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  • Sergio Filho
    Sergio Filho 48 minutes ago

    Listen to Uaral - Lamentos

  • Darren Morgan
    Darren Morgan 54 minutes ago

    React to the grudge. Maynard's voice has the power to reverse time itself. Maynard's voice is an instrument.

  • warfare73
    warfare73 3 hours ago

    I liked when you started counting... at 5...

  • hope dies
    hope dies 3 hours ago

    Tool are a bit of an anomaly in metal. They're kind of like the Pink Floyd of metal.

  • last sv.
    last sv. 4 hours ago

    Megadeth _ family tree _ the best song of Megadeth 👏👿

  • Jesse A
    Jesse A 5 hours ago

    Ænema! DEW IT

  • Brandon Trau
    Brandon Trau 5 hours ago

    If you like MegaDeth, react to Hook In Mouth

  • Filipe de Souza Imbiriba "i want more" hahahaha

  • Filipe de Souza Imbiriba

    react Bethoveens nightmare for Dragonland band, is a very beauti song of power metal!

  • ErizotDread
    ErizotDread 6 hours ago

    I love how much you ladies get into the music, rather than just focusing on lyrics! It's great! I think you'd love from Megadeth pretty much anything off of Rust in Peace, and also off of Countdown to Extinction, I would like to suggest either High Speed Dirt, or Ashes in Your Mouth. Keep up the great reactions!

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A Hour ago

      Hey! Thanks for the support and for the recommendation!! 😎

  • panther moon
    panther moon 7 hours ago

    Megadeth - blackmail the universe. It would make you need even more.

  • Blackie Nuff
    Blackie Nuff 8 hours ago

    I had a (drunk) friend tell a story once, and at one point, she said, "...and I woke up sleeping, right..?" People talk funny.

  • ricardo castro rivera

    reaction the conjuring 1986 megadeth.

  • Israel2005
    Israel2005 8 hours ago

    Bad Omen from Peace Sells

  • peterz90
    peterz90 9 hours ago

    Megadeth -Angry again

  • Ram 75
    Ram 75 10 hours ago

    The most beautiful headbangers on TVclip

  • Adam Lissner
    Adam Lissner 10 hours ago

    do you call yourself "two sisters" because the one with the red hair ate your other sister?

  • Andy Werner
    Andy Werner 10 hours ago

    I sometimes wonder why this song wasn't on the San Francisco symphony orchestra thing,?? Would it of sounded good??? Sorry just always wondered

  • Andy Werner
    Andy Werner 10 hours ago

    When someone or some people told you to listen to this song they forgot to tell you no words to this song just music cool uhh

  • Jonathan Webb
    Jonathan Webb 11 hours ago

    What a rockin' song and great soloing too!! Awesome musicianship. Love it!!

  • IcedVengence
    IcedVengence 11 hours ago

    Razor - Sucker for punishment(Canada thrash) Megadeth - Peace Sells, who's buying Kreator - People of the lie Kreator - Violent revolution Sodom - napalm in the morning Crowbar - Planets Collide Type O Negative - everything dies

  • Ct Es
    Ct Es 11 hours ago

    👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘I woke up dead.

  • pkj77
    pkj77 11 hours ago

    Love that song again another great reaction by two gorgeous sisters....oh try listen to Megadeths song 502 its awesome in my opinion

  • Kenny's music and gaming videos

    Bella wants to react too! Mine is the same way always wants attention and they might be small but they are great guard dogs! lol.

  • Kenny's music and gaming videos

    My two favorite gals listening to my favorite band. Great reaction, glad you liked it. Check out "Angry Again," "99 ways to die," and "Ashes in your mouth!" that's just a few of my favorites. Merry Christmas guys!

  • Shaun Smith
    Shaun Smith 13 hours ago

    Hi Dee and A, I have a cool suggestion for you, a song that says a lot about what people are generally like. The song is called Final Fortune by Helloween. Trust me, it is brilliant.

  • Anna Bulgariu
    Anna Bulgariu 13 hours ago

    Girls... listen to me. YOULL LOVE THIS. Tool-Right in Two. Its a good way to get into Tool. And pay attention to the lyrics for that one. Youll love it.. its deep, its melodic, lyrics are insane.. its masterful.

  • morthnadic1
    morthnadic1 13 hours ago


  • Anna Bulgariu
    Anna Bulgariu 13 hours ago

    Megadeth Rust in Peace whole album!!!!! Best Thrash Metal Speed Metal album.

