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Who was Queen Victoria?
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We Love Animal Ark
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  • Narayan Bholwankar
    Narayan Bholwankar 2 days ago

    good book !!

  • Jaana Nuorteva
    Jaana Nuorteva 9 days ago

    I love them!

  • Lotty E
    Lotty E 12 days ago

    wtf is this comment section

  • madamewho
    madamewho 15 days ago

    Where's bobbys wife??

    • Goy
      Goy 12 days ago

      It's the mum's book, her son is only there because he speaks better English and because he is a very talkative

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    The audio book is the best!!!

  • Regiane Garcia
    Regiane Garcia Month ago

    The book is amazing. I believe that is very important that the new generation can read the histories of the survives because we can´t allow thats happening again

  • Roger Sargent sky

    One of life's good people

  • moses cordovero
    moses cordovero Month ago

    how sad that nobody has made comments on here. i never heard of her before, but now i want to read her books. she is so very articulate, and of course her story is most compelling

  • ithishaam yaameen

    Why is the cute always hard to get

  • Alex is out
    Alex is out Month ago

    It's amazing that Bob sat there so calmly with all the flashes. I hope I find a cat like him

  • Valiant Thor
    Valiant Thor 2 months ago

    She’s well fit

  • GODofGrace1
    GODofGrace1 2 months ago

    Catherine reminds me of Edith...

  • Zahira H.i
    Zahira H.i 2 months ago

    This novel is one of my favourite thriller novel

  • stacie johnson
    stacie johnson 2 months ago

    Movie comes in November great read!

  • dbsk06
    dbsk06 3 months ago

    A rare sight: Boris Johnson is speaking in a reasonably logical manner

  • tuti kanin
    tuti kanin 3 months ago


  • Stephanie James
    Stephanie James 4 months ago

    Christopher Ward is making false claims that can easily be disputed by looking at the primary sources. He’s selling lies.

  • Wendy Bendy
    Wendy Bendy 4 months ago

    I loved Jigsaw on BBC iplayer

  • Denniss7420
    Denniss7420 4 months ago

    LIES and Busted. Dr. Varady's website eoddiet / testimonials has stolen images from a Vegan (Andrew Spudfit Taylor) on the Potato Diet and is claiming to be some Fake guy named "Paul Hussein". Total Lies.

    • Sean Lavallee
      Sean Lavallee Month ago

      As Dr. Varady has stated on her facebook page, she doesn't own the eoddiet.com domain, and someone has been running it without her consent or input.

  • Jory
    Jory 4 months ago

    Read it. She writes like Stephanie Meyers but if Stephanie was a leabian who wanted to shoehorn every queer trope she can in her novel. Imo Chambers does not write science fiction. She writes queer fantasy.

  • Leah Bell
    Leah Bell 4 months ago

    I got the book all of them ❤️❤️❤️Bob

  • Tiger Tony
    Tiger Tony 4 months ago

    Have just finished reading his book - it was very sad that he lost most of his family but uplifting that he ultimately survived and lived a long and fruitful life. Sadly, he passed away recently . RIP Sam

  • All in one
    All in one 5 months ago

    Those who are here because you saw it on 9gag hit like

  • tim oakes
    tim oakes 5 months ago

    THANKS -TOMMY27 24323727

  • This Person
    This Person 5 months ago

    Where is the part where Manda Scott speaks (before the questions in the following video)?

  • Bruce Butterworth
    Bruce Butterworth 6 months ago

    Gavin: Very mpressive. You may recall I was at St. Johns in 70-71; checked your linked-in account for a report released that will be of interest to BBC. Sorry, but as I don't do twitter this was the only other way I could reach you from the States. Cheers Bruce Butterworth

  • Christen Grooms
    Christen Grooms 6 months ago

    He talks like how he writes. Every little tiny detail.

  • DeltaCharlie2
    DeltaCharlie2 6 months ago

    Great book!

  • Lynn Marie Bridges
    Lynn Marie Bridges 6 months ago

    And now it’s a glorious trilogy!!!!!

  • Life 420
    Life 420 6 months ago

    She hot

  • Lianne Hogg
    Lianne Hogg 7 months ago

    The countess is not a groupie she loves history

  • Diane Webb
    Diane Webb 7 months ago

    Agree that breast cancer seems to get the lions share of attention and publicity more than other cancers.

  • Howard Eastman
    Howard Eastman 7 months ago

    I wish I had half of Lynda's mental strength. What a privileged to be able to watch you. Thank you and Fly high x

  • Joe Dayer
    Joe Dayer 7 months ago

    My dream girlfriend

  • Janice McEachran
    Janice McEachran 7 months ago

    Ordered his book on this while watching videos and never received it. He goes so fast on video that I ordered book, very disappointed.

  • Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting

    Hi, we are having our first Facebook Live on Siblings rivalry on Wednesday 6th February at @ GMT. Here is the link @t if you want to join or/and share amongst your followers. Thanks. the CEHP team.

