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  • JafuetTheSame
    JafuetTheSame 4 minutes ago


  • Julia S
    Julia S 7 minutes ago

    The Rise of Skywalker makes Cop Dog look like Cop Out. I don’t even know what that means.

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 8 minutes ago

    At first I thought Star Trek Discovery was a tragedy. Now I realize it’s a comedy.

  • Joseph Rion
    Joseph Rion 11 minutes ago

    Wow, Like it's a split right down the middle, 30 minutes in, the black spine edition ends and it becomes a Best of the Worst Spotlight: Partners.

  • Donald Weatherwax
    Donald Weatherwax 12 minutes ago

    This is speculation, but it's definitely going to happen.

  • SeventhSwell
    SeventhSwell 17 minutes ago

    RIP Lil Bub

  • Lil Moe Szyslak
    Lil Moe Szyslak 21 minute ago

    Wait! No internet superstar Rich Evans as the tron guy. Unsubscribed lol

  • YFNA
    YFNA 21 minute ago

    I only wish the reckless young captain could be retconned to be Wesley Crusher.....then he could die. Fans everywhere cheer.

  • Joseph Carmine
    Joseph Carmine 22 minutes ago

    As a testament to how hilarious this movie was , I laughed my ass off every time they showed a clip especially with the neighbor kid.

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott 28 minutes ago

    If she was a clone created by palpatine using his DNA it would have fit into TLJ with that scene where she's looking into the mirror and there are hundreds of her. She could have been the only one with the right amount of force potential, she could have fought dark side clones or something.

  • Bob
    Bob 30 minutes ago

    Still makes me happy to see the dog make that jump.

  • nt78stonewobble
    nt78stonewobble 32 minutes ago

    In retrospect: Many poorly thought out and bad small subversions of expectations is not as good as 1-2 well thought out good big subversions of expectations. Previously in star wars, they were just movies, that kind of loosely resonated with real life (good vs. evil, personal growth and development) and the "plot twists" were "stunning and brave" in that regard. In this one introduced quite heavy "political themes" that are specific and directly applicable to real life, but they were never "stunning and brave" enough to eg. subvert expectations for those actually important and serious things... They only really used the "plot twists" to poke at what people liked about the originals... not their own new "agenda" additions. Put a bit differently... they poked at their fans like of these movies, but they weren't able to poke at themselves and what they themselves thought important to add to the movies. It's wasn't ballsy... it was actually quite the opposite...

  • NightOwlsMedia
    NightOwlsMedia 37 minutes ago

    Holy crap! "Where did I come from?" - My parents rented this for me when I was in kindergarten to explain the Birds and the Bees with me, and all I remember was cartoon cats having sex under bed sheets and being super awkward around my folks. I have tried to find this for years to prove to my friends that it exists!

  • dlw Sports
    dlw Sports 38 minutes ago

    I grew up with Paranormal Activity and finally watched this movie on New Year's Eve of 2019, and I really enjoyed it and feel that it holds up.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 39 minutes ago

    Spoilers! It's a bland action schlock!

  • Roy A
    Roy A Hour ago

    They honestly wasted the better storyline on the animated show (Uprising - The "Broken Master/Rebellious Student" dynamic, like 'Batman Beyond' did so brilliantly before it)... I think that if the live action movie had that plot; it would had a much better chance to hook more people for a Sequel 😢

  • Boat Captain
    Boat Captain Hour ago

    This is amazing. The rest of the Nerd Crew episodes are fun, too, but I wish they played it more tongue-in-cheek like this. Subsuquent episodes lacked the subtlety that made this one perfect.

  • Bluemilk92
    Bluemilk92 Hour ago

    I like Midichlorians, and the impact they have on the concept of force users. Tall people are genetically favored for basketball. Yet, a lazy tall person, can be beat by a hardworking short person. Better genetics do not equal better Jedi. If any cares, I can elaborate.

  • Bretton Ferguson

    SCRIPT: (Luke and Vader sitting on a couch) Vader: Join me and we will rule the galaxy together. Luke: I'll never join you. You killed my father. (Vader stands up and walks over to the window. Looks out, then turns toward Luke) Vader: Luke, I am your Father. Luke: No that's not true. That's a lie. It's almost like Lucas used to know how to make movies. More likely Lucas did not have full control over the original films, and/or allowed his crew who knew what they were doing to give him advice and make decisions. Later when he made the prequels his ego was so huge, and his reputation so huge, he had full creative control. Lucas never knew how to insert exposition and character development other than talking on a couch.

