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Pool Party With BLINGER!
Views 835K2 months ago
I'll BUY Whatever You SPIN!
Views 311K2 months ago
Types Of People!!!
Views 298K3 months ago
Views 303K5 months ago
3 Marker Outfit Challenge!!!
Views 852K6 months ago
Views 203K6 months ago
Views 1.1M7 months ago
Views 115K7 months ago
Pause Slime Challenge!!!
Views 1.2M8 months ago
Views 1.3M8 months ago
Leah's RAINBOCORNS Dream!!!
Views 1.4M8 months ago
3 Color Tie Dye Challenge!!!
Views 962K9 months ago
Views 1.1M9 months ago
LEAH'S New Bedroom TOUR!!!
Views 471K9 months ago


  • Jamill Hoskins
    Jamill Hoskins Year ago

    what state do you live in

  • Jamill Hoskins
    Jamill Hoskins Year ago

    Love your videos

  • Camealetia Williams

    I love watching you guys videos and I am a big fan

  • Marie Harrison
    Marie Harrison Year ago

    your videos rock:)

  • Madi Skeem
    Madi Skeem Year ago

    can i pleeeaase have a shoutout

  • sanjay sherma
    sanjay sherma Year ago

    ho r u

  • sanjay sherma
    sanjay sherma Year ago



    love u guys

  • Vincenta Parker
    Vincenta Parker Year ago

    Leah and Franchesca fun my name is Daizja and Taren

  • Aaliyah Casillas

    Also I subscribe to your channel.

  • Aaliyah Casillas

    Leah and Franchesca I LOVE your videos so much! I like your slime videos, I like your school shopping videos, I like your intergrams control your day video and also my cousin Emma loves you guys she is 4 years old and she's going to turn 5 years old next year in January 9 and am 9 years old am in 4th grade am going to 10 years old next year to in January 6. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • Hola!!! les jumeaux Dorian et Sibyl

    We love U. Please come to see us. 1 LIke+ 1 subs. GREAT

  • m
    m Year ago

    drees chall

  • Rutherfr Jucutan

    #magic box you can do bagpac tie dye challenge pls

  • Kassandra Santiago

    Can you open lol dolls

  • Jada Mcleod
    Jada Mcleod Year ago

    but franchesca only sometimes not to be rude but sometimes your are bossy to leah and tell her to add more bad stuff that she got on her giant cupcake and your never happy when leah wins and you laugh at her on the lunch box switch up challenges and you eat her good stuff without even asking and she never says you can only when she says you can no efense.

  • Jada Mcleod
    Jada Mcleod Year ago

    i love you guys leah your so cute and Franchesca your pretty love you guys and love your videos and franchesca are you 9 yrs old tell me pls thanks.

  • Jasmine Land
    Jasmine Land Year ago


  • jessica doherty
    jessica doherty Year ago

    i love your channel so much

  • Takahisa Kitagawa

    Francesca is bossy... not my type

  • Lacey Kokos
    Lacey Kokos Year ago

    done I subbed to your channel

  • Mia's life
    Mia's life Year ago

    HI Girls

  • Eryka Cripps
    Eryka Cripps Year ago

    Can you please do another video with your ginnie pigs.

  • favour mejame
    favour mejame Year ago

    i love you

    Samy FATNASSI Year ago


  • aayuka kachhawaha

    can you do a video with your mom

  • Reid McGinnis
    Reid McGinnis Year ago

    You guys are so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aayuka kachhawaha

    why not doing prank video on each other my request from India

  • Wolf Den Diamond

    your channel is great! I love watching your channel

  • Monica Fielder
    Monica Fielder Year ago

    Can you do a Gymnastics challenge please

  • M Monreal
    M Monreal Year ago

    love you

  • james chipman
    james chipman Year ago

    i love you magic box

  • Tiffany Welter
    Tiffany Welter Year ago

    Wow! Cool vids awesome fun inspireing

  • Π ingu
    Π ingu Year ago

    why does my sister watch this shit

  • Cecilia
    Cecilia Year ago

    you are the best girls,strong and lovely!

