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Real Prison Breaks - S01 E10
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  • Critical Unity
    Critical Unity 3 hours ago

    Father bear

  • Drew G
    Drew G 3 hours ago

    Why would you hassle an old veteran that likes to do some gardening? Absolute bullshit.

  • Legend Of Gamer
    Legend Of Gamer 9 hours ago

    What a talented bunch of lads. Just needed abit of guidance. Great stuff.

  • Jimmy Johnson
    Jimmy Johnson 21 hour ago

    How long did he serve !??

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C Day ago

    Why does he low key sound like Jake Paul?

  • Brandon Mccomas
    Brandon Mccomas 2 days ago

    The owl is Luciferian all related to the Illuminati. People need to take this seriously wtf kind of species are we if we turn a blind eye and let these fools run this country and the world

  • Steph Mckenzie
    Steph Mckenzie 3 days ago

    Can I just say that the women who is helping Lee looks like her hair needs a clean 🤢😂

  • Damien Pol
    Damien Pol 4 days ago

    Bathurst is 33 degrees below the equator. This seems like some nasty occult stuff.

  • Schlumbucket Returns

    Britain has the most retarded "justice system" on Earth.

  • Max Ev
    Max Ev 4 days ago

    Let effin Paco drive the loaded car

  • Joe Rich
    Joe Rich 4 days ago

    “Escape From New York” music @24:00 👍

  • lars orloff
    lars orloff 5 days ago

    "I've invested in all the right things.....we've got great chefs..."

  • Montina Paullin
    Montina Paullin 5 days ago

    Badger lady is a freakin idiot. First, don't tame wild animals for multiple reasons. It's doing them more harm than good. Then a bunch of protesters show up not only disrupting the badgers they're trying to save, habitat but tripping & tromping through how many other wild animal's area? She acts like a 7yr old..."oooh badger! How cute! I will love him & pet him & call him George!" She's in the right now & not thinking of the long term to her childish, disruptive behavior.

  • Montina Paullin
    Montina Paullin 5 days ago

    You know former mayor still has people in her pocket. If she hasn't paid & I were him, I'd walk over & start tearing apart all the work I did & reclaim the materials at least. Pull out the receipts & charge her with theft. I feel bad for them cuz you can tell they're the ones being harassed. Always get it in writing, signed & dated, witnessed if possible, no matter what or who.

  • Montina Paullin
    Montina Paullin 5 days ago

    That's not a dog running loose.. that's technically a dog sitting there. Not barking. Good dog. My kinda dog. I wish my neighbors dog was like that dog. "FINALLY got proof"? So it's not poopin all over even every couple days. Did she film him picking it up or just instantly stop filming right after the load was dropped & didn't give the owner a chance even? Ugh. People. And omg the young couple! I swear people should have to take an IQ test & a common sense test before they breed their stupidity. I used to laugh at the movie "Idiocracy"......

  • Montina Paullin
    Montina Paullin 5 days ago

    They've got the monopoly on the peanut butter sales in their village..

  • Brittany Bonnie
    Brittany Bonnie 5 days ago

    how was he suppose to know they were trying to pull him over when the cop just they were looking for someone else and the sirens were already on

  • Montina Paullin
    Montina Paullin 5 days ago

    Ok that dude making music & rapping? He's recording it with no buffer on his walls like foam, egg crate, waffling, mattresses or anything? He needs to line his walls & ceilings with it. Does he not know about that? No one has told him?

  • Montina Paullin
    Montina Paullin 5 days ago

    I love chickens, I grew up raising chickens but that guy is nuts. Anywhere in towns I've lived (US) you could have a few chickens but no roosters. I can't believe they didn't get taken away from him for health/safety, mistreatment or noise. You can't just let them run, they need a safe coop at night, they need nest boxes so eggs aren't laid wherever & eggs need gathered daily, proper food not just bread & they especially need cleaned up after. Chickens are a lot of work, but they're awesome!

  • Grizzly Country
    Grizzly Country 6 days ago

    Only in Australia do they leave the house unattended so police can creep around. LOL

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse

    Lmfao Gordon calling him fat😂

  • Emilia TCG
    Emilia TCG 6 days ago

    I don’t care how clean a toilet is... you don’t drink out of it even to prove a point 🤢🤢

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse

    Love the way I actually live in Nottingham 😂

  • BlondiNativeAme3
    BlondiNativeAme3 6 days ago

    That scooter must have cost Laurel a pretty penny.

