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Noisy neighbors
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Fast food playgrounds
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How I got my trash cat Luigi
Views 1.8M3 months ago
I went undercover at Vidcon
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Public school food
Views 4.4M4 months ago
Middle school "fashion"
Views 3.7M7 months ago
Moving On
Views 504K7 months ago
My First Trip to Japan
Views 1.8M8 months ago
My Video Game Boyfriend
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  • JohnMovies
    JohnMovies 3 hours ago

    free real estate

  • Morpheus Darkson
    Morpheus Darkson 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who noticed illy discussing tarots with Luigi?

  • Trinity Turner
    Trinity Turner 3 hours ago

    I have maxsticks at my school. THEY ARE SO GOOD

  • Betta Batteries CN
    Betta Batteries CN 3 hours ago

    I have a dog and a can

  • Casey S
    Casey S 3 hours ago

    What about the pantie story?

  • Bella Jimenez
    Bella Jimenez 5 hours ago


  • Alli!
    Alli! 5 hours ago

    No i came for the clickbait-

  • šøfț_ pøțãțø

    1 like = 56 Cheetos alive🥰🥺

  • Crystal Foxz
    Crystal Foxz 6 hours ago

    I was watching this in the middle of my class in middle school.

  • Sonja Peros
    Sonja Peros 6 hours ago

    Why did I get a durex add??

  • Black Man
    Black Man 6 hours ago

    Found you from all the hentai a 4chan anon made of you being "harrassed" lmao

  • Earmuffs
    Earmuffs 6 hours ago

    The way she called the cat center scoob

  • Queen star
    Queen star 6 hours ago

    If someone is making you do things you don't want to do YOU SHOULD TELL AN ADULT

  • Queen star
    Queen star 7 hours ago

    If you had thrown a way food at my school they would call your parents

  • Josip Pešo
    Josip Pešo 7 hours ago

    Great now i dont ate oreos anymore👏

  • えぁ
    えぁ 7 hours ago

    The style is short Nike socks shorts a hoodie and also a shirt and shoes

  • Josip Pešo
    Josip Pešo 7 hours ago

    4th one

  • Czarina22
    Czarina22 8 hours ago

    Siamese kitties are the best. 😽😽😽😽😽

  • Grace Gaga
    Grace Gaga 8 hours ago

    the fact that illy's number is so short, scares me. My number was, 6081256

  • julsca
    julsca 12 hours ago


  • Kimmy Does YouTube
    Kimmy Does YouTube 13 hours ago

    Oh hey guys! I was just-- *eeeeergh wertching Phil Derfranco*

  • james Cisneros
    james Cisneros 13 hours ago

    Even though you swore at him I would have kicked him in the nuts

  • Pixel StarLynx
    Pixel StarLynx 13 hours ago

    illy: block party is gonna be so amazing and fun! me: hey i should buy tickets maybe illy: we even need you on stage at some point me: nope nope nope not going

  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez 13 hours ago

    Ok but the breakfast ham and cheese breakfast bar thing. Never found them to this day

  • mar
    mar 13 hours ago

    My cat of about 3 years is sitting at my feet purring while I watch this. Cats are the best.

  • Amber Warnke
    Amber Warnke 14 hours ago

    I LOVED ❤️ the turkey gravy and mashed potatoes!

  • Hello World
    Hello World 15 hours ago

    Did anyone notice there was TABBES AND LET ME EXPLAIN STUDIOS and more yastubers!

  • ink bendy
    ink bendy 15 hours ago

    Friend: puts baked beans on a pizza Me: Friend: 0:00

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo 15 hours ago


  • Welcome to Joeys world

    My favorite school lunches are 1.cheese pizza 2.grilled cheese 3.chicken tenders 4.Meat Lover’s Calzone

  • landon gaming
    landon gaming 16 hours ago

    Buffalo chicken wings

  • Nathan Wong
    Nathan Wong 16 hours ago


  • baysmalls
    baysmalls 16 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • Ti does things
    Ti does things 16 hours ago

    Literally the only fast food restaurant we were able to go to was the McDonalds one and that’s because we live in a small-ass town on the coastline of Alaska and our only opportunities were when we went to Anchorage

  • pug5studios_ yt
    pug5studios_ yt 16 hours ago

    :33 you are right i have a pimple on my nose and someone said are you going for the Rudolf look

  • Emilio Rosales
    Emilio Rosales 17 hours ago

    Find him and falcon punch him in the crotch so hard for revenge.

