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  • Angelic Felon
    Angelic Felon 4 months ago

    WOW!! 🙌 Im so glad I came upon your videos 😍. You never dissapoint. Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

  • andy werwert
    andy werwert Year ago

    Danny, idk if you ever read this but man you are amazing. I love you guys. Keep doing great work. Honestly, some of the covers you guys have done are my new favorite version of the songs. And that NEVER happens with me and covers. I am so glad to see that all your hard work is paying off. I've watched you guys for a long long time and you seem to have improved so much. You were never bad, not even close, but now you are fucking AMAZING. Thank you.

  • GrviousDamien
    GrviousDamien Year ago

    If they made a under the covers 3 this would make a good list. Bohemian rhapsody - Queen Stacy's mom - Fountains of Wayne Kung foo fighting - Carl Douglas Fortunate son - Creedence Clearwater Revival Come and get your love - Redbone Dream on - Areosmith Paradise city - Guns n roses Renegade - Styx Down under - Men at work Livin' on a prayer - Bon jovi Separate ways (Worlds apart) - Journey Don't you (forget about me) - Simple minds

  • ubermom
    ubermom Year ago

    Please, please, please do a cover of "Bright Eyes," sung by Art Garfunkel for "Watership Down." It could have been written for you!

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith Year ago

    I know you probably get requests and stuff all the time, but could you do a cover of "Send Love Through" from 1983's Rock and Rule? I think Danny's voice would be awesome for it.

  • Kyra Merchen
    Kyra Merchen Year ago

    Ninja Sex Party and Lonely Island need to do a collaborative album called either "Ninja Sex Island" or "Lonely Sex Party"

  • Leonidas Gameplay

    You guys should do Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson for your next Under the covers album

  • Thomas Crane
    Thomas Crane Year ago

    Just got my signed Under the Covers Vol. 2. Love the sigs, and this poster is awesome. Can't wait to finish the album. Thanks for the jams guys!

  • jane
    jane Year ago

    Please cover Working For The Weekend by Loverboy!

  • Dehrich Chya
    Dehrich Chya Year ago

    Petition for next cover album to be called "Barely Covered"

  • Nathan Mckinney
    Nathan Mckinney Year ago

    Ever coming to Seattle??

  • The Oatmeal Guy
    The Oatmeal Guy Year ago

    1 Mil. Subs Bros! Unbelievable! When Danny was in skyhill I never EVER thought this would be a thing let alone it be a TOTALLY TUBULAR THING!

  • クリス
    クリス Year ago

    subscribe to my channel plz

  • MrBrant23
    MrBrant23 Year ago

    You guys are amazing, i grew up with these songs that you've been covering. I may not watch you guys that much any more but the impact is still there, you all made me smile through tough times. Keep doing what you're doing, you make a difference.

  • PonInTheGame
    PonInTheGame Year ago

    NSP MUST do "The Night Begins To Shine" in the future!!! Drop a sweet like if you agree.

  • Ashley Lechner
    Ashley Lechner Year ago

    what the fuck is this crappy shit!

  • Elliott Winter
    Elliott Winter Year ago

    I never really listened to your stuff outside of my brother putting your CD on in his car. But, I can't stop listening to your cover of Rocket Man and In Your Eyes. Holy shit. The Rocket Man video was fun and heartfelt and the cover is so fucking good. Your voice on that song really shines, Danny. But even better is In Your Eyes. Fuck me, that cover is fantastic. You guys kicked so much ass on those two. I gotta say, I am a fan now. very few people can make covers better or take it in a new directions that work and you guys did that, not to mention great collaborations. You guys rock. Keep kicking ass, bros.

  • Toney Smith
    Toney Smith Year ago

    Heh guys, love the vids. The covers are epic, grew up with Def Leppard and Twisted Sister in my ear (born in 88, but was raised 80's). Put right aside my top eighties/nineties hits. Not to mention the original songs. 6969 and If we were gay are classic for me. But I would ask, as the sex party has always considered "hot" girls in the songs and vids, maybe a tribute to the "fat bottom girls"? I am sure you could work the range for a cover, and I know TWERP would be thrilled for the threads of Queen. Or an original for the thick ladies we love so much. (So much hope for this) Oh god, please have a mustache for a tribute cover. So funny and sexy!