  • furnjohn
    furnjohn 13 hours ago

    Crowbar! Please try them out.

  • Anthony Loop
    Anthony Loop 13 hours ago

    If you like great technical guitar work, you GOTTA do “Silent Night, Bodom Night” by Children of Bodom! Fuckin beautifullll death metal from Finland you won’t be disappointed!

  • The invisible Dude
    The invisible Dude 14 hours ago

    Old thrash metal 🤤🤤🤤🤤!!! Some megadeth! Is a must!

  • S. Davis
    S. Davis 14 hours ago

    React to Wintersun- Land Of Snow And Sorrow (live rehearsal @ sonic pump studio.)

  • Red Miner
    Red Miner 14 hours ago

    The other woman.... Diana!! Great song to do a reaction to. This song rocks!! This whole album is so good you need to do more tunes off of it. “The Conjuring” Devils Island Good morning/Black Friday

  • Erick Rivera
    Erick Rivera 15 hours ago

    React to Power Metal by pantera :( its entirely different from what You have heard off

  • James Stephens
    James Stephens 15 hours ago

    Excellent choice! 99 Ways to Die-Megadeth Seven Seals-Testament The outlaw torn-Metallica Spit-Kittie

  • Black Shock Light LED
    Black Shock Light LED 15 hours ago

    Megadeth - The Killing Road

  • Evyatar Hadar
    Evyatar Hadar 16 hours ago

    The Conjuring next!

  • Steve Zeppieri
    Steve Zeppieri 16 hours ago

    Megadeth “Angry Again” 🙏🏼

  • albert reyes
    albert reyes 16 hours ago

    Trivium - Becoming the Dragon

  • Abelm2
    Abelm2 16 hours ago

    react to five magics or trush ... Megadeth please

  • Jonathan M.
    Jonathan M. 16 hours ago

    Im awake, now ladies, did you forget about Gojira? 🥺

  • Mike
    Mike 16 hours ago

    Tool.. "AEMIMA",.. TOOL.. "STINKFIST".. LOL.. TOOL .. "BOTTOM"... "UNDERTOW".. TOOL "THE POT".. 😊🤘👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Timothy Regan
    Timothy Regan 16 hours ago

    React to EVERYTHING on Peace Sells.. You Ladies will Not be disappointed

  • Mike
    Mike 16 hours ago

    Normally I can't stand when only the major commercial hits always get requested. Or played.. it's so cheesey, but.. but this is tool n there's absolutely nothing cheesey about tools major hits bcz to me all tool does is make hits.. major ones at that. Tool, aperfect circle, and pussifer are my all time favorite artists. So thanks for doing this 1. Please more of this, Judith by aperfect circle please! Hey.. they have a female bass player in it n I know you'll really dig that.

  • Freshly Squeezed
    Freshly Squeezed 16 hours ago

    You should give tool - parabol/parabola a listen. More happier :)

  • HEAVYMETALmovie1981
    HEAVYMETALmovie1981 16 hours ago

    *MORE* Megadeth please! 😎

  • EagleAl3
    EagleAl3 16 hours ago

    This is on my workout playlist.

    Blu-HAWT FUZZ 16 hours ago

    Carcass "Heartwork"

  • Stormtrooper45
    Stormtrooper45 16 hours ago

    Megadeth- the conjuring!!!!

  • ryan kampner
    ryan kampner 17 hours ago

    first song on the peace sells album. just a tease for “the conjuring” where they melt your fucking face. my fav megadeth album 100%. rip nick menza too (drummer for megadeth in the 90s), he wasnt a part of this album but he was a monster on the albums that he was!

  • poison paisa 408
    poison paisa 408 17 hours ago

    Megadeth Trust

  • J3RK
    J3RK 17 hours ago

    Not sure who's Dee and S but im in love with sister on the right

    • Ken Hall
      Ken Hall Hour ago

      My future wife

    • furnjohn
      furnjohn 13 hours ago

      Definitely she's beautiful👍

  • Robert Morgan
    Robert Morgan 17 hours ago

    The song is about Heaven and Hell, choosing your eternity, accountability, the consequence of one's actions... "You should have known the price of Evil, and it hurts to know that you belong here" (Hell)... eternal torment and separation from God... choose wisely

  • Damian Mangone
    Damian Mangone 17 hours ago

    Reckoning day - Megadeth

  • Louis Music
    Louis Music 17 hours ago

    Great choice, ladies! Megadeth's my fave!

