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  • Kava Zaki
    Kava Zaki 24 minutes ago

    Share this underwear video under the outfi

  • Kava Zaki
    Kava Zaki 28 minutes ago

    2:11 we want to watch this dress underwear video

  • Lili Angelika
    Lili Angelika Hour ago

    My favourite is 1898.

  • C Finch
    C Finch 2 hours ago

    Really loved this delightful video, thanks for sharing: from one of your devoted fans

  • Maenad46
    Maenad46 3 hours ago

    I completely understand the fabric choice, but don't the close fitting corsets around the torso make a difference in the heat? The video doesn't mention these.

  • Anna M
    Anna M 6 hours ago

    And in a century everyone will think we all were painting our hair in unrealistic colours

  • miralolamoo gangstacat

    I think your cat likes your dress

  • miralolamoo gangstacat

    where do you get this stuff from

  • Rayna Alsberg
    Rayna Alsberg 14 hours ago

    Wow, Such a gorgeous setting. Fantastic looks. You are pretty handy, dancing with that bustle, LOL.

  • D Tatah
    D Tatah 15 hours ago

    Finally a history channel that's realistic

  • alibabafurball
    alibabafurball 17 hours ago

    A round house to that punching bag would look nice in the outfit, would really show off the bell look lol. You were dancing circles around the other at the ball, you two dance very well.

  • H G
    H G 17 hours ago

    I would love to see party dresses.

  • yssabel gernandt
    yssabel gernandt 17 hours ago

    OMG that looks like a lot of fun!

  • Cheryl Mendenhall
    Cheryl Mendenhall 17 hours ago

    Wow! Good for you! I find these clothes and how you have balls so interesting. Thanks for all your videos and all your millions of other works you do!

  • Andrea Weber
    Andrea Weber 18 hours ago

    I used to think hats were pinned in place - is that wrong?

  • Евген Ринадыч

    Nice, great costumes!You must go on Historical Medieval Battle! [Battle of Nations] ))

  • Arianne Rein
    Arianne Rein 19 hours ago

    As an artist i am grateful that i found this video on my recommendation lol. I get to learn the perspectives and designs.

  • Christine Moccia

    Iron maiden having fun!!!!! I love it!!!!

  • DixieBelle
    DixieBelle Day ago

    Such a fun video!

  • Natalie 1234
    Natalie 1234 Day ago

    Oh my gosh hilarious! Love the mobilus seesaw. Watch out Mary Poppins you have some competition!

  • Saga Wognum
    Saga Wognum Day ago

    I am gobsmacked by the fact that Hjo in Sweden is just an hour away from where I live. I am now stalking La Belle Epoque Design to see if she has any upcoming seminars in the area :D Thanks for introducing me to a local costumer ^^

  • Katalyst
    Katalyst Day ago

    This helps immensely with my book set in the Victorian Age

  • Janice H
    Janice H Day ago

    Oh my too much work.

  • Евген Ринадыч

    0:33 Russian colonel?

  • Евген Ринадыч

    Suffragettes on a walk )) Суфражистки на прогулке.

  • Stacey Hendriks

    🤣🤣🤣 brilliant! Just shows how much you can do in historical clothing if it's well made. ❤❤❤

    • Din Mojica
      Din Mojica 9 hours ago

      right! this video is amazing cause it showcased how much movement you can do breaking all the stereotypes media portayed it on.

  • Purple Vlogz
    Purple Vlogz Day ago

    Wow so cat fishing was a thing here.

  • tburnsmatheny
    tburnsmatheny Day ago

    To fast can’t read that fast but other wise great video.

  • MrsCottonCandy DarlingLife

    Thank you so much for sharing your fun time !!! Love the Victorian times 😊💕

  • Brittany Makrush

    a must show to all who claim women's fashion back then was restrictive and women were incapable of physical activity because of it.

  • kabernat
    kabernat Day ago

    No thank you. I prefer fashion in the 40’s and 50’s. Way too much work to face the day.

  • Sabine
    Sabine Day ago

    Are you selling your book even (?also? don't know wich word I need) in German?

    • priorattire
      priorattire Day ago

      The book is available on my website and we post workdwide

  • saitar1337
    saitar1337 Day ago

    Fabulous hat!

  • Sabine
    Sabine Day ago

    I love your videos and I am overwhelmed how you do all of this work. How you calm down? Don't you need any help in your office? First: If you need a maid in your videos or a cleaningmaid in your office or anywhere else... I'd like to do. Even if I am a German with no knowledge of multiple words Second: I'd like to wear those dresses and gowns every day but I am not a tailor and I don't have the money to order it. At the moment I combine(?) 2 skirts and a summerdress plus leggins and warm socks when it's cold.

  • Ahstia Summers
    Ahstia Summers 2 days ago

    I’d think modern crinolines would be that flexible. Historical ones would have more wood and steel in the framing, and therefore not be as flexible

    • priorattire
      priorattire Day ago

      This is an exact replica of a Victorian crinoline. NO wood was ever involved anyway- just fabric and metal. This one is boned with 11mm steel...

