :-).

  • Angus Angus
    Angus Angus 6 months ago

    Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial . Worked perfectly for my inexperience with hassbian . If you are up for a challenge :) I wonder if you had time esp module and some ws2812b equivalent pixels , could you possibly explain how to get this working in hassbian ?

  • Peter Milne
    Peter Milne 6 months ago

    Great interview.

  • Chris M.
    Chris M. 6 months ago

    Interesting and nice - with the calm voice of Greg. He should start to read beadtime-stories ;-)

  • Ásgeir Loftsson
    Ásgeir Loftsson 6 months ago


  • Mark Pearce
    Mark Pearce 6 months ago

    Saw your TVclip advert. Ended up subscribing. Love the maker Mondays series. I'm currently looking to automate my forced air based on AQI and CO2 due to living in London. I have the sensors, now to figure out how to read from them. The unit I'm linking it to has manual and app control for speed, but the sensor add-ons aren't calibratable and I want to exceed EU minimum standards.

  • khmerz tv
    khmerz tv 6 months ago

    hello guy could you tell me this is my broblem (Could not create the sensor SNMP Disk Free on device Device (Auto-Discovery in progress (6%)) ( No response (check: firewalls, routing, snmp settings of device, IPs, SNMP version, community, passwords etc) (SNMP error # -2003) could you show me

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 6 months ago

      When you get this error, the device does not respond to SNMP requests from PRTG. Make sure you have the correct SNMP settings configured in PRTG for the device (see device's "Settings" tab). Also some devices may have settings for SNMP about which devices are allowed to send them SNMP request, this could also be a reason why PRTG gets no response by SNMP from the device. See also here for further troubleshooting: In case you require further assistance, please contact technical support using "Setup | Contact Support" in PRTG.

  • ondx 5
    ondx 5 6 months ago

    What does it mean when I have -0 ping in gaming? Or -1

    • Eric Steiburg
      Eric Steiburg 4 months ago

      Ping = lag. Super simplified for gaming terms ping is a measure of lag. Lower is better higher is more lag.

  • Khai Quan-Nicholls
    Khai Quan-Nicholls 6 months ago

    The music is not cheesy or overused at all

  • Khai Quan-Nicholls
    Khai Quan-Nicholls 6 months ago

    1:44 how many cuts!?

  • Khai Quan-Nicholls
    Khai Quan-Nicholls 6 months ago

    1:09 it tells me how much time I have left to live!?

  • Ganapathy Naikar
    Ganapathy Naikar 6 months ago

    thanks,explanation is awesome

  • Santiago Soto
    Santiago Soto 7 months ago

    When the next episode??

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      Hey @santiago soto, we’re currently taking a short break from Maker Monday. But we’ll be back with more exciting maker projects soon! In the meantime, keep making 😊

  • Kavin M
    Kavin M 7 months ago

    reply me #...........

  • Kavin M
    Kavin M 7 months ago

    i have a trained a model .coming to the accuracy factor ,it is okay but not great.can you suggest me a way..?

    • Kavin M
      Kavin M 7 months ago

      @PaesslerAG thanks for Ur words..👍

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      @Kavin M That is a very broad question. First let's assume you are working with same kind of image recognition as we have in the video in that case we have discussed in detail in the video on how can you get better trained models: - Better Algorithm for your images - More Data Set - Rich dataset - etc Else if you are working on some other type of dataset you have to adapt an algorithm accordingly last, it might be the case that you have to tweak with your starting state of your selected algorithm such as different weights or spawn different number of starting forests for random forests.

  • Wayne P
    Wayne P 7 months ago

    Maybe I missed it, but what kind range are you able to get with this?

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      hi @Wayne P the range is simmilar to your standard wifi range

  • thecahn
    thecahn 7 months ago

    Didn't work. When I try to "Publish a packet", I get an error in Home Assistant that says "Failed to call service mqtt/publish. Service not found." EDIT: Fixed it by changing "broker: localhost" to "broker:" in the Home Assistant configuration.yaml, and removing "mosquitto.service" from "After=" section of the service configuration of Home Assistant. EDIT2: Nah, it's all fucked. The service startup just doesn't work. So I stopped Home Assistant service manually, started the Mosquitto service manually, and then started the Home Assistant service manually again. Then it worked.

  • Bukster Creing
    Bukster Creing 7 months ago

    Can you do the same with RF-link

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      Hi @Boris Andrich I see no reason why not :-) Let us know if it worked out

  • Alastair Carnegie
    Alastair Carnegie 7 months ago

    The first ultra-short focal length Zoom Lens, was by Leika. the film was less than 2 mm. from the 35mm. film. just enough for the shutter. Sony did away with the shutter, and reduced that distance even further. The CMOS DSC-R1 in Raw, was spectacular, forget Chromatic Aberration, in1.5 mm, light can hardly diffract. So eliminating spatial aberrations can be the main objective. An image of graph paper is accurate over the entire frame. Hand recognition is just as accurate as face. Skin pore distribution. And nobody objects to a camera slung over the shoulder. taking lots of photos of hands. silently. If somebody opens a door. The person is instantly recognised with high probability. Shop lifters are of great interest, birds of a feather flock together. Soon the chain of command is positively identified and high intensity surveillance of the ring leaders begun. The Military seldom if ever interfere with civilian affairs, unless requested by Parliament. Following a long period of observation. Criminals may be very useful to the Military in times of crisis. A Military interview generally sees the subject go ashen grey in the face with abject fear, as his list of crimes are presented to him. or her? Naturally 2019 this type of zoom lens is tiny.