    Here's the full story: Dinosaurs of the past go crazy lazers and kill everything that they fucking well please After sometime of the Unicorn wizards spells was shot so fast it went to the past and turned one of the dinos into a unicorn The Unicorn used it's magic to fuse the dinosaurs and the lasers and created the dragons But then A strong mighty man Slayed all of the horrendous beasts and tamed the unicorn who was a pet for generations A direct descendant of the mighty dragon slayer Sir Daniel Sexbang was gifted the unicorn as his steed of power After then fighting through many treacherous quests giving us the song "Peppermint Creams" The tale of Sir Daniel Sexbangs quests of Peppermint creams was spread Globally The two samurai were disgusted by it and decided to form "Samurai Abstinence patrol" Then modern day NSP is born This song then takes place Samurai abstinence patrol is forced to retreat to their own time to Rest and Heal They attempt to return to modern day but they jump to far into the time 6964 and establish the council of dick elders Rhynoceratops vs Superpuma takes place and after investigating superpumas shit they find tons of future technology They decide NSP should be rewarded for their Heroic acts so they give Danny the Techs and he starts to make a time machine After about 5 years the council of dick elders has complete control over the year 6969 but soon get an unexpected visitor NSP finally arrives in the year 6969 then kills the council of dick elders in the final battle since the Samurais skills got rusty NSP returns to their own time inspired by the leader ship and group skills of the council and forms the "Cool Patrol"

  • RoyalFlush270
    RoyalFlush270 Year ago

    "Burnin' in the Third Degree" cover?

  • Windows 98
    Windows 98 Year ago

    Hey DAN, just wanted to let you guys know (if you check your discussion) that my anniversary was on the day you had the Portland concert about a month back, and it really made for the best day ever!(Although I do recall reconsidering who it is I give my love to after you came on stage). I just wanted to say you've been my favorite band since 2012, and you have really made a super positive impact on my life. Your music brings a special kind of feeling from deep within my inner-nerd that I only hope that you can someday understand. I know you're a big channel now, (Over a million subs, congrats by the way), but I hope that you can read this and know how much not just me, but all of your fans really do love your stuff. I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that I LOVE YOU NINJA SEX PARTY <3

  • EdSpankyPants
    EdSpankyPants Year ago

    I think a Simon and Garfunkel cover is in need... either Blessed or I am a Rock

  • adamgbk1
    adamgbk1 Year ago

    We need some Danny covering thriller right now... jus' sayin'.

  • JoshFloor
    JoshFloor Year ago

    Hey, congrats on 1 million subscribers, and your new album coming out next week! Can't wait to get it!

  • Basement Bros
    Basement Bros Year ago

    how much is sex training again i could use some

  • dsdom2
    dsdom2 Year ago


  • AtlasKP
    AtlasKP Year ago

    Why is it not Thursday yet I need my under covers vol.2 song already the excitement is killing me.

  • Halibut Acid
    Halibut Acid Year ago

    GoFundMe: Facing eviction share and donate if you can, thanks in advance all.


    why is markiplier in this

  • Reese Kewp
    Reese Kewp Year ago

    Help I need a good pick up line for the fellas (not the fellas in the band, just fellas in general).

  • jmiester25
    jmiester25 Year ago lmao

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson Year ago

    Just got home from your PDX show; had an amazing time! You two, TWRP, & MC Chris are all amazing performers! So glad I got to see you all live.

    • Windows 98
      Windows 98 Year ago

      MC Chris was a huge surprise, they all did wonderfully! I got tickets within a week of them announcing the tour :)

  • Irida Snow
    Irida Snow Year ago

    Congrats on making 1,000,000 subscribers, keep up the fucking awesome work.

  • December Stewart

    Hey I would like to talk to you Dan My naammee is December hit me upppp

  • مشاهير السعودية

    Saudi Girls Celebrities National Day by Hot Dance in Public

  • LifeGoddessTaimat

    Hey, NSP! I had a great time at the Denver concert! It was my first NSP concert. But there's something I would like to bring to your attention. There was a terrible accident just before the show. Two fans were going to the end of the line when they were struck by a car. They both suffered serious injuries. You guys have great fans. So many people got out of line (we were standing for over 1.5 hours in the pouring rain) to help these two strangers. First responders were on the scene not even two minutes after the first 911 call. I want to thank NSP for cheering everyone up and bringing an awesome time, and I want to say #thanks1stresp to the first responders who took care of these two. PS- An extra shoutout to MC Chris and TWRP. #69

  • Michael Caballero

    I still love that leads to this page. Good job Ninja Brian. Truly, you're a gift to humankind.

