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  • tomsquackson
    tomsquackson Hour ago

    0:02 >:(

  • Matiss Behrmann
    Matiss Behrmann Hour ago


  • narvaezdanny 87
    narvaezdanny 87 Hour ago

    Bruh why wouldn't they date short guys, guys always date short girls

  • ZanyZoe
    ZanyZoe Hour ago

    Dude I feel like I could just watch them do this and talk forever.

  • Charles King
    Charles King Hour ago

    But something Fetty Wap can live without is his right eye

  • Daniel Nuño
    Daniel Nuño Hour ago

    Number 1 thing fetty wap can't live without :his right eye

  • Larzodian The Leaf

    Holy crap ive never heard him talk. Woooooooah

  • Awantika saraf
    Awantika saraf Hour ago

    I literally HATE them

  • yenner ramirez
    yenner ramirez Hour ago

    That’s my baby 😍

  • Ruby Frostick
    Ruby Frostick Hour ago

    2:23 What makes tom holland so endearing? Tom: *is extremely endearing for 5 seconds straight* Also Tom: I dunno!

  • iGoProToday
    iGoProToday Hour ago

    His eye .....👀

  • TrashyClaw
    TrashyClaw Hour ago

    He still relevant

  • James Durnein
    James Durnein Hour ago

    I didn’t even know this dude was still relevant lol seems like chill dude though

  • Orange Chungus
    Orange Chungus Hour ago

    Is it liverpool

    SAVAGE NATHAN Hour ago

    One thing he can’t live without is his hair

  • Young BIGD
    Young BIGD Hour ago

    Finally a real dude on here🤧

  • elmo babygirl
    elmo babygirl 2 hours ago

    i thought this dude was dead

  • OrganicSwagg
    OrganicSwagg 2 hours ago

    I wish u were awhite man

  • rachel yawson
    rachel yawson 2 hours ago

    This should have over 10 million views😭😍 their chemistry is bomb‼️‼️

  • Mystical Coin
    Mystical Coin 2 hours ago

    He have a twitch stream if yall didnt know

  • kk cc
    kk cc 2 hours ago

    pause at 5:03. Thank me later.

  • SimmingWith Socky
    SimmingWith Socky 2 hours ago

    I would love to see one of the cast members of IT: Chapter 2 do one of these!


    Missiouri is the show me state you trying to hard

  • mario islandboy
    mario islandboy 2 hours ago

    Cool guy💯

    FAZE_iAmABoT_ TTV 2 hours ago

    One question who is yungblood

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 2 hours ago

    Wonder if he likes noodles

  • PrimeWeb
    PrimeWeb 2 hours ago

    If you change the F and the W in Fetty Wap then his name turns into Wetty Fap

  • 3 dollar chain
    3 dollar chain 2 hours ago

    This is the same guy who made hair cake everyone

  • Onthego Chan
    Onthego Chan 2 hours ago


  • Lucy
    Lucy 2 hours ago

    that chef is not human but who cares, he's a dope cook

  • Cornell Eisenbise
    Cornell Eisenbise 2 hours ago

    You could tell the bartender was excited to meet him and the other mf thought he was better than everyone

  • Nathan Kiewiet
    Nathan Kiewiet 2 hours ago

    Why would 300 k people like a video of an idle laptop . SMH

  • Shemarlos Scott
    Shemarlos Scott 2 hours ago

    Bd Wong is old

  • Shemarlos Scott
    Shemarlos Scott 2 hours ago

    John Cho is great

  • Aaron2realprod
    Aaron2realprod 2 hours ago

    Need upcoming artist to rap on my fire new beats 🔥💫

  • Taldrews
    Taldrews 2 hours ago

    reminds me of labyrinth

  • OffBeatBerry 27
    OffBeatBerry 27 2 hours ago

    Bro Fetty gonna make a comeback just wait

  • Court Liford
    Court Liford 2 hours ago

    Is Red Dragon only iconic to me? That character was so scary and amazing. I have lovedddd that movie since I was a kid & still think it’s insanely good.

  • sadavocado
    sadavocado 2 hours ago

    I kinda love that they don’t feel ashamed to call themselves a boy band or claim “pop” as their main genre of music. Too many all male groups seem to stigmatize the word “boy band” even though there are no negative connotations with that label. And also, so many of those boy bands despise being categorized into the pop genre, which again there’s nothing wrong with pop either.

  • gregory bancroft
    gregory bancroft 2 hours ago

    I don’t understand this guy, if someone can explain Marshmello to me then I will try listening to one of his songs. No promises I’ll like it but I will try it.

  • Rick James
    Rick James 2 hours ago

    You and that bugged up movie is the whole reason I’m here... so happy to see success African American changing there dream. Love you guys movies I wish you all the best.....

  • Avitus Rix
    Avitus Rix 2 hours ago

    Tom Holland is my favorite spidey. Adorkable. He's good people in my book.

  • gan9
    gan9 2 hours ago

    Yo this man is still alive wtf

  • Kala Short
    Kala Short 2 hours ago

    I can never get over how HANDSOME he is! He's got an incredible smile and seems pretty laid back. 😍

  • Animal Girlzzz
    Animal Girlzzz 2 hours ago

    I drink tea darling

  • Kieren Moore
    Kieren Moore 2 hours ago

    AP RO is ugly

  • Elijah
    Elijah 3 hours ago

    So is he comin back orrrr

  • Austin Beaty
    Austin Beaty 3 hours ago

    Screw 2 chainz i wanna know the editor...national treasure right there

  • Dongzkie TV
    Dongzkie TV 3 hours ago

    Hahahah It's so funny

  • Slug Boi
    Slug Boi 3 hours ago


  • Scar Castle
    Scar Castle 3 hours ago

    Wait didnt fetty wap fall off

  • KingCobra
    KingCobra 3 hours ago

    0:28 did she say 6ft 17in 🤣💀

  • Stat Padder
    Stat Padder 3 hours ago

    Y’all 4 years late ...

