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  • Mei Rede
    Mei Rede 46 seconds ago

    wait, bears eat humans??

  • Katherine Amanatullah
    Katherine Amanatullah 4 minutes ago

    “orrible” 🥺

  • Darius Green
    Darius Green 4 minutes ago

    Iman such a hooper man this dope lol

  • Ace
    Ace 5 minutes ago

    1:30 thats not a beagle! It's a basset hound

  • Imma B Big
    Imma B Big 5 minutes ago

    This dude was on JRE ! He’s dope

  • Sarah Mooney
    Sarah Mooney 5 minutes ago

    This is what a nerd with swag and charisma looks like. The ultimate

  • Theo Henry
    Theo Henry 6 minutes ago

    I need to find that umbrella and toothbrush. Does anyone have any idea the brand names?

  • xFallingxStar
    xFallingxStar 7 minutes ago

    Eddie and Benedict Cumberbatch got something in common here, both never stop typing.

  • KhoPhi
    KhoPhi 10 minutes ago

    "Diamond past 2" Essential!

  • carly
    carly 11 minutes ago

    he sold bikes and features in a song called biking

  • Timothy Menn
    Timothy Menn 12 minutes ago

    For gamers, 6:25 got me dying.

  • Nash Espirítu
    Nash Espirítu 12 minutes ago

    Why did you lay the watch on its crown 🤯😭 never do that again

  • Gabrielle Heavenly Gold
    Gabrielle Heavenly Gold 13 minutes ago

    Can someone please write the black headphone brand and the lipbalm? Thanks in advance

  • luxury
    luxury 13 minutes ago

    The style at 15:26 is actually called Electro. It's a French dance style.

  • _ CJEMM5D _
    _ CJEMM5D _ 15 minutes ago

    Before watching this I can tell that jaws isn't going to be very accurate to reality

  • rocha11rf
    rocha11rf 16 minutes ago

    This is the way.

  • Roxanne Gonzalez
    Roxanne Gonzalez 17 minutes ago

    Lol f tho

  • Kimora Ager
    Kimora Ager 18 minutes ago

    Oh 69

  • tim dean
    tim dean 18 minutes ago

    no one today will be as good as people thousands of years ago with a bow. People who were brought up with a bow, practiced hours everyday, used it to hunt moving targets while riding on a horse, it was like an extension of their body because their life depended on being a good marksman. It's just a hobby for people now, back then it was a way of life

  • Guwop. Rick
    Guwop. Rick 19 minutes ago

    “You done did it before” 😂

  • Himel Anthony
    Himel Anthony 19 minutes ago

    He's so cute omg

  • Tyrese Johnson
    Tyrese Johnson 19 minutes ago

    I bet his owl impression isn’t even that bad

  • Jade Ledford
    Jade Ledford 20 minutes ago

    my larrie heart is hurting

  • Tony Walsh
    Tony Walsh 20 minutes ago

    Very poor explanation of sharks look again at the attack in the surf board the shark has a pointed nose . Ie mako but to small or a great white right size .

  • Mandy G
    Mandy G 21 minute ago

    Come on guys you have to do this with Chris Evans

  • Baby Scatha
    Baby Scatha 23 minutes ago

    What a charmer I love him too much XD

  • Elijah Love
    Elijah Love 25 minutes ago

    I can't believe always knew but never recognized the genius that is Hank Azaria. Insanely talented, and cool too.

  • Jane Colley
    Jane Colley 26 minutes ago

    How can he not have seen Jaws, such a classic! Just a quick fact check though... albino pigeons are not the same as white pigeons. Albino genes are different to amelanistic (white) genes. Secondly, the dog in the apartment is a Bassett hound, not a beagle.

  • Mandy G
    Mandy G 26 minutes ago

    Do this with Chris Evans y’all

  • Cynthia Perkins
    Cynthia Perkins 27 minutes ago

    I was a teen when Monty Python Flying Circus was on TV. It makes me kind of sad to watch this. This should have so more views...