  • Oscar Torres
    Oscar Torres 17 hours ago

    For reals, no BS ladies, check out SheWolf off of cryptic writings album.

  • Patrick Rasmussen
    Patrick Rasmussen 18 hours ago

    Is your pup a Min-Pin? That's what my Mazzy is except she has a blue coat.

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A Hour ago

      Yes she is!!! :) They are so adorable right?!

  • Moscow Mullett
    Moscow Mullett 18 hours ago

    Good Mourning Black Friday would be a really cool song to react to. Great work!

  • Ken Hall
    Ken Hall 18 hours ago

    Love you brunette girl Please, Volbeat: pelvis on fire, you'll love it !!

  • Matt Boselli
    Matt Boselli 18 hours ago

    Welcome to the family ladies you're definitely going to love the journey

  • niallith
    niallith 18 hours ago

    rust in peace : polaris

  • Kurt Cobain
    Kurt Cobain 18 hours ago

    React to Deftones- Sextape

  • Leonard Billy
    Leonard Billy 18 hours ago

    Check out the video of this tune, turn it up to 11.

  • William Hartman
    William Hartman 19 hours ago

    Ladies..."KINGMAKER"...Megadeth...thank you goodnight

  • George Solorzano
    George Solorzano 19 hours ago

    React to Trust by Megadeth

  • Jake Cameron
    Jake Cameron 19 hours ago

    A Perfect Circle. Don’t deprive yourself.

  • FunwithDee&A
    FunwithDee&A 19 hours ago

    This song was so upbeat! We seriously expected it to be longer and wanted more!! Lol thanks for the recommandation!! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions down below! Don't forget to follow us on our social media and check our description box!! Enjoy!! <3 :)

  • eduardo0796
    eduardo0796 19 hours ago

    DO MORE PANTERA! I Will Cast a Shadow Yesterday Dont Mean Shit Psycho Holiday Drag the Waters Becoming or if you want to do the real heavy stuff: Suicide Note Part I and II (it has to be together) Slaughtered Strength Beyond Strength

  • Jonas Ferreira
    Jonas Ferreira 19 hours ago

    Megadeth is amazing too....You should react ''The Day That Never Comes - Metallica"

  • markosadkiel
    markosadkiel 19 hours ago

    Hola, muy buena reaccion!!! Ya que les gusto tool estaria bien que reaccionaran a su otra banda que se llama a perfect circle la cancion es judith y de tool la de wings for marie y 10000 days las 3 son la historia de la mama del vocalista que estuvo 27 años (10000 dias) paralizada creo que les gustara mucho y si pueden reaccionar al video con la letra mucho mejor, saludoss!!!!

  • markosadkiel
    markosadkiel 19 hours ago

    Muy buena reaccion y ustedes hermosas como siempre!!!

  • Lisa_MiKi Casiano
    Lisa_MiKi Casiano 19 hours ago

    React to Tornado of Souls!

  • Dark Day
    Dark Day 20 hours ago

    Que buen video :) les recomiendo 'Hangar 18' para reaccionar!

  • Necrolust
    Necrolust 20 hours ago

    Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour...please react to the lyric version!

  • Giordano Gomes Tavares

    esse album é realmentw incrível gente. Vocês curtem Angra? temple of shadows seria um bom começo. beijos aodoro vocês!

  • Dingus Bro
    Dingus Bro 20 hours ago

    When is Megadeth- She Wolf Rude awakening live coming out? Please bro

  • Franck P
    Franck P 20 hours ago

    Great reaction! Vous devriez regarder Sons of winter and stars by Wintersun (ils ont une version live dans un studio ou le son est parfait)! Cest epic et magnifique!

  • Robert laprime
    Robert laprime 20 hours ago

    Great reaction. React to annihilator Alison hell and you will not regret it.