  • Cacktissman
    Cacktissman Year ago

    congrats on hitting a million subs guys

  • Crash4206
    Crash4206 Year ago

    no uhhhh, if you love nsp check this out im glad i found it XD

  • Balloonicorn Wizard

    Hey NSP, your Unicorn wizard song is amazing as is all of your music but it inspired me to create the streamer name Balloonicorn Wizard. I really wish I could add in the Balloonicorn part where Unicorn is and have it as my theme song lol... I listen to it wayyy too much.

  • TheAchmed13
    TheAchmed13 Year ago

    hey NSP, your cover of "The Last Unicorn" says that the help link and song link are in the description, but there is nothing there, could you please fix that, id love to support.

  • BlueBlaze189
    BlueBlaze189 Year ago

    You should do a cover of Africa

  • Cthulhist
    Cthulhist Year ago

    1,000,000 subs!!!!!!

  • CronoLoch
    CronoLoch Year ago

    Hey there's now 1 million subs that's cool

  • Aura
    Aura Year ago

    So I missed my chance to score a t-shirt at your Toronto performance due to losing my debit. Is there any way I can still get one or is the opportunity lost foreeeever? ^_^

  • Salty Nitrogen
    Salty Nitrogen Year ago


  • Non-Believing 3nt3rtainm3nt

    congrats for one MEELEION HEETS

  • AmpJam
    AmpJam Year ago

    socialblade says 2 days until 1,000,000 jewish ninjas!

  • Shane Rossillo
    Shane Rossillo Year ago

    Whens under the covers twoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

  • MeGaLoShaDia
    MeGaLoShaDia Year ago

    Dan. Daniel. Daniel Avidan of the Game Grumps and Ninja Sex Party. Make Samurai Abstinence Patrol 2. Now. Animated by Brandon Turner. Or I will punch you a little hard but not really that hard.

  • Erigafv Maple
    Erigafv Maple Year ago

    so close to 1 MILLION subs

  • Travelanes
    Travelanes Year ago

    So close to 1,000,000 subs!!!!! at 995,045 right now! Holy cow!

  • Fluffer Of The Apocalypse

    NSP? National Suicide Prevention the band?

  • Irida Snow
    Irida Snow Year ago

    So close to a million subscribers... Preemptive congrats Danny and Brian!~

  • Crab Dad
    Crab Dad Year ago

    Hey, I was wondering, may my friend and I make an animation using "Cool Patrol"? I, of course, would give credit to you, but I would like to have your permission. Thanks. :)

  • fred 123
    fred 123 Year ago


  • NationShankedMe
    NationShankedMe Year ago

    in the song Everybody Shut Up Danny says he has 87 erections every day, and in the song No Reason Boner he said there are 3 different types of erections. Danny if you see this please tell us how many erections in each category you my good man

  • Draynor_17
    Draynor_17 Year ago

    Original idea: What if the made a song that's about Ninja B. Something ironic. He a murdering ninja that doesn't talk on the outside, but Danny take a look on the inside and sees a Ninja B that is a counterpart.

  • Isabelle Kostiak

    OMFG the name of the channel......

  • Brooke is Gay
    Brooke is Gay Year ago

    NSP should play sleepytime junction

  • Ragingtea
    Ragingtea Year ago

    I want a cover of memory of a free festival

  • CycloneShadow
    CycloneShadow Year ago

    Danny, Is it true you made a song for the Power Rangers RPM theme?

  • Jared Spencer
    Jared Spencer Year ago

    Who else agrees that NSP should do a cover of Dream On by Aerosmith?

  • Jayden Candelaria

    1 word: UPLOAD

  • Djens Zooi
    Djens Zooi Year ago

    u guys got naenae'd

  • Beauby
    Beauby Year ago

    I honestly hope they make a song called buttsex express thats about getting laid on a train. Anyone else?

  • Matt Dawe
    Matt Dawe Year ago

    almost 1 million subs congrats

  • James Martin
    James Martin Year ago

    Goddammit Brian...

  • Jiyraya3000
    Jiyraya3000 Year ago

    Been a fan for a long time. I think you guys would like this :)

  • Ty Agnes
    Ty Agnes Year ago

    if I Ran by flock of seagulls isnt on the new cover album i will be disappointed.