  • Jeff Clay
    Jeff Clay 28 minutes ago

    I broke my og kurt b honey bear. And quarterpipe 😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • Luter Leko
    Luter Leko 28 minutes ago

    its not personal for great white.

  • Maximus Minimus
    Maximus Minimus 32 minutes ago

    "Wildlife biologist Forrest (...)", name checks out.

  • Ellie Martin
    Ellie Martin 32 minutes ago

    Weird because squares crisp packets have just changed packaging

  • Vic Macphee
    Vic Macphee 33 minutes ago

    Wow, clicked on the video hoping to see him evaluate Arrow Tv series, super disappointed

  • Bert Reynolds
    Bert Reynolds 33 minutes ago

    Why would you even have this idiot on GQ?

  • little Panda
    little Panda 34 minutes ago

    I think he spoke for all Fans when he said Tom Hiddleston has a delicious voice you want to swim in XD

  • Mason Ruediger
    Mason Ruediger 35 minutes ago

    Portlanders see that umbrella and scoff. We get the most rain. North face ftw

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin 36 minutes ago

    i wonder where in north carolina

  • Flako Yamz
    Flako Yamz 38 minutes ago

    He’ll always be tommy vercetti.

  • Will See
    Will See 38 minutes ago

    Most movies it's obvious that the animal scenes are bs lol.

  • Teuku Haris Syahputra
    Teuku Haris Syahputra 41 minute ago

    Okay so no one's gonna talk about the fact that a guy named Forrest ends up as a wildlife expert?

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia 41 minute ago

    I was hoping you would show him that scene with Backcountry.

  • Tri -Klops
    Tri -Klops 42 minutes ago


  • Savage bandits TBG
    Savage bandits TBG 43 minutes ago

    Man it’s sad to know my favorite rapper is gonna be gone in 2021 because he sold his soul to the devil or marlin Manson and the reason I said 2021 because about 2 years ago he said he will leave this earth at age 27 also known as the 27 club that took talented singers for many years now and they all died at age 27.

  • cnnrmcllstrnovowels
    cnnrmcllstrnovowels 45 minutes ago

    The otter looks CG

  • Spinner
    Spinner 46 minutes ago

    The two best to ever do it!!

  • Maria Jose da Cunha
    Maria Jose da Cunha 47 minutes ago

    They didn't use any Arrow clips!!! I'm disappointed

  • Very Nice
    Very Nice 47 minutes ago

    Hey, it's Mister V!

  • Comrade Jason
    Comrade Jason 47 minutes ago

    When animal experts complain about animal behavior in films being inaccurate.... Um, yeah, human behavior is rarely portrayed accurately.

  • TopNotch37
    TopNotch37 49 minutes ago

    when i saw him, i thought he was that actor on the bee movie?? that crazy animated guy about honey?

  • MatchaLatte
    MatchaLatte 49 minutes ago

    This is so fun and informative to watch. Please invite him again and make part 2.

  • Jason Devaughn
    Jason Devaughn 49 minutes ago

    I really want those glasses

  • 0 subs With 0 videos challenge.

    How did post Malone no win sexiest man alive? Is that even a question?

  • - earce -
    - earce - 51 minute ago

    Why was I expecting Steve Irwin??

  • john
    john 53 minutes ago

    Bassett hound....not a beagle lol

  • _yoori _
    _yoori _ 55 minutes ago

    What an icon

  • Hector Jeff fy shudhehe
    Hector Jeff fy shudhehe 55 minutes ago

    The white dude shouldn’t be there

  • Pogo6311 Pogo6311
    Pogo6311 Pogo6311 55 minutes ago

    They need one of these for Harvey Keitel.

  • Cynthia Perkins
    Cynthia Perkins 58 minutes ago

    He was cute in 40 Year Old Virgin....

  • Hector Flores
    Hector Flores Hour ago


  • Carl Marston
    Carl Marston Hour ago

    Why doesn’t he talk about his character in Killing Them Softly??? Most underrated crime movie in history

  • lastmadcow
    lastmadcow Hour ago

    dirty cop in place beyond the pines

  • Andrew Herrera
    Andrew Herrera Hour ago

    its uncanny to me but every time he looks to the left when he is recalling, it is like he is re-seeing the exact moment, or just flipping through a billion memories in his mind to answer a question about his past

  • Hannah T
    Hannah T Hour ago

    Does anyone know the brand of his jacket?