  • Shaafil Ahmedlove
    Shaafil Ahmedlove 7 months ago

    I like her book the rest of me absolutely

  • Hardy Ford
    Hardy Ford 7 months ago

    Kevin Fong has just appeared in the Horizon episode on BBC "We need to talk about death". I can't comment on this book but his treatment of living and dying with doctors and patients was required viewing. What comes across is how acknowledging our inevitable deaths can lead to improving the life left to us. Thanks to all the contributors to that programme.

  • عبدالرحمن حسن


  • Neil Miller
    Neil Miller 8 months ago

    PC COP drinks orange in case he gets stopped for drinking eh I know plenty of coppers they don't do this

  • Ghost Reader
    Ghost Reader 8 months ago

    Why can't she be gaaaaaay Even a little 💔

  • Anpeo
    Anpeo 8 months ago

    Star voyagers Spread the word, gather the crew Check the engines and fuel too We're leaving in five minutes, not less We're leaving this planet, escaping this mess Where to, captain?, the crewman asks me Where the mission will send us, how hard can it be? We're travelling far, cruising the space With joy in our heart, smile on the face But what do you do? , one might ask What is your mission? , what is your task? Explaining this clearly won't be that easy Not now Jenks, please, in fact I'm quite busy The universe is undoubtedly a really big place We're making it smaller, we're leaving no trace So when you have a long journey to do We'll make you a shortcut, we're drilling there through The job is still dangerous, not going to lie Some people don't like us, the risk is quite high We lost a friend recently though she didn't get killed She can't be with us, the void can't be filled We don't give up, we're still going strong We're up for the mission, no matter how long You need a passage, a safe way back We got you covered, we'll set you on track Long story short, our job is a big deal What is it, Jenks, are you for real? Yes, it's me captain, please don't be so cruel I'm here to inform you, we're quite out of fuel

  • Lloyd Craft
    Lloyd Craft 8 months ago

    How did they know he was in a wheelchair?And you can't see and hear to well at a concert ,its usually dark and loud

  • Namixzau
    Namixzau 8 months ago


  • Phil Wyles
    Phil Wyles 9 months ago

    It's an awesome book. I just finished A Closed and Common Orbit and was blown away by it. No spoilers here... you have to read it.

  • duffy666
    duffy666 9 months ago

    The salad at 0:20 does not look very appealing to me....

  • Moilly2
    Moilly2 9 months ago

    Read the second book first and then bought this one afterwards. Loved both of them. Why do I suspect there's a bit (or a lot) of Kizzy in you. :-)

    • mar 13
      mar 13 4 months ago

      Lol definitely.

  • Priyo Yoyo
    Priyo Yoyo 10 months ago

    I love you both..

  • Nuxyr
    Nuxyr 10 months ago

    30 seconds in and I'm convinced that I have to read her books

  • Big Papa
    Big Papa 10 months ago

    Everyone in this comment section is so THIRSY 💦

  • bettina hohler
    bettina hohler 11 months ago

    Now wonder your book is soooo remarkable, because that's just you.

  • Tigerman1138
    Tigerman1138 11 months ago

    I read the book and did it in record time for me and loved the movie. Excellent story and movie. Became a fan of the two of them in two pages. He is like Tama, the Super Station master, in 🇯🇵 Tama is no longer with us, but Bob is her 🇬🇧 cousin. Tama is mentioned in the book, alluded to as he doesn’t use her name/didn’t remember it.

  • Loaf Bloke
    Loaf Bloke Year ago


  • Jonny Boy 72
    Jonny Boy 72 Year ago

    There is a refreshing honesty about this book. I loved the characters that are so well-defined that I felt I really knew them. Inspired writing that comes together neatly at the end.

  • Jörg-Detlef Rockefeller

    Mr Mercedes is one of the greatest novels i have ever read

  • Linda Wescott
    Linda Wescott Year ago

    Half way through this book and loving it. Thanks

  • Rebecca Taylor
    Rebecca Taylor Year ago

    jsut discovered this series dont know how I missed it,its so good. thought provoking for sure and an interesting interpretation of the Savior

  • MrStreamyTV
    MrStreamyTV Year ago

    She’s fit

  • rph rph
    rph rph Year ago


  • Ketunloikka
    Ketunloikka Year ago

    Never stop doing Wayfarer related books. Never.

  • Carol Hann
    Carol Hann Year ago

    It's a beautiful book which really uplifts you especially if you're feeling low. I smiled the whole way through. Thank you James - and Bob!

  • John Izzy
    John Izzy Year ago

    Her accent what turns me on more than her

  • paweł prz
    paweł prz Year ago

    Very optimistic. WOW! feminine version of Douglas Adams.I must draw the comic book based on this book.

  • WackJhit
    WackJhit Year ago

    she is sexy

  • duncan m
    duncan m Year ago

    My sister said we could just like mr hall x

  • Adrian Pena
    Adrian Pena Year ago

    i love this book. picked it up for no reason and loved it.

  • Johanna Oznowicz aka Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

    I went on a Bob-a-Palooza book binge over the weekend and got just about all the books, as well as the movie. The one I am super looking forward to is Bob to the Rescue. I love the cover.