  • Leo Oz
    Leo Oz Hour ago

    Everytime Jay disagrees with Mike, you can tell that Mike wants to choke Jay and shit down his throat.

  • maplebob23
    maplebob23 Hour ago

    Really, when you watch the old movie, you realize it is actually a religious story of the Archangel Metatron who, as a man, was the biblical Enoch. Enoch is brought to Heaven in full and translated to the archangel. I have only seen the new movie once and cannot remember if it carried over the subtext. Anyway, Tron is one of my favorite movies of all time because it works on a variety of levels

  • OmegaBoomer2003
    OmegaBoomer2003 Hour ago

    “True dat” - some goth hacker chick.

  • Chris Gabert
    Chris Gabert Hour ago

    Independence Day: Intoxication

  • Simon Naylor
    Simon Naylor Hour ago

    I'm still predicting Baby Yoda is a little girl! (January 2020)

  • Austin Woods
    Austin Woods Hour ago

    The episode the cynicism took over.

  • Derek Patterson
    Derek Patterson Hour ago

    On the subject of shows that were beloved in the first season, only to crash and burn, Heroes comes to mind.

  • Simon Naylor
    Simon Naylor Hour ago

    Golden Knights! Corey Feldman! Mike continues to be sharp and hilarious!

  • Power Cage
    Power Cage Hour ago

    Why is Macaulay is EVERYTHING lately?

  • Kovács Géza
    Kovács Géza Hour ago

    Yeah, but I'm 51 and I am the original fan. Let me tell you my review - no view. I didn't watch this shit. This is no Star Wars. I watch the Boba Fett series.

  • Sonia Kalcic
    Sonia Kalcic Hour ago

    I'm still so upset at the CGI... If you do a search, you can find the actual costume and makeup they had planned for Bolg, which was kick-ass! The way they edited the overall look only makes it seem as if they couldn't be bothered animating hair, accessories, etc. Lazy and disappointing... And don't get me started with the weird cave troll thingies at the end of the last movie, which looked like they were designed by a kid who plays too much horror fantasy games - with piercings and chains in the eyelids...? I mean, wtf!

  • Big Grundo
    Big Grundo Hour ago

    Imagine being so shit, that you dislike a Plinkett Analsis.

  • Andhie Yusuf
    Andhie Yusuf Hour ago

    Plot twist: Dennis is Liberace in hiding

  • TDW2364
    TDW2364 Hour ago

    Never seen an Adam Sandler movie? That’s weird.

  • Kefka
    Kefka Hour ago

    Rich hints at in but Mike says Star Trek first (though it followed with the words discovery so maybe that does not count).

  • nietzscheposterchild

    Great movie watch it. Don't mind these two bozos.

  • Denty One
    Denty One 2 hours ago

    When Tron was originally released in theaters, it's all we kids could talk about. There had never been anything like it and it's all I saw when I closed my eyes at night. It may not have been a blockbuster hit and it certainly didn't age well, but at the time it was the most visually stunning thing we had ever seen.

  • Apocrypha
    Apocrypha 2 hours ago

    Budget of Joker - $55 million Budget of Jack & Jill - $79 million

  • Bynos Raork
    Bynos Raork 2 hours ago

    Mac is the fucking best. And there are still millions out there who still think he is some homeless drug addict... we must change that. We need more Mac!

  • d d
    d d 2 hours ago


  • Carbon 12
    Carbon 12 2 hours ago

    19:23 it's the Third Street Saints!

  • Rob Vespa
    Rob Vespa 2 hours ago

    Tron is amazing. You got it all wrong.

  • Misty Quadrucci
    Misty Quadrucci 2 hours ago

    excellent choice!

  • The Mortonator
    The Mortonator 2 hours ago

    I never thought I'd see that day where a Danny Phantom clip would play a critical role in a RLM video. But here we are

  • Jill Sandwich
    Jill Sandwich 2 hours ago

    Stephen Merchant could play Dennis in his biopic.

  • Atheus Maximus
    Atheus Maximus 2 hours ago

    Disney should just remake the whole thing now. Just Fuck it, and start with Episode 1 and go all through 4 , 5 up to 9 or 12 . I mean Why not?

  • MrMajenta
    MrMajenta 2 hours ago

    >jokes are now real 2020 here: you have no idea

  • Steve the Pirate
    Steve the Pirate 2 hours ago

    I had an ED-209 toy that could walk up glass, Your move Robocop.