  • Jill Niemczynski
    Jill Niemczynski 2 days ago

    Beautiful, as always! Thank you. I appreciate your talent & hard work! 👍😉💙

  • L. Marshall Montenegro

    The most beautiful witches learning to fly.

  • Murrv Vmurr
    Murrv Vmurr 2 days ago

    Remind me again why we can't dress like this everyday??

  • Emily Lochore
    Emily Lochore 2 days ago

    I have to say, the see-saw related playground equipment in the playground look so fun and way better than most of the stuff I see in playgrounds in my own country (Australia). I very much desire to go to this playground now (if I’m ever in Sweden)

  • C Finch
    C Finch 2 days ago

    What grouchy 8 people gave this delightful video a thumbs down? They need to go to the park and play!

    • Kim Cattoor
      Kim Cattoor Day ago

      I would, but I generally don’t downvote. It is a fabulous looking video, but I can’t stand videos with no talking. Im often multitasking And a voiceover instead of reading would be quite helpful.

    • Carry Z.
      Carry Z. Day ago

      They were envious they couldn't😂😂

  • Татьяна Пьянкова

    Сколько тряпок одевали,ужас!!Хотя ,учитывая неотапливаемые комнаты замков,холод в помещениях,может это и было правильно.

  • Kim Carmen Walsh - a female voice

    Oh I'd love a teagown!!

  • Pamela Lennon
    Pamela Lennon 2 days ago

    Before starting work, I decided to watch this video and I am very glad I did as it made me smile happily. Thank you for sharing such a fun video, Izabela. I hope you have a great day too.

  • Tami Shay
    Tami Shay 2 days ago

    Gorgeous! Well done! Looove your channel!

  • Ingrid R
    Ingrid R 2 days ago

    That is an awesome playground! I'd probably get motion sickness/vertigo on most of the stuff, but I'd still want to try it (especially the "flying witch" swing). :-)

  • Canuck Nancy42
    Canuck Nancy42 2 days ago

    That is a seriously cool playground! Looks like you had a blast!

  • Dan Hurl
    Dan Hurl 2 days ago

    Priorattire how do you feel about doing a tutorial on making different types of historical petticoats?

    • priorattire
      priorattire 2 days ago

      My book, The Victorian Dressmaker already covers a variety of Victorian petticoats..

  • mrsgrievous
    mrsgrievous 2 days ago

    I lost it when you said you looked like witches!

  • Heather Hecking
    Heather Hecking 2 days ago

    I am so excited. After trying sidesaddle for my first time back in July I will be doing a small sidesaddle demonstration in our Fall Festival this month. I have been riding twice a week with a quality instructor and can now walk and trot sidesaddle. It's GLORIOUS!! I will keep you apprised of my progress. Thank you for inspiring me to try this challenging way of riding.

  • Leisongi Vangomo
    Leisongi Vangomo 2 days ago

    THAT looked like a lot of fun!!!

  • Aimee Ward
    Aimee Ward 2 days ago

    Just hope you weren't on a toilet when it exploded like the early ones did.

  • Vanessa rodrigues ferreira

    Divertido gostei 😘

  • Mandy F
    Mandy F 2 days ago

    Why are Swedish playgrounds so much better than the ones in America?😂

  • Mrs Chester
    Mrs Chester 2 days ago

    How do you PACK these elaborate outfits? Trunks?

  • Tanna Sherrill
    Tanna Sherrill 2 days ago

    My baby was a big fan of this particular video!

  • Marijke Broos
    Marijke Broos 2 days ago

    My eye caught several glimpses of a petticoat, scandalous!

  • PumpkinQueen
    PumpkinQueen 2 days ago

    That looks like so much fun xD Specially the mobilus seesaw

  • Anna M
    Anna M 2 days ago

    So practical people)

  • fuck me
    fuck me 2 days ago

    Those must have been very heavy

    • priorattire
      priorattire 2 days ago

      Nope. Very light silks and cottons mostly. Winter stuff would be heavier- just like nowadays

  • agnes BE
    agnes BE 2 days ago

    oh I hope you had a nice time in Sweden! I'm live and am from Sweden myself (the south tho :)

  • White Knights of the Round Table

    Some Mua Thai kickboxing skills there lol

  • White Knights of the Round Table

    Bring this beautiful fashion back!

  • Archiviste
    Archiviste 2 days ago

    Bien que je sois fan de ce site, je trouve dommage d'avoir de la publicité en début de sujet. Ici il y a maintenant deux épisodes publicitaire avant de commencer le sujet. et ça devient pénible cette pub qu'on nous impose !

    • priorattire
      priorattire 2 days ago

      Well it is this annoying advertising that keeps the channel free to use for the public...

  • Lorraine Clark
    Lorraine Clark 2 days ago

    People used to squat in the bushes a lot too. If you went walking in the park, you had to watch where you were stepping- really!