  • Gretta Lemabouchou

    Just finished her first book....what a lovely sunny wise lady..............much respect.

  • Monica Hall
    Monica Hall Year ago

    Alexandra's book - filled with such easy, workable recipes that you can add your own creative touches. The final results; absolutely, delicious meals.

  • Monica Hall
    Monica Hall Year ago

    Alexandra, Made this potato recipe - used all the ingredients you suggested and it was scrumptious. Thank you for your creative cooking. Love your cook books.

  • MadieThe TimberWolf- Random Vids Enjoy!

    i love this! she is my fave and i love her book i have it at home!

  • Robert Eddy
    Robert Eddy Year ago

    oh my goodness. i want this book now. i must. >_> hello barnes and noble??? yes. gimmi Docor Sleep. now!

  • Robert Eddy
    Robert Eddy Year ago


  • Batam Fanny
    Batam Fanny Year ago

    May god bless always

  • ecasasweb
    ecasasweb Year ago

    Great book. I wrote a song about it. tvclip.biz/video/eAl2sCrQ6pc/video.html

  • Elyana Lanes
    Elyana Lanes Year ago

    A man I would like to know. Hopefully on the friend side.

  • Paul Jermyn
    Paul Jermyn Year ago

    The only books I read over and over, my favorite author by far.

  • Alin Young
    Alin Young Year ago

  • Ally Mandrake
    Ally Mandrake Year ago

    I love this book

  • Anderson Pedro Santos da Silva

    I am from Macapá, Brasil. Your book is very cool, i loved all the characters Waiting for the sequence.

  • Mark Hodgson
    Mark Hodgson Year ago

    Lying on a beach somewhere with Miranda "moments of pleasure "

  • spiritblue9
    spiritblue9 Year ago

    Hope I can find the book in the USA.

  • LanarkMcKlaor
    LanarkMcKlaor Year ago

    Here is my review in spanish of this lovely novel 😀👨🏻‍🚀📚 tvclip.biz/video/A9A8xCj7Sew/video.html

  • Eddie Morgado
    Eddie Morgado Year ago

    ... and I got the book! Awesome.

  • Eddie Morgado
    Eddie Morgado Year ago

    Talking about international... Miranda, I’m a Portuguese fan of yours. I love you so much. You make me laugh until I get hiccups ( not great... the hiccups! But you are amazing)! Ciao x

  • Chicken Chaney
    Chicken Chaney Year ago

    amazing loved it , love bob an james x

  • Chicken Chaney
    Chicken Chaney Year ago

    amazing loved it , love bob an james x

  • Habib Ikram
    Habib Ikram Year ago

    ayy first comment, lit vid

  • Iona Moriarty
    Iona Moriarty Year ago

    I couldn't choose a favourite book for 15 years then I read this one. The Long Way is my undisputed favourite book of all time, and the only one that could rival it is the sequel.

    • Hodder Books
      Hodder Books Year ago

      That's what we love to hear! And the third book in the series, Record of a Spaceborn Few, arrives this July!

  • Ethan John
    Ethan John Year ago

    I'm am just about half way through and so far i really like it.

  • Mo B
    Mo B Year ago

    how has nobody made a film yet. best detective series ever

  • Zakiahanum mohd noh

    i just read a few pages from the book citing this event.. when I found out the baby & her mother killed by the accident, I was hating myself for letting me to read it. I wish SK should let the baby stay in the novel just like the baby in Under The Dome..

  • Daniel López
    Daniel López Year ago

    Jodi Picoult is just AMAZING!!! Her sense of empathy, neverending generosity and glorious storytelling makes her of my favorite authors.

  • Liz
    Liz Year ago

    A wonderful book. Love to Bob and James. So glad you have a more normal life now.

  • Jordi7174
    Jordi7174 Year ago

    He's my inspiration!

  • ?,?,
    ?,?, Year ago

    And this prince George she refers to was a home wrecker , and a sodomite . And he was a satanist head of British Freemasonry , so as u can see as long as u have money, looks, and status u don't need decency among Freemasons

  • ?,?,
    ?,?, Year ago

    The countess is a groupie of wealth , extravagance , status , and beauty , her Lady ship is very superficial

    • ?,?,
      ?,?, Year ago

      Princess Patriot u must be an American , if someone is a rock and roll groupie they are not going to walk around with a guitar it only means they like to be around musicians . So if someone is a wealth and status groupie they are not going to walk around in diamonds it means they want to be around rich and important ppl . Like she did when she married her husband and gained her new status

    • Princess Patriot
      Princess Patriot Year ago

      ?, ?, Why then doesn't she look like she is wealthy? Hair ,outfit, makeup ...plain .

  • priscilla prange

    Brenda Ashford is my hero!!

  • Simply Visual
    Simply Visual Year ago

    I just bought this book a couple days ago! :)

  • Alice Liddell
    Alice Liddell Year ago

    Is this Jennifer Hale's narration? It almost sounds like a higher-pitched version of her.