  • Leonel Zavalza
    Leonel Zavalza 17 hours ago

    were they havins s*x or what 😹😹

  • martha navarrete
    martha navarrete 17 hours ago

    Tbh I ship chris and illy Cilly

  • Leonel Zavalza
    Leonel Zavalza 17 hours ago

    mine is 1206

  • Violet Bloxia
    Violet Bloxia 17 hours ago

    Thank you so so much for putting this on the internet this is such an important topic and it seems like not many people are brave enough to do this so thank you 🙏🏻

  • Moonwatcher WOF
    Moonwatcher WOF 17 hours ago

    We called them Bosco sticks instead of Max sticks. Still good though.

  • Lorena Huante
    Lorena Huante 17 hours ago

    Turkey and gravy surprise tastes like 🍑

  • Luis Paddilla
    Luis Paddilla 18 hours ago


  • Kaylan Abdul-aleem
    Kaylan Abdul-aleem 18 hours ago


  • Antonio Gutierrez
    Antonio Gutierrez 18 hours ago

    My ship is the odd ones out and Jaiden animations

    ISABELLA ELLIS 18 hours ago

    B the nutcracker XD I love ur vids btw 😋😊

  • gerardoisonline
    gerardoisonline 18 hours ago

    reply if you drink water

  • What Should Never Be
    What Should Never Be 18 hours ago

    I’m in 5th grade and I have to say that there is a three way tie between 1. Teriyaki Chicken with Rice 2. Saulseberry Steak 3. Teriyaki Dippers

  • Anthony Banuelos
    Anthony Banuelos 18 hours ago

    Cockadoodle you thats what you should have done

  • Violet Bloxia
    Violet Bloxia 18 hours ago

    Illy: and here’s his last Facebook message Me: *reads it* Me: pathetic

  • Mr Dogs Entertainment
    Mr Dogs Entertainment 18 hours ago

    I love you

  • Jaidyn Rose
    Jaidyn Rose 18 hours ago

    You are at 1??? I'm in the 8th grade and I have lunch at 2

  • Your Mom 13
    Your Mom 13 19 hours ago


  • Call Me Kawaii
    Call Me Kawaii 19 hours ago


  • Nathan Espiritu
    Nathan Espiritu 19 hours ago

    Chick fil a is homophobic

  • Taven Morton
    Taven Morton 19 hours ago

    The nutcracker

  • •Carøl_ dibuja•
    •Carøl_ dibuja• 20 hours ago

    My no no squared

  • Sadda Talks
    Sadda Talks 20 hours ago

    me: looks closely at the menu sees "fried friends" calls best friend to see if she was alive this literally happened.

  • Mylee Clark
    Mylee Clark 20 hours ago

    You look like a kid but in a cute and nice

  • gacha lake
    gacha lake 20 hours ago

    4:07 I see tables

  • Darryl DeBow
    Darryl DeBow 20 hours ago

    One punch

  • Bridgersstuff
    Bridgersstuff 20 hours ago

    I love Macs I prefer them and I can play games on my Mac Adam jk I love you Adam but I do prefer macs 💻💻💻💻💻💻💻

  • Kathryn Plaisance
    Kathryn Plaisance 20 hours ago

    we have annoucements each mornin' and they tell us what we have for lunch. and they lady be like. "For lunch, white beans and rice" -everyone in class- NUUUUUUUUUUUUGHVHGVHHGHGHVUKGKGDJKHSDKUIDVKYVXUS

  • Yeesty Yeesty
    Yeesty Yeesty 20 hours ago

    Damn chick fil a is bad in every way isn’t it

  • Autumn Campbell
    Autumn Campbell 20 hours ago

    Nothing you did nothing............I think

  • Milena Srbova
    Milena Srbova 20 hours ago

    Speech 100 🐸☕

  • Simply A Tater Tot
    Simply A Tater Tot 21 hour ago

    i gave my cat an extra cuddle when i heard about cheeto...