  • Jared Romero
    Jared Romero Hour ago

    *Paid for by Microsoft*

  • Matthew Mcnary
    Matthew Mcnary Hour ago

    This guy looks exactly like Johnny Drama hahah

  • Galilea Agoitia
    Galilea Agoitia Hour ago

    He is charming because he doesn't want to accept the fact that he is, he is a gentleman, a talented actor and an amazing human being too. ♥️

  • ParaGila
    ParaGila Hour ago

    Tommy Vercetti, remember the name

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M Hour ago

    Ok what wait. He is 22? He looks 30’s

  • Maira Tariq
    Maira Tariq Hour ago

    Hey wat bout fantastic beastsss

  • VictoryNYC
    VictoryNYC Hour ago

    No talk about NARC (2002)?

  • LilBeus2900
    LilBeus2900 Hour ago


  • Silver Fritz Reah


  • Gabriella Goetzinger

    “Animal Expert”... calls a basset hound a beagle 😂

  • Adia Best
    Adia Best Hour ago

    How in the world did you make this video without having him watch Arrow??😒😒

  • Cole .Beene
    Cole .Beene Hour ago


  • Des Pacito
    Des Pacito Hour ago

    so this dude is a big rambo fan

  • theskyenout
    theskyenout Hour ago

    this SCREAMS product placement...

  • UrbanOutlawsSk8Co

    The Kirov wolf attacks in 1944-1954 resulted in the deaths of 22 kids.

  • Sarah Sullivan
    Sarah Sullivan Hour ago

    His voice in GTA Vice City as Tommy Vercetti is Legendary. Underrated Forsure. 💯

  • SYifa Jordan
    SYifa Jordan Hour ago

    please invite Harry Styles to break down his tattoos too!!

  • COW
    COW Hour ago

    billy handsome. bo2 where you at

  • Kristine Allison Lim

    "Crawl" would have been another movie to show him.

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas Hour ago

    How about Odell’s watch?

  • Padfoot Montgomery

    Crocodiles do have tail fins/ spikes on their lower tail end

  • Delia’s Makeup life

    Is it just me or has Cole looked the same his whole life but just gets a little hotter as he gets older

  • Tanayr Panday
    Tanayr Panday Hour ago

    Who here is South African and is proud of Trevor

  • James Talley
    James Talley Hour ago

    A lot of people don’t realize the Pros have a transparency mode.. jsjs

  • Mr Sosha Da baad Man

    Oh man I can't stand rapper bling watches 😑. But everyone is entitled to their own taste especially when it's their own money.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson Hour ago

    Guys never seen the revenant or jaws.. Must spend all day long outside unlike me lol

  • sproket
    sproket Hour ago

    My God your a downer

  • Kenneth Angelo
    Kenneth Angelo Hour ago

    First time seeing his belly... Wtf is this man! He doesn't even have love handles

  • Matias Melgoza
    Matias Melgoza Hour ago

    The dog in Ace Ventura was a basset hound not a beagle

  • Natalie Zayas-Bazan

    ‘It’s either the theory of everything or Jupiter ascending depending on who you are’. 😂 (it’s ‘Theory of everything’.)

  • Leangelois
    Leangelois Hour ago

    Who's tyga? Who's travis? I thought theyre just the same person?

  • Ryan Dickinson
    Ryan Dickinson Hour ago

    Shoeless Joe. Field of Dreams is and always will be a classic baseball movie.

  • danny doom
    danny doom Hour ago

    The mandalorian would have definitely been on here if this was made in later 2019

  • Bobby Hawk
    Bobby Hawk Hour ago

    It's a shame that they didn't talk about Operation Dumbo Drop

  • Silas Smith
    Silas Smith Hour ago

    I still don’t know if young M.A is a boy or a girl 😂