  • Hambeast delicioso
    Hambeast delicioso 3 days ago

    That looks like so much fun and it gave me a smile on a not-so-good day!

  • Kartsie
    Kartsie 3 days ago

    Thank you for making me smile.

  • Naomi Drew
    Naomi Drew 3 days ago

    Hilarious! And what fun playground equipment - sure wish I had some of those in my neighborhood. I'd be playing with them, I assure you, in my old lady rompers no doubt.

  • toot toot
    toot toot 3 days ago

    This is the sweetest little video omg

  • Kit DuBhran
    Kit DuBhran 3 days ago

    Thank you so much! The IG pictures and gifs were awesome but this video was totally hilarious! ❤️

    MICHELLE ROSS 3 days ago

    So much fun! You're a Victorian badass superhero disguised as a lady...

  • pandalove water
    pandalove water 3 days ago


  • Aifa J.
    Aifa J. 3 days ago

    Sweden has the best parks

  • kinokononomura
    kinokononomura 3 days ago

    😆 nice 😁 and 😂 fun 🤣

  • giantbee89
    giantbee89 3 days ago

    This is awesome!

  • wynterhawk
    wynterhawk 3 days ago

    This is wonderful and I hope to attend next year. Was the event conducted in English or Swedish?

    • priorattire
      priorattire 3 days ago

      Mostly Swedish though attempts were made at English too. We found a way

  • debbie boring
    debbie boring 3 days ago

    You all looked Lovely. Looked like you had a great time. And who knew how much you could do in a corset. Thanks for bringing us along. 💐

  • gia b
    gia b 3 days ago

    Which proves that the Victorian age wasn't so great. People romanticize it, but they would have given anything to live like most of us today!

  • Sharky857
    Sharky857 3 days ago

    Besides being funny to watch, I feel like this video is yet another visual proof for all those people still wondering how Victorian ladies could move freely while wearing "all that stuff".

  • Howard Wiggins
    Howard Wiggins 3 days ago

    The video says Hjo, Sweden. The music says Dollywood in the Great Smoky Mountains, USA!

    • priorattire
      priorattire 3 days ago

      And the people in the video are English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, american, and polish . Fully international!

  • Pauline Yuhas
    Pauline Yuhas 3 days ago

    You go girl, kick that bag, lift that bar!

  • naya peru
    naya peru 3 days ago


  • Alê
    Alê 3 days ago

    Love this! Well, the end of he victorian era was the time when fitness and gyms became more peopular haha

  • mademoisellekaya
    mademoisellekaya 3 days ago

    Loving it! 😂😂 Please never change! 😁👍

  • Ceelle2
    Ceelle2 3 days ago

    Love it!

  • Animesh Kumar
    Animesh Kumar 3 days ago


  • Rhiannon Lynn
    Rhiannon Lynn 3 days ago

    Brilliant! :D

  • G A R D E N I A
    G A R D E N I A 3 days ago

    I just remembered Cinthya from the blue lagoon was set around that time isn't it? I know the movie begins in 1897

  • Evelyn Rojas
    Evelyn Rojas 3 days ago


  • Kimba Marie Yun
    Kimba Marie Yun 3 days ago

    This is adorable and fun.! 😂

  • NoneofBizor JuliejT

    well that just shows corsets dont necessarily hold one back lol

  • Jennifer Hope Safe
    Jennifer Hope Safe 3 days ago

    Looks like a bit of fun.

  • Anna's Actuality
    Anna's Actuality 3 days ago

    First I thought this was a video by Karolina Zebrowska😅

    • Natalie 1234
      Natalie 1234 Day ago

      So did I! I think she'd appreciate seeing this one. These ladies are all kindred spirits I think!

    • Ellen Chomp
      Ellen Chomp 3 days ago


  • Zelda Kasumi
    Zelda Kasumi 3 days ago

    It was really funny but also really fun to see the dresses in so much movement!

  • Khanclansith
    Khanclansith 3 days ago

    (In pompous British announcer voice) This wanton display of absolute social degeneracy by the modern Victorian woman is absolutely horrific and shocking. What's next? Wearing trousers? Demanding the right to vote? Unthinkable!

  • Lorelei
    Lorelei 3 days ago

    Wow!!! I am speachless :-) Fun aside, the mobility is rival to any athleisure today, to my complete surprise.

  • Séadhgha Val
    Séadhgha Val 3 days ago

    You look lovely, what decade of the Victorian era would this dress have been worn?

  • Mary Roraff
    Mary Roraff 3 days ago

    So much fun! In beautiful clothes.

  • mail4matt2000
    mail4matt2000 3 days ago

    So, wheres the Victoria Secret lingerie in d scene...??

  • Nicole Day
    Nicole Day 3 days ago

    You look stunning, great video

  • Nicole Day
    Nicole Day 3 days ago

    So fascinating, thank you for sharing