  • Susie Matthews
    Susie Matthews 7 days ago

    I think the young couple have some serious mental issues.

    • Montina Paullin
      Montina Paullin 5 days ago

      I know right?! Have they not heard of people just not changing their address when they move out? Wagner is a really common last name..I dated a guy back in school with that last name even.

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Block

    Why the fuck were they doing a fly bye in a helicopter 🚁😂😂

  • Drew S
    Drew S 7 days ago

    Jumps all over the place

  • Exocentric
    Exocentric 7 days ago

    Obligatory the UK version is better comment

  • fiona lowry
    fiona lowry 8 days ago


  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 8 days ago

    Let's not forget he made so much money off it

  • UPthatHILL Music
    UPthatHILL Music 8 days ago

    100% bullshite

  • SocialJust Russ
    SocialJust Russ 8 days ago

    This is shockingly hilarious. The show isn't supposed to be funny, the way he recalls the story is.

  • Deborah Kodzo
    Deborah Kodzo 9 days ago

    13:21 Dang that house must stank,that fly had a whole seizure.

  • K.I.Visions
    K.I.Visions 9 days ago

    They did these things in Babylon to worship Moloch the Owl and Baal in the bible. Christmas is based off of Saturnalia, a homosexual celebration with orgies and gifts. In some celebrations its honoring the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, aka Christmas Eve. To conjure all the demons..they found a way to give it high energy. Put "Jesus" name in it..have the entire world celebrate it. Look into this for yourself!

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 9 days ago

    Hayley is awesome lady and i hope she get past the ocd

  • jmm1233
    jmm1233 9 days ago

    wiping dogs with baby wipes actually makes them more prone to skin infection that the otherwise natural fur oil would protect them from , dogs have they own immune system based clean routine

  • DoesntGiveAFuck
    DoesntGiveAFuck 9 days ago

    Raz has since been done for tax fraud in 2017. Oops...

  • brandon roberts
    brandon roberts 10 days ago

    Ramsay's kitchen nightmares is way better than kitchen nightmares u.s.

  • Oliver strucker
    Oliver strucker 10 days ago

    Why Does she pot that stuff in that boy Barth 🤔

  • Gorka Ortiz
    Gorka Ortiz 10 days ago

    Quite weird listening to police guys in Spain still with a south-american accent and looks.

  • Top 10 LISTZ
    Top 10 LISTZ 10 days ago

    Money and family just compels us to do anything.

  • Ant Ortega
    Ant Ortega 11 days ago

    I'm seriously glad this guy went through all of this. What a tool! He wanted to snitch on his buddy, he wouldn't have made it in a U.S. prison.

  • Gr33n's Corner
    Gr33n's Corner 11 days ago

    This show deserves more recognition this was structured so well.

  • Marisa Rodrigues
    Marisa Rodrigues 11 days ago

    Gordon is so nice to the British. I wonder why ? 😒

  • Nick Evans
    Nick Evans 11 days ago

    "If someone says my baby is dirty....I'll kick his arse" Chef Zahir Khan, 2007

  • Mark Bosy
    Mark Bosy 12 days ago

    When she said I told my mum it was obvious who the grass was gonna be from then on in her mum thinking the police would stop her first lol no they let her go through with it to catch the real culprits no doubt

  • Mark Bosy
    Mark Bosy 12 days ago

    As soon as she said 'I told my mum' I thought that's who the grass was.

    • Mark Bosy
      Mark Bosy 12 days ago

      Her mum thinking they would stop her no lol not realising the police would let her go through with it to catch the real culprits

    • Mark Bosy
      Mark Bosy 12 days ago

      Her mum not realising the police where gonna let her go through with it anyway to catch the real culprits

  • Rueben James
    Rueben James 12 days ago

    i love when people who are failing and are heading toward nothing but more failure start with attitude. Go on then and spend another 1,000,000 pounds on a losing business until it closes. People take criticism like it's the plague when in reality it's the one of the few useful things you can get in life from other people.If you can't handle it I guarantee you will be some version of a liar, failure, or just pointless.