  • Adam Watson
    Adam Watson 2 hours ago


  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 hours ago

    I suggest using youtube's speed option to watch this at 1.5 speed

  • Sprocket List
    Sprocket List 2 hours ago

    Alan Bradley was killed by a tram in Blackpool!

  • czarnick2
    czarnick2 2 hours ago

    1:27 is the creepiest thing ever. On e you see it, you can’t unsee it!

  • Piotr Sz
    Piotr Sz 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who remembers fondly original TRON but was unimpressed with the newer other one? Mayby it's because Im a 2000s kid, so I grew up with good cgi. The original TRON looks like what I would imagine a fantastical computer dimension would look like and the new one just looks like some generic alien planet

    • Piotr Sz
      Piotr Sz 2 hours ago

      sorry for awful english btw

  • WarpRulez
    WarpRulez 3 hours ago

    Back to the Future is not the first movie with product placement. Not by a long, long shot. Back in like the 50's and 60's eg. tobacco companies would tell actors, eg. in westerns, to smoke their brand on film. The actors would agree to this for absolutely ridiculous deals, like a free carton of tobacco per week for the rest of their life. It was, essentially, completely free advertisement for the company. And the companies did, indeed, make deals directly with actors, bypassing the film's producers and everybody else. Back in those days the "rules" were really lax, and it would take decades before production companies would catch up and make it actually a lucrative business for themselves. Nowadays it would be absolutely unthinkable that eg. a tobacco company would just tell an actor to smoke their brand on screen, for some pitiful deal. The producers and director would never just agree to that, not in a million years.

  • Sean Patterson
    Sean Patterson 3 hours ago

    7:10 saying the Force belongs to the Jedi is like saying gravity belongs to humans because it keeps our asses on the ground.

  • Big guy R4nd0m sm1le

    28:22 the new movies: hold my beer

  • Big guy R4nd0m sm1le

    The new trilogy is the most disappointing thing since the prequels.

  • Doom Food
    Doom Food 3 hours ago

    Jay says "the fear of nuculer fallout" c'mon Jay. Its Nuclear.

  • Chickenfarmer10
    Chickenfarmer10 3 hours ago

    "Recruit them into the homosexual lifestyle." That... doesn't happen. Like ever.

  • Camous
    Camous 3 hours ago

    5 years later and still as funny and as relevant.

  • An Other Wolff
    An Other Wolff 3 hours ago

    ??? John Connor was killed. okayyyyyy..... So the leader of the resistance is killed by skynet exists. So far so logical. But where does Legen comes from?

  • Power Cage
    Power Cage 3 hours ago

    Lol, I noticed the Roundhouse set as well.

  • WarpRulez
    WarpRulez 3 hours ago

    The movie is amazingly accurate in its predictions.

  • TheWordyWarlock
    TheWordyWarlock 3 hours ago

    How the fuck did you like Solo better than Rogue One?

  • Comment Douchery
    Comment Douchery 3 hours ago

    Had the movie better filled out Sam and Kevin's relationship as son andfather, made it something like a road trip or outlaws on the run, it could have been better. It needed more parallels between the two, the mentoring aspect over the youth. I normally hate obvious lesson movies, but had Kevin been given a few moments to emphasize that you need to take responsibility for your actions, something he had been putting off doing because he didn't want the consequences of his actions or something like that, there would have been more investment in my opinion.

  • TexasTom Boe
    TexasTom Boe 3 hours ago

    pls do: Shadow Killers Tiger Force german... frauenlager der ninja... worst movie ever, and i loved it... the bridge, the rocket...

    • TexasTom Boe
      TexasTom Boe 3 hours ago

      the german cut versian is brilliant ;)

  • Eve Evangel
    Eve Evangel 3 hours ago

    I remember not knowing what a 'Joosa' is

  • Erik Sundstrom
    Erik Sundstrom 3 hours ago

    Strongly disagree that the score is bad. I love the Wendy Carlos ost for Tron.

  • Dark Link
    Dark Link 3 hours ago

    I had the book and cassette, With the sound cue to turn the page. It was ok. It was the 80's man, there were three channels and we had to rent movies and the movie playing machine from the damn appliance shop.

  • nestor arenas
    nestor arenas 3 hours ago

    The opening of this video is great

  • Dee
    Dee 3 hours ago

    Syd Mead was the concept artist on the original Tron, you philistines.

  • Stephanie Lloyd
    Stephanie Lloyd 3 hours ago

    The teeny tiny lightning and "What a spooky night!" Amazing. Also Return of the Cardigan.

