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  • Adian Yulizar
    Adian Yulizar Month ago


  • Victoria Ramos
    Victoria Ramos 2 months ago

    Hello green Team Farm! I am so proud and grateful to have been blessed in the green team farm's ideology. I wanted to let you know I am residing in Puerto Rico finally growing my very first baby watermelon :) Thanks to everything I learned from your workshop, I am will be growing and sharing every produce in the local towns nearby to help reduce the cost of the homeless shelter food budget. In other words, I finally get to give back what was given to me... Thank You for sharing your wisdom God bless all your endeavors and may we never forget how much we need each other!

  • Andrew P. Schubert
    Andrew P. Schubert 5 months ago

    Very nice Blues Jam. Also liked One Step @ a Time.

  • Rockhounding with Bigfoot!

    I love little towns like this, and the history

  • abdelkrim laagad
    abdelkrim laagad 9 months ago

    very good

  • Geología Para todos
    Geología Para todos 10 months ago

    Very cool, i make similar videos, i am geologist

  • Jk Zora
    Jk Zora 10 months ago

    Chrysocolla ?

  • Zeca Nunes & Minerais
    Zeca Nunes & Minerais 11 months ago

    +1inscrito +1 like 👏👊

  • Joy Bastet
    Joy Bastet Year ago

    Drone pilot sux, to be honest. Very choppy but rocks are cool.

  • 1015 1010
    1015 1010 Year ago

    Sand your Facebook I'd plez

    RJDCR Year ago

    kool , thanx

  • JK XTC
    JK XTC Year ago

    Do you have to pay a fee for that site ....ir is it free...

  • Julie Dancliff Whittemore

    Very Cool! Here, we have Eureka, CA with gorgeous minerals, but not like that!

    • Melesa E. Fary
      Melesa E. Fary 7 months ago

      I live south of Eureka in Phillipsville on the Eel River. I have found some amazing fossils and nephrite Jade and shorl (black tourmalines, and a beautiful apple green gemstone with striated sides. I am not quite sure if it is tourlmaline or epi

    • Yoko Mcgowan
      Yoko Mcgowan Year ago

      ,DIVINING 13 Metals of Earth I I

  • 1799to1815
    1799to1815 Year ago

    Full steam ahead.

  • Leif Draznin-French

    Great update, was the cam okay?

    • Leif Draznin-French
      Leif Draznin-French Year ago

      That sucks, I have had it happen to one of mine and still used it fine tho.

    • Edson Ramirez
      Edson Ramirez Year ago

      yes.. blesssed only LcD broke but it could of been worse! truly grateful

  • Leif Draznin-French

    The stoke is real!

  • Leif Draznin-French


  • Adam Morris
    Adam Morris Year ago


  • xxxjayceexxx Destiny

    This is one of those great songs. That only few will know.

  • Leif Draznin-French

    Stoke is high, fire follow cams, I need a Taco!

    • Edson Ramirez
      Edson Ramirez Year ago

      Thanks for Teaching the ways GSKIZzzz. I appreciate all the positivity BROTHER. One Taco for the Sweet Leif coming Your way!

  • Chase Newton
    Chase Newton 2 years ago

    What I'm tripping out this is great!

  • Chase Newton
    Chase Newton 2 years ago

    When did you go pro bro? This is incredible work!

    • Edson Ramirez
      Edson Ramirez 2 years ago

      Chase Newton I went up right after that Idaho trip. I promise to get the fishing ones out soon! Love ya bud glad you enjoy our roots at its finest!

  • Chase Newton
    Chase Newton 2 years ago

    Wow, great work Yoguietto! What that guy said and the end was incredible.

  • Mike Walters
    Mike Walters 2 years ago

    Fantastic video for a great cause. I love the collab with David Ramirez. You both put all of your heart into your passions.