  • 20 02
    20 02 12 days ago

    He was VERY lucky to get caught in Spain and not in Ecuador !!

  • Carissa Blankenship
    Carissa Blankenship 12 days ago

    American prisons are daycares

  • Thomas Morris
    Thomas Morris 12 days ago

    Pete was an assett to this place, wonder what he's doing now

  • Isaac Chambers
    Isaac Chambers 12 days ago

    i wonder how would they react if somebody to burn that evil place down

  • paul connelly
    paul connelly 13 days ago

    Star of the show... Mr Khan 🤣

  • James Skelley
    James Skelley 13 days ago

    At 21:51 he was clearly having withdrawals from alcohol. I can't even imagine working like that, from personal experience. He's an amazing guy, and this episode really hits home for me. Such a great piece of TV.

  • forfunofun
    forfunofun 13 days ago

    “I ain’t no snitch” Ya hungry? “Well I MAY be a snitch”

  • TheStevied000
    TheStevied000 14 days ago

    WHY LORD? Do you allow such horror?

    • -m R
      -m R 11 days ago

      I've struggled with that very same question for years.

  • Lou
    Lou 14 days ago

    I love watching Gordon Ramsey. Not seen this episode but knowing how barbaric bull fighting can be I am surprised at Ramsey. Obviously doesn't give a shit about animal welfare

  • Skara Brae Man
    Skara Brae Man 14 days ago

    33:45 what the heck is the lady on the floor doing? A producer? Scared waitress? Ghost?

  • Sophie Jameson
    Sophie Jameson 14 days ago

    The Granary was burnt down within weeks of filming. It was arson. The insurance company refused to make a payout. Hmm...

  • genericname38
    genericname38 14 days ago

    Stop mocking me!

  • Sophie Jameson
    Sophie Jameson 14 days ago

    Lawrence has since changed his name.

  • Sophie Jameson
    Sophie Jameson 14 days ago

    I went to rehab 30 years this year. Been sober ever since. I'm still so grateful to AA. Hope Lenin stayed off the booze.

  • Finlayne Robson
    Finlayne Robson 15 days ago

    Hahaha bullshitting fucker. Omg Gordon hilarious

  • Apostol Yanev
    Apostol Yanev 15 days ago

    Why do so many ppl think he's making it up?

  • Sophie Jameson
    Sophie Jameson 15 days ago

    I don't think VAT is payable on food. Restaurant meals, yes, but not food you buy in shops or markets.

  • Carissa Blankenship
    Carissa Blankenship 16 days ago

    Should a just stupid k with the box maybe those officials were paid

  • Dolly 44
    Dolly 44 16 days ago

    Laurel is downright ridiculous. Get a life! Same w the young couple. Seriously..if you are a hard-working, contributing, member of society then you have much better things to do than pick up little rocks & a squeaky toy in the yard.

  • Hazem O'Neall
    Hazem O'Neall 16 days ago

    Bali & a lot of other palaces in Indonesia are absolutely gorgeous. The people (men & women, especially the younger crowd under 30 or 25) are really amazing, friendly & outgoing. That was my experience. I'm sure others have a different experience or even a better one.

  • Hazem O'Neall
    Hazem O'Neall 16 days ago

    I've been to Pakistan. I enjoyed it. Some times it may be a little crazy but overall it was cool. I was treated good. Never been to jail in a foreign country, nor my own (tUSA) but I've seen some shit in Egyptian prisons. Any how, people who do these trips are as dumb as a 4 dollar bill or a 75 cent piece.

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 17 days ago

    Someone needs to tell the elderly, bald headed, bleach blonde lady and her adult daughter that Mr. Clean isn’t real. They look to be trying to replicate the character in more than appearances.

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 17 days ago

    I feel so bad for these people. A life is exactly what they do not have, and it’s funny to me how judgmental they all are when they are the ones giving their children their mental illness, or at the very least a sucky life until they can get hell and gone away from their parents. That poor little girl, “I don’t want to be a lunatic like you. You’re like a robot.” Sad, just so sad that these kids can’t pick their parents.