  • ed perez
    ed perez Year ago

    Do a Tenacious D song!

  • Edward Holmes
    Edward Holmes Year ago

    Can someone point me to the direction where I can find butt sex info?

  • VGIRL videogames in real life


  • Angel Rios
    Angel Rios Year ago


  • ShotgunLlama
    ShotgunLlama Year ago

    Hurry up and check the wikipedia page for premature ejaculation before they change it.

  • theduh1011
    theduh1011 Year ago

    I wish I could ask Danny how he manages to stay so positive... He's such an inspirational human being that it almost hurts. Danny, if youre reading this, please keep up the good work! The way I see it you're one of the coolest people ever, and I, amongst literally millions of others, love you for it. Rock fuck!

  • Isharu Matsu
    Isharu Matsu Year ago

    After watching half these music videos vs game grumps... all i can say is Wow Danny... wow... dont stop doing what ya love man, ya got alot more balls than half the music industry now slap them bitches with them balls.

  • Irate Beau
    Irate Beau Year ago

    i will love you guys until time or my life stops; whichever comes first! actually no, i'll still love yall even after that! <3

  • chause bob
    chause bob Year ago

    you guys should look into performing at the alaska state fair, it would allow most all alaskans to see you, plus you could come and see alaska, there are other places to pperform up here too, but the state fair would probably be the best for everyone as its a bit more centrally located. Any way, i love your guys music and i hope you see and consider this for future tours!

  • Alex McDonald
    Alex McDonald Year ago

    Yo NSP you should do a cover on I believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness, you guys came straight to my head when I heard this song again recently

  • Cartoon Addict
    Cartoon Addict Year ago

    fuck me dad lol xd fam lit woke lel

  • AnsemTheMask91
    AnsemTheMask91 Year ago

    NSP, you guys should do a cover of Spin Me Right Round from Dead or Alive.

  • Alice White_1
    Alice White_1 Year ago

    My god, I LOVE your recent album, "Under the Covers" Wish you were here? Wow :) Perhaps Sign of the Times next??

  • Amanda Guerra
    Amanda Guerra Year ago

    OK I know there's a website to go and get NSP shirts I just forgot the name of it can you someone please help me out with the name of the website

  • Sharon Hocutt
    Sharon Hocutt Year ago

    does everybody shut up and no reason boner is same thing?

  • Shantell Byrnes
    Shantell Byrnes Year ago

    Just a question, do NSP and Starbomb have an official merch site?

  • SupaPhly
    SupaPhly Year ago

    duane and brando > starbomb

  • jellynewt
    jellynewt Year ago

    In love with all these songs!!!

  • Double Hashtag
    Double Hashtag Year ago

    I subscribed, only because of the channel name.

  • Vanilla Wood
    Vanilla Wood Year ago

    DAMMIT Danny, you can sing almost anything and make it better. My only challenge for you is to try a Depeche Mode song. Let's see.

  • Jessi Savio
    Jessi Savio Year ago

    I'm not really sure how to contact you guys and I don't know how these notifications show up lmao but I was just wandering about the rock hard tour? I'm seeing you guys in Portland with a friend of mine and we got vip tickets so I was just wandering when early access is. Like are we in at five? Are we in at four? I have no idea what's going on. Sorry for asking so early. I live in Texas so like I'm trying to get everything planned out way way before I fly out to Oregon. Anyway, I love you guys man :) Dan, Brian, all the grumps, twrp, everyone! You guys make me smile everyday and make the bad days a little better. Keep doing what you love because I'm sure it'll be awesome regardless. Hope everyone is having a great day <3

  • The Great Gildersleeve

    So I just discovered GameGrumps and subsequently NSP. Where the hell have you guys been all my life?!

  • Laird Ian
    Laird Ian Year ago

    Hey Danny, Would love to hear you cover Billie Jean or Beat It.

  • Biozeminade
    Biozeminade Year ago

    I just saw this: Can we please get an NSP cover of Footloose?

  • Fish_ Hicks
    Fish_ Hicks Year ago

    Could you please do a cover of "dont stop me now" by queen? Or really any queen song, Danny's voice just screams Freddie Mercury

  • Chase Dawson
    Chase Dawson Year ago

    Ninja Sex Party: Officially the sexiest band.

