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A Galaxy of Play
Views 66K11 days ago
A Galaxy of Play
Views 65K11 days ago
A Galaxy of Play
Views 64K11 days ago
frosty and festive
Views 25KMonth ago
Unlock Hydration
Views 3.4KMonth ago
gifts for days
Views 29KMonth ago
give her magic
Views 4.6KMonth ago
snow day glow day
Views 4.5KMonth ago
treats for santa
Views 1.9KMonth ago
stock the stockings
Views 3.6KMonth ago
Target Demo Day
Views 3.2K2 months ago
Introducing Target Circle
Views 80K2 months ago
Introducing Target Circle
Views 23M2 months ago
Vamos a deslumbrar
Views 3K2 months ago
hydration on lock
Views 1.3K2 months ago
double duty beauty
Views 9632 months ago


  • booty_ hunter420
    booty_ hunter420 8 hours ago

    This is my favorite video on the whole site

  • Fernando Dantas
    Fernando Dantas 9 hours ago


  • dbleo
    dbleo 11 hours ago

    I fucking hate that song

  • Jet Francis
    Jet Francis 11 hours ago


  • Xander Rodgers
    Xander Rodgers 15 hours ago

    You need to go back to opening these kinds of stores to replace you know who.

  • Cat Tooth
    Cat Tooth 17 hours ago

    I loved bullseye ever since I knew about your store

  • Slick Dick
    Slick Dick 17 hours ago

    Target: "We're thinking of you" Target doesn't think of me not to mention there's no longer any clothes of my style that I'm looking for and the majority of the clothes at Target are cucky and WAY expensive especially there's not much clothing selections there. It's disappointing to me

  • jwise15
    jwise15 23 hours ago

    @0:10 The lightsaber Rey throws to chop the trees looks green!

  • Lorenzo Magana

    yeah nice ad

  • Lorenzo Magana


  • Xxlexiqueen rosie


  • kate quieres
    kate quieres Day ago


  • Juan Brooks
    Juan Brooks Day ago


  • YukiTombo
    YukiTombo 2 days ago

    This is the collab I never knew I needed

  • Matthew Soares
    Matthew Soares 2 days ago

    0:10 The Grinch is getting a cookie.

  • Ryvan Lorenz
    Ryvan Lorenz 2 days ago

    What is the song in this?

  • cod
    cod 2 days ago


  • Cobeoe
    Cobeoe 2 days ago

    Approved by all star wars fans anybody feel like calling Bull on this

  • Zesty Zoom
    Zesty Zoom 3 days ago

    *Well this comment section feels lonely* 😔

  • Filthy_Weeaboo
    Filthy_Weeaboo 3 days ago

    This is amazing **tears roles down face**

  • Video game Dude
    Video game Dude 3 days ago

    Im sad that the rise of Skywalker is the last movie in the Trilogy 😭 well they have to end it one day

  • The Christian Show 80

    Walmart is better

  • Kaleb Chavez
    Kaleb Chavez 3 days ago


  • SirPixx
    SirPixx 3 days ago


  • Average vr Player
    Average vr Player 3 days ago

    No one buys the toys

  • Gopen Ssj
    Gopen Ssj 3 days ago

    Jennifer Field is best girl. BEST GIRL 2019-2020

  • K Figgy
    K Figgy 3 days ago


  • Rocio Santana
    Rocio Santana 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago


  • The toad theorist
    The toad theorist 3 days ago



  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 4 days ago


  • msmx music
    msmx music 4 days ago

    7k views yet barely any comments. hmm i wonder why 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • msmx music
      msmx music 2 days ago

      Messa Legofreedom i bet it was the fact that this ad has been appearin as an ad like before, after, or durin a video more than a standalone vid, if that makes sense

    • Messa Legofreedom
      Messa Legofreedom 3 days ago

      msmx music view bots?

  • Blazeisafire
    Blazeisafire 4 days ago

    Hope you guys don't drop the live action dullseye. im like his biggest fan😂😂😂

  • michael luminga
    michael luminga 4 days ago

    I thought usher was singing this song

  • Mike Higgins
    Mike Higgins 4 days ago

    Support AMERICAN business! Sorry target you don't get my hard earned MONEY......

  • Zing Ku
    Zing Ku 4 days ago

    B he siI a

  • Mobile.ZachBoiYT FNM


  • Wobbly Yapper
    Wobbly Yapper 4 days ago

    A Galaxy of pay

  • ishaan joseph
    ishaan joseph 4 days ago

    whoa never been this early to an ad

  • Edster III
    Edster III 5 days ago

    Don't bother. Wait until May or June. All Star Wars crap is being shipped to Ollie's and other "Dollar Store" discount places. Why pay $20 when in 6 months you can pay $5-8?


    Lame prequels/OG trilogy will remain supreme

    • Edster III
      Edster III 5 days ago

      But yes the Original three...Ep.IV, V, VI are the best.

    • Edster III
      Edster III 5 days ago

      The Prequels are far better than any of the GARBAGE Disney is doing. What's even more hilarious is the Prequel toys SELL, while Rey, Finn, and Kylo shelf warm EVERY STORE they are in.