  • Isam
    Isam 3 hours ago

    still waiting for Jaden Smith’s interview

  • Brandon Moran
    Brandon Moran 3 hours ago

    Someone Cashapp Me @Bjmoran22 So I Can Get Madden 20 Please .

  • 최다예
    최다예 3 hours ago

    I officially have a crush on this guy. Seriously what CAN’T he do?

  • jayJava GGdev
    jayJava GGdev 3 hours ago

    random guy:Dustin is gonna die gaten:uhhhh yeah

  • 섬야
    섬야 3 hours ago

    Why is he so cute!!! He seems like to have Such a cool & good personality!

  • jayJava GGdev
    jayJava GGdev 3 hours ago

    this is how many times he said uh | | v

  • LIL M
    LIL M 3 hours ago

    You can tell she has no idea what she is talking about

  • Hana Lu
    Hana Lu 3 hours ago


  • less kiss
    less kiss 3 hours ago

    who else nearly cried of how adorable Tom Holland is? No one? Just me? Oof. drinks tea darling

  • Of Mice And Mandrakes 100

    Dont understand how someone can spend that much money on jewelry. They are walking targets. Doesnt make sense to me, then again Im broke 😂

  • imthegoat 221
    imthegoat 221 3 hours ago

    The fact that nipsey said we'll be back😭😭😭

  • Chillrah
    Chillrah 3 hours ago

    Can you imagine how creepy he must've looked as a three four year old with those dead eyes

  • Zedeye
    Zedeye 3 hours ago

    Funny because before I clicked on this I was listening to fetty wap on spotify and it was in my recommended so I didn't look it up just to make this comment

  • Lilly Anne
    Lilly Anne 3 hours ago


  • Fluxx
    Fluxx 3 hours ago

    Wait who is this ?

  • ggnice4 roblox hacks

    i think some of the chains fake

  • Wavey G
    Wavey G 3 hours ago

    No one say his left eye lmao

  • Josue Izaguirre
    Josue Izaguirre 3 hours ago

    11 th item : his eye

  • Trulyありがとう

    Bro I forgot about this guy

  • Diminsonsam
    Diminsonsam 3 hours ago

    I want to meet simon pegg and tell him hector and the search for happiness is one of the greatest movies ever made

  • Death Is Me
    Death Is Me 3 hours ago

    Man what about four brothers 😟

  • Glory Lamb
    Glory Lamb 3 hours ago

    Yo some angels he looks like Ted Bundy 🤯

  • K
    K 3 hours ago

    He looks like he’s having an allergic reaction

  • LittleLazar _
    LittleLazar _ 3 hours ago

    20k not a lot I’m tryna save for a 300 dollar gaming pc and I only have 2 bucks

  • Nicholas Cantu
    Nicholas Cantu 3 hours ago

    That's how you know your running out of content when you start interviewing people that are irrelevant and barely even post any songs

  • crazy raccon7
    crazy raccon7 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or her breast starts a bit too low?

  • Ally Freshour
    Ally Freshour 3 hours ago

    Yuck his mouth

  • Khaleem Andrade
    Khaleem Andrade 3 hours ago


  • Khaleem Andrade
    Khaleem Andrade 3 hours ago


  • n1KE
    n1KE 3 hours ago

    Magine finding those three bracelets ;)

  • roarul
    roarul 4 hours ago

    Wooooooowwww...what a difference!!

  • roarul
    roarul 4 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 I love Tom's comments!!!

  • Rachel S
    Rachel S 4 hours ago

    Hmm. Could listen to him talk forever.

  • Muhammad Ali Faizullah

    My bro sounds just like this niqqa

  • roarul
    roarul 4 hours ago

    Tom Ford looks amaaaaaazing. Especially when he smiles

  • PigisTaken
    PigisTaken 4 hours ago

    He looks like if an onion was a human but microwaved

  • Richard Waller
    Richard Waller 4 hours ago

    Does he not Cary an eye patch?

  • Juan Zuniga
    Juan Zuniga 4 hours ago

    who ?

  • HyDro Pizzaツ
    HyDro Pizzaツ 4 hours ago

    Aye it’s was 11 his missing eye

  • Lusiana _Fx
    Lusiana _Fx 4 hours ago

    He does switch between accents cause he says “Liddle” instead of liTTle

  • Strawberry Wings
    Strawberry Wings 4 hours ago

    Luke's boots remind me of something David Bowie would wear and I love it! 🥰

  • Nickatopia
    Nickatopia 4 hours ago

    I didn't read the title and thought it was P!nk

  • Y.W
    Y.W 4 hours ago

    Fire selector and dont tread on me? Yessir

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 4 hours ago

    At least we know he can live without his eye

  • Crystal Edwards
    Crystal Edwards 4 hours ago

    Yaaaas Detroit in the building!!!!

  • Madison Willoughby
    Madison Willoughby 4 hours ago

    They should show Tom some of the fanfictions on Wattpad next. I would die if I saw those things but based on me.

    • less kiss
      less kiss 3 hours ago

      he got so mad over Arsenal, probably a spurs fan lol

  • Franklin Emerson
    Franklin Emerson 4 hours ago

    Fetty Wap is a cool dude 💪