  • Larry Davis
    Larry Davis 20 hours ago

    Ahhhh that was refreshing ! I love those classic metal Megadeth songs !! The energy is crazy ...and yes we want more :D ...a good one to react to is peace sells but who's buying by Megadeth ...I think it's on the same album ...and thank you both for your reaction .it's always nice to spend time with you both ;)

  • Jason VanWinkle
    Jason VanWinkle 20 hours ago

    Next song recommendations Metallica "All Nightmare Long" Iron Maiden "Children Of The Damned" Bullet For My Valentine "The Poison" Slayer "Dead Skin Mask" Trivium "Falling To Grey" Heathen "Hypnotized" Havok "The Cleric" Ozzy Osbourne "Diary Of A Madman" Your reactions were as good as always! Megadeth have a lot of great songs to hear and you'll enjoy it! "Hangar 18" off 'Rust In Peace' is another great you gotta hear to appreciate the musicianship between the band members. That album is great in all ways! 'Countdown To Extinction' has some more awesome songs like "This Was My Life" and "Psychotron"

  • Júlio Pinto
    Júlio Pinto 20 hours ago

    Hello from Portugal. React King Diamond Voodoo. 😉

  • Lucas G_G
    Lucas G_G 21 hour ago

    Please do Megadeth-Good Mourning/Black Friday or The Conjuring from the same album "Peace Sells..But Who's buying" but with the lyrics. Both songs are gold.

  • Jefferson de oliveira

    Megadeth is Amazing, Great Song!!! Mustaine The Best 🎸♥️ Love Your Reactions ♥️

  • VinceFreerun Paul
    VinceFreerun Paul 21 hour ago

    React to either The Conjuring or Peace Sells by Megadeth please they are both from the same album so you'd love them! Great reaction!

  • Gerardo Lillo
    Gerardo Lillo 21 hour ago

    Megadeth its amazing! pleas do Tool! you can go with "Right in two" or "Pneuma" MERCI!!!! :D

  • Gforceracing20
    Gforceracing20 21 hour ago

    'Devil's Island' and 'Peace Sells' from this album are my personal favs. My dogs do the exact same thing. Bella wants more too...belly rubs, that is.

  • TJCombo67
    TJCombo67 21 hour ago

    Same album/cd has Devil’s Island which is a full on banger and the ICONIC Peace Sells- so good that MTV lifted the opening bass line as the intro for MTV News.

  • michael poole
    michael poole 21 hour ago

    now listen to hapalm death suffer the children or cannibal corpse hammer smashed face

  • Lujan Timothy
    Lujan Timothy 21 hour ago

    React to the whole album

    • Lujan Timothy
      Lujan Timothy 20 hours ago


    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A 21 hour ago

      We'd be down!!!! We might throw that question out on our social media ! See who else wants a full album reaction!!!

  • Bob Fwoter
    Bob Fwoter 21 hour ago

    Love the Megadeth reactions! I love seeing your faces when certain parts come up.

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A 21 hour ago

      Thanks! We really enjoy discovering their music as well!!! Cheers🤘

  • Alejandro I. García J.

    Check out Mastodon! Either Oblivion or Sultan's Curse would be great.

  • THC
    THC 21 hour ago

    0:35 we all remember the scary movie 3 scene

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A 21 hour ago

      Yes!!! OMG. THATS WHERE WE GOT IT FROM 😂 could not remember for the life of me!!

  • Denis Melatto
    Denis Melatto 21 hour ago

    My recommendation is "Into The Lungs Of Hell/Set The World On Fire" !!!

  • Freeman2728
    Freeman2728 21 hour ago

    Hangar 18 or tornado of souls plsss

  • Steven Braykovich
    Steven Braykovich 21 hour ago

    You should check out the river dragon or sentient 6 by the band Nevermore they're the best band ever.

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A 21 hour ago

      Awesome we will definitely add it to our list :)

  • John Valjohn
    John Valjohn 21 hour ago

    You want more ? Just keep going on with that album. Next track "The Conjuring" should perfectly do the trick.

    • John Valjohn
      John Valjohn 20 hours ago

      @FunwithDee&A Yes, the whooole album is definitely worth hearing ;)

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A 21 hour ago


  • Richard King
    Richard King 21 hour ago

    Once again a killer track from Megadeth! 🤘🤘

  • Richard King
    Richard King 21 hour ago

    The dog needs face time on the channel.

  • Shawn Horror
    Shawn Horror 21 hour ago

    Should react to Hed Pe, they infuse metal/punk & hip hop into their music. Songs I suggest are Suffa, Ground, Renegade, Ken 2012, Killing Time or Blackout. Thx & keep the great reactions coming 👊 🤘

    • FunwithDee&A
      FunwithDee&A 21 hour ago

      Awesome! Thanks for the suggestion :)