  • Exotic
    Exotic 5 days ago

  • Bena Lowe
    Bena Lowe 5 days ago

    When i saw the title i was like "Is this for Samsung or Star Wars"

  • Meli Trejo
    Meli Trejo 5 days ago


  • The IRON TIGER Playz

    Ok then

  • Cyril Moore
    Cyril Moore 5 days ago


  • Isaiah Sanchez Games

    “May the toys be with you”

    • XYL
      XYL Day ago

      Isaiah Sanchez Games “Always”

  • Cupcakes 19022
    Cupcakes 19022 5 days ago


  • Jose Coeto
    Jose Coeto 5 days ago

    0.13 I wish I had that many stuff animals

  • Olivia J
    Olivia J 5 days ago

    deadass thought that was Robert Downy Jr. in the thumbnail

  • SURA
    SURA 6 days ago

    Title should be 11 minutes and 43 seconds of Angela being hip and Emma reminding her of her age at Target 😂 love them

  • SURA
    SURA 6 days ago

    All I learned from this is that Emma should not dress men. Still enjoyed it! 😂

  • DanceMusic4Life
    DanceMusic4Life 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who hears 🎶Giorgio moroder- Chase??

    • Tim Schulz
      Tim Schulz 4 days ago

      It's I feel love by Donna Summer (here it's the cover version by Sam Smith) (written by Giorgio).

  • CelluloidDreams
    CelluloidDreams 6 days ago

    I have those overalls and I literally wear them 5 days a week I’m obsessed.

  • Rebekah Kallas
    Rebekah Kallas 7 days ago

    Omg Emma you look so beautiful all though this video and just everyday

  • syafira
    syafira 7 days ago

    omg emma noticed jakarta

  • ok buddy
    ok buddy 8 days ago

    no one : emma: yeeeEessss

  • Marvin Anwar
    Marvin Anwar 8 days ago

    I come here from Sam Smith, the other way around to be honest...

    • ElLinkMX
      ElLinkMX 5 days ago

      @Edward Drager LOL me too <3

    • Edward Drager
      Edward Drager 6 days ago

      Marvin Anwar yeah saw it in one of the comments in his song

  • Tess Dakin
    Tess Dakin 8 days ago

    I love how he matches the fleece blanket 😂😂

  • James Eisenhauer
    James Eisenhauer 8 days ago


  • GingaN1nja_
    GingaN1nja_ 9 days ago

    As a Target worker who hears this song about 4 times a shift, clicking this video triggered multiple convulsing spasms, and a fiery desire to expel vomit. No stars, would not recommend

  • Matthew
    Matthew 9 days ago

    I know what you’re all thinking and the answer is: Bots

  • jakanz
    jakanz 9 days ago

    I looked "Cowboy Bebop - Tank!" for this...

  • Sun Rae
    Sun Rae 9 days ago

    Ashley's eyes are bugging me out

  • Justin
    Justin 9 days ago

    2:23 🥽 😎

  • Fernando Lomas
    Fernando Lomas 9 days ago

    Look at his hair. It's on fire. Oh no the fire alarm is going off now. Bye bye.

  • dylan duncan
    dylan duncan 9 days ago

    I love how fake they are the whole time ❤️ love hem both btw

  • Jeremy Fell
    Jeremy Fell 9 days ago

    Came here for Big Bang Theory clips, got sucked in to Target ads.... Btw, what da hell is that lil guy with a wheel for a body??!?

  • Conrad Roberts
    Conrad Roberts 9 days ago

    Thanks for the anxiety inducing music target.

  • A.I. Privilege
    A.I. Privilege 9 days ago

    I love me some Target, but trending page?

  • axnthazel_Pàx RBLX

    *inhails* ahh it smells like overpriced items

  • Kany
    Kany 9 days ago

    Target paying youtube to get on the trending page

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee 9 days ago

    Please tell me that you all realize that this song is original to the GREAT Donna Summers?! #icon

  • Captain Chlamidia
    Captain Chlamidia 9 days ago

    Oh man I cant wait for these deals.

  • Mo K
    Mo K 9 days ago

    How do you get 17 million views and only 10k likes and 600 comments. Seems like a bunch of bots to me😂

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 9 days ago

    Hello, Humans. "It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." -Niccolo Machiavelli TERRANCE OUT

  • Tyler Rathbun
    Tyler Rathbun 9 days ago

    Why is this on trending?

  • Bay Area sports fan

    Trending with only 600 comments?

  • ItsM3Mariska
    ItsM3Mariska 9 days ago

    Wow great job

  • Brian Roman
    Brian Roman 9 days ago

    I lowkey love this add

  • Lucas Martin
    Lucas Martin 10 days ago

    Why is this on trending?

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    💓 unbelievable 💓

  • 100k subs without any videos

    No one: Literally no one: TVclip: lets get this trending

  • Hafiz
    Hafiz 10 days ago


  • Hafiz
    Hafiz 10 days ago


  • Hafiz
    Hafiz 10 days ago


  • Hafiz
    Hafiz 10 days ago


  • mohammed abdo TelOo
    mohammed abdo TelOo 10 days ago

    The question is how this video reach 17 M and why still treding ?!!!

  • Caleb H
    Caleb H 10 days ago

    It’s Tuesday, why is this still trending

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 10 days ago

    Targets still exist?

  • Surgeon Of Death
    Surgeon Of Death 10 days ago

    How much target paid for this to get so many views?

  • PandaVault
    PandaVault 10 days ago

    No one cares

  • Raistlin Majere
    Raistlin Majere 10 days ago

    trending tab= Paid promotions tab