  • Glenn Marsden
    Glenn Marsden 7 months ago

    Very interesting stuff :) Keep making these

  • Noah Saunders
    Noah Saunders 7 months ago

    I'm 15. I code, I build circuits, stuff. Is it for me?

    • Noah Saunders
      Noah Saunders 7 months ago

      @Horses In Heaven Thanks, your advice is really helpful!

    • Horses In Heaven
      Horses In Heaven 7 months ago

      Noah Saunders Hi! I’m in Canada. I suggest you sign on with AN AGENCY. They will help you write your resume to get the best out of your skills....and even direct you to a job. I know a person who thought the agency job was only for a few months...he’s been HIRED full time. On your advantage is to be able to say... BONDABLE. Try to get your credit score in order. And if it’s not...have legit reasons. Did you do any TEAM sports? List them...companies WANT TEAM PLAYERS...people able to work well with others. Good luck! Stay positive 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      @Noah Saunders unfortunately our whole developement team is based in our headquarter in Nürnberg Germany. So it's sadly not for you because of your geolocation

    • Noah Saunders
      Noah Saunders 7 months ago

      @PaesslerAG AB Canada, near Edmonton

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      Hi @Noah Saunders where do you live?

  • drreality1
    drreality1 7 months ago

    Thanks so much. How do you get VPN to your house?

  • n0sk
    n0sk 7 months ago

    I love that video so much <3

  • Dylan Lai
    Dylan Lai 8 months ago

    Where’s the face recognition episode?

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 7 months ago

      it is right here: have fun :-)

  • dimitri delanghe
    dimitri delanghe 8 months ago

    he doesn't understand Rpi that hurts because the concept is great...

  • randomdogdog
    randomdogdog 8 months ago

    Thank you Paessler ~

  • Gaetan Lesage
    Gaetan Lesage 8 months ago

    Poor Florian, he works hard and has nothing in return XD

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 8 months ago

      He got mentioned in our video! ;)

  • Tshigofatso Sebatlelo
    Tshigofatso Sebatlelo 8 months ago

    Cannot wait for the next video

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    Stein Erik Høybakk 8 months ago

    Thank you Paessler❤️

  • Isak Löfgren
    Isak Löfgren 8 months ago

    @PaesslerAG When I try to turn on the light in homeassistant the toggle in ha turns on and then off while the esp board sends this to the serial monitor: Message arrived [ledstrip/wakeup/set] ON parseObject() failed How do I fix that? edit: In ha I get this error: Platform not found: light.mqtt_json

    • Isak Löfgren
      Isak Löfgren 8 months ago

      PaesslerAG Thank you very much! Works perfect now. Really good work with the videos, keep it up!

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 8 months ago

      Really nice point, Isak. HA had breaking changes with 08.4. Please use MQTT instead of MQTT_JSON, and add schema:json to the params. Have a look here for more info: We've updated the change in our GitHub repo: Hope that helps!

  • wweghorst
    wweghorst 8 months ago

    Thank you Paessler :)

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    JoTheBaer 8 months ago

    Thank you Paessler for the 3D printer 😁

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    Semion Nadezhdin 8 months ago

    Thank you Paessler, looking forward to future content \0/

  • Diyworkbench
    Diyworkbench 8 months ago

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  • nevar108
    nevar108 8 months ago

    hahahahaha, you are alluding that Geeks arent human! You are precious.

  • ReaLenny
    ReaLenny 8 months ago

    Okay this is epic 103% serious

  • Semion Nadezhdin
    Semion Nadezhdin 8 months ago

    What is the deal with all the eggplants in the background? Is it...? Oh no... xDDDDD

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 8 months ago

      Nothing says "romantic getaway on my own" quite like an eggplant...or several.

  • shingh singh
    shingh singh 8 months ago


  • Þór Jóhannesson
    Þór Jóhannesson 8 months ago

    I own a zigbee hub. And some cheap switchis I plan to use and plan to use smart life apo, do I need to get the remote and hub or can I skip them.

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 8 months ago

      Hi, as far as we know, Smart Life app can only control their own wifi-based devices (bulbs, plugs). If you want to control things running behind your Zigbee gateway, you need to use another app (homeassistant w/cloud enabled etc.)

  • prashant kachhawaha
    prashant kachhawaha 8 months ago

    please introduce with MongoDB, just like if your algorithm find a match face pull out full info from MongoDB or some other DB ex name ,add,full name whatever in DB .

  • T Holzkopf
    T Holzkopf 8 months ago

    nice Video and easy to follow. I like the Ikea smart System and iam wondering if it is possible to use the tradfri switch for other Lights as well in home assistant? Do you have Access to the button behaviour? Like switching a yeelight on and of with the Ikea switch?

  • X7zzzzzzzzzz7X
    X7zzzzzzzzzz7X 8 months ago

    Can’t wait for the next video 👍

    • PaesslerAG
      PaesslerAG 8 months ago

      The next part goes live on 18th February 2019, so keep an eye out for it :)