  • Madison Menefee
    Madison Menefee Year ago

    Does anyone have the sheet music for the piano in "Wish you were here"?

  • Spiderwilliam13
    Spiderwilliam13 Year ago

    Idea for a new Ninja Sex Party t-shirt: "Brian in the streets, Danny in the sheets."

  • Jarred Budd
    Jarred Budd Year ago

    is there any news on albums?

  • Joshua Peterson
    Joshua Peterson Year ago

    So on my way here, I accidentally typed "Ninja Sex Patty" instead of the actual name. That got me thinking about an NSP themed burger... what do you guys think that would be like?

  • yomanglo
    yomanglo Year ago

    Covered Objects of Desire at an Open Mic gig last week. Was wonderful. Gonna do it again but this time wear a sexy robe.

  • Shane Rossillo
    Shane Rossillo Year ago

    dan u should cover stacy's mom like for a post album thing for the cover album

  • Gabriel Anderson

    Hey NSP, Come to Montreal Please!!!

  • MikeBFlexing
    MikeBFlexing Year ago


  • ko.
    ko. Year ago

    Why can´t Arin never fuck? Kidding. Amazing, you guys, just... Perfect -_-

  • Ragingtea
    Ragingtea Year ago

    NSP needs to do a cover of "In the air tonight"

  • Malkavian American

    Stupid song title: Tried So Far and Got So Hard.

  • 1101Archimedes
    1101Archimedes Year ago

    Happy birthday, Brian! Happy Pi Day, Denny!

  • Marshall Griffith

    MURRY BIRFMAS DANNY! Murry Tuesday Brian.

  • nostalgiclecture

    *Slides in here* I feel like Shooting Stars would be amazing for you guys to make a cover of.

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young Year ago

    I think the danny sexbang character would work wonders doing a cover of "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" - The Darkness

  • BeterGryphon
    BeterGryphon Year ago

    Do ANY Led Zeppelin song PLZ

  • BROX Base
    BROX Base Year ago

    May I make an 8-Bit cover of one of your songs? Just a thought. And if not, I won't. ~BROX Base

  • Cr1tikalMoist
    Cr1tikalMoist Year ago

    Can you please cover David Hasselhoff - True Survivor BECAUSE ITS AMAZING

  • BlackDiamond
    BlackDiamond Year ago

    I think you guys should make a song called Erection Rejection >:D Has a lot of potential!

  • Xshu Bastion
    Xshu Bastion Year ago

    Aww man, they took down a bunch of their old videos. Not music videos, but some of the other stuff they had up. :(

  • Jessi Savio
    Jessi Savio Year ago

    Hey does anyone here know when Under The Covers 2 is supposed to release? I'm dying here ;-;

  • Patricia Lopez Germann

    in the vidios is in the cool

  • Patricia Lopez Germann

    hello ninja sex party

  • Aquaswan
    Aquaswan Year ago

    It would be awesome if you guys did a cover of "She's A Maniac". I think it would be great!

  • dannyboy
    dannyboy Year ago

    almost 1 million subs!

  • The Lovess
    The Lovess Year ago

    My dad used to be in a band called TSP (The Sex Pukes) These videos remind me alot of him XD

  • Zolsle Rkdk
    Zolsle Rkdk Year ago

    no offense but what even is this channel? u all just act like idiots dancing in jumpsuits and then doing disgusting things like smosh.

    • Jackson
      Jackson Year ago

      Just because you say "no offense" doesn't mean what you're about to say isn't mean.

    • Savana Brakefield
      Savana Brakefield Year ago

      It's a channel about fun and not giving a shit about sexual identity and sexual preferences. Also sexual innuendos. "No offense"? You called them idiots. How the fuck does that even work?

  • Chad Beckstead
    Chad Beckstead Year ago

    Dear Dan, Brian, Aaron, Berry or any other influential member of the group who's attention i can grab for a moment. My name is Chad, i'm a fan, i'm a very analytical person and i have recently been researching your stuff again. I am also in the entertainment business and though i am not reaching out to you for any kind of business offers i did want to discuss with one of you about a list of free creative ideas i have that i feel would be beneficial to your group and that maybe you guys might want to take into serious consideration, or i hope at least I induce a flowing of creative juices. Normally this is something i would email but again without it being a business proposition i decided to post in your discussions also so that other fans may provide input on some of the ideas i have. I'm a man of simplification as u may soon find out and i believe these ideas could all even be wrapped up in a single fun video project for you guys that will have a dynamically positive effect with how your crew is established with and depicted by your audience. So as soon as i have one of your attentions let me know.