  • Titan Oberbillig
    Titan Oberbillig 21 hour ago

    2:33 A.

  • Why Does my channel exist


  • Mekhi the Illuminated

    B the nutcracker

  • Xavier Lajara
    Xavier Lajara 21 hour ago

    Idk why I keep coming back to these videos

  • Mariana Roa
    Mariana Roa 22 hours ago

    U desvre better and u know that

  • Kate Meacham
    Kate Meacham 22 hours ago

    I HATE HARIS 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Shoko Saiosi Studios
    Shoko Saiosi Studios 22 hours ago

    Dude, something sorta happened to me kinda like this!! i was on insta and someone dmed me and we kinda became friends, after a while he tried to manipulate me into making me cheat on my (now ex) boyfriend for him.. mind you, i was 12 and he was fuckin 18!!!!!

  • Kiki_mincraft UwU
    Kiki_mincraft UwU 22 hours ago

    I'm also a slyitherlin too Yay!

  • Syge Shaju
    Syge Shaju 23 hours ago

    TBH , that should be the REAL voice for Bryson and Swoosh

  • jordyn oneal
    jordyn oneal 23 hours ago

    you said never tuch me agian

  • FlowerGiraffe
    FlowerGiraffe 23 hours ago

    I was born in 2008 😂

  • jordyn oneal
    jordyn oneal 23 hours ago


  • Shots Voidx
    Shots Voidx 23 hours ago

    ARE YOU HERE FOR THE CHAOS?!?!?!?!?! I'M HERE FOR THE CHAOS 1like=Harris stepping on a lego

  • erb5979
    erb5979 23 hours ago

    Ones I heard that thing after she shared her merch my eyes got big and I was shocked

  • Kameron Creamer
    Kameron Creamer 23 hours ago

    Nobody: Illy: *yAlL wAnT sOmE lUnCh*

  • Amore
    Amore 23 hours ago

    "Hey sQUirT"

  • Ethhan
    Ethhan Day ago

    Your a Karen

  • apk 22223
    apk 22223 Day ago

    must be bufferythan mr clean

  • Cato Jørgensen

    Please draw a husky playing with Luigi!

  • Colin Hart
    Colin Hart Day ago

    in this video : max sticks are the best me : I don't cheese so ewwww

  • Foxy Reviews
    Foxy Reviews Day ago

    Omg adam looks like markiplayer just with glasses on

  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer Day ago

    I ship jaiden and james i need it to happen

  • Magical Wizards world

    *you better be buffer then mr clean to body shame me.* 🙂

  • - Pastel Tea -

    One like= 50 kicks in the no no square for Harris, and 1000 hugs for Illy <3 🔽🔽🔽

  • Otaku Gamer
    Otaku Gamer Day ago

    The exorsit 4

  • Eoghan Jones
    Eoghan Jones Day ago

    We all know what was happening in the thumbnail the neighours were obviously having...... a bet on who’ll win a race

  • 「Precisely Pat」


  • ItzMaxi _YT
    ItzMaxi _YT Day ago

    My favorite school food was called "taco Tuesday" it wasn't even tacos it was nachos but MMMMMMMMMM they were good, but now I just have ramen for lunch

    • Naurto
      Naurto 16 hours ago

      it was nachos and meat and cheese and leatuche and taco sauce ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Arkboi
    Arkboi Day ago

    Bruh most chick fil a workers are chill

  • Chris P
    Chris P Day ago

    Heck with censoring ANY part of his name! You should’ve left that creep’s name 100% exposed for the whole world to see!

  • Painting ant 4

    6:35 here yall go :3

  • Lluvia Perez
    Lluvia Perez Day ago


  • Lluvia Perez
    Lluvia Perez Day ago

    I saw that