  • Jorge Belteton
    Jorge Belteton Year ago

    You guys make the best videos ever!!!

  • Lisa Stephenson
    Lisa Stephenson Year ago

    Hay girls u are awesome please make more yucky food competitions they awesome and more wheel spinning ones


    were do they live

  • Monica Fielder
    Monica Fielder Year ago

    your videos r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!! thank you for all your hard work!!

  • MakeAndBakeKids
    MakeAndBakeKids Year ago

    can you do a q and a if you do i have a question: what editin app do you use and what thumbnail app do you use??? also love your channel!!!!

  • Elyse Griffin
    Elyse Griffin Year ago

    your the best youtuber

  • Jody Heger
    Jody Heger Year ago

    i love you

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams Year ago

    So sweet girls

  • Angela Weiss did you bend the

    i love you vibros

  • Ajay Miya
    Ajay Miya Year ago

    please try metallic slime vs clear slime

  • Ally Normand
    Ally Normand Year ago

    i love this channal

  • Rebecca Elad
    Rebecca Elad Year ago

    you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Rawlinson
    John Rawlinson Year ago


  • John Rawlinson
    John Rawlinson Year ago

    We love watching yalls vids😍

  • craig bracey
    craig bracey Year ago

    love you guys so much

  • Jazmin Lacey
    Jazmin Lacey Year ago

    your so cool well hope you have agood summer when school out$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Mia Frankland
    Mia Frankland Year ago


  • Hima Bindu
    Hima Bindu Year ago

    i love you

  • Eduardo Castillo

    hi i your videos

  • Liam .F McElroy
    Liam .F McElroy Year ago


  • Maggie Brown
    Maggie Brown Year ago

    Your the best I SUBSCRIBED

  • Jazmin Lacey
    Jazmin Lacey Year ago

    um my name is jazmin and i love your videos it's just so cute your like twins and also can you plz put this in the video and also you sould do chocolate vs real well have yourself a good springbreak bye

  • Roshambo Sisters

    I LOVE MAGIC BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lemon Licorice
    Lemon Licorice Year ago

    i subscribed i love your chanel

  • Molly Welby
    Molly Welby Year ago

    that works out

  • Molly Welby
    Molly Welby Year ago

    molly welby

  • Sara Tita
    Sara Tita Year ago

    how old are u franshesca i hope i spelled it right

  • Skylee Horn
    Skylee Horn Year ago

    I didn’t subscribe

  • Skylee Horn
    Skylee Horn Year ago

    Am I the only one???

  • Skylee Horn
    Skylee Horn Year ago

    I don’t really like the intro of your videos but your okay I guess your ballon video I like.

  • Maddie Gladden
    Maddie Gladden Year ago

    I subscribed on like 20 accounts πŸ˜‚

  • Zoey Howland
    Zoey Howland Year ago

    you girl are awsome

  • Alivia VanTuinen

    Awsome channel i subed and you should too

  • dierra edmonds
    dierra edmonds Year ago

    l wish i was you Leah and francesca

  • Jennifer Pendleton

    My daughter and I love watching you girls! So much fun!

  • Bruce Pauly
    Bruce Pauly Year ago

    I have the same heir band as you

  • Mecca Elmouhib
    Mecca Elmouhib Year ago

    love videos it so fun

  • slime world
    slime world Year ago

    I subscribed I love your channel and I love you to

  • Mali's World
    Mali's World Year ago

    You are so amazing you can do orbeey videos toy ravoos and evrey thig ells by.

  • chloe sewell
    chloe sewell Year ago



    I have subscribed to you guys

  • Gaming with Kylie Fortnite

    What is your number I want to talk and get to know you better please let me know when you can get the time to tell me thanks love you guys bye