  • Clank
    Clank Year ago

    Do you think Brian used the pickup line "Hey, baby, I'm a physicist and I'm in a band. Also I'm a ninja" to get his wife?

    • Agustín Atienza
      Agustín Atienza Year ago

      I'm gonna take a guess here and say his wife said to him: "hey, baby, I know you're a physicist and in a band. If you're a ninja too I'll marry you "

  • AliG6252010
    AliG6252010 Year ago

    Danny for the submarine hole in the cdi game, I think you need a middle shot. Shoot just as the sub is passing you, heading to the left. Hope this helps

  • Shrimp Bisque
    Shrimp Bisque Year ago

    Who thinks NSP should do a cover of Through The Fire And Flames? It's a difficult song, but I believe they're up to the challenge.

  • Cake Master
    Cake Master Year ago

    They desperately need to cover Bat out of Hell by Meat loaf! Like if you agree!

  • Joey Link
    Joey Link Year ago

    Am i the only one that thinks that Danny should do a cover of "Sound of Silence"?

    • Sharon Hocutt
      Sharon Hocutt Year ago

      when it comes out and i listen to it it's my reaction when people like drugs

  • Exiav
    Exiav Year ago

  • Cornelius Dogginton

    Are you guys going to do another co lab with Steel Panther soon?

  • Lucas Santana
    Lucas Santana 2 years ago

    Pary com is

  • Alice Rose
    Alice Rose 2 years ago

    I will be COMPLETELY honest... Ninja Brian, as a Semi-Schitzophrenic Knight to the overly Bloodlusty Ninja, is probably the best thing I've ever learned about. Also, need to thank you guys, and Arin (Need to post on his Discussion later), you guys have gotten me through many tough times with a smile. Love you guys. Stay sexy/semi-erect. (Or fully in Danny's case)

  • Spencer Dunn
    Spencer Dunn 2 years ago

    Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and great content.

  • 69DeadSexy69
    69DeadSexy69 2 years ago

    Danny is the next DIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruby Moore
    Ruby Moore 2 years ago

    hello nsp long time no upload huh?

  • Wasim
    Wasim 2 years ago

    Hey guys, I'm a small youtuber that wants to gain some recognition. I make mainly comedy videos and I really have a passion for making them. Im sorry for the spam, but its hard when have a small youtube channel :/

  • The Great Jaco
    The Great Jaco 2 years ago

    Thank you guys so much for putting your whole albums up on the channel! There's some songs there i haven't even heard before! I love shredded metal now!

  • Michael Doan
    Michael Doan 2 years ago

    They did say that they would release there new album at the end of 2016 right?

  • Mr Landstander
    Mr Landstander 2 years ago

    i doubt you guys will read this but if you do, i think you would be perfect to cover sexual healing, i just think Danny could nail this song and nsp would rock it as well, not to mention the video which would be epic, much love, Mr Landstander. xoxoxoxo peace

  • Tomas Cartmill
    Tomas Cartmill 2 years ago

    I would pay money to hear Danny sing a Jamiroquai cover. Any song by them, really.

  • Respect Blindfolds
    Respect Blindfolds 2 years ago

    Put Roundabout by Yes in the cover album.

  • Mason Lawrence
    Mason Lawrence 2 years ago

    If they covered Genesis - Thats all. I would cream my pantelones.

  • VincentDir
    VincentDir 2 years ago

    Pssst NSP. Homage to George Michael. Careless Whisper cover. Dan's got the perfect voice for it. Also LOVE that Wish You Were Here cover. You guys nailed it. o/

  • whale noises
    whale noises 2 years ago

    you guys should do bohemian rhapsody

  • Callista Graves
    Callista Graves 2 years ago

    I am loving all the musicey music you guys make, and Danny, your voice is like butter! Now, please, please, please cover the song "The Carpet Crawlers" from the Genesis album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!

  • MannerHamster
    MannerHamster 2 years ago

    Just wanted to say that your cover of "Wish You Were Here" struck a sincere cord with me. I have been experiencing quite a bit of pain recently with losing a family member and hearing this is helping me cope, if not just a little bit. So thank you. Thank you from a broken man who can't tell heaven from hell.