    GOLDEN OX 17 days ago

    Mr Khan is the man. I wish him all the best should he decide to become a bollywood superstar.

  • tenique unique
    tenique unique 17 days ago

    I'm inlove with the British one more...won't be watching any other hehe

  • Carissa Blankenship
    Carissa Blankenship 18 days ago

    I think she gave herself away

  • Thomas de Haan
    Thomas de Haan 18 days ago


  • Alex12 Alker
    Alex12 Alker 19 days ago

    Ew he farting next to her on tv that’s terrible

  • Kylo 00
    Kylo 00 19 days ago

    41:37 well that was a fucking lie..

  • stacey brown
    stacey brown 20 days ago

    The single mum kinda looks like stefflon don

  • lock&load
    lock&load 20 days ago

    Will they still have a Walmart greeter at the death camps?

  • Val Kam
    Val Kam 21 day ago

    “She has a few stones but no bollocks” lmao And yes, we all can see how much less dramatic the UK version is to the American one. Stop pointing it out on every fucking episode will you? Thanks

  • aikaeel taylor
    aikaeel taylor 21 day ago

    a fiver for all that

  • Damion Duffy
    Damion Duffy 21 day ago

    That's one tough mother.

  • Talio Divino
    Talio Divino 21 day ago

    Fucking idiot on the scooter. If I’m walking around with meth in my pocket, and a cop lets me go with instructions, I’m following those instructions to the letter.

  • whatsmylogin
    whatsmylogin 21 day ago

    I am trying to workout whether I should believe that these things really happen. She admits being uncertain about which way Benaud was standing, which I guess she wouldn't have done if she knowingly fabricated this. But her description of what happened to the woman seems less plausible since the sternum would have got in the way. Does anybody here know that building? If this happened the room would have had to be in a basement and highly soundproof, otherwise screams would have been heard outside. Does anybody know how feasible it would be to get the place DNA-tested like she suggested?

  • Champ Marly
    Champ Marly 22 days ago

    What a amazing story God is wonderful.

  • Ricardo Ibarra
    Ricardo Ibarra 22 days ago


  • Jagjit Roudh
    Jagjit Roudh 22 days ago

    Ah ha Ramsay wishes he had that number plate lol

  • Jagjit Roudh
    Jagjit Roudh 22 days ago

    Oh this guys David Brent.

  • Smattless
    Smattless 22 days ago

    Lenin? Is that what she named her son?

  • Jagjit Roudh
    Jagjit Roudh 22 days ago

    UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2018: Two weeks later Nigel paid £2,500 to someone to burn the place down. The arsonist fled to Spain, got arrested and is now doing a prison sentence where he works for the Samaritans. Edit: Allegedly. ;)

  • Abyss 11
    Abyss 11 23 days ago

    Paranoid foilheads 😂🤣😂

  • Avon Dixon
    Avon Dixon 23 days ago

    Who would have thought...a copper from 'SUN HILL' police station, would turn to crime in his later years!

  • Lily Furley
    Lily Furley 23 days ago

    finally...some good fucking food

  • Tolga ATALAY
    Tolga ATALAY 24 days ago

    Felt sorry for both of you soldiers but these are the consequenses of trying to invade an innocent country which is full of great people for no reason. Spent two months in Vietnam and I can easily say that it is definetely non-violent country. Huge respect from Turkey to Vietnamese people for defending themselves very well and still surviving to develope their country for better life conditions. Xin chao!

    AJSD DARMIH 24 days ago

    The Best episode good owner good staff so nice

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy 24 days ago


  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 24 days ago

    Jesus, I need to invest in that gel bleach all these people go through like toilet paper.

  • Mish mash
    Mish mash 24 days ago

    That first woman with son Jake is abusing that child, setting him up for illness and OCD and other mental problems.

  • Luke Daley
    Luke Daley 24 days ago

    16:16 who serves chips at an Indian restaurant?!

    • aintnoscrubbb
      aintnoscrubbb 24 days ago

      Luke Daley most do. Under the “English or misc” part of the menu

  • TCPNick
    TCPNick 24 days ago

    American Kitchen Nightmares can go fuck itself, this is much better. Honestly, American reality tv can go fuck itself altogether.