  • Andrew Garrison
    Andrew Garrison 3 hours ago

    51:10 "Well, you can't beat a dead kid dipped in wax and sold to look like Connie Chung." Oh yes you can. You can beat that kid. Why wouldn't you?

  • Hephaestus
    Hephaestus 3 hours ago

    A lot of people in the comments don't get Mr. Plinkett.

  • Bretton Ferguson
    Bretton Ferguson 3 hours ago

    @4:44 Everybody was to busy looking at the titties to think about this scene. There is no way they were fucking missionary style in the back seat of that car. It was a a 1912 Renault Town Car Type CB. I looked it up. Those cars have room for two skinny people to sit side by side. The seat is less than 4 feet wide. If they were fucking Missionary style where were their legs? The back door is forward from the seat, so their legs would have to bend forward to go out the door, plus their is a shot in the movie of the car with them fucking inside and the doors are all closed.

  • FolonRNG
    FolonRNG 3 hours ago

    Death Stranding

  • Mickey Da Giant
    Mickey Da Giant 4 hours ago

    all i remember is Rihanna cant act lol

  • Buck Johnson
    Buck Johnson 4 hours ago

    These boomers are definitely in the minority about this film.

  • CasualScrub
    CasualScrub 4 hours ago

    I have the theatrical releases of New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on DVD. As far as I'm concerned, that's where Star Wars ended. That's all I need. My father has the original 3 on 16mm, which is fucking awesome. I love watching real film in his darked out living room on a pull-down white screen.

  • Bretton Ferguson
    Bretton Ferguson 4 hours ago

    Do a review of Schindler's List.

  • Tommy Godwin
    Tommy Godwin 4 hours ago

    You 3 are a fucking joke!

  • Blake Doelle
    Blake Doelle 4 hours ago

    :O That's Sheridan from Babylon 5! I totally forgot he was Tron in the original.

  • anamericangypsy
    anamericangypsy 4 hours ago

    21:32.... ohhhh so thats why people laugh at movies in the theater that I'd never imagine laughing at...

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson 4 hours ago

    His laughing Disorder it is actually real PBA PseudoBulbar Affect is what it’s called

  • Ensign Cole
    Ensign Cole 4 hours ago

    Should watch Starcrash (1979) It was David Hasseloff first or second film, pure gold.

  • Happy Merchant
    Happy Merchant 4 hours ago

    But violence is the force used everyday. You obey the law due to fear of violence. Revolutionary win either through violence or the threat of violence. A Peace treaty is only made because one party decides to relent to another through violence or the threat of violence. Hell the USA dollar is only taken seriously because the usa bombs anyone who even considers to drop the petro dollar.

  • Scott I'Anson
    Scott I'Anson 4 hours ago

    Josh is my favourite, sorry guys!

  • Clockwork Alex
    Clockwork Alex 4 hours ago

    Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019). Jay has premonition powers

  • AbortedEvolution
    AbortedEvolution 4 hours ago

    Interesting. Y'all got a lot better at this.

  • Andrew Tomlinson
    Andrew Tomlinson 4 hours ago

    I pestered my 11 yr old kid to take up piano lessons so one day he could get a career playing intro music for spooky movie trailers. That was last week... He now knows 4 notes. He starts work for Universal next Thursday.

  • Mauricio Perin
    Mauricio Perin 4 hours ago

    Is 'Wreck-it Ralph' the third Tron movie we got?

  • David P
    David P 5 hours ago

    Kevin 5G

  • Ted Striker
    Ted Striker 5 hours ago

    "A doctor looking at a lump." I feel like this sums up my life sometimes.

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 5 hours ago

    I like that you skipped right past the "Ewok Sith Death Cult" Thing. Much like Rise skips right past every plot point.

  • Arboza liyan
    Arboza liyan 5 hours ago

    0:43 discombobulated. That is what you get after fighting with the best detective in the world.

  • rebdomine1
    rebdomine1 5 hours ago

    More man children playing with dolls please.

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 5 hours ago

    Don't forget that the original Order for Baby Joda was Dead or Alive.

  • Chas X
    Chas X 5 hours ago

    Rian Johnson used shyte from the Farce Awakens, JarJar was just Rehash hack

  • Sambo Rambo
    Sambo Rambo 5 hours ago

    *This was funnier than every Adam Sandler movie*

  • Chas X
    Chas X 5 hours ago

    Rian Johnson: Do you miss me yet?