  • GT Zealot
    GT Zealot 2 years ago

    NSP - your musical genius has no bounds. Please continue forever! Extra thanks, to Ninja Brian for not murdering me this year - truly appreciate it. also ... Australia is dying to see you guys! Everyone in Sydney is basically begging for you. Just in case you go International... GO TO AUSTRALIA!!!! Keep on sexing & stabbing! Jess

  • Mark Stephan
    Mark Stephan 2 years ago

    Hey guys I noticed you took down the ninja sex party holiday update from a few years ago and I was hoping to hear Ninja Brian's holiday tips again. Could you reupload it (either here or somewhere else)? Thanks love you guys.

  • Joseph Keener
    Joseph Keener 2 years ago

    Hey, you guys are awesome! Have you ever given thoughts to doing Electric Light Orchestra's Turn To Stone? For some reason, I think Dan's voice would be a pretty good match for it.

  • Paige
    Paige 2 years ago

    I don't know why, but when I hear Peace of Mind by Boston I automatically imagine you singing it. Could you do a cover of that song pretty please! :)

  • 0xsepticx0 0xdylostilesx0

    Does this channel have behind the scenes or something?

  • RandomCivilians
    RandomCivilians 2 years ago

    I believe I know what their next song should be called. They've already played on their name with opposite with 'Samurai Abstinence Patrol'... but what about the same? Next song title should be 'Martial Artist Fornication Celebration'!

  • Daniel Vinson
    Daniel Vinson 2 years ago

    Because Danny is the best! much love to the whole NSP crew 😊

  • Nkipker
    Nkipker 2 years ago

    Soooo did you , Wish you can tell?

  • Fella
    Fella 2 years ago

    Where the fuck is the full Sleepy Time Junction?

  • Hayte
    Hayte 2 years ago

    FYI I Wanna F Your A.

  • Brandon Estep
    Brandon Estep 2 years ago

    Love you guys keep it up!!!! If i won the lottery i would give you guys a million dollars!!!!!!

  • SammyCakes
    SammyCakes 2 years ago

    their song "super gay" is me and my sister's FAVORITE

  • Daniel Hayes
    Daniel Hayes 2 years ago

    NSP, "Under the Covers" is already a name for a cover album. Just FYI ;( - Walk Off the Earth is the artist.

  • Xanthic Chimera
    Xanthic Chimera 2 years ago

    I am here.

  • Lil' Lover
    Lil' Lover 2 years ago

    Anyone there?

  • mrquackadoodlemoo
    mrquackadoodlemoo 2 years ago

    Tokyo Rose cover?

  • OmegaTemmie
    OmegaTemmie 2 years ago

    MARK ZUCKERBERG!!!! (comment if you get the refrence)

    • Lezzei
      Lezzei Year ago

      Do you have any preference whether I go, uh, this weekend or the next weekend? Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfuckin Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit I have no idea what we're talking about right now. God damn created Facebook then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can't even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man Arin, you're scaring me. Motherfucking Spider-man Spider-man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg I'm very tired No problem, man. I'll...I'll do most of the talking at the Grump session today. No man I'll just talk about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spider-man crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Trent Resin Or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don't like dying I can't think of who the fuck invented Facebook All I can think is who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook *_M A R K_* *_Z U C K E R B E R G_*

    • BROX Base
      BROX Base Year ago

      "Who the f*** invented Facebook?!"

    • J
      J Year ago

      Dead meme........

    • Cake Master
      Cake Master Year ago

      Trent resin oar did the music

    • Krombopulous Michael
      Krombopulous Michael Year ago

      Fucking Winklevoss Twins WHO THE FUCK INVENTED FACEBOOK????!!!!

  • Jeremiah the bullfrog

    dan do toto hold the line

  • CommanderSkull
    CommanderSkull 2 years ago

    You guys should make a vlog channel. I just watched your Everybody Wants to Rule the World video and thought it would be cool.

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    42 videos....

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  • gabriel phoenix
    gabriel phoenix 2 years ago

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  • Chintendo XD
    Chintendo XD 2 years ago

    NSP have helped me learn to come out of my comfort zone and just be comfortable being a tall, sensual, good looking idiot in public. Keep rockin' it guys and/or girls!!!

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    The Missing O 2 years ago

    your the best singer/game grump/band leader ever

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  • Jon Tek
    Jon Tek 2 years ago

    CAN YOU ASSEMBLE ALL THE TVclipRS SO THEY CAN AUDITION FOR "READY PLAYER ONE?" That would be a dream come true to have all the TVcliprs be in the Ready Player One movie, directed by Steven Spielberg. The book is written by Ernest Cline. It is a phenomenally fantastic book. I highly recommend it. I am going to try to send this message to other TVcliprs. I REALLY want this to happen. They will also make a game for this as well, if the film is successful enough. Not trying to troll, I just thought it would be an amazing idea.

  • JC De Jesus
    JC De Jesus 2 years ago

    Im a fan now

  • Jolyon Heffner
    Jolyon Heffner 2 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE Cool Patrol, I have been listening to it all the time since they uploaded it. :D

  • LazyMe420
    LazyMe420 2 years ago


  • Brent Knox
    Brent Knox 2 years ago

    I aspire to be Brian when I grow up.

  • Themuffinrocket
    Themuffinrocket 2 years ago

    Aww I hope you get better soon Dan, dunno if you're still sick when I post this but hope you do anyway

  • ToP_CHemIcaL_RomAncE

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  • Erika
    Erika 2 years ago

    Am I going crazy or did they take down a bunch of videos??

  • Evan S
    Evan S 2 years ago

    How can I get the vocal track to make a remix of the songs? Really what I'd love is that I would love to work with you guys and possibly show you a mix of one of your songs because I believe I can produce the songs in a different way that would broaden your audience even more.

  • Brian Scott
    Brian Scott 2 years ago

    A group of us are trying to put together an authentic costume from characters in The Sacred Chalice. Where on earth does one find such a pimp wizard hat such as the one Ninja Brian wears in the video? Where did DSB find his Hospitaller Knight costume? We've looked everywhere!

  • Dakota Dugger
    Dakota Dugger 2 years ago

    I just wanted to Let you two know. That I got a Sega Saturn today, and the first thing I did with it, is play my Copy of Under the Covers! XD Thank you NSP Thank you!

  • Exclarmation
    Exclarmation 2 years ago

    awww darn when did the haiku videos leave the channel? I wanted to rewatch them with friends to get pumped for Game Grumps Live

  • Jeremiah Drouillard
    Jeremiah Drouillard 2 years ago

    Is Ninja Brian the ninja from Ask A Ninja???

  • mynameajeff
    mynameajeff 2 years ago

    Huge mungus

  • Ronald Schmeltzer
    Ronald Schmeltzer 2 years ago

    I just listened to your cover of Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd, and i almost cried. My Uncle passed away about 6 years back and that man played that song so well that he could almost do both guitar parts on a single guitar. It was a great reminder that he still lives in my heart and i wanted to thank you guys for the joy it brought to me to hear you guys cover it.

  • The Great Jaco
    The Great Jaco 2 years ago

    TVclip doesn't show your channel anymore on search, so rip. #TVclipadvertismentfriendly

  • XtronTV
    XtronTV 2 years ago

    6969 was an amazing video, and you guys honestly deserve way more than this. love you guys, keep doing you

    • Clark Cochenour
      Clark Cochenour 2 years ago

      I noticed, in 6969 and well every other episode, Danny seams to have a massive hard on, a cod piece, or well his dick is just that big normally, are any of these true...?

  • Tanuma Kaname
    Tanuma Kaname 2 years ago

    Hey, NSP, do you guys know SexuaLobster? I think you'd do awesome stuff together.

  • Hey Holmes
    Hey Holmes 2 years ago

    Just went on I tunes (Canada), the 6969 music video is ranked ahead of Beyonce. All hail Ninja Brian (and maybe Danny)

  • Boyardee Prophet
    Boyardee Prophet 2 years ago

    where is my 6969

  • Nero4twenny
    Nero4twenny 2 years ago

    NSP should totally do a Cheers theme song cover. I just listened to it and I think it would sound groovy.

  • Tetrafy
    Tetrafy 2 years ago

    I'm lit af rn, here's fifty bucks. Go buy yourselves some bud.. Or groceries or whatever I GUESS. Anyway.. Love you dudes so much, keep it up guys. 🚬👌😏

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    Alixiar 2 years ago

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